Brotherly Love (RGRE) [WIP] (Cel/Luna/Anon)

Aug 29th, 2017
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  1. > Be Anon, town problem solver
  2. > It's not a real job as such, you don't get paid in money all that much
  3. > Mostly you just walk around town and lend a hand where needed
  4. > And then, in a witches of lancre sort of way-
  5. > You hear a small commotion near the Carrousel Beautique
  6. > You amble on over to find a clearly stressed Rarity scowling at the rump graffiti jihadists
  7. > "Sweetie Belle, it does not matter if the book guaranteed the summoning of a handsome, eligible stallion. I will not have blood sacrifice going on in front of the Beautique, that would just be bad business."
  8. > You get close enough to see the chalk circle drawn in dirt, speckled with some dark liquid
  9. > Sweetie Belle is also noticable favoring her left forehoof
  10. > When Rarity sees you, her expression softens slightly
  11. > "Anon, thank goodness you are here. Would you mind taking care of Sweetie and her friends for a bit? I'm afraid I have far too many gala pieces to prepare to deal with them today."
  12. > The fillies turn to look at you, faces brightening up immediately
  13. > "Grampa Anon!"
  14. > ...
  15. > You are a young guy, even by the standards of pony life expectancy
  16. > Which makes it even weirder that every filly and colt in town calls you grampa
  17. > At least they don't mean anything by it
  18. "Hey kiddos, and Rarity. I don't mind taking them, but when would you like them back?"
  19. > Rarity's horn lights up, magic fetching something from her store, and she considers the question
  20. > "If you could have them back by suppertime, that would be ideal. I should have the bulk of my work done by then."
  21. > You nod
  22. "Sounds good. Good luck with your orders, Rarity."
  23. > Rarity gives you a grateful smile
  24. > "Thank you, Anonymous. Oh, and before I forget, "
  25. > A bundle of socks comes floating to you
  26. > "A little token of my appreciation for all you do here in Ponyville, Darling."
  27. > You accept the gift and tuck it into the basket on your arm
  28. > It's already half full of similar little gifts and assorted produce
  29. > Most days, you don't even have to spend a bit for food and clothes
  30. > You smile at Rarity
  31. "Thanks, the last set was starting to wear thin."
  32. > She smirks a little
  33. > "Oh, it is no problem at all. It is only proper to take care of our elderly."
  34. > You roll your eyes as you bend to pick up Sweetie Belle
  35. "You youngun's these days, no respect. See you later, Rarity."
  36. > "Good bye, Fa- ahem, Darling."
  37. > As you stride away, Scootaloo clambers up, wings buzzing as she settles on top of your head
  38. > Appleboom trots beside you, giving you a pleading look
  39. > "Grampa, you gonna tell us about the war?"
  40. > You shift to cradle Sweetie in the crook of your arm
  41. "Is that what you want too, mini marshmallow?"
  42. > She nods eagerly
  43. > "Please, Grampa!"
  44. > You chuckle
  45. "Alright, alright. We were freezing our butts off up in the Pale, and the Stormcloaks had holed up in their fort..."
  48. > Be Anon, carrying yet another pony
  49. > It's getting to the point of being a daily workout
  50. > Rainbow squirms under your arm
  51. > "Come on, I can fly, you don't need to carry me all the way."
  52. > You shake your head
  53. "What were you thinking, running across the coals. Was it another stupid dare?"
  54. > She pouts
  55. > "...no."
  56. > You roll her onto her back and cradle her in your arms, looking straight into her eyes
  57. "Did you boast that you could do it faster than anyone else?"
  58. > She looks away, cheeks reddening
  59. > "Yeah."
  60. > You sigh
  61. > She glares at you
  62. > "Dang it Dad, I know it was dumb, but I thought if I went fast enough..."
  63. > You raise an eyebrow
  64. "Dad?"
  65. > She blushes even harder, covering her face with her singed hooves
  66. > You chuckle
  67. "That's cute. Come on, we're almost there."
  68. > She sighs
  69. > "Finally. And, well, thanks."
  70. > You smile
  71. "No problem, Rainbow."
  74. > You know, when you suggested to the princesses that they should have a day off at least once a week, this isn't what you are expecting
  75. > Luna completely zonked out on your couch
  76. > Celestia lingering in the undead berg just to talk to Solaire some more
  77. > It's actually a little cute, she's already beaten the game once, and even fought Gwyn with him
  78. > You plop down beside her, leaning back on your hands
  79. "Having fun there, Sunshine?"
  80. > She quirks a little smile at the nickname
  81. > "It's funny, I've heard such flattery before, but coming from him..."
  82. > She sighs longingly
  83. > "I know it's his genuine feelings. You would not believe how rare that is, Anon."
  84. > You pat her withers
  85. "He's a good husbando, Sunshine."
  86. > She hums in agreement, before turning her character back toward the bridge
  87. > You watch her play for a bit
  88. > You suppose a game requiring patience and persistence would be a good fit for her
  89. > At any rate, you give her withers a final pat and head to the kitchen to make some lunch
  91. > Luna rouses at the smell grilled cheese sandwiches wafting through the air
  92. > She ambles into the kitchen, mane mussed, more nebula than starfield
  93. > "Good afternoon, Anonymous. I thought I smelled some princely cooking."
  94. > You nod at her, keeping an eye on the pan
  95. "Afternoon, Moonbeam. Did you sleep well?"
  96. > She yawns, rubbing her face with a hoof
  97. > "So much so that I may have to confiscate your couch on a permanent basis."
  98. "I'm pretty sure beds are more comfortable, Luna."
  99. > She shakes her head
  100. > "Perhaps if it was just a matter of cushioning, but what makes it truly soothing is, well."
  101. > Luna looks down at the floor, mane falling in front of her face
  102. > You raise an eyebrow
  103. "What?"
  104. > She coughs
  105. > "Your, ah, scent."
  106. > You set the spatula on the cool part of stovetop and turn to face her
  107. "My scent?"
  108. > She nods
  109. > "It's... comforting. Like when sister and I used to sleep together. It feels like family."
  110. > Oh
  111. > Family
  112. > Now that you think about it, that is the feeling you get from all these adorable little ponies
  113. > You wrap Luna up in a tight hug, heart full of feelings
  114. > She sighs contentedly, melting in your embrace
  115. > You smile
  116. "I'd be glad to be family for you two."
  117. > Celestia walks in, sniffing the air
  118. > "Is something burning?"
  119. > You look at the sandwich on the griddle
  120. > Welp
  122. > Be Celestia, on yet another Sunday vacation
  123. > Stars and Space, you love your little brother for suggesting the practice
  124. > These past months have been the best you have ever had
  125. > Both in relaxing fun, and in how much more energized you are for your duties
  126. > And it is nice, to have a stallion around who looks after your little ponies like you do
  127. > Thinking of which, you look over your shoulder
  128. > Anon walks among Twilight and her friends, hefting a beach umbrella on one shoulder and a bulging satchel over the other
  129. > You can't help but wonder how strong he is, carrying such a heavy load
  130. > You'd offer to help, but he has already turned down several such offers
  131. > You smile a little at his stubborn independence, but you suppose that is a necessary trait for ones such as you and he
  132. > You turn your attention forward as you walk along the shore
  133. > Your sun is bright and warm, the waves soothing, and a cool ocean breeze ruffles your fur and feathers
  134. > Truly a perfect day
  136. > After you all set up the umbrella and blankets, your little ponies scamper off into the sand and waves
  137. > Luna lounges in the shade, amusing herself by drawing patterns in the sand with her magic
  138. > Anon smiles at you
  139. > "You can go ahead, I'll just be a moment getting ready."
  140. > Then he shucks off his shirt
  141. > The words die in your throat
  142. > You stare at the rippling muscles of his abdomen, glistening with his sweat
  143. > How can your little brother be this hot?
  144. > You just want to go over there and lick it all u-
  145. > You shake your head, trying to banish the mental image
  146. > He shrugs
  147. > "Or you can wait for me, that works too."
  148. > He sits down cross-legged, and digs around in the satchel
  149. > You try not to stare at his crotch, but you can't avoid it
  150. > That tantalizing bulge
  151. > So prominently displayed, yet he seems oblivious to the effect it has on you
  152. > You can feel your wings stiffen to full mast, and for once you are intensely grateful he isn't completely familiar with some nuances of equine behaviour
  153. > You glance at your sister
  154. > She is similarly enraptured by this new facet of your honorary brother
  155. > You notice the patterns she is drawing in the sand are now noticably phallic
  156. > What if he sees?
  157. > You smooth the sand with a thought
  158. > Your eyes jump back to Anon as he squirts sunscreen onto his hand
  159. > You can't look away
  160. > He rubs it all over his chest, and across the subtly flexing muscles of his arms
  161. > You have to focus to keep your tail from rising
  162. > He stops and holds the bottle out to Luna
  163. > "Could you get my back? It's a little hard to reach for me."
  164. > Her horn flickers abortively, and she grabs the bottle with her hoof
  165. > "O-of course, I'd be glad to."
  166. > He gives her a brief smile before turning his back to the two of you
  167. > You sidle over to your sister and whisper,
  168. "You're not going to use your hoof, right?"
  169. > She stares at the broad expanse of his back, heavily breathing
  170. > Luna whispers back,
  171. > "How can I not? Are you telling me you don't want to touch him?"
  172. > You lick your lips
  173. "I'll take the right half?"
  174. > "Deal."
  175. > You accept a squirt of sunscreen on your hoof
  176. > You hesitate though
  177. > Are you really going to feel up your little brother?
  178. > Your innocent, caring, whimsical little brother?
  179. > Luna's hoof hits his back, and he lets out a cute yelp
  180. > Luna stops
  181. > "Are you alright, brother? Was I too firm?"
  182. > He chuckles
  183. > "I was just a little startled. It actually feels kinda good."
  184. > Oh, you are going to Tartarus for this
  185. > You join Luna as your hooves press against his rippling muscles
  186. > You marvel at how smooth and slick his skin is, slipping under the frog of your hoof
  187. > He squirms, laughing, and you can only stare at how his lower back flexes and twists
  188. > You are a terrible sister
  189. > But you can't stop
  190. > You slide your hoof up caress his shoulders, massaging his neck
  191. > He groans in pleasure, hanging his head and baring his delectable nape to you
  192. > Your vision swims as you resist the urge to push him down and mount him
  193. > You are stronger than this
  194. > He is your cute little brother!
  195. > Purely for cuddles, or so you thought
  196. > You clear your throat, nudging Luna
  197. "I believe we covered everything back here."
  198. > Luna's ears fold back, and you notice some discreet spellwork burying a damp spot in the sand
  199. > ...
  200. > You do the same
  201. > Anon rolls his shoulders with a satisfied sigh and turns to face the two of you
  202. > "Thanks, it's always a little awkward getting back there."
  203. > Then he pauses
  204. > "Are you two alright? You're looking a little flushed."
  205. > Your own ears fold back
  206. "We're just so excited to swim with you, Anon."
  207. > You give him an awkward smile
  208. > He frowns, the shrugs
  209. > "Alright, but if you start feeling weird, let me know. No sense getting sick or injured on vacation."
  210. > Luna glances at his waist-no, lower, and murmurs,
  211. > "I'll be sure to do so."
  212. > Anon nods decisively, then trots towards the waves
  213. > "Last one in is a silly pony!"
  214. > Oh, it's on!
  215. > At once, the three of you are galloping across the sand, your heart eased by his carefree whimsy
  218. > Be Anon
  219. > You think you figured out what is wrong with your sisters
  220. > They need exercise
  221. > After just one hour of swimming and splash-fighting, they are completely worn out
  222. > You're going to have to have a talk with the royal steward or whoever
  223. > In the meantime, you do your patrol of the ponies
  224. > Rainbow and Applejack are off in the distance, playing with a magically reinforced beach ball
  225. > You can hear the small thunderclaps from here, as the ball is bucked and blasted back and forth
  226. > A small crowd of stallions stand off to the side, cheering them on
  227. > You chuckle as the girls throw in little flourishes, clearly eating up all that male attention
  228. > Rarity is merely sunning herself on a towel
  229. > Can horses tan?
  230. > Probably not, but you suppose the warmth is reason enough
  231. > You walk over to Twilight, taking in the mountain of sand she's sculpting
  232. "Is that a scale model of Canterlot?"
  233. > She whirls around and beams at you
  234. > "Yes! Here, take a closer look!"
  235. > The two of you float up in the air, surrounded by a purple glow
  236. > She brings you up to the tallest tower, where you see glittering little figurines
  237. > You recognize yourself, Celestia, and Twilight, rendered in glass form
  238. > You smile and ruffle the real Twilight's mane
  239. "That's pretty cool, Twilight. Did you make the glass yourself?"
  240. > She leans into your hand, and you switch to scratching her behind the ears
  241. > "Mmm, yup. There is a lot of sand around, and I thought they would make good souvenirs."
  242. > You pat her neck fondly
  243. "That's very sweet of you, Twi. You're a good mare."
  244. > She straightens up with pride, tail wagging
  245. > "Thanks, Uncle Anon."
  247. > After goofing around with her for a little longer, you amble off
  248. > You spy Pinkie swimming around with a shark fin on her back
  249. > You're about to call out to her, but then she nips at the flanks of one of the wading stallions
  250. > He yelps, and Pinkie erupts from the water, giggling and snorting
  251. > After a few startled moments, he laughs too, playfully bapping at the pink predator
  252. > She reels at the blows, throwing herself in the direction of the bap
  253. > You discreetly move on, not wanting to interrupt
  255. > You glimpse Fluttershy amid a flock of swooping and diving seagulls
  256. > You start running and shouting
  257. "Get away from her, you damn birds!"
  258. > If only you had an umbrella and an incoming Nazi plane!
  259. > At your approach, the gulls land silently, leaving a lane for you to reach the miraculously unharmed pegasus
  260. > Fluttershy smiles at you
  261. > "Oh, hello there Anonymous. Would you like to meet my new friends?"
  262. > You come to a stop in front of her, glancing nervously at the eerily silent birds
  263. "So, they weren't attacking just now?"
  264. > Fluttershy giggles, covering her mouth with a hoof
  265. > "No, they were showing me all the tricks they could do. They're very nice birds, if you aren't a crab or a clownfish or something."
  266. > One of the seagulls twists its head and gazes at you a little more intensely
  267. > It squawks and screes
  268. > Fluttershy blinks
  269. > "Um, they were wondering if you wouldn't mind if they perched on you for a little bit. Seasong said that you have a very statuesque body."
  270. > The flock ruffles their feathers ominously
  271. > You frown
  272. "Thanks, but I don't think I'd like that."
  273. > One of the gulls cries plaintively
  274. > Fluttershy's brow furrows
  275. > "That's too bad. She said that it... would be a great waste to leave you. Sorta. It's rather hard to translate."
  276. > You back away slowly
  277. "I think I understand. Well, if you are alright, I'll go check on the princesses, okay?"
  278. > She beams at you
  279. > "Oh, you don't have to worry about me, we're having a lot of fun out here. Thanks for stopping by, Anon."
  280. > You nod
  281. > You can feel the gaze of the gulls as you make your retreat
  282. > Damn birds
  284. > On your way back, you see something you had given up seeing ever again
  285. > You stop in your tracks, gazing in wonder
  286. > Two pairs of tits turn to look at you, jiggling as they approach
  287. > "Hey there, handsome. Why don't you come have some fun with us?"
  288. > You look up to see the tits are attached to two minotauresses
  289. > The dark blue, bulkier one grins at you, hands on her hips
  290. > The slender, brown with white blotches one gives you a sheepish smile, arms crossed under her bust
  291. > You lick your lips
  292. "Now, what kind of fun are we talking about~?"
  293. > The big blue opens her mouth, but stops
  294. > You feel the ocean breeze reverse, a cold front moving in behind you
  295. > The other mino timidly sidles behind her muscular friend
  296. > You look over your shoulder to see your honorary sisters have recovered from the morning's exertions
  297. > They do seem grumpy, though, manes rippling and flaring in the unnatural wind
  298. > You sigh
  299. > Luna wraps a wing around you and glares at the cow ladies
  300. > "Do you have business with Prince Anonymous?"
  301. > You sigh
  302. > Big blue bows abruptly, trembling
  303. > "I meant no disrespect, your highnesses!"
  304. > Celestia circles behind them, wings flared and threatening
  305. > "That is very good, I believe a lot of problems can be headed off by politeness."
  306. > You clear your throat
  307. > Every eye snaps to you
  308. "Sisters, it was just some harmless flirting. So I'd appreciate it if you would stop intimidating these poor girls."
  309. > The princesses folded up their wings and dropped the wind and mane effects
  310. > Big blue hesitantly rose from her bow
  311. > "Sorry to trouble you, we won't intrude anymore on your time."
  312. > She gives you a short bow
  313. "It's fine, I wasn't-"
  314. > But the minotauresses were already retreating
  315. > You sigh and wave goodbye
  316. > The slender one gives you a small smile and wave as she and her friend duck behind a nearby food stall
  317. > Celestia nuzzles against your shoulder
  318. > "Are you alright, little brother?"
  319. > You rub the necks of your sisters, distracting yourself with their soft fur and gentle warmth
  320. "I appreciate you two trying to protect me, but it really wasn't necessary."
  321. > Luna scrunches a little
  322. > "Cows like that only have one thing on their mind, Anonymous."
  323. > You boop her nose, her muzzle unscrunching with a pop
  324. "And what if I was thinking of the same thing? I love all you ponies, but we're family. Those girls were offering something I can't get from you all."
  325. > Luna blushes, looking down
  326. > "If it is flirtation you desire... I will admit that I find your body pleasing to the eye."
  327. > Celestia scowls
  328. > "Sister!"
  329. > You chuckle and draw them both into a hug
  330. "Thanks, moonbeam, but it's just not the same."
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