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  1. tits 2 re view
  3. 4 out of 5 stars
  4. not a masterpiece
  5. definitely a hot fave. scorching.
  7. dang what a great game!! what a thrilling experience!!
  9. now i can't sit here and say they improved every little thing from tits1. but they made everything a little less annoying.
  11. right off the bat, the first thing I liked was the fact everyone stopped treating the playable characters as little kids.
  12. this change in attitude alone made the game a pleasure to play.
  13. i was no longer a jr bracer but a full bracer (flex)
  14. this made me *want* to talk to npcs, help them and my country out, and take on more interesting side-quests. (more on those later)
  16. the main story itself was gripping. more, smaller chapters was way easier to digest than the immense chapters of tits1.
  17. smaller chapters also enabled more precise story telling. i knew for each chapter what my objective was and whose story was being expanded upon.
  19. and most importantly, i knew who the freaking villains were! i cannot even begin to explain how important this is.
  20. i do not remember anything about tits1's plot for two reasons. it doesn't really pick up until the end, and everything is so unclear because it's an internal coup or whatever... i just wasn't sure who i was fighting against.
  22. but tits2 introduces... characters!! with backstory!! ahh!!! and you remember them and you can't wait to fight them multiple times!!
  24. this was all basically enough to keep my playing to the end.
  26. the tits2 mechanics are largely identical to tits1. sure some new orbs/quartz and some new spells, but the turn-based/strategy combat was the same. i really enjoy this type of laid-back, grid style a la skies of arcadia.
  28. i liked being able to customize my party, but the unpredictability of coming and going of additional party members was tiresome when i wanted to use a char, but then couldn't either because they left or i'd be without a specific role like healer or AoE.
  30. the sidequests were really really fun.
  31. monster exterminations were pretty good. most were just gimmick, 1-dimensional fights, but pretty cool anyway.
  32. i like the puzzle/ingredient gathering ones.
  33. other ones were just flat out funny stories. so many had me laughing and really enjoying the world.
  35. boss battles were really good. i used a lot of different strategies to overcome them since my party changed so much.
  37. end was satisfactory. closes the arc of estelle/joshua... kinda?.. but opens up a door for tits3, which we'll never see HAHAHAHAHA ;n;
  41. glad i played it. $30 was the right price for me, but for others maybe wait for $20.
  42. i don't think tits1 is a requirement to play this. I think you could get by without it (or maybe read the a wiki plot synopsis)
  46. hope we get tits3. after this I'm more interested in Cold Steel for ps3. We'll see as more trailers/english gameplay footage comes out.
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