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  1. So why hasn't this happened? It's pretty simple. Every time I've brought it up people have seen the merits of such a proposal, but basically said "this is too radical, the OU community would never come on board with such a change" - and herein lies the problem. OU is forever trapped in a mentality that has a defined power level that they are unwilling to move out of (coincidentally it's a power level in which Tyranitar thrives). Sure, we've slowly accepted things like 700 BST Mega evolutions are acceptable, so there is a degree of acceptance of higher power levels, but each generation has brought bigger jumps in power level relative to those community-accepted changes. As a result, the list of Ubers and by extension its list of shit mons (like Reshiram/Solgaleo/Mega Kangaskhan etc) have become bigger and bigger as Ubers has continued being the "maximum" minus AG shenanigans and OU has continued to stagnate in power compared to what has been introduced. I get the community isn't ready, but if you want to fix this increasing problem one day you're going to have to put your foot down and force the reform.
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