UT Bank Ghana hacked by Sepo

sepo Jan 24th, 2012 1,076 Never
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  1. Another bank of Ghana was hacked today. Just take a look and you'll see how simple it was. What it means? It means that there is no any kind of security even on paper. People of Ghana, call your bank support and ask them about the security of your accounts, your money. Tell them to stop spending your money. Ask your government where is your economy of Ghana. Ask this 1% how did they spend your money. Go to the streets and demand answers!
  2. -----------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. The next target of mine is: UT Bank Ghana
  4. UT Bank Ghana Limited, commonly known as UT Bank (UTB), is a commercial bank inGhana. As of February 2011, the bank is one of twenty-seven (27) licensed commercial banks in Ghana.
  5. UTB is a medium-sized financial services provider headquartered in Ghana with subsidiaries inwest Africa and Western Europe. The bank's total assets in December 2009 were valued at nearly US$140 million, with shareholders' equity of approximately US$15 million.
  7. Products        Loans, Investments Corporate Banking, International Banking, Commercial Banking
  8. Revenue  Aftertax: US$4.9 million (2009)
  9. Total assets    US$139+ million (2009)
  10. Owner(s)        Ghanaian & InternationalInvestors
  11. =================================================
  12. Target:
  13. Host IP:
  14. Web Server:  Microsoft-IIS/6.0
  15. Powered-by:  ASP.NET
  16. DB Server:  MySQL error based
  17. Resp. Time(avg): 859 ms
  18. Current User:  utbank@
  19. Sql Version:  5.5.9-log
  20. Current DB:  utb
  21. System User:  utbank@
  22. Host Name:  PISCES
  23. Installation dir:  C:/MySQL/
  24. DB User:  'utbank'@'%'
  25. Data Bases:  information_schema
  26.    utb
  28. More info here:
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