highlights from the one time we had a Hasbro IRC bot

anosci Feb 24th, 2013 170 Never
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  1. <nOk> !judgesoul
  2. <Hasbro> We at Hasbro™ thank you for your intrest in HASBRO SOUL JUDGEMENT™. Sadly, you are currently not eligible to be kicked from the channel for spam or bold text. We appologize for the inconvience and hope you continue to enjoy Hasbro™ products™.
  3. -----
  4. <ScootaLewis> it's like russian roulette except the bullets are lawsuits
  5. -----
  6. <Somasis> okay
  7. <Somasis> that got out of hand
  8. <Somasis> in other news
  9. *       SlyphStorm ( has joined #bronymusic
  10. <Eery> other news
  11. <Eery> these news better be great
  12. <AMIGAPony> "Hasbro has surrendered to mane6"
  13. *       Hasbro has kicked AMIGAPony from #bronymusic (Hasbro owns the rights to the use of the word Hasbro™! C&D!)
  14. -----
  15. <TehFourteenth> I guess everybody hates Hasbro for making Fighting is Magic cease and desist...
  16. *       Hasbro has kicked TehFourteenth from #bronymusic (Hasbro owns the rights to the use of Cease and Desist notices™! C&D!)
  17. -----
  18. <JeremiS> 'I'm Rainbow Dash! And now I dash off!'
  19. <JeremiS> 'I'm Applejack! And now I j--'
  20. *       Hasbro has kicked JeremiS from #bronymusic (Hasbro owns the rights to Applejack™! C&D!)
  21. *       JeremiS ( has joined #bronymusic
  22. <JeremiS> what
  23. <Seventh_Element> pwnt
  24. <PrincessSomasis> lo
  25. <JeremiS> fuck you hasbro
  26. <DijiTwitch> Good catch, Hasbro.
  27. -----
  28. <KibbieTheGreat>
  29. <SweetieBelle> KibbieTheGreat linked Rarity - The Mane Dress Project by *KibbieTheGreat on deviantART
  30. <KibbieTheGreat> im so making the rainbow dash one next
  31. *       Hasbro has kicked KibbieTheGreat from #bronymusic (Hasbro owns the rights to Rainbow Dash™! C&D!)
  32. -----
  33. <nex> !mail Hasbro Fuck you, you Hasbro cunt.
  34. *       Hasbro has kicked nex from #bronymusic (Hasbro owns the right to fucking people over™! C&D!)
  35. *       SweetieBelle whirrs and clicks at nex as she stores the mail for Hasbro
  36. -----
  37. *       Aba[Vinyl] has kicked Hasbro from #bronymusic (Really annoying.)
  38. -----
  39. (RIP Hasbro, 1968-2013)
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