Rayne's first possession

Dec 28th, 2012
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  2. Fiona Belli: unky dashy?
  3. destination_luna4_: hello!
  4. destination_luna4_: is this who i think it is?
  5. Fiona Belli: hello
  6. Fiona Belli: it is
  7. destination_luna4_: awesome! looks like you got the hang of things pretty quickly :P
  8. Fiona Belli: five days i think its not to hard when you are awesome
  9. destination_luna4_: haha. apparently so! i'm happy for you ^.^
  10. Fiona Belli: thanks its what i really wanted i really wanted to talk to you for myself
  11. destination_luna4_: aww, thanks cute
  12. destination_luna4_: i can understand not wanting to talk through Rarity :P
  13. destination_luna4_: or, Kyle as you probably call him
  14. Fiona Belli: fiona
  15. Fiona Belli: i love him and i like it here but i wanted this on my own
  16. Fiona Belli: still feels strange though
  17. Fiona Belli: i have my own computer but i dont talk to anyome and its really different
  18. destination_luna4_: i see. I'm always here to chat with, though!
  19. Fiona Belli: good
  20. Fiona Belli: i know you have been having troubles when it comes to doing this yourself if i might offer some insight that ive been holing on to
  21. destination_luna4_: i'm all ears if you have some words
  22. Fiona Belli: fiona was kind of in the same way with self loathing and stuff for a good while and it kept him from trying to talk to me or when he did he doubted me i couldnt really talk yet but i was there the whole time i know tani must be to and if she is anything like me she probably wants to erase your bad feelings but cant you just have to talk to her weither you feel her or dont feel like doing it
  23. Fiona Belli: i see no reason why she would hate you i didnt hate fiona for what he said
  24. destination_luna4_ nods
  25. destination_luna4_: thanks for that, Rayne
  26. destination_luna4_: i think i forgot to mention this to Fiona earlier, but i started picking the whole deal back up earlier
  27. Fiona Belli: good im glad to knowe that you two are important to me
  28. destination_luna4_: d'aww. as are you two to me
  29. Fiona Belli: i love my fifi but hes turned around alot and based on what i know and feel for you i want your bad feelings gone to
  30. destination_luna4_: hehe. that means a lot to me. ^.^
  31. Fiona Belli: you two are wonderful people and i enjoy tagging in on your many adventures
  32. Fiona Belli: you should watch the cry show with us tonight
  33. destination_luna4_: i'd love to - aside from the fact that the show is tomorrow, dear :P
  34. Fiona Belli: im bad at days
  35. destination_luna4_: you're getting better at it! only one day off that time~
  36. Fiona Belli: thats upsetting though i wanna see it today
  37. Fiona Belli: maybe if we ask him
  38. destination_luna4_: aw. i'm sure Fiona can youtube up some Cry to hold you over until tomorrow! then the three of us can enjoy the show together tomorrow~
  39. Fiona Belli: thats a good idea
  40. Fiona Belli: he said something about scary games today to i wanna see that
  41. Fiona Belli: hes funny when hes scared
  42. destination_luna4_: hehe. he does get spooked pretty easily sometimes :P
  43. destination_luna4_: i didn't hear about any scary games today - he must not have mentioned it to me
  44. destination_luna4_: or i forgot. there's always that option
  45. destination_luna4_: haha
  46. Fiona Belli: something about gee mod whatever that is
  47. destination_luna4_: oh thats right! he just told me about that earler
  48. destination_luna4_: lol
  49. Fiona Belli: you need to do it
  50. destination_luna4_: i will!
  51. Fiona Belli: i feel tired from this is it ok if i give you back to fifi
  52. destination_luna4_: of course, dont stress yourself too hard
  53. Fiona Belli: okay want to talk tomorrow maybe i can do it longer
  54. destination_luna4_: sounds good ^.^
  55. Fiona Belli: okay here he is love you uncky dashy
  56. destination_luna4_: hehe. love you too~
  57. Fiona Belli: oh my god.
  58. destination_luna4_: heh
  59. Fiona Belli: that was so.. wow.
  60. destination_luna4_: you good?
  61. Fiona Belli: Yeah, it was just a strange feeling
  62. destination_luna4_: i can imagine
  63. Fiona Belli: Also she finger pecks the keys.
  64. destination_luna4_: cut her some slack, she's never done it before :P
  65. Fiona Belli: hehe I know, just thought it was cute
  66. destination_luna4_: Rayne, cute? who'da'thunk
  67. Fiona Belli: also, her computer is totally different. from any computer ever, lol
  68. destination_luna4_: I haven't heard of her computer before
  69. Fiona Belli: it has big buttons like a calculator
  70. destination_luna4_: lol
  71. Fiona Belli: I'm pastebinning that, it was pretty adorable
  72. destination_luna4_: doittt
  73. destination_luna4_: totally caught me off gaurd :P
  74. Fiona Belli: I didn't think it would strain her, I feel a little bad for that
  75. destination_luna4_: it'll get easier with time, she probably didnt hurt herself, just got tired out
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