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Lucy Agathe

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  1. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/ZlKW9.png[/IMG]
  2. Your name is Lucy Agathe, you are now 13 years old and you like to think you're a refined girl of SCIENCE. Your INTERESTS, in fact, are reflecting this, since they mainly consist of MEDICINE and AUTOMATED DEVICES [SIZE="2"](= robotics)[/SIZE]. Your biggest dream, as of now, is to be able to replace any living organ in a human body by a MECHANIZED one. So far, you're doing pretty well, but you still have hard times with the brain. It has something to do with EMOTIONS, apparently, but you don't fully grasp the concept yet, of such an abstract feature.
  4. When you're not building questionable devices and trying to implement them, you usually just study the human body- not that it's an excuse for CARVING LIVING FLESH. No, really, not at all. All this meticulous doing is purely [B]FOR SCIENCE[/B]. Moreover, you're not [I]that[/I] dangerous. So far, you never ended anyone's life, after all. ...or rather, not on purpose, at least. And when it happened, you made it sure to be able to practice your AUTOPSY skills. You do take biology as a serious business.
  6. Despite your appearances, you're not from any noble family. Your FATHER just happens to be a famous DOCTOR, and doctors are well paid when they're good at what they do. Which is, most of the time, consisting of healing people. Nevertheless, you received a very good EDUCATION, and even though you're not [I]technically[/I] from a high social rank, you usually sound as if you were. However, since your neighborhood is quite from the UPPER CRUST, this is rarely a problem for you. In any case, you prefer not to brag about your family's wealth and thinking it actually speaks for itself.
  8. Before, your STRIFE SPECIBUS was syringeKind, but since your recent birthday, you're now wielding the scalpelKind. Yet, you would actually prefer having the sawKind one, but ah well. Also, you're using the SELF-CONSCIOUS MODUS. You don't choose the item, instead you let the fetch modus decide for you! Usually works just fine, but might gives some illogical results. Well, from a human point of view, that is.
  10. Your chaphandle is [COLOR="#0F0075"]mechanizedHealer[/COLOR], and [COLOR="#0F0075"]¥ou †alk as if life and dea†h problems wasn'† even bo†hering you a bi†.[/COLOR]
  11. Were you to play SDRICT, you would be the Maid of Mind, and you would start on the Land of Thought and Mechanisms.
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