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  1. AIM IM with Priyank Tewari <xprixpri123>
  2. 1/26/11hey hi, it's perry
  3. 10:26 PMoh hey whats up
  4. 10:27 PMhonestly idk what to do because alyssa's kind of freaking out- and i don't really know what about
  5. 10:28 PMshe's being kinda vague
  6. can you helllllllllplpplp
  7. ahh nothng srs bro
  8. 10:29 PMjust a little misunderstanding
  9. oh haha alright
  10. 10:30 PMcould you calm her down though- cause i think youre the only one that can
  11. yeahh itll b fine
  12. 10:32 PMalright cool
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