Apr 13th, 2019
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  1. Fanatic
  2. There's something on your side. No one else seems to believe in it, but you know it's with you and it will see you through the horrors of the world. The world will test you and try to make you renounce your faith, but you will make them all see.
  4. Cast Out The Devil [Auto/None/Self] When an enemy makes you take a madness check that you fail or causes you to gain madness through a spirit attack, you gain a +1 to the damage and check of the next attack check against them.
  5. "They test your faith, rise up and test their flesh in return!"
  7. Flagellation [Auto/None/Self] +2 to the result of madness checks. When you fail a madness check or take madness from a spirit attack, break a basic part.
  8. "You mind is unbreakable. When doubt comes in, it is clearly the flesh that is to blame and thus should be punished."
  10. Holy Totem [Auto/None/Self] Your "treasure" becomes a "relic." If you have multiple treasures, only one can be a relic at a time.
  11. Relic [Check/0/Self] Support 2. If this part is intact at the end of the round, lose one madness. If this part is broken, you gain (1+number of times this part was used in the current fight) madness points. Each point is applied as its own instance of madness.
  12. "A holy relic that means a great deal to your faith. It inspires you but its loss could mean the end of you."
  14. Rhetoric [Check/0/0-2] Support 2, this cannot be used on yourself.
  15. "A well timed quote, or just sufficiently pious words can encourage and inspire anyone."
  17. Unwavering, Undaunted [Damage/0/0-1] This maneuver can only be used when you take damage. A sister in range makes a conversation check with you as the target.
  18. "When you are struck, do not cry out in anguish. Instead, seek to up lift your sisters by showing them pain cannot stop you."
  20. Inspiring Victory [Auto/None/See Below] When the round starts, pick a horror or savant on the battlemap. If you land the finishing blow on this enemy, then for the rest of the round, your sisters receive a +1 to madness and a +2 to conversation checks.
  21. "They doubt what you believe, but even the atheist can be inspired by righteous victories."
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