GreentextSavant - 3 Random Fillers

Nov 14th, 2016
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  3. >You're Anon.
  4. >Sunset is in the shower with you because lovers.
  5. >She likes to watch you and stuff, and you like doing it back because she likes you for it.
  6. >Be Anon.
  7. >Sunset is washing her hair and you're eyeing her tittays because they're busty and you really like looking at tits for some reason.
  8. >She lets the suds slide down her sleek body as you get an boner.
  9. >That was inevitable. It's a good thing she never came up with any ruled for boner etiquette like that one guy from Eurotrip asked.
  10. >You start to soap up, grabbing the soap bar off of the counter.
  11. >But you know that soap; it's slippers.
  12. >Slips out of your fingers and clashes with the shower floor.
  13. >Sunset obviously hear it; she knows you just dropped the soap. She grins at you widely, stepping towards you even though there is barely any room in the already tiny shower and the two of you were already next to eachother.
  14. >She basically starts pressing up against you, and letting your boner speak the part of her between her crotch and her belly because you're a tiny bit taller than the girl.
  15. >"Anon." She notices you blushing.
  16. >You look from side to side, realizing that there is nowhere to run. Sunset has you cornered, pinning you to the shower walls with her slippery naked body.
  17. >Getting her suds all over you.
  18. >"Anon~" She starts to giggle lewdly and reaches behind you.
  19. >She grabs you by the ass and presses you further into her, your dick slips between her thighs and can't stop itself from jutting between her lips.
  20. >There's no softening up now, you're going to cum by the end of this.
  21. >Sunset gives you a kiss on the lips and starts spreading her suds even more onto you, prompting you to share the ones on your hands as well.
  22. >You squeeze her naughty bits some more as you feel your dick fit snugly inside of Sunset's vagina. Thrusting back and forth.
  23. >"You know the rules, Anon." Sunset acts as though she hasn't completely enveloped your meat log yet. "Cum inside for me. Give me children."
  24. >Sunset pins you to the wall and smiles widely.
  25. >Her tongue pierces between your quivering lips and you feel your head start to be taken over by nothing but lewd thoughts about Sunset.
  26. >She's already thrusting for you, stimulating your shaft with her movements alone. There is no avoiding ejaculation with what she's doing to you.
  27. >And you couldn't have drifted further away from not wanting this.
  28. >Respond by doing the exact same thing she's doing, only from your end.
  29. >You shut your eyes and wince is pure joy with sunset's chest nearly smothering your face as you slide down the slippery walls of the shower's corner.
  30. >You're trapped, pinned down and you love it. With Sunset's warmth pressing you against the adjacent walls.
  31. >She's bouncing up and down with not nearly as much energy as she can, but with a lot more gradual smoothness. Feeling every second of you under her loving hold.
  32. >With the water washing over the two of you.
  33. >With your ass hitting the shower floor and Sunset pinning your pelvic area there with her own weight.
  34. >She grabs onto your shoulders and continues bouncing.
  35. >Your tongue eagerly probes her nipples whenever they brush past your mouth, and you let yourself faintly taste her skin.
  36. >Sunset's moans hardly rise above the sound of the shower running, but it's enough for you to know how much she is enjoying this.
  37. >Your own hands catch her hips for brief moments before her movements helps them evade you once again.
  38. >They slip out of your grasp very easily, but your member has no chance at slipping out of Sunset.
  39. >And the girl goes faster, forcing you to cum NOW.
  40. >With no way to hold it back, you just feel it happen, and take you away to fucking cloud nine. Then ten, eleven, twenty billion, holy fuck, dude.
  41. "Aaaa-aaahhhhh...~~~~"
  42. >But nothing could prepare you for what happens next.
  43. >You wake up with cum all over your bedsheets.
  44. THE END
  46. ______________
  48. ANOTHER FLASH SENTRY MASHED POTATOES STORY (Don't ask how this started because I can't really remember myself)
  50. >Compensation must be needed.
  51. >Flash Sentry got cheated out of both of his Twilight waifus, and he's now sitting alone at home with a cup of coffee before him on a table.
  52. >He cries as he thinks of all of the times he could have saves Twilight from Timber's love, but it was too late.
  53. >Timber Spruce took his place as the waifu stealer. It's all over for Flash's legacy now.
  54. >His parents are going to be here any minute now. Has to prepare for Thanksgiving dinner.
  55. >This is when Flash decides that enough is enough.
  56. >No longer will he be cheated out of his position.
  57. >He needs to assert dominance over those around him if he wants to retain the position of the alpha male in the family.
  58. >...
  59. >"Greetings, honey." Flash's aunts and grandmas and cousins all chime in unison as they greet him.
  60. >"Yo. Sup?" Flash acts all cool and stuff.
  61. >They all set the table, bringing out the cranberry sauce, the turkey, the stuffing, the macaroni noodles that TIMBER NEVER TOUCHED (unlike Twilight), the beans, the cornbread, the wine, the beer, the alcohol, the lamb meat, the yams, the pork chops, the fruit cocktails, the lunchables, and last but not least, the partridge in a pear tree.
  62. >But one last thing that flash soon notices.
  64. >Dinner is serves, starting at 7 (4 specific time) and ending when the cows come home.
  65. >Flash rises to his feet as the family guy says grace.
  66. >He grabs the bathtub of mashed potatoes and slathers it all over his body, pulling out his pocket mashed potatoes he saved since last Thanksgiving.
  68. >Flash rawrs, awoos and nyaas with an XD and a rooty toot toot.
  69. >The entire family gets covered in mashed potatoes. The boi's wrath is immeasurable.
  70. >He leaves the house and sky rockets over to Timber's house.
  71. >Twilight is there with him having sex with him on the table with his family cheering them on.
  72. >Flash drowns them all in mashed potatoes.
  73. >The end.
  75. __________
  78. >Run into Sunset at Sugarcube corner.
  79. >She looks quite surprised to see you. "Oh hey, Anon."
  80. "Hey..."
  81. >What words are supposed to come after this part?
  82. >"What's up?"
  83. >You can't think of an answer for this because your brain always delets all memory whenever anyone asks you anything about yourself. Better lie.
  84. "I was just getting myself a milkshake. It's a little hot out here."
  85. >"It's like November, though."
  86. "I know, but I've been running, so..."
  87. >"Ah, okay. I get ya." She then walks into the shop right next to you. "I was just getting some hot chocolate myself."
  88. >The two of you make it to the counter. She offers for you to go first, to which you accept.
  89. >Order your fucking milkshake, even thought it's actually almost cold enough to see your breath outside.
  90. >Cherry flavored. With ice cream and all.
  91. >Sit down at a booth while Sunset goes up next, only to find that she has no wallet to pull out of her pocket. She silently curses to herself.
  92. >After another half minute, Sunset sits down next to you.
  93. "You need a dollar or something."
  94. >"Nah, I'm good. I guess I'm just going to have to quench my thirst later." She looks over to the milkshake you're desperately trying to enjoy. "You... didn't really want to get a milkshake, didn't you?"
  95. "What? Naaaaah..."
  96. >"Anon." Sunset smiles and raises an eyebrow.
  97. >It's clear she's not buying it.
  98. "Well, I..."
  99. >"I can help you finish it if you want." She offers. "I like cherry flavored things sometimes."
  100. "You sure?" You notice her sitting down right next to you anyway after getting a second straw.
  101. >"C'mon, now. It'll be fine. We can enjoy this together." She leans in to take a sip.
  102. >You're honestly not even willing to stop her. Her straw penetrates the whipped cream on top and some of the milkshake is soon sucked through the straw into her mouth.
  103. >You and Sunset begin to share the milkshake. But as this continues, something extremely uneasy washes over you.
  104. >She's... sucking the milkshake out of the glass a lot faster than you are.
  105. >You don't think anything of it at first, until she's finished and asks if you'd like another one.
  106. "Wh-what?" You are shocked.
  107. >"Can we get another milkshake?"
  108. >Her eyes stare straight into yours, giving you some wort of haunting puppy dog expression.
  109. >You have no choice but to give in.
  110. >Sunset's eyes glow as you stand up to get her another milkshake. It's a good thing you brought a lot of money with you.
  111. >Sunset soon downs milkshake after milkshake, leaving you with a hefty bill to pay once the two of you leave. But you don't notice anyone behind the counter.
  112. >In fact, it seems as though everyone else in the shop has already left.
  113. >You start to become uneasy yourself as the room starts to darken, but you keep getting up out of your seat to get another milkshake for Sunset Shimmer; they are magically appearing on the otherwise empty counter.
  114. >But your body is moving on its own, outside of your control. And you strangely enjoy this, as Sunset sits there and sips more and more milkshake. Seeming to be sucking it into another dimension outside of this existential place.
  115. >She pulls you over to the seat she's sitting in.
  116. >The other straw pierces your lips and you find yourself sucking more of the milkshake that's starting to taste like every flavor on the menu.
  117. >Sunset puts an arm around you and happily shares the milkshake with you.
  118. >The room turns lighter until it looks like there's heaven all around you. The milkshake grows to an infinite size.
  119. >After this, you drink the milkshake next to Sunset Shimmer forever.
  120. >This is strangely what you wanted.
  121. THE END
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