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  1. # Tell me about a time you made a mistake and how you fixed it and what you learned from it?
  2. #### One time while working as an admin on another server, I was working with the owner and a manager to meet a deadline on releasing a pvp game mode to the server. The owner and manager could not agree with each other on the details of how to implement the pvp game mode and the deadline we had set was near. It was obvious we needed to work better as a team, so I invited them both to play some pvp games on other servers for inspiration where we were able to collaborate and openly discuss all of our ideas. By playing on other pvp servers, it allowed us to see that we all had similar visions for how we wanted to implement our pvp game mode but disagreed on smaller less important aspects. After hearing both of their plans, we made  a list of everything we were going to include in the pvp game mode using the best and most efficient ideas we all agreed on. In the end we created the pvp game mode ahead of schedule, making our players very happy and committed to staying with our server despite earlier frustrations of the pvp game mode possibly not being released on time. On top of all this, it turned out after word the owner and manager worked together even more where they produced some of the best new game updates to the server during my time as admin with the server. I feel this experience helped me improve my ability to collaborate and work as part of a team while growing in my leadership skills as well.
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