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  1. eWhoring is nothing but sales. You can say SE or anything else but at the end of the day, you are selling a product. A product that a lot of guys will make excuses why they don't want to buy.
  3. Most ewhores freeze when they get asked some simple questions. Learning how to answer them can make the difference between $200 a day and $20 a day. I'm going to give you some simple answers. Don't use the examples word for word. Put your own twist on them.
  5. Q: "Porn is free. Why should I pay for yours?"
  6. A: Some guys like free porn. When you're used to eating shit, you don't know how to handle steak. Real men eat steak. Boys eat shit. So what are you?
  8. Q: "I just got scammed"
  9. A: That's sad. Are you gonna let that stop you from buying from me? When you were learning how to walk, did you let the falls stop you?
  11. Q: "You're too expensive"
  12. A: You get what you pay for. Don't you want the best? Because I'm the best".
  14. Q: "I just bought 100 pics for $10. Why pay more for yours?"
  15. A: I'm sorry. I thought you wanted to buy from a real girl. I didn't know you preferred buying from boys pretending to be girls.
  17. Q: "Are you gonna scam me?"
  18. A: Why would I scam you? I want you to come back for more.
  20. Q: "Someone said you were fake"
  21. A: There are broke little boys saying that because they couldn't afford me.
  23. Q: "Why can't we just trade?"
  24. A: Because Sephora and Starbucks don't accept dick pics
  26. Q: "If you don't give me a free nude, I'm not gonna buy"
  27. A: Ok. Bye
  29. Q: "I need to think about this"
  30. A: Why? Are you gonna be more horny later?
  32. Q: "That's too much. I can pay to fuck for that money"
  33. A: And if you wanted to do that, you wouldn't be talking to me.
  35. These are just a few questions/statements that you're going to hear all the time. Once you know how to handle them, you can get past some of these guys and into their wallets.
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