May 8th, 2016
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  1. >Be Moondancer
  2. >You're really dizzy
  3. >And upset
  4. >Stupid Anon, being such a dumb idiot
  5. >Not doing anything right
  6. >You can hear him saying things to you right now
  7. >Something about not falling or some shit
  8. >What does he know?
  9. >Fuck! When did the floor get right in front of you?
  10. >Oh, wait, you're on the ground
  11. >This is a pretty comfy floor
  12. >Nice and cool
  13. >Maybe you should just take a little nap
  14. >It won't be too long
  15. >You've been nudged awake
  16. >The world is too blurry
  17. >Anon probably fucked something up again
  18. >Oh look, somebody's here
  19. >They're all blurry too
  20. >But they look familiar
  21. >Now you're being lifted up and carried
  22. >You look up at the blurry face
  23. >You make out enough details to know who that is
  24. "INCOG!"
  25. >He seems a bit startled and starts to say something, but you really need to talk to him so you shush him with your hoof
  26. "No, wait I need to talk first! An-Anon is not good for this job I-hic-ncog. He's just not like you."
  27. "I mean, he is like you, but not JUST like you. But I miss YOU. And I want you to come back."
  28. >You feel your eyes start to water as you speak
  29. "I just don't know what to do. He's different and -hic- and I need help."
  30. >You're just crying now you can't stop
  31. "I can't do it! He's just not good enough, you said he'd be good enough but he wasn't! Why did you lie to me?! You told me he could do it right but he can't! Why can't he be like you?!"
  33. >You are Anon
  34. >You don't have a good answer for her question
  35. >You just hug her
  36. "I'm sorry Moondancer."
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