境ホラ 1下 translation project

Feb 25th, 2014
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  1. {In regards to the last thread: I have no issues whatsoever with based js06 taking over this project, provided that the readers are fine with having two (I believe distinct) translating styles in one volume, or having him edit/rewrite my work to suit his own flow of text. If we're fine with either case, I'll pop up somewhere in a future thread and say whatever I need to say.}
  3. {As much as I'd like to move this project along, dedication is not my thing; it was a surprise I managed to stick with this volume for so long, considering the actual measly progress I made. If things come to pass, I'll still be lurking in the threads and wearing my trip only for future, less serious works. It was fun doing this, really. Thanks to everyone who was with me this whole ride.}
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