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  1. [13:25] Tenko Ultovex says, "Mutt, I have a present for you. I'll give it to you later."
  2. [13:27] Tenko twirls an anti-magic collar around his finger.
  3. (Tenko Ultovex)
  4. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. [13:28] Mutt says, ".. No thanks."
  7. [13:28] Tenko Ultovex asks, "Oh this?"
  8. [13:28] Tenko Ultovex says, "This is my gift to Sors."
  9. [13:29] Mutt says, "Right. Sorry."
  10. [13:29] Tenko looks over the collar, a heart shaped pendant hanging off of it reading 'If lost, return to sors ultovex'.
  11. (Tenko Ultovex)
  12. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  14. [13:29] Zethra Nina Leverd says, "I'm willing to practice."
  15. [13:29] Fera Fengari says, "How'd I not see you..."
  16. [13:30] Mutt says, "Let me see that."
  17. [13:30] Zethra Nina Leverd says, "I'm a ninja sometimes."
  18. [13:30] Tenko Ultovex asks, "You want to see it?"
  19. [13:30] Mutt says, "Mhm."
  20. [13:30] Mutt asks, "North, is this yours?"
  21. [13:30] Tenko steps forward. "Look real close."
  22. (Tenko Ultovex)
  23. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  25. [13:30] Mutt asks, "With the heart on it?"
  26. [13:30] Fera Fengari asks, "Eh?"
  27. [13:30] Tenko goes to slap the collar on mutt like she supposed to have.
  28. (Tenko Ultovex)
  29. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  31. [13:30] Fera Fengari says, "No, I don't think so at least..."
  32. [13:31] Fera Fengari says, "Come on Zera, I can give you a little one-armed action."
  33. [13:31] Tries to avoid it by stepping to the left.
  35. "What the fuck?"
  36. (Mutt)
  37. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  39. [13:31] Mutt asks, "What're you trying to do, Tenko?"
  40. [13:31] Tenko misses entirely. "<font color=gold>Unfortunate. Sors will have to put it on himself."
  41. (Tenko Ultovex)
  42. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  44. [13:32] Mutt says, "..."
  45. [13:32] Mutt says, "I found my old one.. I don't need it anymore."
  46. [13:33] Tenko Ultovex says, "It's your custom collar, the one he requested."
  47. [13:33] Mutt says, "I told you not to make it."
  48. [13:33] Tenko Ultovex asks, "Are you Sors?"
  49. [13:34] Mutt says, "..."
  50. [13:34] Mutt says, "I'm already wearing one.."
  51. [13:35] Tenko Ultovex says, "Looks like you'll be wearing a new, better made one."
  52. [13:36] Mutt says, "I won't wear it."
  53. [13:36] Tenko Ultovex says, "I don't care what you think, Sors will be the deciding factor on his pet."
  54. [13:43] Daius Invidia asks, "The new collar got any neat tricks?"
  55. [13:43] Daius Invidia says, "Like can it make em sit or anythin'."
  56. [13:46] Tenko Ultovex says, "It comes with uhh.. Additional restraints. Don't ask."
  57. [13:47] Daius Invidia says, "Wasn't plannin' on it."
  58. [13:47] Tenko Ultovex says, "Good."
  59. [13:47] Tenko zones out
  60. (Tenko Ultovex)
  61. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  63. [13:47] Zerchanok looks at the stranger.
  65. "..."
  66. (Zerchanok)
  67. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  69. [13:53] Daius Invidia exclaims, "Hmh!"
  70. [14:04] After spending a little time within the centre of Dusk, Daius became increasingly bored-- Or rather, he knew he had better places to be. Better things to be investing his time towards, over learning about a new collar for one of Sors' pets. So with that in mind, the Invidia took off. Heading towards the west, quite clearly he was going towards the quietest place in Dusk.
  72. The Library. It was clear, that despite how people present themselves. Very few of them were bookworms, or scholars. Like they'd lead people to believe. After all, every time Daius came here-- The place was entirely empty. Which was after all, why the Invidia came to the place. It was peaceful and somewhere that he can focus on his own progress and his own progression.
  74. Training away from everyone else, as he did each and every time. He hated people knowing his methods, after all.
  76. "Finally got my answer-- Let's see if there's anythin' else I gotta find out." he'd state rather plainly, progressing up the oaken stairs, which creaked under the Invidia's weight.
  77. (Daius Invidia)
  78. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  80. [14:12] Now it was time for the uncomfortableness of Meditation. In truth, Daius wasn't a big fan of it. Thinking this was actually a training method which people used to develop themselves, was a long shot-- Yet he found himself doing it. Mainly because of the necessity. He didn't believe in it offering any real value, and it was only viable in certain situations.
  82. Like his current one. After learning what he needs, it was pretty clear that the Invidia probably wouldn't bother delving too much into meditation ever again. A clear dislike, however-- It was a necessity for him to attain what he wanted to attain.
  84. So, he'd endure through the tediousness of meditation.
  86. The metal man, lowered himself down towards the ground. His hulking hands pressing against the floor as he ambled down. Crossing his legs as he did so. Letting out an audible grunt, as he was getting older, after all.
  88. As much as he didn't want to believe he was.
  89. "I needa let go of my failure-- That's the answer to the question. Let's be seein' what happens this time then."
  90. (Daius Invidia)
  91. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  93. [14:23] * You have been awarded 2 Roleplay Points! *
  94. [14:36] "A'ight, let's start this then."
  96. The helmet was removed from the soon-to-be-Titan, being placed towards the side. His blonde locks, now apparent drooping down his face. The style, prince charming-esque. Slowly, his ocean blue eyes were concealed from view, as he began the start of his meditation.
  98. Focusing on his breathing. Long inhales, followed from slow exhales. His shoulders and chest clearly expanding as he did so, showing his efforts weren't going nowhere. This time, his mana would spike once more. Only this time, it would stay at a level. Remaining at it. There was no instability, or fluxing for the time being. It was stable, controlled.
  100. However, it was only a fraction of what he needed. Daius knew that, and he imagined that so did his body. Right now, he had learned the technique. However, he could only use it to a low level right now.
  102. Definitely not on the level which Artaghhhad managed to achieve. Although, he felt he'd learn how to make the next step soon.
  104. Having moved passed his failures to his sister, his mother and his family ultimately, he had become stronger. With the sheer amount of mana he now had access to. He knew his Mystic Arts could go much, much further.
  106. It was but a matter of time...
  107. (Daius Invidia)
  108. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  110. [15:22]
  111. {LOAD GAME}
  113. [15:32] It was safe to say that the Invidia had been seated for an awfully long time, his breathing maintaining the same constant pattern as he could feel that his mana was enhancing his physical attributes, it was denser-- which was empowering his strength most notably. Although, as stated before it wasn't quite enough yet.
  115. Daius' mind slowly goes to thinking about the question he was faced with previously. More specifically thinking about his answer to it; that he needed to let go of his failure. Of his fear of not being enough for Obsidia. Of never becoming a Titan.
  117. Almost cutting off his chain of thought, a voice reached out to him once more; it's words being mumbled by Daius as it spoke to him.
  119. "...What matters, most in life to ya?"
  121. It would seem that Daius, had been faced with another question once more. After a few moments passed, and the question had settled in. Daius felt his mana spike, going past his previous limit for a moment, before returning back to the stable rate.
  123. Likely a sign, of where discovering this information about himself will lead him.
  125. "Hnh.. Another question-- This is gonna be a pain.."
  126. (Daius Invidia)
  127. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  129. [15:36] With that said, this little meditation session was over. Much to Daius' delight. However, it now meant that he was once again going to have to find some form of answer about himself to adequately suffice.
  131. Something which wasn't an easy task before, at all. Perhaps he could find someone to show off what he had already learned by himself. That would lead nicely into using them for his own benefit-- A second opinion on his question, and one which hopefully someone may help him answer.
  133. Without wasting much more time. The Invidia begins to leave the location, with some haste.
  134. (Daius Invidia)
  135. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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