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  1. # Nicole Weese
  2. ### Full Stack Software Developer
  3. Seattle, WA | | (206) 724-8325  
  4. []( | [](
  6. ---
  7. Nicole is a talented Full-stack Developer with over two years of experience who prides herself on her high aptitude and logical problem-solving skills. She has drastically increased efficiency and reduced development hours for clients by transitioning them to efficient automated processes. Nicole's most recent achievement was creating a SaaS application, built using React.js, that services ten various life insurance companies. Highly experienced in working on and with teams in order to increase company efficiency. She looks forward to leveraging her enterprise development experience at another leading Seattle-based company.
  9. ---
  13. - JavaScript/Typescript
  14. - React.js
  15. - HTML5/CSS
  16. - Node
  17. - Heroku
  18. - PostgreSQL
  19. - Express
  20. - Unix/Linux
  21. - MongoDB
  22. - Git/GitHub
  23. - TDD
  24. - MaterialUI
  26. ---
  28. **EXPERIENCE**
  31. **CSM Pacific, June 2018 - Current** | _Junior Full Stack Developer_  
  32. _Cowles SaaS Application_
  33. - Worked intimately on a team of three using the MERN stack to create a SaaS application which tracks deferred compensation benefits for multiple life insurance companies and beneficiaries.
  34. - Translated wireframes and business specifications into reusable React components which utilize Material UI and SCSS.
  35. - Responsible for adapting, maintaining, and designing components as application grew in functionality. Designed components in a way which displayed large amounts of data in a user-friendly and intuitive manner.
  36. - Architected, maintained, and adapted a scalable REST API and implemented using TDD.
  37. Created functionality which accepts 31 different versions of Life Insurance Illustration PDFs, scans the document for appropriate data and then adds to the database.
  38. - Successfully reduced risk of human error while saving the client hundreds of hours on data entry quarterly.
  40. _OneSpan PDF Injection_  
  41. - Created and maintained form functionality via WordPress in which clients submit information and subsequently HIPAA confidentiality forms for all respective parties to electronically sign. Automated email process so that it happens immediately upon submission of form.
  42. - Built a custom REST API using Express which takes information inputted by clients and creates custom PDF’s with injected client information utilizing OneSpan's API.
  43. - Overall, reduced communication cycle duration from multiple days to minutes.
  45. _Quickbase_  
  46. - Designed, built, and maintained an Express server which manipulates Quickbase data for client.
  47. - Designed pages using jQuery, HTML, and CSS which provide real time updates on processes being run within the database.
  49. **Code Fellows, April 2018 - June 2018** | _Teaching Assistant_  
  50. - Aided students in their problem solving, debugging, and comprehension of JavaScript, React.js, HTML, CSS, and other subjects.
  51. - Graded and guided students through sprint demos, whiteboarding, and coded projects.
  53. ---
  55. **EDUCATION**  
  56. - **Code Fellows**, _Seattle, WA_, April 2018  
  57. Certificate - Advanced Software Development in Full-Stack JavaScript
  58. - **University of Washington**, _Seattle, WA_, June 2012  
  59. Coursework completed in Mathematics
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