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  1. Neko Paradise
  3. Welcome to Neko Paradise
  5. Rules:
  6. 1.) Free for all is on, but that doesn't mean you should kill your entire MTF squad on spawn, only use FFA to kill AFK players who are preventing the round from ending.
  8. 2.) Any type of cheating, whether it be exploiting, hacking, or glitching is a ban-able offense, but, you would never do such a thing.. would you?
  10. 3.) Don't argue with staff members, its like a child arguing to his father, its highly disrespectful and inappropriate.
  12. 4.) This server has the worlds longest talk time on the intercom of 120 seconds, with a cool down delay of 0 seconds, please use this privileged wisely, and don't mic spam, playing music is allowed, just make sure the quality is at least decent, and your fellow players are okay with it.
  14. 5.) Use your common sense, no further information
  16. Contact Information:
  17.     Discord Server:
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