Dadonequus Discord Part 188

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  1. >You do your best to hold in your sweat, but you can feel a bead or two trickle down your neck.
  2. >But you couldn't just tell her you rekt her shit...well you could. And it would be funny. But this could snowball, first her, then Twilight. And given how last night went. You didn't want her coming close to thinking you had anything to do with that clown.
  3. >You quickly compose yourself and turn your head dismissively
  4. "What are you talking about? I was in bed the night before. I had to be rested for a visit to Canterlot. I had no time to..err...what was it exactly?"
  5. >Rainbow Dash was still looking at you with suspicion. But she wasn't too clever, she wasn't Twilight. She couldn't come up with anything logical to beat that. So instead she came up with a crafty trick. "Ok, I guess you're right. You aren't as cool as that guy was. Nope, you're just a shrimp. I could just do this to ya.." Rainbow Dash uses her hoof to knock you to the ground on your side. Not hard, just a bit of a shove "And make you look like a total dweeb. But that guy, he was super cool. I would totally switch from the wonderbolts to being that guy's partner in a second if I just knew who he was"
  6. >You let out a small yelp as you fall over. But it didn't hurt, you look at her with a scrunchy annoyed look.
  7. "I just told you, I don't know who you're talking about. Sheesh"
  8. >You stand up and dust yourself off
  9. "It was probably just a dream. No wonder you decided to try to come early. You just wanted to bully me into some kind of confession. That's pretty low."
  11. >You were on to her game already. a cartoonish trick to get you to say something about the event. But you knew not to make a goof up this time. Especially since she was trying just a little too hard.
  12. >But Rainbow Dash wouldn't relent, she just shrugged and went on. Continuing her ruse "Maybe it was, but wouldn't it be awesome if it wasn't? Whoever that pony was, I'd hang out with him every second I could get. He's cooler than Spitfire and Daring Do combined"
  13. >You raise your hoof to get her attention, but as you were about to speak, you realize something.
  14. >Oh shit, you almost said "I thought you said he was lame or something"
  15. >Nope..NOPE..don't fall for it. don't say anything about it. DON'T
  16. "Welp, good for you. I'm going back to bed. I'm still kind of tired. Seeya"
  17. >As you turn to leave, wanting to get out of there before you said anything stupid. Rainbow Dash calls out to you again. "Wait, hold on!"
  18. >You groan., stop, and turn around.
  19. "...What?"
  20. >"I have one last thing to ask before you go to bed. I want you to say...mnnn...what did he say again? RIGHT! right...I want you to say "Devil Trigger". I remember him yelling that out. Say it, and then I'll leave"
  21. >Whatever, not like you had to call it out.
  22. "Devil Trigger..there, seeya"
  23. >You say it in an annoyed and unenthusiastic way. Prompting Rainbow Dash to stop you again. "Wait, you can't just say it. You have to like, announce it"
  24. >Noooooope, that was another trap.
  25. "I'm going back to bed Rainbow, I'll see you later. I already said it, ok? I'm not him"
  27. >"bah, come on Anon. Just say right and I'll go. How hard can that be?"
  28. >You wish Twilight would wake up right at this moment. You knew if she saw this. she'd probably get angry at Rainbow Dash bothering so incessantly.
  29. "Rainbow Dash, don't you think this is a little..I dunno...abusive? in a foal sense?"
  30. >Maybe that would get her to go away.
  31. >"I'm just asking a simple question. So are you going to do it or not?"
  32. >......
  33. >You turn around, and take a deep breath. if you were going to do this. You'd do it as wrong as possible. So you strike a pose, and say, in an overly, almost super heroish manner a big loud
  34. "Deviiiilllllll Triggggggggerrrr!....ahrmm....was it something like that?"
  35. >Rainbow Dash shook her head, that wasn't the way she wanted you to do it "Nuh uh, you gotta just like. Say it, but in a way that you're announcing it too"
  36. >Goddammit
  37. "Look, that's the way I'd say it. Ok? I don't even know what a Devil Trigger is. What is it, some sort of camera or something?"
  38. >Rainbow Dash was at this point, believing your counter ruse.But she still couldn't figure something out. That Unicorn was clearly more powerful than Twilight and could fight at her level. If not you with that horn. Then who? "Fine..I'll leave you alone. And uh, Twilight doesn't need to know about this right? I mean, really. It was just a dream. And I WAS just asking questions"
  39. >Dammit..whatever...
  40. "Yes..ok..fine, it was just questions. Can I go to bed now?"
  41. >"Sure, and remember, I was never here...."
  42. >And with that, Rainbow Dash departed. Frustration in her heart. She was sure you were the pony that she fought with. She was sure that fight was a reality. What other pony could do anything like that unless they had some magical bullshit horn. She was reasoning to herself that it wasn't any dream. It was just too out there. But she was determined to find out. Even if she had to take more drastic measures.
  44. >but she left. That's all that mattered to you. You took a moment to bask in the relief that you got her to leave without incident.
  45. "Dammit, that was close. That should be it though. I gotta be more careful with the damn thing if their gonna start getting more suspicious..."
  46. >You let out a little yawn
  47. "urgh....whatever...tired..sleeeeeeeeeep"
  48. >You groggily walk back to Twilight's room to catch a few more winks of sleep.
  49. >You reach to open her door, opens first. A re-energized, non tired Twilight already up to greet the day.
  50. >She looks down at you, surprised, but ultimately happy that you're already up "good morning Anon! Already up to seize the day, huh?" Twilight let out an excited giggle "That's great! That means we can spend some time right now before I do any major planning for tomorrow! Infact!" Twilight almost jumped in giddiness "We can go out for breakfast. I know a place in Ponyville that we can get some quick food. It's not too healthy, but colts love it! a perfect place for us to plan together."
  51. >....but.....but....beeeeeeeddddddddddd
  52. >You look up at Twilight with groggy, tired eyes.
  53. >She looks back at you with happy, hopeful eyes.
  54. >fuuuucccccckkk
  55. >You smile at her, as cheerful as you could make it. your body straining at the thought of not getting more rest. How could she be up like this? she must have been awake longer than you.
  56. "S-sounds great Twilight. Haha, totally awesome idea"
  57. >>That just made Twilight smile even more. actually felt pretty good making her smile...too bad that was only in mind. your body was getting more achy by the just wanted a nap..just a nap.
  58. >"Great! Oh..wait...Anon..." Twilight notices you aren't looking as good as you could be. But she didn't think it was because you were tired. Rather, she thought you were sore or hurt. "Are you ok? Does your head hurt?"
  59. >You moan a little, dropping your act. It did a little, but your entire body was getting sore at this point.
  61. "Yeah, I think it's the reason I'm up so early."
  62. >Twilight looked pretty concerned. "Darn, Darn it! I knew I should have taken a closer look after you fell asleep. I didn't see any marks so I thought you'd be ok. But that thud I heard...mnnnn"
  63. >Twilight looked pretty frustrated and disappointed with herself. If you didn't have any marks on your head. That means you must have really been getting used to it. The headache must have been a natural one then. Ugh, you have been stressed lately..well..usually. It must finally be taking it's toll.
  64. "It's alright Twilight, I think it just might be a regular old headache. You got any like..pills? or something?"
  65. >"Anon, I don't think it's a headache. that's too coincidental. Maybe you should get some rest."
  66. "No trust me, I hit my head..allloooottttt...please, just trust me. It's a normal headache. And I just need some pain meds or something, that's all"
  67. >Twilight held back, she wanted you to rest. But for this to work, she also had to let you make your own decisions. But she knew to still keep a close eye on you just in case. "Ok, if thats all you need. Then I will help you with just that. But I don't have any medicine for headaches. But what I do have is a spell that reduces the pain of certain types of aches. I use it whenever I get..well...really really into something and end up not getting any sleep."
  68. >That sounds good actually
  69. "Sure. let's do that. Whenever you're ready."
  70. >For Twilight, she had an ulterior motive for this. Although she was letting you have your choice. She still wanted to be a responsible adult. She felt this was a moment that letting you have a complete decision may actually not be as goood an idea as she previously thought. If the spell didn't work. then it was an injury, and she'd have to take you to the hospital.
  71. >"Alright, just hold still Anon. This will only take a second"
  73. >And like magic, your headache was gone. Well it was magic.
  74. >You stepped backwards, and tapped your forehead. You were actually pretty amazed how the pain just vanished. Sure, you've seen a lot of crazy shit in your stay in Equestria. But for some reason, this fascinated you.
  75. "Woah...I don't feel anything anymore. Cool"
  76. >Twilight sighed in relief, you we're right. And there was nothing to worry about.
  77. >You notice her sigh, and give her a light hearted nudge
  78. "See? Told ya, nothing to worry about"
  79. >Except the fact you were still tired. But, nothing a little enthusiasm and the promise of food can't fix.
  80. >"I'm just glad you're ok. Do you still want to go out for breakfast Anon? Or are you not up to it?"
  81. >...fooood
  82. "No, I'm good to go. Really, super fine now. But hey, um. About the firled trip. Did you have any ideas come to mind?"
  83. >Twilight nodded "Mhmm, we could talk about it on the way. And of course if you have any suggestions. I'll be completely open and willing to listen to any suggestion you might have."
  84. >Perfect...because you had nothing.
  85. >With that, you and Twilight made off to that fast food joint to talk and eat.
  86. >The morning sky of Equestria, was of course, always a sight to behold. The air was clean, the sky was clear, and nothing but pleasant faces as far as the eye could see.
  87. >You and Twilight walked alongside one another.
  88. >You started to think about Sweetie Belle. She'd most likely show up later in the day. You had to be prepared for that. Not because you felt unsure, but mostly because you were sure atleast a quarter of her suggestions were going to be retarded.
  89. >Meanwhile, Twilight had some thoughts about that headache that hit you. It made her think to ask a certain question.
  91. >"Anon, have you ever been to the spa?"
  92. >The spa?...ohh right. the spa twins were there. Lotus and Aloe...if you remembered their names right.
  93. "No, why?"
  94. >Twilight looked away from you for a moment, a smile on her face as she spoke in a tone that was meant to entice you. Not sexually of course, just in a way to get you interested. "Weeeellllll, considering magic alone doesn't completely help with a headache. I was wondering if you'd like to see what being in a spa was like. It's very relaxing"
  95. >.....weird.
  96. >A part of you is saying "FUCK YES, THE TWINS! MASSAGE ME EVERYWHERE" , but another part was telling you "That sounds nice, it'll help destress me when things like Sweetie Belle happen. I bet the spa ponies are nice, Wonder how Diamond Tiara is doing".
  97. "Sure, I wouldn't mind. ogh..
  98. >You give yourself a stretch
  99. "I could do with a relaxing massage"
  100. >Then you realized something....
  101. "Wait, Twilight. You don't have to be that nice you know. Remember? Equals?"
  102. >Twilight nodded "I know, but this is how I'd treat any new friend. It's perfectly natural for me to want to show you a good time. Relax Anon, I promise you. Everything is going to be just fine"
  103. >hmnnn..maybe you were worrying too much.You'd just have to take her word for it. She didn't seem to be sperging out. So...yeah. ok. Things should be good. no problem.
  105. >And so Twilight and you went on your way. You both make some small talk on your way to the fast food place. You could never remember the name. And it still seemed odd to you that Ponyville even had a fast food place. But then again, they also have a bowling alley and roller rink.
  106. >You both enter the establishment, and go to make an order. You let Twilight go first as you think of what to get.
  107. >As she makes an order of eggs,milk, and buttered toast. You took a look around the place. There was something amiss. While many of the ponies we're quietly eating their food. A few we're eyeing the both of you. But was it the both of you? Was it Twilight? or..was it you?"
  108. >Twilight stands aside after making her order.You make your order.
  109. >It was a simple order. You also made an order of milk and eggs, but you ask for waffles and syrup. Waffles and Syrup is a damned good, why wouldn't you order it. From the bit amount that it seemed to cost off the breakfast menu. It was just a trifle to you.
  110. >Twilight made no mention of paying for your food for you. Though, you knew if you asked. She probably would. But, of course. You could easily pay for it.
  111. >Twilight didn't need to use her mouth to carry her tray of food to a nearby table. Of course, you did. You had to take your steps carefully as to not have everything go to one side. Sometimes you wonder how anyone can do this day in and day out. Handle things with their mouths. Then again, you were used to it. But you could imagine most humans going mad from having to even try.
  112. >Finally, you could sit, relax and talk with Twilight.
  113. >You look down at your food and start munching away.
  114. >ehhh, it was ok. Not as good as when it's made at home though. But what is?
  115. "So, that field trip thing. I was giving it a little thought. And I was wondering if...well..."
  116. >Actually you weren't giving it much thought at all. But you wanted to be the first to suggest something.
  117. "the Everfree forest? Maybe?"
  119. >But Twilight lit up, it seems...that was a good idea? maybe?
  120. >"That's actually a really good idea Anon, of course, planning a safe route is key to make sure we stay out of any kind of danger. And as long as we don't go too deep inside. We'll be fine, many a pony both old and young have camped within the forest without any trouble. So I'm sure we'll get along just fine." Twilight could feel a certain feeling build up within her, it was excitement. She was delighted that you had an idea to mention before she did. And it was a darned good one too.
  121. "So, you really like the idea?"
  122. >Twilight nodded "Of course I like it. I can even introduce you to my friend Zecora, I really think you'll like her. And then we can go and camp, make a fire, and tell eachother spooky stories and erm.....uhhh..." Twilight began to feel stumped. "Hmm..I might have to read a little on how to camp properly in the woods. Or ask Applejack for some advice. It shouldn't be too difficult to learn if foals can do it."
  123. >You begin to smile. She was really trying. you were actually looking forward to this now. If you were in the woods with Twilight. That meant nothing could bother you two. Nothing could just spring up to cause an argument. And you and Twilight had more than enough firepower to handle anything in the forest. Even if you only had one shot at it.
  124. >But your smile began to wane as you took a look around. There were ponies staring at the both of you. It made everything feel...irksome. Why were they doing that?
  125. >Then suddenly, you feel a nudge and poke at your right flank.
  126. >You look down at your seat. And right next to you with a small filly. probably younger than the CMC. looking up at you with great big eyes. a notepad in her mouth. Her tails wiggled from left to right.
  127. >What in the?
  129. >The Filly was peach in color, with a yellowish and well kept mane that curled at the front. Her eyes we're blue. Her tail had a cute little ribbon tied at its base.
  130. >The Filly puts her front hooves right at the edges of your chair to lift her upper body high enough to spit the notepad onto the table. She then gets back down and looks back up at you with a cheery, sickeningly sweet smile.
  131. >"Are you the hero colt?" She asks.
  132. >wut?
  133. "Uhhhh, what do you mean?"
  134. >"Are you the colt that beat those meanie foalnappers and those griffons that were in the crystal empire?"
  135. "W-where did you hear about all that?"
  136. >well, you figured how she knew..but dammit. What did she want. Given the notepad. could it be an autograph? Why?
  137. >"My parents, and the paper. I can read and write all by myself. And I really really like heroes! But the heroes are always adults who don't really want to talk to us foals too much. Always busy, that's why it's great to finally have a hero close to my age!" She giggles happily and bounces to the left and right in excitement "Would you mind signing my notepad please? And can you make it out to Star Prancer? That's me by the way! It's so cool really, you are even hanging out with Princess Twilight....I wish I could hang out with a princess and a hero like you"
  138. >........FUCK
  140. >She was nearly tearing up from just being near you and Twilight. It seems Rainbow Dash wasn't the only one curious about you from the recent news. And while you found Snips and Snail's hero worship annoying. This adorable little filly's attention was just fine. You just wanted to pick her up and give her a big hug.
  141. >You scooch over on your seat to give her a place to sit with you for awhile. You even pat the spot to let her know it was ok to jump up and sit with you.
  142. >A big big big smile forms on her face "R-really?! I-I can?!"
  143. >.....awww
  144. "Sure, you don't mind right Twilight"
  146. >Twilight was just silently enjoying the moment. While internally she was a little worried that the sudden attention could get to your head. You seemed to be handling it just fine. "I don't mind at all, though. You can just call me Twilight. "
  147. >Twilight giggles at the adorableness of it. The little filly hopped up and nearly fell off. She then took the moment to nuzzle into you gently before looking up at you, her tail still waving "Look at that Anon, you have a little admirer."
  148. >You felt..kind of uncomfortable that she was getting this close. But, she was just a very young filly. Nothing bad could come of this.
  149. "'re name is Star Prancer?"
  150. >"Uh huh! You remembered, yay!" She cheered
  151. >'s not like she just said it or anything. Still, her naive cuteness was endearing.
  153. "heh, hey. Well, it's a beautiful name. So, do you have anything for me to write with Star Prancer?"
  154. >Star Prancer pointed at the rings of the notepad. a small pencil was in between them. "Mhmmm, it's there..and..erm.."
  155. >She looks up at you with big glistening eyes "Do you really think I have a beautiful name?"
  156. >D'aaaawwww. Whatever this was. It was clear you had somehow become an important hero in her eyes.
  157. "I think so, so let's see....hmmm"
  158. >You reach your mouth towards the pencil and grab the end, then holding the notepad firmly down on the table with your hoof you write "To my biggest fan ever, Star Prancer. Yours truly, Anon"
  159. >You then slip the pencil back into the ring and look towards the young filly, who was beaming with joy.
  160. "There you go! for my biggest fan, which would be you Star PrancGYAGH!"
  161. >She hugs onto tightly, such strength for such a tiny filly, and speaks quickly to the point you have a hard time understanding her. All while Twilight is having a giggle "thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou"
  162. "n-ngghhy-y-yyour...w-w-welcome"
  163. >You didn't want to push her off. But dammit, you were going to die at this point.
  164. >After giving you the hug of both your lives. She nudges the notepad towards Twilight. "And erm...c-can I have your autograph too Princess Twilight? Please?"
  165. >Twilight didn't seem to mind. Probably because there weren't three fillies trying to ride off the fact she was a princess. And she seemed innocent enough. "I don't mind at all. Let's see..." Twilight's horn lights up as the pencil is enveloped in a purple aura, Twilight writes "You're destined for great thing Star Prancer, always be studious and kind, So decrees Princess Twilight Sparkle"
  166. >Twilight makes an audible chuckle as she writes that. She thinks that will get Star Prancer to smile and to work hard to achieve her dreams.
  168. >Star Prancer takes her notepad and gazes upon the signatures. She was as happy as can be. She even does a little bow to Twilight "Thank you so muchlies Princess Twilight, it's a super big honor to have this"
  169. >"I'm glad and.." Twilight gets up from her seat, and stands in front of Star Prancer. Giving her such a gentle smile "You don't have to call me Princess. You don't need to bow either" Twilight moves her foreleg a little to invite Star Prancer for a hug.
  170. >Star Prancer just looks on with awe "C-can I really?"
  171. >Twilight nods, and before she can get a word out. Star Prancer goes for the hug. Twilight let's out a puff of air. But thanks to her size, she's capable of handling the vice grip of the hug.
  172. >It was such a heart warming sight. It made you smile.
  173. >Internally, you also thought that maybe. Being treated like a mary sue....just a little...wasn't so bad.
  174. >Star Prancer was very thankful, and taking her notepad. she giggled happily from being able to meet the both of you.
  175. >"Thank you, the both of you. Thankies Thankies so so much. You're both super inspiring. And I bet, with these autographs. They'll let me into the club now! All thanks to you. I want to bow to show my respect...b-but. You know, you don't like it when I bow. B-but thank you both. Super duper much! Bye!"
  177. >Club?
  178. >wut?
  179. >Twilight didn't seem to react. So she either didn't hear it, or she didn't connect it to anything. But a club? through autographs. Now, you could tell she was happy to meet the both of you. needed to know the story on what she meant on that. Why would a club not let her in without those signatures.
  180. "W-wait! Star Prancer. Can I ask you a question?"
  181. >She quickly made a 180, excited, what question she thought, could you possibly have for her?
  182. >"Y-yes? I dunno if I can answer any question you might have. But I'll try!"
  183. >She was...extremely eager.
  184. >Even Twilight seemed confused as to what you wanted to ask her.
  185. "You mentioned a club...what kind of club?"
  186. >"Oh! Yeah, it's the hero colt's club! Based after you, the Hero Colt! Isn't that great. It's new and it allows all future heroes but...." She sighs, her smile finally breaking. "They said I was too small, and too girly to be a hero. B-but now, they should let me in now that I have both yours and Twilight's autograph! They gotta! I wanna be a hero just like you!"
  187. >You look to Twilight, to see what facial expression she was giving. to see how she thought of that.
  188. >And it didn't look good, she looked pretty damned irked.
  189. >"A fan club based on Anon? Am I hearing that right?"
  190. >Star Prancer nodded "Mhmmm"
  191. >....who the fuck would open a club based on you? couldn't be Discord. He wouldn't do that to get a rise out of you.
  192. "...uhhhh...who exactly started up this club?"
  193. >"Snips and Snails. They are weirdos, but. they already have a few members and since it's based off of you. I wanted to join to. And now that I know how great you truly are, I REALLY wanna join."
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