Unforeseen Consequences - The model

Nov 7th, 2017
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  1. >”Guess that’s my cue, see ya later!” The lizard made a salute before running to the backdoor”
  2. >”Wait!” Twilight called to the lizard before he could exit the room “Why are you leaving? I thought you wanted to be with Rarity”
  3. >The mutated salamander stopped dead on his track, looked to Twilight, then at the earth pony mare and gulped “I…uh… have to help Fluttershy and Pinkie to order some stuff”
  4. >Twilight rubbed her chin and raised an eyebrow at the salamander “What kind of stuff?”
  5. >Spike rubbed the back of his head “Y’know…” He glanced at the earth pony mare “Important stuff. Okay, bye!” He darted off before Twilight could ask anything else
  6. >”Weird…” Twilight said with suspicion “Why would Spike leave in such a hurry?”
  7. >”Oh, Twilight!” Rarity waved her hoof dismissively “You know better than anypony else how much my spikey wickey loves to help. I’m sure he just wanted to make sure that Fluttershy and Pinkie didn’t have their hooves full”
  8. >”I’m not sure” Twilight said still with suspicion “There was something odd about him”
  9. >”Oh darling, you need to learn how to relax more! Maybe Rainbow can help you with that, but in the meantime” Rarity turned to you with a proud smile on her face “Why don’t we start? I have several options for you to try first and there is a particular piece that I simply know will be the perfect fit for tonight’s grand event” Using her magic, Rarity pulled the rack closer to you. “Adeline, please go over with Sassy through the details for tonight’s show”
  11. >”Oui.” Adeline nodded. Hmm, she was super stoic, wonder where she based that off? “It’ll be a pleasure Madame Rarity”
  12. >That accent though. It sucked beyond belief… but meh, you will worry about this “model” later. Right now, it was time to get even more handsome.
  13. “Alright! I think that I’ll pick…”
  14. >From the corner of your eye, you glanced at the earth pony mare talking with Sassy. Ugh...Rarity will probably murder you for what you are about to do but…you had to do it.
  15. >Frickin’ honesty, man. It hurt to be honest but it literally physically hurt to go along with the charade.
  16. “Miss Rarity… please forgive me…”
  17. >Rarity tilted her head in confusion and asked “Whatever do you mean, darling?”
  18. >You didn’t answer her, instead, you walked at the earth pony mare and gave her a stoic look.
  19. >The mare gave you the same look as she spoke with a very, very, sexy tone ”Bonjour, is zere somezing I can help you wiz?”
  20. >Seriously! You thought that she would be better at acting.
  21. “You can shape-shift now, gotta admit, that is cool… okay, I lied. It’s frickin’ awesome, that prench accent? It just sucks. It sucks so much that I’m sure Aegia would flip out if she heard it”
  22. >”Aegia?” The earth pony looked at you in confusion “Excusez moi but I don’t know zat name”
  23. >”D-Darling!” Rarity quickly rushed to you “That was very rude! Please apologize to the lady in this instant!”
  24. “Nah, I don’t think so, especially when that acting is so bad”
  26. >”Anon!” Twilight yelled “What the hay is wrong with you?! That’s no way to treat a pony you don’t know!”
  27. >You let out a chuckle and shook your head before turning to the earth “pony” mare again
  28. “What do you mean I don’t know her? This mate here and I have known each other for a loooooooooong time, isn’t that right, sis?”
  29. >”Sis?” Twilight looked at you with a dumbfounded expression “Where did that come from?”
  30. >”I do not understand” The earth pony raised an eyebrow “Is zis some equestrian humor or something?”
  31. >”Y-Yes, darling…” Rarity was now sweating heavily and looking at every direction nervously “I-It’s just a bit of humor. I-isn’t that right, Anon?”
  32. >You rolled your eyes and looked at the earth pony mare with a bit more of impatience.
  33. “Eris! I swear by my collection of action figures that if you don’t stop with your terrible acting, I’ll tell everypony here about what happened at the Niagara Falls!”
  34. >Twilight yelled at you, completely flustered “Are you crazy?! That’s not… you know who! She’s not even the same species!”
  35. >The mare narrowed her eyes at you as her voice changed to her true one… which was still sexy nonetheless “Way to ruin the surprise, dork”
  36. “What do you want me to say? I like honesty”
  37. >Rarity’s pupils shrank as she mustered a wimpy “Oh, no…”
  38. >The mare groaned as a bizarre and pulsating blue light engulfed her for a second, then… well, your big sister’s “true form” was revealed to everyone.
  40. >”WHAT?!” Oh man, you could already see Twilight soothing with rage “What in the whole wide world of Equestria are YOU doing here?!”
  41. >Eris rolled her eyes and waved her paw dismissively ”Oh, shut up, purple! I’m just here for work.”
  42. >”Pfft! Yeah, right” Twilight looked at Eris with disgust “You? Working? Don’t make me laugh, you are here to ruin everything that Rarity has worked so hard to achieve!”
  43. >”Purple, purple, purple.” Eris gently shook her head and chuckled “As much as I love seeing you freak out…” She tapped her chin and shrugged “No wait, lemme get my camera while you ask Rarity if I’m saying the truth”
  44. >Twilight angrily turned to Rarity and narrowed her eyes.
  45. >Rarity sighed in defeat and dropped her head ”I’m afraid that Eris is not lying, darling”
  46. >Twilight’s left eye twitched as she yelled like a frickin’ banshee ”WHYYYYYYYYYY?!”
  47. >”Because we spent most of our budget in Sassy’s extensive marketing research and in making the boutique a sight to behold. Eris didn’t ask for much other than a barrel of Sweet Apple Acres’ cider, a dress that reflected her chaotic personality and a cute set of blankets for Princess Cadence’s child”
  48. >Twilight’s face distorted into an array of emotions that you honestly didn’t think it was possible ”I…I…” Holy cow, it was like she broke!
  49. >Before she snap even harder, a bright light and the sound of a camera returned Twilight back to reality
  50. >*FLASH*
  52. >Eris was holding an 80’s styled Polaris camera. She took out the produced photo and looked at it with excitement ”Oh, yeah baby! This one is going to the album!” Eris then teleported to where Twilight was and poked her head a few times with her paw “What did I tell ya, purple? I’m doing this thing legit”
  53. > Applejack was looking at Eris with total surprise ”Well, slap mah head and call me silly! Ah reckon that Ah had seen everythin’, but a draconequus of all things workin’ fer a livin’? That’s somethin’ not even mah Granny Smith could have seen comin’!”
  54. >”Oh, please Applejack! You gotta be blind to not see that is all a trick!” RD intervened, looking at Eris with suspicion “Eris actually working? Puh-lease! I have seen her poofing bags of bits more than once!”
  55. >Applejack smirked at RD ”Ya mean, like that time she beat ya to the punch in yer dumb cider competition?”
  56. >”What?!” RD flinched a bit but ultimately tried to play it cool “Pffft! C’mon! Everypony knows I let Eris win that one”
  57. >”Do go on, Rainbow.” Applejack rose an eyebrow at her friend “‘Cause Ah remember that ya were so chugged full of cider ya couldn’t move fer three whole days.” She then shrugged and chuckled “Ah’m not complaining though, Sweet Apple Acres got a fancy new barn with those bits”
  58. >Twilight angrily stomped her hoof in the ground and yelled ”Girls, that’s not the point!”
  59. >Well… as amusing as it was seeing Twilight to lose her sanity. It was time to calm the situation. Otherwise Rarity’s event would be put in jeopardy… and you’d look like a jerk for revealing the big secret
  61. “I think those dozens of donuts you ate got to your head, ‘cause I don’t think that Eris is gonna do what you say. C’mon, is not that bad, especially when that shmuck of Blueblood is assisting to the event!”
  62. >”HE WHAT?!” Rarity yelled as she shot a murderous glare to Sassy
  63. >”Well…” Sassy rubbed the back of her head and smiled awkwardly “Despite being the least popular royal member by a huge margin. Blueblood still has a lot of connections in the fashion world. I thought we could use that to boost the sales and reputation of the boutique”
  64. >Rarity’s face was red with anger as she started to discuss a buncha stuff with Sassy.
  65. >Twilight wasn’t looking too pleased either, or rather, she looked in the verge of a nervous breakdown. Meanwhile, RD and Applejack still were discussing that cider thing
  66. >Maybe… that wasn’t the best move.
  67. “I…uh… think just messed up with that one. Heh, heh, sorry!”
  68. >”Y’know, dork. For having a cutie mark in harmony. You are natural at causing disasters” Eris hovered to your side and gave you a nudge “Your big sis is proud of you!”
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