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  1. slot: Green
  3. love interest: Orange
  5. name: Wu LiWei
  7. nicknames: Wu, Wei,
  9. age + sex + dob: 23+Male+April 20 1997
  11. height + weight: 5’11” + 139lbs
  13. personality: LiWei is rather laid back and neutral when it comes to things. He accepts things as they are saying that if it happens it’s meant to be, good or bad. He can be rather jealous of people or things, especially when he sees his LI being touchy with others, whether they’re dating already or not
  15. extra facts: include likes, dislikes, family, habits, hobbies, or anything you think is important
  16. -Family: Mom, Dad, Three Younger Sisters
  17. -Is from Taipei, Taiwan
  18. -Likes: Polaroids, Anything Aesthetic, Tattoos, Horror Films/Novels
  19. -Dislikes: LI being touchy with others, RomComs, Sweets, One Night Stands
  20. -Has a total of 17 tattoos
  21. -Is a Masochist
  22. -Likes wax play, silk ribbons (likes be tied up and tying the other up), Lowkey has a choking kink and loves receiving pain in the bedroom
  23. -Has a high pain tolerance
  25. anything you would like to see in this fic: LiWei having enough of seeing his LI being touchy with others and decides to drag him into the nearest empty room and kisses him
  27. face claim: SKZ Bang Chan or X1 Hangyul
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