Generic Porn Story 1: Anon and Vinyl fuck Octavia

May 24th, 2016
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  1. >”Alright, let’s get introductions out of the way. Anon, this is Octavia. Octavia, Anon.”
  2. “Hey.”
  3. >”Charmed.”
  4. >”Sweet. Now that we all know each other, let’s do this! Anon, pants off!”
  5. >The grey pony in front of you blushed slightly as you reached down to your belt.
  6. >She was lying on her back, legs pressed against each other to hide her crotch.
  7. >Even further, sitting on the bed just behind her head, was Vinyl.
  8. >Looking as beautiful as the day you’d met.
  9. >Her tongue lingered on her lips, hungry like an animal for what was about to happen.
  10. >You had a long explanation for how you’d gotten here, but scrapped it for the simple answer.
  11. >Vinyl had claimed that Octavia needed ‘a good, solid dicking.’
  12. >Octavia had disagreed.
  13. >Eventually, they had come to a compromise.
  14. >Octavia would receive said ‘solid dicking’ only if she had Vinyl to ‘distract’ herself with.
  15. >So Vinyl had called you up for what could possibly be the hardest task you’ve ever faced.
  16. >Pleasuring a woman.
  17. >Dear God…
  18. >In one motion, you let your pants drop to the floor.
  19. >The two ponies stared at you, in anticipation and amusement, as you removed your underpants as well.
  20. >Your flaccid penis hung free, like nature intended.
  21. >Octavia blushed a little harder.
  22. >”So, that would be his…” Octavia swallowed, “penis.”
  23. >Vinyl laughed, “That would be his COCK, baby. And guess what? It’s gonna FUCK the SHIT out of your tight little cunt!”
  24. >That got a twitch out of Anon jr.
  25. >”No time to waste, luv. Spread those thick thighs for him already.”
  26. >You placed your hands on her legs, pushing slightly to help her along.
  27. >Slowly, her legs drift apart, revealing her treasure.
  28. >It’s perfect.
  29. >Your dick begins to lengthen as you stare at it.
  30. >Looking up at Vinyl’s bare, rose coloured eyes, she smiles at you.
  31. >”Let me get her all warmed up for you, buddy.”
  33. >Bending over, Vinyl roughly planted a kiss directly on Octavia’s waiting lips.
  34. >She leaned back for a quick breath, before diving back in, punching her tongue into Octavia’s mouth.
  35. >You could see Octavia’s cheek bulge as Vinyl wrestled with her tongue.
  36. >Vinyl pulls back for another breath, licks her lips and continues making out.
  37. >Their tongues dance briefly in your vision, before Vinyl invades her girlfriend’s mouth again.
  38. >A lewd moan escapes Octavia’s lips but is muffled by Vinyl.
  39. >Looking down, Octavia winks at you as her pussy drips.
  40. >Vinyl winks at you properly without stopping her kisses.
  41. >Octavia tries to take control once or twice, but is powerless to do anything but lay there.
  42. >She’s moaning louder now.
  43. >And panting.
  44. >It occurs to you that sex probably isn’t something she does often, so even simple shit like making out or [spoiler]hoof-holding[/spoiler] turn her on like no tomorrow.
  45. >She’s like a pure maiden.
  46. >And you’re going to fucking destroy her.
  47. >Vinyl doubles her efforts and makes an effort to touch every corner of Octavia’s mouth.
  48. >Eventually, she stops.
  49. >Pulling herself back up, she lets her tongue hang loosely out of her mouth, a line of saliva leading down into Octavia’s mouth.
  50. >Octavia looks at her needily.
  51. >Slowly, she closes her mouth, letting the line drop into Octavia’s mouth.
  52. >Her slit is so wet it’s shining slightly in the light.
  53. >You, on the other hand, are hard, but not rock hard.
  54. >Looking up at you, Vinyl’s smile drops.
  55. >”Shit dude, do I have to do everything around here?”
  57. >Leaning forward, Vinyl begins to literally crawl over Octavia towards you.
  58. >There’s a hungry look in her eyes.
  59. >For a brief second, you can see that’s just as wet as Octavia, before she settles in front of you.
  60. >Her face is directly above Tavi’s cunt, and her own pussy is lined up with Tavi’s mouth.
  61. >The fact that they took this position so easily probably means they’ve 69’d before.
  62. >You get slightly harder.
  63. >Looking back, Vinyl says, “Hey Tavi, why don’t you get started over there while I doaaaAAGH~”
  64. >Octavia didn’t even wait for her to finish before burying her mouth in Vinyl’s snatch.
  65. >Vinyl lost her train of thought for a moment as the pleasure rocked through her body, before pulling her tongue back into her mouth again and pulling herself just a little bit closer to you.
  66. >She brings her mouth up to your cock, before pausing.
  67. >Without warning, she darts down towards Octavia’s slit and gives it a lightning fast lick.
  68. >Octavia squeals into Vinyl’s pussy, causing Vinyl to moan right in front of you.
  69. >She runs her tongue along her lips.
  70. >”That was for my pleasure. I just wanted a quick taste before I got you warmed up as well.”
  71. >You can feel her breath on your penis.
  72. >It’s warm.
  73. >You lean forward to try and encourage her, but Vinyl simply pulls her head back.
  74. >”Nah uh, I’m in charge here. Now sit still.”
  75. >She looks at you with a smug grin as her horn begins to glow.
  76. >It falters slightly as Octavia doubles her efforts in an attempt to trip her up.
  77. >Squeaking, than taking a deep breath to settle herself, Vinyl gets to work.
  78. >A blue glow surrounds your cock.
  79. >It feels tight.
  80. >The feeling begins to move, travelling up and down the length of your dick.
  81. >It’s slow.
  82. >Agonizingly slow.
  83. >You try to move your hand down to jerk yourself harder, but the same glow freezes your arm.
  84. >”Anxious?”
  85. >You nod.
  86. >Vinyl tries to keep her face smug, but it obvious that Octavia is beginning to have an effect on her.
  87. >”W-well, I suppose I co-could just skip this part. For you.”
  89. >With barely a change in movement, Vinyl dives forward.
  90. >Your entire cock disappears into her throat in a single move.
  91. >It’s tight, and her tongue runs lines over your cock as she holds her breath.
  92. >You can’t see the bulge in her neck from where you’re standing, but her eyes are starting to water and run down her face, leaving clear lines.
  93. >She gags and coughs, but forces herself to stay put.
  94. >Her nose is pressed against your crotch.
  95. >Drool is running down her chin, dripping onto the floor below.
  96. >She gags a second time, running her tongue along the bottom of your cock.
  97. >A moan bubbles out of her lip and slides along your length.
  98. >Vinyl keeps her tongue in place as she finally pulls back; causing it to drag across your dick.
  99. >She takes a deep breath, bites her tongue as the pony behind her keeps probing her depths, and dives back into your cock.
  100. >Her head bobs on along the length of your dick.
  101. >Every now and then, she lets out a quiet squeak as something hits her just right.
  102. >Her face is a mess, covered in spit and tears as her eyes roll back; consumed in the pleasure.
  103. >You can feel your end coming as well, and try thrusting back into her face.
  104. >Before you can cum though, Vinyl snaps back to her senses.
  105. >With one last suck, Vinyl pulls herself all the way back; sitting back up with Octavia beneath her.
  106. >She looks at you with a smug glare.
  107. >”C’mon dude, I didn’t invite you here for a quick blowjob. I invited you here to plow my wife’s fields so hard I’ll still be harvesting your cum out of them in a week’s time. Now get to it.”
  108. >Your cock sways slightly in the open air.
  109. >It’s shining from Vinyl’s saliva, and there’s a line of blue lipstick around your base.
  110. >Reached forward, you grab Octavia’s legs again.
  111. >Her cunt is soaking wet.
  112. >It’s time.
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