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  1. Name: Gyro
  3. Age: 18
  5. Birthday: January 1st
  7. Power Level: 70,200
  8. (Ultra Divine Water Boosted)
  10. Race: Mutant Hera-seijin
  12. Class: Mimic/Blue Mage type
  14. Equipment:
  15. [Katchin Deck Holder]
  16. Hero [Son Goku Card]-A mysterious card of a Saiyan martial artist from Earth. Goku’s strength is that of his time before he arrived on Namek while he trains in the gravity room. [Pendent] (+Star Metal)
  17.     Spell [Re-Roll] The card of second chances. Allows for one re-roll. If successful, you recover the card in a half hours time, if not it does pass it returns in an hour. (1's and 20's effects do not apply for this card) Given to you by a LIAM.
  18.     Spell [Monster Reborn] A powerful card given to you in your adventure on Namek. It holds the power of life and Resurrection. [Everybody gets one. Tell'em Peter.]
  20. Hero [Piccolo Card]- Fusion of Piccolo Jr. and Sr. A student of King Kai, and mentor to Son Gohan.
  22. Hero [Guru Card] [Young] - The elder of Namek and now gifted with his youthful body, his guardian skills are at your disposal.
  24. Hero [King Zeus Card] - The First King of Namek, the Lord of Thunder and the husband to the Grand Supreme Kai, Hera.
  26. Item [Lightning Blade] - The blade of Zeus, made of the magical metals of the Gods adamant. It channels electricity, can be thrown like a bolt of lightning, and returns to the wielder's hands in electric form.
  28. -Misc Card- VIP PASS Holographic ticket.
  31. -Item Bag-
  32. Heranite Ring: +2 to willpower. Allows you to sense and locate it's linked ring on the finger of Vados.
  33. Leonheart:(Katchin Long Sword + Fang of the Beast King)
  34. Pirate Blaster: Fires off shots of 9,000 power levels worth with each round. (+Spirit Crystal)
  35. Toy Training Clackers
  36. Picture of the Grand Priest family (Vados’ picture)
  37. Book of Hera
  38. Uncharged Sunstone
  39. Uncharged Moonstone Pendent
  40. Bluestone
  41. Kronos Stone Pendent
  44. Others
  46. Katchin Polearm (Kado)
  48. Katchin Daggers (Pamela)
  50. Transformations:
  51. Monstrous Form
  52. Zarbon's Race Transformation: x2 to base power level.
  54. -Perk- Durable/stamina efficient and can overlap with other 'transformations'. (Elegant form is your 'base' mode.)
  56. Max Power (Not mastered): This form increases the muscles and mass of the user allowing them use all their techniques at full power. The major flaw of this form, without proper training it slows the user down dramatically. (Boost dependent on base power level.)
  58. Kaioken (Not mastered) : The fist of the world king, it multiplies the user's power for a 'heartbeat' of time. However the stress of this form can cause damage to the user if their endurance and ki control are found lacking in it's unmastered state.
  60. (Locked) Brutal Mode: The overlapping power of three forms working in conjunction. Requires intense ki control and overwhelming power to keep sustained.
  62. Techniques:
  63. Psycho Crusher: Bathing yourself in a white flame, you launch yourself at the enemy becoming a spiraling fiery torpedo.
  65. Saikou Spiral: A white twister like beam blast that is able to drill through anything it hits.
  67. Spiral Fist: Focusing the aura and power around the hands and arms to create an enhanced striking technique designed to act as an enhanced punch.
  69. Croc Fang Kick: Yellow energy covers your legs and you can fire of ki blasts from your lower limbs to enhance your kicks.
  71. Aether's Crown: A supportive technique that uses the natural energy that exists in animate and inanimate objects that creates a halo of energy above one's head to restore stamina and ki. Vanishes after usage.
  73. Electric Shock: A powerful electrical current that can shock people. May cause paralysis.
  75. Ki Sense: Able to sense the power of other organic individuals. (Yin & Yang Sense: Positive (benevolent) and negative (malevolent) ki's can be discerned.)
  77. Flight: Able to fly through the air with the fairest of ease.
  79. Telepathy: Able to sense and communicate with but a thought.
  80.     Far Seeing Arts: Able to observe what's happening in the Lower Realms.
  81.  Illusion (Basic): Mental projections that can fool people if they are not able to detect your
  83. Telekinesis: Able to move objects with the power of one’s mind.
  85. Afterimage Technique: An ability to move so swiftly that an image of the user is left behind.
  87. Instant Transmission (Global): Allows teleportation by focusing on a Ki signature.
  89. Swordplay (Journeyman): Able to wield the sword without hurting yourself.
  92. Magical Arts
  94. Void Magic : The power of energy and aether. Known as the Quintessence Arts. Allows one to effectively neutralize, cancel or redirect other magical sources by exerting your own power to do so.  (Void Clones)
  96. Water Magic: The art of manipulating the element of water. (Water clones)
  98. Air Magic: The art of manipulating the element of air. (Air Clones)
  100. Ice Magic: Combining Water and Air magic together to create Ice. (Ice clones)
  102. Magic Materialization (Advanced): The supernatural ability used to create physical matter out of thin air.
  104. Super Moves:
  105. Mega Psycho Crusher: A combination of Psycho Crusher and Saikou Spiral.
  107. Fist of the Beast King: A copied move from the Beast King, you can fire off the ki construct of a lion's head made of white flame that zones directly for the enemy with a loud ferocious roar.
  109. Spirit Bomb (Global) : King Kai’s ultimate technique. Drawing from animate and inanimate objects you can collect it into a massive ball of energy by standing still and using body as a focus.
  111. -Dances-
  112. The Metamorian dances that allows the user to do many things based on the dance steps.
  114. Fusion Dance: Able to fuse with someone of similar height and power. The dance being easier with someone of your own species but it is not a necessity if the two dancers are skilled enough.
  116. Fission Dance: The opposite of the fusion dance, this dance allows a fusion to separate before time runs out. It can also split a non-fusion into two distinct people but without splitting their power up like the multi-form.
  118. Phantom Dance: The dance of possessing a spirit, ghost, poltergeist or - phantom. A fusion of spirit and mind, the user's physical self does not change but they gain the knowledge, experience and ki strength of the spirit they merged with.
  120. Gyro's Who's Who:
  122. (The Prodigious Child) Kado: Gyro's older sister, and biggest rival.
  123. Power Level: 25,000
  125. Kami of Hera: Your adoptive father figure and mentor.
  126. Power Level: 5,000
  128. Miss Fortune: A djinn attendant of Kami and one of your trainers.
  129. Power Level: [REDACTED]
  131. Master Pitaya: The Dragon of Light and a genius of martial arts and ki.
  132. Power Level: ????
  134. Master Puntia: The Dragon of Darkness and a genius of ESP and magic.
  135. Power Level: ????
  137. Pamela: A member of the Zarbon Race, and a whistleblower to the Frost Empire
  138. Power Level: 32,000 Monstrous Mode: 64,000
  140. Prince Kai: Formerly the Kai of the Northern Quadrant, now Grand Kai he is apprenticed to the Supreme Kai
  141. Power Level:  ????
  143. Lord Champa: God of Destruction of Universe 6.
  145. Lady Vados: Angel attendant and Champa’s mentor. Gyro’s stricken with love at first sight...
  146. <3 <3
  148. The King and Queen of Hera
  149. Jove and Juno
  150. Biological parents and rulers of the Planet Hera.
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