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  1. Fuascailt agus Maithiúnas
  3. Title Translation: Fuascailt agus Maithiúnas is Irish Gaelic. It means Redemption and Forgiveness.
  5. Summery: Redemption. Forgiveness. Most desire some form of both. For an ex-Death Eater and psychopath, she must feel remorse and regret. How can such a thing be possible when she feels nothing? AU.
  7. Disclaimer: I own nothing except my Ocs. I'd like to thank El Chacal for helping me write this fic. I'd also like to thank my Feisty, Blonde, Half-Banshee Muse for helping me with this story.
  9. Prologue
  11. (Emily's POV)
  13. Dream
  15. I was in my old room at Malfoy Manor. I was brushing my cat and planning an attack for the Dark Lord. I was going to infiltrate the Department of Mysteries to retrieve a prophecy.
  17. "That's a good girl, Jesse. Who's Mommy's favorite cat? Ye are silly!" I said as I snuggled my black cat. I had rescued her from an animal shelter and I've kept her ever since.
  19. "It's surprising ye care more about that cat then ye do for another person's life, Emily." a chilling voice said.
  21. I turned around to see the ghost of the woman I had killed in 2001. It was the girl I had fantasized about since my first year in Hogwarts and my rival and best friend throughout life. She was holding something wrapped in a blue blanket.
  23. "Why did you kill me, Emily? Why?" she asked with confusion on her face.
  25. "What did I ever do to you? Didn't you know I was pregnant? Didn't you know that I was going to get married?" As the bundle vanished from her hands, her clothes vanished, revealing her body to Emily. It was everything Emily though it would be and more.
  27. "Did you dream about me all those nights in Hogwarts? The feel of my body pressed up against yours? Didn't you always want to be my lover?" she asked.
  29. "No. Get away from me! You're dead!" I yelled.
  31. London, England, Emily's Apartment, 2:00 A.M., August 20th, 2016
  33. I woke up with a start. I was gasping for air and from the looks of my bed, I was in a pool of sweat.
  35. Damn it! That was the 3rd time this week. Why am I having these dreams? Why am I dreaming of the woman I killed nearly 15 years ago? Scratch that. 15 years ago, I realized as I looked at the bedside calendar. Today was that day.
  37. 15 years ago today, I killed a woman. That woman was the only human being I ever truly felt love for and the only one I've fantasized about constantly. Strange that she was once one of the few friends I had during Hogwarts. Back then, if I was Pinocchio, then she would be my Jiminy Cricket. She was my biggest rival. Her name was Christine 'Missy' Callahan, and I murdered her in cold blood. She was 26.
  39. When we met in battle for the last time, I didn't realize until after she died that I had taken two lives that day.
  41. I took her life and I took her unborn child's life. I've tried rationalizing it because during that time, I was working with a bitch more evil then me. ATF Agent June Stahl, to get a pardon from the Ministry of Magic and to escape Azkaban.
  43. That hasn't really worked. Every anniversary of her death, I always get these strange dreams about her. Ever since that day, torture and murder haven't given me that much pleasure anymore and I've felt my supposedly dead heart ache more then a few times.
  45. 'Get a hold of yourself, O'Neal. You've killed before and ne'er shed a tear for any of their souls. Why should this one be any different?' My inner Banshee says to my mind. She was right, in a lot of ways.
  47. I have killed approximately 182 people in my lifetime and tortured more than I would dare to try to count. 5 of those people were my own family. So why? Why is this kill different? Even me telling Missy's former boyfriend that she went down fighting and that she would have made a splendid mother didn't help.
  49. I'm pulled out of my thoughts as I realize that, in two days, I've got to be at Hogwarts. I've got lessons to plan and classes to prepare.
  51. Maybe that'll take my mind off Missy.
  53. I then thought of the tattoo above my heart. It was Missy's smiling face above my heart, with "Beidh mé grá duit go deo" in Blood red script written above it.
  55. Probably not.
  57. Disclaimer: I own nothing. I'd like to thank El Chacal for helping me write this fic. I'd also like to thank my Feisty, Blonde, Half-Banshee Muse for helping me with this story.
  59. Chapter 1
  61. Hogwarts, Staff conference room, August 22nd, 2016, 5:00 P.M.
  63. (Normal POV for now)
  65. The staff room was abuzz with chatter before Headmistress Minerva McGonagall called the meeting to order.
  67. "Attention, everyone." she said, chiming a fork against a glass. It was her traditional way of getting peoples attention and she had kept it going throughout the years.
  69. "First order of business for this year, we have four new teachers coming on board, two of which will be here permanently while the other two will only be here for a year." she explained, with the staff listening intently. "The first three, however, have yet to arrive. Nevertheless, I would like to introduce you all to our new fellow staff member and Defense Against The Dark Arts teacher, Emily O'Neal.".
  71. Upon her introduction, the Half Banshee, who was wearing a set of dark robes with a short sleeve shirt and tie underneath and had her hair in a ponytail, bowed slightly from her seat. She sat next to Hagrid, who hadn't changed that much over the years aside from having salt and pepper hair now.
  73. Severus Snape, whose age was finally catching up with him and had grey hair now, stared intently at the new teacher. It was no secret in the staff that he loathed each new DADA teacher and wanted the position himself, especially since it was his final year as Potions Master. However, he was extremely disturbed by Emily O'Neal. He had served with her when they were Death Eaters and bore witness to her 'Methods' of dealing with an enemy. He was also concerned for the students whom she would teaching.
  75. He knew full well of Emily's psychosis and that she had a sadistic streak worthy of a lifetime sentence in Azkaban on general principle alone. All Severus could hope for was that she wouldn't take it out on the students. Fortunately, Professor McGonagall had planned ahead. Prior to hiring Emily, McGonagall had the half-banshee make the Unbreakable Vow with her, requiring Emily to refrain from going back to her old ways. Emily, surprisingly, had agreed to not kill anyone. She might have been a cold blooded killer, but she also received full pardons by the Ministry of Magic, thus they didn't necessarily have a reason not to hire her.
  77. Only one time did he voice his vehement objections to the Headmistress of Hogwarts. Professor McGonagall effortlessly silenced his objections with a reminder that he himself was once a Death Eater.
  79. However, it was only by Minerva's good graces that he's getting to serve his final year in Hogwarts instead of being dragged away by the Dementors to a cell in Azkaban where he would serve out whatever was left of his life to the bitter end. Severus had not received any pardons for his treason against Hogwarts, thus he was 'skating on thin ice' with her.
  81. As everyone continued to discuss the various subjects about what they had planned for the year, the doors opened and two men and a woman walked in. The woman had bushy brown hair tied into a ponytail and the two men were wearing SoA Cuts over their robes.
  83. "Ah, they have arrived. I would like to introduce you all to the three newest additions to our staff. Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley, and Hermione Potter. Harry will be replacing Madam Hooch this year, Ronald will be assisting Hagrid and Hermione will be teaching Charms." explained Professor McGonagall as she introduced the new teachers to the staff, though most of the staff knew them already.
  85. (Emily's POV)
  87. 'So, I'll be working along side the famous or should I say, infamous Golden Trio this year, eh?" my inner Banshee said to my mind. I suppose I've always known someday we'd be working together. I must say though, him joining the very Motorcycle Club I was assigned to wipe out, both as a Death Eater and as a consultant to the ATF, is surprising.
  89. Not much of a surprise that his friend, Weasley joined him as well. Though I must say, they both have matured physically since I last saw them. Then my eyes turned to the sole woman of the trio. Hermione! She has definitely changed physically. I wonder if they did it naturally or through magic?
  91. At least those two have finally hooked up. Back when I was in Hogwarts, even a blind man could practically tell they were meant for each other.
  93. As I was about to say something, Snape sneered, "I'm not surprised to see you following your godfather's footsteps, Potter. I suppose your Auror ambitions fell through once the Ministry saw that accursed Reaper on your back."
  95. Even after all these years, he still hasn't learned the meaning of manners or shampoo. As emotionless as I may be, at least I attempt to act polite. Then again, I've never really tried to hide my wild side either, so I guess he's better adapt at blending in with society then I am.
  97. "Snape, you can't insult us or take any points off us anymore. So sod off." said Weasley with a smile on his face. If only he could be more like his two brothers, Gred and Forge or was it Fred and George? Aside from Hermione and Missy, they were two acquaintances that I got along with in Hogwarts and had actually gone pranking with on a few occasions. I've heard they've also joined SAMDON.
  99. I then spoke, "Hello, Harry. It has been a long time since we last saw one another."
  101. "Yes, it has, Emily." Harry said in as polite a tone as he could manage. Hermione's hand gently placed on his arm calmed him easily.
  103. "How's Wallace?" I asked, curious of the former Slytherin and head-taking Sgt. at Arms for SAMDON.
  105. He looked at me and replied coolly, "Bill's doing well for himself. The Scotsman's been better then ever now that he's found a new wife."
  107. I answered in an equally cool voice, "Splendid news, indeed. I see you two have become Sons as well. Congratulations."
  109. "Thanks. So how did Azkaban treat you?" asked Weasley. Ronald Billius Weasley remained as tactless as ever he was. As much as I'd love to give him the Banshee wail and put him out of my misery, that damn Vow prevents me from killing him or injuring him beyond any healing.
  111. "Fairly well, Mr. Weasley. Though I must say, the Dementors didn't really do all that much for me. If anything, they seemed scared of me. I can't imagine why?" I replied with a fake smile. It was true. The Dementors couldn't take any happy memories or emotions from me, because I had never felt them.
  113. "Ronald, Harry, remember that we are on the same side here." said Hermione. Good girl. I really didn't want to try and break that vow. She then acknowledged me. "Hello, Emily. You look like you have done rather well for yourself."
  115. "Likewise, Mrs. Potter." I said, rising from the table and embracing Harry's wife, or old lady as those 'Sons' would say. Why would they call them that? Hermione does not look old at all. She definitely does not look as old as Snape. Then again, prunes don't look as old as Snape.
  117. Kissing Hermione's cheek amicably, I smiled to my silent, academic rival. "I do believe this moment calls for a toast." Taking out my wand, I made numerous glasses and a drinking boot appear. Each one was full of Guinness draft. "To a great year for us all in Hogwarts." They each drank theirs heartily while I chugged mine with utter abandon. Missy taught me well.
  119. Though my head was tilted back and my throat was delightfully soaked in Guinness, I could tell that everyone was surprised and taken aback at my drinking prowess. As I daintily wiped my mouth with a napkin, I heard Snape speak again, much to my annoyance.
  121. "Ms. O'Neal, you are as misbehaved and incorrigible now as you ever were as a Slytherin!" Snape growled, disgusted by my antics.
  123. With a smile on my face, I walked up to him without any aggression, looked him right in the face before I let out a belch so loud and putrid that it shot the grey off Snape's hair, shattered several of the windows behind him and knocked the old Potions professor right down on his bum.
  125. "I have always wanted to do that since me graduation."
  127. September 1st, 2016, Kings Cross, two blocks from the station, 10:15 A.M.
  129. (Normal POV)
  131. In a soft POP, two Harley Davidson Dyna Super Glides with sidecars and Drag fairings appeared in the middle of the alley. Sitting on the right one, was a Man wearing an ¾ sleeved, chopped up jacket with the SoA Reaper on the back and 2 blue stripes on the left sleeve and a navy blue long sleeve shirt underneath, aviator sunglasses and wearing wiry, salt and pepper hair. In his sidecar was a boy of 11, wearing the same wiry hair style with jet black hair, with a trunk strapped to the back of the sidecar.
  133. On the left Harley sat a woman wearing blue jeans, a long sleeved black thermal shirt and a leather vest above it. She had jet black hair with a streak of sliver in it tied back in a ponytail. In her sidecar was a girl of 11, with her brother's hair color, but completely straight and in a ponytail as well and was wearing glasses. A trunk was strapped to the back of her sidecar as well.
  135. "You ready, Bella?" asked Tig Trager as he revved his Harley.
  137. "Absolutely, Tig. They've got to get aboard the express at 11." Replied Bellatrix Trager as she revved her own motorcycle.
  139. They arrived at the station in good time and were heading towards the platform between 9 and 10. As they stopped there, Tig asked, "Are you absolutely sure this is how?"
  141. Even though he had been married to Bellatrix since 2004 and they had met in 1998 and he was very knowledgeable about the world of magic now, this was still slightly far fetched in his eyes.
  143. "Yes, Darling. Every one has to go through here to get to Hogwarts. I had to do it and now they have to." she replied.
  145. Tig shrugged and one by one, stepped through the barrier, onto Platform 9&¾s. Tig then turned to his son and said, "Alex, I know that I know pretty much nada about this school you're going to, except for what your mother has told me, but I want you to do your best, ok?"
  147. "I know, Dad." replied Alex Black Trager to his dad.
  149. "I don't want you to get into any trouble, Alex, but I also don't want you to take B.S. from anyone, you got me?" Tig continued.
  151. "I won't, dad."
  153. "Look after your sister, ok? She's already driving the boys back home wild and I really don't want to be a Grandpa just yet, ok?" continued Tig.
  155. "Don't worry, Dad. I'll make sure the boys keep off of her." he replied.
  157. "I know ya will. I love you, son." said Tig, as he pulled his son into a hug.
  159. Meanwhile, Bellatrix was talking with her daughter.
  161. "Make friends with anyone you can, Isabelle, but be sure to stay clear of Peeves. Most of all, look out for each other and be sure to do well, ok?" she asked.
  163. "Mom, I'll be fine. Don't worry." replied Isabelle with a smile.
  165. "By the way, I'd like you to have this." said Bellatrix as she pulled out a silver ring and slipped it on Isabelle's finger. It was a Biker ring that was in the shape of an American Eagle.
  167. "It's something to remember us by and if you ever need to talk about anything, important or little, I'll be there. Come over here, Alex. I've got one for you too." she explained as Alex came over and she placed a silver ring on his hand as well. It was small version of the Grim Reaper Rings Tig often wore.
  169. "Your father has the other one. I've taught him how to use it, and it does the same thing." she explained to him as she pulled them both into a hug. After that, she handed them both the opposite rings of the other, that way, they could talk with both of their parents if they needed to.
  171. "Good luck, have fun and we love you both." said Bellatrix as they pulled into a group hug, before the two first years boarded the train.
  173. Hogwarts Express, Back compartment, 11:30 A.M.
  175. (Normal POV)
  177. Alex and his sister watched as they moved farther and farther away from the station until it was out of sight. They then started looking for an empty compartment. It was not until thy reached the middle section of the train when they found one. As they sat down, and placed their barn owls cages next to the windows, Alex said, "I guess this is it, Sis."
  179. "Yeah, it is, Alex. We're finally going to Hogwarts." replied Isabelle. Some time later, the food trolley came by and they had ordered Chocolate frogs, Pumpkin juice and Every flavored beans. As she left, a brown haired, round faced boy came in and asked, "Have either of you seen a cat named Sara come by?"
  181. "No. We haven't." replied Alex. Suddenly, a voice yelled out, "Anyone lose a cat?"
  183. "I did!" said the boy as his cat was returned to him by a prefect. He then turned to the brother and sister and asked, "Mind if I share a compartment with you?"
  185. "Sure. Come on in." said Isabelle.
  187. With that, the boy came in and took a seat opposite of them and said, "I'm sorry if I sound rude by asking this, but judging by your accents, the two of you are not from England, are you?"
  189. Alex answered, "No worries. We're from California. Our mother is from England, our dad is from America."
  191. "Oh. You're first years too?" he asked.
  193. "Yep." replied Isabelle. "This is the first year at Hogwarts for me and my brother."
  195. The conversation between the three grew until the Trolley lady told them that they were near the castle. After they had changed into their robes, Isabelle said, "How rude of me. I'm Isabelle Trager and this is my Brother, Alex. What's your name?"
  197. The boy answered, "Amos. Amos Longbottom. Pleasure to meet you both. Hopefully, we'll have a great first year."
  199. "Whatever happens, it'll be fun. It's good to meet you too, Amos."
  201. Disclaimer: I own nothing. I'd like to thank El Chacal for helping me write this fic. I'd also like to thank my Feisty, Blonde, Half-Banshee Muse for helping me with this story.
  203. Chapter 2
  205. Hogwarts, Emily's Office, September 1st, 2016, 2:30 P.M.
  207. (Emily's POV)
  209. Normally, I don't care what people think of me. Quite frankly, I don't really give a damn about what they do think of me. But that bitch, Rita fecking' Skeeter, has crossed the line.
  211. 'She might be correct, perhaps, about you being as mad as Voldemort was, but she dares insult your heritage? Then to make such allegations against Harry, Hermione and Ron after what they endured? Are you just going to let that slide?' my inner Banshee says to my mind as I read the article. With each sentence, my blood began boiling over so tremendously that even though I couldn't feel it physically, I saw steam started rising from my skin.
  213. Biker and Banshee Bedlum by Rita Skeeter
  215. In the aftermath of the second war of the wizarding world, every witch and wizard celebrated the fall of the Dark Lord. In the aftermath, no one had anything to fear or concern themselves with.
  217. However, as one threat dissipates, another emerges.
  219. This year, four new teachers have been brought on at Hogwarts under the orders of newly appointed Headmistress Minerva McGonagall. For some time, the Ministry of Magic, as well as I, believed that Minerva would bring a fresh perspective and disposition to Hogwarts along with a manner of authority different than her predecessor, Albus Dumbledore.
  221. Thus, like many others, I was taken by surprise as to who she willingly brought onto the staff at Hogwarts.
  223. Harry Potter, perhaps the most recognized and renowned wizard next to Albus Dumbledore himself, having barely survived the Tri-Wizard Tournament and the war against the Dark Lord, has taken a path that leaves many to wonder if he is rebelling against what his late lamented parents would have wanted for him. Rather than using his talents and skills to defend the Ministry and the wizarding world, Harry Potter spat on the Ministry's seal and taken up with an outlaw Muggle motorcycle club known to the outside world as the Sons of Anarchy.
  225. 'Spat on the Ministry's seal? If he did, I wouldn't have to read the Daily Prophet to know that.'
  227. In the opinions of many, without having had any parental direction or encouragement for the majority of his life, this emotionally scarred child has grown up to be an outlaw who stands against the Ministry of Magic along with any other form of authority. No sources have confirmed it but if my fears are correct, he may be on the path to filling the void in the wizard underworld as a Dark Lord himself.
  229. Hermione Granger, one of the best and brightest witches of her graduating year in Hogwarts, appeared to have so many opportunities open to her. She could have held any position within the Ministry of Magic. Her accolades and academic achievements spoke volumes for a bright and prosperous future. Alas, she has thrown such a future away to pursue a life no one could have ever imagined. The wife of outlaw biker and wayward wizard, Harry Potter. With a wand in her right hand and a gun in her left, Hermione Potter has cast away everything to side with a band of marauding criminals.
  231. Hermione throwing away her future? Nonsense. Life of crime? Hardly. Marauding criminals? They never did any marauding. Harry on the road to becoming a Dark Lord? Not likely.
  233. Ronald Weasley, wizard and friend to both Harry and Hermione Potter, proves that friendship blinds better judgment. Ron could have chosen to go down the right path for a wizard and provide a better life for himself and his family. Rather than doing so, the young man chose to join the same outlaw outfit as Harry Potter did.
  235. To think that these three were once hailed as heroes is absolutely incredulous now that they have taken up a life of crime within the London charter of the Sons of Anarchy, SAMDON, whose menagerie houses the likes of notorious ex-Azkaban convict, Sirius Black and the feared Scottish Necromancer, William 'Bill' Wallace, descendant of the Scottish Rebel himself. Between the Muggle influences within the gang for their illegal enterprises and their Necromancer's abilities to command legions of the dead, Harry Potter's rise from fame to infamy has begun. With Ronald Weasley carrying out his bidding and Hermione Potter, his wife, as his methodical strategist, who will stand against 'The Boy Who Lived'?"
  237. Sources have even suggested that a pact was made between former Headmaster Albus Dumbledore and the Necromancer of SAMDON. Did Minerva make a grave mistake in bringing outlaw bikers into Hogwarts or did the Ministry make the mistake of allowing Minerva's ascension to Headmistress of Hogwarts?
  239. McGonagall's promotion a mistake? Rubbish!
  241. If such details do not raise concerns about the new Headmistress, then her taking on an allegedly reformed Death Eater as a teacher would certainly raise more than a few eyebrows. Emily O'Neal, former student of Hogwarts and half-Banshee whose madness was matched only by the late Bellatrix Lestrange and the deceased Dark Lord himself, has been assigned as the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. With both Bellatrix and the Dark Lord gone, this mad dog Mick has broken her leash and it's only a matter of time before a student is harmed and Headmistress McGonagall is called before the Ministry to give an account for such decisions made under her administration.
  243. Mad Dog Mick? That does it!
  245. When the Dark Lord fell, it was believed that we were safe and the future shone brighter. Now with half-banshees, Necromancers and outlaw bikers infiltrating a school which was made to build the future of the wizarding world, one can only wonder what future is being built within the walls of Hogwarts.
  247. "Hell No! I'll ne'er let those accuasations slide! But I can't kill her. It would violate the Unbreakable Vow I made with Headmistress McGonagall." I replied to my inner Banshee.
  249. 'You can always scare the shite out of her.' she replies.
  251. "Alright then, it's settled. We have just enough time to do just that." I replied as I went to my trunk and grabbed out my old broom, the Nimbus 2001 that Malfoy's idiot of a father got the Slytherin Quidditch team back in '92.
  253. 'Time to have some fun.' I thought as I grinned evilly before taking off, with one of my kittens, Ghost, tucked into my inner robe pocket. Time to show this bitch just what this 'Mad Dog Mick' can do.
  255. 1 Hour Later, outside the Daily Prophet, Diagon Alley
  257. (Emily's POV)
  259. I landed and placed my old broom against the Alley's wall. I then exited the Alley way. Before I could enter the building, an eerily familiar voice said, "Not ye!"
  261. I turned around to see Bill Wallace, Fred and George, wearing their SoA Cuts and looking both pissed off and slightly scared perhaps.
  263. "Let me guess…" started Fred.
  265. "You've come to…" said George.
  267. "Exact revenge on that bitch as well?" finished Wallace.
  269. "Aye. Want to join me?" I replied.
  271. "Absolutely!" they replied in chorus.
  273. We entered the building and walked right up to the front desk. The terrified receptionist stammered, "M..May I help you?"
  275. "We'd like to speak with Reporter Skeeter." Said Wallace.
  277. "I'm sorry, sir. You'll have to schedule an appointment. She is very busy at the moment." she replied.
  279. That was not going to stand at all. I then leaned down to her face and whispered, "I don't give a flying shite how busy she is. You will show us in or I will show ye just how crazy I can be."
  281. Without delay, she immediately let us into Rita Skeeter's office. It was filled with pictures of herself in various photo shoots. A personal ego-feeding shrine if there ever was one. This was worse than even that street motorbank, Gilderoy Lockheart. Speaking of street motorbanks, there sat Rita Skeeter, reading a book.
  283. She looked up and said in a fake sing song voice, "Oh! Ms. O'Neal! It's so good to see you! And I see you've brought several of your friends. Care for an interview?"
  285. I suppose having no emotions and being dead inside, sometimes, has it's advantages. Like for example, I can somehow tell when I'm in the presence of someone like me. Someone dead inside as well. Because of this, I know for a fact that Rita Skeeter is a Sociopath.
  287. "Shut up bitch!" I yelled, as Bill put a silencing charm on the room.
  289. "We're here about…" began Fred.
  291. "Your Bullshite story." ended George.
  293. "We don't take kindly to ye spreading lies about us. So, we've decided to teach you a lesson." said Wallace. As he said that, I had walked behind Skeeter, grabbed her by the neck and forced her mouth open. As I did, Fred and George took a vial of blue liquid and poured it down her throat. After they had done this, I let her go.
  295. "So what? You forced fed me blue liquid that tastes like piss!" she yelled.
  297. "How would you know what piss tastes like, Skeeter?" I asked.
  299. "As for what we just did, try writing the meanest story you ever have." Said Wallace.
  301. She quickly pulled out her accursed Quill and tried to write a story, but was immediately stopped by a force that started writing in black ink on her face 'Bullshite', 'Liar', 'Hypocrite', 'Sociopath', in bold lettering. In addition to that, her hair started falling off her head and her skin turned bright orange.
  303. "Ye know, Skeeter, I got to say, it's quite an improvement." I said, suppressing a grin.
  305. Wallace said, "It'll wear off when you stop writing lies about us." while casting an ear silencing charm on his, Fred's and George's ears as well as my kitten, Ghost's ears before I let out a non lethal Banshee wail, shattering the windows, glass and her eardrums. Because it was non lethal and could be healed, it didn't violate the Vow.
  307. I pressed my lips on her ears and said, "If you ever speak of this, it'll be the end of ye."
  309. We then exited the building and Wallace said, "If I ever catch wind that you are tormenting my son or daughter, the last thing you see will be my Scottish claymore as it cuts your head clean off."
  311. "I wouldn't expect anything less from ye." I replied with a fake smile before taking off on my broom. I still needed to feed my cats and plan lessons before the feast begins.
  313. Hogwarts, By the lake, outside the train station, 6:00 P.M.
  315. (Normal POV)
  317. Having exited the train, the students boarded the boats to the castle. As they neared the castle, they saw a figure flying overhead, wearing all black and cackling.
  319. They crossed the lake and as they headed into the castle, Hagrid said, "Alright, all of you, I will be back to escort you all into the Great Hall in a few minutes. Stay out of trouble." before heading off.
  321. As Isabelle, Amos and Alex were chatting, a blonde haired boy walked up to them and said, "I hear they've got Outlaws serving as our teachers this year. I guess they couldn't find anyone better qualified."
  323. "What do you mean?" asked Alex, already cautious of this boy. His dad had taught him to be good judge of character and he was getting a bad vibe off this boy.
  325. "They've hired Outlaw Bikers as Professors. They belong to some gang called 'Sons of Anarchy' or something." the boy continued blabbering on. "The new Headmistress must either be desperate or new to this profession to have outlaws teaching in Hogwarts."
  327. "Club." said Isabelle quietly but apparently not quiet enough to not be heard.
  329. "What'd you say?" asked the boy as he started approaching her.
  331. "The Sons of Anarchy are a Motorcycle Club, not a gang." said Isabelle. "Besides, you don't know any more about the Headmistress of Hogwarts than any of us do."
  333. "Oh? And how would you know that?" the boy sneered.
  335. "Shut your trap, Scorpius. Up until the moment you opened your mouth, we actually tolerated your company." said a Black haired boy. He was 11 as well and had emerald green eyes. Another boy with brown hair and a brown haired girl stood behind him.
  337. "Well, Potter, what a surprise. I didn't think they dropped their standards for student admission. At least my dad didn't join that petty gang of hoodlums." said Scorpius.
  339. "Scorpius, your father wouldn't have been allowed to Prospect. Besides, isn't your father more accustomed to whimpering on his knees like a spineless git under the heels of a Dark Lord?" said a voice with a heavy Scottish accent. They turned to see a boy with jet black hair and a girl with red hair standing right behind them.
  341. "Wallace. I didn't think that you would stand up for such characters. If we should find ourselves in Slytherin, I'll show you the proper folks to surround yourself with. They would happily accept you, even if you are a Scottish mutt." said Scorpius.
  343. Bill drew his wand out as quick as a gunslinger pulls a revolver. "Scorpius Malfoy, don't ye dare to test my patience!" Bill growled, watching as Scorpius Malfoy started back up in fear. "Never you mind what company I keep. I can sort out the bad eggs for myself."
  345. Hagrid came back and escorted them into the Great Hall before the confrontation could escalate further. Holstering his wand, Bill walked along side the Potters and the Tragers, making sure to keep Scorpius Malfoy in his sights.
  347. Soon they were standing in front of the high table where all the professors sat. After the Sorting Hat had sang it's song, Professor McGonagall said, "When I call your name, come to the front and the Sorting Hat will place you in your house. You will then go to your House table."
  349. Fortunately, there were not too many people for each letter of the alphabet before McGonagall got to the T's. All of the Potters had been placed in Gryffindor and Amos Longbottom, to everyone's surprise, got placed into Slytherin.
  351. "Trager, Alexander!"
  353. (Alex's POV)
  355. Well, at least it's not as bad as some of the older students said it would be. All I have to do is put on that hat and it will tell me where I belong. I walked up and sat on the stool as directed. Professor McGonagall placed it on my head. Then, to my surprise, it started speaking.
  357. "Ah. You have bravery and loyalty to a fault in you. But you also have the cunning that your mother had. Yes, I knew your mother. I know exactly where to put you."
  359. It then yelled out, "Gryffindor!"
  361. The table in the left middle started clapping as I made my way over and took an empty seat. That wasn't so bad. I just hope my sister gets into this house too.
  363. (Bill Wallace Jr. POV)
  365. I watched as the American in front of me was sorted into Gryffindor. My sister and I knew full well who their father and mother were. Their father was SAMCRO's Sgt. At Arms and their mother was the ex right hand of the Scaly Bastard, as my dad called the now dead Dark Lord. The boy, Alex, would make a fine Gryffindor.
  367. "Trager, Isabelle."
  369. I watched with keen interest as the American sat upon the stool as the Sorting Hat, perched on her head, began talking. "Intriguing head you have on your shoulders, my dear. I see a keen mind. You have bravery in spades and much potential, along with a desire to realize it. You would do best in the house of...Slytherin!"
  371. That took me by surprise as much as it did for her. Before she could be whisked away to the Slytherin table, Alex rose up from his seat at the Gryffindor table, walked up to his sister and hugged her. None of us heard what was said, but I have a feeling that they hoped to be in the same house together.
  373. "Wallace, William!" yelled Professor McGonagall.
  375. I then took my turn and before the hat had barely touched my head, it yelled out, "Slytherin!"
  377. Yes! Just like my dad. He'll be so proud. Walking over to the Slytherin table, I sat next to Trager so as to talk with her while the final few were sorted.
  379. "Wallace, Grace!"
  381. I watched in anticipation as the Sorting Hat was put on her head.
  383. "Hmm, another Wallace. Yes, you have the heart and bravery of the woman you were named after. It'd better be… Gryffindor!"
  385. The Gryffindor table erupted in applause as my sister walked over to their table and took a seat by Alex. I suppose I now feel the way Isabelle does. I had really hoped we'd be in the same house as well. At least I know my dad won't throw a shite fit like some families do. Soon after, the Sorting was completed and Headmistress McGonagall stood to address the entire room. "Attention, everyone. Before we begin the feast, I have a few announcements."
  387. 'I hope you get through them soon. I'm starving.' I thought to myself as we listened intently.
  389. "First of all, I would like to remind all students that the Forbidden Forest is off limits to all students."
  391. 'Got it. Go into the forest the first chance I get.' I thought. I must have inherited my dad's wild, rule breaking side.
  393. "Second, we have 4 new teachers this year. Madam Hooch has retired and I would like to introduce you all to her replacement for this year, Harry Potter." She said as the Dark haired Professor was introduced and welcomed with a hearty applause from all the students. I already knew he had gotten the job. When Professor Potter had asked Alan Bishop for time off for him and Ron, he had said that they had been accepted into teaching positions. I'm happy for them.
  395. "Replacing Professor Flickwit for Charms is Hermione Potter." This too earned a round of applause as she rose up from her chair to be acknowledged. The wolf whistles and cat calls from the male prefects did not go unnoticed by either Hermione and Harry.
  397. As she announced what Professor Weasley would be doing, I glanced over to see the petite blonde sitting next to Hagrid. It was the Half Banshee the entire SAMDON Charter had warned me and Grace not to, under any circumstances, piss off. Just then, almost for an instant, my own hazel eyes met her icy blue ones. A chill went threw my body and I immediately broke off the starring contest. At least she won't be able to kill us.
  399. "And finally, I'd like to introduce your new Defense Against The Dark Arts Teacher, Professor Emily O'Neal." she concluded, which earned a round of applause as well. I was not among the stronger of them. I wasn't sure how I felt about her.
  401. "And now, let the feast begin!" she concluded. As she said that, food began piling on the plates in front of us.
  403. As we were eating, Isabelle turned to me and said, "Alex wants you to look after me. You don't have to if you don't want to."
  405. I was taken back by the request Alex had sent through his sister to me. I guess that said a lot about his judgment of me.
  407. "It's no problem, Isabelle. Amos and I will look after you. And now I'd like you to pass a message on to your brother." I replied.
  409. "And that is?" she asked.
  411. "Tell him that he and the Potters better look after my sister." I replied. I knew that, even if I couldn't take care of her while she was in her common room, since Alex has trusted me with watching over his sister, I figure it's a good way to return the favor.
  413. "I will."
  415. Disclaimer: I still own nothing. I'd like to thank El Chacal for helping me write this fic. I'd also like to thank my Feisty, Blonde, Half-Banshee Muse for helping me with this story.
  417. Chapter 3
  419. Emily's Classroom, September 2nd, 2016, 8:45 A.M.
  421. (Emily's POV)
  423. 'Well, the sorting went well. I wonder how they'll like me first lesson?' my inner Banshee said to my mind as I finished preparing the quiz that my first class would be taking.
  425. "I think they'll enjoy it. It will definitely show me how much they know of the Dark Arts." I replied, pausing to pet my 2nd kitten, Bones. I bet you're wondering where I get all of these cats right? I rescue them from pounds and animal shelters.
  427. 'What do ye think of the Wallace kids? Ye think their old man taught them Necromancy?'
  429. "I wouldn't put it past him in any measure. Let's see which houses I've got today." I replied as I looked the schedule. Hmm. Double Slytherin and Gryffindor. Is this fate? Probably not. Not that uncommon, though it will be interesting to see how the offspring of Malfoy turned out.
  431. I began looking over the plans for the 2 hours once more. They would be taking a quiz, and I would give a lecture on a dark creature and minor curses. Life is good.
  433. I then took a seat and began to pretend I was reading a book. It was Break with a Banshee, By that idiot Lockheart. I can't believe he actually thinks this is the worst that a Banshee can do. It's Bullshite. Banshees are much worse then this. Compared to my mother, The bloodthirsty terror of Belfast that spared no one, not even other Banshees, claimed 880 souls and had a reign of terror for all but the first 13 years of her life and the last 5 years of her life, this one was tame. I wonder if my mother ever met the Bandon Banshee?
  435. Before I could allow myself to imagine all the many ways I could pick apart at that windbag without breaking the vow made to McGonagall, the class began to fill up as students entered the room. As they sat down at their desks, I looked up from my book to give them the once over. As I looked over them, one sight sent a shiver down me spine. Floating above a boy and girl was Missy. She was as radiant and beautiful as she ever was. It was obvious no one else saw her hovering over the boy and girl.
  437. She was their guardian angel.
  439. 'Snap out of it, O'Neal. You've a class to teach.' my inner Banshee reminded me.
  441. 'Thanks. I'll make ye proud.' I thought. This will definitely be interesting. I can worry about Missy haunting me later.
  443. (Normal POV)
  445. "Good morning, Class. I'm Professor Emily O'Neal. Ex-Death Eater, Half Banshee, Ministry Malcontent, Anarchist, and your new Defense Against The Dark Arts teacher." said Emily as she wrote her name on the chalk board.
  447. "Now, before we begin this class, I'd like to warn you all of some things. I do not tolerate slackers in this class. If you do not turn in an assignment on time, I will not accept it later on. I do not tolerate mischief or disturbing the class. If you do so, you will be severely punished. Now, just so I can know what I have to work with in this class, you all will be taking a quiz about how much you know about the Dark Arts. It is not for a grade, it is merely to show me how much you already know. Mr. Albus Potter, would you be so kind as to pass out the quizzes?" she asked.
  449. The black haired boy did so and afterwords, she said, "You have exactly 30 minutes to complete it, starting now."
  451. They promptly began working on it and as they did, Emily was on the look out for anyone who might be cheating.
  453. 30 minutes later
  455. "Quills down. I will now grade ye papers and we will see how ye all did." Said Emily before saying, "Accio Quizzes!"
  457. The quizzes flew into her outstretched hands and she began looking over them. 15 minutes passed and everyone was nervous about how they did on the quiz and none of them wanted to be seen as someone unintelligent.
  459. She finally looked up and said, "Would both Tragers and Wallace's, all 3 Potters and Mr. Malfoy stand up?"
  461. As the eight did, Emily said, "Out of all 40 of the students in this classroom, these 8 alone got every single question correct. Congratulations to all of ye. I'd say that 10 points to each of ye would be acceptable. Now sit back down."
  463. "This year, we will be covering several Dark creatures, many of the curses and spells used by Dark Wizards and you will all be taught how to duel. We will now begin discussing my personal favorite creature, the Banshee." she said, before the lights went out, displaying a large photo of a Banshee on the board.
  465. The Banshee in the photo had long blonde hair that reached down to her waist, blood red eyes and unnatural beauty. She was wearing a light Autumn dress with a Irish green sweater over it and was hugging a man and a young child with equally long blonde and had the biggest smile you have ever seen on her face.
  467. "This is Mary McKenzie-O'Neal or better known as 'The Belfast Banshee.' She is perhaps the most well known and most feared Banshee that has ever lived and perhaps even the youngest when she died." she began, as everyone leaned in close, before Scorpius raised his hand.
  469. "Yes, Mr. Malfoy?" she asked.
  471. "Are you, by chance, related to her?" asked Scorpius.
  473. "Very good, Mr. Malfoy. Yes, Mary McKenzie-O'Neal was indeed my mother. She was far from being the world's greatest mum, but she did her best. This is the last photo of her that was ever taken. It was taken 5 days before she died, on my 5th birthday." Alex Trager saw how Emily looked upon the picture with what looked like mourning and mild sadness. With a blink of the eye, Professor O'Neal righted herself and resumed her lesson.
  475. "Now, as I was saying, this is not an uncommon trait amongst Banshees. They can live well into their 900s, even thousands while retaining their youthful features. For example, you notice how she appears to be not a day over 30? She was 205 years old when this photo was taken. Mary O'Neal was born on the first day in January of 1775, and died 5 days after my birthday, in 1980. She was murdered by Lord Voldemort."
  477. Most of the students in the room flinched when they heard the name. Emily shouted, "There is no reason to be scared. Voldemort is long dead. He had half his head blown off by a Muggle Firearm! Best of all, the one who pulled the trigger is in this school right now."
  479. The idea that such an ordinary weapon as a Muggle firearm felled perhaps one of the most feared dark wizards in history baffled many of the students and the idea that Voldemort's killer was in Hogwarts only served to amplify the talks between them.
  481. "Mary may have been the youngest Banshee that has ever lived, but she was by far the bloodiest. In her short lifetime of 205 years, she was responsible for the deaths of well over 800, 50 of which were fellow Banshees. She was most adept at using the Banshee's most feared and most famous weapon; their wail. If I were to unleash a Banshee wail right now at full force, every person and living thing in this room, apart from myself, would be instantly killed."
  483. "Several other abilities possessed by the Banshee include being an Omen of Death, being able to turn transparent or ghost like, lighting fast reflexes and the ability to sneak up on people." she finished.
  485. "Is it really possible to sense when and how someone could die?" Amos asked. "Has there ever been a time that an omen was sensed and the person predicted to die did not?"
  487. Emily's face turned into a false smile and asked, "You must be Longbottom, am I right?"
  489. "Yes, Professor." replied Amos.
  491. Emily smiled before walking up to him and leaning down so she was staring eye to eye with him. She said in a quiet but loud enough voice, "I'll tell ye something, lad, that is certain as death itself. There has not been a soul who, when a Banshee predicted their death, ever survived.", before going back to the front, leaving Amos shivering.
  493. "Now that we have discussed the Banshee, I'm going to give you all an assignment. You are to write a page and a half essay about the Banshee. You may use any source available to ye, including myself. I could tell ye all tales of these creatures that would keep you up all night for the rest of your life."
  495. As she began lecturing them on some other spells and minor curses, Scorpius turned to the person sharing his desk, Amos and whispered, "This teacher creeps the hell out of me. She just openly admitted to being related to a mass murderer. She shouldn't even be allowed a wand, let alone be allowed to teach."
  497. "Is that a fact, Mr. Malfoy?" asked Professor O'Neal as she looked straight at Scorpius.
  499. "Along with all the other supernatural capabilities inherent to a Banshee, I also have the ears of a cat and the claws to match." Emily crooned, relishing how her words make Scorpius' face turn more white than the parchment on his desk, before walking up to him.
  501. "I'd love to hear more of your opinions tonight at 9 o'clock in detention. In this classroom. On top of that, just for your cheek, I'd say 10 points from Slytherin." she continued with a fake sing song voice. Leaning to press her lips against his ear, Emily whispered, "You should be thankful that I take 10 points from your house instead of the tongue from your mouth."
  503. Hermione's class, 1:00 P.M.
  505. (Hermione's POV)
  507. 'The nerve of some people!' I though angrily to myself as I set up my classroom. I don't know how some of the younger female teachers can take all the cat calls from these students. Add to that what the Daily Prophet's latest article said about us and it's been all I can do from letting Harry go up to that bitch in broad daylight and splitting her in half.
  509. 'At least Emily didn't have this problem.' I thought. So far, she hasn't been showing that much concern about the Prophet. I wonder what she did?
  511. 'She'll take care of herself. You worry about planning your classes.' I told myself.
  513. Within a few minutes, the class had entered the room. I fell into teacher mode and before long, I was teaching them about the levitating charm. Teaching students the same skills I learned at their age helped to relieve myself of all my anger and frustration stemming from the Daily Prophet's attempts to smear my name as well as Harry's after everything we did to protect the wizarding world. As I was demonstrating the proper hand technique for the levitating charm, one of the students, Melvin Greengrass, raised his hand.
  515. "Yes, Mr. Greengrass?" I asked.
  517. "What's it like being the wife of an Outlaw, Professor?" Crap. This is the 8th one today.
  519. "Everyone, stop." I said. It's time to put a stop to this, once and for all.
  521. "Listen carefully, students, because I'm only going to say this one time." Making sure all eyes and ears were on me, I proceeded to clear the air once and for all.
  523. "I'm quite certain everyone has read about myself and my husband in the Daily Prophet. Let me make it perfectly clear that while my husband may be a part of an Outlaw Motorcycle Club, that does not make me a criminal nor does it make him a criminal in any way and that will be the end of it!" I yelled, striking the proper amount of fear and reverence from each of them.
  525. "Anyone who attempts to bring up my marriage to Harry Potter or his being a Son as either a negative or a distraction from my class will have points taken from their house in high numbers and will serve detention until I say different. Is that clear?"
  527. Needless to say, after my little outburst, the rest of the class was uneventful.
  529. Quidditch Field, 5:00 P.M.
  531. (Harry's POV)
  533. Sometimes I don't know what I would do without my wife calming me down. Fortunately for me, Quidditch practice doesn't start until Friday so it gives me time to think without students interrupting me.
  535. After Ron and I were patched in as Sons in 2010, we tried keeping our careers as Aurors and our personal lives as Sons as separate as possible. I suppose fate had other plans. Within a week, the Ministry, in all of their infinite wisdom, told us that we had to choose either the Reaper or our careers.
  537. Within an hour, we cleaned out our desks, turned in our Auror badges, told the Ministry where they could shove said badges, gave Umbitch the bird and rode off on our Harleys.
  539. Ever since then, the Daily Prophet has been on our arses, writing nonstop hate articles throwing my name, Ron's name and my wife's name into the dirt.
  541. Like I said, I don't know what I'd do without Hermione calming me down in the Room of Requirement. Hell, it took her 2 hours in that room yesterday to calm me down enough to attend the opening Feast and sorting.
  543. I then thought about working with that half Banshee, Emily. I guess I should be grateful that she saved my life in 1993, but she still joined the Death Eaters. Then again, when she found out her mother was killed by Voldemort, she threw a shitefit.
  545. I wonder how James, Albus and Lily are doing on their first day?
  547. Forbidden Forest, 5:30 p.m.
  549. (Ron's POV)
  551. 'I'd love to feed that bitch to the Basilisk if it wasn't dead!' I thought to myself as I leaned up against a tree and read yesterdays Daily Prophet, before setting it ablaze. Hagrid and I had taught these buggers about Hippogriffs in our first class together. Fortunately, none of these 3rd years were dumb enough to piss one of them off, unlike Malfoy when he was their age.
  553. I grinned at that thought. The only other time that beat that in funny moments in Malfoy screw ups was when 'Mad Eye' or should I say Barty Crouch Jr., made him the Amazing Bouncing Ferret.
  555. Just because our American counterparts in California happen to be involved with the IRA does not make the whole lot of us criminal. We just happen to not like society in general.
  557. Sometimes I wonder how we live with this slander. It's been this way since 4th year, ever since that bloody Tournament. At least Harry, I think, is used to it. I've been getting this only in the last 6 years, after we gave Umbitch the finger. It was hell working for her. I don't know how we survived.
  559. "'ey Ron! Come help me with these Hippogriffs!" yelled Hagrid. He was getting old and he doesn't seem so hot. Back when I was going to school, he could have handled them himself. Nowadays, he needs help with them. That's why they hired me. I was the only one crazy enough to do it.
  561. I wonder how Harry and Hermione's kids did on their first day?
  563. Slytherin Common Room, 8:30 P.M.
  565. (Isabelle's POV)
  567. Today was certainly an interesting day, but I can't believe that git, Malfoy, cost Slytherin 10 points! Idiot. I then decided that it was time to talk with my parents and maybe Alex.
  569. 'Ma, Pa, are you there?' I asked through the rings she gave me. I've found that the rings not only connect me and Alex with our parents, it also gives us a mental link of sorts when we both are wearing them.
  571. 'Yes, Isabelle. I'm here.' replied my mom.
  573. 'Hey, Baby girl. How's school?' said Dad.
  575. 'Schools great. Ma, I think I've made you proud. I'm in Slytherin.' I said.
  577. 'That's great!'
  579. 'What's that mean, Bella?'
  581. 'She's is the same house I was in, Tig.'
  583. 'Ok. What about your brother? Which house is he in?'
  585. 'Don't get mad mom, but he ended up in Gryffindor.' I replied. As I said it, a twist came into my heart. Even though we were in the same school, I had really hoped we'd be in the same house. I miss him a lot.
  587. 'Why would I be mad, Isabelle? I'm proud of him. It means he's got your fathers courage and bravery, though sometimes it can be mistaken as craziness.'
  589. 'You girls do realize I'm here, right?'
  591. 'Tig, you should know better than to interrupt girls when they are talking. Besides, we're complimenting you.'
  593. 'Hi Ma and Pa. Hey Isabelle!' said my brother as he joined the mental conversation.
  595. 'Hey, Alex! You enjoying your first day?'
  597. 'Yeah, dad, I'm enjoying it.'
  599. 'You looking after your sister like I told ya to?'
  601. 'Dad! I can look after myself.' I said, blushing as bright red as Professor Weasley's hair.
  603. 'Of course you can, Isabelle. I'm just making sure.'
  605. 'That's kinda hard to do, dad, if we're in different houses, but don't worry. I got a couple of buddies helping me out.'
  607. 'Good for you son.'
  609. 'Thanks mom.'
  611. 'By the way, Alex, Bill Jr. wants me to give you a message.'
  613. 'What is it, Sis?'
  615. 'He says that you and the Potters better watch over his sister.'
  617. 'Wait. Bill Jr. As in Bill Wallace Jr.?'
  619. 'Yes dad. Bill Wallace Jr.'
  621. 'Alex, if you do not watch over his daughter, he will personally kill you. Trust me on this. You do not want to see him when he's pissed off.'
  623. 'Don't worry, dad. I'll watch over her.'
  625. 'By the way, dear, how is Neville's kid? Or does he have any?'
  627. 'Amos is great ma. He's in Slytherin to.' I replied.
  629. 'Isabelle, as your father, I forbid you from dating anyone until you are 16.'
  631. 'Tig, you are so old fashion.'
  633. 'Bella, by the time I was 11, I was already the ladies man I am today. Trust me when I say that I am worried about her.'
  635. 'Dad! You're embarrassing me!' I replied. I love my dad, but sometimes, he can be to protective for his own good.
  637. 'I'm looking after you, Isabelle. You'll thank me for this one day. Alex, you watch over her and keep the boys away from her, you hear me?'
  639. 'Don't worry, dad. I'll keep them off her.'
  641. 'I love all three of ya, but it's time for bed. I miss you, mom and dad. Alex, I love you to. I really wish you could be in Slytherin too.'
  643. 'I wish you could have been in Gryffindor. I love you, sis. Goodnight and sleep tight.'
  645. 'Good night to both of ya. Bella, I got to go. Jax just called and Chibs is waiting outside.' With that, my dad left, to go to the Clubhouse to see the National President since 2014, Jax Teller, with the National Vice President, Chibs Telford.
  647. 'Alright Tig. Alex, Isabelle, I love you both and remember that we will always be there for you both.'
  649. 'Thanks Mom.' me and Alex said at the same time.
  651. With that, I broke off the mental connection and went to bed.
  653. Emily's Classroom, 8:56 P.M.
  655. (Emily's POV)
  657. 'Why the bloody hell did she have to show up?' I asked myself as I waited for Malfoy Jr. to show up. I had, of course, prepared an actual detention for him, but I also have something 'special' planned. I was going to teach him the lesson I should have taught his dad when he first became a student at Hogwarts in my 5th year and did teach him in his 3rd year.
  659. 'You taught him that lesson with Missy, remember?' my Mum's wild side inside me said. That's right. My inner Banshee is the wild and feral side of my mother that was passed down to me when I was born.
  661. 'Why do ye have to bring that up, mum?' I asked.
  663. 'Because it's obvious you miss her. Besides, ye can't help it if she's the Guardian Angel to the Trager children, like I sort of am to ye. But we can discuss this later. I assume ye are going to do what ye did to his old man in '93?'
  665. 'Oh, yes I am.' I replied. It was true. A day after my mother died, her wild and feral side began to show itself in me. From then on, that side was known as my 'Inner Banshee', but I know it was, along with the tattoos I have in tribute to her, the only parts of her I have left.
  667. 'Good girl. Now make me proud. Show him why you were as crazy as Voldemort!' she replied, as Scorpius knocked on the door.
  669. "Get in here, Malfoy." I said. As he walked in, I could tell he was nervous about being alone in the same room as me. It really turned me on to see him shaking in his shoes. Even though I've taken a vow not to kill anyone except in self defense of myself or others, I still know of other ways indulge myself in my natural sadism.
  671. "I understand that ye think I shouldn't be allowed a wand because I happen to be related to a mass murderer. Here's a little news flash for ye, Mr. Malfoy. I am a mass murderer and I don't take kindly to such insults against me or my mother. Before we can begin this detention, however, I'm going to need you to make the Unbreakable Vow, to tell no one about this detention for the rest of your days and beyond." I said to him.
  673. He made the Vow with me and I told him, "If anyone asks, you tell them that I made you clean the entire classroom without magic."
  675. "Now, onto your detention." I said with a predatory grin, much like a tiger who is eyeing his next meal. I cast a powerful silencing charm on the room and my cats before I tackled him to the ground. I began letting out a low whistle that grew into an inhuman wail that broke every glass, mirror and window in the room and shattered his ears drums. Since it was nonlethal and could be healed, it didn't violate the vow. Before I could do anything more to him, I suddenly felt a warm presence around me, causing my anger began to fade as I began to calm down.
  677. I pressed my lips against his ears and gave it a light lick. As I savored the iron taste of his blood, I muttered the healing charm on his ears, restoring them back to normal.
  679. I kept him pressed down and whispered into his ear, "Remember, if ye tell anyone about what just happened, if the Vow doesn't kill ye, I will.", before getting off him.
  681. As he got off the ground, I noticed he was shivering. For some reason, I cast a warming charm over him and said, "Ye will now start cleaning and organizing this classroom for the next hour without magic. Get to work."
  683. After some time had passed, he had finished. Before he left the classroom, he turned to me and said, "Professor, I am truly sorry about what I said before. It will never happen again."
  685. I was taken back by his statement. As far back as I could remember, no Malfoy had ever apologized for anything. I guess this one just needed to be put in his place early on.
  687. "Be sure that it doesn't happen again. Now it's bedtime, so get back to your house." I replied. As he left, my Inner Banshee spoke, 'Ye did well, but why didn't ye savor his torment like ye normally do?'
  689. I suddenly realized that I hadn't. What the hell happened?
  691. 'I have no idea. I felt a warming presence surrounding me and the sadism that I was feeling left.' I said.
  693. 'Strange. Oh well. Nice work on the wail, by the way.' she said.
  695. 'Thanks mum. I miss ye, you know and not a day goes by that I don't think about ye.' I said. As the words left my mouth, my heart started to ache mildly and my eyes began to water slightly. Is this mourning? Is this what ye feel, when your mother was murdered and ye miss her everyday?
  697. 'I know, Emily. Just remember that I'll always be there for ye and I'll always love ye. Even if I had a black heart, it was still there. Now enough with this Soap Opera Bullshite. You've got to prepare for your next class tomorrow.'
  699. As she went to bed, I began falling asleep.
  701. 'You weren't always this cold blooded, Emily. Though ye had no emotions, you were still a great friend to me when we were in school. What changed?' asked an Irish accent.
  703. I woke up with a start. Shit. Not again. Why is she haunting me? Why is this the only kill I've ever thought about so much? Why does it bother me?
  705. I cast a charm to tell me what time it was. It was 2 in the morning. No sense in going back to bed, I'd probably wouldn't be able to.
  707. I got out of bed, slipped on a robe and started walking the halls, with no where in particular in mind to go. As I was rounded a corner, I came face to face with Harry, who had had the Lumos up.
  709. "Fancy meeting ye here, Harry. Going for a stroll?" I asked with fake curiosity in my voice.
  711. "Yeah. You?" he said coolly.
  713. "Same. Your kids did well today. They got every question about the Dark Arts correct." I said, in an equally cool voice.
  715. "They should have. I told them all about them." he replied.
  717. "You taught them well. By the way, I never got the chance to thank ye for killing the Scaly Bastard." I said.
  719. "Thanks. But I was the only one who could."
  721. "Good for ye. See ye tomorrow." I said before walking off. My only regret was that I wasn't able to deliver the killing blow to Voldemort. Oh well.
  723. I can't help but wonder how Hagrid is doing, or better yet, what's wrong with him? When he was sitting next to me at the feast, he didn't look so hot. If I were capable of emotions, I'd probably be concerned about him. I guess the only thing I can do is wait and see.
  725. For some reason, I began to feel that I should probably ask him the next time I get the chance.
  727. "I was pregnant, Emily. Didn't ye know that? Don't ye miss me at all?' said an eerie voice. I turned around with my wand drawn, only to see no one there.
  729. 'Ye are imagining things, Emily. Maybe ye ought to go and get some hot tea to drink. That always helped ye sleep when you were young.' my Inner Banshee said to my mind.
  731. 'You are probably right. Maybe the House elves haven't gone to bed yet.' I replied.
  733. Even 3 hours later, when I finally went to bed and got only an hour of sleep, I couldn't help but think of those words. Do I miss her at all? Am I feeling something?
  735. Nah.
  737. Disclaimer: I own nothing.
  739. Shout out: I'd like to thank El Chacal for helping me with this story. I'd also like to acknowledge Gamma Orionis for all of her advice. I'd also like to thank my Feisty, Blonde, Half-Banshee muse for this story.
  741. Chapter 4
  743. Hogwarts Library, First Weekend of the school year, 9:00 A.M.
  745. (Normal POV for now)
  747. "Hey Isabelle!" whispered Alex, giving his sister a hug as they, Bill Jr., Grace, Amos, Lilly, James and Albus sat down at a table in the massive library. It had been a great first week for all of them. With their homework done, they wanted to catch up and hang out now.
  749. "Hi Alex!" she replied after she returned the hug.
  751. "So Bill, you been watching over my sister like I told ya to?" asked Alex.
  753. "Amos and I are, Alex. You doing the same with my sis?" replied Bill.
  755. "Yep." replied James.
  757. The conversation continued on for about 30 minutes, ranging in topics from who was their favorite teacher to their least favorite. Then Bill asked, "Any of you hear about the Marauders?"
  759. "Who are they?" asked Amos.
  761. "Only the most legendary pranksters in the history of this school, of course. They perfected the book of how to cause mischief and explore the grounds without getting caught." he replied.
  763. "I think I know who you're talking about." said Albus as he brought out a seemly blank piece of parchment from his robes inner pocket.
  765. He pulled his wand out and put it over it and said, "I solemnly swear I am up to no good."
  767. As he did, the piece of parchment produced a map.
  769. "They were the ones who wrote this map. It shows where everyone in Hogwarts is and it's a map of the school. My Grandpa was Prongs." explained Albus.
  771. "How'd you get this?" asked Isabelle.
  773. "My dad gave it to us. He said he'd be disappointed if we didn't learn some of the secrets of Hogwarts." replied Lilly.
  775. "If you want to make it blank, you place your wand over it and say 'Mischief Managed.'" said James as he demonstrated it.
  777. As they reopened the map and began unfolding the many papers that made it, Bill said, "We ought to continue the tradition."
  779. "What do you mean?" asked Isabelle.
  781. "What I mean is that we ought to become Marauders and continue the tradition of mischief and rule breaking that these four master pranksters started before us. Who here is with me?" asked Bill.
  783. All three Potters answered yes. Amos said yes as well and so did Grace. Alex was in and it came down to Isabelle.
  785. "Why not?" she asked.
  787. What they didn't hear was Emily sneaking up on them.
  789. (Emily's POV)
  791. 'Well, well, well. What do we have here?' asked my inner Banshee as I looked at the 8 students gathered around that legendary map that I had seen Fred and George study so much when I went to school with them.
  793. 'It looks like we have a new generation of Marauders on our hands.' I replied as I gave a slight smile.
  795. 'Ye know, as a teacher, ye ought to confiscate that map.' she replied to me.
  797. 'True. On the other hand, when have I ever done what I should have?' I asked. Oh decisions, decisions. As a teacher, I should be firmly against pranksters, but as an anarchist, I revel in mischief and the thrill of a well executed prank.
  799. 'A compromise is in order then. Ye let them keep their map, but lay out some guidelines of what they can or can not do.' she said.
  801. 'That'll work.'
  803. I decided it was time to make my presence known to them. I walked up to them and asked, "Good day, students. Whatcha got there?"
  805. They all turned around and I loved that their faces were paler then their parchment.
  807. I picked up the map and asked, "Let me guess, you 8 are the new generation of Marauders, aren't ye?"
  809. "Please don't tell anyone, Professor." said Amos.
  811. I smiled at that and replied, "If I turned ye all in, I'd be in trouble myself. I've done my fair share of pranks in my teenage youth. As well, I have never informed on anyone. As a semi-retired prankster to a new generation of pranksters, I will let you keep your map, but as a teacher, I must lay out some guidelines for ye. First, I don't care if ye prank any students, or Professor Snape, but if ye prank any other teachers then him, I'm turning ye all in. Got it?"
  813. They all nodded their heads and I continued, "Second, I don't care what type of pranks ye pull, as long as you're not trying to figure out what to do with the victim's lifeless cadaver in the end, understand?"
  815. As they nodded once again, I concluded, "One last thing, this conversation never took place, I was never here and I saw nothing. If ye mention this to any one, I will make sure you all pay for it."
  817. I handed them the Map back and one of them said, "Thank you Professor O'Neal, for not taking the map."
  819. I replied, "What map?"
  821. They got the message and I walked away, with a false smile on my face. I wonder how Ol' Snape is doing?
  823. (James's POV)
  825. "Holy Shite. How the bloody Hell does she do that?" I asked as we watched Professor O'Neal walk off. Ever since my dad had told us about her, we had all been creeped out by her and the fact she seemed to enjoy scaring people added to it.
  827. "She's Half Banshee, James. It's what they do." replied Grace.
  829. "Did she, a teacher, really just give us permission to be Marauders?" asked Amos.
  831. "Technically, a Hogwarts professor did not give permission. Emily O'Neal, the half Banshee, on the other hand, practically gave us her blessing." Said Bill.
  833. "So, what do we do now?" asked Alex.
  835. "We need proper nicknames. I'll be Fang" asked Albus.
  837. "Bowie." said Alex.
  839. "Sliverhide." I said.
  841. "Gravestone." said Bill.
  843. "Chimera." replied Grace.
  845. "Baroness." said Lilly.
  847. "Greengill." said Amos.
  849. We all looked at Isabelle and she said, "Softpaws."
  851. "Alright, it's decided then. We'll meet in the Library until we can find a new meeting place. This meeting is dismissed." said Bill.
  853. Potions classroom, 9:45 A.M., Snape's Office
  855. (Normal POV)
  857. Snape was grading several potions when the door slammed shut. He looked up and saw no one there.
  859. "Must be the wind." he muttered to himself before going back to grading them. About 5 minutes later, a dung bomb was hurled at him and hit him smack dab on his nose.
  861. He wiped it off and pulled out his wand.
  863. "Peeves, if that is you, you will leave at once! I haven't the patience for this!"
  865. As he said that, nothing happened. He went back to grading but kept his eyes out for anything coming at him. He heard movement and, with a loud crash, a shelf full of potions was knocked over, creating the biggest mess he had ever seen.
  867. As he went to clean it up, he suddenly felt his hair being pulled back as if someone was trying to rip it out. Almost as soon as it began, it ended. The door was hurled open and slammed shut. He could hear cackling getting farther away.
  869. He conjured a mirror and gasped when he saw what had happened. His greasy, oily black hair was now Pink and in spikes.
  871. "I'll kill whoever did this!" he boomed, his voice echoing all across the dungeons.
  873. Hermione's Classroom, 3:00 P.M.
  875. (Hermione's POV)
  877. I was grading several essays when Harry came in. He was sweating heavily and panting.
  879. "What's the matter, Harry?" I asked with concern in my voice.
  881. "Have you seen our children, Hermione?" he asked.
  883. "No. Why?"
  885. "Someone pulled a wallop of a prank on Snape and he's on the warpath for the culprits. I want to make sure they weren't the ones responsible." he replied.
  887. As much as I liked seeing Snape hazed, I couldn't help but start planning a detention for Albus, James and Lilly if they were the ones responsible.
  889. "What exactly happened?" I asked, eager to hear what happened to the aged professor.
  891. "Somebody threw a dung bomb in his face, destroyed nearly 5 dozen beakers and containers of potions, turned his hair pink and styled it in spikes." he said in a single breath. It took every bit of restraint in me to keep from laughing.
  893. "If they are responsible, they are in deep shite." I said, my inner teacher kicking in. I wrapped my arms around him, knowing that an embrace always relieved stress. Then I was reminded of how my big breasts made him instantly hot and bothered. That was all it took before we were locking lips and our hands were roaming over each other's bodies. Having laid me out on the desk after discarding my blouse and bra, I was about ready to have a go with Harry, who had shed his shirt and robes, revealing the muscle he built since becoming a Son. As his pants were discarded, an Irish voice said, "Get a room, ye two!"
  895. We both looked up in horror to Emily standing at the door way with some papers in her hands. "Emily, what are you doing here?" I demanded, covering up my chest to maintain some level of modesty.
  897. "Came by to drop off these for ye. Oh, by the way, your kids are not responsible for Snape's new hair do. Along with being an Omen of Death, I was very good at hair styling." she said with a fake smile on her face.
  899. "But don't let me ruin the moment for you. Carry on. Considering what the kids inherited from you both, I think you're going to need all the shagging you can get to work out the stress. Take your time. The charm I cast around the door will make sure your privacy lasts long enough for you to 'take care of each other'. Cheers." she said as she left.
  901. Harry and I were left there in shock before I stuck his face between my breasts. The shock wore off, his attention was back on track and we shagged each other senseless.
  903. 3 hours later, Harry and I got our clothes on, relaxed and ready for dinner.
  905. After dinner, Teachers conference, 8:00 P.M.
  907. (Emily's POV)
  909. It took every bit of self control in me self to keep from laughing and staring at my handy work. I must say, it is quite the improvement from Snape's old hair do. I wonder how long it will last until it's back to black, oily and greasy?
  911. "Order, everyone." said Headmistress McGonagall, calling the meeting order and silencing any chatter.
  913. "First order of business. We are all going to find the one responsible for Professor Snape's stylish new hair do. As in style as it might be, it is against the rules to commit such an act towards a teacher." she said.
  915. "Potter, I know that your children are responsible for this atrocious act. Mark my words, I will make them pay." sneered Snape.
  917. "Severus, you have no proof that any of Harry's children are responsible for your hair, so unless proven otherwise, you will take no actions against them." said Minerva.
  919. I smiled inwardly to myself. I never meant for Harry's kids to get the blame. If I was capable of remorse, I probably confess. Then again, even if I was, I probably wouldn't.
  921. 'That was a really good job on his hair, Emily.' my Mum's wild side said to me.
  923. 'Yeah, it was. It almost warms me heart.' I replied.
  925. I was pulled out of my thoughts when Minerva said, "The second order of business is, to say the least, disturbing. A Muggle village 2 miles from the castle was attacked earlier today. There were only 15 survivors."
  927. If I was capable of emotions, I'd probably feel disgusted, maybe sad, perhaps even be praying for the survivors. But I don't and all I can do is mimic the facial expressions of the people around me.
  929. "Did the survivors identify the ones responsible?" asked Ron. For once, I can't help but agree with him.
  931. "The survivors were unable to identify the attackers, yet the sightings in the sky after the attack were unsettling and disturbing. The Dark Mark hung high over the devastation when the Aurors arrived at the scene." she said. As the words left her mouth, the table gasped in shock. For whatever reason, rage began to boil inside me.
  933. "Severus, Emily, have your Marks been burning lately?" asked Hermione.
  935. "They haven't burned since the day the Dark Lord was killed by Harry Potter." I replied.
  937. "The Ministry sent me letters this morning, accusing SAMDON of being involved in the attack." continued Minerva. Now I was royally pissed off. SAMDON may have been a pain in me arse, but I knew full well they weren't supporters or sympathizers of Voldemort.
  939. "That's Bullshite!" yelled Harry and Ron at the same time, standing from their seats.
  941. "How can they say that? The Sons of Anarchy would never do something like that!" I yelled, standing up as well, surprising everyone.
  943. "I know that! Nevertheless, they are coming to Hogwarts tomorrow. When they arrive, they will be questioning Harry, Ron, Hermione and even you Emily, under Veritaserum, to see if any of you had anything to do with it." she said, the anger evident in her eyes.
  945. "Will the inquisitions be done individually? How will we know if they are going to stay on point? While we are under veritaserum, they can ask us any questions, case related or not, and we would be obliged to answer whether we want to or not."
  947. "Tonks will be accompanying them. She will make sure that they don't step out of line." she said.
  949. As we sat back down, Hermione said, "Once this breaks out, Rita Skeeter is going to have a field day."
  951. "I wouldn't worry about 'er." I told her.
  953. "What do you mean?" asked Hermione.
  955. "Suffice to say, I paid a social visit to her with a few other friends of mine, explaining exactly how we feel about her Bullshite articles. I have been known to be very persuasive when I want to be, direct when I need to be, and we'll just leave it at that." I replied with a grin, reminiscing how I destroyed Rita's eardrums.
  957. "Nethertheless, we are going to increase security to keep the students safe. If you see anyone suspicious, do not hesitate to tell me. If there are no further questions, this meeting is dismissed." she concluded.
  959. With that, we all stood and went back to our room. As I was walking out, Hermione walked up to me and said, "I didn't mean any offense when I asked you that, Emily."
  961. "No problem, Hermione. You just worry about keeping your own eyes open. I'll keep mine open as well. By the way, tell your children not to roam the halls at night. I wouldn't want them to be mistaken for the ones responsible for the village." I replied, before walking off.
  963. I began thinking of the attack when I reached me room. More specifically, I began thinking of the Dark Mark in the sky. That damn mark hasn't been seen since 2009, in Charming, California, the day Voldemort was tortured and shot to death.
  965. Who would want to resurrect it after all this time? I wonder if the one who did it knew what that symbol meant even. Without even thinking, I began running through the people who knew what it meant and who would be likely to cast it.
  967. After the Scaly Bastard was killed, only about 20 Death Eaters were left alive. 10 of them are currently sitting in Azkaban. 1, Umbridge, somehow managed to keep her job. 2 are dead now. The other 7 made a deal to get out of Azkaban, kind of like I did.
  969. Those 7 included several of his inner circle. Those were the ones I think the Ministry should concentrate on questioning, not Harry, Hermione or Ron. Or me for that matter. They ought to know better then anyone that I threw a shitefit when I found out Voldemort was responsible for my mother's death. Hell, I stood over Danny Giving's shoulder as he carved him up like a Christmas Goose, encouraging him to go ahead.
  971. 'Ye know, Mum, if I had known that he was responsible for your death, I would have never joined him.' I said to my Inner Banshee.
  973. 'Ye couldn't have known, Em. I don't blame ye for it. You got drawn in by the opportunity to cause chaos. Back in me youth, I would've done the same thing.' she replied.
  975. 'Who do ye think caused the attack, Mum?' I asked.
  977. 'I agree with your opinions. Those 7 are the most likely of suspects. Though ye can't rule out anybody who believes in Pureblood supremacy.' she replied.
  979. 'Thanks for the advice, Mum.' I said.
  981. 'Anytime, baby.' she said as she went to sleep. With that, I began feeding my kittens. After they ate their fill, they curled up on my lap and began to sleep. As they purred in their rest, a voice said, "Ye know, ye ought to warn these new Marauders about this threat."
  983. When I heard it, I instinctively looked around the room. I must be going out of my mind.
  985. "Missy, you are dead! Go to heaven, enjoy your afterlife, rest in peace and quit haunting me!" I yelled. Fortunately, my class has a permanent silencing charm on it, so no one can hear what's coming from in here. Quite frankly, I couldn't care what they thought even if they could hear me, but it's the principle of the matter. I wonder if it would be bad if Missy actually answered me?
  987. "No, Emily. It wouldn't be bad if I did. Oops. I just did. Sorry." said Missy's sweet voice. I turned my chair around and saw her in her Angel form. The flowing white robes made her angelic while she stood tall over me.
  989. If it weren't for the powerful charm on my room, the entire castle would have heard me screaming bloody murder when I saw her.
  991. "Why do you hound me? Why won't you leave me alone?"
  993. "When we were students, I always stood by you. Why would I not do the same now? Even with everything that happened between us, I don't hold any hate, ill will, resentment or contempt in my heart for you. The mark above your heart says it all and I mean it when I say to you, Emily, that I love you. I stood by you as students and I'll be there to greet you on the other side, come the day."
  995. As she vanished, I felt my eyesight blur as tears flowed down me face. Am I crying? Am I sad?
  997. Somehow, through the tears, I managed to whisper the name eternally tattooed upon my heart. "Missy."
  999. Chapter 5
  1001. The Next day, 9:00 P.M., Teachers Lounge
  1003. (Normal POV for now)
  1005. Harry, Ron, Hermione and Emily took their seats outside the room where their inquisitions would take place. They were all pissed that they had to do this. As Harry was about to say something, Ron said, "Hey, Sirius and Bill!"
  1007. They all looked up to see Sirius Black and Bill Wallace enter the room. They were wearing their SoA Cuts just to spite the Ministry.
  1009. They all gave them a hug, save for Emily, who looked Bill in the eye and said, "Wallace."
  1011. "O'Neal." he replied with false curt in his voice.
  1013. "What are you two doing here?" asked Harry as he ceased the hug between him and his Godfather.
  1015. "They are here because they are going to be questioned as well. I believed it would save the Ministry valuable time to interview you all at one location. But I do recall, however, asking you two not to wear that accursed Reaper when you came here." said Umbridge as she entered the room.
  1017. Bill walked up to Umbridge and said, "Ye can take your request, and shove it up your limey, toad arse." before blowing a puff of smoke from his cigar in her face.
  1019. Tonks and Dawlish entered the room and Sirius greeted the young woman warmly. "Hey, Tonks!"
  1021. "Wotcher, Sirius. Same to the rest of you lot." she replied as she gave them each a hug. She looked at Emily and said, "Didn't expect to see you here."
  1023. "Wish I could say the same for ye. How's Teddy?"
  1025. "Doing well. He'll be coming to Hogwarts next year." she replied.
  1027. Umbridge cleared her throat and said, "I believe we need to start with the questioning. Mr. Potter, you are first."
  1029. Harry glared at the toad woman and walked into the room, with them.
  1031. (Harry's POV)
  1033. As much as I'd love to pay that bitch back for making 5th year and my days as an Auror hell, I can't. Tonks and Dawlish would be witnesses to it.
  1035. I sat down in the chair and allowed them to pour three drops of Veritaserum into my mouth. I felt the potion's numbing sensation take effect and I wanted nothing more then to sit back and relax right then and there.
  1037. "What is your full name?" asked Dawlish.
  1039. "Harry James Potter." I replied.
  1041. "Did you have anything to do with the attack on the village?"
  1043. "No."
  1045. "Where were you when the attack occurred?" asked Umbitch.
  1047. "I was in bed, making love to my wife."
  1049. "Do you know anything that may help bring the ones responsible to justice?" asked Tonks.
  1051. "No."
  1053. "Did Sirius talk you out of throwing away a career as an Auror for a life of crime as a Son?" asked Dawlish. I saw Tonks give him a nasty look.
  1055. "No. I chose to Prospect for SAMDON of my own choice"
  1057. "Would your parents be ashamed of what you've become?" asked Umbitch.
  1059. "What the bloody hell does that have to do with this case?" demanded Tonks.
  1061. "Nymphadora, you will remain silent, unless you wish to start looking for a new career." said Umbridge. It took everything in Tonks to keep from strangling the old crone and keep her composure.
  1063. "No. They would not." I said.
  1065. "Did you really kill the Dark Lord with a Muggle Firearm?"
  1067. "Yes."
  1069. "Can you prove this?"
  1071. "Yes. I have Pensieve memories of it."
  1073. "Did you join sides with SAMDON as a step to become the next Dark Lord?"
  1075. "No. I have no aspirations or ideas of becoming a Dark Lord."
  1077. "Final question. What is your opinion of the current Ministry?" asked Umbitch.
  1079. I cleared my throat and mind and proceeded to tell her exactly what I thought.
  1081. "They are a lot of beaurocratic cowards who hide behind their rigid laws and propaganda to deny the existence of any threat and then persecute those who protect the wizarding world. I did not become a Son to topple the Ministry, Hogwarts or any institution within the wizarding community. I made every attempt to make sure that my membership as a Son wouldn't cross paths with my career as an Auror. The Ministry forced me to choose between being an Auror and being a Son. I made my decision. I stand by it. I don't regret it for one moment. By the way, contrary to what you may have read in the article, I did not spit upon the Ministry's seal. I dropped my trousers and pissed on it."
  1083. With that, I gave Umbitch the bird and left.
  1085. As I went out, I told Ron, "Your next."
  1087. (Ron's POV)
  1089. I took my seat and they gave me the Veritaserum. If it wasn't for the seriousness of the matter, I'd probably love the numbing sensation it gave me.
  1091. "What is your name?" asked Tonks.
  1093. "Ronald Billius Weasley" I replied.
  1095. "Did you have anything to do with the attack on the village?" asked Dawlish.
  1097. "No."
  1099. "Where were you when the village was attacked?" asked Umbitch. Lord above, I'd love to kick her limey arse.
  1101. "I was sneaking to the kitchen for a Midnight Feast." I replied.
  1103. "Do you know anything that may help bring the ones responsible to justice?" asked Tonks.
  1105. "No."
  1107. That was when Umbitch started getting into personal questions.
  1109. "Did you join SAMDON to pull your family out of poverty?" she asked, with Tonks giving her an evil glare.
  1111. "My family lived by strained means. I joined the Sons before even thinking about whether or not it could earn enough to give my family a better living." I replied.
  1113. "Did your parents disown you, Fred and George for joining SAMDON?"
  1115. "No, they have not. My parents, sister and brothers have not disowned me, Fred or George."
  1117. "Are you aware of Mrs. Longbottom's lies in the Quibbler about a new Dark Lord or Lady on the rise?"
  1119. "I have heard whispers. Yes, I have read the article published in the Quibbler and I know that Luna Lovegood-Longbottom does not have the guile in her to lie. I have not known her to have any cause to lie." I replied, relishing the look on her face.
  1121. "Final question. What is your opinion of the current Ministry?"
  1123. Time to give this bitch a piece of my mind.
  1125. "They are a bunch of spineless blowhards that couldn't stand a free-thinking Auror that stands up for himself rather than just following orders. They professed the age restriction on the Tri-Wizard Tournament for their safety, not for the students participating in it. I do not regret turning in my Auror badge for my SoA leather. I also didn't have a problem joining Harry as we both told the Ministry to piss off'. And now, I shall bid you, Umbridge, a happy 'go to hell'."
  1127. I then left and said, "You're up, Hermione."
  1129. (Hermione's POV)
  1131. After they had given me the Veritaserum, Dawlish asked, "What's your name?"
  1133. "Hermione Jean Potter" I replied. I can't believe that Umbridge, even after she was caught with known Death Eaters in something illegal, managed to keep her job. That just shows how corrupt our Ministry is.
  1135. "Did you have anything to do with the attack on the village?" asked Tonks.
  1137. "No."
  1139. "Where were you when the village was attacked?" asked Umbridge.
  1141. "In bed, making love to my husband." I said, remembering the pervious night well.
  1143. "Do you know anything that may help bring the ones responsible to justice?" asked Tonks.
  1145. "No." I said. Then she started getting personal and my hate for her grew. I wish Tonks would just say 'Screw it' and start pounding the shite out of her.
  1147. "What would you have become before you married an Outlaw Biker?"
  1149. "I imagine that I would have become the first woman to become the Minister of Magic. Then they would have thrown me out after a year because I would not play ball with their politics." I replied.
  1151. "Have your sons showed any interest in becoming Sons when they grow up?" she asked. How dare she ask about my children?
  1153. "They have shown appreciation for the life my husband and I have chosen for ourselves, but to date, neither James or Albus have asked to Prospect...yet." I replied. I really did hope they became Sons one day.
  1155. "Did your parents ever find out about your marriage?" Ah, I remember the looks on their faces well. They were really happy for me.
  1157. "Yes"
  1159. "What have you become as result of your marriage?"
  1161. "A wife to the one she loves and a mother to three children that I hold close to my heart."
  1163. "Does Headmistress McGonagall have any ties with the Sons of Anarchy?" Oh, now she's done it. She not only questions me about my personal life, she also demands information about my boss' life?
  1165. "She has a grandson, Filip Telford, who currently is the National Vice President of SAMCRO, which is the Mother Charter for the Sons of Anarchy in America. Before you ask, yes, he is a wizard."
  1167. "Did you assault me the day the Dark Lord was killed?" Oh I remember it well. Whenever I feel pissed at her, I just think about that moment.
  1169. "Yes."
  1171. "Final question. What is your opinion of the current Ministry?"
  1173. "Apart from Tonks and several others, you are all cretins for trying to destroy my family, my husband and myself just to hide your bumbling incompetence. I chose to stand by Ron and Harry in our tenure as students because of our love and friendship for each other. I married Harry because I love him. We built a family together. A family you are trying to destroy because my husband and Ron wouldn't buy into your antics. I would sooner stand by them as outlaws rather than to stand by you. Furthermore, when Harry came home and told me what he did, I happily shagged him. Oh, by the way, I didn't have surgery done. These huge, perky breasts of mine are real. Now I shall take my leave so I may take my husband off for a post-inquisition shag. While I'm riding him like a Hippogriff and he's screaming my name, I hope that one day, Umbridge, you get a Dementor's kiss."
  1175. I had not reached the door when Umbridge shouted, "Auror Tonks, Mrs. Potter has confessed to attacking me. I order you to have her arrested and sent to..."
  1177. "I will do no such thing, you toad-sucking twat!" Tonks said, raising her wand to Umbridge's face as if she were holding a loaded gun. "Mrs. Potter was called for questioning in the attack which claimed lives, nothing else. If anyone will be arrested, it will be the ones who ransacked the village. From the looks of it, all she gave you was a punch to your beak 7 years ago. Unfortunately, you can still breathe and you're on your two feet. Get over it. If given the choice between a tyrannical twat like you or a witch who stands her ground like Mrs. Potter, it's not even a question. I would stand with her."
  1179. "By that insolent statement, Nymphadora, you have no right to call yourself an Auror for the Ministry of Magic." By this time, Tonks' eyes turned blood red with unbridled rage.
  1181. "When I return, I'll be more than happy to hand in my badge if it comes to it. Until then, I will continue to supervise all the inquisitions and you will not interfere with my duties, Dolores Umbridge."
  1183. Turning to me, Tonks hugged me as a friend. "Before you and Harry go running off for a shag, call in the half-Banshee O'Neal. I'm sure she would not mind giving Umbridge an earful."
  1185. Feeling satisfied, I walked out and said, "Your turn Emily."
  1187. (Emily)
  1189. If it wasn't for my vow and if looks could kill, Umbridge would be six feet under just from the death glare I was giving her as they gave me the truth serum. But alas, 'tis not her time yet.
  1191. 'Her day will come.' my Inner Banshee reassured me.
  1193. 'Ye got that right, mum.' I replied.
  1195. I got to say though, I've heard that Veritaserum makes the body numb. Until now, I had been wondering if it could make a numb person feel. I guess not.
  1197. "What's your name?" asked Dawlish.
  1199. "Emily O'Neal." I replied, letting the potion take affect.
  1201. "Did you have anything to do with the attack on the village?" asked Tonks.
  1203. "No." I suppose if I liked any Auror, it would be Tonks. I've never held ill feelings towards her, even after she left me to be arrested. Then again, I don't feel anything anyways. Oh well.
  1205. "Where were you when the village was attacked?" asked Umbridge.
  1207. "I was roaming the halls of Hogwarts because I couldn't sleep." I replied. Missy had been haunting me that night and I felt a walk would help me get some sleep.
  1209. "Do you know anything that may help bring the ones responsible to justice?" asked Tonks.
  1211. "Aside from looking at Umbitch over there, I'd recommend looking at the 7 Death Eaters still alive and free today and question them."
  1213. As I said that, I cast another evil glare at Umbridge. Little did she know that my 5 cats, Bones, Ghost, Banshee, Spirit and Rocky, were sneaking up on her from behind. That gave me sadistic pleasure as I knew what they were going to do. It also made her personal questions bearable.
  1215. "Why did you join the Dark Lord?"
  1217. "I was drawn in by the opportunity to cause as much chaos and general mayhem as I could." I replied. I couldn't lie. Those were my motives.
  1219. "What made you leave?"
  1221. I thought about it and replied, "At first, I left to get out of Azkaban. I later renounced my membership of the Death Eaters when I found out that the Scaly Bastard murdered my mother."
  1223. "Why did you choose to work in Hogwarts as a teacher?"
  1225. "I was bored and because it was the only place that would hire me."
  1227. "How many people have you killed in your life?"
  1229. "182."
  1231. "Have you ever tortured somebody with the Cruciatus Curse?"
  1233. "That's a stupid question, even for you, Umbitch, but yes." I replied. That's the sole reason I got shipped to Azkaban.
  1235. "How many?"
  1237. "800."
  1239. "Can you confirm that Harry Potter killed Voldemort as he said he did? If so, how?"
  1241. "Yes. Pensieve memories."
  1243. "Would your mother be proud of the way of life you have taken?"
  1245. My Inner Banshee said to me, 'Yes Emily. If I was still alive today, I'd be proud of ye."
  1247. 'Thanks Mum.' I replied. I then answered, "Yes."
  1249. "Did you have a close relationship with your mother before she died?" As the words left her mouth, I knew that she had just crossed a line.
  1251. I stood up in an instant and yelled, "Listen here, ye vile woman! I never had a real relationship with me Mum, all because of your psychopathic Jackass, motherficken, son of a bitch of a boss! I was 5 years old when she was killed! I wasn't old enough to have a relationship with her!"
  1253. "Ms. O'Neal, if you have another outburst like that, I will arrest you for assault." she said.
  1255. As I sat back down, me Mums wild side said, 'Good job Em.'
  1257. 'Thanks.'
  1259. "What is your opinion of the current Ministry?"
  1261. "The lot of ye are a bunch of cowardly bastards and scumbags, with a few exceptions. No offense, Tonks." I replied.
  1263. "Do you regret any of your kills?"
  1265. "I do not know if I do or not." I replied.
  1267. "Final question. Have you ever felt anything for another human being?"
  1269. I knew the answer to that right away. There was only one human being I had ever felt anything for.
  1271. "Yes. I have felt love for one person. She was Christine 'Missy' Callahan. Now, I will bid ye all adieu. Oh, by the way, Umbitch, let's see how ye like my cats' present for ye." I replied with an evil grin.
  1273. In the blink of an eye, my cats had ganged up on her and were scratching, biting and clawing her wrists before she could do anything. I knew by the damage they had done, she'd ne'er be able to hold a wand properly again.
  1275. "Tonks, who would ye like next?" I asked with fake politeness.
  1277. "Send in Bill." she replied with a smile as she watched my precious cats use Umbridge as a scratching post and chew toy.
  1279. (Bill's POV)
  1281. Good lord, I hate Veritaserum. I hope to the good Lord above that I'm never interrogated over the Club's activities under it.
  1283. Those were my thoughts as me body went numb from the potion.
  1285. "What's your name?" asked Dawlish.
  1287. "William 'Bill' Wallace." I replied.
  1289. "Did you have anything to do with the attack on the village?" asked Tonks.
  1291. "No." I replied.
  1293. "Where were you and the Members of SAMDON when the village was attacked?" asked Umbridge. I couldn't help but notice that she was clawed and chewed up, indicating that she was attacked by 5 cats. Not bad, O'Neal. Not bad.
  1295. "We were at the clubhouse, resting because we had just gotten back from a run."
  1297. "Do you know anything that may help bring the ones responsible to justice?" asked Tonks.
  1299. "No." That was when Umbridge, despite being attacked by black cats, got into me personal life.
  1301. "Did you ever want to become a Death Eater?" she asked. I was extremely insulted. How dare she ask me that!
  1303. "Not just no, but Hell No!" I replied.
  1305. Ignoring my pervious comment, she asked, "Did you become a Son to serve as a substitute for not being one?"
  1307. "No. I joined the SoA because I love motorcycles and brotherhood."
  1309. "Have you taught your children the Dark Art of Necromancy?"
  1311. "Aye." I replied. Personally, I was itching to demonstrate to her just what a Necromancer could do right now.
  1313. "Have you ever killed anyone?"
  1315. "Aye."
  1317. "Were you responsible for the deaths of Rodolphus and Rabastan Lestrange?"
  1319. "Why? Miss your shag buddies? Yes." I said with a smile.
  1321. "Why did you kill them?"
  1323. "Those Bastards murdered my first wife, Grace McGee, and my children in their sleep." I said.
  1325. "Final question. What is your opinion of the current Ministry?"
  1327. "Ye politicians can go to hell. I hate politics and I hate the ministry for thinking I'm going to be a Dark Lord. No offense, Tonks."
  1329. As I got up, I looked at Umbridge, silently daring her to say one more thing against me, the club or my dead wife. Umbridge did not say one word.
  1331. "No snippy retort? What happened? Cat got your tongue?"
  1333. As I said that, I laughed the biggest laugh I've had in a long time and went back out.
  1335. "You're up, Sirius. I'll meet ye at our Harleys." I said.
  1337. (Sirius' POV)
  1339. My body went numb when they gave me the Truth potion. This was the second time I've had to take it. The first time was when my name was cleared. I looked over at Umbridge and almost laughed at the sight of her. Good job, Emily.
  1341. "What's your name?" asked Tonks.
  1343. "Sirius Orion Black." I replied.
  1345. "Did you have anything to do with the attack on the village?" asked Dawlish.
  1347. "No."
  1349. "Where were you and the Members of SAMDON when the village was attacked?" asked Umbridge. If it weren't for the potion, I'd probably tell her to stick it.
  1351. "We were at the clubhouse, resting because we had just gotten back from a run." I replied.
  1353. "Do you know anything that may help bring the ones responsible to justice?" asked Tonks.
  1355. "Aside from Umbridge, I'd look at the 7 Death Eaters alive today." I replied. That's when Umbridge took over.
  1357. "Are you, or have you ever been, a Death Eater?" Now she was just piss me off.
  1359. "Hell no."
  1361. "Did you talk Harry Potter and Ronald Weasley to throw away their futures to become Sons?"
  1363. "No. They joined of their own free will." I replied.
  1365. "Do any members of your family still hold you in high regard?" Oh shite. It was a good thing she didn't ask me which members held me in high regard, because if she had, Tonks, SAMDON, Kingsly, SAMYORK, and I would be in deep
  1367. shite.
  1369. "Yes."
  1371. "What is your opinion of Hermione Granger marrying Harry Potter?"
  1373. "I say my godson got quite the catch. I support her marriage to him."
  1375. "Have you ever mentioned to either Harry or Hermione of allowing Albus and James to Prospect for SAMDON once they came of age?" Ok, now she was just getting desperate.
  1377. "No."
  1379. "Final question. What is your opinion of the current Ministry?"
  1381. "I hate politics and politicians. They wrongfully accused me of betraying my best friend and his wife along with killing 12 Muggles. They may have compensated me for the time I spent in Azkaban, but I will never get back the years of my life I lost in Azkaban. I will have nothing to do with those callous cretins. No offense, Tonks. Good bye. One last thing, I'm going to leave you the same gift Harry gave the Ministry before leaving on his Harley." I concluded, before turning into my dog form, walking up to her and pissed on her shoes before running off.
  1383. (Emily's POV)
  1385. My cats came into my room and I knew that Umbitch had paid. No one insults me Mum and gets away with it. Especially, a crony of the Bastard who killed her.
  1387. 'I'd say that went well, Em. I'm glad ye got payback.' my Inner Banshee said.
  1389. 'Same here. Ye know Mum, I can't help but thinking what me life would be like if ye were still alive?' I asked, my heart twisting up.
  1391. 'I'm sure you'd be a great girl if I was alive. Ye already are one and I'd love ye either way.' she replied, her words soothing me.
  1393. "Emily, even if ye mother were alive and ye had emotions, I'd still love you." said Missy's sweet voice.
  1395. I turned around and saw no one. I must be losing it. My heart continued to ache and I felt tears coming to my eyes. It will never end.
  1397. Chapter 6
  1399. Gryffindor Common Room, Friday, October 8th, 8:30 P.M.
  1401. (Alex's POV)
  1403. 'Man, Professor O'Neal is tough!' I thought to myself as I kicked back and looked my essay. She had assigned us all to write a page and a half essay over the minor curses and jinxes we had been lectured on today.
  1405. Since me and the others became Marauders, we have successfully Pranked a lot of the students in Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. In fact, we've actually became friends or should I say, acquaintances, with that master of mayhem himself, Peeves, the Poltergeist. Compared to him, we're amateurs.
  1407. I decided to see if Mum and Dad, and maybe Isabelle, were up and talk with them.
  1409. 'Mum, Dad, Isabelle, you there?' I asked through the mental link.
  1411. 'I'm here, Alex. What's up?" asked Dad.
  1413. 'Don't ya want to know how my day went?" I asked.
  1415. 'Sure.' he replied.
  1417. 'Well, me and a few other students have become Marauders and we've been on a pranking spree.' I replied.
  1419. 'You've lost me, kid. What exactly are Marauders?' he asked, with confusion in his voice.
  1421. 'We are a bunch of practical jokers who explore the halls of the school in all the places we are told not to go near with a 10ft pole. If it's off limits or prohibited, that's where we're going.'
  1423. 'That's cool. How's your sister been?'
  1425. 'She's been well, but she still is a bit sad for the victims of the attack on Diagon Alley last weekend.' I replied. To say that that attack was bad was an understatement. It was damn genocide. 80 men, women and children were brutally murdered.
  1427. 'She truly is your mother's daughter, Alex. Do your best to try and comfort her. Anyways, what exactly have you Marauders been up to?' he asked.
  1429. 'Well, so far we've managed to prank a lot of students in two other houses and we've explored about half of the castle.' I replied.
  1431. 'Not bad, son, but keep your eyes open and watch your back. I might not be wise when it comes to how safe your school is, but I do know that you should be careful. I love you both. Don't ever forget that, no matter how over paranoid I might seem.'
  1433. 'Thanks Dad.'
  1435. From the corner of my eye, I saw Professor Harry Potter coming up to me. 'Got to go, Dad. I'll talk to you and Mom later. Love ya.'
  1437. I broke off the mental link just as he asked me, "Have you seen Lilly? She didn't show up at dinner and I haven't seen her since 3 this afternoon."
  1439. As he asked that, I could tell that he was extremely concerned. Before I could reply, I just felt that something wasn't right. My gut was getting in a twist. That only happened if something happened to my sister. It did not dissipate, which made me worried about Isabelle.
  1441. "I haven't seen her." I replied. As he walked off, I tried using the mental link to talk with my sister.
  1443. 'Isabelle, where are you?' I asked. After several tries with no response, I knew something wasn't right. She always wears those rings and only takes them off when she's about to go to sleep.
  1445. Teacher's Lounge, 10:00 P.M.
  1447. (Emily's POV)
  1449. "Is there any reason we are sitting here instead of being in bed like good teachers should be?" I asked the Golden Trio as we all took our seats. They were the ones who called the meeting.
  1451. "Isabelle Trager, Grace Wallace and Lilly are not in their dorms and we can't find them. We've checked everywhere. They aren't in the castle." said Harry, with obvious concern in his voice.
  1453. Now it's came into my ballpark. It's my job to make sure that shite like this doesn't happen.
  1455. 'Ye think the ones behind the attacks are behind it?' my inner Banshee asked.
  1457. 'I can't be sure.' I replied before turning to Harry.
  1459. "Have any of the students said anything?" I asked.
  1461. "No. They haven't seen them since 3 this afternoon. Something is wrong." Said Ron.
  1463. I suddenly felt something warm come over me. I began worrying about if they were ok. I'm worrying about another person? When did that happen?
  1465. "What if they were abducted?" asked Snape.
  1467. As he said that, Harry, Ron and Hermione's faces turned murderous. Harry was the first to speak.
  1469. "If my daughter is harmed in anyway, I will rip them apart, one limb at a time!"
  1471. Suddenly, Hagrid ran into the room and yelled, "I just saw 5 guys carrying them into the Forest."
  1473. Instantly, I saw the Trio's eyes glaze over in rage. "I'll kill the Basterds!" yelled Harry as he stood up.
  1475. "Don't be so quick to kill 'em." Hermione said to both Ron and her husband. "If these hooligans have anything to do with the attack at Diagon Alley or the village, we will have to get all the information that we can out of them while they are alive enough to talk. We won't get answers from a pile of severed limbs."
  1477. "I'll contact Bill and have him rendezvous with you at the Forbidden Forest." replied Minerva, instantly getting an urgent message to SAMDON as the Trio, Hagrid and I prepared to go on the warpath.
  1479. Me, Ron, Harry and Hermione stood up and followed Hagrid to the forest, ready for a fight. These 5 bastards have no idea whom they've just pissed off.
  1481. Hagrids Hut, 15 minutes later
  1483. (Emily's POV)
  1485. We arrived at the Hut and saw Bill and Sirius standing there by their Harleys. I guess they modified them to fly, but that's not important right now. We've got girls to save.
  1487. "Where are they?" demanded Bill as he fingered his wand and his gun.
  1489. "They went into the Forest. Despite how much you want to, don't be so quick to kill them. We need to get information out of them!" yelled Harry. As we were about to head into the forest, I heard, "The Bloody Hell are you doing here?"
  1491. We turned around to see Andromeda Tonks and, much to my surprise, Bellatrix. Bellatrix had her wand pointed directly at me.
  1493. "Oh, skull and crossbones! Did anyone see you cross the pond?"
  1495. "Don't shite yourself, Sirius. I wasn't spotted. Andromeda helped me get past the trackers and immigration agents."
  1497. I looked right at her and said, "Ye know, after what happened years ago, I thought ye would've stayed in sunny California."
  1499. "A mother's love will make one do a lot of things, even run risks like this. Don't you agree, Dromeda?" Bellatrix said off handedly before she said, "You now have exactly 5 seconds to explain before I do to you what I did to the Longbottoms."
  1501. I smirked at that and replied, "Long story short: I work at Hogwarts. I made the Unbreakable Vow to never kill except in self defense. No longer a Death Eater cause Voldemort killed my mother. End of story. When we get the girls back, you can grill me to your heart's content. Until then, we have damsels in distress to rescue and hooligans to catch. Standing around yammering and lolly-gagging won't help one bit."
  1503. "Hagrid, if you find the girls before we do, get them back to Hogwarts straight away." Andromeda told the Gamekeeper before they disappeared into the Forbidden Forest.
  1505. Within 20 minutes, we began hearing voices.
  1507. "She looks just like Bellatrix, you know." said a Scottish voice. I recognized it as Avery's. Oh, revenge will be sweet.
  1509. "Too bad she was a traitor. She'd probably be flattered at this youngling bearing such a likeness." said another. As he said that, I began getting Omens of Death. Yes, all of them will be meeting their ends tonight, but one will survive long enough to let us question him.
  1511. "Oh well. 'La Regina Scura' will be pleased that we got 'em right under McGonagall's nose too!" said Avery. As he said that, a gunshot rang out.
  1513. I looked from behind the tree and saw a wound in his throat before he toppled over dead, bleeding out profusely. I turned around to see Ron holding a smoking Glock 17.
  1515. The remaining four looked at us and the fight began.
  1517. Since it was in defense of others, I cast a silencing charm on the others ears and let out a piercing Banshee Wail, killing one of them and freeing the girls, who were unconscious.
  1519. Bill brought from the bowls of the earth the skeleton of an owl that knocked one of them out with a strong strike to the temple.
  1521. Harry was stuck between two of them, their wands drawn at him from opposing sides and hidden from each other's sight. Just as they cast the Killing Curse, he ducked just in time for each of the two curses to hit their opposite opponent.
  1523. As Hermione and Andromeda were checking on the girls, one of them tried to ambush the two witches before a voice yelled, "Reducto!"
  1525. As the man was slammed into a tree and killed by the impact, we all looked up to see Bellatrix standing behind him with a smoking wand in hand. "I still got it."
  1527. As she said that, Harry lunged at the man Bill had knocked out, only to be restrained by Hagrid and Ron.
  1529. "Easy 'Arry. We got to question him first." said Hagrid as Bill and Bellatrix grabbed the man and we dragged him to Hagrid's hut.
  1531. As Hermione bound him with ropes and chains from her wand, Andromeda pulled out a vial of Veritaserum, poured three drops into the man's mouth and used the reviving charm on him.
  1533. As he woke up, Ron, trying to keep his temper under control, asked, "What's your name?"
  1535. "Michael Allen." he replied in a monotone, showing that the potion was working.
  1537. "Why did you come here tonight?" asked Bill, trying his best not to shoot the man in the nuts for kidnaping his daughter. Bellatrix and Harry were equally fighting the urge to shoot a bullet or a curse at Allen.
  1539. "Me and four others came to kidnap some students." he said.
  1541. "Why the Hell did you choose our daughters?" demanded Bellatrix. I knew that she hadn't cast the Torture curse in a long time and was itching to use it.
  1543. "My Master said that we needed to show McGonagall that not even Hogwarts was safe." he replied.
  1545. "Did you do anything to hurt them, aside from knocking them out?" asked Hermione.
  1547. "No."
  1549. "Were you and your buddies a part of the attack on Diagon Alley and the village?" asked Hagrid.
  1551. "Yes."
  1553. "Who's your Master?" I asked.
  1555. "I don't have a name, only an alias the higher ups called her."
  1557. "What did they call her?" Hermione asked.
  1559. "The called her 'La Regina Scura'." he finished.
  1561. Before anyone could do anything, Bill shot the man in the head. Good for him.
  1563. "Damn it Bill! He could have at least stood trial!" yelled Hagrid.
  1565. "This bastard tried to kidnap our daughters. He lost the right to live when he did so." he said and with a flick of his wand, the body and evidence disappeared. "Right now, we have more pressing matters to deal with. We have to inform McGonagall to strengthen security around Hogwarts. I don't want a repeat of tonight's events."
  1567. "What's done is done. We need to go up and tell the Headmistress what happened as well as getting our daughters to the Hospital Wing." said Hermione. Smart girl.
  1569. As I was about to exit the hut with them, Andromeda and Bellatrix stepped in front of me.
  1571. "Not so fast, O'Neal." said Bellatrix, with an evil grin on her face. "I do believe that there is one last matter of business to attend to."
  1573. "What do you want, Bellatrix? If this is about me giving you that scar on your stomach, that was years ago." I told her.
  1575. "That's not what this is about. Trust me, if it was, I would have split you in half." said Bellatrix. "You said after we got our children back, we could grill you all we wanted to."
  1577. "So sit down!" yelled Andromeda as she pushed me onto Hagrid's comfy bed. Before Andromeda could use the Veritaserum, Hagrid stopped her.
  1579. "Hagrid, what are you doing?"
  1581. "Emily has been taking vows and drinking Veritaserum enough times than what should be allowed. I have seen how she has conducted herself in Hogwarts as a teacher. There is no reason for her to lie now. Whatever you want to ask, do so without any obligations or influences."
  1583. "Very well." Turning back to look at me, Andromeda and Bellatrix had their respective wands at the ready.
  1585. "Why did you help rescue our children?" asked Bellatrix.
  1587. "It's me job now to make sure that shite like this doesn't happen." I replied.
  1589. "How did you convince McGonagall to bring you on as a professor?" asked Andromeda.
  1591. "She needed a teacher. I had the requisite skills for the position. Upon our meeting, I plead my case before her, made the Unbreakable Vow and I got hired." I replied.
  1593. "Was she aware that you served Lord Voldemort?" asked Andromeda.
  1595. "I'm sure that I didn't have to say one word about it. One look at the now defunct Dark Mark on me arm was all it took."
  1597. "Are you a competent teacher?" asked Bellatrix.
  1599. "I learned from the best. Isn't that right, Bellatrix?" I said with a smile. "Who better to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts then a Dark Witch who's used most of what's taught in the class?"
  1601. "Does she know I'm still alive?" asked Bellatrix.
  1603. "Not officially for any record, but she's aware of it. Don't worry. She's promised to keep that matter in house." I replied, seeing her worried expression.
  1605. "Have you harmed my children in any way?" she demanded.
  1607. "No."
  1609. "When did you find out that Voldemort killed your mother?" asked Andromeda. My heart gave a slight ache at that and I replied, "I found out the day he was killed."
  1611. "Have you harmed or killed anyone since becoming a teacher at Hogwarts?" asked Bellatrix.
  1613. I tried not telling them about Malfoy's detention but replied so as to stay on the level with the two elder witches. "I gave Scorpius Malfoy a non-lethal Banshee scream for insulting my heritage and my mother. Before ye ask, he is alive and well. I cast the healing charm on him afterwards. You saw me kill that man in the Forrest. Other then that, no."
  1615. They seemed satisfied with that answer and Bellatrix asked, "I heard from my niece that Umbridge was chewed up and cut up by five of your best cats. Is that true?"
  1617. "Yes. Their claws and jaws helped to damage the tendons of her wrists, thus she can never properly hold a wand ever again." Leaning towards the two, I then asked, "Happy?"
  1619. "Yes." Bellatrix said.
  1621. "I'm going to get Bellatrix back to my home in Fleet Street so no one spots her." Andromeda said before giving a hug to Hagrid. After that, Andromeda and Bellatrix took their leave.
  1623. Looking up to the giant gameskeeper, I went up to him and hugged him. "Thank you, my friend."
  1625. "I'm glad to be called a friend of yours. Not many can claim such a title." Hagrid replied. "Have you paid a visit to her grave site in Dublin since the funeral?"
  1627. I broke out of the bear hug and said, "No. I haven't."
  1629. He looked at me and said, "I know ya can't feel emotions, Em, but you really ought to pay a visit. The two of you were such good friends."
  1631. I nodded and replied, "Aye, that we were. There was ne'er anyone like her before and there has not been anyone like her since."
  1633. As I spoke the words, Hagrid put up his walking stick and sat down. As he did, I noticed that he was groaning and rubbing his knees. He saw me staring and said, "Just a touch of soreness in my old age, that's all, Emily."
  1635. I felt a strange warmth pass over me. Without thinking, I asked, "Are you sure you're ok, Hagrid?"
  1637. "I'm fine, Emily. I'm fine. You should probably get going." he replied.
  1639. With that, I walked out of the hut to McGonagall's office to give my report of the incident.
  1641. The Next Day, 9:00 A.M.
  1643. (Tig's POV)
  1645. I watched as my daughter began to come to. When Bella came back to California and told me about 5 Bastards nearly kidnaping them, I demanded to see Isabelle so I could be sure she was alright. The Headmistress did something that made us invisible to any students who might see us.
  1647. Alex is probably going to blame himself for letting this happen. He'll probably think I blame him too. I don't. He wasn't the one who kidnapped my baby girl.
  1649. The Bastards who did this better be glad they're dead, because if they lived long enough to meet me, they would be begging for death.
  1651. The doors to the hospital ward opened and I saw two boys along with Alex, Harry, his Ol' Lady, Ron, Bill, his son, and a bitch I thought I'd never see again.
  1653. "What the hell are doing here?" I shouted at that bitch, Emily O'Neal as she stood behind Bill.
  1655. "Hello, Tig. Nice to see ye. You as well, Bellatrix. I work here. I'm sure Bellatrix explained it when she came and got ye. I have ne'er laid a hand on either of ye children." she said in a fake sing song voice.
  1657. I managed to keep my temper in check when I heard, "Mum, Dad, what are you doing here?"
  1659. I looked down and saw my daughter getting up. Without even thinking, me, Alex and Bella gave her the biggest hug we have ever given anyone. I looked over and saw Bill and his son giving their daughter one as well and Harry and his wife doing the same.
  1661. As we were all hugging our daughters, O'Neal spoke to our girls.
  1663. "If it's any consolation to ye, the ones who did this to ye are all dead."
  1665. Bellatrix walked up to her and said something I never thought she would say to an old enemy.
  1667. "Thank you, O'Neal, for helping us save my daughter's life."
  1669. The bitch said, "It was me job to do so. Tig, Bellatrix, the Headmistress told me to tell ye that the Wards have been lifted until 11. That should give ye enough time to spend with your daughter. Be sure you're back in Fleet Street before then."
  1671. She then turned to me and said, "Say 'ello to Kozik for me, will ye?"
  1673. I replied, "Sure. There is just one last thing I would like you to know before my old lady and I get back to the States, Emily."
  1675. "What might that be, Tiggy?"
  1677. "If you even think of harming my son or daughter, I'll make what Danny did to your former boss look like a jolly ol' tea party."
  1679. She smiled and said, "I wouldn't expect anything less from ye, Tig."
  1681. Before she reached the door, Emily said something so terrifyingly familiar that it sent a chill down my spine.
  1683. "I loved her too."
  1685. Disclaimer: I still own nothing.
  1687. Shout outs: I'd like to thank El Chacal for helping me write this fic. I'd also like to thank Gamma Orionis for her advice. You also need to thank my Blonde, Feisty, Half Banshee Muse for helping me. Also, this story will include some scenes from El Chacal's companion piece for Caught In The Rain. His piece is called Irish Bliss.
  1689. Chapter 7
  1691. Emily's Office, Thursday, October 30th, 2016, 11:55 P.M.
  1693. (Emily's POV)
  1695. 'Ye have to admit, those girls have certainly improved after the incident.' my Inner Banshee said as I stared at the clock with my cats sleeping on my lap.
  1697. 'Ye are right. To think that it only took a near abduction to push them to learn this much in so little time.' I replied. Ever since they were out of the hospital, I've noticed that Lily, Grace and Isabelle have been spending every spare moment they have in the library and in spare classrooms, learning defensive spells in addition to the ones I've taught them in class.
  1699. 'True. So, ye think anything will happen this Halloween?' she asked.
  1701. 'Aside from me turning 41, probably. It is the most haunted day of the year.' I replied with a smile. In less then 5 minutes, I'd be 41. Apart from that, I knew instinctively to be aware. Something wicked would happen tomorrow. Ever since the day Voldemort was first defeated by Harry in 1981, strange and wicked stuff has happened at Hogwarts on Halloween. Even after he was killed, it continued.
  1703. Personally, I hope that something does happen.
  1705. 'So, what do ye have planned for your 41st?' she asked.
  1707. 'Planning on teaching them about the Basilisk. I feel it would be fitting to pay tribute the creature who gave me the core to me wand.' I replied, twirling it in me hands. It was 13 inches, Black ash and Basilisk Fang. I've had it ever since I went shopping in the Belfast equivalent of Diagon Alley when I received me letter. It's served me extremely well over the years and for that, I feel I need to repay the creature who gave it to me.
  1709. I looked up and saw it was 10 seconds to midnight. Soon, I'll be, as the young folks say, over the hill. Soon, the clock struck midnight and the bell had tolled. I was now 41. Good for me.
  1711. 'Happy Birthday, Emily.' me Mum said to me.
  1713. 'Thank ye, Mum. And a Happy Halloween to ye.' I replied.
  1715. 'Ye are most welcome. I love ye.' she said before going to sleep.
  1717. 9:00 A.M., DADA
  1719. (Normal POV)
  1721. "Good morning, class. Today, we will be discussing the King of Serpents, The Basilisk." said Professor O'Neal as the lights went out, revealing a large picture of a Basilisk on the chalkboard. The giant snake in the photo was asleep on a grassy hill at night.
  1723. "Of all the snakes found in our world, the Basilisk is the most feared and the most dangerous. Capable of reaching over 50 feet long, it's body can be as large as an Oak tree. The potency of a Basilisk's toxic venom is such that it can kill in less then a minute. This is the predominant reason why there is no known antidote. You would be dead before the antidote could save you. Thus there would be no point in making one." she continued, grinning at how she was making them squirm at the description of it with such reverence.
  1725. "Apart from the venom, the Basilisk knows more than one way to kill ye. If ye were to look directly into it's beautiful, yellow eyes, ye would be killed instantly. However, if ye look through something into their eyes as opposed to looking directly into them, you would only be petrified. Any questions?" she asked.
  1727. James' hand went up.
  1729. "Yes, Mr. Potter." she replied.
  1731. "I've heard that Phoenix Tears, if applied directly to a bite, can heal the would instantly and purge the Basilisk venom from the victim. Is this true?" he asked.
  1733. She thought for a moment and said, "You are correct. Phoenix tears are the only known cure for the venom; however, a phoenix is a very rare animal. They also cry rarely, therefore Phoenix tears are not easily available. Because they are hardly around when a person is bitten, it is not considered to be a all-time cure. Any other questions?"
  1735. Lilly's hand went up.
  1737. "Yes, Ms. Potter."
  1739. "I've heard that the Chamber of Secrets once housed a Basilisk. Is this true?" she asked.
  1741. "You are indeed correct. Salazar Slytherin made the Chamber of Secrets to house his Basilisk. Fortunately, it is long dead, thanks to our own Professor Harry Potter. Now, are there any other questions?"
  1743. No hands went up. She continued, "However, just because they are the most deadly of snakes, doesn't mean they can't be useful. Their fangs and venom can used as wand cores, but assuming all of ye got your wands at Olivanders, ye wouldn't know this."
  1745. She continued lecturing on about the various magical properties that the parts of the snake could be used for, Alex and Bill, wanting to play a trick on her, raised their wands under their desks and muttered, "Engorgio."
  1747. Without warning two of her cats, Ghost and Bones, were instantly enlarged to be 5ft tall. She turned around to see her 'Kittens' one inch below her.
  1749. She cast the counter spell before turning her eyes towards Alex and Bill. "Mr. Trager and Mr. Wallace, detention, tonight, 9:00 P.M."
  1751. The two guilty parties looked incredibly at her when she crooned, "I have excellent hearing, remember?"
  1753. Before they could say or do anything, she walked up to them and whispered in their ears, "Just be thankful that what ye did was only temporary. If it had been permanent, ye both would know the true meaning of fear."
  1755. Library, 4:00 P.M.
  1757. (Alex's POV)
  1759. "What did you want to show us, Bill?" I asked as me, Amos, James and Albus took our seats. Bill, after we had gotten out of our last class for the day, had told us to meet him at the library, because he had something he wanted to show us.
  1761. "Alright, remember that day in the Hospital Wing when Professor O'Neal told your dad 'I loved her too.'? That's been on me mind ever since. So I decided to check the school records for when she went to school. This is what I found." He replied as he laid out several photos on the desk.
  1763. The photos were of Professor O'Neal when she was in school. In most of them, she was dressed in Quidditch robes, during practice and at post match celebrations. Apparently she used to be Slytherin's Chaser.
  1765. "It appears that Professor O'Neal was quite the Quidditch player in her day. One of Slytherin's most celebrated Chasers, she was."
  1767. As we studied them, we noticed that she was only smiling in only several of them. In one of those few pictures, Professor O'Neal was hugging a taller woman with dark black hair. They were all taken after a match and she was smiling widely, even when her team had lost.
  1769. In another photo, she was hugging the same woman on her graduation day. It was the happiest we had ever seen her when she wasn't scaring the shit out of us.
  1771. We quickly realized this was the woman she had 'Loved too'. But who was she? And why did my dad love her as well? Wasn't he married to Mom? And what did Uncle Kozik have to do with it?
  1773. "Ok. That's the person Professor O'Neal was talking about. But who is she?" asked James.
  1775. "I don't know. I looked everywhere and I couldn't find out who she was. From what I saw on his face, it looks like your dad knew this woman." replied Bill.
  1777. "Was there a name mentioned? A nickname?" asked Amos.
  1779. "No. That's why it's so hard to find out about her. The only other way to find out who this mysterious woman was is to ask Professor O'Neal herself. Right now, we are not exactly in her good graces. We have to see her tonight for detention." I said, glancing over to Bill.
  1781. "Would our parents know about Missy?" Albus said, pointing between himself and James.
  1783. "If she was in Hogwarts while both Professor Potters were students, it's worth taking the chance in finding out."
  1785. "Alright. Albus, you go ask Dad. I'll go see Mum." said James. With that, Bill passed them two of the photos with the woman in it and we left.
  1787. Quidditch field, 4:15 P.M.
  1789. (Normal POV)
  1791. Harry was sitting on a bench polishing his Firebolt when Albus walked up to him.
  1793. "Hey Albus. What's up?" he asked, setting his Broom aside to listen to his son.
  1795. "Dad, I got a question for you." he asked nervously.
  1797. "Go on. What is it? You aren't in trouble, are you?" he asked.
  1799. "No. I was wondering if you knew who this was?" he asked, pulling out the photo and pointing toward the dark haired woman.
  1801. Harry took the photo and looked at it, recognition evident on his face. He handed it back to him and said, "Yeah. I know who that is. She graduated in my third year, along with Professor O'Neal."
  1803. "Who is she?" he asked.
  1805. "Her name was Christine Callahan, but she liked to be called Missy. Despite being sorted into the house of Slytherin, she was probably the kindest person, aside from your mother, that I've ever met." he replied.
  1807. "How did Alex and Bill's Dad's know her? And how did Professor O'Neal know her?" continued Albus.
  1809. Harry stared at his second child and asked, "This is about what she said in the Hospital Wing, isn't it?"
  1811. Albus nodded.
  1813. He sighed and explained as best he could with what he knew.
  1815. "Christine Callahan was Emily O'Neal's best friend, greatest rival and the only one who O'Neal ever loved. Whenever they walked together in the hallways, I thought the two Irish witches were halves of each other. Professor O'Neal once saved my life right here on the field. That was a surprise to everyone, especially for me. Until that day, I never thought a Slytherin would stick their neck out for me."
  1817. "She looks pretty." Albus said, looking at the tall brunette woman as she stood at the side of the petite Professor O'Neal.
  1819. "Yes, she was, Albus. I met her at a SAMDON party. She came with that blonde American Son, Kozik. That's how Bill's father met her as well."
  1821. "Where is she now, Dad?" Albus asked.
  1823. "She tragically passed away at the age of 26, protecting her fiancée."
  1825. Albus looked at his father's face as he asked, "Kozik?"
  1827. Harry nodded. "I don't know what happened to her or who did it. Only that I was there in Dublin for the funeral. Tig's wife and Piney had to keep the peace between Kozik and Tig during the whole thing. It didn't help that Tig and Kozik were the first two pall bearers."
  1829. "Did Professor O'Neal attend the funeral?"
  1831. Harry shook her head. "Your mother and I didn't see her anywhere. Even as they lowered the casket into the ground, O'Neal was nowhere to be found."
  1833. "What do you think happened to the two of them?" asked Albus.
  1835. Charms, the same moment
  1837. (Normal POV)
  1839. "If I had to guess, James, I'd say it would have to do with Professor O'Neal becoming a Death Eater. Add to the fact that Emily levitated her by her ankles during the 1994 Quidditch World Cup, I'd say that's why they had a falling out." replied Hermione to James, who had, unknowingly, asked the same question at the same time Albus did.
  1841. "I see."
  1843. "Does that answer your question, James?" she asked.
  1845. "Yes, Mum. Thank you." replied James as he left to go to the Common Room.
  1847. Emily's Office, 8:58 P.M.
  1849. (Emily's POV)
  1851. 'So, what do ye have planned for Trager Jr. and Wallace Jr.?" asked my Inner Banshee as I finished grading several essays.
  1853. 'Since they didn't do something as bad as Malfoy did, I'm just going to give them Lines. I will make them write 'I will not enchant Professor O'Neal's cats' for one hour.' I replied, grinning at how sore their hands were going to be.
  1855. 'That seems appropriate. You enjoying your 41st?' she asked as I poured a glass of Guinness and drank it in salute to myself for making it this far.
  1857. 'Oh yes, I am. So far, nothing bad has happened yet.' I replied as I heard a knock on the door.
  1859. 'Ye both can come in.' I yelled, as the two frightened boys entered the room, shocked at how homely it looked. I'm fairly certain they thought it was full of torture devices and the skulls of my victims lining the room. As cool as that would have been, the Headmistress tends to frown upon such decor.
  1861. "Ye both have earned an hour of detention for making me cats the size of a full grown tiger. Ye both will be doing lines." I told them.
  1863. "What are we to write, Professor?" asked Wallace Jr.
  1865. "Ye are to write 'I will not enchant Professor O'Neal's cats' for the hour. Ye may take your seats and get started." I said.
  1867. As they were about to, a Prefect cam into the room and said, "Professor O'Neal, please get to the Hospital Wing immediately. Madam Pomfrey needs to see you."
  1869. 'Ah, shite.' I said to myself. I turned to the two and said, "I have an urgent matter to attend to. Can I trust ye both to still be here when I get back?"
  1871. "Yes, Professor." they said in chorus.
  1873. "Good." I replied before leaving.
  1875. Within 30 minutes, I had reached the Hospital Wing to discover a gruesome sight. On 5 beds were my precious cats with bandages wrapped around their paws and mouths, minus their noses. The bandages were soaked in blood.
  1877. "What the flying Hell happened to them?" I demanded as Poppy came over to me.
  1879. "They were found like this in the 3rd floor corridor. No one knows what happened." she replied, holding my hand in a vain attempt to quiet my growing fury.
  1881. "Will they be alright?" I asked, my eyes blinded by tears of rage. I swear by all the fires of the black pit, whoever harmed my babies will learn the true meaning of suffering by the time I'm through. I might even fly in Danny Giving's himself to help me exact my vengeance.
  1883. "They will live. Don't fret yourself, Emily. They'll be back to their normal perky selves in no time." she replied.
  1885. "Be sure that they do." I said, before giving them all a 'get well soon' kiss and heading back to my classroom. As pissed off as I may be, I still need to oversee their detentions. Then again, I may be too mad to watch over them.
  1887. Emily's Office, 9:12 P.M.
  1889. (Normal POV)
  1891. "Ok, Bill, the coast is clear. Let's see what we can find out about this woman." said Alex as they got up from their desks and began walking around the rooms. It was nothing like they had thought it would look like. They thought it would be filled with various torture devices and thousands of human skulls lining the walls and chairs. Instead of that, it was lined with books, photos of her Mum and cats. The walls were full of various Irish Quidditch team posters.
  1893. After 5 minutes of searching, they couldn't find anything.
  1895. "Maybe we ought to go back to our lines before she comes back." Suggested Alex.
  1897. Bill was about to say something when he saw something on a shelf. It was large bowl full of water.
  1899. "I wonder what that is." he said, pointing at it.
  1901. "Let's check it out." replied Alex as they walked over.
  1903. They leaned over to see what it was and were suddenly pulled into it. It was almost like a dream.
  1905. Hogwarts, September 1st, 1987
  1907. They fell into the Great Hall during the Sorting. They were in front of a line of first years waiting to be placed in their Houses.
  1909. "Callahan, Christine." said a much younger Professor McGonagall from a list.
  1911. They saw a small, brunette girl walk up to the chair to be sorted.
  1913. As the hat was placed on her head, it said, "I see a kind heart and much courage in you, yet the ambition and cunning are evenly matched. I believe you would excel in… Slytherin!"
  1915. The Slytherins applauded as Christine took her seat at the table while Bill noticed the younger Emily O'Neal watching the brunette.
  1917. "I think I know where we are Alex. This is Professor O'Neal's memory, from when she was sorted." said Bill.
  1919. "O'Neal, Emily."
  1921. They watched as the Sorting Hat was placed on her head and as it spoke, "Interesting head you have, my dear. You don't feel fear or anything much for that matter. Yet, I can't help but notice that Irish eyes are smiling towards a certain table. I know exactly where to place you. Slytherin!"
  1923. The moment she heard that, Emily ran towards the Slytherin table and hugged the girl named Christine.
  1925. "Ok, Bill. We now have a name. Christine Callahan." said Alex.
  1927. Slytherin Common Room, May 20th, 1990
  1929. Before they could do anything, the scene before them changed and they landed in the Slytherin common room, where Emily was celebrating with Christine after winning the Quidditch cup for Slytherin. They danced some Irish jigs and embraced each other lovingly.
  1931. Emily smiled and laughed happily in a way that they never heard before as she and Christine danced together. Then one of the students that looked like Marcus Flint tried to cut in and push Emily out only to leave with a bloodied nose as Emily's right fist connected with his face.
  1933. "I guess it was too much to think you'd be a gentleman." Emily said. As she was about to stomp him into the carpet, the dark-haired woman wrapped her arms around Emily in a warm embrace.
  1935. "Do not get burned up by him, Emily. He's just jealous that you did what he couldn't." She said loud enough for Flint to hear. Leading her away, Christine looked over her shoulder.
  1937. Slytherin Common Room, November 18th, 1993
  1939. The scene changed and now the Common Room was empty except for Malfoy, Professor O'Neal and Christine.
  1941. Bill and Alex watched dumbfounded as Christine and O'Neal were kissing each other so provocatively in front of a person who looked like Scorpius Malfoy, who seemed close to passing out from the lack of blood in his head.
  1943. They talked about having a private bath in the Prefects Bath, giving him the password and leaving him to think about it.
  1945. Before they knew it, both of them were in the Prefects Bathroom as Christine was half naked from the waist up, teasing Malfoy. "Where's your friend, Missy?"
  1947. "Right behind ye." O'Neal said as she jumped him from behind. "Listen closely, ye little prick. I'm the only one allowed to call her Missy in this school."
  1949. She continued by saying, "I'm only going to give ye this warning one time: If ye ever speak ill of Harry Potter or Missy again like you did at the Quidditch game; death itself will be a relief in comparison to what I will do to you. I can guarantee ye, no one will ever find your body."
  1951. She then let out the infamous Banshee wail and made his ears bleed. Since it was all a memory, Alex and Bill didn't lose their hearing.
  1953. What happened next answered their questions about O'Neal's exclamation in the hospital wing.
  1955. Emily and Missy kissed each other before shedding their clothes until they were both naked.
  1957. "How long have you fantasized of this, Emily?" Christine breathed as O'Neal kissed the other woman's big breasts. "How many times have you wanted me like this?"
  1959. "Since the first day I met you, Missy." Emily said before they submerged themselves in the water and shagged each other senseless.
  1961. "I guess that explains her statement, Bill." said Alex while the young Scot was rendered spellbound and speechless at the sight of Emily and Missy's actions.
  1963. In the blink of an eye, they were transported to the Slytherin Common Room where Emily and Missy lay under the covers, wrapped in each other's arms. "I love you, Emily."
  1965. "I love you too, Missy." said Emily.
  1967. Before they could say anything more, they found themselves pulled out of the bowl of memories and standing in front of Professor O'Neal.
  1969. A pseudo smile decorated her face as she crooned, "Well, well, well. What do we have here? A couple of sneaks, that's what."
  1971. "Professor O'Neal, we are so sorry…" stammered Bill.
  1973. "What ye two just discovered was me Pensieve. It allows me to store me memories so I wouldn't have so much clutter in here." she explained, tapping her head with the tip of her wand languidly as she approached them until she was a few inches away from their pale faces.
  1975. "Ye know, it really is amazing what looking at other people's memories can tell ye about them." she asked in a whisper smiling like a shark. "Riddle me this: Curiosity killed the cat but what saves even the most curious of cats?"
  1977. "Satisfaction?"
  1979. Emily nodded. "Are you satisfied with what ye found?"
  1981. "Y…yes, Professor O'Neal." replied Alex.
  1983. "Are we in trouble?" asked Bill, already dreading the worst, thus both he and Alex were surprised at her response.
  1985. "No, ye aren't in trouble. I'm in a foul enough mood to give ye both a break. It's late. Go straight back to your common rooms. If you take anything from this detention worth remembering, let it be this: If ye both wish to know the full love of a woman when ye both come of age, I'd suggest not sneaking into my memories again." she replied.
  1987. With that, they left the room before darting off in a sprint. Looking into the pensieve, Emily saw Missy holding her in her arms.
  1989. "Emily, if you do, then keep this one memory alive, if nothing else." Missy said before kissing her friend lovingly. "I love you, Emily."
  1991. In the midst of it, Emily hummed the tune she played years ago. "What a world. What a life. I'm in love."
  1993. Emily waved her wand over the waters, causing the image to fade away.
  1995. Hospital Wing, November 12th, 2016, Thursday, Noon
  1997. (Emily's POV)
  1999. "Are my babies alright, Poppy?" I asked as I walked into the room. We had just had lunch and I wanted to check on them before I had to go to my classroom. As of now, I'm no closer to finding out who did this to them then I was when I
  2001. started.
  2003. "They are fine, Emily. In fact, they're ready to go back to your classroom now, if you wish, though I'd keep a close eye on them if I were you." she said with a warm smile.
  2005. "Good. What exactly were their injuries anyways?" I asked. I had been so mad that I hadn't thought to ask her about them.
  2007. "Someone declawed them and gave them the Glasgow Smile before pulling out all of their teeth. They are extremely lucky to be alive." she said, before I gathered them all up and held them close.
  2009. I whispered into their ears, "Mommy won't let anything happen to ye ever again. I promise."
  2011. I then looked at Poppy and said, "Thank ye so much."
  2013. "No worries." she replied before going to her office.
  2015. I can't wait to find out who did this to them. They will wish they never had messed with my cats. If you want to make me pissed off, a sure fire way to do so is to mess with my cats.
  2017. I then thought about was coming up this Saturday. It was the first Quidditch match of the year. It was Gryffindor Vs Slytherin. As much as I wanted me old house to win, I couldn't help but wonder how Trager Jr. and James would do against Bill Jr. and Malfoy Jr.
  2019. Walking back to me office, I noticed Albus, Amos, and several first years gathered around them. Amos was holding a suitcase and I could see two boxes in it. I immediately realized they were running a gambling circuit on the Quidditch game.
  2021. I grinned and snuck up on them and said, "Hello students. Whatcha doing?"
  2023. They turned around and I could see that their faces were paler then parchment. I love doing that.
  2025. "Professor O'Neal! We were just…" stammered Albus.
  2027. "Running an illegal gambling circuit on the Quidditch Match this Saturday." I finished with a grin. "Ye know, as a teacher, ye all would be in a deep stew for this."
  2029. "Please don't tell on us, Professor." begged Amos.
  2031. "Ye didn't let me finish. I'm in a good mood today, which is a good thing for the lot of ye. I'll make ye a deal. I won't turn you all in and I'll provide protection from being caught. In exchange for that big favor, I get 20 percent of all profits before anything is tabulated." I said.
  2033. They both huddled together and after a couple of minutes of talking, they turned around and said, "Deal."
  2035. "Good. I never saw this and I have no idea what you are doing. Goodbye." I replied before leaving. Now I need to speak with the Headmistress about editing the Vow I made to her so I can be allowed to hunt down the Bastards responsible for nearly killing me cats.
  2037. I dropped me cats off at my office to make sure they would be safe and sound. After placing an extremely powerful locking charm on the door, went to the Headmistress's office.
  2039. Headmistress's Office, 12:30 P.M.
  2041. (Normal POV)
  2043. Emily entered the office to find Headmistress McGonagall talking with a man in his early 50s with an SoA Cut on his back and a wool scarf wrapped around his neck but what made him extremely scary looking was the old scars on his face, running from ear to ear, forming an eerie, eternal smile.
  2045. As he turned around, Emily could read the patches on his cut. The patches on the front panels read 'V. President' 'Men of Mayhem' 'Redwood' and 'Original' while the one's on the sides of his cut read 'Sons of Anarchy' and 'SFFS'.
  2047. " 'ello Emily!" said the man as he extended his hand. Emily took his hand and shook it warmly. "Hey Chibs. How ya been?"
  2049. "Doing well." he replied. "I heard about what happened to your cats. I hope you find who did it."
  2051. Emily smiled and said, "Thank ye, Fillip."
  2053. "It would seem you already know my Grandson, Fillip 'Chibs' Telford. Now, what were you telling me before Emily came in, Fillip?" asked Professor McGonagall.
  2055. "Well, Tig and Bella want to know about setting up some sort of Live feed to the Clubhouse so SAMCRO can watch his Son's first Quidditch game. Is that possible?" he asked, his Scottish accent obvious.
  2057. "It could be, but you would need to speak with our Quidditch Instructor to make the necessary arrangements. I assume you have all the necessary equipment?" she asked.
  2059. "Aye, That I do. Is the Field is in the same place as it was when I was around?" he asked.
  2061. "Yes."
  2063. With that, he left the office, leaving McGonagall and Emily alone with only the portraits of the former Headmasters on the walls.
  2065. "Yes, Emily? Is this about your cats?" asked McGonagall. "How are they?"
  2067. "They are doing great and they all have made a full recovery. That's why I'm here. I need to ask a request of ye…" began Emily before Minerva cut her off.
  2069. "I assume you wish to modify the Vow so that you can hunt down the people responsible. Am I correct?"
  2071. "Aye. I want them to pay for what they did." she replied. "How can I just sit back and let this pass unanswered?"
  2073. "I'm sorry, Emily. I can not do that. If they attempt to kill you, you can kill them in anyway you see fit." she said.
  2075. "Headmistress…" she began before being cut off by Minerva's hand.
  2077. "That is final, Emily. Good day." she said, bringing the conversation to a halt.
  2079. "Thank you, Headmistress. Good day to you as well." Emily replied before leaving.
  2081. Emily's office, 11:00 P.M.
  2083. (Emily's POV)
  2085. 'Are your cats alright, Em?' asked me Mum's wild side as my 5 cats slept peacefully in me lap. I've missed their presence so much for the last 12 days. It's been murder on me about worrying about them.
  2087. 'Aye. They'll be ok. If not for that blasted Unbreakable Vow, I would be out there hunting whoever did this to them.' I replied, before looking down at them and saying, "I'm sorry ye all had to go through that. I promise ye all, it'll never happen again."
  2089. Ye might think I'm a cold blooded killer and psychopath without a decent bone in me body but I do care about my cats. I've always loved them, for some reason.
  2091. 'Alas, the only way you'll be able to do that is if the coward who did this shows their face and tries to kill ye.' she replied as I gently petted them.
  2093. 'Don't remind me. Any ideas about who did it? ' I asked.
  2095. 'I'd look at the one's responsible for all of these attacks.' she replied.
  2097. 'I was thinking along those line's as well. Mum, whatever happens, I want to thank ye for all of your advice.' I said, with me heart aching again.
  2099. 'Ye are most welcome. I love ye Emily. Sweet dreams, my dear.' she said as she went to bed. I best be doing the same.
  2101. I can't help but wonder though, does the one who did know that he or she just signed their own death warrant and that if I ever find them, I am going to unleash all of Hell upon them?
  2103. Charming California, Saturday, November 14th, 2016, 7:00 P.M., SAMCRO Clubhouse
  2105. Every member of SAMCRO, Quinn, Mike Ford, and Danny, and their Ol' Ladies gathered around the recently installed flat screen that had been modified, compliments of Chibs', to work on the Hogwarts grounds so they could watch the game live. Considering that it was basically the equivalent of Football to them, they had decided to make it their 4th game night of the week. Considering all that the club had gone through since 2012, it was nice to kick back and relax.
  2107. Following the Club's decision to get in bed with the Galindo Cartel, it had been revealed over time that Clay had killed John Teller because JT had turned rat for the ATF. While they understood that he had protected the club, it was the final straw when they learned exactly why they had gotten in bed with the Cartel.
  2109. It had been revealed when another Cartel had shot up the clubhouse that Clay had gotten in bed with the Cartel, not to protect them from retaliation from the ROC, but to walk away with a big fortune when he had to step down as National President and had betrayed the club by putting a Death Threat on Tara.
  2111. Soon, every member of the Sons of Anarchy all across their charters called for Clay to be impeached, and after a club vote, Tig had been the one who had been the one who had stripped Clay of his rank, and Patch, and had not even given him the option of 'Fire or Knife.' He, along with Happy, chained him in the garage and burned his Reaper tattoo on his arm off before throwing him from a moving van at the Hospital's footsteps. After they had cut off his 'President' patch, they burned his cut.
  2113. After that, they had called for a vote and Jax, after being convinced by both Chibs, Opie, and surprisingly Tig, stepped up and became the Sons National President. Piney, unfortunately, succumbed to his emphysema in 2012 three days after Jax was voted in.
  2115. After Jax was voted in as President, and Chibs as his V.P., Tig had rededicated himself to Jax, and to SAMCRO and when he was asked if he'd retire, he told Jax the only way that would happen would be the Day after he died. They then had to retake the vote of the Cartel issue. In a unanimous vote, they had decided to get out of mulling coke for the Cartel. Chibs and Tig were the ones who told Romeo that while they would still sell guns to them, they wouldn't be mulling their drugs. After Romeo agreed to this, Bellatrix had cast wards all over the clubhouse, to ensure that the ROC didn't try anything against them, or any other members of the club.
  2117. After they had dealt with that issue, SAMCRO had gone through a major overhaul, and while they continued to sell guns, they now did it on a more low key level, and now had investments in legitimate businesses.
  2119. Aside from this, not a lot had changed over the years. Half-Sack had earned his 'Men of Mayhem' patch when he had 'dealt' with a man who had killed a member of the Rogue River Charter. Ratboy, Filthy Phil, and Miles had been voted in as Patched Members.
  2121. Happy had transferred to SAMCRO in 2011, and remained the Clubs enforcer, although he now had a 'Born Again Heathen' patch on the side of his Cut.
  2123. Everyone there was getting really rowdy and before Jax could bang the gavel on the bar table, Tig let out a sharp whistle. "Hey! We're here to watch the game! Quiet Down!"
  2125. As he yelled that, Bellatrix walked up to him and said, "Nice one, dear."
  2127. "Thanks, Darlin'." he replied.
  2129. "Alright, ye Muppets! Listen up! The game we're about to watch is called Quidditch. It's a game played on Flying Broomsticks. It's basically the Wizard equivalent of American Football. Tig's son is one of his team's Beaters, which is basically the most violent part of their team. Let's hope he inherited Tig's brutality." declared Chibs to the rowdy crowd of Sons.
  2131. "Let the Match begin!" yelled Harry from the screen. As he said that, everyone went quiet so they could watch it.
  2133. Quidditch Field, 9:05 A.M.
  2135. (James POV)
  2137. "Let the Match begin!" yelled my Dad, as both teams took off. I'm one of the team's Chasers, Alex is one of the Beaters, and my brother is the second Beater. Liam Finnegan, and Keith Parkerstein are the other Gryffindor Chasers and finally, Gary Mills, a 5th year, is our Seeker.
  2139. I was really nervous this morning because it was my first game. Our team captain and Keeper, Justin McGee, had to calm me down and give me a pep talk because I was shaking so much. One calming drought later, it managed to calm me down.
  2141. Those were the thoughts on my mind as me, Liam and Keith started doing our parts. Within 30 minutes, we had scored 30 points for Gryffindor.
  2143. (Bill's POV)
  2145. As much as I dislike playing with that git, Malfoy, he is a pretty good Chaser. Because of him we've managed to score 20 points already and now it's 30 to 20.
  2147. My job on the Team is to be one of their Beaters. The details included keeping those damn Bludgers away from me team mates and making sure the other team gets hit by them.
  2149. As much as I appreciate Alex and the Potters looking after me sister, I know I need to play against them at me best, so I push those thoughts to the back of me mind and knock one of the Bludgers at Albus only to have it blocked by Alex and knocked toward me.
  2151. I beat the Bludger toward him and he dodged it.
  2153. He's pretty good.
  2155. (Alex's POV)
  2157. 'That was a close shave, Trager.' I thought as I dodged Bill's Bludger before swinging back around to hit it toward one of Slytherin's team mates, promptly knocking Malfoy off his broom. Fortunately for him, he was only 5 feet above the ground so he lived.
  2159. Just as I was about to swing back around and hit the other one at one of them, a well placed Bludger nearly hit me. I dodged it by the skin of my teeth. Getting my bearings after almost getting knocked off my broom, I tried to see if Bill had hit it toward me.
  2161. As I did, I felt something heavy hit the back of my head. The last thing I remember before the darkness came was falling from my broom to the ground and several blasts of red light coming from the other side of the field.
  2163. (Emily's POV)
  2165. 'Ye have to admit, Albus and James certainly take after their father.' my Inner Banshee said to me self as I watched the match.
  2167. 'You're right. They are good." I replied. As I said that, I began thinking about yesterday when I had an idea that came out of nowhere. The walls of Hogwarts have hundreds, if not thousands of eyes and ears or Portraits and paintings. I decided that, if anyone knew what happened to me babies, they would.
  2169. I questioned every single portrait and painting on the third floor yesterday afternoon. All they could say for certain was that the one who did it was practically radiating of evil, was about 4 inches taller then me, and had a powerful glamour charm shielding their true identity.
  2171. In other words, they don't know shite. At least I got a height. How hard can it be to find someone who is short and practically radiating evil?
  2173. While I contemplated this, I began getting Omens of Death. Very soon, 9 people would die at the hands of me, Harry, Hermione, Ron, Andromeda and, to my surprise, Bellatrix and her husband. But who? Who are the unlucky bastards that are going to die?
  2175. My question was answered when I saw, coming out of the Forbidden Forest, 13 people dressed in Black Robes and Hoods. Death Eaters.
  2177. The leader of the group shot out a spell that caused Trager Jr. to be hit in the head with a Bludger and they began casting stunners and killing curses.
  2179. 'Time to play.' my Inner Banshee said to myself as I joined the fray. Having caught Alex as he fell, Minerva tended to Alex as the teachers began fighting back against the Death Eaters.
  2181. SAMCRO Clubhouse, that same moment
  2183. "Chibs, get SAMDON and Andromeda on the horn. We're going to kick some limey ass!" yelled Tig as he checked his Jericho 941 to make sure it was locked and loaded and switched into his Reaper Cut instead of his normal Cut.
  2185. "Tig, how'd you like to see what I went to prison for?" asked Bellatrix as she fingered her wand, making sure it was in working order.
  2187. "Bella, between the two of us, those scumbags are going to get a 10-tier shit storm for messing with our kids and their buddies." said Tig as he put his Jericho into his Reaper Cut's inner pocket. Pulling 2 Sawed Off Remington M1100s and a box of shells from behind the bar counter, Tig began loading them up. Once he locked and loaded them, Tig handed one of them to Bellatrix.
  2189. Chibs got off the phone. "SAMDON & Andromeda are ready and waiting. They all are going with you to Hogwarts."
  2191. "Good. Let's get moving." said Tig as he and Bellatrix headed to their bikes, where, hand in hand, they apparated to the SAMDON Clubhouse, ready to take care of business.
  2193. Quidditch Field, 8 minutes later
  2195. (Emily's POV)
  2197. I let out the Banshee Wail, killing two of the Death Eaters. Everyone was holding their own and we had managed to drive the remaining 8 Death Eaters into the Forbidden Forest. A perfect place for an ambush.
  2199. As we neared them, 8 loud blasts rang out throughout the forest. I instantly recognized them as Shotgun blasts. Running towards the origin point of the blasts, we saw the 8 Death Eaters lying on the forest floor. 3 of them where dead and the other 5 were badly wounded.
  2201. We looked up and there stood Tig and Bellatrix holding Muggle Firearms with barrels smoking. Alongside the gun slinging couple with wand drawn, Andromeda stood over the 5 wounded Death Eaters. The Rest of SAMDON was there as well, holding firearms on the wounded, but really just there to enjoy the show.
  2203. "Emily O'Neal, you really know how to attract a lot of unnecessary attention, don't you?" said Andromeda.
  2205. "Don't pin any of this on me. I came for the game. These pillocks chose to come in, wands blazing, looking for trouble." I replied.
  2207. In the midst of defending myself, Bellatrix walked up to one of the remaining 5 and shouted, "Crucio Maximus!"
  2209. I watched in sadistic glee as the piece of filth writhed on the ground in pain I knew to be unimaginable. In spite of my CIPA and lack of feeling for physical pain, I have felt the effects of pain before. I once flew a kite in a thunderstorm to get off on the shock it gave me. How could I forget the effects of the Cruciatus Curse at it's maximum power? It took 2 weeks for me to stop involuntarily twitching every other minute.
  2211. Just as I was getting hot and bothered by the mayhem and murder, Bellatrix let up on the curse after 10 minutes and said, "Avada Kedavra!"
  2213. As the Death Eater was rendered a lifeless corpse, Bellatrix and Tig raised their respective weapons only to have Fred, George, Sirius and Alan run up to them and grabbed the biker and witch from behind, keeping the murderous couple from further maiming the 4 remaining ones.
  2215. "The hell are you doing?" demanded Tig as he struggled to get out of Alan's bear hug.
  2217. "Tiggy, as much fun as it is watching you and your wife kill and torture these scumbags, we have to question them so that we can find out who sent them. It's kinda hard to do that with a pile of dead bodies." I told them as we watched
  2219. in amusement as the duo struggled to break free from their captors to resume their rampage.
  2221. 10 minutes of struggling and swearing later, Tig and Bellatrix finally calmed down.
  2223. Alan then said, "We're going to let you both go now. Can you guarantee us that you will not kill them?"
  2225. Tig replied, "I can't guarantee anything, but I'll try."
  2227. Bella replied, "I can't guarantee it either, but I'll try."
  2229. "Good enough for us." said Sirius as they let them go.
  2231. Andromeda applied Veritaserum to one of the knocked out men and cast the reviving charm on him.
  2233. Regaining consciousness, he let out a loud scream when Bellatrix kicked him in the nuts. As she did, we did nothing to stop her because we wanted to do the same thing, if not worse.
  2235. "What's your name, dirt bag?" I asked.
  2237. "Victor Lawrence." he replied.
  2239. "Why did you attack Hogwarts?" demanded Bellatrix, whom I could see was itching to resume the Death Eater torture. If only I could join her. Alas, I can not. Blasted Unbreakable Vow.
  2241. "We were ordered to send a message to McGonagall. She couldn't hide from 'La Regina Scura'." he said. There was that name again. 'La Regina Scura' is Italian. It translates to English as 'The Dark Queen'. But who is she?
  2243. "Who is 'La Regina Scura'?" asked Bellatrix.
  2245. "I can't tell you." he replied.
  2247. "Why not?" asked Andromeda, silently fighting the urge to repeat what Bella did.
  2249. "Whenever a new member joins her ranks, she forces them to make the Unbreakable Vow so no one will know her true name." he explained.
  2251. "Why is 'La Regina Scura' calling out McGonagall?"
  2253. "She wants Hogwarts so she can mold future wizards and witches to embrace her vision for the wizarding world."
  2255. "In other words, she would be producing dark wizards and witches as if off a factory line." Hermione said as Harry and Ron kept their weapons at the ready.
  2257. "Can you describe her?" I asked.
  2259. "No. The Vow prevents us from doing so." he replied.
  2261. Shite. This Dark Queen has definitely taken a lot of precautions to insure that her identity isn't revealed if any of her servants are captured. Well, so long as we are questioning this scumbag, I might as well ask me own personal question.
  2263. "Did you or any of your buddies have anything to do with the attack on me cats?" I asked.
  2265. "Yes." he replied.
  2267. Once the confirmation left his tongue, my blood was boiling so hot that steam began to rise from my skin. With what self control I had in me, I managed to keep my temper in check long enough to ask, "Who is the bastard responsible?"
  2269. "Dolores Umbridge. She wanted payback for what they did to her." he replied.
  2271. My rage finally boiled over. Running up to the man, I delivered my most powerful kick right into his groin so hard that his nuts were relocated to the back of his throat.
  2273. Bellatrix turned to her sister and said, "We'd best be going. Emily, Harry, Hermione, Ron, contact the Aurors. Tell them to get their limey arses here if Minerva hasn't already."
  2275. With that, they disappeared.
  2277. Chapter 9
  2279. Hospital Wing, 3 days later, 7:00 A.M.
  2281. (Alex's POV)
  2283. "I think he's coming to." said my sister's sweet voice. I slowly opened my eyes and saw Bill, Grace, my sister, Albus, James, Amos, Lilly and most surprising of all, my dad, sitting around the bed.
  2285. "Welcome back to the land of the living, Alex. You had us all worried for a while." said my Dad as he gave me a hug.
  2287. "What happened?" I asked as I tried to sit up, quickly realizing the bones and joints in my body were extremely sore.
  2289. "Ye took a knock to the back of the head with a Bludger and fell about 30ft from in the air, Alex. Before you say it, I had nothing at all to do with it." replied Bill. Well at least he wasn't the one who did it.
  2291. "Thanks, Bill. That takes a load off my mind. How long have I been out?" I asked. Everything was a blur.
  2293. "You've been out for 3 days. When those Bastards attacked the game, it was canceled. You feeling alright?" explained Grace.
  2295. "I'm alive."
  2297. Isabelle joined my dad in giving me a hug. "Don't ever do that again Alexander Black Trager!"
  2299. "Sis, I didn't go into this game with the hopes of waking up here." I told her. I then turned to Dad and asked, "Where's Mum?"
  2301. "She's with Headmistress McGonagall. The Nurse says ya gotta stay put here for another day to make sure you're ok, but don't worry. Your mom will be visiting at night." he replied as he broke out of the hug.
  2303. "Alright. That's good to know." I replied.
  2305. "Alex, if it's any consolation to ya, the assholes responsible are dead. Most of them, at least. The lucky ones." said Dad.
  2307. "Good to know." I then thought of something.
  2309. "Dad, did Professor O'Neal have anything to do with killing them?" I asked.
  2311. "Oh yeah. You should have seen the kick your mother and she delivered to one of them. It was priceless!" he said with a grin.
  2313. "How bad was it?" Isabelle and I asked in Chorus.
  2315. "Let's just say that what I did to the Prospect I caught my first wife with was child's play compared to their kicks." he said, relishing the memory of it. I guess that, on some psychological level, Isabelle and I inherited some of our parents' sadistic sides. Thankfully, only to a certain point. We both have consciences and we have never really displayed that side.
  2317. Then again, I think we both inherited a lot of our parents' personalities as well. Take me for example. I inherited my Dad's wild side, bravery, loyalty and love of motorcycles. Isabelle inherited Mum's brains, her cunning, wit, looks and kindness that Mum had while in school.
  2319. So, I guess in a way, we are a lot like our parents are. You know what? I wouldn't change that for anything.
  2321. Headmistresses Office, 7:15 A.M.
  2323. (Normal POV)
  2325. "It's good to see ya again, Minerva." said Bellatrix as she sat down after shaking the Headmistress' hand.
  2327. "Likewise, Bellatrix. How is your life in America?" asked Minerva.
  2329. "It's well. It is a lot different then England, that's for certain. How are my children doing in their classes?" she asked as Minerva poured them some Pumpkin Juice.
  2331. "You don't trust them?" she asked.
  2333. "Would you? They are preteens." replied Bellatrix.
  2335. "True enough. They are doing well in their classes." she replied. "How is my grandson, Filip?"
  2337. "Chibs is doing great." replied Bella. "You know, when he first realized who Tig had brought back from England, he turned as pale as a ghost."
  2339. "Well, considering how he lived in our world before moving to America and was around when the First War happened, I would be surprised if he didn't turn as pale as a ghost when he thought Voldemort's right hand had showed up." Replied Minerva.
  2341. "True enough. Tig had to convince him that I was not the person I was before I came to America." said Bellatrix. She then sighed and said, "These are the times that I wish I was not a wanted felon."
  2343. "True enough." replied McGonagall. She then thought of something.
  2345. "What if we could somehow clear your name?"
  2347. Bellatrix looked at her and said, "Don't joke about something like that, Minerva. The moment I come out in public, they'll ship me arse off to Azkaban."
  2349. "They also said that the Dark Mark couldn't be removed and Wiley proved them wrong." said Minerva, who then thought of something else.
  2351. "Wiley! That's it!"
  2353. "What's it?" asked Bella.
  2355. "He managed to clear Sirius' name when no one else would try. If anyone could make you a free woman, it'd be him." said McGonagall as she threw some Floo into the Fireplace and placed her head into it.
  2357. "Wiley! You there?" she asked.
  2359. "Minerva, I'm so pleased to see you. What brings the Headmistress of Hogwarts to my humble tattoo parlor?" asked Wiley.
  2361. "We need your legal expertise to clear Bellatrix's name. Can you help us?" she asked.
  2363. "I'll see what I can do. May I come into Hogwarts through the Floo?" he asked.
  2365. "Absolutely."
  2367. With in 8 minutes, Oswald Wiley Linwood stepped into the Headmistresses office. He hadn't really changed much since Bellatrix had last seen him, save from his hair being as white as snow now. He was wearing all black, including a leather jacket and was carrying a leather briefcase.
  2369. "It's great to see you again Wiley." said Bellatrix as she gave him a warm hug.
  2371. "Same to you, Bellatrix. Enough with the chit chat. Let's get down to brass tax. I understand that you want your name cleared, is that correct?" he asked as he took a seat next to her and opened his briefcase, showing a variety of case files, evidence and etc in it.
  2373. "God, yes. I would love my name cleared! If I show my face in public, they'll send me straight to Azkaban without a trial." replied Bellatrix as Wiley looked through several case files before saying, "A hah! I've got it."
  2375. "What do you mean, Wiley?" asked Minerva.
  2377. "I remember your trial well, Bella. It was my last trial as a Prosecutor for the Ministry. It was in fact the reason I resigned and became a public defender." he explained, obviously remembering it because of his monotone voice about it.
  2379. "What does that trial have to do with anything, Wiley?" asked Bellatrix.
  2381. "It has to do with everything, Bella. You're trial was Kangaroo Court." He explained.
  2383. "What's that?" asked Bellatrix, obviously not that familiar with the legal system.
  2385. "Basically, it was a sham trial. None of the proceedings were done correctly and it was a predetermined outcome. Too many politics of the time were involved in it. Add to the fact that Frank and Alice were extremely popular and voila, you got that trial." he said. "Therefore, I believe I know of a way I could clear your name."
  2387. "How?" she asked, hope obvious in her eyes.
  2389. "The Double Jeopardy clause. Basically, there was no real evidence that you or the 3 others brought in with you were involved in the Longbottom torture and because of that, along with the fact that you served time and the trial was basically Kangaroo Court, you can't be charged with that crime again." He explained.
  2391. "Yes!" yelled Bellatrix as she jumped up in celebration.
  2393. "However, there are other charges against you." he said.
  2395. "Bollocks. What are they?" she asked, distress evident on her face.
  2397. "The other charges include escaping from prison, serving Voldemort and vandalism of Azkaban. Other then that, nothing." he said, looking at the roster of Bellatrix's rap sheet. "Is there anyone who can vouch for your reform, Bella?"
  2399. "Tig, Harry, Sirius and Hermione can vouch for it." she replied.
  2401. "Alright then. In that case, I need to see all of them. But first, I need to speak with Minister Bones." he said before walking up to the Fireplace, throwing in some Floo powder and saying, "Minister Amelia Bones, are you there?"
  2403. "Yes, Wiley, I'm here. What do you need?" she asked.
  2405. "I'd like to speak with you for a minute, are you available?"
  2407. "Yes. Come on in." she replied.
  2409. He turned to them and said, "I'll be back in a little." before disappearing into the Fireplace.
  2411. Minister of Magic's Office, 7:30 A.M.
  2413. (Normal POV)
  2415. Wiley entered into the Minister's office threw the Fireplace. It had a very warm and welcoming décor clashing with formal settings.
  2417. "Pleasure to see you, Wiley. How have you been?" she asked, offering him some tea. As he accepted it he told her, "I'm doing well, Amelia. How's life treating ya?"
  2419. "Well. You know, the Prosecution department is still pissed off at you quitting." she told him.
  2421. "Tell them they can take their anger and shove it. I'm not going back to prosecuting." he said.
  2423. "I assume this isn't a social call then, is it?"
  2425. "No, Minister, it is not. I'd like you to hold a trial to prove that a certain person has left the Death Eaters. It's my hope that I can render the charges pending against her null and void." he said bluntly.
  2427. "Who is this 'Ex' Death Eater?" she asked.
  2429. "What if I told you that Bellatrix didn't die? What if I told you that she left the Death Eaters and married a Muggle? What if I also told you that, the night Voldemort was killed, she helped fight against his forces?" he asked her.
  2431. "Wiley, are you feeling alright? Are you high?" she asked with concern.
  2433. "No, Madam, I am not high and I feel perfectly fine. I can guarantee that Bellatrix Black Trager indeed left the Death Eaters and has done what was once believed to be impossible. She has reformed." he said.
  2435. "Wiley, I'd love to believe you, but I can't. How can I trust you? Hell, how can I trust that she truly did leave Voldemort?" she demanded.
  2437. "Amelia, when have I ever lied to you?"
  2439. Amelia looked at the former prosecutor and smiled.
  2441. "I will convene a trial to be held in the presence of 12 unbiased, impartial jurors at such time as I see fit. Next Friday at 1:00 P.M. should acceptable. I presume you have experts or witnesses who can verify whether or not the ex-Death Eater Bellatrix has truly given up her servitude for Voldemort?"
  2443. Wiley nodded.
  2445. "Good. Then I'll see you next Friday. One thing though, is it possible to speak with her to tell her what to expect and to question her myself?" asked the Minister.
  2447. "It is, however, since I will be representing her, I will be there to make sure you do not cross a line. When would you like to speak with her?"
  2449. "If it's possible, right now." she said directly..
  2451. "Come with me then." he replied, stepping into the fireplace with her, landing in Headmistress McGonagall's Office.
  2453. The Headmistress Office
  2455. (Tig's POV)
  2457. As much as Bella told me about the Magical world, I still can't get over how weird it is when people come out of a fireplace. If a big fat man in a red suit comes out of there, he better explain why he didn't get most of my letters from back in the day. Those were my thoughts as Wiley and a woman stepped out of the fireplace. Harry, Hermione, Sirius and I had gathered because Bella said he needed us.
  2459. "Hey, Tig." said Wiley.
  2461. "Hey, Wiley. Who's your Lady friend?" I replied.
  2463. "Tig, this is Amelia Bones. She is the Minister of Magic. Amelia, this is Tig Trager. He's the one who tamed Voldemort's Right Hand." he said as he made the introductions.
  2465. "So, you're the Muggle she fell in love with?" she asked as she shook my hand.
  2467. "That I am. So, you're kinda like the President of the Magical world?" I asked.
  2469. She laughed at that and replied, "I guess that would be a good analogy. I'd like to speak with your wife."
  2471. "Alright, but watch what you ask." I warned her.
  2473. She then turned to my wife and said, "A trial will be held next Friday to determine whether or not the pending charges against you can be rendered null and void. Throughout the trial, there will be no restrictions or omissions. They will ask you anything and everything about you and those around you. They will not restrain themselves from asking you what tasks you were required to perform while in service to Voldemort. Are you following me so far?"
  2475. "Yes." she replied, maintaining an expressionless face.
  2477. "Your task will be to convince the jury that you have left the Death Eaters and have reformed. At this moment, I'd like to ask you a few questions. Is this alright?"
  2479. "Yes. Can I answer them without Veritaserum?" she asked.
  2481. "Would you swear a Witch's Oath that you aren't lying?" asked the Minister.
  2483. She took out her wand and swore the oath.
  2485. "Have you fully defected from the Death Eaters?" she asked.
  2487. "Yes."
  2489. "Have you done anything to fool anyone into thinking this?"
  2491. "No."
  2493. "Did you make an Unbreakable Vow to never return to Voldemort and to fight against him if necessary?"
  2495. "Yes."
  2497. "Have you really reformed from the person you once were?"
  2499. "Yes."
  2501. "Are you truly sorry for the crimes you committed while in service to Voldemort?"
  2503. I saw my wife's eyes glisten with tears as she answered "Yes."
  2505. "I was easy on you. The prosecutor will not be light handed with his questions." Turning to Wiley, Amelia asked, "Will you have all your evidence and persons ready for next Friday?"
  2507. Wiley looked her right in the eye and said, "Yes, I will. If I recall correctly, you gave me less time to prepare for Sirius' trial."
  2509. "You are correct about that. The reason I'm giving you some time is because it's going to be Hell finding some impartial jury members." she replied before leaving.
  2511. Wiley looked at all of us and said, "You all are going to be character witnesses. Your job will be to affirm that Bellatrix has indeed changed from who she was."
  2513. I then asked a question, "What if she is convicted?"
  2515. "I have a backup plan. Don't worry, Tig. I'm not sending your woman to Azkaban. I promise." he replied. "Besides, there is no conjugal visits in Azkaban...worth having, at least from what I hear."
  2517. "Thanks man." I replied before turning to Sirius and saying, "Sirius, get on the horn to Jax and Chibs. Me and Bellatrix are going to be here a while."
  2519. "No problem, Tig." he replied.
  2521. Hospital Wing, 8:00 P.M.
  2523. (Bellatrix's POV)
  2525. "Hey Mum!" said Alex as I pulled him into a hug.
  2527. "Hi Alex. You feeling well?" I asked him. As I hugged him, it reminded me why I was going to try and get my name cleared. So Alex and Isabelle can have a mother who isn't wanted by the Ministry of Magic for the rest of their lives. I can only hope and pray that Wiley can do it. I can't stand the thought of those Demons called Dementors taking away all of the happy memories I've had with them and Tig.
  2529. "I'm doing great, Mum." he replied before asking, "I heard from Dad you kicked one of the ones responsible for this really bad. Did you really?"
  2531. I smiled at that. He is just like Tig. He want's to know all of the gory details.
  2533. "Yes, Alex. Me and Professor O'Neal made sure he wouldn't be able to have children for a very long time." I replied.
  2535. "Sweet." he replied.
  2537. "Yeah, it was sweet." I replied. Even though I had long left the Scaly Bastard, as Bill Sr. calls him, I still had a bit of a sadist side in me. But then again, don't we all? At least now I have control over it. I manage to work it out with Tig in the bedroom.
  2539. Despite this, I do know one thing is for certain though. I might not use the Unforgivable Curses on a regular basis anymore, but if someone harmed my family, especially my children, I know for a fact that, if I got my hands on them, I would torture them into insanity and back, many times over and then murder them in cold blood without losing a night's sleep over it.
  2541. Then the Ministry of Magic would incarcerate me for using the Unforgivable Curses on another human being, underneath Azkaban never mind in it, or be given the Dementor's Kiss. After all of that, they would then charge me with murder.
  2543. You know something? I'd still kill them in cold blood.
  2545. As I was thinking this, I heard an Irish accent say, "Surprised to see ye here. How are ye?"
  2547. I turned around to see Emily with my Daughter Isabelle.
  2549. "What do you want, O'Neal?" I asked, not in a cold voice but in a monotone.
  2551. "Ye daughter wanted to see her brother before bed. I decided she would need an escort back to her dorm after her visit was done." she explained.
  2553. As Isabelle sat down next to Alex, I motioned for Emily to speak with me privately.
  2555. "Have you been treating my children right, O'Neal?" I asked.
  2557. "Aye, Bellatrix. I know ye are being the overprotective mother here, but do ye really think that Minerva would have hired me if she thought I was a threat?" she replied.
  2559. "Fair enough." I replied. I then decided I needed to tell her about what was coming up.
  2561. "Emily, next Friday, I'm going to trial to see about getting my name cleared. I won't be able to be questioned about the Longbottoms because of Double Jeopardy. If God is willing and if Wiley can work his magic, I'll be a free woman."
  2563. She stared at me with that blank expression on her face and replied, "Then let us hope that God and Wiley can make ye a free woman then."
  2565. That night, after I went to Minerva's office to sleep, before I lay my head down, I prayed, "Dear God, forgive me of all of the sins I have committed against you. Lord, I know that I have done many wrongs, perhaps more than I can count. For all of them, I am sorry. But Lord, I also know that you sent your son to die on the cross for me. If it is your will, please let me be cleared of all charges. In Jesus name, Amen."
  2567. That became my prayer and even when Friday came, I was still praying inwardly that I would be cleared.
  2569. Next Friday, Ministry of Magic, Courtroom 12, 12:55 P.M.
  2571. (Normal POV)
  2573. "This Court is now in session. Ministry of Magic v. Bellatrix Trager. Presiding as Prosecutor is Draco Malfoy. Serving as defense counsel is Oswald W. Linwood."
  2575. "Ladies and gentlemen of the Jury and fellow members of the Ministry of Magic. The case presented her today is perhaps the most challenging that we have ever faced in the fact that it is without precedent. Since the second wizarding war, a large number of Death Eaters have chosen either exile, death or incarceration. To date, there has not been a recorded event in our history where a Death Eater came forward as a defector. I do believe that such reason will be upheld today. The defense counsel will try to have you think that the defendant has changed, reforming herself as a mother and wife. Do not be fooled. Despite the domestication, the defendant fled the country, hid in America to escape prosecution and while she did all this, her wand is still intact. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, you can take the Death Eater out of the ranks but a Death Eater is still a Death Eater, no matter how they try to say they are not." said Malfoy as he gave his opening statement.
  2577. With an eye on Malfoy as he sat down, Wiley stood up and spoke candidly. "For a full grown git, Draco Malfoy has spoken rather eloquently as he seeks to burn his aunt at the stake. Yes, they are related, but that's not why we are here today. We are gathered here today to determine whether or not the pending charges against Bellatrix Black Trager retain any validity. The prosecution portrays my client as being a refugee, a defector, a criminal on the run and perhaps the scum of the earth. Yes, she has done terrible things under the service of Lord Voldemort and while left to her own devices. One day, in a pub, she met someone who changed her forever. That man is her current husband, Alexander Trager. Word was sent to Voldemort of her interactions with the Muggle biker. In response, he sent an extermination squad to remove her from his ranks. When the time came, she made a choice. Bellatrix chose to fight against the Death Eaters. She has become a precedent. The first reformed Death Eater. I know it's practically impossible to believe that such a thing is possible. The defense will provide experts and witness testimony that cements our claim that the woman standing here, fighting for her freedom and, indeed, her life is not the same murderous, malicious, malevolent mass murderer she was in the past. In turning away from her old ways, Bellatrix has given life to two children rather than taking life from others. She defends and protects for the sake of others rather than torturing and killing for her amusement. At the end of this trial, allow her to go back home to her husband and children. By now, she has more than repaid her debt to society."
  2579. Shout outs: I'd like to thank El Chacal for helping me write this fic. In fact, I really do need to thank him for this chapter, because I don't know Jack about how to write a trial, so you need to really thank him. I'd also like to thank Gamma Orionis for her advice. You also need to thank my Blonde, Feisty, Half Banshee Muse for helping me.
  2581. Chapter 10
  2583. Courtroom 12, 1:00 P.M.
  2585. (Normal POV for now)
  2587. After the opening statements had been made and the charges were explained, Draco stood up and said, "Prosecution calls Bill Wallace Sr. to the stand."
  2589. As Bill walked up to the stand, he was administered the Veritaserum.
  2591. (Bill's POV)
  2593. 'Good Lord, I hate this stuff.' I thought to myself as me body went numb from the potion.
  2595. The Blonde, greasy git approached me and asked, " Can you state your full name for the record?"
  2597. I replied, "William Allen Wallace Sr."
  2599. He appeared satisfied that it was working and asked me, "What exactly do you do for a living, Mr. Wallace?"
  2601. "I'm the Sgt. At Arms for the London Charter of the Sons of Anarchy." I replied.
  2603. "What exactly does your 'Job' include doing?" he asked, his face expressionless.
  2605. 'Time to give the textbook answer.' I thought as I said, "I protect my Charter with everything I have and serve as my President's bodyguard."
  2607. "Alright then. What is your relationship with the defendant, Mrs. Trager?" he asked.
  2609. I knew this would come up. After all, I was called in as a witness, so I knew they both would probably ask me about it. I then thought of my relationship with Bellatrix. I guess I have come to accept that, while at the time she was married to one of the Bastards who murdered my first family in their sleep, she had nothing to do with it.
  2611. I then replied, "We aren't the closest of friends, but we aren't the worst of enemies either."
  2613. "Mr. Wallace, when did you first learn of her existence?" he asked me.
  2615. I replied, "I first learned of her through the Daily Prophet when she broke out of the Alcatraz of the wizarding world, otherwise known as Azkaban."
  2617. "What was your opinion of her when your first wife and children were murdered by her husband and Brother in law?"
  2619. As he said that, Wiley stood up and said, "Objection, your honor. What does this have to do with anything?"
  2621. I managed to shut me trap as Minister Bones asked, "Mr. Malfoy, where are you going with this?"
  2623. Malfoy replied, "Just trying to establish the relationship between the defendant and the witness, your Honor."
  2625. She thought for a minute and said, "I'll allow it, but I do wish to see progress."
  2627. "When I first learned of whom had killed me first wife and children in their sleep, I wanted to murder ever single Death Eater, including Mrs. Trager." I replied. "Anyone who marched under the Dark Mark in my eyes was a reminder of who I lost and who took them away from me."
  2629. "What, if anything, has changed from then to now?" Draco asked.
  2631. "Not much for myself. So far, I'm still against Death Eaters and their sympathizers."
  2633. "I have no further questions for the witness at this moment. If I must recall him for clarification, I request that he be summoned expeditiously." said the Git.
  2635. "Duly noted." Looking at Draco, Wiley stood up to cross examine me.
  2637. "Mr. Wallace, what changed your outlook of my client from wanting to kill her in cold blood to managing to tolerate her existence above ground?" asked Wiley as he approached me.
  2639. I thought about it for a moment and said, "What changed was the fact she defected from the Death Eaters and fought against them when they attacked the SAMDON clubhouse."
  2641. "Why do you believe that she fought against them, instead of with them, Mr. Wallace?" he asked.
  2643. "From what I know now, I believe she fought against them because she had changed from what she once was." I replied.
  2645. If he was feeling emotions at the moment, I have to admit, he's doing a great job at hiding them. As I thought that, he asked, "Can you please repeat those last 8 words, Mr. Wallace?"
  2647. "She had changed from what she once was." I replied.
  2649. He looked at the Jury and said, "Did you hear that, Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury? She fought against the Death Eaters because she had changed from what she once was. Under Veritaserum, no one can lie. He is telling the truth. My client has changed from what she once was. No further questions, your Honor."
  2651. Minister Bones turned to me and said, "You may step down, Mr. Wallace, but if we request you back today, you will have to come."
  2653. "I have no problem with that, your Honor." I replied before being given the antidote.
  2655. (Normal POV)
  2657. Wiley stepped back from the stand and said to the judge, "Defense counsel calls Alexander Trager to the stand. As he is a Muggle, Veritaserum is not required and he would like to make a vow that he will tell the truth."
  2659. Minister Bones thought for a moment and said, "I'll allow it."
  2661. Tig was wearing a long sleeved blue work shirt underneath his Reaper Cut and, strangely, was wearing an ancient Black Tie. As he took the stand, he raised his right hand and said, "I, Alexander Trager a.k.a. Tig, solemnly swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God."
  2663. Wiley said, "That will do, Tig."
  2665. (Tig's POV)
  2667. As I took my seat, Wiley stepped forward and asked me, "Please state your full name for the record."
  2669. "Alexander David Trager." I replied. Got to say, this whole testifying thing is creeping me out. I know that after I explained it to Jax, he gave me permission to be a character witness and I knew that if I wanted Bella cleared, I would have to. But still, it just doesn't feel right. It's like I'm betraying the Reaper I've worn on my back since 1985.
  2671. "Mr. Trager, what exactly do you do for a living?" asked Wiley as he stepped forward.
  2673. "I'm a mechanic for Teller-Morrow, an auto repair shop and tire garage located in Northern California." I replied. I don't know what that has to do with anything, but I'll roll with it.
  2675. "How do you know Mrs. Trager?" he asked. I know that this is standard for him, but it is a bit annoying for him to ask me how I know her.
  2677. "She's my wife. We married in 2004 and have known each other since 1998." I replied.
  2679. "When you first met her, did you know she was a witch, let alone a Death Eater in service to Lord Voldemort?" he asked. I thought about it for a moment, going back in my mind to when I first found out about what she used to do for a living.
  2681. I answered, "No, actually, I found that out on our, 'First Date'." As I said the last two words, I put them in air quotations.
  2683. He looked at me funny and asked, "May I ask why you used air quotations on those last two words?"
  2685. I then replied, "The first time we met, it was at a pub. We shagged after getting hammered in the midst of a drinking contest. We had our First Date the next day."
  2687. "Have there been circumstances in which she ever shown you her former side?"
  2689. "If by that, you mean if she has tortured or killed people for her own amusement, then no. Bellatrix has been nothing but a loving wife to me and a devoted mother to our children from the day we met in the pub years ago to right here and now." I replied earnestly.
  2691. "Bellatrix claims that she has truly reformed, turning her back to Voldemort and her old ways. Do you believe that?" asked Wiley.
  2693. "Hell yes. She has left that Scaly Bastard." I replied.
  2695. "How do you know for sure?" asked Wiley.
  2697. I then decided to tell him why.
  2699. "It was my blood and the love I have for her that got rid of that damn Dark Mark that used to be on her arm. I have seen firsthand how much she cares for me and for our children. I also know that she made some sort of Vow and Oath to never return to his service and to fight against him if necessary. She has changed and I do not doubt it for one moment."
  2701. Wiley smiled at that remark and said, "No further questions."
  2703. As Wiley sat down, a blonde, greasy haired man walked up to the stand. I suddenly felt the urge to jump out of the stand and start slapping him silly for having on such a ridiculously over colorful, flamboyant suit and for having a sneer on his face that would put the Prospect I caught my first wife with to shame.
  2705. As he reached 2 feet from where I was sitting, I could tell he was in great pain in addressing me with any form of respect as he asked, "Mr. Trager, are you a member of an Muggle outlaw motorcycle club known to the Muggle world as the Sons of Anarchy?"
  2707. 'Well, duh!' I thought to myself. Fortunately, those weren't the words that left my mouth. I replied, "Yeah, I am. I'm the National Sergeant at Arms for the mother charter."
  2709. As he contemplated my answer, I began to study this guy. Judging from his perfect teeth, evenly cut finger nails, the self righteous swagger that he walks with, his ridiculous looking suit, and zero eyelashes, it gave me all I needed to know about him. Basically, I could tell that he was most likely a hen pet. He grew up with zero discipline in his childhood, has probably never known the grit of a hard day's work and has been counting money all of his life.
  2711. In short, he was a spoiled sissy and a pampered pussy that didn't have a pair.
  2713. I finally got bored waiting for him to process my answer and said, "If you're just going to stand there and try to look dashing all day, you might as well throw a paper sack over your head so we won't go blind from having to stare at you."
  2715. That seemed to pull him out and he asked, "Would you explain the job description for your rank within the club for those of us who know nothing about your world?"
  2717. "I maintain discipline within the Charter itself, protect it with everything I have and serve as a bodyguard for the President of my charter. In my case, I protect the National President."
  2719. "I see. Do you have any ties or involvement with the illegal enterprises of the Sons of Anarchy?" he asked. Now, he was just trying to piss me off. It was working.
  2721. Fortunately, I managed to keep from saying anything that would hold me in contempt and said, "I don't know what you're talking about. The Sons of Anarchy are not involved in anything illegal. We're a club of motorcycle enthusiasts. Nothing less."
  2723. "Objection, your Honor. The prosecution is speculating on a group he knows nothing about." said Wiley as the man was about to open his mouth.
  2725. Minister Bones said, "Sustained. Mr. Malfoy, you will refrain from asking about anything that is not related to this case. The same goes for you, Mr. Linwood."
  2727. As she said that, Malfoy looked at me with a sneer and said, "No further questions. Next witness."
  2729. I stepped out of the stand and took my seat in the crowd.
  2731. (Normal POV)
  2733. As Tig returned to his seat, Malfoy said, "The Prosecution calls Nymphadora Lupin to the stand."
  2735. As he said that, Tonks yelled, "Never call me Nymphadora!" right before she headslapped him.
  2737. Minister Bones looked at Tonks and said, "Mrs. Lupin, please refrain from such outbursts in the future or I will hold you in contempt. Mr. Malfoy and Mr. Linwood, please refrain from referring to her by her full name."
  2739. They both answered, "Yes, Your Honor."
  2741. As they said that, Nymphadora Tonks-Lupin took the stand and was administered the Veritaserum.
  2743. (Tonks' POV)
  2745. 'God, I hate my first name!' I thought as my body went numb, signifying the potion was working. I guess it is odd that I've never had it administered to me, considered what I used to do for a living until recently when I quit because of Umbitch.
  2747. That git approached the stand and said, "Please state your name for the record."
  2749. "Nymphadora Tonks-Lupin." I replied.
  2751. "When you were first old enough to understand, what were your feelings towards the defendant?" he asked.
  2753. I recalled all of the feelings I felt about her then and replied, "When I first learned about why my mother was cast out of the Black family, I felt ostracized by Aunt Bellatrix and Aunt Narcissa. However, when Aunt Bellatrix broke out of Azkaban, I didn't wish to fight her."
  2755. "Why would you not wish to fight her, knowing what she did to get herself thrown in that Hellhole in the first place?" asked Malfoy.
  2757. I remembered why I, when I learned of her escaping from Azkaban, never wanted to fight her. I said, "Despite what she became and what she did, my aunt really did care for me long before she got thrown in Azkaban."
  2759. "How do you know this? You were too young at the time to know if she did or not." said Malfoy.
  2761. I held up my right hand where, ever since I was 5 years old, a golden ring with a ruby embedded in the middle resided. Within the ruby was a Rune protecting me from most dark spells and surrounding the band itself was tribal designs. I told him, "She gave me this for my 5th birthday. The rune in the middle of the ruby protects the wearer from most Dark Spells. Why would she do that if she hated me?"
  2763. This took him by surprise and he asked, "Do you have any proof of this?"
  2765. I then pulled out the note that I had ever since I was old enough that my mother would allow me to keep with me and handed it to him.
  2767. He then put on a pair of reading glasses and read aloud, "It reads, 'Dear Niece, This is to make up for the birthdays I haven't come to. Wear it all the time. The rune in the middle of the Ruby will protect you from most dark spells minus the Unforgivable's. If anyone asks you where you got it from, say that your mother got it for you. I am sorry to tell you that, by the time you are old enough to understand why I never attended any of your birthdays, I will be serving The Dark Lord. I want you to promise me that you will never join him and that, if we meet in battle, that we try to avoid fighting each other. I love you and I truly am sorry. Happy Birthday, Aunt Bellatrix.'"
  2769. He then returned it to me and said, "Have you ever considered the fact she may have written that so that, if it ever came down to fight between you and her, you wouldn't attack her?"
  2771. I replied, "I used a charm to check it for dishonesty many times. I have found none. Believe me when I say she wrote that note with full sincerity."
  2773. He looked me over, scrutinizing me, for a good 2 minutes before saying, "No further questions."
  2775. 'Thank God that's over.' I thought to myself as Wiley approached the stand.
  2777. "That was very touching. It really was, Mrs. Lupin. It shows that even while my client may have been serving as a Death Eater at the time, she still had enough heart in her to look out for you. Now, on to the questions. Is it true that, in 1998, you helped my client fake her own death?"
  2779. "Yes." I replied.
  2781. "May I ask your motivation for doing this?" he asked.
  2783. "A friend of mine, Christine 'Missy' Callahan, convinced me that she had changed from what she was."
  2785. "Did you question her, when she awoke a few days later, with the application of Veritaserum and if so, what were your feelings towards her afterwards?"
  2787. "Yes, I did question her. Yes, Veritaserum was utilized so she would give full disclosure without the guile of deception. When I learned that she had left the Death Eaters and was remorseful for what she did, I began feeling good about her. Like she was really my Aunt." I replied.
  2789. "Is it true that, after she was fully able to function again, she made a Witch's Oath and the Unbreakable Vow to never return to Voldemort and to fight against him if necessary?" he asked.
  2791. "Yes." I replied.
  2793. He was satisfied with that and said, "No further questions."
  2795. With that, I was administered the antidote and I left.
  2797. (Normal POV)
  2799. Wiley stood up and said, "Defense Counsel call Harry Potter to the stand." Harry made his way to the front of the courtroom, aware of the eyes on him, including the prosecutor. Many of the jurors and assorted members of the Ministry took exception to seeing the famed wizard wearing an SoA cut.
  2801. As he took the stand, Harry was administered the Veritaserum.
  2803. (Harry's POV)
  2805. My body went numb as the Truth potion took affect. Wiley approached the stand and asked, "Please state your name for the record."
  2807. I answered, "Harry James Potter."
  2809. "What is your relationship with my client?" he asked. I thought about it and answered, "We are friends."
  2811. "When you first learned of her existence, what were your feelings towards her?"
  2813. I cleared my throat and replied, "When I first learned of why she was in Azkaban in the first place, I hated her guts."
  2815. "What has changed since then, Mr. Potter?"
  2817. "Bellatrix does not harbor the same compulsion to kill and torture as she once did many years ago. She is truly sorry for what she did while in service to Voldemort. If that wasn't the case, I would still want her dead or residing in Azkaban for the rest of her life." I replied.
  2819. "Bellatrix has made claims that she really turned away from Voldemort, reforming from her old ways and rejecting her prejudices. Do you believe her?"
  2821. "Yes." I replied, thinking of how she saved her husband from certain death by killing a Death Eater who was about to kill him.
  2823. "How do you know this?" he asked curiously.
  2825. "The day I killed Voldemort, Death Eaters attacked the place we were at. She fought against them and saved her husband from certain death by killing one of them." I replied.
  2827. "Another question, did she, in 1998, do the same thing to a squad of Death Eaters who attacked the SAMDON Clubhouse?"
  2829. "Yes, in fact, she was responsible for breaking off the Cruciatus Curse that her future husband and another man were under. Bellatrix was responsible for 6 Deaths, all of them being Death Eaters." I replied.
  2831. "You see, ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury? My client consciously chose to fight against the very people she once fought alongside. In doing so, Bellatrix saved the life of a Muggle, the type of person she once considered as a sworn enemy. No further questions for the witness." said Wiley as he took his seat.
  2833. With that, Malfoy stepped up. Despite us no longer being in school, there is still animosity between myself and him.
  2835. He approached the stand and stated, "Harry Potter. The Boy Who Lived, the crown gem of Gryffindor, the one who killed the Dark Lord, ex-Auror and now an outlaw biker. By your own statements, Mr. Potter, you hated her long before she started fighting Death Eaters. Why didn't you kill Bellatrix when you saw her in 1998?"
  2837. I thought about why I didn't just kill her when I first saw her then. I replied, "I was ready to, but my Godfather, Sirius Black, and SAMDON Sgt. At Arms, Bill Wallace Sr, stayed my hand. The SAMDON clubhouse and their party were neutral ground and my Godfather is the defendant's cousin. Other then all of that, I am nothing like what she was."
  2839. While Malfoy processed this, I took note of his overly colorful suit. Why in God's good name would he wear something that ridiculous?
  2841. As I thought that, he asked, "Are you aware of the bad blood within the Black Family?"
  2843. I replied, "I've only heard a few details about it. They prized pure blood superiority over anything else and harbored a great hatred for anything Muggle or Half-blood related with very few exceptions to it. They were much like your family, Malfoy, and the majority of the Slytherin house."
  2845. He seemed taken back by my mention of that and said, "Your Honor, I ask that the court strike that last statement from the records because it has no relevance to this case and it is highly inflammatory."
  2847. 'Git.' I thought to myself as Minister Bones said, "The jury will disavow the last statement made by the witness."
  2849. After she said that, Malfoy turned to me once more and asked, "Do you believe that the defendant can rejoin the general public and cause no harm to innocents?"
  2851. I thought for a moment and replied, "I have spoken many times with the National President and National Vice President of the Mother Charter in Northern California about her adjusting to her new life. Both Jackson Teller and Fillip Telford have had no issues or complaints about her. I believe she is more then capable of doing so."
  2853. He chuckled at that remark and said, "So as she resigned her post as a Death Eater, you were, how do they say it, 'Patched in' as a member of an Outlaw Motorcycle Club. How is that life treating you?"
  2855. I smirked and said, "Much better than yours, Malfoy."
  2857. He leaned in closer to the stand and asked, "Final question. Was it your idea to smuggle her into America?"
  2859. I replied, "No."
  2861. He stepped back and said, "No further questions. Next Witness."
  2863. After that, they administered the antidote and I left.
  2865. (Normal POV)
  2867. Draco walked away from the stand and said, "Prosecution calls Sirius Black to the stand."
  2869. The entire courtroom watched in awe as the once infamous criminal in the wizarding world, wearing an SoA cut over his tuxedo shirt and tie, was administered with the Veritaserum when he took the stand.
  2871. (Sirius POV)
  2873. 'So, I've had to take Veritaserum twice this year. This must be my unlucky year.' I thought to myself as it took effect. As it did, my second cousin approached the stand and said, "Please state your name for the record."
  2875. I replied, "Sirius Orion Black."
  2877. He was satisfied that the potion was working and asked, "What exactly do you do for a living, Mr. Black?"
  2879. "I'm currently unemployed." I replied.
  2881. He seemed satisfied with that answer and asked, "What is your current relationship with a woman by the name of Andromeda Tonks?"
  2883. "She's my cousin." I replied. Idiot. Not only is he a Git, he also has terrible tastes in fashion.
  2885. "I see. And it would be fair to assume that her daughter is your second cousin? And that you care about them a lot?" he asked.
  2887. "Yes to both questions." I replied. Where is he going with this? Of course I care about them both!
  2889. "If you care about them so much, then why did you not immediately alert the Aurors that you had the Dark Lord's right hand in your custody?" he asked.
  2891. I thought about it and said, "Despite her being a Death Eater at the time, I still cared about her and had hoped that she would at least leave the Death Eaters. I also was not going to snitch on her as it would put me on the same level as Wormtail."
  2893. "I see, and since you can not lie under Veritaserum, would it reason to say that, from you have just said now, you have just confessed to harboring a criminal and deserve the minimum of 5 years in Azkaban for doing so?" he asked with glee evident on his face.
  2895. Before Wiley, God love him, could object, I answered, "No. In fact, if anyone deserves a trip to Azkaban, it's the idiot who chose to dress you for this court. In fact, Your Honor, I ask that this Prosecutor get knocked upside the head with your gavel to knock some fashion sense back into him."
  2897. Minister Bones smiled at that and said, "As tempting as that might be, Mr. Black, request denied. However, I do agree with him. His fashion sense has almost made me lose my lunch more than once."
  2899. My statement shook him up and said, "No further questions."
  2901. Wiley smiled and walked up to the stand.
  2903. "Mr. Black, what are your current feelings towards my client?" he asked.
  2905. "I love her like a cousin because she is one. She's family." I replied.
  2907. "Is it true that, even though she was on the opposite side of the Second War, you stilled cared about her?" he asked.
  2909. "Yes." I replied.
  2911. He then turned to the Jurors and said, "You see, Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury? Even though she was on the other side of the war, her own cousin never gave up hope that, someday, she would come over to the other side or at least leave the Death Eaters. Eventually, she did. This proves that you should never give up hope that people can change. My client has. No further questions. Final Witness."
  2913. As they administered the Antidote, I hoped that I had done my part well enough to clear Bellatrix's name.
  2915. (Normal POV)
  2917. Wiley cleared his throat and said, "Defense Counsels calls the final witness, Hermione Potter, to the stand."
  2919. As Hermione came to the stand, unbeknownst to anyone, especially Hermione, the ghost of Christine 'Missy' Callahan had possessed her.
  2921. (Hermione's POV)
  2923. 'I hate this stuff with a passion.' I thought as I felt my body going numb. It was true. I've always known how to keep a secret, but this stuff makes it impossible.
  2925. Wiley walked up to the stand and said, "Please state your name for the record."
  2927. "Hermione Granger-Potter." I replied.
  2929. "What are your feelings about my client, Mrs. Potter?" he asked.
  2931. "I currently feel that she is a woman who has changed her life around from what she once was." I replied. It was true. Bellatrix was no longer the woman that she was when she served Voldemort and she would never be that person ever again.
  2933. "Tell the court about the first moment you knew for a fact that she changed from the psychopathic mass murderer to the woman she is today." he said.
  2935. "I knew that she had changed when I questioned her while she was recovering at the SAMDON clubhouse from the attack that Voldemort planned to exterminate her and the Charter." I replied.
  2937. "Can you give some examples of how she has changed?" he asked.
  2939. "In 2009, when Death Eaters attacked the SAMCRO Clubhouse, Dolores Umbridge came into the building through the roof and came face to face with Bellatrix, who held her at bay with a shotgun. If she was the woman she once was, Umbridge wouldn't be alive today. I saved her from having to shoot Umbridge." I replied.
  2941. "Would you say that she is fit to return to the general public without being a threat to herself or anyone else?" he asked.
  2943. "Yes. I know for a fact, that Bellatrix Black Trager is no longer the mass murderer known as Bellatrix Lestrange. That woman died the moment Death Eaters attacked SAMDON. I have seen that she is a loving mother, a devoted wife and an outstanding citizen in Charming, California. She deserves to be rid of the ghosts of the past. Bellatrix poses no threat to society." I replied earnestly.
  2945. "You heard it direct from her, ladies and gentlemen of the jury. My client isn't a threat to society anymore. No further questions." he concluded.
  2947. As he took his seat, Malfoy stood up and said, "Mrs. Potter, you claim that the defendant has changed from the psychopath that she once was. How do you know for certain that she hasn't in fact placed you under the Imperious Curse?"
  2949. "If she had placed me under the Imperious Curse, I would be hearing voices in my head. I'm not, so therefore, she hasn't." I replied.
  2951. He appeared to be pissed off at that and said, "I guess the life of an outlaw biker's, what do they call you, 'Ol Lady' changes how you see others."
  2953. Before Wiley could say anything, I said, "Malfoy, I've never looked down on someone before, but the way you're acting has just made me a whole lot taller then you, you little git."
  2955. As the words left my mouth, Malfoy turned pale as though he had seen a ghost. He managed to stammer, "What did you just say, Mrs. Potter?"
  2957. "Draco Malfoy, after all these years, you are still the same git I remember."
  2959. He turned even paler then before. I then asked, "What did I say?" Whatever I said to scare Malfoy, I do not know. All I know is that he was two steps away from soiling his tacky suit.
  2961. He snapped out of it and said, "No further questions."
  2963. As they gave me the antidote, I walked out of the stand.
  2965. (Normal POV)
  2967. Wiley took a long breath, cleared his throat and said, "It is now time to question the Defendant. Defense Counsel calls Bellatrix Trager to the stand."
  2969. Everyone in the courtroom watched as Bellatrix Orion Black-Trager took the stand and was given the Veritaserum.
  2971. (Bellatrix's POV)
  2973. I guess this is it. It's the moment of truth. All I have to do now is convince a jury of 12 unbiased people that I have changed from the Psychopathic Murderer I once was. I silently prayed inwardly, 'Please Dear God, give me strength. Amen.'
  2975. My dear nephew approached the stand and asked, "Please state your name for the record."
  2977. I answered, "Bellatrix Orion Black-Trager."
  2979. He gave a sneer that would have made Snape proud, but he seemed satisfied with my answer. He then asked, "Mrs. Trager, what exactly did you do to your younger sister, Andromeda, when she first announced her marriage to Ted Tonks?"
  2981. I felt my heart ache as I replied, "I cast the Torture curse at her."
  2983. "Did you also, while in service to the Dark Lord, cause pain, intimidation and murder people with a song in your heart?" he asked, obviously taking pleasure from this.
  2985. "Yes." I replied.
  2987. "Now, your defense counsel has claimed that you have changed from the monster you once were. He also claims that you changed because you met a Muggle by the name of Alex Trager, is this true?" he asked.
  2989. "Yes. I am no longer that woman. Tig is the reason I have changed." I replied.
  2991. "How do we know that? For all the crimes you committed, how can we believe that you did not in fact stage your own death to escape facing a tribunal?"
  2993. I replied, "Because when my death was staged, I was unconscious from the fight I had with Emily O'Neal."
  2995. "I see. If you really have left the Death Eaters and have renounced your allegiance to the Dark Lord, what about the Dark Mark? It is impossible to remove." he said.
  2997. I then rolled up the sleeve of my left arm to reveal the old scar where the Dark Mark once lay. This caused the entire courtroom, minus the ones who knew, to gasp.
  2999. I then said, "It is not impossible, Mr. Malfoy. Mr. Linwood was the one who removed it. A Mark bestowed by love can erase a mark forced upon by hate. It was a ritual that required a drop of blood from a person who truly loved me and a mark to replace the Dark Mark."
  3001. He managed to recompose himself before asking, "May we see what this Mark bestowed upon by love is?"
  3003. I said nothing as I pulled the V-Neck of my thermal shirt down, revealing the SoA Crow, clutching a heart in it's claws.
  3005. "This is the Mark that the blood of my husband made possible." I explained.
  3007. After a minute of staring at it, I commented, "It's not polite to stare."
  3009. That snapped him out of it and he asked, "How has your life changed? From Death Eater and Voldemort's right hand to the wife of a Muggle Outlaw Biker. It looks like you traded one band of killers for another."
  3011. As I was about to comment on that, Wiley stood up and said, "Objection, your honor. The Prosecutor is speculating on a group he knows nothing about."
  3013. Minister Bones looked at Draco and said, "This is your final warning, Mr. Malfoy. One more question that does not relate to this case and I will hold you in contempt."
  3015. "Final question from the Prosecution. How could meeting a Muggle like Mr. Trager change you? How do you expect anyone to believe that you are not the right hand of Voldemort?" he asked, not fazed at Amelia's statement.
  3017. I replied to him, "I can't lie, Draco. I'm under the influence of Veritaserum. As for how meeting Tig changed my life, he is the only one who, even after he learned of what I did for a living when I first met him, accepted me for whom I was."
  3019. He was taken back by that statement and said, "No further questions from the Prosecution, Your Honor."
  3021. As he sat down, Wiley approached the Stand and stated, "Very well put, Mrs. Trager. Yes, it was I who removed the Dark Mark from her arm and gave her that Tattoo that now rests above her heart. Now, Mrs. Trager, on that fateful night in 1998, what brought you to Johnson's Pub and Grill, the very place where you would meet your future husband?"
  3023. I thought for a minute and replied, "Voldemort gave me the night off. I was enjoying the down time."
  3025. He smiled and asked, "What was your first thought of Tig when you first laid eyes on him?"
  3027. "I thought that, at the time, for a Muggle, he was very handsome." I replied.
  3029. "Why did you not kill or torture him?"
  3031. I then began thinking of why and replied, "You know, to this very day, I do not know why I didn't. However, I personally believe it may have been either the amount of liquor we had both consumed or the pent up sexual frustration I had been having for 2 months."
  3033. "I see. When you saw him again, was it to make him pay for shagging you or did you start having feelings for him?"
  3035. I replied, "At first, it was to repay my cousin for not turning me in. I also was captivated by Trager, I guess."
  3037. "When did you realize that you had feelings for him?"
  3039. "I realized I had feelings for him when we went to Hogsmeade for our first date." I replied, thinking fondly of the memory.
  3041. "Has he made an impact on your life since then?"
  3043. "Yes." I said.
  3045. "How did meeting him change your way of thinking?"
  3047. "I began to realize that I was a terrible person and that there was no point to Pureblood supremacy." I replied.
  3049. "Have you truly left the Death Eaters and renounced your allegiance to Voldemort?"
  3051. "Yes."
  3053. "Did you make the Unbreakable Vow and swear a Witch's Oath to never return to Voldemort and to fight against him?"
  3055. "Yes."
  3057. "Are you truly sorry for what you did in the past?" As the words left his mouth, it was like a sword had pierced my heart and I held back tears as I replied, "God save me, yes. I am sorry for what I have done."
  3059. "Final question from the Defense. Are you involved in any way with the recent Death Eater attacks?" he asked. I don't remember going over that with him but I guess he wants to eliminate any possible doubt that I was.
  3061. I replied confidently, "Absolutely not. I have no idea as to the true identity of the one whose Italian nickname translates to 'The Dark Queen'. In my eyes, she is most likely a psychopathic, workaholic jackass who wants to try and return the Death Eaters to their former infamy."
  3063. Wiley was satisfied with that and said, "No further questions, Your Honor."
  3065. Minister Bones said, "Alright. I declare a 30 minute recess."
  3067. I was then administered the antidote. As we left the courtroom to stretch out our limbs and use the bathroom, I walked up to my nephew and whispered into his ear, "My dear Draco, between you and your parents, it's clear to me that my dear sister has more balls than you do." before walking off to give my husband a quick snog.
  3069. 30 minutes later
  3071. (Normal POV)
  3073. "The 30 minute recess has concluded. Mr. Linwood and Mr. Malfoy, you both may now make your closing arguments."
  3075. Draco walked up to the jury and began his closing argument. "Ladies and gentlemen of the jury. You all bore witness to a case unlike any other case that has ever been presented before the Ministry of Magic. The defendant, Bellatrix Trager, formerly known as Bellatrix Lestrange, has claimed that she turned away from the life of a Death Eater. In the most recent history of the wizarding world, there has not been one moment when a Death Eater was every contrite, humbled or downhearted for cutting down anything and anyone in their path. Never once has a Death Eater come up before the Ministry with sentiments of regret or remorse for the lives they have destroyed. Mrs. Trager may have successfully shed the infamous Dark Mark, but what can not be removed is the fact that she is a killer. A cold-blooded, maniacal killer with a trail of blood, broken bodies and bedlam in her wake. Knowing that such a history would be met with a tribunal and a one-way ticket straight to the gates of Azkaban, she fled England and found sanctuary in America with a band of Muggle criminals known as the Sons of Anarchy. Only now does she come back begging for pardons for charges that would indeed seal her fate once and for all. Giving birth to two children and building a family does not hide the blood on her hands. The charges pending against her were set for a reason and those reasons, I believe, hold as much validity now as they did then."
  3077. As he sat down, Wiley walked up to them and began talking. "Ladies and gentlemen, it's clear that Mr. Malfoy would be happy to bring into the light every indiscretion and transgression my client has ever done. If he had his way, Malfoy would bring out a list a mile long, containing the names of every victim connected to the name of Bellatrix Trager, formerly known as Bellatrix Lestrange. He would tell you how she served Voldemort with a fanatical enthusiasm and slavish devotion. What he will not tell you is that it took one person, a Muggle no less, to change her completely. He will not make mention of how she consciously fought against the very Death Eaters she once fought alongside. Malfoy would make sure to keep you all in the dark about how she defended her husband from certain death by killing one of many Death Eaters on the same day Harry Potter took a shotgun and blasted half of Voldemort's head off to kingdom come. The lady here today, pleading for pardon, is not the monster Malfoy makes her out to be. That monster passed away years ago. Bellatrix Trager is not Bellatrix Lestrange anymore. Until now, there has not been a precedent in which a Death Eater every stopped being a Death Eater. Until now, there has not been one time where a Death Eater came of their own volition before you now to beg pardon for all they have done wrong. I would like to believe that the Ministry of Magic is a court of prosecution tempered with compassion and reason rather than a court fueled by persecution and contempt. Bellatrix Trager has carried the weight of her past life on her back long enough. Let her leave this courtroom liberated from the ghosts of the past."
  3079. As the words left his mouth and as he sat down, Minister Bones said, "You now have 24 hours to reach a verdict, starting now."
  3081. 3 hours later
  3083. The Jury emerged from the room and the one charged as the Foreman of the jury said, "Your Honor, we have reached a verdict."
  3085. Minister Bones said, "Will the Defendant, Defense Counsel and Prosecution all rise?"
  3087. As they did, the looks of anxiousness was evident on all of their faces. The man in the Jury said, "We, the jury, find the Defendant, Bellatrix Black Trager, not guilty of all of the crimes charged against her. It is clear as day that she has changed."
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