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  1. 06:51:16| <+toohighto> I thought satanists were supposed to be enlightened beyond personal attacks and emotions
  2. 06:51:30| <+toohighto> Have ye not transcended the laws of nature yet?
  3. 06:51:33| <+toohighto> What degree are you
  4. 06:51:39| <+toohighto> Are you a red card carrying member?
  5. 06:51:40| <+darkmage_> if you're going to babble on as if you know the first thing about the ideology then perhaps try speaking from not such a high-place
  6. 06:51:41| <+darkmage_> as in
  7. 06:51:45| <+darkmage_> get off your high horse
  8. 06:51:47| <+toohighto> Bro
  9. 06:51:51| <+toohighto> Did you miss the chats
  10. 06:51:59| <+toohighto> My ex-fiance was a "red card carrying" member
  11. 06:52:07| <+toohighto> Prolly more than you
  12. 06:52:12| <rondito> satanists get a red card?
  13. 06:52:13| <+toohighto> You got your card bro?
  14. 06:52:14| <rondito> for their wallet?
  15. 06:52:16| <+toohighto> Yep
  16. 06:52:17| <rondito> lol
  17. 06:52:19| <rondito> word
  18. 06:52:19| <+toohighto> lol
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