Night Ride

Mar 9th, 2016
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  1. >It's a nice night so far
  2. >Crystal clear skies, no gusts of wind dragging the winter chill with it
  3. >This new album is pretty nice
  4. >Downright groovy, actually
  5. >You've been listening to it all day actually, since you picked it up this morning
  6. >Saturdays are great
  7. >You flick your mouse across the screen and go back to look across the updates for your quest threads when you notice a notification
  8. >It's from...
  9. >Sigh
  10. >Standing up, you toss on a jacket and sneakers and your usual leaving the house necessities
  11. >And you step outside
  12. >The early spring air is a little chilly, but in a good way, it feels good just standing around and locking your door
  13. >"Sup, nerd."
  14. >You look away from the door
  15. >There's a huge dark blue car squeezed in the front of your house
  16. >You roll your eyes at the owner of the beast. "Nerd, really?"
  17. >Indigo Zap shrugs, tapping her fingers along to the beat of the loud classic rock rolling out of her oversized speakers
  18. >She's smiling nice and wide, and she's wearing her leather rebel outfit
  19. >Yeah
  20. >She wants to drive around all night
  21. >Taking out your phone, you quickly text yourself a reminder to stop her around 12 AM
  22. >You sigh, holster your phone and walk closer to her, popping open the door of Zap's huge car and sliding your rump into the leather seat
  23. >As you reach for your seat belt, you ask her "What happened to bae?"
  24. >"I dunno." She sneers and pops her brow. "What happened to ya?"
  25. >You slowly look at her and give her the most loathing gaze you can
  26. >She just snorts and starts laughing
  27. >Freaking asshole. You can't help but smile and relax back against the seat as she peels out of the driveway and on down the street
  28. >Indy bobs her head, her hair bouncing under her goggles as she drives down the streets of Canterlot
  29. >She's got that big, dumb smile on
  30. >The one she wears when the day's fucked her over nice and good, but it's Saturday night and she doesn't have to put up with bullshit from managers, her parents, school, or anyone else at all anymore
  31. >She's got that smile
  32. >On the surface, it just looks like a dopey smile
  33. >Which, you guess is accurate. She's just being dumb and happy despite what's been happening
  34. >You get your own smile going and look away from her, to the road
  35. >She's going to take you out of the city, you can feel it
  36. >But today's special
  37. >You're both probably going to go far out of the city and into the farmlands or maybe the coast
  38. >With the speed Indy's driving, you doubt anything like distance or fuel will get in her way to getting where she wants to go
  39. >And you don't mind one bit
  40. >"Yo, bae."
  41. >With a soft jerk, you look over at her, away from the mesmerizing flying stream of buildings passing by
  42. >She grins at you, looking away from the neatly paved street and nodding to the glove compartment
  43. >Sighing, you reach into the compartment, pulling out a few custom CDs
  44. >She's had the same five discs for ten years now, save for remaking broken ones and getting HD tracks
  45. "Indy, are you ever going to improve your library?"
  46. >She scoffs at the notion and you hold up 'Nighttime ROCK II'
  47. >As soon as she nods, you remove the album in the radio and slide the disc in
  48. >Soon, the ancient Rock and Roll starts rumbling out
  49. >You grin at Indy's old as hell taste in music, but don't bother making fun of her for it
  50. >You have an idea how bad today's been for her
  51. >You look at her again
  52. >Even with only the glow of the speedometer and the output of the radio, you can see that dumb smile
  53. >So you smile with her and recline in your seat
  54. >The scenery shifts, as fast as Indy can drive, but still fairly slow
  55. >Indigo raced as fast as she wanted, knowing no one was out this far to watch a speed demon like her burn up the pavement and tear up the gravel
  56. >Which is fine with you
  57. >Normally, you didn't like cars, or driving, or had any kind of need for speed, but when you're with Indy, it all actually puts you at ease
  58. >You trust her to drive as fast as she wants. The safest place to be when she's driving is next to her, after all
  59. >Looking out at the landscape, you see the last house of the outskirts of Canterlot fly by
  60. >Leaving Indigo and you by yourselves, far away from civilization
  61. >Just you two and the road and the stars and the moon
  62. >You wrap your fingers over your belly and sigh
  63. >Indy glances over at you and turns the music down
  64. >"How's your week been, bae?"
  65. >Glancing at her, you see she's got a smaller smile on as she's leaning back
  66. >Casually going 80 with one arm out the window and her head bobbing to the drumline
  67. >You look back at the road ahead, watching the hills and valleys bounce on the horizon
  68. "My week was pretty okay. I had to deal with you girls and school at the same time, so it wasn't perfect." You smirk
  69. >She snorts and shakes her head
  70. >You reach over and tap your fist against her shoulder
  71. "Tonight's pretty relaxing though."
  72. >She smirks at that but doesn't say much else
  73. >You wrap your fingers together again, still smiling a bit
  74. "...What happened to your week though?"
  75. >Indy frowns, and you instantly copy her
  76. >She takes a deep breath and sighs, her brow knitting together
  77. >"I had a couple bad days, is all." She eases up on the gas a bit, and her machine slows to about half speed
  78. >Which is still fast
  79. >You hum softly. "What happened?"
  80. >Indigo slows down a bit more, until you were approaching cruising speed
  81. >She looks over at you now that the car is a much easier to control pace
  82. >She shakes her head and pulls over, into a parking lot
  83. >The gravel flies under the tires, scattering and flicking everywhere
  84. >She parks, and kills the huge engine
  85. >For a moment or so, she just stares at the steering wheel
  86. >The leather groans under her grip as she tightens
  87. >She shakes her head again and sighs, looking over at you
  88. >"You know what it is."
  89. >You shrug, getting a small smile
  90. >Yeah you know what it is. You reach over and wrap your arms around your friend
  91. "Happy Birthday, Indy."
  92. >She chuckles and wraps her arms around you. She goes still for a moment, but then just sets her head against your shoulder, nuzzling you
  93. >When you pull away, she has a ghost of a smile, and the beginnings of some tears are forming
  94. >"Thanks, bae." She mutters as she wipes away the undue moisture. When it's all cleaned up, she gives you a grin
  95. >"Come on." She bobs her head to the building she parked in front of
  96. >You both slide out and wander up to the window
  97. >The young woman looks up from her comic (Power Ponies, fuck yeah) and smiles, blowing a bubble
  98. >"Look it's the birthday girl and her bestie."
  99. >You chuckle along with Indigo and reach into your pocket, pulling out some bills.
  100. >Indigo seems a little uneasy, and looks away as you set the cash down
  101. "The same as last year, Bubble."
  102. >Bubble grins and puts the cash away. "One sec."
  103. >As she walked away deeper into the building, you glanced at Indy
  104. >She had her hands stuffed into her pockets, with her back turned to you
  105. >You frown and before you do anything, take the double bubblegum in a chocolate cone in one hand and the vanilla soft serve in the other from Bubble
  106. >Stepping closer, you hand Indy the big pastel pile of cream
  107. >She smirks and gives you a funny look
  108. >You giggle and hand her her soft serve, which she happily takes and starts eating
  109. >Indy takes a step off the platform and walks back to her car
  110. >You follow, steadily munching on your pastel treat
  111. >She pops open the door and eases herself in, just as you do
  112. >With a few adjustments, you take off into the night
  113. >Indy drives not nearly as fast as before, instead going for a leisurely stroll through the country
  114. >You watch the scenery
  115. >When she turns off the road, you whip your head forward, smearing ice cream on your cheek
  116. >Wiping that off, you see she's just driving up to the usual
  117. >A bunch of hills you both love to relax on
  118. >She drives up to the biggest one, the only one that can hold her car, and kills it, leaving the music playing.
  119. >She smiles at you
  120. >You smile back
  121. >Both of you climb out and slide up onto the hood
  122. >It's not that cold, it's actually kind of warm up on her car, but you still shiver in the night time chill
  123. >That and your ice cream is making you cold on the inside
  124. >There's a rustling, and you're warm again
  125. >Glancing over, you see Indy, sans her jacket, eating her vanilla dessert, like nothing was amiss
  126. >You giggle as you pull the jacket closer around you
  127. >It smells like her. Blueberries and cola.
  128. >You edge closer to your friend and lay your head against her shoulder
  129. >The stars above shine down on you both as you sit together, eating your ice cream in silence
  130. >There's Orion's Belt...
  131. >Dippers, little and big.
  132. >You smile as you chew your gum and ice cream while you stargaze
  133. >"Hey, Twi..."
  134. >You look around to Indy, still smiling
  135. >But she's not. She's looking down at her car, and listlessly chewing on her cone
  136. >You put your hand on the hand she's supporting herself on, and she looks up at you
  137. >She takes a deep breath and leans in, pressing her head against your shoulder
  138. >Once more, she takes a sharp breath and shudders, letting out a dry sob
  139. >All you can do is wrap your arms around her, pulling your friend close
  140. >Indigo moves closer, so she's almost on you, and lets out a whimper
  141. >You sigh, eating the last of your ice cream so it wont get anywhere, and set down the cone so you can hold her right
  142. >You lean in closer to her and whisper, "What's wrong?"
  143. >Your friend breathes slower and shakes her head, opening her mouth a few times
  144. >But she just locks up, whimpering again, like she's in physical pain from whatever's bothering her
  145. >Slowly, you raise a hand and stroke her, starting with the back of her head, and trailing down her tank top and to her lower back, and over again
  146. "Tell me what's wrong, Indy..."
  147. >With a heaving breath, she collects herself as best she can
  148. >All she can do is gasp out a few words at first. "E-everything. Everything, bae."
  149. >You keep working as best you can to help her relax
  150. >Just don't let her cry, Sparkle
  151. >You close your eyes and rest your chin on her head, which is now comfortably nestled against your chest
  152. >You both sit like that for maybe ten or fifteen minutes
  153. >Just trying as best you can to keep her relaxed and comfortable on her birthday
  154. >...
  155. >Eventually, Zap sits up again
  156. >You hold your hands out to her but she shakes her head and sniffs
  157. >Silence
  158. "So... Want to talk, birthday girl?" You do your best to give her a smile
  159. >She looks back at you, looking disgusted and aggravated, but when she actually looks at you, you can see a lot of the aggravation evaporate as she smiles
  160. >She nods and leans back, laying down
  161. >You lay down too and listen
  162. >"It's just a lot of shitty things that happened all at once."
  163. >You nod, staring at the moon. "Mhm."
  164. >"On Monday, I got my debit card stolen, and the bank told me to fuck off basically."
  165. >You furrow your brow and let her continue.
  166. >"On Wednesday, Cinch had the dean call my folks and tell them I've been failing some classes..."
  167. >You can help with that!
  168. >...But you let her finish
  169. >"Thursday was fucking shit though, I lost my fucking job, because my boss clipped his POS sedan on Blue Lightning in the parking lot." She slammed a palm against her car for emphasis.
  170. >"He brought up some bs about me being rude to the customers and dressing provocatively, but dude, he was so wrong about both..." She groans and grabs her face
  171. >"Since I'm still a minor, bs too, me being 20 and all, he called my dad about it."
  172. >"Honestly, yesterday was fanfuckingtastic too..."
  173. >She sniffs, and starts breathing faster
  174. >You look over at her
  175. >She grits her teeth and starts sobbing, clenching her eyes shut as tears start to flow
  176. >You roll over and hug her, pressing her head against your chest
  177. >She squeezes her fists against her own chest, her knuckles gently rubbing against your upper belly
  178. >You don't mind. You just coo for her
  179. >"Y-yesterday..."
  180. >She takes a deep breath
  181. >"My dad kicked me out of the house. He got mad, really fucking mad, and just started screaming about all this shit. My grades, my job, he blamed me getting my card stolen on me..."
  182. >She shakes her head and takes a sharp breath.
  183. >"Says he thinks I'm gay cause I don't have any guy friends."
  184. >You pause.
  185. >You pull her away and stare at her wet, vulnerable face. She's breathing really slow
  186. >Her vibrant yellow eyes are puffy and red from the tears.
  187. "...But you are gay."
  188. >She grits her teeth and shuts her eyes. "That's not the point!"
  189. >You pull her close before she can cry again and rub her back. "Okay, okay..."
  190. >She doesn't start crying again, but she does sniffle.
  191. >"Sorry... The point is that he thinks its bad, so he added it to the list of shit he considers me a failure at."
  192. >Oh
  193. >You frown as you feel the bottom of your stomach turn into a pit.
  194. >"And this morning was great, right?"
  195. >This morni-
  196. >You shake your head. "Zap, stop."
  197. >She just keeps going, shouting through the tears, "But happy birthday, right? Just a few hours early, but ya know. Tomorrow'll be here soon!"
  198. >You place your hand over her mouth before she can say anything else. Warm tears slide over your pinkie and wrist as she goes to breathe through her nose
  199. >But you slowly shake your head, feeling some warmth behind your own eyes now
  200. "Don't bring that up..."
  201. >She nods, and you take your hand away
  202. >"Sorry."
  203. "It's okay..." You sigh and inch closer to her
  204. >She wraps her hands around you, and you do mirror her
  205. >You both lay like that for a little bit longer before your phone starts playing music
  206. >(Go Go Power Ponies!)
  207. >You reach into your pocket and show her the screen
  208. >She cocks a brow and smirks at the message
  209. >"Indy, get me home by 12:30, please."
  210. >You deactivate the alarm and pocket it
  211. >"Hey..."
  212. >You look her in the eye
  213. >She tenses a little and traces her finger along the surface of the hood of her car
  214. >She sighs and turns, splaying out across the broad surface
  215. "You wanna like... Chill for a bit longer? I promise to take you home soon, I just need to be not by myself right now."
  216. >With a heavy sigh, you lay down next to her, so her outstretched arm is under your neck
  217. >Without moving too much, you weave your fingers together over your belly and watch the stars twinkle above
  218. >It's a beautiful night
  219. >The air is chilled, and there still aren't any clouds in the sky
  220. >You smile and sigh, letting your eyes drift closed
  221. >A few minutes later, your head starts bobbing back and forth
  222. >You squeeze your eyes and open them, blinking
  223. >Then Indy takes her hand out from under your head, dropping your noggin on the metal
  224. "Gah!" You sit upright
  225. >You go to glare at Indy, but she's just sitting, holding her legs to her chest
  226. >Sigh
  227. >Inching forward, you wrap an arm around her shoulder
  228. >She looks up at you, and you smile
  229. >She smiles too, but a bit smaller than you
  230. >"You're great, bae."
  231. >You giggle and hug her
  232. >She chuckles too, her voice a little raspy from crying
  233. >"Let's go home."
  234. >Nodding, you release her and edge off of her car
  235. >She saunters over to the driver's side and pops in
  236. >The beast is already alive by the time your fanny is plopped into the leather seat beside Indy
  237. >She wraps her fingers around the leather steering wheel nice and tight as the music starts up again
  238. >In a flash, with one hand on the transmission, and the other on the wheel, Blue Lightning rolls through the countryside, tearing up grass and dirt all along the way
  239. >Beyond confidant in your friend's ability to drive fast and hard, you relax back into your seat.
  240. >After some minor adjustments, putting your hands over your belly, crossing your legs under the hot air coming in from the engine...
  241. >You can feel yourself drifting off to sleep
  242. >...
  243. >The car eventually slows down to a lurch and stops
  244. >You peek around, and see your neighborhood
  245. >You sit up, ever so slowly, and smile to Indy
  246. >She frowns, and kills the noise while looking away
  247. >Crickets
  248. >You don't know what to say
  249. >Goodbye, probably, but you also kind of want to remind her that everything's going to be okay
  250. >Will she believe you?
  251. >You place a hand on hers, where it rested on the transmission
  252. >She sighs and closes her eyes.
  253. >She turns her hand over, locking fingers with you, squeezing gently
  254. >You smile and press her hand into your other palm, running your fingers over her calloused knuckles and the back of her hand
  255. >She knows.
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