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  1. Fellow workers,
  3. FW Kaplan and I met with FW Sturman last Sunday after the GMB meeting. Sturman has been reaching out to his co-workers at Jimmy John's, but nobody has been very interested in putting effort into improving their conditions. He had a salt at one location, but they were making deliveries on Joshes' bike, failed to secure it while out on delivery, and the bike was stolen. The salt then quit Jimmy John's and no longer responds to texts from Josh. Additionally, Josh had a prospective co-worker he thought would be a good fit for the organizing committee who was recently fired.
  5. FW Sturman has been using the U word when talking to his co-workers. FW Kaplan and I told him to cut back on that, and tried to get him to focus on determining what the worker's grievances are moving forward. We identified a new prospect for the OC and worked out a plan for FW Sturman to reach out to the aforementioned worker. FW Kaplan provided some suggestions on how to get her into a 1 on 1, and how to more subtly probe her about grievances. FW Kaplan also volunteered to follow up and see how things have gone for FW Sturman mid week- I think we determined Wednesday or Thursday she would follow up.
  7. FW Sturman voiced an interest in having meetings with the BOC more often and consistently. I, of course, agree. Ideally we should be meeting him weekly, or at least checking in and seeing if he has anything to report. My assessment is that he needs help navigating organizing conversations from the very beginning of a campaign. I think he'll be a strong presence when the union gains some kind of traction within his shop, but I think he's also intimidated a lot of employees by straight up using the U word.
  9. Any questions, please feel free to ask. If I missed anything, FW Kaplan please feel free to add to my reportback.
  11. Solidarity,
  12. FW Madden
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