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Dadonequus Discord Part 305

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  1. >You slam your face into your bed. Right into your pillow, and begin to tear up.
  2. >You didn't want to deal with the day. Hell, you were hoping you never had to get up again. You were an asshole. You were just letting it happen.
  3. >Have to think of something
  4. >Have to think
  5. >Have to
  6. >"A-Anon, are you ok?" You hear Scrappy's voice as you feel movement on your bed.
  7. >You tilt your head enough to look back. There he was/ Looking as worried as ever.
  8. "I thought Chrysalis told you to go back to your post?"
  9. >You try to sound stoic.
  10. >"I-I know. But I was worried. You seem really really hurt."
  11. "I'm really really not. I'm just tired. Look, Applebloom probably wants to see you. Just go to her and let me nap."
  12. >"But, even the queen is worried about you. I have to make sure you're ok"
  13. >Scrappy brazenly stepped close to you and started massaging your head. "Does this help?"
  14. >You shoo him away and turn the other direction. Getting annoyed.
  15. "No, leave me be Scrappy. Besides, did she say she was worried? Or are you assuming?"
  16. >"Well..erm. She didn't say she was worried. But I could feel it."
  17. >Feel it?
  18. >Being her spawn, it was possible he could have actually felt something. Especially since they feed off emotions in the first place.
  19. >Chrysalis was worried? Was that progress?
  20. >Or maybe, you really were the only one she could relate to.
  21. "Scappy, let me ask you a question. Do you think your Queen really wants to crush all the ponies?"
  22. >You look back at him expecting something. But that something was a resounding nod. "Mhmmm!She's always thinking about it. But she doesn't think of crushing you. Just them...which...ngh" Scrappy feels a heaviness in his buggy heart. Enough to put a hoof to his chest. "W-which, I wish she'd at least think it over. I don't want my friends to be crushed. But, she won't listen. She doesn't like any of my friends very much...she doesn't know their my friends..."
  24. >Scrappy started to feel really down now as he slumped onto his belly. "Being the captain is hard..."
  25. >You just stared at him. Anon, what are you even going to do with him? What's going to happen to him? The only real thing you could think of is to separate him from what's going to happen and make him a permadog. But would he be happy if that happened? Or would he go nuts? Or just become depressed....
  26. >...fucking...
  27. >You sigh and reach over to him and give him a pat on the head. He instinctly wags his insect like tail. But he still looked pretty down.
  28. "I'll be alright. You really shouldn't worry too much alright? I'll figure something out about that. You really should get going though. As a farm dog, you have a lot of responsibilities to take care of. You don't want to make Applebloom look bad by not showing up, do you?"
  29. >"N-No!" He quickly stands up and hops off the bed "I C-can't disappoint Master Applebloom! B-but..."
  30. >He looks up back at you with sad eyes "I don't feel right just leaving when you seem so hurt by something."
  31. >You change your tone to slight annoyed anger as you wag your hoof towards him with a scowl on your face.
  32. "I Said I'm fine. I'm just tired dammit. And when you're tired, the best thing to let that tired pony do is SLEEEEEEP. All you're doing is making things worse right now"
  33. >"....o-h, s-sorry Anon...I..I get it now. I'll go. Y-you sleep good, o-ok?" Now he felt bad. Feeling he was the cause of your current discomfort.
  34. "Yeah, I will..."
  35. >You flip around to face away from him.
  36. "Don't worry about it. It'll be fine"
  37. >"...ok....bye" Scrappy, with a long face and down trodden attitude leaves through the portal door. Only hoping you would be ok after a nap.
  38. >But you couldn't nap. You lied. You were being bothered, that was obvious. How can you handle this? What trick could you pull that wouldn't piss off the princesses?
  39. >As you laid there, thinking, contemplating, you went back to Scrappy's words about Chrysalis.
  41. >Was she truly worried? Even if she was. It was too late. IT WAS TOO LATE! WHAT WERE YOU SUPPOSED TO DO TO PROTECT HER?!
  43. >You grab your pillow and throw it at the mirror. But you don't even make a crack in it.
  44. "FUUUUUCK!"
  45. >You got up and looked at the mirror, you looked at yourself. What a piece of shit! A PIECE OF SHIT!
  46. >You slam your hoof into the mirror. But you don't damage it in any way. No matter how many times you lay into it.
  47. "WHY?! WHY?! JUST...just..."
  48. >You tried to hurt yourself through your own reflection. But as you look into it with tears, you realized you couldn't even do that.
  49. "....what else could go wrong?"
  50. >As you stared at your reflection. Contemplating. A bright light appears next to you. From it, a scooter dashes forward and smacks into you. Easily activating the house's personal barrier on you but still sending you into the wall, the ceiling, and then right to the floor, right on top of your head, like a pinball.
  51. "E-eeee-eeegghh...ogh....w-what happened?"
  52. >You just had to say those words...
  53. >"MAIL CALL!" Cried out tthe familiar voice of the mischievous spirit of chaos
  54. >You looked up in a daze. Discord was on a scooter in mailman clothes, holding some papers and a letter in his paw. When he noticed you, he looked down at you with a grin. "Anon, didn't you learn in school that standing in the middle of the road is dangerous?"
  55. >....FUCKING
  57. >Discord ignores you as he puts down the papers that were held by a small rope onto the ground next to you. Then he put down a purple letter. "Don't blame me. I have a schedule I have to abide by. How can I provide for this family if I get fired?"
  59. >Suddenly, another Discord appears through the floor door, and starts yelling "DISCORD! YOU FILLED MY COFFEE CUP BY AN EXTRA OUNCE! YOU'RE FIRRRREEEEDDD!"
  60. >"Hrn..." Discord, the one in mailman garb, just shrugs and tosses away his hat "Never mind Anon, back to looking in the papers."
  61. >Why did you even bother?
  62. "Discord...I'm having a bit of a crisis right now and...is this school work?"
  63. >You look at the packed bundle, and it was indeed that. You toss it aside.
  64. >"Of course, you did miss another day of school. And for all the wrong reasons too. Meeting with the princesses for some tea party. Egh, please tell me you at least put a spider in one of their cups" Discord looked at you as if there was nothing emotionally or physically wrong with you. Just treating things as seriously as he wishes to.
  65. "Discord...."
  66. >Fuck it, never mind. You grab the envelope and take a look at the front.
  67. >The purple envelope was from Starlight.
  68. >One of your friends. Someone you cared about....someone Chrysalis wanted to crush just for being a pony.
  69. >...dammit
  70. >You go to open the envelope when you noticed it's already been torn open.
  71. ".....Discord, did you open my mail?"
  72. >He nods "Mhmm, has to make sure there weren't any bombs, or knives, or killer centaurs. Things like that." He shrugs with a constant smirk on his face.
  73. "....yeah...."
  74. >You pull the letter out of the envelope and start reading. It wasn't much. She was just letting you know she was ok and JUST NOW decided to make her way to the Crystal Empire, explaining she got held up by a few things.
  75. >Part of you didn't care. Another part hurt that there was a part that didn't care. Considering Starlight was a dear friend of yours as well.
  77. >You just toss the letter aside. And try to summon up the energy to care. You shouldn't just care about Chrysalis.
  78. >But she was the only one in immediate, or near immediate danger.
  79. >As you sat there. Discord suddenly plucked you by the scruff and placed you back on your bed. "Anon, What's the matter? You're typically more amusing when I do something like this. Is something wrong?"
  80. "...What do you care?"
  81. >You just look down in shame.
  82. >"It could be the fact that you're one of my best friends next to Fluttershy. Come on kiddo!" Discord snaps his paw. Sending you both into a dimly lit study. You were on a long sofa as Discord sat beside you in a suede jacket. He held a notepad in his talons and a pen in his paws. "Tell me what the problem is"
  83. >You couldn't...
  84. "...I can't"
  85. >"Because Celestia said so Anon? Whatever it is, it can't be that bad. And if you tell your dear ole dad. I bet you'll feel better than ever. And if not, we can go pull a prank on whatever princess bothered you during that little tea party. THEN you'll feel better. Either way, I'm not cold hearted. You're my friend, and I want to do anything I can to help. Preferably with the latter way of doing things" Discord said as he tried to look like a psychiatrist, sound like one too. He looked bored as he tapped his notepad.
  86. >You can't tell him
  87. >You can't....
  88. >But..
  89. >If he can help...
  90. >If he could somehow help you make sure you don't lose ANY friends...
  91. >...But Celestia...
  92. >No fuck it, he was going to be told sooner or later
  93. >..so why not now? Right now?
  94. >...yeah
  96. "Discord...If I tell you this. You have to SWEAR not to tell anypony else"
  97. >Discord holds his paw up "I swear"
  98. >You roll your eyes
  99. "Now do it without your talons crossed"
  100. >"Hrnnn....fine" Discord shows you his talons as he holds up his paw again "I swear"
  101. "Tail fur..."
  102. >"Aren't you observant...fine" Discord shows you his tail as he once again gives you his word.
  103. "And how about that third paw you got hiding behind your back? Also your horns. I see some ends of your antlers crossed"
  104. >Discord just stares at you as he snaps his talons. Turning himself into a simple floating cube. one end comes out as a goopy hand and raises itself. "I swear. is this fine?"
  105. >You look around the cube. It seemed fine. You don't know why you kept this up yourself. It was obvious he could probably find another reason to say something. But you had a feeling he wouldn't, he was just fucking with you, and for some reason you just obliged him.
  106. "Yeah"
  107. >"Good" Discord flashes as he returns to his original form. "Now go on and tell me already. whatever it is, it simply MUST be juicy!"
  108. >...Here we go. Once you tell him. There's no going back.
  109. >And so you do. You tell him everything that happened in the meeting in Canterlot. You then tell him how you felt and how you didn't wantr to lose Chrysalis as a friend.
  110. >Discord doesn't say a word at all as he listens. He snaps his talons instead. Returning everything to normal and plopping you back on your bed.
  111. "So....what do you think?
  113. >He stays silent for a moment longer as he gives you a stoic stare, stroking his beard as he pondered
  114. >"Anon, did it ever occur to you that maybe you made your life a tad more busy then it should be?"
  115. >What kind of answer was that?
  116. "what do you mean?"
  117. >"I mean sonny boy, that I only intended for you to make friends with ponies and cause a bit of mischief here and there. Not throw your life into total turmoil because you decided to make friends with a villain."
  118. >...oh
  119. "Well, what do you want?we became friends, that's all there is to it. Do you even remember how it started? You're the one who locked her up in here in the first place"
  120. >What was he even talking about? Even if thats what he intended. Things still went awry and changed. If he didn't want this. He shouldn't have locked her up in the house.
  121. >"Of course I do. But aside from what I may have said. I only intended her to stay for just a little while for fun. The only reason I've kept her around is because of you Anon. Sure, she's fun to toy with. But she's not the type of company I like to keep. Never been a fan of the royal snooty sort...unless it's me of course"
  122. >So that's it? He didn't get rid of her because of you? So he was just being your friend.
  123. "So you won't help me then?"
  124. >Discord smirked at you, and shook his head "Don't be so hasty Anon. On one paw, I don't care to stay as a host to our ungrateful guests. But on these talons I see a phenomenal chance to cause some real chaos. Of course, it depends. What exactly do you need me to do?"
  125. >....Discord..
  126. >You got off from your bed and hugged him tightly.
  127. "Thanks for being a bro Discord, Thank you so damn much!"
  129. >Discord slowly pulls you away with a serious look on his face "Don't thank me yet Anon" The entire room started to turn darker as his face became scarier "for if this causes any harm to Fluttershy, you shall suffer one thousand years of spankings in the span of five hours. Do you understand?"
  130. >Uhhhh, holy fuck. You gulped at that, even shook. That was fucking scary to even hear much less feel with the air turning cold as it turned darker. You slowly nodded. Still feeling confident despite the sudden worry.
  131. >Then everything turns normal as Discord grins and clasps his paw with his talons. "Good, now what do you need me to do Anon?"
  132. >...scary
  133. "I'm not exactly sure. We can't keep the princesses away forever though. Then again, they expect your help with this when the time comes so...."
  134. >"Make up excuses?"
  135. "Make up excuses...but we need something else. Celestia can be pretty crafty. And Twilight has a knack of noticing when things are off. Even if it clobbers the hell out of her, like when she couldn't believe in Pinkie's Pinkie sense"
  137. >"Hrnnn" Discord pondered "This is quite the conundrum. Because if I know Celestia, she might get desperate enough to tell Fluttershy what's going on. And then?" Discord shrugs "It'd be over. I'm in no way willing to do anything to Fluttershy if it escalates to more than turning her away."
  138. >At least he was being honest.
  139. "Excuses is all I have right now anyway. I don't want to hurt anypony. But I also don't want Chrysalis to find out. And apparently Celestia wants to help with getting something set up for me and Chrysalis to be away while she tries to reform the changelings. So I guess you can prevent that from happening too, right?"
  140. >"I can, but as I said. There's a limit. We need something permanent." Discord produces a long beanbag chair under himself and plants himself on it with his back. "But that might be impossible. Ponies are persistent Anon , ESPECIALLY Twilight. Eventually they'd catch on to the fact we're trying to keep them out and then Celestia would get all noble on us and complain about the fact we're preventing her from doing something "Just". "
  141. "..I know, they all would. The only thing I have as back up is you making absolutely sure Chrysalis wouldn't be banished."
  142. >"Easy, but if she knows you're involved at all. You could kiss that friendship goodbye. I'd have no idea how you'd be able to make up for the fact that suddenly her entire hive would be against her. Then again, would it really be that bad Anon? Need I remind you that she wants to conquer all of Equestria?"
  143. "...And you only care about that because it also involves Fluttershy, right?"
  145. >"Yes...BUT! It involves you too. Anon, you're startlingly way too involved with your friendship with Chrysalis. Take a lesson from your Daddy Discord. I made the mistake of making friends with an evil villain once, and that mistake nearly cost me everything. Chryssy could in fact just be using you to get what she wants. And if she isn't, all she wants from you would be your obedience as she takes over all pony kind. Is it really worth risking so much just for her?"
  146. >Was it?
  147. >"Need I remind you of your other friends? Especially me. How am I supposed to explain to Fluttershy that you actually want to protect the changeling queen? How can I protect you when you are seen as a monster? What about dear Diamond Tiara's heart when she finds out you are as much as Chrssy's prince as you are hers? Not to sound like Twilight Anon, but..." His head and voice changes to Twilight temporarily "But you might be making a mistake, one that puts your entire life at risk, is it really worth it?"
  148. >And the worst part was, he was right. Things would come crumbling down on you...wouldn't it?
  149. >No matter what you do. You'd be risking something...
  150. >You put your hoof to your face and start rubbing up and down until you came to a final conclusion. But it was hard. No matter what you could think of, it'd just end up pissing off someone.
  151. "....Stalling for time it is. Even if I can't reform Chrysalis, maybe she can trust me enough that when Celestia does pull off her plan. I won't actually lose her as a friend. Maybe even, I dunno. Make up a situation where she "tricks me" into telling her whats happening while we're out. It'd give Celestia some time to try, and Chrysalis might not just break her friendship with me when I tell her....maybe"
  153. >Discord shakes his head at you. He was looking at you like you were losing your mind. It saddened him. "That won't work.You can certainly try, but it won't work. I may not have a full handle on friendship yet. But I certainly know how I'd feel if that happened. If you go through with that plan. You'd end up making everypony angry. Unless of course Celestia somehow managed to reform the changelings in like five minutes, in which you're back to an angry queen. But.." Discord lets out a soft chuckle "Good luck with that. I'd actually give up my powers for a whole day just to have a front row seat of seeing Celestia trying to reform them because nothing she could do would get them to reform in that amount of time. Chryssy suddenly showing up would be gold. Imagine it, a battle of epic proportions that wouldn't work out due to my barrier. Turning everypony into living pinballs. Hilarious really"
  154. >Discord. You could tell. Was trying to deter you while seeming in with it. It was his own way to protect you. You could tell, you've lived long enough with him to tell when he's thinking something different from how he's acting.
  155. >He probably crossed something while he was in cube form. You were sure of it.
  156. >You sighed
  157. "You're not actually going to help me, are you?"
  158. >Discord's smirk left him as he slowly rested on his back and looked up at the ceiling as it turned into a sea of stars. "Yes and No. No, because it's still my final decision and I'm worried about you. I have noticed that you care about her because you're able to connect to her on a humanly level. If she wasn't such a hated scourge I'd completely reconsider..."
  159. >Dammit....Even Discord was siding with Celestia. Christ, you couldn't even challenge that. Even Chrysalis has said just how evil she was and could be.
  160. "..then why the yes?"
  162. >"The yes is because I'd love to see all the princesses faces when I keep denying them their request to enter my home. If they don't know that I do know, then I can get away with turning them away a few times. Most likely with side splitting results. But eventually they'll catch on, and well..you know the rest"
  163. >So that was it then.
  164. >You started to tear up again. Your ears drooped. You actually climbed and wobbled up onto Discord's beanbag chair and starting cuddling your face onto his side as you whimpered.
  165. "...I'm a monster...Discord, I really...r-really fucked up."
  166. >Discord at first. tenses up. But he gently takes you into his paw and talons and holds you to his chest as he gently strokes your mane. He could feel you shaking from your utter depression. "I really am sorry Anon. Sometimes fate is very cruel.But is it really so bad? Is the guilt really that soul crushing?"
  167. "...I just. It's not like I don't like everypony else thats my friends Discord. I just...it's tough. if it was back on earth, I probably wouldn't care, things like this happen all the time on earth...Relatively...but. Here? This entire world runs on friendship. And m-maybe it was a mistake being Chrysalis's friend. But sometimes Discord, a lot of the times. I get tired of being a kid. Sometimes I just want to talk to a friend I can relate to."
  168. >"Can't you relate with Twilight Two? What's her name? hmmm.."
  169. >He meant Starlight...
  170. >Starlight. That's right..she knew your secret.
  171. >She knew your secret same as Chrysalis more or less.
  172. >But...no
  173. >Dammit, you really could have had a near similar friendship with Starlight that you could have with Chrysalis. Could you?
  174. >Even then, the painful part is the fact you were Chrysalis's only real friend. She liked you. And you liked her. And the guilt of crushing all that over official royal business was hurting you really bad.
  176. "...Yeah but. Chrysalis is still a good friend. even if she is evil. Maybe you're right. Maybe it would have been better if I didn't befriend her...but it's too late now. And really? Wouldn't you feel terrible if you lost me and Fluttershy? Or really...just Fluttershy"
  177. >You hear Discord sigh from that "As if you need to ask that question...Still, all I can do for you is stall Celestia and the other princesses for awhile and try to make absolutly sure she stays locked up in the basement. What Chryssy herself decides to do thereafter is entirely up to her. For all we both know, she could end up like in one of those horror books. A creature stuck in a basement who goes mad. That's all I can do for you Anon.."
  178. >He just continues to hold on to you and stroke your mane. If you looked at his face, you'd see that he looked utterly crushed about it.
  179. "...it's ok. I'll just have to try to do my best...Look, when we end up doing those classes. Try not to overdo it on her. Alright?"
  180. >"I suppose I could try. Speaking of which Anon, I actually came looking for you to see if you'd accompany me on checking out the classroom today. To see if it was on the up and up"
  181. >...you were way too depressed to do that
  182. "Discord...I don't think I'm up for it"
  183. >"Come on Anon" Discord enthusiasm slowly increases as he holds you up like a cat and smiles at you "We'll be going tomorrow anyway. We really should see if this "Muffin Top" is worthy to teach the great spirit of chaos and his son of mischief making. It'll get your mind off of things."
  184. "Discord..."
  185. >You sigh at him
  186. "I really don't think so..."
  188. >"Anon, I'm going to do my best for you here. If there was less riding on this then I'd turn Celestia to stone until she agreed to leave it alone or something like that. Well, maybe not to stone. Perhaps just trap her on a luxury cruise until she gave in. Those massages are nothing to sniff at. But I know Fluttershy is tied into this so this is the best I can do. So, come on. Let's go, check things out, and try to get your mind off this ridiculous and depressive slump"
  189. >You look at him with big sad eyes. At least he was trying.
  190. "Do you really mean that? That you're doing your best?"
  191. >He nods "Of course I am. You know as well as I do that having any kind of chance to mess with royalty is not something I'd just give up."
  192. >You believed that
  193. >You believed him
  194. >It just meant you'd have to think of something else if you could...
  195. >For now, Discord is probably right. chrysalis probably felt the movie was what got you down. But if you stayed depressed around her at all times. She might eventually catch on...and then who knows what might happen.
  196. >Fine...You'd do it.
  197. "Alright...let's go"
  198. >Discord doesn't jump up in happiness or say anything to exclaim his excitement. He gently places his paw on your head and gives you a warming smile "Don't worry too much Anon. There's always a chance things might just work out. I can't guarantee it of course. But I'll keep everything I have crossed, and hope for the best for you"
  199. >You give him another hug
  200. "Thanks Discord....Thanks for understanding"
  201. >And with that, and with a pat on your head. You both vanished from the room.
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