Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Phoenix

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  1. The Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Phoenix is a Mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruit which allows the user to transform into a phoenix hybrid and full phoenix at will. The flames of the bird are used for healing and flight but do not burn, or even give off heat.
  3. While the spirit of the phoenix is not hostile, it is secretive with it's healing properties so it does not give out it's powers easily but does not wish to die. Once per every two weeks, the user can revive themselves with the flames of the fruit but lose 2k stat total. The reviving heals them fully and refills their stamina while giving with full brace rolls +1 extra brace.
  5. While using the fruit, the user can cover people with the blue flames of the Phoenix and heal them. This brings them back up with one brace roll but this can only be used on the person once per fight.
  7. Along with this, the user can cover themselves with the flames as well to heal themselves.
  9. As stated, the Spirit of the Phoenix is not hostile but rather secretive so the user must roll against the Phoenix to gain control. To gain control the user must roll against the Phoenix with a D10 vs a D10, to even activate this it takes 2,000 stamina permanently till rested. It takes 50 times activating the attempt to master Hybrid form. Once 50 times it is used, they have 'mastered' Hybird form allowing them to activate it at will at the cost of 1k stamina to activate instead of 2k stamina. They gain all the effects on the chart of roll deference's in Hybird along with the choice to choose which part to summon.
  11. Along with this, they gain the ability to go into Full Mode after Mastering the Fruit.
  13. Combat:
  14. At the start of their turn, the user can pay the cost to activate their fruit's transformation before rolling a d10 for the Phoenix then the rolling a d10 for themselves. Every 10 rolls, the user gain a +1 to the activation roll.  Depending on the success and their difference, they gain these effects below. All Percentages stack.
  16. 1-2: The user's arms are covered in blue flames creating wings giving them the ability of flight.
  17. Buff: Adds 10% of their Stat Total onto their Speed.
  18. Negative: They lose the ability to use weapons normally.
  19. -------
  20. 3-4: Flames surround the user's leg and feet transforming their feet into large talons!
  21. Buffs: Adds 10% of their Stat Total onto their Attack
  22. Bonus Effect: Grappling gains a +2 onto the roll
  23. -------
  24. 5: The user gains flames all around their body taking on the Hybrid form! Their power grows even more and gain access to the healing properties of the Phoenix!
  25. Buffs: Attack, Defense, and Speed gain 10% of their Stat Total.
  26. Effect: 1)Once going into the form, all Brace Rolls are returned to the user and all none lethal wounds are healed.
  27. 2) Every 3 turns they gain a brace roll.
  28. Cost: 1,000 stamina per turn.
  29. --------
  30. 6-7: The user gains the ability to heal people around them by igniting them with their blue flames.
  31. Effect: Once per fight, per person, the user can heal a person with their flames. This gives them 1 brace rolls back and heals all wounds that aren't lethal.
  32. --------
  33. 8-10: The user moves are sonic speeds unleashing attacks unto the enemy.
  34. Effect: They can add Half their Speed onto their attack rolls.
  35. --------
  37. Full Phoenix!
  38. The user's body takes on more of the form of the Phoenix!
  39. All effects from Hybrid carries over to the full form.
  40. Buffs:  Attack, Defense, and Speed gain 20% of the user's Stat total.
  41. Effects:
  42. 1)Reduces all rolls by half for damage purpose against the user.
  43. 2) Instead of adding a brace roll every 3 turn, they gain two every 4 turns
  45. Cost: 3,000 per turn
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