Prelude, Part 4

Apr 20th, 2020
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  2. <DM> *Recap-san!
  3. <DM> *Last time, on DBZ-
  4. <DM> *Last time Lightwall, you found the way out of the church blocked by some thugs. Kappa managed to escape, while you were left inside. You found a chair hiding over a tall man, and with his help, you managed to block the guys in the backroom with said chair and defeat the thugs.*
  5. <DM> *... wow that was a short recap. Then again, short session last time.*
  6. <Garrett> "Truly a glorious battle!"
  7. <Lightwall> Thanks a million. What's your name?
  8. <Lightwall> (We never introduced.)
  9. <DM> (what the... why can't I bring in a third shell)
  10. <Lightwall> (Garrett, I was talking to you!)
  11. <Garrett> "My name, tiny friend, is Garrett Ironfist!"
  12. <Lightwall> Ah, Garrett Ironfist! Thanks a lot!
  13. <DM> *And Lightwall, who art thou est?*
  14. <DM> *Also, I have horrible Latin skills. Fear me.*
  15. <Lightwall> My name is Joseph Lightwall.
  16. <Lightwall> You can call me Lightwall or Joe, whichever you prefer.
  17. <DM> *You hear someone speaking from the direction of the backroom in a muffled voice.*
  18. <Garrett> "Think nothing of it, Lightwall. I detest smelly mongrels like this that wish to pick on the small and frail."
  19. <DM> [???]: Ahh, finally.
  20. <Lightwall> Um, I think we should leave...
  21. * Lightwall heads toward the door of the church.
  22. <DM> *There's a crackling sound followed by the door and chair covering the backroom exploding in a shockwave of wooden shrapnel. It doesn't reach you.*
  23. <Garrett> "Ah yes. Twould be smart to beat feat, post haste." Follows Lightwall.
  24. <DM> [???]: You there! If you do not return within 1 hour with Goswin, I will kill the priest! If anyone else enters this church, he will die!
  25. * Lightwall runs out the door.
  26. <DM> *You reach the door as you hear the words from behind.*
  27. <Lightwall> Oh, just great!
  28. <Lightwall> Garrett, I have to go report this to my superior.
  29. <Garrett> "Friend Lightwall, who is this Goswin fellow?"
  30. <DM> *You exit the church to find yourselves looking at your superior, who's cornering a group of three Hylian Guards with yellow, glowing eyes. The guards are all in a barricade of light.*
  31. * Lightwall snaps to attention.
  32. * X_X is now known as Eldin
  33. <Lightwall> Lord Eldin, sir!
  34. * Eldin turns to Lightwall, keeping his lance pointed at the guards.
  35. <Eldin> You want to join the guard, yes?
  36. <Lightwall> (what's the priest's name again?
  37. <DM> (Lordan)
  38. <Lightwall> Sir, Lordan is being held hostage inside!
  39. <Lightwall> He wants me to bring Goswin, or he'll kill Lordan.
  40. <DM> *Eldin's face turns from annoyed to horrifying. You can feel the air around you become heavier.*
  41. <Eldin> It's just one darn thing after another...
  42. <Eldin> Do it. I'm busy right now.
  43. <Garrett> "I find myself at a lose of what is going on right now..."
  44. * Eldin seems to have lost his composure.
  45. <Lightwall> Aye aye, sir!
  46. <Lightwall> Garrett, if you follow me, I'll explain...
  47. * Lightwall heads back to where Goswin is at.
  48. <Garrett> "Ah, of course friend Lightwall."
  49. <DM> (good news, everyone! the highest level NPC is capable of losing his composure and losing his ability to properly think! All you gotta do is tick him the heck off!)
  50. <Lightwall> (lol)
  51. <DM> (by the way, I remind you that now you're outside of the church, you can hit the shop and buy stuffs)
  52. <Lightwall> (I don't need anything. Do you, Garrett?)
  53. * Eldin is now known as X_X
  54. <Garrett> (Yes I do)
  55. <Lightwall> (okay...)
  56. <DM> *The Hylian Shop awaits you for your buyings!*
  57. <Lightwall> We can stop by the shop if you need anything.
  58. * Lightwall heads toward the Hylian Shop, followed by Garrett.
  59. <DM> *You hit the shop, but it's unamu-
  60. <Lightwall> (lol)
  61. <DM> *You head into the shop. There's a Kokiri taking the stand instead of Monroe.*
  62. * Garrett looks around the shop. "Ah!" Picks up an axe. "Truly a mighty weapon!"
  63. <DM> [Kokiri]: H-h-hey! S-shop and b-buy whatever y-ya want!
  64. <DM> [Kokiri]: *muttering* Okay, okay... jus' ignore me, it's all cool...
  65. <Lightwall> Oh! Thanks. You filling in for Monroe?
  66. <DM> [Fran]: Y-yeah, I am! He uhh... he said he went to... what'd he call it? Something l-like a uhh... Caty place?
  67. <Lightwall> Oh...kay. Cool.
  68. <DM> (woops, typed his name by accident)
  69. <DM> (so yeah, that's Fran. Everyone hates him.)
  70. <DM> (done shoppin' folks?
  71. <Lightwall> (Whenever you're done, Garrett, just say so.)
  72. * Garrett has bought the axe and leather armor.
  73. <Lightwall> Ready to go?
  74. <DM> (where to next?)
  75. <Lightwall> (If Garrett is ready, we'll head to the Kokiri witch's place.)
  76. * Garrett also buys Heal Beam
  77. <Garrett> "I am ready!"
  78. <Lightwall> Alright! Let's go.
  79. * Lightwall heads out of the Hylian Shop, toward the Kokiri witch's place.
  80. <DM> *After a light walk in the early evening's light, you reach the Kokiri Witch's place.*
  81. * Lightwall quietly explains to Garrett of his mission from Lord Eldin along the way.
  82. <DM> *I mean... DURING A LIGHT WALK...
  83. * Lightwall knocks lightly on the door.
  84. <DM> (... so are you actually going to explain to Garrett?
  85. <Lightwall> (Yeah, sorry.)
  86. <DM> *The door knocks back in accordance to Newton's 3rd Law of Physics.*
  87. <Lightwall> (lol)
  88. <DM> *You hear a light and hearty voice from within.*
  89. <DM> [???]: Whooooooooo is iiiiiiiit?
  90. <Lightwall> It's Lightwall. You met me earlier.
  91. <DM> [???]: Lies! All lies! Your name isn't Lightwall! It's....... oh it's Lightwall. Well cooooome on in, door's open, folks!
  92. * Lightwall opens the door and enters.
  93. <DM> (imagine her voice as Taokaka's from Blazblue)
  94. <Lightwall> (What's her name again? I'm not sure she said it before.)
  95. * Garrett has to duck to get under the door.
  96. <DM> *You enter the door and find yourselves face to face with the Kokiri Witch in her way-too-large robes. To the side is crazy-scientist-haired Goswin, in a stance about to break a pot on your heads.*
  97. <DM> (Uhh, she said it was Bloodmaw last time, but I'll say it now - she's makin' stuff up)
  98. <Lightwall> Hey, Goswin!
  99. * X__X is now known as Goswin
  100. <Goswin> Uhh....
  101. * Goswin puts the pot down.
  102. <Goswin> Gree...tings.
  103. <DM> *The Kokiri female has green eyes with thin black slits, like a pair of snake's or dragon's eyes.*
  104. <Lightwall> (Umm... let's see... Garrett, you need me to explain things before we go on?)
  105. <Garrett> "Greetings and salutations! You must be Goswin, I am Garrett Ironfist. I am a friend of friend Lightwall!"
  106. * Goswin raises the pot again as Garrett ducks himself through the door and stands with great fortitude in front of him.
  107. <Goswin> W-w-w-w-ho i-is this g-g-g-g-g-uy?!
  108. <Lightwall> Yeah, he helped me out of a scrap.
  109. <Lightwall> Don't be afraid!
  110. <DM> [Kokiri]: Teeeeeeeeheheheheeeeheeeheee! Put the pot down, Gossy!
  111. * Goswin sighs and reluctantly puts the pot down.
  112. <Lightwall> (Do you think I should tell Goswin everything, or just come up with something to make him follow along?)
  113. <Lightwall> (I'm thinking I should tell him.)
  114. <DM> [Kokiri]: You guys look kinda beat up. But no worries, Stelly McFlowers shall heal you up! ... if you tell me why you are suck so much that you got BEAT UP real bad, teeheehee!
  115. <DM> (your call)
  116. <Goswin> Wha? I thought you said your name was-
  117. * X_X is now known as StellyMcFlowers
  118. * StellyMcFlowers speaks in a alien-like drone voice.
  119. * Garrett clears his throat. "Friend Goswin. Your presence has been demanded at the church."
  120. <StellyMcFlowers> This morning, it was... a bloodbath. But now... I am flower.
  121. <StellyMcFlowers> Teeeeeheheeeheheeeeeee!
  122. <Goswin> What?
  123. <Goswin> Did Lordan call for me?
  124. <Garrett> "No. A villain of a man holds your friend Lordan as hostage."
  125. <Lightwall> I tried to get the root from him, but he got...
  126. * Goswin le-gasps.
  127. <Goswin> L-lordan!
  128. <Lightwall> ... yeah, he's a hostage to some guy with a staff.
  129. <Goswin> .. w-what must I do?
  130. <Goswin> I do not know of a man with a staff.
  131. <DM> *Gandalf smiles from beyond the fourth wall.*
  132. <Lightwall> I'm not sure, but he said he would kill Lordan if I didn't bring you.
  133. <Lightwall> (lol)
  134. <DM> *He puts on sunglasses, tips his hat down, and walks away in style.*
  135. <Goswin> Grr....
  136. * Goswin starts getting shaky.
  137. <Goswin> Can you... d-do you think you can... defeat them?
  138. <Garrett> "I ponder though, he said to bring you. But he said if anyone enters the church he shall execute Lordan. How are we to bring you and not have you enter the church. How would he know we brought you?"
  139. <DM> (he said if anyone else other than you guys entered the church)
  140. * Lightwall pulls out his Hylian Shield.
  141. <Lightwall> I can sure try!
  142. <StellyMcFlowers> D'aaaaawwwwwww you all look so sweeeeet, goin' off to save a man from being outmanned!
  143. * Lightwall smiles at Stelly's remark.
  144. <Garrett> "If there's one thing I hate more than people picking on the small and fraild it's those whp pick on the small and frail while hiding behind them!"
  145. <Lightwall> Goswin, I give you my word that I'll do my best to protect you from them.
  146. * StellyMcFlowers pours a purple potion on the ground. It turns to a mist that envelops the house of potions. It looks like poison fog, but it doesn't feel like it.
  147. <StellyMcFlowers> Heeeeere ya all go! Full heals to all of you... and for the next few hours... you'll feel a little stronger!
  148. <DM> *You all gain +1 successes on attacking and defending!*
  149. <Goswin> Thank you, uh...
  150. * Goswin attempts to address the Kokiri, but he's at a loss for words.
  151. <Lightwall> Ah! That feels invigorating. Thanks, Stelly!
  152. <StellyMcFlowers> Stelly McGroovin' Jellolappus Flowery Fire Moo!
  153. <StellyMcFlowers> That's me name!
  154. * Lightwall chuckles.
  155. <Garrett> "Ah! Truly a name that will be sung in legends to come!"
  156. <StellyMcFlowers> I have no idea what my name is, so I change it every few hours. For the lulz. Teehee!
  157. <DM> (I swear, if Dex barges in suddenly and sings a song LIKE HE DID LAST NIGHT with that name, I will punch myself full force in the face)
  158. <Lightwall> Ooookaaay... So, what do you say, Goswin, will you go with us?
  159. <Goswin> I have faith in you... and if Lordan was being bullied this whole time... then I have no qualms dying for him should you fail. Let us go!
  160. <Lightwall> Alright!
  161. <DM> *Apparently, he's a noble folk. So, what did he want with baneroot again? I forgot.*
  162. * Lightwall heads to the door.
  163. <DM> *You head to the door. The door is unable to head towards you. Perhaps you should apply more pressure to the air you're walking through.*
  164. * DM runs.
  165. <Lightwall> (I don't remember him saying what he wanted it for, just that it was taken from him.)
  166. <DM> (good memory)
  167. <Lightwall> (lol)
  168. <StellyMcFlowers> Buuuuuuuuh-byyyyyeeeeeee! Bon!
  169. * Lightwall opens the door and leaves, waiting for the others before closing it.
  170. <Lightwall> Bye, Stella!
  171. * Garrett ducks under the door again.
  172. * StellyMcFlowers waves with three hands. Someone is playing with porta- illusions.
  173. * Lightwall thinks to himself, "Stella McWhatsyourname!"
  174. * Goswin follows you out, still a bit bemused by Garrett's stature.
  175. * Lightwall closes the door and leads the others toward the church.
  176. * Lightwall whispers to Garrett, explaining what happened previously.
  177. <DM> *Oh, her full name? It's Stelly Valentinez Alkalinella Xifax Sicidabohertz Gumbigobilla Blue Stradivari Talentrent Pierre Andry Charton-Haymoss Ivanovici Baldeus George Doitzel Kaiser III McFlowers.*
  178. * DM ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuns.
  179. <Lightwall> So, Garrett, Lord Eldin sent me to check on Goswin, as a test for me to join the Royal Guard.
  180. * Garrett immediately understands through plot convinience. "Truly a marvelous story!"
  181. <DM> (oh, you're whispering, nvm... twas about to have Goswin go "WHAT?")
  182. <Lightwall> I found Goswin had been attacked by some Thugs and saved him.
  183. * StellyMcFlowers is now known as X_X
  184. <Lightwall> (Yeah, whispering
  185. * Goswin hears Garrett say "Truly a marvelous story!" in a loud voice.
  186. <Goswin> Huh? What a-are ye two chaps whisperin' aboot?
  187. <Lightwall> We got chased and fell through a magic wall, and that lady saved us.
  188. <Lightwall> To Goswin: I'm just letting him know what happened to me today, that's all.
  189. <Goswin> Indeed. Carry on. We should be there soon, it's not a long walk... and there's hardly anyone on the streets. What's with that?
  190. <Lightwall> (To Garrett) So we went to that church because the priest Lordan was rumored to have taken a root from Goswin.
  191. <DM> *Indeed. There's barely anyone on the streets. Guards, which are normally alone and spread out, are now in groups, still spread out through the village. You can see four guards in any given guard tower.*
  192. <Lightwall> After we talked with Lordan a little, something fishy went on, and that guy with the staff appeared from behind a wall.
  193. <DM> *Late evening seems to be setting in. Torches are lit throughout the village as the cold night begins to enter from behind Mr. Po- from the sky.*
  194. <Lightwall> My companion locked the staff-guy in the room because Lordan had dropped the key for us. I think Lordan is in some serious trouble now.
  195. <Lightwall> (To both Goswin and Garrett:) Yeah, I don't know what's up with everyone. Keep on the lookout; I have a bad feeling about this.
  196. <Lightwall> (darn smily! that wasn't intended...)
  197. <DM> *So did Obi-wan Kenobi. Look what happened to him. Maybe you should go back to having good feelings.*
  198. <Garrett> "Do not worry friend Lightwall. I am ever vigilant!"
  199. <Lightwall> (lol)
  200. <Lightwall> (actually it was Han Solo that had the bad feeling about this!)
  201. <DM> *As you approach the church, you see Kappa with two others sneak into an alleyway to the side of the church.*
  202. <DM> (everyone had a bad feeling about everything)
  203. <Lightwall> (whispering to Garrett) That was my companion! He managed to escape the thugs earlier.
  204. <Goswin> Hey, wasn't that... err, wot's his name?
  205. <Lightwall> Kappa, that's right.
  206. <DM> *You might be allowed to chase him, if you didn't have a time limit over your heads. Oh, it's almost an hour.*
  209. * Lightwall wants to go after Kappa, but knows there's no time.
  210. * Lightwall heads to the church doors.
  211. * Lightwall looks around, thinking, "I wonder what happened to Lord Eldin?"
  212. <DM> *Lord Eldin is nowhere to be seen. The guards he was handling are also missing.*
  213. <Lightwall> (Are the doors open or closed?)
  214. <DM> *They're closed, but not locked.*
  215. <Lightwall> This is it, guys.
  218. * DM runs.
  219. * Lightwall pulls out his Hylian Shield and opens one of the doors.
  220. <DM> *The door opens. You can see a group of three armed men inside on the far side of the church. One of them calls out to you.*
  221. <DM> [???]: I can see you Kir-
  222. <DM> [???]: I can see you there! Did you bring him?
  223. <Lightwall> Yes. He's behind me.
  224. * Lightwall enters the church.
  225. <DM> [???]: Then enter now!
  226. <DM> (timing... doh)
  227. <DM> *You all enter the church. The podium and the backdoor are still in ruins, as the man with a staff stands amidst it. He wears a white robe with the symbol of the Triforce on it. The upper Triforce is highlighted in blue. The two men standing beside him have yellow, glowing eyes. They're just like the Armored Thugs from before... though they seem a little more.. intimidating.*
  228. <Lightwall> (it's okay. I meant to enter when I opened the door!)
  229. <DM> (Don't worry mate. When I die, I meant to be killed too, buddy! *runs*)
  230. <Garrett> "Villain! Release priest Lordan!"
  231. <Goswin> Yeah, release my friend! He doesn't deserve any of this! You got your banero-
  232. <DM> [???]: We have ONE of the baneroots. Where's the rest?
  233. <Goswin> W-what?
  234. <DM> [???]: One does not simply get one baneroot.
  235. * DM dies mid-sentence.
  236. <DM> [???]: You must have hidden the rest! WHERE ARE THEY?!
  237. * Lightwall kinks an eyebrow at the staff-man, distrusting.
  238. <DM> *His voice booms and echoes throughout half-wrecked church.*
  239. <Goswin> I-I only g-g-got one! You're makin' this up, y-y-y-ou... you....
  240. * Goswin seems to be shaking more.
  241. * Lightwall looks at Goswin with concern.
  242. <DM> [???]: Fine. Then I'll take it from your corpse.
  243. <DM> [???]: I am Daedalus... and tonight...
  244. <DM> *The church doors lock behind you.*
  245. <DM> *The same emblem of the Triforce with the upper piece shining blue is on the door.*
  246. * Lightwall looks back at the doors, startled.
  247. * X_X is now known as Daedalus
  248. <Daedalus> You shall perish before me! And then I'll finish Lordan off...
  249. * Daedalus nods to the back.
  250. <Lightwall> We'll see about that!
  251. <DM> *You can see a tied up old priest in the backroom from here.*
  252. * Lightwall pulls out his steel sword and stands ready for action.
  253. <DM> (okay, gonna switch Goswin to [Goswin]: blah blah blah... and use second shell to shell switch between the thugs)
  254. * Goswin is now known as Thug1
  255. <DM> (fyi they're armored thugs)
  256. <DM> *Roll initiatives!*
  257. <Garrett> $init 1d10
  258. <Navi> Garrett: Your initiative roll has been entered. You rolled: 5.
  259. <Lightwall> $init 1d10
  260. <Navi> Lightwall: Your initiative roll has been entered. You rolled: 9.
  261. <DM> stats -
  262. <Daedalus> $init 1d10
  263. <Navi> Daedalus: Your initiative roll has been entered. You rolled: 1.
  264. <Thug1> $init 1d10
  265. <Navi> Thug1: Your initiative roll has been entered. You rolled: 1.
  266. * Thug1 is now known as Thug2
  267. <Thug2> $init 1d10
  268. <Navi> Thug2: Your initiative roll has been entered. You rolled: 6.
  269. <DM> (lol)
  270. <DM> $init s
  271. <Navi> The battle has begun!
  272. <Navi> ROUND 1: Lightwall (9), Thug2 (6), Garrett (5), Daedalus (1) and Thug1 (1).
  273. <Lightwall> (lol)
  274. <DM> [Giswin]: Go beat those darned guys up!
  275. <DM> *Remember, you two have a +1 success bonus on everything.*
  276. <DM> *Should help a bit.*
  277. <Lightwall> (Thanks! Here I go...)
  278. <DM> (Armored Thug stats visible, since you fought some earlier)
  279. <DM> (refresh to see 'em)
  280. * Lightwall stabs at Daedalus! (Roll Courage)
  281. <Lightwall> $5d10
  282. <Navi> Lightwall: You rolled 5 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 5, 5, 2, 7 and 2. Total: 21. Successes: 3.
  283. <Daedalus> Right after the snake's head... eh...
  284. * Daedalus uses his staff to block.
  285. <Daedalus> $8d10
  286. <Navi> Daedalus: You rolled 8 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 10, 1, 8, 9, 10, 5, 9 and 10. Total: 62. Successes: 10.
  287. * Daedalus deflects Lightwall's attack to the side.
  288. <Daedalus> Is this all you've got? You dare challenge me with this low level of power?
  289. <Lightwall> $endturn
  290. <Navi> Lightwall has ended their turn.
  291. <Navi> ROUND 1: Lightwall (9), Thug2 (6), Garrett (5), Daedalus (1) and Thug1 (1).
  292. <Daedalus> Men.. kill the shorty first.
  293. <DM> *You hear the screams of Edward Elric in the background.*
  294. * DM runs.
  295. * Lightwall thinks, "Oh, that's not ALL I've got!"
  296. <Thug2> Heh heh heh... as yer wish, eh mastah!
  297. * Thug2 grabs his sword and slices at Lightwall! (Roll Courage)
  298. <Thug2> $8d10
  299. <Navi> Thug2: You rolled 8 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 5, 3, 5, 5, 6, 7, 6 and 6. Total: 43. Successes: 7.
  300. <Lightwall> $7d10
  301. <Navi> Lightwall: You rolled 7 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 2, 5, 2, 10, 4, 8 and 1. Total: 32. Successes: 4.
  302. <DM> +1 success
  303. <Lightwall> 7-(4+1)=2
  304. <DM> (sure you didn't wanna buy, oh I dunno.. Dragonhide Tunic?
  305. <Lightwall> 2-1=1h damage
  306. <DM> (or did you not have the money)
  307. <Lightwall> (I didn't think I could afford it! I don't have 100 rupees.)
  308. <DM> (oh, kay)
  309. <DM> (you should be fine)
  310. <Lightwall> 6h
  311. <Thug2> Heeeharharharrrr...
  312. <Thug2> 6h
  313. <Thug2> $endturn
  314. <Navi> Thug2 has ended their turn.
  315. <Navi> ROUND 1: Lightwall (9), Thug2 (6), Garrett (5), Daedalus (1) and Thug1 (1).
  316. * Lightwall glares at Thug2.
  317. <Daedalus> Time to see what the lanky one is made of.
  318. <DM> *Apparently, Daedalus thinks Garrett is Lanky Kong. He did say Lanky!*
  319. <Lightwall> (lol At first, I thought he was talking about my skinniness!)
  320. * Garrett readies his axe. "I shall show you what happens when someone insults my friends!" He swings the axe at Daedalus. (Roll power)
  321. <Lightwall> Give 'em what-for, Garrett!
  322. <Garrett> $1d10
  323. <Navi> Garrett: You rolled 1 Die with 10 Sides. Result: 8. Total: 8. Successes: 1.
  324. * Daedalus braces himself as Garrett's figure rushes at him with an axe!
  325. <Garrett> $10d10
  326. <Navi> Garrett: You rolled 10 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 7, 10, 2, 10, 7, 3, 1, 10, 8 and 3. Total: 61. Successes: 9.
  327. <Daedalus> $5d10
  328. <Navi> Daedalus: You rolled 5 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 3, 1, 2, 1 and 10. Total: 17. Successes: 2.
  329. <DM> +1 success on Garrett's attack
  330. <Lightwall> ( O_O )
  331. <Garrett> 9 + 3 = 12 - 2 = 10
  332. <Lightwall> (Don't forget +1!)
  333. * Daedalus uses Warp Barrier to just barely protect himself as the axe drives through his side.
  334. * Daedalus drops from 8 hearts and 8 magic to 1 heart and 5 magic.
  335. <Daedalus> Gah!
  336. <Daedalus> I lied, ignore the shorty! KILL THE BIG ONE!
  337. <Lightwall> (lol)
  338. <DM> (good god the axe)
  339. <Lightwall> (Sweeeeeet power! :D )
  340. <Garrett> $endturn
  341. <Navi> Garrett has ended their turn.
  342. <Navi> ROUND 1: Lightwall (9), Thug2 (6), Garrett (5), Daedalus (1) and Thug1 (1).
  343. * Daedalus gains 1 damage from Pain Reception.
  344. <Daedalus> Hmph, you're of no use to me.
  345. <Daedalus> no... let's finish the shorty after all...
  346. * Daedalus casts Death Leech as an Extra Support Spell on Lightwall.
  347. <Daedalus> 1h, 0m
  348. * Daedalus aims his staff at Lightwall fires a beam at him! (Roll Wisdom)
  349. <Daedalus> $11d10
  350. <Navi> Daedalus: You rolled 11 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 5, 2, 10, 3, 10, 5, 6, 5, 5, 4 and 6. Total: 61. Successes: 10.
  351. <Lightwall> $7d10
  352. <Navi> Lightwall: You rolled 7 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 3, 7, 7, 5, 4, 2 and 3. Total: 31. Successes: 3.
  353. <Daedalus> 10 - 4 = 6 + 1 = 7 damage - defense
  354. <DM> (you still have that fairy, right?
  355. <Lightwall> (yep, I need it)
  356. <DM> (kay, thought so)
  357. <Lightwall> 7-1=6 damage
  358. * Lightwall falls to the floor. Suddenly, a fairy flies out and heals him. Lightwall gets back up.
  359. * Daedalus recovers 6 hearts and 3 magic from Death Leech, but he's ataken back from Lightwall recovering.
  360. <Daedalus> W-w-what?! Y-you have a fairy?!
  361. <Lightwall> 3h
  362. <Daedalus> 7h, 3m | +1 damage on all attacks
  363. <Daedalus> $endturn
  364. <Navi> Daedalus has ended their turn.
  365. <Navi> ROUND 1: Lightwall (9), Thug2 (6), Garrett (5), Daedalus (1) and Thug1 (1).
  366. * Thug2 is now known as Thug1
  367. * Lightwall purposefully ignores Daedalus' remark.
  368. <Thug1> Err, wot should I go stabby?
  369. <Daedalus> The bi-big one... he shouldn't have any fairies!
  370. <Thug1> Ooookeeeyyyy...
  371. * Thug1 grabs his sword and tries to stab Garrett! (Roll Courage)
  372. <Thug1> $5d10
  373. <Navi> Thug1: You rolled 5 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 8, 9, 8, 4 and 2. Total: 31. Successes: 3.
  374. <Garrett> $3d10
  375. <Navi> Garrett: You rolled 3 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 6, 4 and 5. Total: 15. Successes: 2.
  376. <DM> +1
  377. <DM> ROLLOFF
  378. <Thug1> $5D10
  379. <Navi> Thug1: You rolled 5 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 1, 7, 2, 8 and 9. Total: 27. Successes: 3.
  380. <Garrett> $3d10
  381. <Navi> Garrett: You rolled 3 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 4, 6 and 3. Total: 13. Successes: 1.
  382. <DM> +1
  383. * Thug1 manages to get a good stabby on Garrett, dealing 3 - 2 = 1 + 3 = 4 damage - defense
  384. <Thug1> Heeheeeheee heeee!
  385. <Thug1> 6h
  386. <Thug1> $endturn
  387. <Navi> Thug1 has ended their turn.
  388. <Navi> ROUND 2: Lightwall (9), Thug2 (6), Garrett (5), Daedalus (1) and Thug1 (1).
  389. <Garrett> 6h 2m
  390. * Daedalus recovers 1 magic.
  391. <Daedalus> 7h, 4m
  392. <Daedalus> 7h, 4m | +1 damage on all attacks
  393. * Lightwall slices at Daedalus with his steel sword! (Roll Courage)
  394. <Lightwall> $8d10
  395. <Navi> Lightwall: You rolled 8 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 3, 8, 9, 6, 4, 1, 8 and 4. Total: 43. Successes: 4.
  396. <Daedalus> $7d10
  397. <Navi> Daedalus: You rolled 7 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 4, 9, 4, 2, 7, 6 and 2. Total: 34. Successes: 3.
  398. * Daedalus is hit!
  399. <Lightwall> (4+1)-3=2 damage-defense
  400. * Daedalus is hit by Lightwall's sword and bleeds out a bit from his stomach.
  401. <Daedalus> Grr... you shall pay for that!
  402. <Daedalus> Men, back to the shorty!
  403. <DM> *Well, someone can't make up his mind.*
  404. <Lightwall> (lol)
  405. <Daedalus> 5h, 4m | +1 damage on all attacks
  406. <Lightwall> $endturn
  407. <Navi> Lightwall has ended their turn.
  408. <Navi> ROUND 2: Lightwall (9), Thug2 (6), Garrett (5), Daedalus (1) and Thug1 (1).
  409. * Thug1 is now known as Thug2
  410. <Thug2> As yer wish, bossy!
  411. * Thug2 tries to stabby Lightwall! (Roll Courage)
  412. <Thug2> $5d10
  413. <Navi> Thug2: You rolled 5 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 9, 2, 7, 2 and 4. Total: 24. Successes: 2.
  414. <Lightwall> $7d10
  415. <Navi> Lightwall: You rolled 7 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 2, 8, 10, 7, 8, 2 and 6. Total: 43. Successes: 6.
  416. * Thug2 is COUNTERATTACKED!
  417. <Daedalus> You idiot!
  418. * Lightwall deflects Thug2's attack at Daedalus.
  419. <DM> (Deflect only works on spells)
  420. <Lightwall> (Darnit! Nvm)
  421. * Lightwall was using wishful thinking at that moment...
  422. <DM> (lol)
  423. <DM> (so with a counterattack, you can attack him with any move, so long as it counts as an attack)
  424. <Lightwall> (thanks)
  425. * Lightwall slices back at Thug2! (roll Courage)
  426. <Lightwall> $8d10
  427. <Navi> Lightwall: You rolled 8 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 6, 5, 6, 6, 7, 2, 9 and 4. Total: 45. Successes: 6.
  428. <Thug2> NANIDOKEN?!?!?!
  429. <Thug2> $5d10
  430. <Navi> Thug2: You rolled 5 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 3, 5, 3, 1 and 7. Total: 19. Successes: 2.
  431. * Thug2 is a-taken back and loses a success.
  432. <Lightwall> (6+1)-2=5 damage - defense
  433. <Lightwall> (6+1)-(2-1)=6 damage-defense
  434. <Thug2> 6 - 1 = 5 damage
  435. * Thug2 takes a large wound and drops down to 1 heart.
  436. <Daedalus> Grr... you stupid thug! You're supposed to kill them, not be killed!
  437. <Daedalus> Argh, why did he not give actual Hylian Guards?
  438. <Thug2> 1h
  439. <Thug2> $endturn
  440. <Navi> Thug2 has ended their turn.
  441. <Navi> ROUND 2: Lightwall (9), Thug2 (6), Garrett (5), Daedalus (1) and Thug1 (1).
  442. <Thug2> Durrr...
  443. * Lightwall kinks an eyebrow. What did Daedalus mean by "give"? he thinks.
  444. <DM> (And who did Daedalus mean by "he"?)
  445. * Garrett swings the axe at Daedalus again. (Roll power)
  446. <Garrett> $10d10
  447. <Navi> Garrett: You rolled 10 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 5, 8, 10, 10, 1, 5, 7, 7, 6 and 8. Total: 67. Successes: 11.
  448. <DM> (holy crap)
  449. <DM> (right after I said to him in real life "you'd have to get another lucky roll to kill him")
  450. <Daedalus> WHAT?!
  451. <Daedalus> $5d10
  452. <Lightwall> ( O_O )
  453. <Navi> Daedalus: You rolled 5 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 3, 1, 8, 3 and 4. Total: 19. Successes: 1.
  454. <Lightwall> ( OoO )
  455. <DM> *Your axe literally causes Daedalus to explode on impact as your super axe of doom cleaves through him. There's a defeaning boom as the church's wrecked podium turns red.*
  456. * Lightwall feels grateful Garrett bought that axe!
  457. * Daedalus is now known as Thug1
  458. * Lightwall blinks and shudders at the sight of red, but regains his composure quickly.
  459. <DM> (give him about a minute or two, he's still dying laughing from gg mode)
  460. * Garrett cleaves on to strike Thug1
  461. <DM> -3 successes, so 9 success attack...
  462. <Thug1> $7d10
  463. <Navi> Thug1: You rolled 7 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 9, 2, 7, 2, 3, 4 and 4. Total: 31. Successes: 2.
  464. <Garrett> 9 - 2 = 7 + 2 = 9
  465. * Thug1 dies with his master as Garrett apparently used whirlwind with his axe.
  466. <DM> 6 successes vs. Thug2's 1 heart
  467. <Thug2> $7d10
  468. <Navi> Thug2: You rolled 7 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 9, 3, 10, 4, 10, 3 and 3. Total: 42. Successes: 5.
  469. <Garrett> 6 - 5 = 1 + 2 = 3
  470. <DM> *Garrett succeeds in the Triple Slicing Whirlwind of Deadly Death technique, as he fells the last thug with his insanely god-tier axe. A light descends onto Garrett from above. KEESE AND CO. and the church's worshipped one come down briefly to give you a high-five.*
  471. <DM> (just... good lord man)
  472. * Thug1 is now known as X_X
  473. * Thug2 is now known as X__X
  474. <DM> $init r
  475. <Navi> DM: The bot has been reset.
  476. * Garrett slings the axe onto his back
  477. <DM> *You see Goswin behind Thug1's split-in-half corpse carrying a root of some kind in his hand.*
  478. * X_X is now known as Goswin
  479. <Goswin> Well... so much for... helping.
  480. <Lightwall> Wait, we need to help Lordan!
  481. <DM> *It seems Goswin DOES have some baneroot on him.*
  482. <Goswin> Ah, I have already done so.
  483. * Lightwall looks around, confused.
  484. <DM> *Lordan appears from the backroom. He's a little beaten, but he's untied.*
  485. * X__X is now known as Lordan
  486. <Lordan> Thanks to you chaps fendin' those sinner'd fellas off, my friend helped me out 'ere!
  487. <DM> *It seems Goswin snuck around back while the battle went on and untied Lordan.*
  488. <Lightwall> (toward Lordan:) Are you all right, sir?
  489. <Lightwall> (darn smily again... grumble)
  490. <DM> (Popo:)
  491. * DM runs.
  492. * Garrett is now known as Popo
  493. <Popo> Hi
  494. * Popo is now known as Garrett
  495. <Lordan> Oh, just a few scratches an' bruises. They weren't so tough! My floor when I fall outta the bed in the morning is harder than those fellers ya just.... what DID you do?
  496. * Lordan sees two men sliced in half and the remains of the podium covered in a bloodbath.
  497. <Lightwall> Well, my strong friend Garrett did most of the work...
  498. <Garrett> "'Twas nothing small friend Lordan." Garrett smacks Lordan on the back.
  499. <DM> (to this day, I still consider nerfing the Axe, but on the pure basis it's Two-Handed, I decide not)
  500. * Lightwall smiles, sheepishly. :D
  501. <Lightwall> (comes in handy!)
  502. * Lightwall looks toward Goswin.
  503. * Lightwall pauses, remembering.
  504. <Goswin> Thank you, oh so much for helping me help my friend out!
  505. <Goswin> What can I do to repay you fellows?
  506. * Lightwall seriously thinks...
  507. <Lightwall> Well...
  508. * Lightwall whispers to Goswin: All I'd like is to know what that root is for.
  509. <Goswin> The root? What root?
  510. <Goswin> Oh... oh yes, the baneroot!
  511. <Lightwall> Yeah, that.
  512. <Goswin> I'm sorry if I deceived you... while I was at.... the witch's place, I was able to experiment around a bit...
  513. <Goswin> It is poisonous, yes, but... give me a little more time, fellas, and I think I can create a cure using it!
  514. * Lordan nods his head in approval.
  515. * Lightwall looks at Goswin, impressed.
  516. <Lightwall> Oh, interesting...
  517. <Goswin> I have a question for you...
  518. <Goswin> Did Eldin send you?
  519. * Lightwall looks back and forth quickly.
  520. <Lightwall> Well... yes. He was concerned about you.
  521. <Lightwall> I think he hadn't heard from you in a while.
  522. <Lordan> Yes. Brother Eldin is a kind man. He always looks out for his fellow men.
  523. <Goswin> Ah. Well, let him know to stop by the witch's place in a day. If I have not produced a cure by then... he may confiscate the baneroot.
  524. <Lightwall> Okay, great. I'll tell him that.
  525. * Lightwall turns to go, but stops short.
  526. <Lordan> You should probably report back to Lord Eldin down. And Goswin, you should complete that cure before all is in vain.
  527. <Lordan> May the Goddesses blessings be with you all.
  528. * Lordan bows to all of you.
  529. <Lightwall> Wait, Eldin was outside this place when we left last. Has anyone seen him?
  530. <Goswin> No?
  531. <DM> (You could try checking the barracks)
  532. <Lightwall> (toward Lordan: ) *bows back* Thank you, sir.
  533. <DM> (oh woops)
  534. <DM> +15 EXP to you both
  535. <DM> +100 Rupees each
  536. * Lightwall turns and heads out of the church.
  537. <DM> and all of the equipped item of them are on the ground, see their profiles -
  538. * Lightwall doesn't leave the church yet, but looks to see if the bad guys dropped anything useful.
  539. <DM> (I'll let you guys grab 'em after quest, I'm runnin' short on time, so I'mma railroad this and say you guys got a good rest and hit up Eldin in the morning)
  540. * Goswin is now known as X_X
  541. * Lordan has quit (Quit: Leaving)
  542. <DM> (that seem fine?
  543. * Lightwall grabs Daedalus' Caser Staff, and heads to the exit.
  544. <Lightwall> *Caster
  545. <Lightwall> (That's cool)
  546. <DM> *You all meet with Eldin in the morning, in his office at the Hylian Guard Barracks.*
  547. * X_X is now known as Eldin
  548. <Eldin> So, what's he want the baneroot for?
  549. <Lightwall> Sir, he wants to use it to find a cure for the poison.
  550. <Eldin> Very well. And I heard from my men that you saved Lordan from those possessed thugs.
  551. <Lightwall> He said to come back in a day and, if he didn't find a cure by then, you can confiscate it.
  552. <Lightwall> Yes sir, that's right.
  553. <Eldin> I trust Goswin enough to find that cure. He's an intelligent man, albeit a little crazy...
  554. <Eldin> Who's the big fella?
  555. * Eldin looks at Garrett.
  556. <Lightwall> Sir, this is Garrett Ironfist. He helped me.
  557. <Lightwall> He's responsible for defeating the one who'd captured Lordan.
  558. <Eldin> Sounds trustworthy.
  559. <Lightwall> Yes, sir.
  560. <Eldin> Before I grant you acceptance into the Hylian Guard for a job well done, there's something you should know...
  561. * Lightwall raises his eyebrows, expectantly.
  562. * Eldin moves his hand. The door shuts and locked behind you.
  563. * Eldin sighs and seems annoyed, despite your job well done.
  564. <Eldin> There's a group, called the Followers of Wisdom...
  565. * Garrett looks confused. "Through all of my travels I have never heard that name."
  566. <Eldin> You can identify any of them if they wear white robes with a blue symbol of the Triforce of Wisdom.
  567. <Eldin> Not surprised. They're covert. Sneaky. Underhanded.
  568. * Lightwall remembers the symbol that was on Daedalus' cloak.
  569. <Garrett> "The villian Daedalus had a blue Triforce symbol."
  570. <Eldin> And they have the ability to possess others to their will.
  571. * Lightwall nods in realization.
  572. <Eldin> So far, a third of my guard are already possessed. Even when I place them in groups, they continue to be possessed through methods I don't know of.
  573. * Eldin looks upwards at you two, half-glaring.
  574. * Lightwall looks concerned.
  575. <Eldin> Knowing this... do you still wish to join the Hylian Guard?
  576. * Lightwall looks to the side, hesitating.
  577. <Eldin> I won't blame you if you don't.
  578. * Lightwall looks back at Lord Eldin.
  579. <Lightwall> I think I shall pass, sir. Maybe I could be more help to you by NOT being in the guard.
  580. * Eldin turns to Garrett.
  581. <Eldin> And you?
  582. * Garrett scratches his head. "I do not recall my purpose being to join any kind of Guard. I simply found myself entangled in this by helping small friend Lightwall." He slaps Lightwall on the back. "As such, Sir, I believe I must decline your offer."
  583. <Eldin> Very well.
  584. * Eldin hands each of you 200 Rupees, a Heart Container, and Magic Container.
  585. <Eldin> Your reward for the quest. You two seem quite trustworthy though. I may request your aid in the future.
  586. <Lightwall> Thank you, sir.
  587. <Garrett> "We shall me again sir friend Eldin."
  588. <Lightwall> I live in Kakariko Village, sir. If you ever need my assistance, I should be found there.
  589. <Eldin> Indeed we shall. Something's stirring in the castle and the village... let's hope we're prepared for it by the time it decides to arise.
  590. * Eldin flicks his hand, and the door unlocks and opens.
  591. <Eldin> I fare thee both well.
  592. <Lightwall> Thank you, sir. You too.
  593. * Lightwall comes to attention, salutes Lord Eldin, and turns to leave.
  594. * Garrett simply waves and turns to leave.
  595. <DM> -=QUEST COMPLETE=-
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