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  2. Marx: Elise, which book are you reading?
  3. Elise: This? This is a book about peace.
  4. Marx: A book about peace?
  5. Elise: Yep. There are a lot of ways to make the world peaceful written down here.
  6. Marx: Oh, that's amazing. So then, how do you make the world peaceful?
  7. Elise: It's a lot of effort. The important thing is to stop fighting, consider your opponents' feelings, and ally with them warmly.
  8. Marx: To…ally with them warmly…
  9. Elise: Ah. Did I accidentally insult you just now..?
  10. Marx: No, not at all.
  11. Elise: I mean, this isn't like the difficult books Marx-oniichan reads. But I think what this book is saying is right.
  12. Marx: Is that so. Well, it would be nice if we could have settled the frequent attacks by considering the opponents' feelings, but…
  13. Elise: W-Well, that's…I mean, it would be hard, but…I definitely think with gentleness and consideration, you can make the foundations of peace!
  14. Marx: It looks that way. I hope our world becomes like that too.
  17. Elise: Marx-oniichan…..What was it, that you wanted to talk about…
  18. Marx: Even if I don't say anything, you'd know, wouldn't you?
  19. Elise: …..
  20. Marx: The other day, enemies attacked the street again. We managed to repel the soldiers, and arrested and put some of them into jail afterwards, but it seems that you appeared after that.
  21. Elise: Y-Yeah…
  22. Marx: Just what were you thinking… it seems you were healing the enemies one by one. As a result, the enemies who regained their strength escaped…
  23. Elise: ……..
  24. Marx: That was the report I receieved, but…is that the truth?
  25. Elise: Yes….
  26. Marx: Was it because of that book?
  27. Elise: Eh?
  28. Marx: It said that you can make peace through kindness and consideration, didn't it.
  29. Elise: …….
  30. Marx: Elise….It doesn't matter what books you read. But reality isn't that generous. You have to fight power with more power. That's the unspoken law of the real world. You can't make excuses to the people of that street who were attacked or to the soldiers who defeated those enemies. Be more careful from now on. In regards to the citizens and the soldiers, I'll talk to them.
  31. Elise: Yes….I'm sorry….
  34. Marx: Elise. I have something I'd like to report to you. After you healed the enemies, and they ran away…since that day…the attacks have ceased.
  35. Elise: Eh?
  36. Marx: Even though they attacked that frequently..they suddenly stopped.
  37. Elise: That's….Just why is that, I wonder…
  38. Marx: I also considered that question and sent an intelligence scouting party to the enemy stronghold. According to their report, the number of enemies had decreased. It seems that a number of reformed enemies resigned.
  39. Elise: Really…
  40. Marx: Perhaps your generosity worked as planned.
  41. Elise: …..
  42. Marx: To fight power with more power…Perhaps that's not the solution to everything.
  43. Elise: Marx-oniichan….
  44. Marx: So, Elise. I'd like to discuss with you. Won't you please lend me that book?
  45. Elise: Eeeeeh? This…really?
  46. Marx: Really. I want to look over it for reference.
  47. Elise: Marx-oniichan..will start gently caring for enemies?
  48. Marx: W-well, that might be difficult…
  49. Elise: Hmm…Well maybe I don't want to lend it to you…
  50. Marx: Elise, don't be unkind…
  51. Elise: ……..
  52. Marx: …I understand. I'll try my best.
  53. Elise: Really? Amaaaazing! In that case, there's loads more! In the book Marx-oniichan wants to read. For example "Throw away your sword, and start dancing together!!" is what the book says! And "Singing will make the world peaceful!" is also in the book!
  54. Marx: ….For the sake of Nohr, I'll read it all.
  55. Elise: Yaaaaa~y! Yeee~s! I'll bring it right now so wait just a second!
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