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OBS setup for Nimbus

Blechy Mar 22nd, 2013 217 Never
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  1.         Setting up twitch account
  2. 1. Set up account at twitch.tv
  3. 2. Go to http://www.twitch.tv/broadcast/dashboard/streamkey, click "Show Key". Save this key for later
  5.         Setting up OBS
  6. 1. Download & install OBS at http://obsproject.com/download
  7. 2. In OBS, go to Settings --> Broadcast Settings. Paste your stream key from above in the "Play Path/Stream Key" field.
  8. 3. Still in settings, select Video. Customize this to what your computer can handle. A standard setting that should work for Nimbus on any decent computer is resolution 1280 x 1024, resolution downscale 3.00, FPS 30.
  9. Similarly, in the Encoding settings change this to something your connection can handle. You may want to start with Quality 5.
  10. Exit settings.
  11. 4. Launch Nimbus if it isn't already, and set it to windowed mode within settings.
  12. 5. Under Scenes in the lower left, right click within the white box and click "Add Scene". Call it Nimbus (or whatever).
  13. 6. Click your new Nimbus scene, then right click the white box under "Sources". Click Add Software Capture, call it Nimbus. Select the "Window Capture" button, then choose window "Nimbus". Click OK.
  14. 7. Click "Preview Stream" to check how your stream will look without actively streaming. If it doesn't take up the full window, click "Edit Scene" and stretch it in the UI to fit. Click Stop Preview once done.
  16.         Streaming & Testing
  17. 1. You should now be able to click "Start Streaming".
  18. 2. Once streaming, check your stream at http://twitch.tv/yourchannel . You can fiddle with it to make it look nice, but for the purposes of proof of your time, just make sure it's watchable.
  19. 3. You should also make sure that Nimbus doesn't lag too badly while you're streaming, so that it doesn't affect your play.
  21. Lastly, in SRL you should type .setstream twitch/yourchannel . This will make it so your stream appears in the Races page on SRL. You only need to do this once, ever.
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