RPG Maker VX Ace Steam Q&A

LuigiBlood Dec 20th, 2013 324 Never
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  1. Ne divulguez jamais votre mot de passe à qui que ce soit.
  2. Redweaver_420 a rejoint le chat.
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  4. Nikihak: Hello
  5. LuigiBlood: hi
  6. Snif: hi
  7. [BTK]ƆʀʉɳͼɧɣŦąͼø a rejoint le chat.
  8. NickPalmer: Hi everyone!
  9. Indie Game Judge a rejoint le chat.
  10. [BTK]ƆʀʉɳͼɧɣŦąͼø: Hello
  11. Headmaster a rejoint le chat.
  12. Indie Game Judge: Hi!
  13. Headmaster: Hello
  14. Indie Game Judge: Welcome
  15. NickPalmer: We are going to try to do this more free form unless it gets really croweded, but try to give time for questions to be answered before you jump in with another. I can set it up a bit differently if it gets crowded, but if we stay polite it shouldn't be TOO much of an issue.
  16. Nikihak: Such an honor to meet you
  17. NickPalmer: crowded* I can't type apparently.
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  19. Nikihak: :)
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  22. NickPalmer: Anyway, I think we are ready to begin. Does anyone have a question to start us off?
  23. [BTK]ƆʀʉɳͼɧɣŦąͼø: I mean no offense, I was wondering what projects you have worked on Lunarea
  24. GoblinTown a rejoint le chat.
  25. [BTK]ƆʀʉɳͼɧɣŦąͼø: Your name sounds familiar but I cant remember from what
  26. Koneko: er where can i find the shop pack ^^
  27. SergioSource a rejoint le chat.
  28. Lunarea: In terms of my own personal projects, I think the most well-known one is Twice Upon a Hero. You can find an older version of it on our forums. :)
  29. [BTK]ƆʀʉɳͼɧɣŦąͼø:
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  33. Lunarea: I've also helped on and off with friends' projects, so you might have seen my name in games like Master of the Wind, or To The Moon
  34. HypnoNate a rejoint le chat.
  35. Snif: That's pretty cool
  36. Indie Game Judge: nice
  37. Snif: So, on what projects are you guys currently working on?
  38. Lunarea: I've got a HUUUUUUGE 10-page list of things we have various people working on. Any particular area you're most interested in? (i.e graphics, music, etc)
  39. HypnoNate: I've got a question, which area of RPG Maker Development do you find the most frustrating!
  40. monos51 a rejoint le chat.
  41. Lunarea: @HypnoNate: Database. Hate it with a passion. XD
  42. Indie Game Judge: haha
  43. NickPalmer: The Database is one of those things you want to have done, not do.
  44. Redweaver_420: have you guys considered making things to flesh out the RTP, like emo sets or face pics for all the pallete-swapped people 5&6 etc.?
  45. Lunarea: Unfortunately, there's no escaping it. So, I grumble my way through it
  46. Snif: Emo sets?
  47. LuigiBlood: Dumb question: Do you know who made the original RGSS songs for VX Ace?
  48. Sid1120: Was the Steam Workshop integration cancelled?
  49. Melocity a quitté le chat.
  50. Redweaver_420: altered face pics to represent the RTP characters with different emotions....emo sets
  51. HypnoNate: @Lunarea: I don't think I've ever met anyone who enjoys setting up the database!
  52. NickPalmer: One question at a time please. (Steam Workshop is not cancelled btw, I can answer that one)
  53. Snif: Oh... thanks for explaining
  54. Lunarea: We strive to give a lot of content that can be used with the RTP, but we also try not to repeat too much of what the community's already done. There's a lot of RTP add-ons like the emotion facesets or recolors, so we try to focus on giving you other kinds of original content.
  55. HypnoNate a quitté le chat.
  56. Redweaver_420: are you any closer to having an android/ios exporter?
  57. Lunarea: Archeia has a personal blog that has a ton of portraits and faces with emotions that's based on the RTP, too.
  58. HypnoNate a rejoint le chat.
  59. Lunarea: I think we are closer to having an exporter, but I unfortunately don't have any good info to share about it.
  60. Indie Game Judge: I would appreciate any info on a mac version.
  61. Koneko: what do you use to do your artwork in and what are image sizes andabout how long does making something take from idea to imported for you
  62. Redweaver_420: we need more futuristic/alien/robot DLC!  =P
  63. Headmaster: are you thinking in expand resolution to HD ?
  64. Headmaster: when I said 'you' i mean rpg maker team =)
  65. NickPalmer: Since this is a Q&A for our art director, it would be best if we stick to art topics. I can answer questions about exporters and mac versions, but there isn't a lot to say on it, and its really not on topic to the person being Q&Aed other than that she works for us.
  66. Snif a quitté le chat.
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  68. Lunarea: @Koneko: I do all of my work in Photoshop CS6.
  69. Lunarea: And the packs take quite a long time
  70. Lunarea: The Zombie pack (which is my latest pack) took a little over 500 hours of work
  71. NickPalmer: Also on yes/no questions I know the answer to I'll grab them quickly so she can keep to questions that require explanation: Yes, we are working on expanding the resolution.
  72. Headmaster: nice to hear that, thank you
  73. Indie Game Judge: Agreed
  74. HypnoNate: Which resource pack, if you had to choose one, is your favourite?
  75. Lunarea: But the amount of work it takes really depends on the content, the style and the theme. It's never a quick process, though.
  76. Indie Game Judge: So what future themes are you looking into making packs for?
  77. Indie Game Judge: I mean literally themes you are planning to work on, not futurstic styled themes
  78. Lunarea: @HypnoNate: That's a tough question! If it's just my own packs, Arabian Nights is my favorite. If it's all packs ... I think I would probably go with the DS pack. It's very cute.
  79. Redweaver_420: oh, no...he meant future styled themes! =P
  80. Headmaster: Well, I don't know if I can ask this here but, i bought the Arabian Nights DLC steam version but it came without the bonus music discrible in the official website... I asked on forum and I got a answer from Archeia that the steam one is included as well. But I'm pretty sure that haven't any related on my folder, I also said that on the post but no one answers me yet since 11/28. Anyone can help me with it? (My post: )
  81. Sid1120 a quitté le chat.
  82. Indie Game Judge: @Red haha
  83. Lunarea: @Indie: We've got quite a few packs in progress at the moment: farm/sim modern, wild west, dungeons, royal/noble, detective/noir, dark fantasy, and a few that have to stay a secret a bit longer
  84. GoblinTown a quitté le chat.
  85. NickPalmer: (The Farm Pack is awesome looking, and very near completion)
  86. LuigiBlood: I started collecting RPG Maker RTP music for a while, eventually got some of the rarest ones to find, but as far as I like collecting, I like to say who made those songs, but I've never found who did VX Ace RTP songs. Do you know who did those?
  87. Indie Game Judge: ooh sounds exciting! Especially dark fantasy
  88. Headmaster: oh good to know, all the packs that you guys release are pretty high quality \o/
  89. NickPalmer: @Headmaster, We'll look into the pack and see if the Steam version has it left out. If soe we can get it fixed.
  90. Headmaster: Alright, thank you.
  91. Redweaver_420: oooooo farm stuff!
  92. Lunarea: @Luigi: I haven't come across that information yet. Some of the artists that were contracted for the RTP are people we're not in direct contact with.
  93. Redweaver_420: and wild west
  94. LuigiBlood: Oh okay. Thanks.
  95. Lunarea: I do know that the folks who made the RMXP RTP are the same as the ones who released the Zonderland music pack
  96. GaryCXJk a rejoint le chat.
  97. LuigiBlood: Oh cool.
  98. GaryCXJk: Haldo.
  99. LuigiBlood: I didn't know that.
  100. Headmaster: Lunarea, you'll release a part 5 of your tileset tutorial?
  101. Redweaver_420: what is your favorite VX Ace game graphically and musically speaking...what game do you think has the best looking/sounding assets?
  102. Lunarea: We're slowly starting to reach out to the RTP artists and seeing if they're up for creating more RTP-styled content (so far, we've got a few packs in the work).
  103. Lunarea: @Headmaster: Yes, it's on my never-ending to-do list.
  104. Indie Game Judge: @Nick so ya just a quick question: Is a mac version of the rpg maker itself in the works and if not is the aforementioned exporter going to be able to produce a mac application via the windows rpg maker?
  105. Headmaster: Haha ok! I'm looking foward for it =)
  106. ck-xe a rejoint le chat.
  107. Lunarea: @Redweaver: I'm very fond of Starstealing Prince, Homework Salesman and Castle Chase
  108. Redweaver_420: I agree with homework salesman....its one big reason I did a review vid on it...great style
  109. NickPalmer: I do not believe we are working on a mac version at this time. We have very limited resources as far as a development team of the main program, and right now, they are 100% focused on Steam integration and the exporter.
  110. Lunarea: I may be a bit biased, though, as all of them were made by close friends :D
  111. GaryCXJk: So wait, is Lunarea actually employed at Degica?
  112. NickPalmer: As in Steam Workshop integration
  113. Lunarea: @Gary: Yes. :)
  114. GaryCXJk: Cool, that explains why you post more than occasionally at the forums.
  115. Lunarea: Oh, no, I post so much because I'm a total forum junkie. I spend waaaaay too much time refreshing the forums to see what's new. XD
  116. GaryCXJk: So, how long have you been empl-never mind that question, how did you even get the job?
  117. Indie Game Judge: @Nick Too bad, but will the exporter at least be able to produce a mac .app file?
  118. Koneko: who did the base tile set and sprite artwork?
  119. Lunarea: @Gary: Lots of hard work, and being at the right place at the right time. Pretty much like any job. :D
  120. meme. Valkyrie a rejoint le chat.
  121. meme. Valkyrie: Hey all
  122. GaryCXJk: Cool.
  123. SergioSource a quitté le chat.
  124. Redweaver_420: outside of RPG Maker games...what are your top three "desert island" games?  feel free to give us your answer, too, nick!
  125. GaryCXJk: Not that it would help me get a job, being an author is basically self-employment.
  126. Headmaster: @Valkyrie: Hi.
  127. Lunarea: @Koneko: I don't have the individual artist names for the RTP assets. We don't have direct contact with them, but we're working on getting in touch. :)
  128. Lunarea: @Redweaver: Do MMO's count? I pick WoW, Torchlight and Starcraft 2.
  129. MiKeael Road a rejoint le chat.
  130. Redweaver_420: ya, we can assume your island has internet...but you gotta deal with satalite =P
  131. GaryCXJk: Okay, so, Lunarea, are-beh, first, where does that nick / username even come from, but the actual question was, are you more into pixel art or into actual art which you convert into game-ready graphics?
  132. Lunarea: @Gary: My name is actually from lunar sea -- from my old obssessions with the moon and anything water. Lunarsea sounded a bit too much like lunacy (which is neat, but not how
  133. NickPalmer: Desert Island... Nier, even though it doesn't have the replayability I think its one of the best games ever made. Dragon Quest IX (I can play this forever), and uh... Some other time sink game. Maybe one of the GTAs, haven't played 5 yet but I hear it can be played forever.
  134. Lunarea: I wanted to come across), so I went with Lunarea
  135. GaryCXJk: Sounds cool.
  136. Lunarea: As for the second question ... Either or. I do pixel art and painted art. Painted is faster, so I usually end up doing the painted style
  137. NickPalmer: Wait, so how is it actually pronounced? does it have the long e sound on the end like sea. If so I've been pronouncing it wrong for a long time
  138. Lunarea: Loo-nah-ray-ah (that's how I pronounce it anyway)
  139. GaryCXJk: @Nick: I assume you pronounced it like Lunarrhea.
  140. GaryCXJk: Which actually doesn't sound that flattering :P
  141. NickPalmer: Well spelled that way I suppose not
  142. GaryCXJk: I have a strange mind.
  143. Redweaver_420: if money were no object, what's your dream set-up for hardware/software to create your art?
  144. Indie Game Judge: @Nick I'm desperate here. This might impact my development plans. Is the exporter going to be able to produce a mac application?
  145. Redweaver_420: I'm old-school, personally...pencil and paper all the way...never got the hang of digital creation
  146. Lunarea: @Redweaver: Not too much different from what I have now. I would still use Photoshop, but I would get a fancy Wacom Cintiq instead of the little bamboo tablet I'm using right now. :D
  147. GaryCXJk: I used to have a Bamboo One. Until I lost the pen...
  148. GaryCXJk: Do you know if I can actually replace the pen?
  149. Lunarea: I just have a Bamboo Fun I got as a Christmas gift 3 years ago. But it does its job, and that's the most important part. :D
  150. GaryCXJk: I believe my mom threw the pen away.
  151. NickPalmer: I want a cintiq and I don't even do art, they look so fun.
  152. Lunarea: I'm pretty sure you can buy a replacement pen, yes.
  153. Headmaster: I saw that RPG Maker began translated for other languages than english (amazing!), but I noticed that the manuals and script reference from rgss is still in english... Are you guys planning to bring them translated too ?
  154. Redweaver_420: any strange/funny "being a girl gamer" war stories you'd like to share....or am I about to get yelled at for assuming your gender wrong?
  155. GaryCXJk: Headmaster, I assume not, as it would be a lot of overhead and stuff.
  156. GaryCXJk: But anybody can prove me wrong.
  157. Headmaster: =(
  158. GaryCXJk: It technically might be possible, but once you work in one language, you can't easily translate it to another one.
  159. GaryCXJk: Not without manually doing that.
  160. Headmaster: I hope that you're wrong hehe
  161. GaryCXJk: Also, it would kind of be a dick move if you write scripts in another language and release the script for public use.
  162. GaryCXJk: Basically, best practice is always to use English.
  163. NickPalmer: @Headmaster Manuals I wouldn't imagine doing, that thing is kind of huge. RGSS script references is a possibility but we have to work with third parties on most of that stuff so it isn't simple.
  164. [BTK]ƆʀʉɳͼɧɣŦąͼø: What about bringing the RPG Maker Series into the Open Source world?
  165. NickPalmer: Also, with the script references, its best if you have someone who understands what they are looking at in the scripts, so it lowers the number of people capable of it.
  166. Lunarea: Nope, I'm female.  I (luckily) don't have many horror gamer stories. Most people I've played with online have been pretty awesome and nice. Maybe I'm just lucky. :D
  167. [BTK]ƆʀʉɳͼɧɣŦąͼø: People could make and distribute their own easily adaptable translation files and other stuff
  168. Headmaster: okz, thanks for the answer \o
  169. GaryCXJk: So, how much communication happens between Degica and Enterbrain about future stuff?
  170. GaryCXJk: Not that you should share future stuff.
  171. NickPalmer: I seriously doubt Enterbrain would go open source for RPG Maker, but we had thought about working on a way to allow translations to be easily created and applied. I'm not sure if that is still being developed.
  172. GaryCXJk: I assume the Android thing has also been discussed already.
  173. [BTK]ƆʀʉɳͼɧɣŦąͼø: @Nick thanks for answerin man
  174. Lunarea: Quite a bit. We're involved in the process from the beginning. Although artists are given a lot of freedom in terms of content (how much they want to produce, how long they take, etc), we work closely with them to make sure they're producing things people want to buy and use.
  175. Nikihak: I'm actually beginner, what is your advice? Some youtube videos or?
  176. meme. Valkyrie a quitté le chat.
  177. NickPalmer: Also, it used to be that the Non-Japanese market was barely listened to at Enterbrain, but due to Degica making RPG Maker much more of a juggernaut outside of Japan, we get a lot more input. Which is excellent.
  178. Lunarea: @Nikihak: Open the program, poke around and see yourself what everything does. Then get into tutorials and videos. :D
  179. Nikihak: Well I used program months ago
  180. GaryCXJk: Okay, say I want to work in the IT business as a programmer. I've heard horror stories about the fact that programmers get underpaid for all the work they're doing. To what extent can this be true?
  181. Headmaster: But the plan to bring new features to RPG Maker (like exports, hd resolution, etc) is in a update to Ace or to develop another rpg maker software?
  182. GaryCXJk: And I'm not really talking about game development exclusively.
  183. Nikihak: And abondoned my project cuz I didn't understand something xD
  184. GaryCXJk: I don't even think I would ever work for a game developer.
  185. Lunarea: @Nikihak: There's a learning curve, for sure. But once you start getting the basics down, it gets to be much easier and more fun.
  186. Nikihak: I think the pay for programmers is ok
  187. NickPalmer: I would suggest the beginner tutorial pdf by, uh, Im trying to remember the name, it started with a b? Its linked in the steam forums I'm pretty sure
  188. Nikihak: Cuz if you work for bigs, your pay will be stable and on time
  189. WandererGalv(NOFAPcrew) a rejoint le chat.
  190. Koneko: whats funner and whats a pain in making tile sets, monsters or characters? artwork wise
  191. GaryCXJk: Also, to add, Nikihak, there's a huge community out there of RPG Maker users who would love to help out.
  192. WandererGalv(NOFAPcrew): happy holidays everyone :)
  193. Nikihak: Happy to hear that
  194. [BTK]ƆʀʉɳͼɧɣŦąͼø a quitté le chat.
  195. Nikihak: Thanks, you too
  196. Nikihak: And that PDF Nick?
  197. Lunarea: @Koneko: My least favorite is auto-tiles. They're a pain to make. Everything else is a fun process.
  198. Nikihak: I always wanted to make a samurai game :)
  199. beard smells like onions a rejoint le chat.
  200. GaryCXJk: I agree about auto-tiles, I've tried to make one for walls (candy themed tileset).
  201. Nikihak: There are few one
  202. WandererGalv(NOFAPcrew): oh... how long does making new auto-tiles take for you...? =\  seems pretty tedious indeed...
  203. beard smells like onions: Yo whats good guys :)
  204. ck-xe: nice nickname :D
  205. Nikihak: :)
  206. GaryCXJk: I think I'll just wait until Telltale Games decides to make a game based on my novels.
  207. Lunarea: @Wanderer: Depending on the detail, most of the auto-tiles take at least an hour
  208. Nikihak: Novels?
  209. Nikihak: You write Gary?
  210. GaryCXJk: Basically.
  211. Nikihak: WOW
  212. NickPalmer: @Nikihak there we go that is the beginners guide I was suggesting
  213. Koneko: are autotile the ones that if you place a few together they change into annother look?
  214. GaryCXJk: I've only written two, with one being complete.
  215. Nikihak: Can I see soemthing
  216. Lunarea: I've had some auto-tiles take several hours, with the longest one being a water tile that took 5 hours.
  217. GaryCXJk: Well, as good as, I need to edit that one.
  218. Nikihak: Thanks,  Nick
  219. beard smells like onions: Water is the worst. Animating it is a huge bitch
  220. NickPalmer: The thing about autotiles is they are arcane and confusing. And then you learn how they work, and its like "wow this will be much easier now!" but then no its not its still a pain.
  221. Nikihak: Gary can I add you?
  222. GaryCXJk: Sure.
  223. Lunarea: Water is especially difficult because it's supposed to animate fluidly, but you only still get 3 frames and it's a big challenge to make fluidity happen in 3 frames
  224. GaryCXJk: Nick, hahaha, I know that feel!
  225. GaryCXJk: Seriously, I always wonder how graphic makers could keep their sanity.
  226. Headmaster: animation is a pain in such area... even sprites as 3d as well...
  227. GaryCXJk: Especially those for RPG Maer.
  228. GaryCXJk: Maker*
  229. Lunarea: @Gary: With lots of fellow artist support and a kind word here and there from people using the art. :)
  230. beard smells like onions: And money.
  231. GaryCXJk: Lunarea, I don't know which graphics packs you've worked on, but I really appreciate it, even though I never actually used any of them. Because I'm mainly a scripter.
  232. GaryCXJk: Why did I even purchase any DLC pack?
  233. NickPalmer: So you are saying without a support group, you would fall into Lunarsea... hohoho. I'll let myself out.
  234. Lunarea: @beard: Money mostly makes it possible to keep working on content without having to get a second (or 3rd) job. It's a great bonus, but not really the reason most of us are making art. :)
  235. Lunarea: @Nick: haha :P
  236. beard smells like onions: Lunarea do you know who I am?
  237. beard smells like onions: I came here to see the chat thing and maybe answer some questions too. :)
  238. NickPalmer: I'm pretty sure I do, even though it took me a second.
  239. beard smells like onions: Who else would be using this nickname? :d
  240. [IMA] Franz the funny ferret a rejoint le chat.
  241. Headmaster: So... the plan to bring new features to RPG Maker (like exports, hd resolution, etc) is in a update to Ace or to develop another rpg maker software?
  242. NickPalmer: Lunarea was our guinea pig, we were going to see how it went with her, we'll probably do more Q&As with more people later aha.
  243. Headmaster: haha
  244. NickPalmer: @Headmaster, Updating Ace. There will be another RM eventually, but probably not for a good whle longer. I mean, Ace isn't even two years old yet.
  245. Headmaster: good! thank you
  246. GaryCXJk: Wait, Ace is only two years old?
  247. GaryCXJk: I thought it was at least, like, three!
  248. monos51 a quitté le chat.
  249. Koneko: no don't do a new version i just got it =;-;=
  250. NickPalmer: Came out in 2011 in Japan, near the end of the year.
  251. GaryCXJk: I do remember the very narmy RPG Maker VX trailer.
  252. GaryCXJk: That one was hilarious.
  253. LuigiBlood: I recently tried the first Tsukûru ever.
  254. GaryCXJk: Made me want to purchase that one, but alas, no money.
  255. NickPalmer: So its just now 2 years old in Japan.
  256. LuigiBlood: (not RPG)
  257. beard smells like onions: Make sure to buy all the sweet DLC. It seems that the old school modern graphics pack is on sale. :-)
  258. beard smells like onions: (and the others too :P)
  259. NickPalmer: We are going to be wrapping up in a couple of minutes. Any parting questions before we head out?
  260. GaryCXJk: beard, I've grown one myself, and mine doesn't really smell like onions. Where did you get your credentials?
  261. beard smells like onions: I use an onion soaked in warm butter and garlic as a loofah.
  262. Maneledo a quitté le chat.
  263. HypnoNate: @Lunarea What feature would you like to see in the new update to RPG Maker (new engine or just an update)
  264. GaryCXJk: Ah, so that's why mine just smells like sweat and shame.
  265. MiKeael Road: happy hollidays all, and have a great day
  266. MiKeael Road a quitté le chat.
  267. beard smells like onions: Layered mapping like XP! Put that in with all the other stuff that VX Ace has and it's the perfect rpg maker
  268. NickPalmer: Mine is layered mapping + better autotiles
  269. Lunarea: @HypnoNate: A way to select what RTP you want to load for your project. It would be very useful for those who have larger resource packs. :)
  270. NickPalmer: If Ace had that it would be the best RM hands down and there is no arguing. Right now I think its the best but it has flaws.
  271. RaptorGamerDE a rejoint le chat.
  272. GaryCXJk: What actually is the reason RPG Maker VX Ace has a resolution limit?
  273. RaptorGamerDE a quitté le chat.
  274. beard smells like onions: Likely to emulate classic low-res RPGs.
  275. GaryCXJk: Ah, makes sense actually.
  276. NickPalmer: Actually the resolution limit doesn't bother me much. It feels fine, other than the inability to get a good 16:9. Considering who actually uses a 4:3 screen anymore
  277. ck-xe: 4:3 gonna die lol
  278. GaryCXJk: 4:3 is the bomb, though.
  279. Nikihak: RIP 4:3
  280. GaryCXJk: I'd love to see something like Fighter Maker happen though.
  281. GaryCXJk: Fighter Maker as an official release that is.
  282. NickPalmer: Ok, its a few minutes after the end time. and we have to head out. If there are any last questions, ask them now or forever regret it
  283. Nikihak: :D
  284. GaryCXJk: Okay, final question.
  285. GaryCXJk: What is the ideal dream girl / guy?
  286. LuigiBlood: (There was Fighter Maker PS2 released in the US though.)
  287. beard smells like onions: Me.
  288. LuigiBlood: lol
  289. NickPalmer: Lunarea and I are both married, I would assume we really like our actual spouses.
  290. GaryCXJk: Well those answers were unsatisfying. Except for beard's.
  291. beard smells like onions: :)
  292. Nikihak: ;)
  293. GaryCXJk: I just don't want to be choked with beard hair.
  294. [IMA] Franz the funny ferret: I was late, can anyone give me a copy of the whole Q&A Chatlog?
  295. Nikihak: Sure
  296. ck-xe: including final question?
  297. GaryCXJk: Crap, right, did anybody actually leave a chat log?
  298. LuigiBlood: I can.
  299. Redweaver_420: thanks for the interesting q/a! :)
  300. NickPalmer: Have a nice day guys. I'm out.
  301. Lunarea: Thank you for the fun questions. :)
  302. GaryCXJk: Crap, I was supposed to ask about the meaning of life and the universe!
  303. Headmaster: yeah i hope to see more Q&A around here
  304. LuigiBlood: 42.
  305. Nikihak: Bye!
  306. Lunarea: Happy Holidays!
  307. NickPalmer a quitté le chat.
  308. Headmaster: thank you guys!
  309. LuigiBlood: That's your answer
  310. GaryCXJk: Thanks.
  311. GaryCXJk: And thanks for the answers and stuff.
  312. LuigiBlood: Now I'll log this.
  313. Indie Game Judge: bye and thanks!
  314. Lunarea a quitté le chat.
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