DoL Spoiler-Free FAQ

Oct 18th, 2018
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  1. Degrees of Lewdity Spoiler-free FAQ
  2. Current as of version <second draft>
  4. --------------------------------------
  6. Q: How old is the protagonist/Robin/<fill in the blank>?
  7. A: "Over 18". That's the only answer you're ever going to get officially.
  9. Q: When is the next update?
  10. A: Whenever it's ready. Updates tend to average every 9 or 10 days, but this is not a guarantee. The author self admittedly tends to underestimate how long a given task will take, so any ETAs given through various channels should be taken with a grain of salt. Relax and enjoy the new content as it comes out, it's free!
  12. Q: How can I financially support the game?
  13. A: Vrelnir has a Patreon set up for the game, and you can find links to it on his blog and in the #welcome-rules channel of the official Discord server. No perks are offered to patrons as of this writing, but donations are appreciated all the same.
  15. Q: Is it possible to win fights?
  16. A: Absolutely! But chances are the NPCs are a lot bigger than you. Defiant actions are more effective if you have a good physique, but physique is capped by your body size. There are more ways to get out of an unpleasant interaction than just fighting them off violently.
  18. Q: Can I improve my relationship with <fill in the blank>?
  19. A: Not everyone with an entry on the social tab necessarily has content that affects their opinion of you yet. The most 'complete' NPCs are the ones that have detailed entries with multiple parameters (love, lust, dominance, etc)
  21. Q: Can I date Robin?
  22. A: Yes.
  24. Q: Anyone else?
  25. A: That depends on your definition of dating.
  27. Q: Is it even possible to meet Bailey's demands each Sunday?
  28. A: Yes. There's a hard cap on how much Bailey will demand from you per week and it's definitely possible, if difficult, to earn it with the jobs availabe in the game. There are other ways to deal with them as well, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.
  30. Q: How do I keep my stress/trauma from overflowing?
  31. A: Risk mitigation. Stay away from areas that seem dangerous, or where nobody will hear you if you scream for help. Don't dress sexy without a reason. And when you do get assaulted, try to end the encounter as quickly as you can. Also being raped is significantly more stressful than simply being molested, so try to avoid penetrating or being penetrated against your will. Lastly, spending time with a loved one is a great way to de-stress.
  33. Q: What is skullduggery? Do I have to do it?
  34. A: A skill governing all criminal and underhanded activity. You can safely ignore it if you'd rather be a good boy or girl.
  36. Q: How do I remove <fill in the blank>?
  37. A: Arm restraints can be removed in your bedroom. The police can remove collars for a hefty fee. Chastity belts are the specialty of the temple. Parasites call for a medical professional.
  39. Q: What do the status bars do? How do I get them up/down?
  40. A: A quick overview:
  42. Pain: You become unable to act in 'combat' if pain is too high. Note the threshold may be significantly lower than a full bar! Pain recovers over time.
  43. Arousal: You'll have an orgasm when this bar fills up, disabling you for three turns in 'combat' or potentially attracting unwanted attention otherwise. Arousal recovers over time, or you could find a place to hide and deal with it yourself.
  44. Fatigue: Everyone has to sleep sometime. Fatigue rises over time and staying awake with a full fatigue bar generates stress. The only way to reduce it is to go home and get some sleep.
  45. Stress: All kinds of things generate stress, most notably being harassed, molested, and raped. A full stress bar will cause you to faint and be brought to the hospital (if you're lucky) when the current encounter ends.
  46. Trauma: Trauma is generated by many of the same things as stress. It's slow to accumulate but slower to recover, and trauma increases will inflict various negative traits on you. Some of them will go away if you can bring your trauma back down, others won't. Most of the effects of trauma are mitigated by being "in control".
  47. Allure: Allure is calculated from a number of factors like physical beauty, dressing sexy, and having fluids on or in you. High allure will get you more money from tips and negotiated fees, but increases the incidence of random encounters both good and bad. Check the mirror in your room to see what's affecting your allure.
  48. -----------------------------------------------------
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