helspawn makes inappropriate remarks towards her parent

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  1. //reqs: slutspawn, not genderless, haven't had sex with her after [some amount] of days since mentioning incest, sleeping alone
  3. The sound of [if (tent) something moving in your tent|your cabin door shutting] jolts you awake, and you instinctively [if (unarmed) clench your fists|reach for your [weapon]], preparing to defend yourself from an ambush. [if (you've been raped by imps at night before) It's imps, you know it is. The thought of their sweaty, grubby palms pinning you down as they cackle to one another and their monstrous cocks tearing you apart [if (high corruption) makes you wonder why you're even resisting.|fills you with dread. You can't lose. Not again.]|if (someone guarding camp) Even though you're under [guard's name possessive] watchful eye, it's better not to take any chances.|Even though you haven't had any trouble so far, Mareth is not a place to let your guard down.]
  5. It takes some difficulty, but you manage to make out the intruder's [if (black scales) inky-black camouflage|brilliant red scales] as it lurches [if (tent) into view|into your bedroom], watching you with its [helspawneyes] eyes.
  7. [say: [Dad],] it whispers, and that voice--it's [helspawn], isn't it? [say: You're killing me. I can't stop thinking about what you said. Us together, fucking.]
  9. She flops down beside you and drapes her arm over your body, seemingly unaware or uncaring that you're awake. You can smell the booze on her breath and her arousal on her hand as she cuddles up next to you, sighing into your warmth. [say: You even have the perfect spot. You could have me right here, you know.]
  11. [Pretend] {Tooltip: Stay quiet and pretend to be asleep.}
  12. [Reveal] {Tooltip: Let her know you're awake.}
  14. //pretend
  15. While you may have your doubts that anything could fluster your daughter, knowing that her [father] heard all of her drunken, incestuous ramblings might be the exception. And besides, you're certainly interested in what she has to say, as [if (hascock) your growing erection|the wetness between your thighs] can attest].
  17. [say: Why won't you do it? I spend all day and all night thinking about you, [Dad]. I don't know much longer I can take.] She shifts against you and something wet brushes your [if (singleleg) body|leg]. [say: Can you feel that? That's because of you. Every night I have to touch myself because [Daddy] won't.]
  19. There's a shaky breath, and her leg slips over your [if (naga) tail|if (goo) body|own]. [say: I don't get it. You said we could fuck, but we haven't.] A whimper escapes your daughter's lips as she slides against the blanket, the fabric so thin that she might as well be touching your [skindesc], and you [if (hascock) worry your hard [cock] might give away that you're not actually asleep|wish you could do the same, your own [vagina] empty and neglected beneath her].
  21. [say: It's been ages, [Daddy], and I don't know what else to do.] Her hands lightly brush against you as she picks up the pace, your daughter barely able to contain her sounds.
  23. //overthinking ahead: based on your preferences and camp lovers, why might you be ignoring her?
  24. //situation 0: gender preference is set to both, and you have both at camp
  25. [say: It's all your other sluts, isn't it? Please don't forget about your daughter, [Daddy].]
  26. //if gender preference is set to both, but you don't have both at camp, treat it as female preference for the rest of these (as you definitely have Helia, so you must be missing men)
  27. //situation 1: Helia is the only lover at camp, or gender preference is set to female and Helia is the only woman at camp
  28. [say: It's Mom, isn't it? Making [Daddy] too busy for [his] daughter?]
  29. //situation 2: gender preference is set to female and you have others at camp
  30. [say: It's those other girls, isn't it? Making [Daddy] too busy for [his] daughter?]
  31. //situation 3: gender preference is set to male and you have none at camp
  32. [say: Use me until you find another guy, I don't mind.]
  33. //situation 4: gender preference is set to male and you have exactly one at camp
  34. [say: It's [whatever this guy's name is], isn't it? You could have us both, you know. You just have to ask.]
  35. //situation 5: gender preference is set to male and you have more than one at camp
  36. [say: It's those other guys, isn't it? You could have it all, [Daddy]. You just have to ask.]
  38. //anything situation but 3 goes here
  39. [say: Even if you come to me with [if (situation 0 through 2) her|his] taste on your [if (hascock) cock|lips], I won't mind,]
  40. //situation 3
  41. [say: But when you find one, [Daddy], don't forget about your daughter, okay?]
  43. //merge
  44. she says, her breathing heavy as she rises off your [if (naga) tail|if (goo) body|leg] and places a gentle kiss on your cheek. [say: Thanks for listening, [Dad].]
  46. Her footsteps fade into the distance, and you don't dare open your eyes until [if (cabin) your cabin door shuts|your camp is completely silent]. She really is [if (high corruption) your|Helia's] daughter, isn't she?
  48. It feels like hours before you finally go back to sleep, your mind still replaying the sensations of [helspawn] grinding against you.
  49. //+lust, end scene
  52. //don't
  53. [Helspawn] momentarily stiffens when you run your fingers through her hair, but it doesn't take long for her to relax against you, her warmth--and arousal--palpable even through your blanket. [say: I've been thinking about your touch all night.] Her hand finds your own, leading you along her curves all the way down to her slick folds. [say: And imagining your [if (hascock) cock|fingers] inside of me did this, [Daddy].]
  55. She brushes your fingertips against her clit and shivers at the contact. [say: Won't you give your little girl what she needs?]
  57. [Yes]
  58. [No]
  60. //no
  61. It takes all your willpower to resist when she leans in, her alcohol-laced breath washing over your ear as she whispers, [say: In case you forgot, [Dad], that's [if (hascock) your cock inside me|filling me with as many fingers as I can take].]
  63. There's a sigh, and her [helspawneyes] eyes meet your own, half-lidded with booze--or lust. [say: I still think about when you first asked if we could fuck.] [Helspawn] squirms against you as she rubs your finger around her clit, and you hope she doesn't notice [if (hascock) when your [cock] bumps against her|when you start to play with your own.] [say: But we haven't, [Daddy]. Did you forget about me?]
  65. [if (high corruption) Maybe you did|You start to assure her you didn't], but she doesn't give you time to answer. [say: I bet your [if (hascock) cock|body] didn't. What do you think?]
  67. Whatever you might have wanted to say dies in your throat when she releases your finger and [if (hascock) grips your shaft through the blanket, slowly, rhythmically squeezing you.|traces up your thighs, until she brushes your other hand and gives you a knowing smile]. [say: You know where to find me, [Dad].]
  69. With that, she stops and steps away, pausing before [if (cabin) the door|heading out] to make sure you're watching. [say: Good night, [Daddy],] she whispers as she [if (cabin) shuts the door|slips outside], and you already know it won't be.
  71. You can still feel her fingers on your [if (hascock) [cock]|[clit]] when you finally fall asleep.
  72. //+lust, end scene
  74. //yes
  75. The siren song of your daughter's voice, a begging, needy whisper in your ear. The sticky sweetness that coats your hand, every caress making her whimper with delight. The soothing warmth of her embrace, completely surrounded by [helspawn]--here, now, she needs you, needs her [father]'s care, and as you slide further down her slit and she moans just for her [daddy], you can only wonder why you ever resisted.
  77. The way she grips your back and bites down her cries when you ease your fingers inside makes you wonder if you could ever stop. Already her hot, silken walls clench for you, desperate to pull in as much of you as she can, and you effortlessly oblige, sinking down to the last knuckle in a single push. A thrash of her tail tells you everything you need to know, so you waste no time before thrusting into her, making sure to hit every spot that makes her breath catch in her throat and her claws scrape against your [skinshort].
  79. [Helspawn] shamelessly rubs herself as you plunge in again, and it's [if (low corruption) hard to believe|almost a dream] that this is your same sweet little salamander, now trembling as she grinds on her [daddy]'s hand. Barely a second later she cries out and clenches around you, trying to milk you for seed that won't [if (hascock) yet|ever] come, but you don't stop, enjoying every one of your daughter's ragged breaths as you fill her.
  81. [say: I love you, [Daddy],] she finally gets out, her body shivering as you slip out from her depths. [say: And to think [he] loves me the same...]
  83. She nestles into your warmth, trailing kisses along your [skindesc] as she relaxes against you, gently [if (hascock) stroking your [cock]|tracing around your [clit]]. [say: I could never forget about you, [Dad].]
  85. [if (bed) The bed grumbles in complaint as she rises|There's not much room, but she still manages] to pull away the covers and straddle you, her [helspawneyes] eyes glittering in the moonlight as they meet your own. [say: Let me take care of you.]
  87. //cock
  88. She leans down, your daughter growing ever closer to your length, only stopping once you're trembling under her breath. Just when you think she might be having second thoughts, her lips part slightly, warm and soft as she kisses the head and teases her tongue along your shaft. Still she travels lower, continuing on until she reaches [if (balls) your [balls]|the base], lavishing you with attention. You can only grip the bedsheets harder when she traces her way up, your cock hot and throbbing as she takes it into her mouth for the first time.
  90. And to think this is what you were missing out on, the wondrous feel of your daughter's salamander heat coiling around your shaft as you sink deeper inside, never slowing down until [if (big cock) you bump against her throat|you disappear between her lips]. The sight of your little girl [if (big cock) struggling to take the entirety of|filled with] your [cock] sends tingles [if (isgoo) throughout your body|down your spine], and the [if (big cock) determined|proud] look she gives you already has you twitching in anticipation.
  92. Still, she can't stay there forever--even though you wish she could--but the ascent is no less breathtaking, especially when her hand quickly [if (big cock) fills in for|replaces] her lips at the base. Wrapped between the heat of her saliva and the heat of her palm, you can do little more than groan in response to your daughter's attention. [if (balls) Your [balls] already churn for her|You already ache for her], anxious to empty your seed into her waiting mouth, but she shows you no mercy, gripping you tighter at the first throb.
  94. [say: Hold it in for me, [Daddy].] Each word tickles the tip, only making it harder to follow her command, but she seems to pay it no mind. Instead, she glances up at you, her [helspawneyes] eyes dark with lust as she slips around your length again, your head swimming at the sensations surging through your [cock] from your daughter's graceful tongue. Everything seems to fade away when she strokes you, your mind filled with nothing but the warmth of her lips and the pressure of her hand, both doing their best to draw out your seed.
  96. And it's working, bubbling up inside you despite your best efforts. Even now your shaft already twitches, eager for release. [Helspawn] glances up, her eyes lingering on your own as she slowly takes in [if (big cock) as much as she can|the rest of the your length]. Buried in her mouth, your little girl silently begging for your cum--you can't hold out any longer, your body shaking as you empty [if (balls) your balls|yourself] down her throat.
  98. She doesn't even flinch [if (lots of cum) for a while] at your load, eagerly drinking it all down and still trying to coax out more. Even when you finally run dry, her fingers flutter along your sensitive shaft as she slides away [if (lots of cum), gasping for air|and kisses the tip].
  100. [say: Thank you, [Daddy],] she says, already crawling up beside you. [say: I love you.]
  102. With that, she cuddles into you, wrapping you in her pleasant warmth as she drifts off to sleep. With your daughter by your side, it doesn't take long for you to follow suit. //standard sleep stuff
  104. //else
  105. Her fingers trace along your thighs, lingering slightly on the first touch as if marveling at [if (scales) the suppleness of your scales|the softness of your [skindesc]]. The barest brush of her hand makes you shiver, and your daughter's eyes remain locked onto yours as she ghosts her way upwards, drinking in your form with an intense passion that makes you [if (low corruption) blush at|eagerly anticipate] whatever she has planned.
  107. [if (child) [say: You're...] She pauses and lets out a breath before managing to continue. [say: You... you do things to me, [Dad].]|[say: Do you know how long I've wanted to have my hands on you, [Dad]?]]
  109. Before you can respond, she leans down and places a gentle kiss on your hip. [say: [if (child) You|I] always have, okay?] Another one arrives on your stomach, your [skinshort] tingling beneath her touch. [say: Let me feel every part of [Daddy].]
  111. Your daughter drifts lower, her breath hot against you as she follows along your body and blazes a trail with the lightest peck of her lips. Even further down, her hands stroke [if (isnaga) your tail|if (isgoo) your slimy base|your legs], and you can't help but wrap [if (singleleg) it|them] tighter around her. The smile that flashes across her face as you cling to her doesn't escape your notice, but it does distract you enough that you're left looking into her [helspawneyes] eyes, poised hungrily above your aching [clit].
  113. Their slow descent is enough to make your [if (isgoo) core throb|heart pound] with anticipation, and it takes all your restraint not to thrust your hips and meet her halfway. She holds you down anyway, her lips parting with no hesitation, and it's a miracle you even remember to breathe as her tongue wraps around you, drinking in her [father]'s taste. Maybe you [if (low corruption) didn't intend for this to happen|secretly hoped this would happen], but the [if (low corruption) beautiful|sinfully perverse] sight of your daughter [if (singleleg) straddling you|between your legs] is enough to make you not want it any other way.
  115. A shiver slices through you as she pulls away, the lust simmering in her eyes radiant in the moonlight, and you know then that she really was telling the truth. You've been more than a [father] to her [if (underage on) even before she could recognize those feelings herself|ever since [if (child) [boy]s|[men] started to catch her eye], and tonight was set in motion ever so long ago.
  117. Soft fingers spread your lips, already growing slick with your arousal as she sinks out of sight, and you can only [if (singleleg) writhe|squirm] as the blissful heat of her tongue slips inside. Your daughter's desires, now immersed in what she craves, are unmistakable, but she doesn't devour you--no, she <i>explores</i> you, gently mapping out your walls with such specificity that [if (low libido) you fear she knows you more than you know yourself|even you are surprised when she steals your breath away].
  119. Greedy for more pleasure, you reach out for your throbbing [clit], but [helspawn] brushes your hand away, claiming it for herself. Her motions are [if (low libido) far more intense than you're used to, but you can't deny their effect when|just the way you like it, and it doesn't take long until] heat surges in your gut, your body feeling like it's boiling [if (isgoo) away|alive] under your daughter's touch. And when she switches, her fingers easing into your depths with unwanted care as her lips latch on to your clit, you can't hold back any longer, throwing your head back against the [bed] as your release rips through you. Every inch of you seems to thrum and tingle as you shudder around [helspawn], your [if (isnaga) coils|if (isgoo) slimy embrace|legs] gripping her harder as her thrusts slow down.
  121. Another tremor races through you as she brushes against your sensitive [clit], both of you practically glowing as she waits for you to catch your breath. After one last flutter across your thighs, she climbs up beside you and wraps you in her arms, stroking your [if (not bald) [hair]|[skindesc]] as you recover.
  123. [say: I love you, [Daddy].] It's never been easier to get comfortable than in your daughter's embrace, a whispered [say: Good night, [Dad],] lingering in your ears before you finally fall asleep. //standard sleep stuff
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