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helspawn makes inappropriate remarks towards her parent

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  1. //reqs: slutspawn, not genderless, haven't had sex with her after [some amount] of days since mentioning incest, sleeping alone
  3. The sound of [if (tent) something moving in your tent|your cabin door shutting] jolts you awake, and you instinctively [if (unarmed) clench your fists|reach for your [weapon]], preparing to defend yourself from an ambush. [if (you've been raped by imps at night before) It's imps, you know it is. The thought of their sweaty, grubby palms pinning you down as they cackle to one another and their monstrous cocks tearing you apart [if (high corruption) makes you wonder why you're even resisting.|fills you with dread. You can't lose. Not again.]|if (someone guarding camp) Even though you're under [guard's name possessive] watchful eye, it's better not to take any chances.|Even though you haven't had any trouble so far, Mareth is not a place to let your guard down.]
  5. It takes some difficulty, but you manage to make out the intruder's [if (black scales) inky-black camouflage|brilliant red scales] as it lurches [if (tent) into view|into your bedroom], watching you with its [helspawn eye color] eyes.
  7. "[Dad]," it whispers, and that voice--it's [helspawn], isn't it? "You're killing me. I can't stop thinking about what you said. Us together, fucking."
  9. She flops down beside you and drapes her arm over your body, seemingly unaware or uncaring that you're awake. You can smell the booze on her breath and her arousal on her hand as she cuddles up next to you, sighing into your warmth. "You even have the perfect spot. You could have me right here[if (hascock) and fall asleep while you're still inside]."
  11. [Pretend] {Tooltip: Stay quiet and pretend to be asleep.}
  12. [Reveal] {Tooltip: Let her know you're awake.}
  14. //pretend
  15. While you may have your doubts that anything could fluster your daughter, knowing that her [father] heard all of her drunken, incestuous ramblings might be the exception. And besides, you're certainly interested in what she has to say, as [if (hascock) your growing erection|the wetness between your thighs] can attest].
  17. "Why won't you do it? I spend all day and all night thinking about you, [Dad]. I don't know much longer I can take." She shifts against you and something wet brushes your [if (singleleg) body|leg]. "Can you feel that? That's because of you. Every night I have to touch myself because [Daddy] won't."
  19. There's a shaky breath, and her leg slips over your [if (naga) tail|if (goo) body|own]. "I don't get it. You said we could fuck, but we haven't." A whimper escapes your daughter's lips as she slides against the blanket, the fabric so thin that she might as well be touching your [skindesc], and you [if (hascock) worry your hard [cock] might give away that you're not actually asleep|wish you could do the same, your own [vagina] empty and neglected beneath her].
  21. "It's been ages, [Daddy], and I don't know what else to do." Her hands lightly brush against you as she picks up the pace, your daughter barely able to contain her sounds.
  23. //overthinking ahead: based on your preferences and camp lovers, why might you be ignoring her?
  24. //situation 0: gender preference is set to both, and you have both at camp
  25. "It's all your other sluts, isn't it? Please don't forget about your daughter, [Daddy]."
  26. //if gender preference is set to both, but you don't have both at camp, treat it as female preference for the rest of these (as you definitely have Helia, so you must be missing men)
  27. //situation 1: Helia is the only lover at camp, or gender preference is set to female and Helia is the only woman at camp
  28. "It's Mom, isn't it? Making [Daddy] too busy for [his] daughter?"
  29. //situation 2: gender preference is set to female and you have others at camp
  30. "It's those other girls, isn't it? Making [Daddy] too busy for [his] daughter?"
  31. //situation 3: gender preference is set to male and you have none at camp
  32. "Use me until you find another guy, I don't mind."
  33. //situation 4: gender preference is set to male and you have exactly one at camp
  34. "It's [whatever this guy's name is], isn't it? You could have us both, you know. You just have to ask."
  35. //situation 5: gender preference is set to male and you have more than one at camp
  36. "It's those other guys, isn't it? You could have it all, [Daddy]. You just have to ask."
  38. //anything situation but 3 goes here
  39. "Even if you come to me with [if (situation 0 through 2) her|his] taste on your [if (hascock) cock|lips], I won't mind,"
  40. //situation 3
  41. "But when you find one, [Daddy], don't forget about your daughter, okay?"
  43. //merge
  44. she says, her breathing heavy as she rises off your [if (naga) tail|if (goo) body|leg] and places a gentle kiss on your cheek. "Thanks for listening, [Dad]."
  46. Her footsteps fade into the distance, and you don't dare open your eyes until [if (cabin) your cabin door shuts|your camp is completely silent]. She really is [if (high corruption) your|Helia's] daughter, isn't she?
  48. It feels like hours before you finally go back to sleep, your mind still replaying the sensations of [helspawn] grinding against you.
  49. //+lust, end scene
  52. //reveal
  53. [Helspawn] momentarily stiffens when you run your fingers through her hair, but it doesn't take long for her to relax against you, her warmth--and arousal--palpable even through your blanket. "I've been thinking about your touch all night." Her hand finds your own, leading you along her curves all the way down to her slick folds. "Imagining your [if (hascock) cock|fingers] inside of me did this, [Daddy]."
  55. She brushes your fingertips against her clit and shivers at the contact. "Won't you give your little girl what she needs?" It takes all your willpower to resist when she leans in, her alcohol-laced breath washing over your ear as she whispers, "In case you forgot, [Dad], that's [if (hascock) your cock inside me|filling me with as many fingers as I can take]."
  57. There's a sigh, and her [helspawn eye color] eyes meet your own, half-lidded with booze--or lust. "I still think about when you first asked if we could fuck." [Helspawn] squirms against you as she rubs your finger around her clit, and you hope she doesn't notice [if (hascock) when your [cock] bumps against her|when you start to play with your own.] "But we haven't, [Daddy]. Did you forget about me?"
  59. [if (high corruption) Maybe you did|You start to assure her you didn't], but she doesn't give you time to answer. "I bet your [if (hascock) cock|body] didn't. What do you think?"
  61. Whatever you might have wanted to say dies in your throat when she releases your finger and [if (hascock) grips your shaft through the blanket, slowly, rhythmically squeezing you.|traces up your thighs, until she brushes your other hand and gives you a knowing smile]. "You know where to find me, [Dad]."
  63. With that, she stops and steps away, pausing before [if (cabin) the door|heading out] to make sure you're watching. "Good night, [Daddy]," she whispers as she [if (cabin) shuts the door|slips outside], and you already know it won't be.
  65. You can still feel her fingers on your [if (hascock) [cock]|[clit]] when you finally fall asleep.
  66. //+lust, end scene
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