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  1. List of Commands [Basic]
  2. 1- Claiming, Claims.
  3. /claim - you can claim a part of land using this command or you can use a golden shovel which can be found on starter kit to claim your land, Use it by right clicking first corner and right click second corner.
  4. /abandonclaim - use this command to abandon the claim you are standing on, stand outside all claims to delete all your claims.
  5. /trust Notch - use this command to trust the player "Notch" to give permission to build and open chests in one of your claim, do it outside your claim to give permission to all your claims.
  6. /untrust Notch - use this command to remove the player "Notch" from your claim.
  7. 2- Teleportation to Spawn, Warps and Random teleport.
  8. /spawn - use this command to teleport back to the spawn.
  9. /warp boss - /warp pvp - /warp custom - /warp end - Use these commands to teleport to different places around the server including event
  10. /rtp - use this command to random teleport to wilderness - PS: This command can be used once every 24 hours.
  11. 3- Shop, Trading and Auction house.
  12. Shop! - Shop does not have a command, You can access the shop to buy and sell stuff to the NPCs by going to the spawn and talking to each type of shop, EG: Blockman, Foodshop etc.
  13. /ah - AuctionHouse, This command open the AuctionHouse GUI where you will find list of selling of real players in the server, you can sell stuff there by using the command below
  14. /ah sell amount - use this command to sell items, Usage of this command is - Hold an item you want to sell, do the command /ah sell 1000, For example you just sold the item you are holding for 1000$
  15. /trade - you can trade with player by using command /trade playername - you must be within 10 blocks of player to use the command, spawn is the safest place, You can trade items with money , xp, claimblocks or even items.
  16. 4- Jobs and Money earning.
  17. /jobs browse - open the jobs list, You can join 3 jobs at one time, left click the job to select it, If you choose the job woodcutter you will earn money from cutting wood and same to other jobs
  18. you can also earn money from answering the chat questions, or selling stuff to shop or to the auction house
  20. New items help, Clan, Pets, Particles and more advanced stuff can be found on Advanced section,
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