Shog Space (one-shot)

Nov 21st, 2015
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  1. The Commander's uniform rippled before my eyes as she let out a rumbling shriek. I vision blurred as if my brain were willing itself to not comprehend what was happening - I realized that something, some unnatural appendages, I must assume, grew out of her body as her clothes were subsumed by the welling horror. Her head snapped to attention: the yellow-on-black eyes focused on me, staring a hole through my soul as the blur began to float through the confines of our shuttlecraft towards me.
  5. The Commander had seemed entirely normal when we took the craft out into the black void. Driving through the asteroid belt that secluded our little research base from the solar system at large. I felt a certain pre-saudade - my ersatz position as the Commander's chauffeur was almost over. As soon as the acquisition of my gradiometer was finalized and the device finally arrived, I'd finally begin my actual work. I'd rather enjoyed driving her around.
  7. The Commander was, or rather had I always imagined her to be, a Demon. Night-blue skin, black sclerae, the works. She had a habit of leaning onto the table, groaning, smooshing her breasts as she did, every time the bureaucrats thought up a new problem for us - usually something completely out of our expertise. I'd never told her, but I found it extremely attractive. With witty cynicism borne from a dead-end career in the sticks, and that bust and those hips, well, I found just plain her extremely attractive. The crow's feet in her eyes from two decades more than I did nothing to dissuade me.
  9. I suppose she also liked me, at least in the sense of having a young man around. She'd quickly dropped the formalities, and we had something of a light friendship going on. I felt safe to joke around with her, which led to my sudden crisis. "How did your date with that young Anubis go, Mr. Hands?" she asked as I weaved between the rocks. "Oh, I haven't heard about her since. I guess she was a better liar than I thought." I glanced over to see her turn her head towards me, her hairbun pressed against the seat.
  11. "I'm sorry to hear that... She was a little old for you, anyway." I grinned as I responded without looking back: "Five years? Oh, that's nothing. I like older girls." She didn't answer, so I continued. "What's the matter, Commander? Did you plan to console me if I got dumped?" I laughed, and immediately realized I might have gone too far. I looked over to her, and saw her face twisted into a stern mask, breathing heavily. "Commander...?" She almost whispered back to me, her voice trembling: "Do you think you can tease me without end, Mr. Hands? Is that it?" The dead man's switch brought the shuttle to a standstill between the rocks as she exploded into a mass of writhing flesh.
  15. I watched, paralyzed with fear, as she unbuckled herself, kicked herself away from the wall, and floated at me through the cockpit. I felt wet, slimy flesh wrap all around me in a fetid hug. "I just can't take it anymore, Mr. Hands! If you want to tease me, you'll have to pay for it!" Her blue face drew closer and closer, beautiful as ever, but I couldn't take my eyes off the black-and-yellow eye that burst out of her neck and stared back at me. Suddenly it blinked just as her lips pushed themselves onto mine.
  17. I felt my seatbelt open and we both floated away from the controls. My mind was filled with both the horror of the alien sensations and half-realized glimpses of her new form, but her warm tongue penetrating my mouth overrode all the horror. I was suddenly in heaven as the Commander's tongue violated every part of my mouth. Below, I felt her pleasantly large bust press onto my chest, and even below some sort of horrifying mass of writhing flesh wrap around my hips.
  19. She broke the kiss and touched her forehead to mine. Her soft, silky bangs caressed me as she stared into my eyes. I took the chance to return her kiss - a soft peck of the lips, but enough to drive her wild. She renewed her assault on me - she kissed me as if she was trying to eat me alive. I felt something like tentacles grasp my clothes, unbuttoning, unzipping, tugging and pulling until my clothes were all pulled away and floating around the shuttle.
  23. Still locked in the kiss, the Commander struck the wall enough to make us spin. She'd opened her bun, and her coal-black, shoulderblade-length hair trailed our spin. Tentacles bound me to her, and I could feel something soft and wet rubbing my penis. I had no idea what it was, and I didn't want to. As long as my vision was filled with her lovely face I didn't care what abominable, toothed orifice was wrapping around me. The sensation was alien, but pleasurable. She continued to kiss me as a wet hole enveloped me.
  25. We continued to slowly spin above the seats. The Commander was clamped tight around me, and I felt more and more pairs of lips materialize into her tentacles, kissing me all over. She drew her head back, her eyes turned up with pleasure, and I again became aware of the eye staring at me from below her jaw. With my arms locked at my sides by her tentacles, I craned my neck to peck and suckle at her neck as she gently moaned in pleasure.
  27. Whatever fetid orifice pumped into me made me gasp for air with every thrust. It waved, rippled around me - what felt like a spinning brush of thin tentacles spun at my head, teasing my urethra with every turn, while some sort of ribbed, rotating fleshy tube caressed my shaft, spinning and thrusting simultaneously. I moaned into the Commander's jaw just below her ear, twitching in her grasp, as her indescribable touch brought me to orgasm.
  29. Gasping for air, I let my head fall back, watching the stars spin above me. The Commander's unnatural genitals ground almost to a halt, but then suddenly started up again. I gasped in surprise and alarm as I felt her spinning brush press back into me. "Oh, Mr. Hands... You're not getting away yet! You've teased me for months, did you really think one time would satisfy me?" She grinned like a predatory animal as my screams of tortured pleasure filled the shuttle.
  33. I was barely conscious when the tentacles retracted. We were hours late, and I could only imagine some pouch inside her was filled to the brim with semen, as absolutely no stains were to be seen. The Commander gave a satisfied groan as she pulled herself free from me. The tentacles furled back into her, disappearing into the uniform that again materialized out of her flesh. She kicked herself off to find her clasp and began to coil her hair back into her usual bun.
  35. She had barely finished, and was still adjusting her jacket, as I floated into her. My arms wrapped around her waist as my face struck her bun, driving both of us into the wall. Her breasts bounced us away from the metal bulkhead as I fought to stay wrapped around her. "Can we keep seeing each other, Commander?" Her head spun a full half circle to face me head-on with fiery eyes under almost straight, bushy eyebrows. "Are you teasing me again, Mr. Hands?" Her voice sounded like death itself loomed before me. I gave her a soft kiss.
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