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Circus Charlie speedrun tips from Jimmypoopins

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  1. TAS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jh7yaoQ7gc8
  2. WR: ??
  4. STAGE 1:
  5. Hold right the entire time and time jumps.  You have to let go of right on the last hoop before the goal (it’s fairly obvious).
  7. STAGE 2:
  8. Hold right the entire time.  Between 30m and 20m the blue monkey comes, and after that you have to jump between three monkeys.  This stage is easy - you have a lot of leeway in jumping (as in you don’t have to jump immediately when you land)
  10. STAGE 3:
  11. It's often faster to jump over a ball and land on the one after it.  
  13. STAGE 4:
  14. This level has a fixed pattern.  It repeats the same 4 structures over and over.  If you mess up one of the jumps you can hold left to slow down and get back on track.  
  16. The easiest no-stop strategy is this:  Jump when the horse's nose lines up with the left edge of the "190M" sign.  You'll bounce once on the 1st pair of springboards, then land on the horse again.  Jump IMMEDIATELY as you land on the horse.  You'll bounce once on the 2nd pair of springboards.  Jump IMMEDIATELY as you land on the horse.  You'll bounce once on the 3rd pair of springboards.  Now stay on the horse and pass under the 4th set of springboards.  Now repeat this process -- starting your first jump when the horse's nose is lined up with the left edge of the "150M" sign.
  18. If you miss the final platform, you’ll land on the horse and it’ll run to the end of the stage and you’ll die.  
  20. STAGE 5:
  21. Get a feel for the rope jumping.  When it’s going from left to right you’ll go horizontally.  If it’s at its peak and you jump, you’ll fall instead.  Follow these guidelines:
  23. You need to use the first trampoline.  When the first rope hits its peak, press jump.  Bounce on the tramopline once, then hold right and your second bounce will get you to the rope.  A cue for this is to jump when the score hits 4900
  25. You can jump from rope to rope until the end.  They all go at the same speed (or close to it) except for the second to last one, which goes really fast.  
  27. If you mess up the last rope-to-rope jump and hit the trampoline instead, you can hold right and still grab the last rope.
  31. Misc notes/tips/tricks:
  32. There is no RNG except for stage 3.
  33. In general you want to jump as early as possible to land directly after obstacles.  
  34. Levels 1-3 should be easy.  4 and 5 are trickier.
  35. If you die on a stage you start close to where you died, so a death near the end of the stage isn’t a huge time waster (just a small one).  Just don’t lose all of your lives, then you will lose a lot of time.
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