Dec 29th, 2021
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  1. You keep looking, trying to examine the fragments of energy left behind after the manifestation of Satsuki's reality marble, with any luck you'll be able to duplicate the process that allows other people to enter the manifested world in order to enter the reality marble under your own power! You finally manage to find a large enough fragment in order to get accustomed to the magical energy signature being given off by the Reality Marble. It's incredibly faint, but now you've determined just what the magical energy of the Reality Marble is like, you can just about feel the Reality Marble's presence, in the world but at the same time not in the world. An extra layer, or texture, upon the planet that can't exist independently before dissolving.
  3. Lugh watches you with great interest as you kneel down on the floor and place a palm on the ground, willing what little magical energy you have left to allow you to apply a concept upon what you understand to be the material presence of Satsuki's Reality Marble. You only need to use a single concept to get inside now, one that isn't in opposition with the existence of the Reality Marble. 'Open'.
  5. You suddenly find yourself falling through the air as a portal opens up beneath your feet and you drop through it nearly instantly. The darkness of the city's night disappearing and being replaced with the fresh crisp light of Satsuki's inner world. It's a far cry from the miserable wasteland of energy draining that you were expecting. Your memories of Depletion Garden, Satsuki's Reality Marble in Melty Blood, are vague, but you're pretty sure it's not supposed to look so... nice?
  7. Part 18
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