Spear Hero #005 - Time Reversal

Nov 15th, 2014
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  1. *************************************************
  2. 【Yari no Yuusha no Yarinaoshi】
  4. 『Chapter 5 / 414 - Time Reversal』
  5. === Loop 1, 2, & 3 - Tutorial Arc ===
  6. *************************************************
  8. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  9. TLNOTE:
  10. I try my best to show how fickle Motoyasu is.
  11. First he use polite word, next time swearing, casual, swearing, polite, and keep changing.
  12. But this is not too obvious after translated to english.
  13. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  15. "You have my ear." (Motoyasu)
  17. Schild Welt's emissary…… That is demi-human's country.
  18. I remember, Melromarc and Schild Welt have hostile relation for a long time.
  19. He ask me to hear his story.
  20. What kind of story? I came from future but I'm not omniscience.
  21. Not to mention I can't remember most of my memories, I can't make any decision without hear his story first.
  23. "Thank you. It's our honor to be in Spear Hero-sama's audience. By your grace, we wish you consider to come to our country together with Shield Hero-sama." (Schild Welt Emissary)
  25. So this is what they want.
  26. Those emissary heard about Divine Heroes summoning, Schild Welt is next to this country…… Melromarc's treatment to dear father give them perfect chance for invitation.
  28. "That's what they said…… Actually I want to raise my level for a little bit just in case something happen, but their country isn't too far. What do you think? My level right now can't avoid dangerous situation." (Naofumi)
  29. "Hmmm……" (Motoyasu)
  31. Our action in Melromarch is very restricted, going to another country isn't bad choice.
  32. Yet, I have a dream to be Firo-tan's owner.
  33. Big chance dear father buy Firo-tan from that slave dealer…….
  34. First day is necessary to deepen relationship with newly hatched philorial-sama.
  36. "Shield Hero-sama said he will decide after hear Spear Hero-sama's mind. We really hope……" (Schild Welt Emissary)
  37. "It's Okay." (Motoyasu)
  39. It will be hard for dear father if he stay in this country.
  40. However, there's a lot of thing I must and only can do in Melromarc.
  42. "That means……" (Schild Welt Emissary)
  43. "Dear father, it really breaks my heart to say this. I will wait story about your glory in Schild Welt." (Motoyasu)
  45. He understand what my words meand and give me a nods.
  47. "……You're right. I can't always let Motoyasu-kun spoil me. This is good chance for me, I'll take their offer." (Naofumi)
  48. "This way Shield Hero-sama." (Schild Welt Emissary)
  49. "Yes. We will speak about detailed thing in the way, for now I'll take your offer." (Naofumi)
  50. "Yes! Spear Hero-sama! You have our deepest gratitude." (Schild Welt Emissary)
  51. "Chill out, this is won't be our last meeting." (Motoyasu)
  52. "Kuro-chanー……" (Naofumi)
  53. "Gua?" (Kuro)
  55. When he notice dear father's gaze from outside inn's window, Kuro-chan wave his wing.
  57. "I think you will be happier if you stay here with Motoyasu-kun." (Naofumi)
  58. "……Gua!" (Kuro)
  60. After hesitating a little bit, he look at dear father's face. Kuro-chan nods.
  61. Before long, Schild Welt's prepared wagon arrived to pick up dear father.
  63. "You guys have enough money?" (Motoyasu)
  64. "That won't be a problem. We already prepared money for Shield Hero-sama's trip." (Schild Welt Emissary)
  66. Emissary answer my question politely.
  68. "Motoyasu-kun, thanks for all your help. If you come to Schild Welt don't forget to visit me. You always welcome in my place." (Naofumi)
  69. "I understand. When I fulfilled my purpose here I'll rush to your side immediately." (Motoyasu)
  70. "Y-yep. I can only going this far because you come to help me. If you're not there I wil surely…… going mad." (Naofumi)
  72. Dear father take a deep breath from the moving wagon while waving his hand.
  74. "Thank you so muchー! This is a hard world to live, but I'll do my bestー! I will make sure to repay your kindnessー!" (Naofumi)
  75. "We will meet againー!" (Motoyasu)
  77. I wave my hand and Kuro-chan wave his wing, we sent dear father off to his new place.
  78. Think about future, he keep fight in place where he appreciated and have better life, maybe this is best choice he have.
  80. Great! I have another work to do!
  81. Mission to become Firo-tan's master.
  88. 2 days passed after dear father's departure.
  90. "Motoー…… Kuro still want to runー" (Kuro)
  92. Kuro-chan in angel form help me raise new philorial-sama.
  93. However, he still can't do heavy grinding in high level hunting ground.
  94. He can run very fast and looks like he already know every corner of Melromarc.
  95. I plan to buy wagon for him.
  97. "Today you buy new eggー?" (Kuro)
  98. "You got it right." (Motoyasu)
  99. "There too manyー" (Kuro)
  100. "It still not enough." (Motoyasu)
  102. Right now, I raise 7 philorial-sama.
  103. Four of them already in angel form with Kuro-chan as their leader…… This is far from enough!
  105. "Buy the egg then run, play kick the monsterー!" (Kuro)
  106. "That's my boy! Don't forget 'kick and catch the bandit' play." (Motoyasu)
  108. Next, I'll find safe country to give Kuro-chan and other class-up.
  109. Suddenly―― Sword, Spear, Bow, and Shield ……Four icons appear in front of me.
  110. One of that icon, shield flashing red.
  112. "Moto――" (Kuro)
  114. Kuro-chan dyed in…… No, entire world dyed in gray and everything stop moving.
  116. "What?" (Motoyasu)
  118. I reach my hand and touch Kuro-chan.
  119. He is hard…… Just like a statue.
  120. In that instant.
  121. My spear make clattering sound and start shaking, strange analog clock appear and the pointer rotating counter-clockwise.
  123. "Ooo……" (Melromarc's Summoner)
  125. The man who wore robe look at us while muttering his amazement.
  127. "What?" (Ren)
  128. "Eh?" (Itsuki)
  130. That phrase…… This situation feels unnaturally familiar.
  132. "Where is this place?" (Ren)
  134. Ren face the castle wizard and start talk to him.
  135. I check my surrounding, here is where I summoned…… This is the third time I saw same exact scene.
  137. "Oooh~, dear brave heroes! Please lend your power to save this world!" (Melromarc's Summoner)
  138. " " "WHAT?" " " (Ren, Itsuki, and Naofumi)
  140. Dear father, Ren, and Itsuki said same exact thing simultaneously like they did before.
  141. ……What does it mean.
  142. I return to the day we summoned again.
  143. Same exact situation.
  144. My raised Kuro-chan…… Now he is egg again.
  146. Ah…… Last time I can't remember everything but now I remember what happened to me previous time.
  147. Weapon reinforcement method.
  148. No problem at all, I teach that to dear father last time.
  150. Still…… Why time turned back again?
  151. Nothing comes to my mind.
  152. Trial and error is the best course of action.
  154. "Itsuki-kun." (Motoyasu)
  155. "Yes? did you know my nam――" (Itsuki)
  156. "You fuck with dear father, now feel his grudge! 「Brionac Ⅹ」!" (Motoyasu)
  157. "Eh……? Guha――!?" (Itsuki)
  159. I focus my entire power in spear and activate my skill.
  160. They summoned you as a hero, but now you're just a piece of junk.
  162. "Wh-What was――" (Naofumi)
  164. Dear father horrified with the scene before him.
  165. Please rest easy! As long as this Motoyasu here, nothing can harm you!
  166. Now bow icon flashing red.
  167. Clattering sound filled my ear, the time turn back once again.
  170. "Ooo……" (Melromarc's Summoner)
  172. The man who wore robe look at us while muttering his amazement.
  173. Second time.
  175. "What?" (Ren)
  176. "Eh?" (Itsuki)
  178. I just killed Itsuki minutes ago but now he's trying to perceive this situation.
  179. This is, maybe this is not my imagination.
  180. Just to make sure, I won't let this so-called 'opportunity' going to waste.
  182. "Ren-kun." (Motoyasu)
  183. "Hm? What?" (Ren)
  184. 「Meteor Spear Ⅹ!」 (Motoyasu)
  185. "Aargh!" (Ren)
  187. Ren make pitiful voice when I make a hole in his body.
  188. This time sword icon flashing red.
  189. Immediately, similar phenomenon happened before repeated and I realized this situation.
  195. "Ooo……" (Melromarc's Summoner)
  197. The man who wore robe look at us while muttering his amazement.
  198. Third time.
  200. "What?" (Ren)
  201. "Eh?" (Itsuki)
  203. Now I'm sure…… Apparently this Dragon's Clock Extension―――― Rewind the time whenever hero died.
  204. Its ability, Time Reversal…… Special effect is World Divergence.
  205. Moreover, this time I can remember everything happened last time when time rewind happened. Maybe because I getting used with this phenomenon.
  206. Big chance that flashing red icon is a signal that a Hero is dying.
  207. It means something killed him after I part with him.
  209. This Motoyasu, make another grave blunder.
  210. I pledge my loyalty to protect him but I sent him into danger instead!
  211. Apparently I can't just leave him on trip alone, I need to postpone my meeting with Firo-tan. At this situation my first priority is to protect dear father.
  212. It's a fortunate thing I possess time loop ability.
  214. If This Motoyasu can make a small change by take this matter into my own hand. I will create better future with this hands.
  216. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  218. Final chapter of 'Tutorial Arc'
  219. Next, 'Schild Welt arc'
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