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  1. <Eevee> rockbox blows
  2. <Strife89> Eevee: When did you last try it?
  3. <Eevee> what answer would I have to give to not be scoffed at
  4. <Strife89> Eevee: You lead me to believe that you've NEVER tried it.
  5. <Eevee> Strife89: version I have is certainly from earlier this year
  6. <Eevee> it is a cool idea but the execution is, well, less so
  7. <Strife89> Eevee: A LOT has been done over the past several months.
  8. <Eevee> rather than hacking a device I don't like I'd just prefer to have a hackable device I do like
  9. <Strife89> For me, Rockbox is invaluable.
  10. <Eevee> for me, rockbox is unusable
  11. <Strife89> I prefer it over every DAP OF I've ever tried.
  12. <Strife89> Eevee: Please explain why, maybe we can address the problem. :)
  13. <Eevee> ok
  14. <Eevee> the battery life sucks
  15. <Eevee> it never reindexes correctly after a sync and I have to do a full db refresh -- meanwhile it's very vague about the status of such and when it's actually done
  16. <Eevee> there is no jp support which makes a lot of my music impossible to tell apart
  17. <Strife89> "JP"?
  18. <Strife89> Japanese characters?
  19. <NWT> japanese
  20. <Strife89> Ah.
  21. <Eevee> accelerated wheel scrolling is wonky at best
  22. <Strife89> There is, actually.
  23. <Vixie> it says unicode support
  24. <Strife89> Vixie, Eevee: Yes, but the font also has to be Unicode.
  25. <Eevee> plugging an ipod5 in while locked or some other obscure combination of factors will jump back to the native os and I have to restart it
  26. <Eevee> but I suppose most damning is that I don't care to lug around an ipod any more and would rather just use last.fm on my phone
  27. <Eevee> it is very clearly a nerd tool
  28. <Eevee> it is *capable* of doing a lot of things, but the basic stuff like ~playing fucking music~ is a pain in the ass because making that work right is boring
  29. <Strife89> What about it, exactly, is a PITA?
  30. (10 minutes pass, with lots of chit-chat in the channel)
  31. <Strife89> Eevee: What about getting music to play is so bothersome?
  32. <Eevee> Strife89: you're looking for like a button you can tell me to push or something that will make it totally lucid and it's not going to happen
  33. <Eevee> this is across two years of using the thing
  34. <Eevee> and now I have no reason to use it
  35. <Strife89> Eevee: I see.
  36. <Strife89> Eevee: If you don't mind, I'd like to relay this to the devs, maybe they can use the feedback.
  37. <Eevee> Strife89: it doesn't Just Work and it's rarely clear about what he's actually doing
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