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  1.  "death.fell.accident.ladder": "%1$s fell off a ladder",
  2.   "death.fell.accident.vines": "%1$s fell off some vines",
  3.   "death.fell.accident.water": "%1$s fell out of the water",
  4.   "death.fell.accident.generic": "%1$s fell from a high place",
  5.   "death.fell.killer": "%1$s was doomed to fall",
  6.   "death.fell.assist": "%1$s was doomed to fall by %2$s",
  7.   "death.fell.assist.item": "%1$s was doomed to fall by %2$s using %3$s",
  8.   "death.fell.finish": "%1$s fell too far and was finished by %2$s",
  9.   "death.fell.finish.item": "%1$s fell too far and was finished by %2$s using %3$s",
  10.   "death.attack.lightningBolt": "%1$s was struck by lightning",
  11.   "death.attack.lightningBolt.player": "%1$s was struck by lightning whilst fighting %2$s",
  12.   "death.attack.inFire": "%1$s went up in flames",
  13.   "death.attack.inFire.player": "%1$s walked into fire whilst fighting %2$s",
  14.   "death.attack.onFire": "%1$s burned to death",
  15.   "death.attack.onFire.player": "%1$s was burnt to a crisp whilst fighting %2$s",
  16.   "death.attack.lava": "%1$s tried to swim in lava",
  17.   "death.attack.lava.player": "%1$s tried to swim in lava to escape %2$s",
  18.   "death.attack.hotFloor": "%1$s discovered the floor was lava",
  19.   "death.attack.hotFloor.player": "%1$s walked into danger zone due to %2$s",
  20.   "death.attack.inWall": "%1$s suffocated in a wall",
  21.   "death.attack.inWall.player": "%1$s suffocated in a wall whilst fighting %2$s",
  22.   "death.attack.cramming": "%1$s was squished too much",
  23.   "death.attack.cramming.player": "%1$s was squashed by %2$s",
  24.   "death.attack.drown": "%1$s drowned",
  25.   "death.attack.drown.player": "%1$s drowned whilst trying to escape %2$s",
  26.   "death.attack.starve": "%1$s starved to death",
  27.   "death.attack.starve.player": "%1$s starved to death whilst fighting %2$s",
  28.   "death.attack.cactus": "%1$s was pricked to death",
  29.   "death.attack.cactus.player": "%1$s walked into a cactus whilst trying to escape %2$s",
  30.   "death.attack.generic": "%1$s died",
  31.   "death.attack.generic.player": "%1$s died because of %2$s",
  32.   "death.attack.explosion": "%1$s blew up",
  33.   "death.attack.explosion.player": "%1$s was blown up by %2$s",
  34.   "death.attack.explosion.player.item": "%1$s was blown up by %2$s using %3$s",
  35.   "death.attack.magic": "%1$s was killed by magic",
  36.   "death.attack.even_more_magic": "%1$s was killed by even more magic",
  37.   "death.attack.message_too_long": "Actually, message was too long to deliver fully. Sorry! Here's stripped version: %s",
  38.   "death.attack.wither": "%1$s withered away",
  39.   "death.attack.wither.player": "%1$s withered away whilst fighting %2$s",
  40.   "death.attack.anvil": "%1$s was squashed by a falling anvil",
  41.   "death.attack.anvil.player": "%1$s was squashed by a falling anvil whilst fighting %2$s",
  42.   "death.attack.fallingBlock": "%1$s was squashed by a falling block",
  43.   "death.attack.fallingBlock.player": "%1$s was squashed by a falling block whilst fighting %2$s",
  44.   "death.attack.mob": "%1$s was slain by %2$s",
  45.   "death.attack.mob.item": "%1$s was slain by %2$s using %3$s",
  46.   "death.attack.player": "%1$s was slain by %2$s",
  47.   "death.attack.player.item": "%1$s was slain by %2$s using %3$s",
  48.   "death.attack.arrow": "%1$s was shot by %2$s",
  49.   "death.attack.arrow.item": "%1$s was shot by %2$s using %3$s",
  50.   "death.attack.fireball": "%1$s was fireballed by %2$s",
  51.   "death.attack.fireball.item": "%1$s was fireballed by %2$s using %3$s",
  52.   "death.attack.thrown": "%1$s was pummeled by %2$s",
  53.   "death.attack.thrown.item": "%1$s was pummeled by %2$s using %3$s",
  54.   "death.attack.indirectMagic": "%1$s was killed by %2$s using magic",
  55.   "death.attack.indirectMagic.item": "%1$s was killed by %2$s using %3$s",
  56.   "death.attack.thorns": "%1$s was killed trying to hurt %2$s",
  57.   "death.attack.thorns.item": "%1$s was killed by %3$s trying to hurt %2$s",
  58.   "death.attack.trident": "%1$s was impaled by %2$s",
  59.   "death.attack.trident.item": "%1$s was impaled by %2$s with %3$s",
  60.   "death.attack.fall": "%1$s hit the ground too hard",
  61.   "death.attack.fall.player": "%1$s hit the ground too hard whilst trying to escape %2$s",
  62.   "death.attack.outOfWorld": "%1$s fell out of the world",
  63.   "death.attack.outOfWorld.player": "%1$s didn't want to live in the same world as %2$s",
  64.   "death.attack.dragonBreath": "%1$s was roasted in dragon breath",
  65.   "death.attack.dragonBreath.player": "%1$s was roasted in dragon breath by %2$s",
  66.   "death.attack.flyIntoWall": "%1$s experienced kinetic energy",
  67.   "death.attack.flyIntoWall.player": "%1$s experienced kinetic energy whilst trying to escape %2$s",
  68.   "death.attack.fireworks": "%1$s went off with a bang",
  69.   "death.attack.fireworks.player": "%1$s went off with a bang whilst fighting %2$s",
  70.   "death.attack.netherBed.message": "%1$s was killed by %2$s",
  71.   "": "Intentional Game Design",
  72.   "death.attack.sweetBerryBush": "%1$s was poked to death by a sweet berry bush",
  73.   "death.attack.sweetBerryBush.player": "%1$s was poked to death by a sweet berry bush whilst trying to escape %2$s",
  74.   "death.attack.sting": "%1$s was stung to death",
  75.   "death.attack.sting.player": "%1$s was stung to death by %2$s",
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