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  1. Join our discord server here:
  4. Rules of Squirrel Server:
  5. 1. Do not mic spam
  6. 2. Do not hack in any way
  7. 3. Don't abuse any mechanics
  8. 4. Intercom spam is not tolerated (Don't continuously use the intercom)
  9. 5. Do not use racial slurs
  10. 6. Don't call out people breaking the rules, unless you're telling an admin. It just causes more problems.
  11. 7. Avoid delaying the game
  12. 8. Excessive fighting should be avoided. Call a moderator over to the scenario.
  13. 9. No disarmament of teammates unless reasoned
  14. 10. Do not become enraged at someone for killing you. It's a game and that's the point of it.
  15. 11. Don't request items, spawns, events, or other items from administrators.
  16. 12. It's a game. Have fun. Sit back. Relax.
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