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Fuascailt agus Maithiúnas part 3

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Feb 22nd, 2013
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  1. Chapter 22
  3. DADA Classroom, January 11th, 2017, 8:50 A.M.
  5. (Emily's POV)
  7. I looked at me wand as I waited patiently for the class to arrive. Today, I will be teaching these kids how to defend themselves and how to duel. It was Double Gryffindor and Slytherin. Of course, I will have to perform a live demonstration, thus I have arranged for a 2 on 1 duel between me self, Padma Patil and Severus Snape. I already know that Snape is going to be paying a visit to the Hospital Wing after the duel. That will teach him to not put his oversized nose in other people's business.
  9. As for Padma, I'm uncertain. She, like me self, is an excellent duelist. She has only lost a few times. That's another thing we have in common. I have been dueling ever since I was out of Hogwarts and learned most of the spells I commonly use in a duel when I was in the library during me 5th year. I've only been bested by two people in the past: Voldemort and Bellatrix. I once dueled Antonin Dolohov. That duel left both of us exhausted and drained, thus leaving the fight at a draw. This is due to my reflexes, knowledge of Dark Spells and skill level. The fact that I turn transparent every time a curse or spell is sent my way is another factor as well.
  11. There are times when I really do wish I could have had a rematch with Dolohov before he was killed. But enough with the past. Right now, I need to concentrate on the present. Right now, I have a class to teach. Due to the fact it was likely to be a very intense duel, we will be doing this outside, near the Forbidden Forest. Speaking of the forest, I wonder how Hagrid is getting along with that Largen girl?
  13. As I thought about this, Snape, Padma, and the class stepped in. Snape and Padma came to the front of the class while the students sat down, more then likely wondering why they were here. Time to have some fun.
  15. I stepped in between the two and addressed the students. "Good Morning to ye and welcome back from the Christmas break. Now, I'm sure that ye all are wondering why Professor Snape and Ms. Patil are here today. They are my assistants today as you will all begin to learn how to duel."
  17. They all began chattering amongst themselves at the prospect. I smiled and continued, "Now, for obvious reasons, none of us are going to be using lethal curses on one another, however, anything and everything at our disposal can and will be used. In a few minutes, we are going to be going out to the edge of the Forbidden Forest because of the lack of space we have here. Any questions?"
  19. Isabella Trager raised her and I said, "Yes, Ms. Trager?"
  21. She asked, "Why aren't you going to be dueling one on one?"
  23. I smiled and said, "Excellent question. The reason: this isn't a fair match up is because in real life, if you find yourself facing off against a Death Eater, chances are, you're going to have more then one opponent. Now, obviously, ye lot are going to start off in one on one duels. If I see that ye have improved, ye can move up to multiple opponents."
  25. As they continued talking about it, I then said, "Alright. Now let's get out there."
  27. Near the Forbidden Forest, 9:08 A.M.
  29. (Emily's POV)
  31. As we neared the Forbidden Forest, I heard a voice say, "Professor O'Neal! Wait up!"
  33. I turned around to see Natalie rushing towards us. As she stopped, I asked, "What is it, Ms. Largen?"
  35. After catching her breath, Natalie said, "I've heard that you are demonstrating how to duel to these students. If it is alright with you, I'd like to help."
  37. I thought about it for a moment. Obviously, not all duels are one on one. In my experience, I have fought against up to 5 opponents at once. I suppose it couldn't hurt. I then asked, "Are ye a decent duelist?"
  39. "Absolutely." she replied, withdrawing her wand. I could see her eagerness in her eyes and determination. I guess she was a duelist before she went to America, but how good she might be is yet to be determined.
  41. I then said to the class, "Now, before we begin this demonstration, I have a word of warning for all of you. It is my hope ye all succeed in the art of dueling, but if I find out that ye are using your skills to fight in the hallways, ye will regret it. Understand?"
  43. As they all nodded yes, I then said, "In that case, ye all may want to stand back."
  45. Once all the students stepped about 10 feet back, I turned to face my opponents. "Give it all ye got."
  47. No sooner than when the words left me mouth, Snape whipped out his wand and fired off a nonverbal Reducto while Padma sent a stunner my way and Natalie used the Confringo. As the 3 potential duel enders neared me, I tapped into my Banshee side, turned transparent and they harmlessly passed through me.
  49. Ye know, whenever a curse passes through me transparent body, it tickles. I'm not kidding, it feckin' tickles me. As cool as it is, I have to concentrate on the duel. I decided I'm going for Snape first. I raised my wand at the other two and banished them back several feet and fired off a Confudus Charm at him before taking a page out of Amycus's book and sending the Tornado Hex towards him.
  51. Out of all of the curses and hex's he used in his battle against the trio and Tonks, I like this one a lot. It sends a mini F5 tornado towards your opponent and, if hit, would be stuck within the Tornado for 5 minutes, causing chaos, disorientation, major bruising and broken bones.
  53. As the Tornado hit him, I knew he was out of the duel until it died down. I then turned my attention towards the two remaining females and sent a nonverbal curse at them, causing them to fire back at me. As snaps and pops occurred all around us, I felt myself getting more and more excited as it carried on.
  55. I guess you could say that I'm an adrenaline junkie. In fact, I thrive in these kinds of duels. The kind where you can't predict who will win. The kinds that, if we hadn't already decided not to use them, we would be sending Killing curses at each other in a duel to the death.
  57. As Natalie sent a Full Body Bind my way, I cast a Protego shield and a mirror charm, sending it back at her. She stepped to the side in time to dodge it and grew to 12 feet tall. Natalie cast several other curses, which I deflected and sent towards Padma.
  59. Seeing my move coming, Padma cast nonverbal stunners, catching the curses mid flight, causing them to explode. Before I could retaliate, I realized that Snape was now freed from the Tornado Hex. As I looked towards him, he roared, "Sectumsempra!"
  61. As he cast the Dark Cutting curse at me, I turned transparent to avoid being cut to pieces. After it had passed through, I roared, "Stupefy! Expelliarmus!"
  63. The overpowered Stunner and disarming spell sent him flying backwards, finally crashing against a tree, knocking him out and sending his wand 5 yards from him. I can't believe the nerve of that greasy, sneer master, son of a bitch! We had an agreement! No lethal curses! That includes possibly lethal ones! This is the final straw for me. I yelled at Natalie and Padma, "Stop! Now."
  65. They both stopped as I continued, "Do I assume ye all know which curse that bastard just tried to use on me? This duel is off. He broke the rules."
  67. While they went to gather Snape and his wand, I turned to the class and said, "Class Dismissed. We will continue this lesson next Monday, preferably without Professor Snape."
  69. Once all the students left, I walked up to Snape, who was being held up by Natalie and Padma. I then ran up to him and delivered my hardest kick to his groin. Serves him right.
  71. "Feel better?" Padma asked.
  73. I replied, "Aye. I do. Now let's get this git to Madam Promfrey. I imagine he's going to wake up in Azkaban once he's well enough to move."
  75. Padma then said, "Oh, yes he is, Emily. Attempted murder would get you there in a hurry. I'd say that rates at least a 20 year sentence, am I correct?"
  77. "Last I checked, it was and still is." Natalie replied, throwing Snape over her shoulder effortlessly.
  79. While the 12ft tall witch carried Snape's limey arse to the Hospital Wing, I wondered how it felt to know that you're going to a place that is the personification of Hell on Earth? If I was capable of feeling anything, I'm sure I'd feel terrified. The irony of that is the fact that I was in Azkaban before, so I know what is in store for him.
  81. Though I was irate at Snape, I took the time to acknowledge the skills of the two women. "The both of ye did good out there. You gave me a good run for me money, but if it weren't for this idiot doing what he did, you both would have lost."
  83. Padma then said, "You wish, O'Neal."
  85. "Don't underestimate me, Emily." Natalie said. "When we get into another sparring duel again, we'll find out then. Right now, I'm wondering if I can kick that prat to Hong Kong."
  87. "I'm sure that can be arranged, Natalie." I replied as we continued to the Hospital Wing. I can't wait to see the look on Poppy's face when she sees this. Then again, knowing her personality and her OCD like tendency to treat everyone who seems to be hurt, even if they deserve every injury given to them, she is most likely going to freak out.
  89. I can't wait to see her expression when she hears the full story.
  91. Hospital Wing, 9:45 A.M.
  93. (Emily's POV)
  95. "What the Hell happened to him? Out of my way!" demanded Poppy as she rushed past us to the bed where the git was. He's lucky we even brought him here. If it were up to me and the other girls, he'd be 6 feet under Hagrid's Hut. But I guess God had other plans for him.
  97. Poppy began looking over his wounds while I explained, "Snape got those wounds from me but it wasn't without provocation. It happened during a dueling demonstration. He attempted to use a lethal curse on me after we had agreed not to use such curses. Once he's healthy to travel, send for Auror Tonks so she can make preparations to make the arrest."
  99. As Poppy gasped at that, I then heard Harry's voice ask, "What happened to Snape?
  101. I turned around to see The Golden Trio, and Minerva walking into the Hospital Wing. Padma had gone to the Headmistress' Office and had told her what had happened. As she had been walking back, the Trio must have followed her and heard some of the conversation.
  103. "Headmistress, we spoke about teaching the students the proper fundamentals of dueling. Padma Patil, Natalie Largen and Severus Snape collaborated with me in a demonstration for the class. While Patil and Largen kept to the rules and displayed remarkable skill, Snape attempted to kill me using the 'Sectumsempra' curse. It was in self defense so I'm in the right on this." I replied.
  105. "Were any of you harmed or injured by him during the duel?" McGonagall asked to us.
  107. "No, Headmistress McGonagall. None of us got hurt like he did." Padma said while Natalie looked down at Snape, which was the only way she could at a height of 12ft tall.
  109. "When he wakes up, inform me immediately. I have a school to run." McGonagall said as she stormed out of the hospital wing. I don't blame her. In the angry mood she's in, I'd imagine that she would have done something to jeopardize her position as Headmistress of Hogwarts if she had stayed.
  111. As McGonagall left the room, I turned around to see Natalie approaching the Trio. Judging by their reaction to her height, I'm guessing that they haven't met her yet. She said to them, "So you three must be Harry, Ron and Hermione."
  113. "Yes, that would be us." Harry said, taking in the sight of the young yet large woman before him. If I had to guess, he's never seen a person, aside from Hagrid and Grawp, that was the height of her.
  115. "You must be Hagrid's apprentice, Ms..." Ron trailed off as he stared into the abyss that was Natalie's cleavage. Personally, I can't really blame him. Though I do know that, if Daphne ever finds out, she will most likely castrate him. Despite him being a royal git during these last few months while working with him, he's kind of grown on me. It'd be a pity to see him castrated just for being a typical guy.
  117. "Natalie Largen. I'm very charmed to meet you." Natalie said, knowing full well that Ron's eyes were glued to her chest as she bent over to greet them. I got to say, she's got a good set.
  119. "Well, Natalie, I'm sure you have very impressive credentials to work here." Hermione said, equally stunned at Natalie's size, both cleavage and height wise. Sometimes, I wish I could be that tall. But fate has cursed me to only be an inch over 5 feet.
  121. "Yes, I do, Mrs. Potter. My credentials are very well rounded, they are impressive, I'm proud of them and Ron is about to drown in his own drool from staring at my cleavage." She replied to Hermione. From that remark alone, it took everything in me to keep me self from bursting out laughing.
  123. Looking to Harry, Natalie smiled. "It is a pleasure to meet you, Harry. I'm Natalie Largen, Hagrid's apprentice." Natalie said as she shook his hand, knowing that Harry's hand was small in her much larger one.
  125. "It's a pleasure to meet you too, Natalie."
  127. "Are you usually this big?" Hermione asked, looking up at the 12ft tall witch. At that moment, I wanted to explain to her that Natalie was half giant, along with her abilities. Then again, considering the person Hermione is, she probably already figured that out.
  129. "No. I'm not usually this big." Natalie said before growing to 20ft tall. "I'm bigger."
  131. As we stared back at Natalie while she showed off her real size, I secretly wished that I could be that tall. Why do all the other women get to be tall? Even when she shrunk back down to 5'11", it still made her taller then me, Padma and the Trio. As she did, I noticed that she saw Hermione's arm wrapped around Harry's. I think I sense jealously radiating off of her.
  133. Natalie replied, " Don't worry, Hermione. I doubt that I could make him take his eyes off of you for one moment. I'm with Hagrid so I'm not a homewrecker in any way. In fact, the only time I was ever called a homewrecker was that one time in my teen years when I tore through the ceiling of a house."
  135. As those words left her mouth, we all burst out laughing. Knowing her, I wouldn't be surprised if she did break a few ceilings in her day.
  137. I then said to them, "Ye all go back to teaching. I'm going to stay here and make sure this git doesn't try to escape if he wakes up."
  139. While the Trio, Padma, and Largen left to attend to their respective classes, I conjured a seat next to the bed and kept me wand leveled at Snape's chest. He tries anything, he's dead. I then whispered, "I know you can hear me, Severus. The wound inflicted on ye only damaged your body, not your hearing. If only ye played by the rules, ye wouldn't 'ave found ye'self on a hospital bed. Oh, when you wake up, you will learn that payback's a bitch."
  141. SAMDON Clubhouse, 3:00 P.M.
  143. (Bill Sr.'s POV)
  145. I had just started working on rebuilding the SAMDON Chapel's table. Apparently, during our meeting the night before, it broke. Literally, the wooden legs broke and the table caved in on itself. Since I'm the carpenter of this lot, they chose me to restore the table or build a new one. I've got a long task a head of me.
  147. As I was about to start repairing the legs, Dean Thomas walked up and asked, "Ye need any help, Bill?"
  149. I was about to tell him I had it covered when I realized that now was the perfect moment to haze the Prospect. Time to play a timeless joke on this Prospect. With a face as serious as Death itself, without a hint of betrayal in my voice, I turned around and said, "Actually, Prospect, I do need some help. I need some grain straightener. It's vital that you get it to me as soon as you find it."
  151. Dean then asked, "No problem. Where do I find it?"
  153. I then faked thinking about it and replied, "I think Jack knows where it is. Go ask him."
  155. Once he left the chapel to fetch it, I started laughing me arse off, thankful that the room was soundproofed. Anyone who ever knew anything about wood, Muggle, Half-Blood, Wizard and/or Other, knows that there's no such thing as grain straightener. Grain is one of the few things that can not be reshaped, molded or straightened. Since every member of this charter knows that joke, Dean is going to be running around in circles for hours!
  157. Fred and George walked up and asked in chorus, "Did you pull that old joke on him?"
  159. I replied, "Aye. That'll keep him busy for a few hours."
  161. They laughed knowingly. That had been the first hazing I ever pulled on those two when they first began prospecting. It seems fitting that I use it on their Prospect.
  163. I knew then and there, that this was going to be a fun year.
  165. Chapter 23
  167. Hospital Wing, January 12th, 2017, 3:00 P.M.
  169. (Emily's POV)
  171. "Has he awoken yet?" asked Minerva as she walked into the room. I had been here ever since his admittance. Right now, I just want him to wake up so Minerva can verbally chew him out and sack him before handing him over to Tonks so I can go to bed.
  173. "Poppy says he might wake up in a few minutes and she already has sent for Tonks. Aside from attempted murder, do we have anything else that could be used against him?"
  175. Minerva replied, "Yes, we do. I conducted a search of his office last night and discovered this."
  177. Placing a two way notebook in front of me, it became clear how low Snape had sunk. "It would appear that Severus has been communicating with Narcissa Black. He was aware of who the Dark Queen was. From these clandestine communications, he was a member of these new Death Eaters and he lied about his Mark not burning."
  179. I never really cared for Snape before. I really felt indifferent of him in the past. Only now, after finding out that he was a traitor to Hogwarts and a spy in league with Narcissa Black, do I feel something for him. Pure, unadulterated contempt. "That bastard."
  181. She then looked at me with a serious look on her face. "I will only ask you this once, Emily."
  183. "Headmistress?"
  185. "Has your Mark burned even once?"
  187. I rolled up me left sleeve, revealing on me left inner forearm, above the full sleeve of the Rolling hills of Ireland, with several Banshees and tigers walking side by side across them, the defunct Dark Mark, which hadn't burned in years. "Me Mark hasn't burned since the day Voldemort was killed. Ye can tell that the skin hasn't been irritated in years."
  189. She then said, "Forgive me for doubting you then."
  191. "Think nothing of it, Headmistress. You're not at fault, nor am I. The one person who is at fault for anything..." I replied, pointing straight at Snape's unconscious form, "is this cretin."
  193. "I do not argue that for one moment. When he wakes up, he'll wish he was in a coma." McGonagall said grimly.
  195. I then said, "Minerva, if I were capable of emotions, I'd almost feel bad for him. Almost."
  197. Before she could reply, we both heard a moan and turned to see Snape waking up. I'm fairly certain he is suffering from both the injuries from me spells and me kick. After learning of his betrayal of Hogwarts and how he conspired against Minerva, I'm tempted to kick him in the groin again as the proverbial exclamation point. On the other hand, if he has any conscience whatsoever, the riot act Minerva is going to read him will hurt worse then any kick I could give.
  199. Snape realized where he was and demanded, "How did I get here? And why does my groin hurt?"
  201. I then said, "I'd be the answer to both of those questions, ye traitor!"
  203. As I spat the last word, he said, "How dare you talk to me in that manner, you filthy Half-Breed!"
  205. Before I could raise me wand to recreate what Bellatrix did to the Longbottoms, Minerva placed her hand on me shoulder and said, "Emily, you've already been to where he's probably on his way to. He isn't worth a life sentence in Azkaban."
  207. She then turned her eyes to the traitor. "Severus Snape, there have been times where I questioned myself as to why I kept you out of Azkaban after Voldemort's demise. Now I wonder why you have still have a wand. Apart from betraying my trust in you, what on Earth possessed you to purposefully use a lethal curse against a professor on school grounds in front of students?"
  209. He then said, "Aside from the fact she ruined my hair, I have never claimed to have had any loyalty to Hogwarts. On a somewhat personal level, I felt this was revenge for all of the times she frightened me in the Death Eaters."
  211. I stared at my former potions professor with disgust and said, "Really? This is was about your hair?"
  213. Then, looking right at him with a blank stare, I leaned in close without saying a word before suddenly uttering, 'Boo.'. The hilarity of that brought a cackle from my throat.
  215. "I scared ye? You bet your family jewels, I scared ya!"
  217. Minerva ignored my comment and said, "Severus, whether you wish to let go of the past or not, it does not change how you attempted to kill Emily O'Neal because she played a prank on you with your hair. What irks you worse, Severus? The fact that she is teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts or that a former Slytherin student has bested you?"
  219. "I am not a joke. From what I risked and everything I have endured in my life, I deserve more respect than what has ever been shown to me in Hogwarts!"
  221. I then said to him, "Snape, I have never respected ye. Not as a student, nor as a colleague."
  223. Minerva then said, "No Severus. You aren't a joke. No one is laughing at you, unless you are referring to the Marauders of old. Potter, Black, Lupin, even Pettigrew played pranks at your own expense, opposed rules and caused mayhem for their own frivolity. Yet three of them grew up to be better men than you."
  225. It became abundantly clear to me. Snape was often picked on by Harry's father, Sirius and Remus when they were students in Hogwarts. It seems that the victim has become the victimizer and worse.
  227. "You are dishonorably discharged and relieved of your duties in Hogwarts. You are no longer a Professor, nor are you the Head of Slytherin. If Emily continues to walk the straight and narrow from this moment forward, I'm sure that she will restore some honor and dignity to the house of Salazar Slytherin."
  229. As he tried to get up and leave, I raised my wand to his throat. "Sit ye limey arse back down. Ye aren't going anywhere."
  231. As he sat back down on the bed, Minerva said, "Severus, I know that a part of you still thinks of Lily. Even when she chose James as her husband, you still pined for her. Do you know why James would always be better than you?"
  233. Severus wanted to leave but also wanted to hear what McGonagall was going to say. Personally, I was a bit shocked. I had no idea that Snape loved Harry's mother. But in me own eyes, that does nothing to change him. I may not be one to talk about loyalty most of the time, but during the time I've spent in Hogwarts, to date, I have never once considered betraying it.
  235. "While you stood at Lord Voldemort's side as he killed wizards and witches, James stood by Lily fighting Lord Voldemort right to the very end." She said, obviously wanting to make sure that he understood that his career in Hogwarts and his life as a free man was now over. Even if he does avoid a life sentence, he'll never be able to find a job anywhere.
  237. "Oh, one more thing." Minerva said, catching the both of us by surprise. What else could she say to punish him further? "When I learned of your schemes, I brought someone who wishes to give you a parting gift."
  239. Instantly, Snape found himself restrained by Remus Lupin and SAMDON Sgt. At Arms Bill Wallace.
  241. "Hello, Snape. You finally combed your hair, I see. Too bad it's not long enough to hide what Chibs is going to give ya."
  243. My mouth opened wide when the National V.P. of the Sons of Anarchy walked in, accompanied by Tonks, Flitwick, Sprout and Trelawney, who pointed at him and exclaimed, "Oh, I have seen what is going to happen. I only wonder if Azkaban still employs Dementors to keep guard of it's prisoners. Either way, this is going to hurt really bad, Severus."
  245. It's only because she's quite eccentric like me that I don't just say out loud, as the Americans would say, 'Duh!' to her premonition.
  247. The scarred face of Filip 'Chibs' Telford told the whole story and the twin blades in his hands sent a chill down me spine. Oh, this is going to hurt.
  249. "This is for conspirin' against Hogwarts and betrayin' me Grand Mum, you loathesome, limey piece of crap!" declared Chibs. In a criss-cross motion, Chibs administered the notorious 'Glasgow smile' upon Severus. Just as he was about to administer the final 'coup de grace', Tonks swiftly disarmed him.
  251. "Filip, I don't want to have to arrest you for murder. You got your share of retribution out of him. He'll carry those scars all the way to trial." Tonks told him while Poppy did her best to heal his wounds. Only when she was done did she realize that Tonks was right. The scars remained on Snape's face as clear as day.
  253. "Fine, Tonks. Take him away." Chibs said in resignation.
  255. "Severus Snape, you are under arrest for crimes against Hogwarts and the wizarding world. I don't need to remind you of all the things you did as a Death Eater. You'll be hearing all about them at trial." Tonks said as she bound him in magical handcuffs while confiscating his wand.
  257. I then turned to Chibs and said, "Nice job on the smile. Come to think of it, those knives are the same ye used to get back at Jimmy O, aren't they?"
  259. He replied, "Aye. So, O'Neal, are you prepared to take up the challenge and restore honor to me ol' house's rival?"
  261. As he said that, I knew that he had been in Gryffindor when he was a student in Hogwarts. Though, I have to wonder sometimes, why did he leave the wizarding world to join the outlaw world? Whatever the case might have been, I know that he had just given me a challenge and I intend to meet it head on. I replied, "Aye. I will do me very best to restore honor to the house of Salazar Slytherin. I will not betray it or Hogwarts."
  263. Minerva looked at the other heads of houses. After receiving their nods of approval, she turned to me and said, "By the power vested in me as Headmistress of Hogwarts, I hereby declare you, Emily O'Neal, as the Head of Slytherin. Good luck."
  265. I then shook her hand and said, "Thank you, Minerva."
  267. I then faced the others and said, "If ye all will excuse me, I will be in me quarters and I will not leave them until 6:00 A.M. tomorrow. Good night to the lot of ye."
  269. With that, I headed off to bed to catch up on some much needed rest, but not before having a talk with Danny boy.
  271. Emily's Office, 3:50 P.M.
  273. (Emily's POV)
  275. I opened up me own two way notebook and wrote, 'Hey Danny Boy. Ye there?'
  277. With in a few seconds, 'Yeah, Em. I'm here. What's up?', appeared. I smiled. When I first told him about the idea, he was a bit skeptical about the whole magic thing, but he's grown to accept it.
  279. I wrote back, 'Nothing much. A professor got fired today for betraying the school and for trying to kill me.'
  281. He wrote back, 'I heard about that. Did Chibs give him the Smile?'
  283. I smiled at his question. He would be the one to ask that. I wrote, "Aye. That he did. It was perfect.'
  285. He said nothing back, but only drew a smiley face on the notebook. I burst out laughing at that, but quickly stopped. After all, I had a reputation to protect. I then asked, 'Can I ask ye a question, Danny?'
  287. He wrote, 'Shoot.'
  289. 'After school ends, how would ye like to come with me to Hogsmeade so you can get a tattoo with me?' I already had an appointment with Wiley to get the damn Mark removed. Since it was now defunct, it wouldn't hurt me and I was thinking of getting something to replace it.
  291. He then said, 'I'll go with you, but I will only get a tattoo if you are right there with me.'
  293. I smiled at his reluctance. After what I saw on his back, I couldn't blame him for being hesitant to be tattooed. I guess I'll have to help him out then. I then wrote, "Absolutely, Danny boy. I got to go. Love ye.'
  295. He wrote back, 'Dido.'
  297. With that, I went to me bed, curled up in the blankets and went to sleep. As I was dozing off, I knew then and there, in me supposedly dead heart, that this relationship with Danny was going to be good.
  299. January 18th, 2017, 11:00 A.M.
  301. (Emily's POV)
  303. "Alright, everyone. That's enough for today. Ye all have done extremely well for your first time dueling against another person. We will continue next Monday. Remember, do not use these skills in the hallways. Mr. Filch has enough trouble on his hands as it is." I said as the students picked up their bags to go to lunch. Today, we covered the basic spells they've learned and they started practice dueling. All in all, I'd say these kids are shaping up nicely.
  305. As they were packing up and leaving, I noticed Scorpius Malfoy was taking a little longer then usual. He's been acting strange all throughout class and it affected his dueling ability.
  307. 'Ye ought to ask him about it. His focus was not on the duel or the class at all.' me Inner Banshee said to me as I watched him pack his bag. I decided to do so, and said, "Mr. Malfoy, stay a minute. I'd like to talk to ye."
  309. He turned pale as I spoke to him and stopped putting his book up. As the other students left the classroom, I said to him, "Come up to the desk."
  311. As he walked up, I leaned in closer and asked, "Ye have been acting strangely during the class period. What's wrong with ye?"
  313. He then said, "It's nothing, Professor."
  315. "That's bullshite and ye know it. Either tell me what's wrong with ye or I will introduce ye to the reason the Prophet described me as insane."
  317. He then pulled out a note from his pocket and said, "A 7th year gave me this. Who is Narcissa Black and what is a Death Eater?"
  319. I took the note and read it to me self. This was more serious then I thought. It basically told Scorpius about who the Dark Queen was and that he would be marked as a Death Eater by the end of the month. I knew then and there that I needed to tell Minerva about this immediately.
  321. By the same token, I know that I need to find out who gave this note to Scorpius. They are going to pay. Even if the culprits are in my house, this kind of shite would not be tolerated in Hogwarts. I will not watch an 11 year old become a Death Eater.
  323. "Am I in trouble, Professor?" Malfoy asked rather timidly.
  325. I looked at him with disbelief in me eyes. Did this young boy, who had probably hadn't ever hurt anyone in his life, believe he was in trouble because of his psychopathic Grandmother? Wait a minute! Am I actually caring about another person?
  327. I looked at him and said, "No, Mr. Malfoy, ye are not in trouble but we do need to speak with the Headmistress right now."
  329. He then asked, "Who is Narcissa Black?"
  331. I then said, "She's the psychopathic grandmother your father swore you would never meet in your life. Let's go."
  333. With that, I stood up from my chair and walked to the Headmistress' office with Scorpius by me side. "Why would he not let me know who my grandparents were?"
  335. "A lot of bad blood and worse history, Scorpius, are two very credible reasons. There were things that happened in his youth and before his time that he never wanted you to know."
  337. He looked at me with astonishment and puzzlement. "What did my father and my grandparents do? Do they have anything to do with the Death Eaters? By the way, who or what are they?"
  339. "Those are questions that bring up a lot of things long since buried. to a war you never lived in and horrors many people gave their lives to keep from ever happening again."
  341. "So no one talks about what happened then?"
  343. "I don't think that they don't want the younger generation to not know the price paid for their future. At the same time, the older generation does not want to see their wars reborn in their children's lifetime."
  345. As we were walking, without thinking, I said to him, "Scorpius, do you remember your detention with me at the first of the year?"
  347. He said, "Yes. Please don't make me go through that again."
  349. "I overstepped the mark in my actions at the time. As your new Head of House, I felt that I needed to apologize for that."
  351. He then said, "Thank you Professor."
  353. "No problem."
  355. Without another word, we entered Minerva's Office. As we came into it, I began thinking of Draco. I know for a fact that we are going to have to inform him of what his mother is trying to do with his son. He is not going to be happy at all about this.
  357. I also began thinking about the new Marauders. I'm beginning to believe that Scorpius needs to make some new friends, and those mischief makers could be the place to start.
  359. As we walked up to the Headmistresses Desk, she looked up from some paperwork, and asked, "What is it, Emily?"
  361. Chapter 24
  363. Headmistresses Office, January 18th, 2017, 11:45 A.M.
  365. (Emily's POV)
  367. I took a deep breath before handing the note to Minerva and I said, "A 7th year gave this to Mr. Malfoy this morning. For obvious reasons, I presume ye know what it means."
  369. As she read the accursed note, I noticed her face turning pale slightly. I personally believe that she didn't expect Narcissa to want her own grandson to become a Death Eater. Then again, with what we know about her now, we should have known a lot of things.
  371. After reading it for a few moments, she asked Scorpius, "Who was the 7th year who gave this to you?"
  373. I turned to Scorpius and chose to not mince words. "Scorpius, the sooner we can find the person who gave this note to ye, the sooner this issue will be settled and done with. Who was it?"
  375. He took a deep breath and said, "It was Sean Killian."
  377. The name rang me ear drums as if I was inside a church bell when it was ringing. I knew Sean Killian. He was the current Head Boy for Slytherin House and I knew that he was a Pureblood supremacist. He was one of the students who were not happy with Snape's sacking and had been quite the trouble maker in me class. Come to think of it, he had been suspected of being the cause of a lot of injuries lately to some of the Muggle Born students. The fact he might have been a Death Eater made me stomach sick.
  379. I then asked to be sure, "Are ye absolutely certain it was him?"
  381. He nodded in confirmation. "Contact Tonks and Scorpius' father, Headmistress. Mr. Killian is to be taken into custody and Draco needs to be informed of what has happened."
  383. Though neither of us spoke it, we both knew what we were thinking. If there is one Death Eater sympathizer, how many others like Killian are in the school grounds?
  385. As Minerva contacted them both, I began thinking about the upcoming staff meeting. Aside from hiring a new potions master, we now had to bring this shite to the table. I also knew that we had to address this issue to the students. When that happens, I would give them all 1 chance to step forward and admit that they were Death Eater Sympathizers in exchange for not getting shipped to Azkaban.
  387. Leaving Scorpius in the office with McGonagall, I went to find a Prefect. After about 8 minutes of searching, I found a Prefect nearby.
  389. "Ye need to find Sean Killian. Tell him I need to see him in the Headmistress' Office."
  391. He replied, "Yes, Professor O'Neal."
  393. As he walked off to find Killian, I headed back to Minerva's office. I wonder though, what would Draco say if he found out I had given the same torture to his son that I had given to him all those years ago? More then likely, if he ever found out, he would be mad as hell. I guess that gives me motivation to keep it a secret.
  395. As I entered the office, I saw Draco talking with his son while Minerva talked with Tonks about the case. As the door behind me closed, Draco looked up. As he saw me, Draco turned several shades of pale. I guess he remembers his punishment from all of those years ago. I smiled and said, "'ello, Draco. 'aven't seen ye in a while."
  397. He replied, "Not long enough, O'Neal. My lack of desire to see you not withstanding, have you found the one responsible for giving my son that letter?"
  399. I replied, "Aye. We just need to wait for his arrival, which should be any minute now."
  401. As the words left me mouth, the door opened once more and Sean Killian stepped into the office. From the look on his face, he appeared surprised and confused as to why he was here. It was all a con. I knew then and there that he was a teen sociopath, empty and hallow inside, just like me. I'm not sure what upsets me the most. The fact that he just betrayed Hogwarts or the fact that he couldn't feign shock and confusion to save his hide.
  403. He asked, "You wished to see me, Headmistress?"
  405. I then asked Scorpius, "Is this the one who gave you that note?"
  407. He nodded. I turned to Tonks and said, "Tonks, if you would be so kind?" while pointing towards Sean Killian.
  409. Tonks pulled out her wand, aimed it at Sean and said, "Place your wand on the floor and put your hands on your head."
  411. He faked looking shocked and said, "What's going on here?"
  413. "You can do away with the meager theatrics, Mr. Killian. I have seen 1st years who were more convincing than you." Minerva said as she took the wand from the Former Slytherin's hand and handed it to me. "Would you care to do the honors, Emily?"
  415. "As head of the Slytherin house, it would be my pleasure, Headmistress." I grinned sadistically and with a quick bend, snapped his wand with a satisfying crack. I turned to Minerva, handing her the broken wand, and said, "Why don't ye explain why I just snapped his wand, Minerva."
  417. With her eyes set right on the former Prefect and Death Eater sympathizer, McGonagall spoke, "Sean Killian, you are hereby expelled from Hogwarts for conspiracy against this school and for conspiring with a known Convict."
  419. Tonks pulled out magical shackles and cuffed him. As she was doing so, I looked at him and said, "When ye get to your trial, I hope ye get the Dementor's Kiss. How dare ye disgrace the House of Salazar Slytherin!"
  421. He looked at me and said, "You're not fit to be the Head of House, you filthy Half Breed!"
  423. The words silenced the room quicker then a NASCAR racing vehicle. Without a word, I pulled out me wand, cast a silencing charm on everyone but Sean's ears and let out an inhuman wail, destroying his eardrums. Without another word, I ran up to Sean and delivered a powerful kick to his groin, demonstrating how much I didn't appreciate his comments.
  425. I then asked Tonks, "While you're questioning him, are ye going to ask where Narcissa is?"
  427. She replied, "Absolutely."
  429. As she and Minerva escorted Killian through the fireplace, I prepared to leave. That was when Draco grabbed me shoulder, pulled me to the side and spoke rather candidly. "I don't like the fact that you're teaching Hogwarts anymore than you being the new head of Slytherin, but I'll accept it purely on professional outlook. That being said, if you do anything to harm my son, I will do anything and everything in my power as Prosecutor for the Ministry of Magic to make sure you get the Dementor's Kiss."
  431. I looked at him with a dead serious look on me face and said, "Draco, I can see why you would worry about your son being anywhere within reaching or breathing distance of me. Keep in mind that I'm nothing like Severus Snape and I am more than that traitorous worm, Sean Killian. As one former Slytherin student to another, I will not harm any of my students unless it is required to make sure they don't step out of line. So now that you have nothing to concern yourself with, Draco Malfoy. Go home, shag Astoria with the confidence that your son is safe. From now on, if any disciplinary actions are taken against him or any student, regardless of house, by me, it will not be without just cause. Now, if you will excuse me, I have other matters to attend to."
  433. It is no secret to me. If I wished to stay in Hogwarts as a teacher and as the Head of House, I have to start acting like it. From now on, I would do me best to be a better person then what I once was and defend Hogwarts with everything I have in me, maybe even more.
  435. Without another word, I left to go find the new Marauders. For the sake of Hogwarts and Scorpius' future, I will have to convince them to invite Draco Malfoy's son along for their adventures. Who knows? Perhaps he can find a good bunch of friends with them.
  437. Library, 1:00 P.M.
  439. (Isabelle's POV)
  441. "So, what's on the agenda for our next adventure, Bill?" I asked as we sat down in our usual spots around at one of the more secluded areas of the library. My first year at Hogwarts, despite everything that has happened, has been great. I've made a lot of friends, explored a lot of the castle, and best of all, have been getting great grades.
  443. I can't help but wonder what Mum would think about all of this though. I know Dad approves but I don't know what she thinks. Then again, I wonder about a lot of things about Mum. While I know a lot about Dad's history, including his time in the United States Marine Corps and the Sons of Anarchy, Mum's history is a mystery. All she and Dad told me and Alex was that she used to serve a Dark Lord and was a terrible person. But whenever I bring up the subject, she always changes it to something else. Though what I have gathered from watching her is that she truly loves the Torture Curse and is a bit of a sadist.
  445. As I thought this, Grace said, "Guard your loins. Professor O'Neal is closing in on us."
  447. We all looked behind us to see Professor O'Neal coming towards us with a smile on her face. I can only hope that she doesn't see the map. As Alex wiped it clean, she came up to us and asked, "How are ye all doing this fine day?"
  449. Alex stammered, "G… Good, Professor. How can we help you?"
  451. I smiled at his stammering. He's been like that around Professor O'Neal since his detention with her. I wonder what she did to him and Bill to make them so frightened of her?
  453. With a sly smile on her face, she replied, "I am aware of how ye all have been roaming around the castle after hours, exploring a lot of it. I have no problem with that, seeing as you've all never relentlessly bullied anyone and that you've managed to bring 2 rival houses together. That last item was thought impossible. I commend you for that. Now, I'd like ye all to do me a favor."
  455. Amos asked, "What is it, Professor?"
  457. She replied, "I'd like ye all to start bringing Scorpius Malfoy along with ye on your adventures. He needs to make some friends and I have a feeling that the lot of ye would be best suited for the job."
  459. Albus replied, "Absolutely, Professor."
  461. Looking to Bill, Professor O'Neal spoke with an amused tone. "I saw you when you first came to the shores of Hogwarts in your first year, Mr. Wallace. I also know that you exchanged more than a few heated words with Scorpius. I was flying overhead."
  463. Pointing towards her ears, Emily reminded him that she had sharp hearing capabilities. "Go speak with Scorpius and you will see that he is nothing like his father and grandparents. He might even become a close knit friend if he proves his worth to ya. What say you, my young Scotsman?"
  465. "I'll give him the chance." Bill said, though it sounded like he was using all his willpower to not tremble or run for the hills.
  467. She smiled and patted him on the head. "That's a good lad. Do well to doge the Prefects after hours and that the kitchen is clean after your Midnight Feasts. Good day."
  469. As she walked away, I asked Bill, "What does she have over you and my brother to make you both shaking in your boots?"
  471. "The less known, the better." Alex said, sharing a knowing glance at Bill.
  473. "Did either of you find out anything about that tall, brunette woman in those pictures with Professor O'Neal?" asked Grace and Lilly in chorus.
  475. Bill took a deep breath and said, "We know that her name was Christine Callahan, but was called Missy by her closest friends. She was in Professor O'Neal's graduating year and was apparently her best friend."
  477. Albus then said, "I heard from Dad that they had a falling out when Professor O'Neal became a Death Eater. We also know that she didn't show up to her funeral. Other then that, we don't know a lot about her."
  479. Alex then said, "Apparently, she was in love with Uncle Kozik."
  481. I then asked, "Alright, but aside from being friends with Professor O'Neal, did you find out why they were so close?"
  483. Alex and Bill looked at each other, before saying together, "It looked liked she and Professor O'Neal shagged."
  485. "Professor O'Neal is gay?" Albus asked, shocked at the new information on the DADA professor.
  487. I replied, "That's debatable. If she was, why would she take up with that American Nomad Son, Psycho? Alex, how do you and Bill know that she and this woman shagged?"
  489. They took a deep breath and began retelling their tale of how they knew this. After it was all said and done, I couldn't help but wonder one thing: Why didn't Professor O'Neal go to this woman's funeral if they were best friendsand lovers?
  491. I then said, "Alright then. Next week, we go to her office and ask her."
  493. We all said in chorus, "Agreed."
  495. Without another word, we left to go find Scorpius. I guess it couldn't hurt to have another Marauder with us in our adventures.
  497. Staff conference room, 9:00 P.M.
  499. (Emily's POV)
  501. "As first order of business, I'd like to welcome our new Potions Master, Professor Daphne Weasley. Good luck." Said Minerva as Daphne took her seat at what use to be Snape's chair. After Snape had been sacked, Ron placed a recommendation to McGonagall that his wife, who, I must say, is extremely good at potions, to be his replacement.
  503. Flictwick then asked, "Minerva, may I ask why you have brought Bellatrix, a Muggle, and Bill Wallace onto the school grounds?"
  505. The reason he asked this was because Bellatrix, Tig, and Bill were in the conference room with us to discuss the incident this morning and to discuss what we were going to do about it. As Minerva explained it, I noticed most of the staff members, aside from the ones who knew her present situation, were subtly scooting their chairs as far away as they could without causing a scene. I smiled at their discomfort. I suppose that, while they are used to me, they will never get used to Voldemort's Former Right Hand.
  507. After having explaining it, Minerva turned to Hermione and asked, "Were you able to extract a memory from Mr. Killian as to Narcissa's whereabouts?"
  509. Hermione replied, "Yes I did. Tonks and I are still trying to figure out where she might be. All we know so far is that she is somewhere in Ireland."
  511. Bellatrix then asked, "What are you all going to do, in regards to rooting out possible Death Eater sympathizers in this school?"
  513. Minerva then said, "The Heads of Houses will question their students tomorrow before Breakfast. Now, if there isn't anything else, this meeting is adjourned."
  515. Walking outside, Daphne wrapped her arms around Ron's left arm. "Ron, I have heard from many students that Hagrid has two assistants, one of them being an apprentice to him."
  517. "Of course. Given his state of health, Hagrid can use the help."
  519. "I also know that it's a woman." Those words almost froze Ron right in his tracks but he had the sense to not stop suddenly. "Oh, yes, uh, Natalie Largen. She's shown an Hagrid and Care for Magical Creatures. That's why she was brought here from across the pond."
  521. "She's from America?" Daphne asked. "Didn't think a Yank would ever know anything about magical creatures."
  523. "Actually, she's Irish and she's half-giant, half-Amazon, so she has both the size and strength to match her brains." Ron said, hoping that Daphne didn't pull a Pensieve memory out of him while he slept tonight.
  525. "I also heard she was rather beautiful from some of the male students." Ron shrugged, hoping that his tongue wouldn't land him in the doghouse.
  527. "She's alright to look at." He managed to say before Harry and Hermione intervened.
  529. "We have both met her and she is attractive." Harry said.
  531. "She's also a very well-mannered person, Daphne, with very well-rounded credentials." Hermione said, subtly busting Ron's chops.
  533. I noticed that while they were talking, Bellatrix had over heard their conversation and had disappeared, along with Tig and Bill. I wonder where those three are going? I can only hope that Minerva gave them permission to do so. I wonder though, what is Narcissa planning on doing?
  535. Hagrid's Hut, 9:45 P.M.
  537. (Bellatrix's POV)
  539. 'Looks like Hagrid hasn't changed his hut that much.' I thought to myself as we approached the old house. It was true. The only thing that had changed was how it, like Hagrid, was getting older as time went on. I wonder who this Natalie Largen is though?
  541. As we got to the door, Bill knocked on it three times. Within a few moments, Hagrid answered the door. "Ey, Bill! How are ya? Come in!"
  543. As we entered into the cabin, he said, "Evening, Tig, Bellatrix. What are all of ye doin' here?"
  545. I replied, "We've heard that you have an assistant by the name of Natalie Largen. Can we talk with her?"
  547. Almost as soon as I said that, Natalie came in. "Hagrid, the Hippogriffs are in their pens. Oh, we have guests."
  549. Hagrid excused himself to go outside in order to take care of something. Once he left the hut, Tig and I turned around to see the woman and I noticed that Tig's face showed recognition. I didn't know that he knew this woman. Then again, if she was one of his many conquests, I would suspect he might remember her. I just hope she doesn't make a big scene of it if she was.
  551. She also tensed up when she saw me. I guess even now, after I've been cleared, people will always be afraid of me on some level. On some level in my dark mind, I like it that way. I really can't imagine all people not fearing me on some level.
  553. Tig then said something that cleared up the mystery surrounding this woman. "Didn't know that the floor manager of SAMYORK was a witch. Good to see ya, Natalie."
  555. I looked at him and asked, "What do you mean, Tig?"
  557. He said, "Bella, this Natalie Largen. Remember when I went with Clay to New York to see the fight between him and Spider back in '05? She was the floor manager for them back then."
  559. I guess that gave myself some comfort. At least he didn't outright say that he shagged her. But then again, I don't think I've ever truly gotten used to the 'What happens on a run stays on a run' rule. But enough of that.
  561. "Nice to see you as well, Tig. Is this woman your wife?" she asked him, never taking her eyes of my own, as if she was searching for evil inside my soul. Well, she isn't going to find any.
  563. As we continued to stare at each other, Tig then broke the silence by saying, "If you two keep staring at each other like that, I might have to grab some popcorn and watch you two make out."
  565. His words broke the silent tension and we both burst out laughing. I suppose even now, Tig will always have a naturally dirty mind. Ignoring what he had just said, I asked her, "How's Hagrid holding up with his health?"
  567. Natalie replied, "I've been helping with his day-to-day chores, as well as being there for him when he's not feeling too well. So far, he's still able to move about and teach the students. It's only when it comes to handling the more rambunctious of creatures that Ron and I have to pick up the slack. When the time comes, if he's up for it and if he feels anything for me other than teacher and apprentice, I hope to start dating him."
  569. Bill, who had been silent up until now, asked, "How can such a small woman such as ye self help out such a mountain of a man? No offense to ye, but I'm curious."
  571. Natalie said nothing as she transformed before us from being 5'11" to being as tall as the cabin, which is to say about 15 feet tall. If it were possible, our jaws would have dropped to the floor at the sight of the giant woman. Not only did she grow into a giant, Natalie's muscles were amazingly big as was her breasts. "Oh, I have my ways. Between how big I can grow and how strong I can make myself, I have no problem helping Hagrid get around."
  573. Looking down at Tig and me, Natalie smiled. "Just FYI, I can actually grow bigger than 15ft tall."
  575. As she shrank back down to 5'11" tall, she asked, "Does that answer your question?"
  577. Bill nodded his head. "Aye, it does."
  579. "How's Coyote? I heard that he was in town." Natalie asked as she served us each a cup of English Tea and a shotglass of Jameson Irish whiskey.
  581. "Recently, he came into town when some trouble came up at the SAMDON clubhouse. I think that, about now, he's up in Belfast with the SAMBEL crew or he's already back in New York. From what we have seen, he's done well for himself."
  583. "I heard though the grapevine that he got married to his girlfriend of 10 years about 7 years ago. Angela, right?"
  585. Tig nodded.
  587. "I have seen her before when I was floor manager for SAMYORK. He's got quite the catch."
  589. Looking between the three of you, Natalie asked, "I have this gut instinct that the three of you coming here is not because of a Parent-Teacher conference. Is there anything I have to worry about?"
  591. "Not yet. If there is, we'll be sure to let you know." Bill said. "It's good to meet you, Natalie. I have no doubt that Hagrid would take a liking to you if and when the time is right."
  593. "Thank you, Bill." Looking to Tig and I, Natalie smiled.
  595. "It's been good to see you again, Tig." She said before stepping forward and hugging him. "Oh, just so you know, a three way isn't going to happen between you, your wife and me. Good night."
  597. I had to laugh at how she innocently read his mind and left him with his jaw on the floor. Giving a light headslap, I snapped him back to reality.
  599. "She's right. A three way with her is out of the question. We're too crazy for her and she's of sound mind. More than not, she would only have had a three way with Coyote and Angela." I said nonchalantly, leaving two shocked Sons in my wake.
  601. January 22nd, 2017, SAMDON Clubhouse, Rec Room, 8:30 P.M.
  603. (Emily's POV)
  605. 'I can't wait to exact revenge on that git, Snape.' I thought to me self as I, Minerva, Ted, Andromeda, Tonks, Bellatrix, Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Bill gathered around the coffee table to discuss the battle plan.
  607. On Wednesday, Snape was broken out of Azkaban after been sentenced to Life without the possibility of parole. Apart from that, Hermione and Tonks had managed to figure out that Narcissa was hiding on the grounds of a ransacked Mansion deep in Dublin, Ireland.
  609. "So what's the plan, V.P.?" asked Bill as we looked at the plans of the mansion we had acquired. I knew that he was in an extremely good mood at the moment. He was going to get the chance to get revenge for Sirius and the other Sons who were killed by these monsters.
  611. "I've contacted Remus and Bill Weasley has agreed as well. Ted, I know that it's nearly a full moon. How would you like to get some payback on the Werewolf of their group, Fenrir Greyback?" asked Harry. I see what he's planning. He's going to utilize their 'Hairy Problem' to take care of business against these people. Good job.
  613. Ted had a feral grin on his face as he said, "Absolutely."
  615. As we continued discussing various plans of attack for tomorrow, I realized that Dublin was where Missy and me Mum was laid to rest. The aching in me heart told me that I needed to pay their graves a visit. Who knows? Maybe that will help me get past this.
  617. As I thought this, a voice asked, "I'm going with you all."
  619. We turned around to see Neville Longbottom standing behind us with a determined look on his face and wand in hand.
  621. "Why would you want to involve yourself with this, Neville?" Bellatrix asked.
  623. He replied, "My father in law was just tortured into Insanity. I want revenge."
  625. Chapter 25
  627. January 22nd, 2017, SAMDON Clubhouse, Rec Room, 9:00 P.M.
  629. (Emily's POV)
  631. 'What the 'ell does he mean?" my Inner Banshee asked me as Neville came over to our table. I asked him, "What do ye mean?"
  633. "I just got back from Xenophilius' house. The place was ransacked and he was on the ground, twitching, muttering, and looked like hell. He didn't recognize me at all." said Neville with an uncharacteristic hatred in his voice. Apparently, one of Narcissa's Death Eaters thought it would be funny to recreate what happened to his parents. If I was capable of emotions or feelings, I'd feel disgusted.
  635. He continued, "Harry, the Stone's missing."
  637. What the bloody 'ell is he talking about? What stone are they talking about? Why would he feel the need to tell Harry about it? way. Could he be talking about the Resurrection Stone? It hasn't been seen in years!
  639. Harry's face turned into something I've never seen on his face. It was one of absolute fear. He asked, "Are you absolutely certain, Neville?"
  641. Neville replied, "Yes."
  643. He then said, "In that case, you're going with us, Nev. You might want to brush up on some of those new Curses and Hexes you were telling me about."
  645. As Neville took his spot around the coffee table, Harry said, "Alright, I've book up some rooms at a hotel in a village a few miles from Dublin. We have to be there by 8 in the Morning. So get a good night's sleep. On Sunday Afternoon, we will attack."
  647. As we all went off to either bed, or somewhere else, Bellatrix grabbed my shoulder and pulled me to the side. "Emily, you and I have to talk."
  649. I replied, "What, may I ask, do ye need to talk with me about?"
  651. She looked at me with that insane glint in her eye that I knew all too well. That glint in her eye said that she would be asking the questions.
  653. As we took a seat on the couch, I asked, "What do ye want to know?"
  655. "I know that Missy was buried in Dublin. I know you killed her in 2001, along with her baby. Do you feel any regret, whatsoever, about doing that?"
  657. The aching in me heart said it all. Why the Bloody 'ell did she 'ave to bring that up? Is this God's way of punishing me? I replied, "Aye. I do."
  659. "Tig already knows. Kozik told him. That's why he hasn't yet tried using you for target practice." Pausing for a moment before grabbing me by the back of my neck, Bellatrix spoke grimly, "Harry, Hermione and Ron, they don't know. When he does find out, Harry will come at you with everything he has before dragging you right to Azkaban's doorstep."
  661. "Are you going to tell the Trio?" I asked. Bellatrix gave no sign that betrayed what she thought. "I have not informed on anyone in the past and I don't intend to start now. When the time comes, you will be the one to tell them, not me."
  663. Changing gears quicker than I could notice, Bellatrix said, "I couldn't help but notice that you're taking up with Psycho."
  665. "Aye. But it's not like ye can say anything, considering who your ol' man is." I replied. If she was going to try and scold me for dating Psycho, I would scold her for taking up with Tig and I'm sure that conversation would lead to another epic duel between the two of us. While that would be a sight to behold, I really didn't feel like wasting me energy with her.
  667. She replied, "Fair enough. So what's he like?"
  669. I smiled at her question. In her mind, I wouldn't be surprised if it was dirty. "He is great to be around when he allows you to get close enough and that's all ye are getting unless ye tell me what Tig's like."
  671. SAMDON Chapel, 9:15 P.M.
  673. (Tig's POV)
  675. "Considering what kind of hardware you got here, I'm guessing you're bringing this old Marine out of retirement?" I asked Harry as I picked out a rifle from the 10 that were on the table. It was my old friend, the Bolt Action Sniper Rifle. It was an Accuracy International Arctic Warfare 7.62X51 NATO caliber Rifle fitted with a Schmidt & Bender PM II Telescopic Sight. To me, it wasn't a M40A1, but it would do.
  677. "I never pegged ya for old, Tig. Out of all of us, you're the one most suited to do this job." replied Harry.
  679. I replied with a grin while checking out the optics on the rifle, "What kinda ammo are ya giving me?"
  681. He pulled out 3 boxes of ammo and set them in front of me. "Silver-tipped bullets. Considering how we're most likely going head to head with werewolves, you'll need them."
  683. I took the boxes and put them into the rifle case along with the weapon itself. This was giving me flashbacks to Desert Storm, but I suppressed them. Now was not the time for me to be getting them.
  685. I looked at the SAMDON V.P. and said, "Thanks kid."
  687. "No problem." Harry replied.
  689. As we walked out of the chapel, I told him, "I got to say, kid, I never thought I'd be working with a woman I hate, nor did I think I'd be killing werewolves."
  691. Harry knew what he would have to ask me and he had to ask it before we set off for Dublin. "On Sunday, we are going to fight against an enemy you've never fought before. I need to know right now where your head's at."
  693. "What's on your mind, Harry?" I asked.
  695. "I have to know whether or not you can work with Emily without trying to kill her."
  697. I replied, "I can work with her without being distracted."
  699. It was true. I might currently dislike her with a passion I usually reserve for Drugs, but I know for a fact I can work with her.
  701. "Distraction is not the only concern I have about the two of you." Harry said as I put the rifle case next to the door. "What's your problem with her?"
  703. I replied, "That's something you need to ask her. See ya in the daylight."
  705. As he walked off, I walked over to the bar and poured myself a beer. As I was about to start drinking it, a voice said, "How'd you take it when Bellatrix told you what she was?"
  707. I turned around to see Danny coming over to sit down by me. In many ways, I should be grateful he isn't coming with us tomorrow. He creeps the hell out of me. "I took it pretty good after the initial shock wore off. Question: do ya have any idea as to who the hell you hooked up with?"
  709. I still can't believe that he hooked up with that O'Neal girl. She is the most insane, psychopathic, crazy person I've had the misfortune of meeting. Then again, I'm one to talk, considering my own mental condition. Danny replied, "I could ask you the same, but I won't."
  711. "How you plan to take care of Jack when you're with Quinn and Mike?"
  713. He smiled that crazy smile of his and reached into his inner Cut pocket and pulled out his kitten and what he had dressed up in almost made me laugh. Jack was wearing mini biker goggles along with a cut. The top rocker read 'Psycho's Pet' and the bottom one read 'Nomads'.
  715. I told him, "Cute. What about when you're on the road? I'm pretty sure it's not safe for a kitten to be in your cut's pocket when you're riding."
  717. He replied, "She enchanted my motorcycle to be bulletproof and incapable of falling over. She also made bike able to protect Jack when I'm on the road. All I have to do is turn the gas cap counterclockwise and a special compartment opens to keep him comfortable and safe the whole trip."
  719. I then said, "I personally don't like the woman you've hooked up, Danny. I've also never pegged you as a cat person. There ain't nothing wrong with either. It's just surprising."
  721. He smiled and said, "I never pegged you to ever find an Ol' Lady, never mind one who's more insane than you."
  723. We raised our glasses at the same time and made a toast to our respective lunatics and psychos.
  725. January 23rd, 2017, SAMDON Clubhouse, Rec Room, 7:30 A.M.
  727. (Emily's POV)
  729. I watched in fascination as Bill Weasley loaded the handheld M134 Mini gun with silver bullets. Apparently, he had been working on this massive machine gun ever since he found out we'd be fighting against Werewolves. I said, "I bet ya can kill lots of Werewolves with that."
  731. He smiled that feral grin of his and replied, "This gun spits out about 2000 to 6000 silver tipped rounds per minute at a range of 1,093 yards away. So, Hell yeah, I can."
  733. Before we could continue the conversation, Harry came over with Minerva, Bellatrix, Bill Sr., Tig, Tonks, Ted, Andromeda, Hermione, Neville and Ron, all of them with determined looks on their faces. Harry said, "Let's get over to the bikes. We need to go now."
  735. Without another word, we picked up our bags and walked out into the lot. Without a word spoken between any of us, we hopped onto our bikes with our partners and grabbed a Portkey, transporting us to a village outside of Dublin. After we had checked into our hotel rooms, I planned to go visit the final resting places of Missy and me Mum.
  737. 5 miles outside of Dublin, Ireland, 8:00 A.M., the Hotel
  739. (Emily's POV)
  741. Well, we got checked and everything and now they're discussing battle plans. We've already set up wards to prevent anyone bearing the new Dark Mark from entering the hotel, and Bill Sr. already activated several notice me not charms, which prevent any of these Death Eaters or Narcissa from noticing the Hotel itself.
  743. Currently, we were sitting in one of the rooms, planning out what Tig was going to be doing. Harry told him, "Tig, you're going to be a thousand yards away from the Mansion itself as our lookout. Use suppressive fire to keep the enemy off our backs, take out as many of them as you can and inform us of anything coming up as we close in on the target. I've enchanted the scope on your rifle so it can see at far off distances up close and clear as day. Sound good?"
  745. He remarked, "Absolutely. It's going to be a Bloody Sunday tomorrow. Anything else we need to know?"
  747. Harry thought for a moment and replied, "I also made you this."
  749. He pulled out from one of the bags a suit I recognized as a Ghille Suit. From the shows on TV I've seen, its something that snipers wear in combat to keep the enemy from seeing them.
  751. "It's enchanted to make you transparent and to suppress your rifle. Other then that, I think that about covers it." explained Harry, obviously making Tig excited. I guess he's going to get to relive his days in the Marines.
  753. I decided then and there that now was a good a time as any to visit them. I then said, "I'm going out for a while."
  755. Without another word, I left the room and hotel and apparated to a graveyard just outside of Dublin. I knew that this would tear me up inside, but I needed to do it.
  757. (Tig's POV)
  759. "Where the Hell did she go?" asked Ron as that O'Neal girl disappeared, or, as Bellatrix calls it, 'Apparated' away. Even though I've known her since 1998, some stuff will never make sense to me at all.
  761. Hermione said, "I think I know where. Ron, Harry, come with me."
  763. As they exited the room and rode away on their Harleys, Bellatrix turned to me and the rest of the guys and said, "Stay here. I'll be back in a little while."
  765. I asked, "Where are you going?"
  767. She said, "To stop them from doing something stupid."
  769. Without another word, she apparated away as well. I then realized something. Dublin was were Missy was buried. I guess O'Neal was going to visit her grave. If Harry or Ron kill her, it won't be any skin off my nose. My only regret is that I can't watch. Oh well.
  771. Graveyard outside of Dublin, 8:09 A.M.
  773. (Emily's POV)
  775. I apparated right next to the two graves and walked in front of them. On the right side was me Mum's grave stone, whose inscription read;
  777. Mary Rose McKenzie-O'Neal
  779. 'The Belfast Banshee'
  781. 1775-1980
  783. Mother, Sister, Wife, Banshee
  785. 'I will love and protect my family forever'
  787. She will be dearly missed
  789. If I was near tears by reading that, the next one sent me over the edge. It read;
  791. Christine Mary Callahan
  793. 'Missy'
  795. 1975-2001
  797. Mother, Sister, Devoted Girlfriend and friend to all
  799. 'I'm a Badger in the Snake House'
  801. She will be dearly missed
  803. I took out me wand, casting cleaning and restoring charms on both of the headstones before conjuring several blood red and black roses which I laid at each of their grave stones. They both deserved them. I put me wand away, wiped me eyes dry and said, "I'm sorry I haven't come to visit in a while, Mum. Missy, I'm sorry about not coming to your funeral."
  805. The aching in me heart began and it was all I could do not to burst into tears right then and there. I took a deep breath and said, "Missy, you were my closest friend, the one person that made me feel anything. I loved you even when we were first years in Hogwarts. As the years went by and we grew up, I found myself falling in love with you in many ways. There is no excuse or pardon. I'm responsible for you dying at such a young age. I took away from Kozik a life he could have lived with you and I robbed you of motherhood. You would have made a great mother, Missy. You were so loving, so beautiful...and I killed you."
  807. As the words left me mouth, tears started flowing freely from my eyes. I wept for my best friend and the child that would have grown up to do so many great things. I cried for my mother, who was taken away from me too soon in my life.
  809. My uncontrollable sobs were probably the reason why I didn't notice the SAMDON V.P. standing right behind me with a murderous look on his face.
  811. "How could you?" Harry yelled out.
  813. I turned around to see Harry, Ron and Hermione standing there, with looks of pure shock on their faces. Harry pulled out his wand and aimed it directly at me heart. "Tell me one good reason I shouldn't blast you straight to Hell right now."
  815. Before I could reply with some remark, a voice said, "Harry, I can see how angry you are but you don't have ice in your veins. You're not a murderer. Holster your wand."
  817. Bellatrix, who was standing directly behind Hermione and Ron, had a look of determination on her face. I can't believe it. She's actually standing up for me.
  819. "She killed Missy, Bellatrix! This soulless bitch murdered the woman who saved you. She has it coming." said Harry, not taking his eyes off of me for a minute. "How could you kill Christine Callahan when you proclaimed that you loved her?"
  821. "I understand what you are saying, Harry. Perhaps you're right. In many ways, both she and I deserve death. But if she felt nothing and had no remorse, why would she visit her grave?"
  823. "Bellatrix how can you defend her? She's a freaking Psychopath! She can't feel anything!" yelled Ron. Though I knew he was right, he needs to learn to keep his mouth shut sometimes. "How do we know that she didn't come here in hopes that we wouldn't kill her out of sympathy?"
  825. She looked him square in the eye and whispered, "If I'm not mistaken, you all thought the same about me, Ronald Billius Weasley, so you have nothing to say. I feel remorse for what I did."
  827. Bellatrix walked up to Harry and lowered his wand for him. "Let it go, Harry. You don't have to carry that anger and hate inside you. Don't take the first step to becoming a killer like Emily and I. You are a better person than either of us."
  829. She looked me dead in me teary eyes and asked, "Emily, do you truly feel remorse for what you did to Missy and her child?"
  831. Unseen by anyone, Missy stood behind Harry, looking right at me. I was torn to ribbons inside. All I could do without speaking was nod. One word out of me and I would burst out into more tears. Bellatrix then said to the Trio, "She's suffering enough by her own guilt."
  833. With a glare towards me, Harry holstered his wand and said, "Emily O'Neal, you will live with this for the rest of your life. I won't kill you. Instead, as Vice President of SAMDON, I strip you of your SAMDON privileges. From this moment on, you are no longer an ally or a friend to this charter. I will order every Son in SAMDON to never avenge you in the event of your death or injury, under any circumstance."
  835. Turning around, Harry's face was as hardened as rock while his eyes were fighting tears. "Come on, let's get out of here before I change my mind. We need to get ready for tomorrow."
  837. As Harry and Ron walked back to their Bikes, Hermione and Bellatrix did something I never thought they would. They both pulled me into a bear hug and I started crying on their shoulders. I am going to spend the rest of me life trying to make up for what I did to Missy. I may never be able to, but I will try my hardest to do so.
  839. Chapter 26
  841. Dublin, Ireland, The Mansion, January 23rd, 2017, Outside near the garden
  843. (Normal POV)
  845. Wandering away from the old mansion, Alice Greenwood looked out onto the beautiful rolling hills of Ireland's countryside. In many ways, Alice was extremely relieved to be away from Narcissa Black and her minions. Narcissa had given her surprisingly free reign. As long as she stayed away from the locked doors in the Mansion and did not leave the 10 acres that belonged to her, she was, in many ways, allowed to go wherever she wanted.
  847. Despite everything that had happened to her during her stay, most of which had been caused by Narcissa, she couldn't bring herself to hate her mistress, no matter how twisted, cruel and nonsensical she acted. In many ways, Alice knew, Narcissa acted a lot like her sister, Bellatrix Trager, had acted before she left Voldemort.
  849. As she was picking a bushel of ripe blueberries from one of the many gardens plants, Alice saw a pure white form coming towards her. As it did, she recognized it as a patronus and it's shape was a hare. It seemed to be gesturing for her to follow it.
  851. Alice smiled at it's persistence and said, "Alright. I will follow you."
  853. She followed it through 4 of the many gardens on the grounds to come to a stop near a fountain. Standing directly in front of it was a woman with long, blonde hair and fair skin, dressed in ocean blue robes and clothing.
  855. Alice asked, "Who are you?"
  857. The woman replied, "I'm Luna Lovegood. My father is in St. Mungo's right now. He cries out in pain every day and can't recognize me or my husband. Did you have anything to do with it?"
  859. Alice shook her head and replied, "I had nothing to do with that and I didn't choose to come here. Death Eaters broke into my house and brought me her against my will. If I try to escape, she'll kill me."
  861. Luna pointed to the fountain behind her. "Beneath the waters is where you will find the very thing that your mistress has tried to forget. If there is a chance for Narcissa to redeem herself, it is beneath the water and stones."
  863. Walking toward the seer, Luna looked at her with an indecipherable expression on her face. "Neville is coming and he will draw blood from everyone connected to those responsible for torturing my father. That is the only warning I will give you."
  865. With that being said, Luna apparated away. Alice walked up to the fountain and, after digging through the water and stones inside it, pulled out a waterproof container. She took a seat on the stone wall that prevented the water from freeing itself and, after some prying, opened it.
  867. As she opened it, careful not to drop it into the water, she found 8 different pictures inside, all enchanted to be waterproof. With a deep breath, she started looking through them.
  869. The first picture, obviously taken when Narcissa was still a child, had her, Bellatrix, Andromeda, Sirius, Regulus and their respective parents all together in an obvious group photo. All of them were smiling and laughing, more then likely at an embarrassed moment.
  871. The second picture was of Bellatrix, at her graduation, throwing her hat into the air with the of the class of 1974.
  873. The 3rd, 4th and 5th pictures were of each of the Black Sisters' first days at Hogwarts, each looking extremely nervous.
  875. The 6th contained all 3 of them at Bellatrix's wedding to Rodolphus, along with their families, in an extremely formal fashion.
  877. The 7th had all them, playing together as kids, at their manor in Wales.
  879. The final picture was of Bellatrix fighting with Sirius when they were still kids with Narcissa and Andromeda in the background laughing at the friendly fight.
  881. Looking at the pictures of the people who her Mistress supposedly hated, Alice realized that Narcissa, on some level, still loved her family, which meant there was a chance of redemption for her mistress.
  883. The Hotel, Room 108, 10:00 A.M.
  885. (Emily's POV)
  887. It's been well over an hour since I visited Missy's grave and I still haven't managed to get me tears in check. Instead, I've had to be comforted by a woman who I've never gotten along with in the past and who saved me own life today. If ye were to look at the relationship between me and Bellatrix, you would have never guess that one day she would be comforting me in a hotel room, after convincing someone not to kill me.
  889. But I guess that me tears have gotten better then they first were. But I don't think I could have gotten them down to this level without Bellatrix giving me a shoulder to cry on. Personally, I'm guessing it's one of two reasons, or both. She either truly cares or she wants to make sure I don't try to kill me self.
  891. Out of all of everyone in this group, she seems to be the only one who knows what I'm going through right now. She's the only one, in me own opinion, who knows what it's like to be shadowed by a dark deed and feel like shite for doing it.
  893. I told her through me teary eyes, "I'm sorry, Bellatrix. I really am. Thank ye for doing this, but how can you stand to be around me? After killing one of your best friends and the one who gave you a second chance at life?"
  895. Bellatrix smiled slightly at me question. "If I couldn't stand to be around you because you're a killer, I'd be a hypocrite. We're both killers and, in some ways, crazy. For all of the things we've done, in many ways, we both deserve death or worse. But at least now we both feel remorse for what we did and we're trying to make amends."
  897. I wiped me tears away from me eyes. "Thank ye, Bellatrix."
  899. As we laid there, the door opened and a familiar voice said, "If you two were going to make out, you should've invited me."
  901. We both turned around to see Tig entering the room, carrying his rifle case in hand. As he laid it out on the bed and started to unzip it, he turned to us and I saw that he had a neutral expression on his face. Taking a box of ammo and several magazines out of the rifle case, Tig laid them out on the table and began loading them up.
  903. (Tig's POV)
  905. Even though I know she's probably the most insane person in the entire world, I can't deny that Emily O'Neal making out with my wife would be incredibly hot. But that's not what I'm wondering about right now.
  907. I currently have two things on my dark and disturbed mind right now. The first is loading 120 rounds of 7.62X51 NATO Silver tipped hollow point rounds into 12-10 round magazines for my rifle. The second is why O'Neal needs comforting. From what I've heard about her, she's a freaking psychopath who feels nothing. So why? Is it possible that she feels remorse?
  909. I took a deep breath and asked her, "O'Neal, why are you crying? Do you really feel like shit for killing Missy and her baby?"
  911. She wiped the tears from her eyes and said, "Fuascailt agus Maithiúnas, Tig. It means Redemption and Forgiveness. I'd love to have some form of both. To do that, I need to feel remorse and regret. How can that be possible if I feel nothing?"
  913. As she spoke the words, I knew that she did. Now all I had to do was think of what to say. Don't get me wrong, I still don't like her. But ever since I became a Born Again Heathen, I guess I've been less hateful towards her. I guess now was a good time to let her know exactly how I feel.
  915. I put down the 3 fully loaded magazines on the table, cleared my throat and said, "O'Neal, when I first met you, I didn't think much of it. When I got to know you, I didn't think highly of you. Personally, professionally and in every way you can imagine, I think that you are the most insane, craziest, psychopathic bitch I have ever met in my whole life and I married Bellatrix. You killed the woman who saved my wife's life. You killed an innocent child that wasn't even born yet. You made me hate Kozik for 8 years because of what you did. You broke his heart and robbed him of a family. You made me lose a great friend and for 8 years, I lost my former Prospect's friendship. For all these things, I should empty all these magazines into your scrawny, petite, life-sucking, half-Banshee, Irish ass."
  917. As she absorbed the words and fought to retain control of her bowels and bladder, I sighed. "However, I've been learning to forgive and forget a lot of bad shit that people have done to me over the years. Hell, I forgave my ex wife for cheating on me. While you and I will never be friends, I forgive you."
  919. She seemed to cheer up after I said that, and as she did, she said, "Thank ye, Tig. That means a lot to me."
  921. I then asked, "Are you right in the head enough for tomorrow?"
  923. She replied, "Aye."
  925. I picked up another magazine without another word and started loading it. Tomorrow was going to be bloody. By now, everyone knows that or has the general idea. At the same time, I know that I am going to have a blast. Those 8 years I spent as a Scout Sniper in the United States Marine Corps were the best 8 years of my life.
  927. The Mansion, Ritual Room, 10:05 A.M.
  929. (Normal POV)
  931. Narcissa Black smiled as they prepared the ritual room. Everything would soon be set into motion and Gellert Grindalwald would be brought back to life.
  933. While her servants continued with the preparations, Alice walked into the room, wearing a neutral expression on her face. Finding out what she found out, Alice had to somehow get Narcissa to reconsider her plans. Approaching her mistress, Narcissa asked, "What is it, Alice?"
  935. Alice took a deep breath and asked, "Mistress, what would you do if Grindalwald refuses to share power with you?"
  937. Narcissa replied, "You are in no position to ask such questions. But, if he were to do that, I would kill him."
  939. Alice asked before leaving, "Who would you turn to if things go wrong then, Mistress?"
  941. Narcissa was left in silence as Alice left the room, alone in her own thoughts.
  943. The Hotel, Room 113, 9:00 P.M.
  945. (Hermione's POV)
  947. 'I need to get him out of this state.' I thought to myself as I watched my husband sit on the edge of the bed, staring down at his feet. This was not good at all. Ever since we had left the graveyard, Harry has been more than livid or even mad. He has been royally pissed off. In many ways, I can't really blame him for it. But as the Vice President of the London Charter of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, he has to keep true to the mission we have at hand.
  949. However, his confrontation with Emily O'Neal this morning didn't exactly help him to keep his focus on the mission. It had thrown his perspective off course completely. The repressed rage and grief inside him is going to jeopardize this mission and everyone's life. He hasn't said a word after we got back to the hotel.
  951. I decided now was the time to get him to calm down. I crawled up beside him and wrapped my arms around my husband. I told him, "There was no way you could have known, Harry. There was no way any of us knew the truth."
  953. As I kissed him on the back of his head, I smiled as I felt his hand cover my forearm. As he did, I began thinking about Emily. I know for a fact when I see real remorse in front of me and the half-banshee was the poster girl for feeling it. Yes, I know that I am angry with her about the fact she killed her best friend, but I know at least she feels sadness and remorse.
  955. I then told him, "You are angry and distracted by this. I understand why you feel like that. Right now, you need to concentrate less on Emily O'Neal and concentrate more on what we are going to do when we confront Narcissa again."
  957. He took a deep breath, and said, "Hermione, I trusted…I tolerated her. All of this time, I was working alongside Missy's killer. How do I get past this?"
  959. I told him, "Forgive her. I know she will never be welcomed at the SAMDON clubhouse again. She knows that too, especially after how you cast her out. So, at the very least, you can forgive her."
  961. He sighed and said, "I find it hard to believe that she suddenly feels anything now." Maneuvering myself with the greatest of ease, I straddled his lap, facing Harry. "Hermione, I don't know what I'd be without you."
  963. As I subtly unbuttoned my shirt, I said, "Let's not think of what we would have been without each other." Smiling at how his expression changed upon seeing the cleavage peeking out of my shirt, I kept going forward. "Rather than thinking that, let's give thanks for having each other and I know how we can do that."
  965. After 3 hours of making passionate love, I held him in my arms and asked, "Do you feel better, Harry?"
  967. He replied, "Much better, 'Mione."
  969. I then said, "When this is all over and we get back to Hogwarts, try to talk with Emily without threatening her with death so you can really hear her side of the story."
  971. As I pulled his face to stare directly at my eyes, I said to him, "I know that you loved Christine. I did too. But I know that she would not have wanted you to become a cold blooded killer because of what happened to her."
  973. I held him in my arms as we both shed our tears for Missy until he fell asleep. As I was drifting off myself, I knew that tomorrow was going to be tough. The sit-down discussion with Emily was not going to go smoothly. In the midst of all this madness, I had a feeling that Missy was watching over us in Heaven right now. Without another thought, I drifted into sleep.
  975. Hogwarts, The Great Hall, 9:00 P.M.
  977. (Normal POV)
  979. Natalie entered the now deserted Great Hall in hopes of spending some alone time. At 9:00 A.M. that morning, Hagrid collapsed while working with some of his more unusual creatures and had to be rushed to St. Mungo's. After staying there until he had woken up about an hour ago, Hagrid told Natalie she could go back to Hogwarts.
  981. Upon her return, Natalie took the initiative and carried out several of Hagrid's other day-to-day chores. Having finally completed them, all she wanted to do was think, which was hard to do when Fang Jr. was slobbering all over you.
  983. While she sat down at her former house's empty table, Natalie heard voices coming from behind one of the columns in the Hall. She got up and started walking towards the sound of it. As she neared it, the voices became clearer and more decipherable. There were 4 people hiding there.
  985. Natalie reached the column and walked behind it. Standing there with the Marauders Map in plain sight and open for everyone to read was Alex and Isabelle Trager along Bill and Grace Wallace.
  987. "Hello, kids. It seems you are either out of class or you've lost your way to your Common Rooms. So far, to date, there are no night classes." Looking at the map in their hands, Natalie smiled. "If you couldn't see me coming with that, the lot of you have a lot to learn before you can call yourselves pranksters, much less Marauders. Right now, I'd very much like to know what the 4 of you are doing roaming the halls at this hour."
  989. They all tried to stammer out an answer until she took the map out of their hands. "This looks very much like the infamous Marauder's Map. Let me guess. You 4 are the ones who've been pranking members of my old house. Am I right?"
  991. Isabelle was the one who finally said, "Yes, Ms. Largen. Please don't turn us in."
  993. "I was never a stool pigeon when I was a student in the house of Hufflepuff. I'm not going to start today with you guys on one condition. You let me come with you on your adventures. That includes the one you 4 appear to be planning right now."
  995. Alex replied, "Sure. I guess you can."
  997. Bill then said, "Right now, we were about to head over to the Room of Requirement. Scorpius, Albus, James, Lilly, and Amos are there and they wanted to show us something that would be able to help us prank more people more effectively."
  999. Without warning, Natalie pulled them all into a huddle and spoke kindly, "If I hear that any of you Marauders harmed a Hufflepuff or made any of them cry as a result of one of your pranks, I will take all 9 of you, tie you together to the highest tower of Hogwarts and leave you up there as a time out for you to think about what you've done. Understand?"
  1001. "Yes, Ms. Largen." They chorused together before she released them. Though she hid it, Natalie was surprisingly strong.
  1003. "I hope none of you are afraid of heights." She spoke softly, though her words were effective in scaring them. "Oh, by the way, if you are going to read that map, don't do so where anyone who walks by can see it. If you all want to be proper Marauders, it involves not letting others know what you are up to."
  1005. The Hotel, Dublin, Ireland, January 24th, 2017, 10:00 A.M., Room 109
  1007. (Emily's POV)
  1009. As Tig and Bellatrix entered into the room, joining Bill Weasley, Ron, Bill Wallace Sr., Ted, Andromeda, Tonks and me self, I smiled at their disposition. Both of their hair styles seemed to wilder then they usually were. Bill Sr. said, "Good job, Tig. I lost count of how many times Bellatrix screamed out in pleasure last night after the 1st hour."
  1011. Tig said nothing as he flipped Bill Sr. the finger. I smiled at that. Even though they were both now in their 70s, I can't believe how loud they can be in bed.
  1013. Before I could comment on that, Harry, Hermione and Neville walked into the room, each wearing a determined look on their faces. As they laid the plans out on the bed, we all gathered around to listen. Harry was the one who spoke. "Listen up, everyone. We all had a rough day yesterday. Regardless, we have to focus on this mission. We're going to go over it one last time before we head out at dusk. Before we do this or even leave this hotel, are you all focused on this assignment?"
  1015. As we all nodded our heads, he continued, "Tig, you're going to be a 1000 yards away from the mansion as our Sniper and look out. Ron, Ted and the Bill Ws, you guys are the frontal assault. Your job is take out any enemies that Tig might miss. Right before the moon comes up, Bill and Ted, you guys take your potions."
  1017. Harry then turned to me, Andromeda, Tonks, Bellatrix, Minerva, Neville and Hermione. He said, "That leaves the rest of us. We're going to be the ones who enter the mansion. Our job will be to arrest or kill anyone in there."
  1019. Tonks then commented, "If it is possible, I'll be the one who makes the arrest of Narcissa."
  1021. Harry then asked, "Any questions?"
  1023. When no one said anything, we all went to polish our respective weapons and think about how we were going to do this. Personally, I'm going to thoroughly enjoy me self. Though I feel remorse for killing Missy, I'm still a sadist at heart.
  1025. Knowing that these restructured Death Eaters are going to kill on sight, I won't have to worry about the Unbreakable Vow stopping me from killing them.
  1027. 15 minutes before Dusk, Room 109
  1029. (Normal POV)
  1031. As they all gathered their respective weapons, Tig called everyone's attention. "Hey guys, can I have a minute?"
  1033. Gathering around him in a circle, Tig said, "Bow with me."
  1035. With hands held and heads bowed, Tig bowed his head and prayed, "Dear Father in Heaven, please guide us through this day. Please help us to overcome our enemies and bring us home safely."
  1037. They all ended in chorus, "Amen."
  1039. Without another word spoken and looks of pure determination on every face, they apparated away from the hotel, ready to face whatever came their way.
  1041. Chapter 27
  1043. Dublin, Ireland, 1000 yards away from the Mansion, 7:00 P.M.
  1045. (Tig's POV)
  1047. I checked my breath as I peered through the 10 power Telescopic Night vision sight fitted onto my rifle. It was a standard Sniper Scope used even today by the United States Military, thus it's one of my favorites. Enough with the nostalgic walk down Memory Lane.
  1049. Currently, I'm laying chest flat on a hill in an enchanted Sniper suit with the most deadly weapon a Marine Scout Sniper could have, staring down on a field full of enemies surrounding a Mansion, trying to decide which one would die first.
  1051. In front of the Mansion, there were about 50 guards, some of which, I guess, were Werewolves. I currently have a fully loaded 10 round magazine in my rifle with a round already chambered. Considering that Harry made it so they won't hear my gunshots, I could stay here in this position all night, knocking their earlobes and heads off.
  1053. After 3 minutes of waiting so I could get a good picture of who I needed to shoot first, I chose a target, flipped off the safety, aimed for his head, took a deep breath, exhaled, took another one, and before I exhaled, I squeezed the trigger.
  1055. 1 second later, the target's head exploded in a cloud of mist and his lifeless body dropped to the ground. Without taking any time to gloat over the kill, I racked the bolt and repeated it with another poor bastard.
  1057. As I racked the bolt once again, chambering the 2nd round in the magazine, I smiled to my self. It was all coming back to me. In my mind, I was the young Scout Sniper I was from long ago.
  1059. Knocking off each sentry, I rendered them without any lookouts. By the time they wisened up, it would be too late for them to defend themselves, much less retreat.
  1061. In this moment, I guess my Drill Instructor in Scout Sniper school was right all along. Being a sniper was a lot like riding a bike. You never forget how. I almost feel sorry for those poor bastards. Then again, Payback is a Medevac.
  1063. Suddenly, the buzz in my ear that was the headpiece asked, "Tig, how's it looking?"
  1065. I pressed the button to reply and said, "11 dirt bags down. 39 left breathing. If you guys want any of this action, I suggest you get moving."
  1067. Without another word, I saw the Frontal assault team moving forward. I smiled as I reloaded my rifle with another mag, and as soon as I had, I popped another head off. If only my Drill Instructor could see me now. He'd be proud.
  1069. (Normal POV)
  1071. "Come an' get it, ye Mongrels!" declared Bill Sr. as he rose an army of skeletons and sent them forward to confront the enemies.
  1073. All four of them started attacking the remaining guards in full force, sparing none of them. As Bill Weasley was having a ball unloading upon them with his Handheld M134, Ted and Ron were casting killing curses left and right, falling many of them.
  1075. Of the frontal assault's weapons, Bill Weasley's M134 minigun was cutting right through the ranks, spilling out hundreds of spent shell casings without any delay while Bill Wallace used both his Claymore, firearms and undead minions to fight off those that stood in front of him.
  1077. "Firestorm at 1 o'clock!" Ron called out.
  1079. Faster and with more speed than most with such a high powered machine gun, Bill took aim and started blasting down Werewolves perched up on the balcony and ramparts of the Mansion. The thick blocks of cement did nothing to drive back the charge of Bill Weasley's heavily enchanted, armor and concrete piercing ammunition. Whatever didn't hit them turned into explosive rounds upon impact, thus killing them with the debris and shockwaves emitted from the blast.
  1081. After slicing through another guard, Bill Wallace tossed Ron a loaded RPG-7 Grenade Launcher. Aiming at the front door, Ron yelled, "Open Sesame" before firing straight at the door, blasting it open and killing several guards anywhere close to the explosion.
  1083. "Harry, we'll cover ya. Go get 'em."
  1085. Just as it seemed to turn in their favor, the full moon came out from the clouds. Before they could turn into the blood thirsty monsters they were destined to be for the rest of their lives, Bill Weasley and Ted Tonks took their Wolfsbane Potions, thus allowing them to keep their minds.
  1087. Of course, it didn't prevent them from transforming into Werewolves nor did it make the transformation any less painful. As Harry and his team entered into the Mansion, a cold voice said, "Well, well. What have we 'ere?"
  1089. Both of them turned around to see Fenrir Greyback, in all of his horridness, standing behind them. Even as a Werewolf, he was able to talk.
  1091. Bill growled furiously before he and Ted attacked the older werewolf. The 2 on 1 fight progressed for a while until another Werewolf joined into the fray, separating Ted from the fight, thus leaving Bill alone to face Greyback while Ted dealt with the other.
  1093. Ted saw a moment when the creature got distracted, and took advantage of it fully by sinking his teeth into it's jugular vein and ripping it's throat out.
  1095. As it's claws went to it's throat in an attempt to stop the bleeding, a 7.62X51 silver bullet flew through it's head. Headless and bleeding profusely, the werewolf's lifeless body fell to the ground.
  1097. Meanwhile, as Bill and Greyback fought tooth and nail, Greyback looked at his opponent with awe, respecting his ferocity. They were both bloodied and beaten yet they still stood upright against each other. "You put up a bloody good fight, Weasley, I'll give ya that, even if you are a Blood Traitor."
  1099. Bill replied, "You are going to die tonight, Greyback, and I'm going to watch it happen."
  1101. Greyback replied, "You can't kill me."
  1103. Bill replied, "Who said anything about me killing you?"
  1105. The last sensation that went through his head was pure fear as Tig's Silver Bullet passed through his heart. Dropping to his knees, Greyback dropped to the ground, dead before his face hit the dirt.
  1107. As Greyback dropped lifelessly to the ground, Bill Sr. spoke into his headset, "Do we got any other Dirt bags, Tig?"
  1109. "None that I can see. So far, we're all good out here. Harry, how are you guys fairing?"
  1111. "Good Tig. We've just starting searching."
  1113. The Ritual Room, 8:30 P.M.
  1115. (Normal POV)
  1117. Narcissa smiled as Snape lay bound to one of the two ritual tables in the center of the room. The entire room itself was covered in ancient runes, symbols and other requisites necessary for the ritual to work. On the table next to Snape were the remains of Gellert Grindalwald.
  1119. The ritual about to be performed, known as Novum vitae, was created to bring a long deceased person back to life. As a result, the one brought back from beyond the grave would not be bound by death or anything usually reserved as a fail safe for such rituals.
  1121. However, there were two catches that made the ritual all the more difficult.
  1123. First and foremost, it required the Resurrection Stone. Second, it required that a person willing sacrifice their physical being, life and soul for it to work.
  1125. Fortunately for her, she had both. Snape had specifically asked to do this, in order to insure that Grindelwald, and their chance of ridding the magical world of those who weren't pureblood, rose without a problem.
  1127. Moments before the ritual could commence, Alice Greenwood entered the ritual room, walking straight to her Mistress with a look of determination on her face. "Mistress, when he returns and takes up his old ways again, will you finally be content? Would this make you happy?"
  1129. Narcissa replied, "Yes, my simple-minded seer. Though as of now, Alice Greenwood, your services are no longer required. You are dismissed. Do as you will for I could not care less about what becomes of you."
  1131. Before Alice took her leave, she told Narcissa, "You have made your decision. Whatever happens, know that you can not pin any of the blame on me or anyone other than yourself."
  1133. Without another word, Alice Greenwood disappeared.
  1135. Narcissa turned to Snape with an expressionless face. "Severus, you have been a loyal and faithful servant. Your sacrifice will be remembered."
  1137. "Yes, Mistress." said Snape.
  1139. 'Oh, Severus, how far have you fallen?' A voice hauntingly familiar chimed in his ear. Snape turned to see the spirit of Lily Evans standing to his side. 'It is a shame that you turned out the way you did. In this final act, you have proven why James Potter was and is, in many ways, more of a man than you. To think that once upon a time, I thought of you as a friend.'
  1141. That was the last voice he heard before the words, "Avada Kedavra" reverberated in his eardrums and a green light flashed into his eyes.
  1143. Once the killing curse was cast upon Snape, instantly snatching the life out of him, Narcissa took her wand in one hand and the Resurrection Stone in the other. Having turned it three times, Narcissa aimed her wand at it and said, "Novum vitae."
  1145. Darkness enveloped the two bodies while the ancient runes that lined the entire room began moving into the abyss before it faded and enveloped a single figure.
  1147. Gellert Grindelwald was reincarnated and reborn.
  1149. Rising from the table, feeling his new body, Grindalwald took a deep breath of air and asked in a cold voice, "Who are you?"
  1151. Narcissa smiled proudly at her success, confident that she had all the means to launch a hostile takeover of the Ministry of Magic. "I am your Mistress, Narcissa Black."
  1153. "Where is my wand?" Grindalwald asked in a tone that did not betray his emotions or thoughts.
  1155. With a snap of her fingers, Narcissa summoned one of her minions forward. In the subordinate's hands was Gellert Grindelwald's 15" wand.
  1157. Grindelwald took his old wand in his hands, caressed it lovely for he had not held one in years. He stood up regally. Looking to the woman before him, he spoke, "Thank you, Narcissa Black, for such services rendered to bring about my resurrection. However, I currently find myself in no further need of your services or your company."
  1159. Hallway, 5 minutes earlier
  1161. (Emily's POV)
  1163. I let out the most powerful Banshee Scream I had in me, felling the final enemy before me while Harry, Tonks and Neville dueled another man out of range of the scream. Before I could gloat over the victory, a voice behind me yelled, "Avada Kedavra!"
  1165. Quickly turning transparent, the killing curse past through me. I whipped around to see Walden McNair, the last of the original Death Eaters that Voldemort first recruited, standing before me.
  1167. "'ello, McNair. Remember me?"
  1169. As horror struck his face as he realized who he had just tried to kill, I whipped me wand around and said, "Sectumsempra."
  1171. Before McNair could attempt to block it, the Dark Cutting curse delivered a long, deep and jagged gash from his groin to his shoulders and cut his throat from ear to ear.
  1173. As blood gushed from his wounds, some droplets caught me in me robes and face. I smiled as I took one of my fingers and used it to wipe some of the blood from me face and licked it. I've always had a thing for the taste of it. I'm no vampire by any means, but there's something about the iron taste in the blood of me victims that I've always loved. The half-banshee part of me also helped protect me from all blood-born diseases and illnesses.
  1175. Before I could savor my victory, a voice yelled out, "Sectumsempra!"
  1177. I became transparent quick enough to evade a painful death. Before I could retaliate, Bellatrix yelled out, "Stupefy!", knocking the man out instantly.
  1179. "Thank ye, Bellatrix."
  1181. Before she could say anything, Andromeda yelled out, "Get down!"
  1183. We ducked just in time to dodge a Killing curse sent our way. As we hit the floor, Andromeda yelled out, "Avada Kedavra!" causing the man to drop dead right where he stood. Bellatrix looked at her sister in surprise. "Didn't know you had it in ya, Andy."
  1185. "You never asked, Bella." replied Andromeda with a smile.
  1187. As we all stopped to catch our breath, I looked at Andromeda Black-Tonks with new found respect. When I researched her for Voldemort to make a profile of her and possible enemies of his, I never imagined that she would be capable in any way to perform an Unforgivable Curse. The fact that she was able to do such an act successfully was unnerving.
  1189. Catching our breath, I turned to my fellow comrades and said to them, "I hate to stop this break, but we need to get going."
  1191. Without another word, we walked over to the door at the end of the hallway, which was made completely out of steel and appeared to have numerous runes covering it. Bellatrix tried the direct approach, attempting to pry it open with a crowbar she conjured but it melted upon contact.
  1193. Hermione raised her wand and said, "Stand back, everyone."
  1195. Taking several steps back from the dueling prodigy, Hermione waved her wand and yelled, "BOMBARDA!" completely destroying the door.
  1197. Stepping over the broken remains of the door, we were not in longer than a few moments before we heard a loud CRACK of someone dissapparating.
  1199. Walking further into the room, it soon became evident that a massacre occurred here. 3 servants lay dead on the floor, their throats slit from ear to ear. Gravely assessing the devastation, we walked closer to one of the tables and found something none of us ever expected.
  1201. Lying on the table, next to her abandoned wand, was a terribly wounded Narcissa Black. Bellatrix and Andromeda rushed over, obviously caring somewhat for their estranged sister.
  1203. "She's still breathing but she needs medical attention right now." Bellatrix said as she and Andromeda took Narcissa into their arms.
  1205. While Hermione pocketed the wand, Tonks conjured some enchanted shackles and placed them around Narcissa's wrists.
  1207. Once her mending is completed in the prison ward at St. Mungo's, Narcissa is probably going to get a one-way pass to the wizard's Hell on Earth known as Azkaban. If I were capable of emotions or empathy, I'd probably be worried for her.
  1209. Oh, well.
  1211. Without another word, I reached to me ear and said, "We've got her. Let's go home."
  1213. As we exited the building and met up with the others, we grabbed one another's hands and apparated back to the hotel to check out. After gathering our personnel effects, Tonks, along with Andromeda and Bellatrix, went to St. Mungo's while the others went back to the SAMDON Clubhouse.
  1215. As for me self, I apparated to the Headmistresses office. Upon arrival, Luna was there to greet me. "Hello, Emily. How did it go?"
  1217. I turned to the odd girl and replied, "We finally got her. Narcissa is going to spend the rest of her life in Azkaban. If that is all, I'm going to bed."
  1219. While I left Luna's office to go to bed, I had the feeling that she knew that I had visited Me Mum and Missy's graves. Though I may be strange and unusual, I will never understand Luna Lovegood. She's just weird.
  1221. When I entered me office, where my cats enthusiastically embraced me as only they could, I began wondering about how we caught Narcissa. Though I'm glad she was caught, I can't help but wonder who put her in that state? Who was powerful enough to defeat her?
  1223. Why do I have a feeling that the real fight is yet to come?
  1225. Whatever it may be and whoever managed to overwhelm Narcissa Black not withstanding, at least now we can all sleep peacefully at night.
  1227. Room of Requirement, 9:00 P.M.
  1229. (Isabelle's POV)
  1231. As we gathered into that marvelous room of pranks, I asked my brother, "So what exactly do you have in mind for this major prank you've told us about, Alex?"
  1233. "Come Wednesday morning, during breakfast, a hundred thousand howlers will arrive at Hogwarts and sing 'Who Let The Dogs Out' in the midst of an indoor rainstorm inside the Great Hall. It's going to be epic or very funny. Either way, it's going to get a lot of attention."
  1235. While we continued to work out the details of how we were going to pull it off, I looked over at Scorpius. He seemed to be having more fun then he ever had in his entire life. I'm glad that he joined us Marauders. For a Malfoy, he's much different than what we thought he was going to be.
  1237. I then began thinking about the prank that was coming up on Wednesday. If Professor McGonagall ever found out, we would most likely be expelled. But fortunately, we made it so that no one would find out who did it.
  1239. My mind also went to our upcoming confrontation with Professor O'Neal tomorrow. With any luck, our questions about this 'Missy' woman would be answered.
  1241. "Remember that discretion is key for this to work." Natalie said, looking them over. "While receiving credit is good, it can also get you in detention or expelled. Also, do not go wandering around with the Marauders Map where everyone can see it. Trust me, if you can get through the first year without going to detention for a prank, then you have a shot at being called a Marauder."
  1243. "Ms. Largen, is it true?"
  1245. "Is what true?"
  1247. "Is Hagrid sick?"
  1249. "Hagrid is not the young man he was anymore. He's grown old. I came back to Hogwarts to assist him and to learn from him. When he decides to retire, I'll be able to fill in for him."
  1251. "How can you do what he does? I have seen the size of the creatures he usually works with." Scorpius asked, curious as we all were about the former Hufflepuff witch.
  1253. "I'm sure I can grow into the role very well." Natalie said as she started growing bigger and bigger before their eyes until she was 20ft tall with muscles all over her body.
  1255. "My father was a giant and my mother was an Amazon. I'm a half-blood." Natalie said, flexing her muscles while showing off to us.
  1257. Returning to her 5'11" height, Natalie smiled at our dumbfounded expressions.
  1259. "I love doing that." Natalie left the Room of Requirement and walked back to Hagrid's Hut.
  1261. Chapter 28
  1263. January 24th, 2017, St. Mungo's Hospital, Prison Ward, Narcissa's room, 7:00 A.M.
  1265. (Normal POV)
  1267. Alice Greenwood stared at Narcissa's unconscious form while holding the 8 pictures close to her body. She had a vision in which her former mistress was admitted into St. Mungo's the previous day. She didn't know why, but the young seer had felt the need to give the pictures to their proper owner.
  1269. Alice remembered in detail all the terrible things Narcissa did to her, many of which no normal person would or could ever be able to stomach. Some of the things Narcissa had done to her were so terrible that she had nightmares about them. In spite of those acts committed against her, for whatever reason it might be, Alice couldn't bring herself to hate her former Mistress.
  1271. Before she could take her leave, Alice saw Narcissa moving slightly. As her former Mistress awoke, Alice walked up to her. Narcissa asked weakly, "What are you doing here, Alice?"
  1273. "I know that you kept pictures of you and your sisters from your childhood and youths even when you claimed to hate them. At the very least, I believe that you should have them." said Alice, before placing the 8 pictures into her former Mistress's hands. "They are your memories, both the good and the bad, thus I have no place to claim these as my own."
  1275. Without another word, she apparated away, leaving Narcissa with the pictures. As she did, Narcissa looked down at her photos.
  1277. (Narcissa's POV)
  1279. For all the things I know, I can not fathom why that Seer chose to leave me these pictures. Come to think of it, how in blazes did she find them? I hid those so that no person alive would be able to find them!
  1281. Considering all I have done, I deserve no less than Azkaban. They would never allow me to leave. Not while I'm alive. I am comforted at the very least by the fact that I would not receive the Dementor's Kiss. Then again, if I had made a Horcrux, that would have made it inevitable.
  1283. Amidst all these things I know of to be certain, the one thing that eludes me is how that Greenwood witch showed no outward hatred or projected any violence towards me even after all that I did against her and to her.
  1285. Why does she not hate me? Why would she leave me with these fond memories? Does she believe that, deep down, I still love my sisters? Even if they are Blood Traitors?
  1287. For all that has happened between us, I still care about them, even if they disgraced the Black Family name. There are times when I wish we could get along like when we were children.
  1289. Rubbish! That's neither here nor there.
  1291. Regardless of whatever nostalgic emotions might be in me, it does not change the fact that Gellert Grindelwald betrayed me. I just succeeded in resurrecting one of the most nefarious Dark Lords the Wizarding World has ever known.
  1293. If I ever get my hands on him, I will make him pay.
  1295. While I plotted and imagined the thousand and one ways to exact my vengeance upon him, I could not help but realize how close to death I was. Would anyone have shown up to my funeral? Would Draco even bother to lay flowers at his mother's grave? Would Bella and Andy be there to bid me farewell?
  1297. When facing death, one does tend to reflect on one's life, the right and wrong of it all.
  1299. Do I feel the same way about Mudbloods? Yes. Half-Bloods? Absolutely.
  1301. Do I feel the urge to kill them? It is in this moment that killing Mudbloods and Half-Bloods lost its gleam. The shine is off the proverbial apple and I'm left filled with regret.
  1303. What happened to me? Where did we fall apart from each other? Why can't I go back to when Bella, Andy and I were sisters again?
  1305. If I ever get out of Azkaban, I will make amends between myself, my sisters and even my son, that is if any of them would allow me the chance to try.
  1307. The Snake's Head Inn, Knockturn Alley, 8:00 A.M.
  1309. (Normal POV)
  1311. If you were to ask Victor Korbut, a 6'2" former Azkaban convict, what one of the greatest pleasures he ever had in his life was, he would respond, 'Aside from looking in a mirror and gazing at my reflection, drinking a good cup of Hot Coco.'
  1313. That was his beverage of choice at the moment along with a full English Breakfast right now as he sat at his normal booth at the Snake's Head Inn.
  1315. The Snake's Head Inn was a tavern that had been around since Knockturn Alley was founded. It was the kind of place where you never turned you never turned your back on someone and where you could find almost any contact, legal or otherwise. Victor Korbut blended right in with the assortment of dark, deceptive, diabolical, devious, cunning, crafty, scheming and shady characters that frequented the establishment.
  1317. He was, in laymen's terms, a classic Narcissistic Psychopath. A former student of Drumstrang and a Dueling Prodigy, Korbut served 15 years inside of Azkaban for Rape and Robbery. Though they allowed him to retain his wand upon release, Korbut felt no remorse for what he had done and often felt the urge to do so even more. On more than one occasion, he did just that.
  1319. As he rubbed the tradition Prison Tattoo on his neck, number 20-13-18, he sipped his cup of Hot Chocolate and smiled. To him, life was good.
  1321. Before he could begin his breakfast, a man sat down across from him in his booth. He was dressed in Dark Robes and seemed to project evil off of himself.
  1323. Victor asked in a noticeable Russian accent, "Who might you be and why are you interrupting my breakfast?"
  1325. The man said in a cold voice, "You are Victor Korbut. Serial rapist and thief. As deplorable as those two crimes may be, I'm told you are a self proclaimed Hitman and Mass Murderer as well. Currently, you are unemployed. Is this correct?"
  1327. Victor smiled before placing his wand in front of him on the table and saying, "You have done your homework on me. However, if you do not tell me who you are and why you are keeping me from enjoying my breakfast in the next 10 seconds, I will kill you and take the money from your pockets to pay the bill for my breakfast, which I will continue to eat while your corpse rots away. It'll help to keep the flies off my food, so it will be killing two birds with one curse."
  1329. If Victor could see underneath the man's cloak, he would have seen the sadistic, toothy grin. With an extended hand, the stranger introduced himself. "I am Gellert Grindelwald. I assume that you know what I did and who I was. How would you like to work for me?"
  1331. Victor smiled and said, "How would you like to take a flying leap off a nearby cliff? Gellert Grindelwald was killed in 1997 by Lord Voldemort. There's no shortage of folks around here trying to pass themselves off as a long dead Dark Lord. Now you only have 5 seconds before I turn you into an all-you-can-eat buffet for maggots."
  1333. Grindelwald then took off his cloak and asked, "Believe me now?"
  1335. Victor was more than taken aback at how the second most powerful Dark Lord in recorded history was sitting right across from him. "Yes I do. Now, as desperate as I am for employment, what's in it for me if I choose to work for you?"
  1337. Grindelwald wove his wand and a big bag of Galleons appeared before him. He said, "100,000 Galleons as a start. If you choose to accept my offer, this is pocket change in comparison to the wealth you will earn under my command. In addition to that rather tidy pay, if you prove yourself effective, I shall appoint you as my second in command."
  1339. Victor looked at the bag and back to Grindelwald. He asked, "What is my first duty, Master?"
  1341. Grindelwald produced a photo from his cloak and laid it in front of Victor. He said, "Your duty is to defeat this person. Do not kill, only wound. If you are to serve me, I wish to see firsthand your proficiency as a duelist."
  1343. Victor picked the photo up and tucked it into his coat pocket. "Consider it done."
  1345. SAMDON Clubhouse, 10:00 A.M.
  1347. (Normal POV)
  1349. "Hey, Prospects!" yelled Bill Sr. as he worked on his Harley. Once Neville and Bill Weasley came over to assist the Sgt. At Arms, Bill Sr. said, "Got some work for ya. Bill, you're mopping the driveway in front of the clubhouse with a mop and a bucket of water. No magic allowed. It looks horrible."
  1351. He handed Bill the Mop and Bucket. "Get to work."
  1353. While Bill Weasley walked off to get started on his task, Bill Sr. turned to Neville with an unreadable expression. "You afraid of heights, Prospect?"
  1355. Neville nodded yes. Bill smiled wickedly before producing a frayed toothbrush from his pocket. "Good. You're mopping the roof of the Clubhouse. I want that roof so clean that I can eat off it. In fact, schedule my lunch to be delivered up there at noon. While you're up there, you're also going to be cleaning the ventilation pipes with this toothbrush."
  1357. Looking at the frayed toothbrush, Neville asked, "Sir, why is it frayed?"
  1359. Bill looked the young Prospect in the eye and spoke without breaking his tone or breaking into a laughing fit. "I took it off an insolent Prospect who doesn't need it anymore. He choked on all 32 of his teeth. Now get to work."
  1361. As the two Prospects scurried to complete their assignments, Bill turned around to see Ted and Tonks standing before him. "Hey Sasquatch. Sasquatch Jr.."
  1363. Ted smiled at Bill's usage of his nickname on his daughter. "Hey Bill. I heard that you had something for my Daughter."
  1365. Bill nodded and motioned for them to follow him. As they walked across the driveway, they came to a tarp covered object. He said, "Sasquatch Jr., I heard you just got your Motorcycle license. Is this right?"
  1367. "Yes, I did. All I need right now to go with this newly acquired license is a proper motorcycle." Tonks said before Bill Sr. pulled the tarp off, revealing a Harley Davidson Cross Bones Softail with a customized seat for the driver and a passenger along with blacked out beach bars and comfort grips on the handles to absorb all the vibrations from the engine. On the gas tank was a portrait of Tonks' family, excluding Narcissa and including Harry, representing him as the Head of the Black Family.
  1369. "Wish granted and congratulations, Tonks. Take a look at your first Harley. Your father and I worked together in order to customize it just for you."
  1371. Tonks gasped at the gift, jumped in excitement and hugged the SAMDON Sgt. At Arms and the England Nomad President. "Bill, Dad, thank you both so much. It looks great. I don't know what to say."
  1373. Bill then handed her the keys, biker goggles and a helmet. "How about we go for a ride to properly christen your new bike?"
  1375. Without another word, they mounted their respective vehicles and rode out of the lot.
  1377. Room of Requirement, 6:00 P.M.
  1379. (Normal POV)
  1381. "Right there, 'Mione." moaned Harry as Hermione massaged his back. Ever since they got back from Dublin, Harry's back had been killing him. Quinn joked that until he reached his age, he wouldn't know the true meaning of a back ache, but Harry had thought otherwise.
  1383. Finally, a few minutes ago, Hermione had dragged Harry to the Room of Requirement where she started to give him the back rub and massage of his life.
  1385. So far, it was working considerably.
  1387. Rubbing the tense muscles underneath her palms and fingers, Hermione smiled as she looked at the Reaper insignia tattooed on her husband's back along with the iconic top and bottom rockers.
  1389. "Hermione, I don't know what I'd do without ya." said Harry as Hermione continued rubbing his back. As she did, Hermione joked, "You would probably be getting this massage from Danny or Tig right now."
  1391. Harry shuddered at that thought. The last person who they had given a massage to, aside from their Ol' Ladies, wound up in the Hospital. "Good point. How's Hagrid?"
  1393. "He got out of St. Mungo's yesterday. Also, he and Natalie finally hooked up."
  1395. Harry thought about that for a moment. "That's good. Hagrid's done a lot for Hogwarts. He deserves to be happy and Natalie might just be the one to do that for him."
  1397. "It helps that she's half giant and half Amazon." Hermione said. As the massage went on and Harry's physical stress began to fade away, Hermione asked, "When do you want to ask Emily for her side of the story?"
  1399. Harry let out a sigh at her request. He had been trying to avoid bringing her up in a conversation. "Tomorrow, Hermione. Right now, I just want to enjoy the moment with you."
  1401. As they continued, Harry thought of something. "Do you know how Emily can get Omens of Death or whatever she calls them?"
  1403. Hermione knew instantly where he was going with his question. Turning him around so she was straddling his lap, Hermione looked Harry eye to eye as he raised himself into a seated position. "No, Harry. We are not going to ask her if she's had one for Hagrid. You would be heartbroken if she did and you know it."
  1405. Harry's face fell at her statement. It was true and he knew it. If Emily O'Neal had an Omen of Death and they forced her to tell them about it, they would be heartbroken.
  1407. Hermione wrapped her arms around him as Harry's face landed in the space between her shoulder and neck. For a long time, Hermione held her husband in her arms. "Harry, what can I do to bring a smile back to your face?"
  1409. Pulling his face out from the nook of her neck, Harry looked his wife over and smiled as she stripped all her clothes until Hermione was naked on his lap.
  1411. "I think it's time for me to get a massage, Mr. Vice President." Hermione said before Harry buried his face between her large breasts. "On second thought, you're going to give me a lot more than just a rub down."
  1413. Once both of them stripped each other of all their clothes, the massage quickly led to an all out shagfest.
  1415. Emily's Office, 8:00 P.M.
  1417. (Emily's POV)
  1419. I sipped the fresh can of Guinness while staring at an old photo of me self and Missy at Graduation. It was taken in 1994 as we threw our hats into the air. It was a few days before I started down the road to becoming the Cold Blooded Killer I was and, in some ways, still am today.
  1421. Looking back now, I wish I never let out that Banshee Wail in 2001. I wish that I could go back in time and fix it. Do right by me self and by her. I wonder what her son or daughter would have been? Would I be teaching him or her today if they had lived?
  1423. As I pondered this, someone knocked on me door. I looked up and placed me wand on me desk. I know it seems paranoid, but sometimes ye can't be too careful. I said, "Ye may enter."
  1425. As the door opened, I was surprised to see Alex and Isabelle Trager, Bill Wallace Jr., Scorpius Malfoy, and Amos Longbottom standing there. Though I gave them my blessings to be pranksters, what could they want from me at this hour?
  1427. I asked, "Ye all are up and about late. What's on your minds?"
  1429. Alex was the one who got the courage to speak up and he asked, "Professor O'Neal, do you remember that time when me and Bill found your Pensieve?"
  1431. I suddenly realized where they were going with this, but decided to play it cool. I replied, "Aye. What about it? Did one of me memories traumatize ye for the rest of your life?"
  1433. Alex said, "No ma'am, we were wondering if you could tell us who Christine Callahan was?"
  1435. As the words left his mouth, a proverbial chill went down me spine and me heart skipped a beat. Why did they have to ask about her? I put down me can and asked, "How did you learn about that name?"
  1437. Bill said, "We heard the name while we were in your memories. We know that you and her used to be good friends. We wanted to know what you thought about her."
  1439. I leaned back in me chair and began thinking about how I would answer their question. I suppose they have a right to know how wonderful a person Missy was. But how much would I tell them? I finally replied, "I guess it couldn't hurt to tell ye all about who she was."
  1441. I then picked up me wand and walked over to the Pensieve. After extracting several memories, I motioned for them to come over. "Let me take ye all back to our days in Hogwarts."
  1443. Entrance to Hogsmeade, 1990
  1445. (Normal POV)
  1447. They landed next to a much younger Professor O'Neal and Missy, in line with many other students, at the entrance to Hogsmeade. A much younger Filch yelled out, "All those with Permission Forms, come with me! Those without, stay here!"
  1449. As they followed Filch, Missy said to Emily, "I can't believe we're finally going to Hogsmeade, Emily!"
  1451. Emily replied, "Whatever. I guess so."
  1453. Missy hugged Emily and put her arm around her shoulder. "Cheer up, Em! Come on, I'll show ye the sights and once we are sorted, we'll paint the town red, you and I."
  1455. The Slytherin Girls Dormitories, 1990
  1457. (Normal POV)
  1459. They exited the previous memory and landed in the Slytherin Girls Dormitories. They saw Emily sick in bed while Missy brought her some soup. They could tell by their ages that it was a few days after the previous one.
  1461. "Missy, I don't know how ye ever talked me into going to Hogsmeade. 'ell, I don't know why you talked me into wrestling in the snow!" said Emily before letting out a big sneeze.
  1463. "Ye wanted to see what fun was. I showed you just that. A slight head cold is a small price to pay for playing in the snow. Now come and eat this soup." said Missy as she helped Emily drink her soup. After she had finished the bowl, Emily told her, "Thank ye, Missy. It was good."
  1465. "I also got you something else, Em. Got it from Flitch's office." said Missy as she pulled out a flask of Jameson's Irish Whiskey and two glasses.
  1467. "Me first shot o' whiskey?"
  1469. "Not just any whiskey. It's Irish whiskey, straight from the Emerald Isle to our throats." Missy said as she kissed Emily's forehead. "Never knew Flitch would have this in his cabinet."
  1471. With their glasses filled with whiskey, Emily and Missy raised them in a toast. "May our friendship always be as good as the Irish whiskey we share today. Sláinte, Emily."
  1473. "Sláinte, Missy." Emily said as they both proceeded to drench their throats with whiskey.
  1475. The Great Hall, 1991
  1477. (Normal POV)
  1479. They landed from the Dormitories to the Great Hall, sitting next to Emily and Missy at the Slytherin Table. It was obvious to them that this was the First Feast of the Year and they were about to sort the students.
  1481. "Ye see those three kids, Missy? I bet ya 3 galleons that the one with the black hair is Slytherin, the bushy haired one is Ravenclaw and the redhead is Gryffindor." said Emily, looking at the Trio.
  1483. Missy smiled at her friend's betting and decided to raise the stakes, "I'll raise ye 5 that all three go straight to Gryffindor."
  1485. "Ye are on." said Emily as they watched the Golden Trio get sorted. As all three of them went to the Gryffindor table, Missy said, "Pay up."
  1487. Emily smiled as she handed Missy the 8 Galleons.
  1489. Three Broomsticks, 1994, March
  1491. (Normal POV)
  1493. They then appeared at the Three Broomsticks, in 1994. They saw both the Slytherin and Gryffindor Quidditch teams on opposite sides of the bar, each there for a post game drink.
  1495. Missy was sitting by Emily, who was thoroughly enjoying her shot of Fire whiskey.
  1497. "Em, even though you lost, that was a great match. You played wonderfully." Missy said with her arm over Emily's shoulders.
  1499. Emily smiled as she watched the Gryffindor Team being loud and rowdy as they celebrated their win. She replied, "Aye. Come with me, Missy."
  1501. As she spoke the words, Emily ordered another Butterbeer and did something none of the members of her team thought thinkable. She walked over to the other side of the room with Missy by her side, straight to the Golden Trio.
  1503. She extended the Butterbeer to Harry and said, "Harry, that was a great match today. Good job."
  1505. Before Harry could accept the offer of Friendship, Ron said, "Don't do it, Harry. It might be poisoned!"
  1507. Emily looked at Ron and said, "If I were going to poison any of ye, I would 'ave handed ya the first shot, Ronald Weasley. So shut ye trap before ye spill any more slugs from it."
  1509. Emily remembered the previous year when Ron's broken wand and a hex gone wrong caused the red-haired boy to spew out slugs for several days. Thus, her remark successfully shut Ron's gob.
  1511. "Harry, I assure you, from one Quidditch player to another, that I have not poisoned or tampered with this Butterbeer. You have my respect and I'm proud to have played against such a skilled Seeker."
  1513. "Thank you, Emily." Harry said as he graciously accepted the offered drink.
  1515. While the Slytherin team looked on in shock as their Chaser talked with Harry, Hermione looked to Missy and said, "Thank you for trying to open up ties of friendship between our two houses, Missy. I imagine offering up the proverbial olive branch to us will get you a lot of ridicule from the house of Slytherin."
  1517. "You are most welcome, Hermione." replied Missy as the two women hugged each other warmly. "Don't worry about it. I'm glad to do it."
  1519. Leaning over, Missy whispered in Hermione's ear, "You love him. You may not feel it right now but you will."
  1521. Missy looked over to Harry, who was chatting with Emily while getting congratulated by his fellow team members and house members. Pulling back to look Hermione in the face, Missy smiled. "I would be glad to call you my friend, Hermione."
  1523. "I would love to call you my friend too, Missy." Hermione said as they raised their glasses and drank to each other's health.
  1525. Emily's Office
  1527. (Emily's POV)
  1529. We were all pulled out of the memory and landed on our feet in me office. Somehow, me telling them about who Missy helped me deal with me own guilt. I asked, "Are ye satisfied about who she was now?"
  1531. Scorpius replied, "Yes Ma'am."
  1533. I then said, "Ye all need to get back to bed."
  1535. As most of them left, Alex and Isabelle stayed behind. Though I enjoyed me show and tell, I was curious as to why they lingered. Might as well ask.
  1537. "Though I liked showing ye both who Missy was, ye both really need to get to bed. Now." I told them.
  1539. Isabelle was the one who asked, "Professor, you and Missy seemed to be such good friends. What happened between the two of you?"
  1541. I then said, "We had a falling out. Me joining the Death Eaters didn't help any."
  1543. As they absorbed me answer, I then realized something that had been on me mind for a while. I took the risk and asked, "How much do ye know about your Mum's past? Did she tell you about any of it?"
  1545. Alex said, "We know that she used to serve a Dark Lord and that she was a terrible person, but that's it."
  1547. I was amused at his response. I guess Ol' Bellatrix didn't want them to know explicit details about who she was or what she used to do both for a living and her amusement. "Do both of you know who Bellatrix Lestrange was?"
  1549. Isabelle then said, "Of course we do. She's the most feared witch in all of history…"
  1551. She stopped speaking when she finally realized where I was going with this. In fact, they both had looks of shock upon their faces.
  1553. "No. No way. There is no way that our Mum was Voldemort's right hand! She's too kind to be that kind of person!" Alex cried out.
  1555. I then said, "It's true, Alex and Isabelle. Your mother was indeed the right hand of Lord Voldemort. In fact, she was the one who trained me, introduced me to the Dark Arts and helped to make me the psycho you see before you today."
  1557. As they stood there in shock, I asked, "Don't believe me? How'd ye like to take a trip down memory lane with me?"
  1559. As they both nodded yes, I extracted a memory and, after placing it in the Pensive, we dived in.
  1561. March 15th, 1996, Riddle Manor
  1563. (Normal POV)
  1565. They all landed in an unfamiliar room where Alex and Isabelle heard an all too familiar voice shouting.
  1567. "Once more, O'Neal. You have to MEAN it!" yelled Bellatrix Lestrange at a 20 year old Emily O'Neal as she attempted to used the Torture Curse affectively on a helpless victim chained to a wall.
  1569. "I'm trying, Bellatrix! That was only me first time using that blasted Curse!" retorted Emily as she regained her composure.
  1571. "Bullshite!" yelled Bellatrix before probing Emily's mind. 8 seconds later, she stopped. She had a sadistic smile on her face. "Well, isn't that a surprise. I would have never imagined you to feel that way about another woman. Who was your Girlfriend?"
  1573. Emily then said, "None of your Feckin' Business, Bellatrix!"
  1575. Bellatrix made a pouty face and said in a baby like voice, "Aww. Whittle Emily has a girlfriend? Tell me something, was she at least Pureblood?"
  1577. "If ye must know, Bellatrix, she was Muggle Born, Irish bred and even now, I still love her." replied Emily through gritted teeth. No sooner did she utter those words did Bellatrix claw her with her nails, drawing blood from the side of Emily's face.
  1579. "If the Dark Lord ever finds out about this, he will feed you the still beating heart right out of your own chest. No Death Eater can ever feel love for Mudbloods, you hear me?"
  1581. They saw Emily's face burn with anger as she raised her wand at the man on the wall and yelled, 'CRUCIO!"
  1583. In the midst of watching her torture the man, they were lifted out of the memory and Pensive.
  1585. Office
  1587. (Emily's POV)
  1589. Upon our return to me office, I looked at both of their faces, their expressions full of shock and awe. In a million years, they would have never know that their mother was once Bellatrix Lestrange. As they both shook slightly at the realization, I told them, "Your Mum wasn't always the kind person that you know her as. When I became an official Death Eater, after she had gotten through with me, I was a full fledged, bloodthirsty psychopath. In many ways, to date, I still am."
  1591. Alex was the one who finally worked up the courage to ask, "Can we possibly talk to Mum about this?"
  1593. I thought about it for a moment before saying, "I guess we can ask Professor McGonagall if ye can speak with your Mum. Considering the shock ye both have received, I wouldn't put it past her to kick my Irish ass up and down Diagon Alley for showing ya what I did. On the other hand, in some way, she would want the both of you to understand what she was. It's my hope as it is the hope of your parents that both of you never become Death Eaters, Dark Wizards or Dark Witches."
  1595. Without another word, we walked to the Headmistress's office, where we explained the situation to McGonagall. After contacting her, Bellatrix walked through the Fireplace.
  1597. "What is it, Minerva?" she asked as she looked at her two children. I guess she was confused about why they were looking at her with fear in their eyes, instead of the love they normally had for her. "What happened?"
  1599. "Bellatrix, please forgive me but they asked me to show them a memory of my past and it involves what you were." I spoke, hoping that Bellatrix wouldn't entertain the idea of killing me in front of her children.
  1601. "Bellatrix, I think you and I know that this talk was bound to come one day. I think it's time that they understand exactly what you once were." said Minerva with an expressionless look on her face.
  1603. Bellatrix then turned to me and asked, "What did you tell them, Emily?"
  1605. I then told her, "I only asked them how much they knew about your past and if they knew who Bellatrix Lestrange was. They put it together."
  1607. Bellatrix sighed at my statement and sat down on the couch. She seemed defeated. I guess she hoped that they would never find out about her dark past. She then motioned for her kids to sit down by her. As they did, she spoke, "Isabelle, Alex, it's time to be honest with you both. By now, you both know that I was once a terrible person. Please keep in mind that I'm not that person anymore and I never will be. Please remember that I love the both of you and your Dad more than life itself."
  1609. Alex then asked, "What were you, Mum?"
  1611. I looked to Bellatrix and watched as she took a breath and began. "For most of my life, I was a Death Eater. I served 15 years in Azkaban for torturing a couple into insanity, among others. I was completely devoted to Lord Voldemort. In some way, I was in love with him even though he couldn't love anything let alone another person. I tortured people for my own amusement and killed people for a living. That all changed in 1998 when I met your father. That year, I left the Death Eaters and Bellatrix Lestrange behind me. To this day, I have never gone back."
  1613. Isabelle then asked, "Why would you do something like that?"
  1615. Bellatrix then said, "Early on in my life, my parents drilled into me the concept that Purebloods were the highest rank of society. I was brainwashed into believing that only Purebloods should be allowed to learn and practice magic. Combine the superiority complex with various prejudices and an unhinged taste for blood and mayhem, you get what I used to be. I've changed my views since then. Can you both forgive me for keeping all of this from you?"
  1617. Alex and Isabelle both bear hugged their mother, which, to me, was a definite yes to her question. As she continued to hug them, she told them about Missy, the angel that we both loved on some level.
  1619. As Bellatrix was about to stop hugging them, Charlie Weasley's face appeared into the fireplace and he yelled, "Bellatrix, you need to get to St. Mungo's now! Tonks, Ted, and Bill are in ICU!"
  1621. Chapter 29
  1623. St. Mungo's, 9:30 P.M., ICU, January 24th, 2017
  1625. (Bellatrix's POV)
  1627. 'This is just great. My Niece and Brother in law have been put into ICU and I don't know who the hell did this to them!' I thought to myself as Andromeda, Harry, Jack, Tig, Quinn and his boys followed me into the ICU room where Remus, Harry, Ron, Hermione and Daphne stood with friends and family.
  1629. As we approached their beds, I almost lost control of my emotions. Each of them looked as if they had gone through Hell and back again. They were all broken, bloody and beaten.
  1631. Who could do this? Better yet, how could they do this? Tonks, Ted and Bill are some of the most competent duelists I've ever met in my life. For the SAMDON Sgt. at Arms that Bill Wallace is to be beaten so brutally, they would have had to be fighting an extremely talented and completely unhinged duelist who wouldn't think twice about killing anything in front of him.
  1633. Whoever did this to them will pay dearly. If not by me or my sister, then by every member of the SAMDON Charter and every Son in the UK. When the first curse was cast, that person or persons signed their death warrants.
  1635. Being the most level-headed person in the room, Jack asked, "How are they doing, Doc?"
  1637. "They are in rough shape. Several broken bones, slight internal bleeding, mild trauma to the head but nothing that requires them to remain conscious against their will. I'd say that they'll make it." The Healer replied as he looked over their charts.
  1639. Tig then demanded, "Did you find any clues as to who the Bastard responsible is? Are they in any condition to tell us who did it?"
  1641. "No. Right now, they need to rest. It's too risky to attempt to extract a Memory from them when their minds are still recovering from the attack. As much as you don't want me to say it, you will have to wait until they wake up."
  1643. "Ok, Doc. Thanks." Said Quinn. As the doctor left the room, Quinn turned to me, Andromeda, Tig, Hermione, Daphne and Remus and said, "You 6 need to stay here and be with them in case they wake up. The rest of ya, follow me and Jack. We got work to do."
  1645. I knew all too well what he meant by 'Work'. A Charter officer was attacked and nearly killed. The attempted murder would spark a man hunt. When we find the person responsible, the club would more than likely hand him over to Danny to 'Deal' with. If it were not for the circumstances, I'd almost feel sorry for them.
  1647. Tig then said to Quinn, "I got to go with you guys. Three members of my family were attacked. I want revenge."
  1649. Quinn then said, "Get in line with the rest of us. We all want retribution for Tonks and the two Sons lying on those hospital beds. As much as you want revenge, your family needs you more. Every Son in SAMDON along with all my guys know your Prepay number. If we need you, we'll reach out to ya."
  1651. That seemed to calm Tig down enough so that he could understand. I guess this is one of the reasons I love him to death. He loves his family, is dedicated to his club and would sooner die than dishonor either.
  1653. As Tig conceded to the American Nomad President's advice, Quinn, along with everyone he didn't mention, left to take care of business.
  1655. After the boys had gone, I conjured some chairs large enough to sit 3 persons to each one. Tig and I sat with Andromeda between us while Daphne and Hermione sat together with Remus in between them. All we could do now was wait until they woke up or if we were called to assist SAMDON or the Order of the Phoenix.
  1657. "Who's going to tell Bill's son and daughter?" Remus asked.
  1659. Oh shite. I completely forgot about them. Considering that Minerva won't let me on the grounds unless circumstances dictate it, someone else will have to reach out to them in Hogwarts.
  1661. Thankfully, Hermione thought up a good solution when she spoke, "Since Emily's his Head of House, she can tell him. Minerva can tell Grace since she's also the Head of Gryffindor."
  1663. "That's a good idea, Hermione." I replied, grateful of her problem-solving abilities.
  1665. With everything going on, I might as well let Tig know that our children are now aware of the darker details of my past. Though I don't appreciate Emily going behind my back and telling them without my permission, I can understand on some level of my dark mind. They would have inevitably found out in one way or another.
  1667. Now that I think about it, if someone had to reveal who I was and what I did aside from myself or Tig, Emily would be the most qualified to do so. The half-banshee wouldn't judge me unlike many others of the wizarding world who would verbally crucify me. If she did, Emily would be a hypocrite since her past is just as bloody as mine.
  1669. As I held a sleeping Andromeda in my arms, I said, "Tig, there's something you need to know."
  1671. Tig looked at me, "Are you knocked up again?"
  1673. I chuckled at his question. "No. It has to do with why I went over to Hogwarts earlier."
  1675. "Did Alex and Isabelle get in trouble?"
  1677. "No, they are not in trouble." Taking a deep breath, I continued. "I'm not going to mince words, Tig. Emily showed them in her Pensive several memories from her past that revealed my past as well. Before you go off on a Banshee hunt, you and I can't deny that this conversation would happen sooner or later."
  1679. Tig looked at me with his guts had been kicked out. He was either trying to come to terms with what happened or trying to decide where to put the bullet hole in the head of Emily O'Neal. After several moments of painful silence, he finally said, "You're right. Sooner or later, Alex and Isabelle would have asked. I guess if it couldn't be either of us, it would be her."
  1681. "I feel the same way, Tig." I finished. Without another word between us, we all drifted off to sleep. I felt an assurance, of some kind, that my niece, my brother in law and a man I now considered to be family along with every member of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, were going to be OK.
  1683. January 25th, 2017, SAMDON Clubhouse, Chapel, 11:00 A.M.
  1685. (Quinn's POV)
  1687. "Alright. Is there anything else we left out in this plan? Anything that might compromise it?" I asked as we looked over the map of the area Harry called, "Knockturn Alley."
  1689. Since we got back to the clubhouse last night from that weird hospital, those of us who didn't go to bed started planning the upcoming manhunt for the bastard or bastards responsible for putting two of our members and one of their daughters in ICU. We were leaving nothing to chance.
  1691. Even though I knew that Ted was a wizard and in spite of everything he had told me about the wizarding world, it's all still very strange and, in some ways, crazy to me.
  1693. Anyone who ever knew me would say that, apart from my faith in my Lord above, I've always been a man of logic and planning. I usually need to see something myself to fully believe it.
  1695. In fact, when Ted first told me, I told him to prove it. When he rid my hands of arthritis and healed my scars from a polar bear fight so they wouldn't hurt as much, I believed him.
  1697. As for weapons, we're fully stocked. We called in a favor from Seamus and SAMBEL sent an overnight shipment of AK-47 assault rifles, AR-15 assault rifles converted to fire full auto, MP-5Ks, M249 SAWs, H&K Sniper Rifles, RPD light machine guns, Russian Saiga Shotguns, Glocks and much to Danny's excitement, several RPG Rocket launchers and tons of ammunition for every weapon.
  1699. "Looks like we're set, Eskimo. At 1 o'clock on the dot, we head out, find the culprits and make them pay. Trust me." said Jack as he loaded a Mag for an AK. Jack handed it to me as if wanting my seal of approval. As I looked down the sights, I couldn't help but admit that the Russians made a damn good gun.
  1701. Handing it back to Jack, I looked over to Danny who was eyeing an RPG and smiled to my self. Looks like my boy is getting ready to cause havoc in that special way that only he can. I almost feel sorry for the Bastard responsible until I remember why we're after him or them in the first place. The feeling passes and I load another gun.
  1703. While we continued to look over some of the maps, we heard some noise from outside. "I'll check it out. Danny, Harry, come with me."
  1705. Exiting the clubhouse, I drew my Glock 31 from it's holster and walked out the door. What I saw angered me beyond all reason. A blonde haired Son of a bitch was strapping something to our bikes and had already put some thing next to the Clubhouse.
  1707. I aimed my gun at him and yelled out, "Put up your hands, you bushwhacking punk!"
  1709. When the man saw that he had been made, he pulled out a wand from his sleeve. Faster than he could say or do anything, I had already put one into his left kneecap, following up with a second shot through the hand holding the wand, disarming him and leaving him sprawled on the floor, screaming in pain.
  1711. Approaching him, Harry picked up the wand and snapped it. Danny rolled up the sleeve of the man's left arm. There, tattooed in proud red, was that Mark everyone keeps talking about.
  1713. I then growled at the man, "The Hell did you do to our bikes and clubhouse?"
  1715. The man groaned, "None of your business, Muggle!"
  1717. I said nothing as I pressed one of my boots down onto his blown out knee cap, causing him to cry out in pain. He still didn't answer.
  1719. While I was holding him down, Ron emerged from inside the clubhouse. "We got a problem, guys."
  1721. We turned around and saw what he was holding in his hands. If I normally expressed what I was feeling, I'd probably be scared for my life. This bastard was trying to blow us all to smithereens with magically enhanced bombs.
  1723. I asked him, "It got a timer?"
  1725. Ron shook his head. That at least gave me some comfort. At least we wouldn't have a time limit on finding a way to defuse the thing. I asked Harry, "Do you know anyone who could defuse this kind of bomb?"
  1727. Harry thought for a moment before saying, "If there's anyone who could, it's Fred and George. They tinker around with this kind of stuff all the time. If nothing else, we can take out to the middle of nowhere and set it off."
  1729. "Good idea. Now what do we do about this?" I asked, pointed at the man squirming under my boot.
  1731. "I got an old farm house in the country. With a strong silencing charm and a glamour over the barn, you won't have to worry about anyone interrupting the interrogation." Harry said.
  1733. I smiled and said, "Let's get there. If this guy is one the people who attacked Bill and them, he should be able to give us some answers."
  1735. "Ron, get the Prospects and search the entire clubhouse for any other bombs or threats." Harry instructed the red-haired Son.
  1737. Without another word, Harry stunned the man under my feet, grabbed me, Jack, Danny, the man and apparated to his farm house. Upon arrival, I shook off the effects it had on me. Maybe I'm old fashioned but I'll take my Harley over that form of transportation any day.
  1739. The moment Danny, Jack and I recovered from the slight nausea, we took the man over to the barn and strung him up with some rope. Once Harry revived him, he asked, "What's your name, Scumbag?"
  1741. The man refused to answer.
  1743. "The silent treatment only works for disgruntled wives, not with us." Jack said, making us all think 'That's true'.
  1745. "Fine. If you don't want to give us your name, I'll just give ya the one the SAMDON V.P. just called ya. How does 'Scumbag' sound? Or should we be formal and call you 'Mr. Scumbag'?" I said.
  1747. Jack smiled, "That'll work. Now listen up, Scumbag. We're going to play a game of 'Give and Take'. We are going to give you questions and you will give us answers. If you take up our time or take us for fools, we then proceed to take body parts off of ya. I'll give you a hint which ones we'll take first: the ones for which there is no prosthetic."
  1749. When the Scumbag refused to answer once again, I unsheathed my SEAL Bowie Knife from it's holster, placed it on one of his hands and growled, "Start talking or start screaming."
  1751. The guy said, "Go ahead! I won't need it where I'm going, won't I?"
  1753. Without saying a word, and with a clean slice, I had cut off his hand, causing the man to scream out in pain. "Last chance to talk, Scumbag. Do that and there's a chance you can leave relatively in one piece."
  1755. The man then spit towards Jack. I turned to Danny and said, "He's all of yours. Just make sure you get answers. Since he made it so hard for himself, make sure he doesn't leave this farm house alive."
  1757. "Absolutely." Danny replied.
  1759. Without another word, Danny walked over to a work bench, where Harry had used his magic skills to supply the American Nomad Sgt. at Arms with all the tools he needed to conduct his interrogation. As he sorted through the myriad of instruments at his disposal, the man smirked that arrogant smile of his until he heard the sound of Danny firing up the Blowtorch.
  1761. With that, Harry took our hands and we apparated away, leaving Danny to his business.
  1763. Knowing what Danny is about to do and what he is capable of doing, the scumbag will wish he had answered our questions.
  1765. I wonder if Danny will reach out to that Irish girlfriend of his to help him out?
  1767. (Danny's POV)
  1769. In my own opinion, the only thing that could make what I'm doing to this scumbag any more satisfying, or fun for that matter, would be an ice cold beer. But alas, Harry doesn't keep any around. Too bad.
  1771. As I scorched the man's chest for the 8th time, I asked, "You going to tell me your name, Scumbag? Or do I need to keep calling you that?"
  1773. After the man finished screaming in pain, he looked me square in the eyes. Through gritted teeth, he said, "Go directly to Hell, you Bastard."
  1775. I smirked at that. "Oh, I am a Bastard. A cold blooded one. As for who will be going to Hell, that would be you and your boss, whoever it is. However, before I grace you with the gift of death, you will tell me who nearly killed those 3 people yesterday and who you are working for."
  1777. He failed to answer in time to stop me from starting on his arm that still had a hand.
  1779. As the smell of blood, burnt flesh, and smoke filled the air, I realized that Emily would love this. Come to think of it, I might invite her to help. Who knows? She might even bring beer.
  1781. That got me thinking about my relationship with her. Over the last month, I've discovered that she is a lot like me. We're both crazy orphans who have a thing for sadism. I've also began feeling something inside whatever of my heart is left.
  1783. The feeling is like none I've ever had. I want to make sure that she is happy and take care of her. Is this what love is? I guess I wouldn't know. But I suppose that, if I were familiar with it, I'd probably venture to guess that I'm in love with her or, at least, have a resemblance of affection for her. I know I'd protect her if she was in trouble.
  1785. But enough of that. I got to question this scumbag and get information for the club.
  1787. That comes first, even before my favorite beverage in the world.
  1789. Hogwarts, 8:00 P.M., Emily's Office
  1791. (Emily's POV)
  1793. I kicked back in me easy chair to enjoy the peaceful night. Bill Jr. didn't take well to hearing about his father's attack. Every part of him wanted to go hunt down and kill the bastard responsible. Fortunately, I managed to talk him down enough for him to agree not to go after them.
  1795. From what I heard from Minerva, telling Grace went the same way.
  1797. Several calming droughts later, both Bill Jr. and Grace were subdued.
  1799. Currently, I'm wondering me self who could have put those 3 in ICU. We already got Narcissa, who is now residing in the Prison Ward of St. Mungo's right now, so it can't be her. I'm fairly certain that we rounded up all her followers in the raid. Who did it? And why?
  1801. As I pondered this, I noticed that me notebook began to glow. I wonder what Danny is up to? I opened it up and turned to the page where the message was. It read, "Em, how'd ya like to help me torture a guy for information about who put Ted, Tonks and Bill in ICU?"
  1803. Me eyes enlarged when I read the words. He certainly knows how to get on me good side and how to charm me. Before I wrote back, I then realized that Bellatrix and Andromeda would want in on it as well. I wrote, "Absolutely. Can I bring Bellatrix and Andromeda?"
  1805. "The more, the merrier. Also, bring plenty of cold beer and alcohol."
  1807. I drew a smiley face and closed it. I then turned one of me quills into a Portkey. After picking up Andromeda, Bellatrix, several iceboxes loaded with Brews and several cases of Irish whiskey, we landed inside the farm house.
  1809. As we walked into the barn, I nearly wet me knickers with excitement. Strung up and being questioned by me Ol' Man, was a broken, beaten, burnt and bloody man. I can see now why he asked me to come over. He knew I would love to be apart of it.
  1811. "Danny!"
  1813. Hearing me call him, Danny came over and pulled me into a bear hug. I guess he's as happy to see me as I am to see him. As we broke our hug, Andromeda walked up to the man and asked in a voice that I had never heard from her before, "Who is the bastard that put my husband and daughter into St. Mungo's? Who hired you to attack SAMDON?"
  1815. When I heard that voice, I knew that Andromeda was going to inflict more pain that Danny would able to, which is a bold statement in and of itself.
  1817. I smiled sadistically as the man answered, "That was your daughter? Damn she was hot."
  1819. Before any of us could intervene, he was suddenly screaming bloody murder as his nuts were in a vice grip with a set of nails digging deep into them. Releasing the Scumbag from her death grip and taking several steps back, Andromeda took out her wand and yelled, "CRUCIO!"
  1821. While the man writhed in pain, I was getting more hot and bothered by the minute. I noticed that my breathing became labored as if I was panting in pleasure.
  1823. Bellatrix placed a hand on her sister's shoulder, signaling for Andromeda to stop. I then walked up to the man and demanded, "Who did it? Who are you working for?"
  1825. He looked at me and said, "You this Bastard's bitch? When my buddy finds all of you, he's going to rape you, your female buddies, and make what the lot of you are doing to me look like child's play."
  1827. Before Danny could try to avenge me honor, I whipped out me wand, summoned all of the anger, rage and hate in my body and yelled, "CRUCIO MAXIMUS!"
  1829. After 30 minutes of watching him squirm in pain, I finally let up on the curse. I then asked, "Well?"
  1831. He looked beaten, broken and most of all, defeated. Finally, he spilled everything. "Alright. I'll tell ya. Gellert Grindelwald has returned from the grave. He ordered Victor Korbut to attack the two bikers and the girl."
  1833. Bellatrix demanded, "How did he return?"
  1835. The man answered, "I don't know!"
  1837. Without asking anything more, Bellatrix raised her wand and said, "Avada Kedavra."
  1839. As the light left the man's eyes, Andromeda cast a spell and the body, along with any evidence that we had been there, vanished into thin air.
  1841. Settling down inside the kitchen of the farm house, I handed a beer to Danny while Bella, Andromeda and I helped ourselves to a generous helping of Irish whiskey. A few drinks later, I leaned close to Danny's ear, whispering my own version of 'Danny Boy' which did more than just turn him on like a light switch. It also made him laugh.
  1843. "I don't think I ever heard that song sung like that before." Danny said as we left Bellatrix and Andromeda to find an empty bedroom for the night.
  1845. I replied to him as we sat down on the couch, "It's a version I've made up since we started going out."
  1847. As we lay in each others arms, I then asked him, "Danny, when I go to get the Dark Mark removed and to get something to replace it, it's going to take a drop of blood of someone who truly loves me. Do you love me, Psycho?"
  1849. He thought about it for a few minutes before saying, "Emily, if that is what this feeling inside of my Dark Heart is, then yes. I love ya."
  1851. Without another word, I drifted to sleep in his arms.
  1853. Chapter 30
  1855. Harry's Farm House, The Living Room, 5:30 A.M., Wednesday, January 26th, 2017
  1857. (Emily's POV)
  1859. As I began to stir, I noticed that I wasn't in me own bed. I opened me eyes and saw that I was on a couch, in someone's arms. I turned around slightly and saw me Boyfriend, holding me as he slept. The previous day's events came back to me and I realized where we were.
  1861. We were at Harry's Farm House because we had tortured and killed a man yesterday for information concerning the attack and had learned that Gellert Grindelwald had returned.
  1863. As I lay there, a voice asked, "Don't you need to get back to your job, Em?"
  1865. I turned around to see Danny sitting up after I moved out of his arms. Though he will never admit it, he is a great pillow and a great snuggler as well. In fact, if that information got out to his SoA brothers, they would either never let him hear the end of it or they would all be hospitalized from laughing so hard. Then again, I have a feeling that this is the first time he's ever snuggled with someone.
  1867. But I snapped out of those thoughts even before they began. Now was not the time for me to shag Danny on Harry's couch, even though the two of us are now way beyond holding hands. I need to get back to Hogwarts. I have lessons to prepare. Plus, Natalie did hint to me about something big happening today.
  1869. "Aye. That I do. I love ye, Danny Boy."
  1871. He said, "Right back at ya, Em."
  1873. As I stood up, Bellatrix and Andromeda came down from upstairs. As they walked down, Bellatrix said to Danny, "I'll apparate you back to SAMDON. Emily, it was nice working with ya."
  1875. I replied, "Aye. Same to ye. I'll see ya later."
  1877. Without another word spoken, I made a Portkey and was back in me office in no time at all. As I started dressing me self for the day ahead, I began wondering who the bloody Hell thought it was a good idea to bring back the second most powerful Dark Lord in recorded history?
  1879. I then thought about the primary suspect. Narcissa Black. She had to be the one who did it. It would make sense and it would explain how we managed to catch her without a conflict from her part. She resurrected him and he back-stabbed her.
  1881. Along with being short sighted and qualified to be the village idiot for ten villages, Narcissa Black was even crazier than I was. I may be a blood thirsty psychopath in more ways than I would care to count, but I've never thought about bringing back a Dark Lord!
  1883. In the mean time, though, I guess I need to wait until Breakfast and plan some lessons. When I get to Breakfast or when I get a moment, I'm going to tell Minerva about the information we've uncovered.
  1885. I wonder what the Marauders have planned for today. Perhaps if it's funny enough, I'll actually laugh. Not that cold, cackling laugh I usually have. A genuine laugh.
  1887. Only time will tell. If they truly are good, they will make me laugh.
  1889. The Great Hall, 7:00 A.M.
  1891. (Emily's POV)
  1893. As I took me place at the staff table, I kept me eyes open for anything that might involve pranking a teacher. As I did, I turned to the right of me where Natalie sat, with a small but obvious grin on her face. I asked her in a whisper, "How big is this thing going to be?"
  1895. She said in a voice that only I could hear, "It's going to be big. The entire school is about to be pranked. You're going to love it."
  1897. I then asked, "Does it involve some form of sadism, or anything similar to it?"
  1899. She looked at me with shock on her face but not so much as to call attention to herself. "NO! It's something genuinely funny. You may be a sadist, but I think you'll still love it."
  1901. "Whatever." I said, before returning me attention to the plate in front of me. If it didn't involve something that included that, I probably won't enjoy it. Right before I could begin to eat, however, one of the students yelled as the owls began swooping down, "INCOMING HOWLERS!"
  1903. We all looked up at the owls bombarding us with what seemed like millions of Howlers. As they left their respective owls feet, the ceiling began forming into storm clouds and lightning began to strike, but not close enough to any of the students to harm them. As it began pouring rain, the Howlers did something none of us expected. They all levitated into the air, and began shouting their unholy message.
  1905. In synchronized symphony, every Howler sounded off.
  1907. "Who let the dogs out?
  1909. Who, who, who, who, who?
  1911. Who let the dogs out?
  1913. Who, who, who, who, who?
  1915. Who let the dogs out?
  1917. Who, who, who, who, who?
  1919. Who let the dogs out ?
  1921. Well, the party was nice, the party was pumpin'
  1923. Yippie yi yo
  1925. And everybody havin' a ball
  1927. Yippie yi yo
  1929. I tell the fellas start the name callin'
  1931. Yippie yi yo
  1933. And the girls respond to the call
  1935. I heard a woman shout out
  1937. Who let the dogs out?
  1939. Who, who, who, who, who?
  1941. Who let the dogs out?
  1943. Who, who, who, who, who?
  1945. I see de dance people had a ball
  1947. 'Coz she really want to skip town
  1949. Get back, Gruffy, back, Scruffy
  1951. Get back you flea infested mongrel
  1953. Gonna tell myself, "Hey, man, no get angry"
  1955. Yippie yi yo
  1957. To any girls callin' them canine
  1959. Yippie yi yo
  1961. But they tell me, "Hey, man, it's part of the party?
  1963. Yippie yi yo
  1965. You put a woman in front and her man behind
  1967. I heard woman shout out
  1969. Who let the dogs out?
  1971. Who, who, who, who, who?
  1973. Who let the dogs out?
  1975. Who, who, who, who, who?
  1977. Say, a doggy is nuttin' if he don' have a bone
  1979. All doggy, hold ya' bone, all doggy, hold it
  1981. A doggy is nuttin' if he don' have a bone
  1983. All doggy, hold ya' bone, all doggy, hold it
  1985. Who let the dogs out?
  1987. Who, who, who, who, who?
  1989. Who let the dogs out?
  1991. Who, who, who, who, who?
  1993. I see de dance people had a ball
  1995. 'Coz she really want to skip town
  1997. Get back, Gruffy, back, Scruffy
  1999. Get back you flea infested mongrel
  2001. Well, if I am a dog, the party is on
  2003. I gotta get my groove 'cause my mind done gone
  2005. Do you see the rays comin' from my eye
  2007. Walkin' through the place that Digi-man is breakin' it down?
  2009. Me and my white short shorts
  2011. And I can't see color, any color will do
  2013. I'll stick on you, that's why they call me 'Pit bull'
  2015. 'Cause I'm the man of the land
  2017. When they see me they say, ?Who?
  2019. Who let the dogs out?
  2021. Who, who, who, who, who?
  2023. Who let the dogs out?
  2025. Who, who, who, who, who?"
  2027. As the chorus of Howlers finished their unholy song and the rain cleared up, all of the students began laughing their arses off. Aside from all of them laughing, I noticed that many of the teachers, even the normally stern Minerva McGonagall, had started laughing.
  2029. Finally, I gave in. I started laughing as well. Even though they interrupted me Breakfast and I could hear me cats meowing because of their mutual dislike of the music choice they share with me, I burst out in pure, genuine laughter that I never would have thought me self capable of. I know that everyone is most likely staring at me with disbelief right now, but I don't care.
  2031. I know that if they are caught, they will more than likely be expelled, but that was some funny shite.
  2033. Good job, boys and girls. Great job.
  2035. Recovering from her laughter, Minerva then said, "Despite how funny that was, whoever did this, if caught, will be severely punished! On an educational note, however, that was excellent use of Transfiguration in the weather."
  2037. Even after her words, I could tell that she really didn't want the pranksters to get caught. They had done the impossible. They had made the two most stoic witches of Hogwarts laugh. Though we both had reputations to protect, it was worth it.
  2039. Conference Room, 8:00 P.M.
  2041. (Emily's POV)
  2043. After the 'Howler' incident this morning, all through out the halls I could hear people whispering the song. Though everyone is now aware that I can laugh, the students are still scared of me as they were before.
  2045. Right now, we have called this staff meeting and I have a feeling that this morning's prank will be brought up. Aside from that, I also know that the new information about Gellert Grindelwald rising again will be a part of the discussion. I guess we all needed that comic relief, knowing now who was out there.
  2047. "Order everyone." said Minerva as she chimed us all down. Though Minerva has done that for as long as I can remember, her chiming her fork against her goblet will never get old.
  2049. "The first order of business is this morning's incident. We have never seen a prank this grand or amusing. Regardless, we must keep in mind that whoever executed this prank broke school policy and, if caught, they will be punished." Said Minerva. Good for 'er. That's the Minerva McGonagall I know. Though I now know that she has a sense of humor.
  2051. Harry decided to bring up one of the most pertinent issues at hand. "There is another piece of business we need to talk about as well. I'm not going to mince words. Gellert Grindelwald has returned from the grave. Since then, he has started building an army. Grindelwald has already attacked or ordered an attack against SAMDON, as I'm sure you all know by now."
  2053. Everyone except who knew gasped at his statement. Quite frankly, I don't blame them. This was nothing to joke about.
  2055. "Grindelwald put the SAMDON Sgt. at Arms, the England Nomad President and his daughter in the hospital. That act in itself would have me grabbing a firearm, my wand and every Son together to exact retribution. Then a foot soldier was dispatched to attack the clubhouse directly." Harry said, recalling the attacks so far while trying to keep himself objective. If not for Hermione's calming droughts, Harry would be going off the walls in rage.
  2057. "Emily, I suggest you step up the dueling training. We'll need all the defensive and offensive advantages we can get."
  2059. "Natalie, train as best you can with Emily. If you are going to be a part of Hogwarts, you will be called on at times to defend the school and the students."
  2061. "What of the Wallace children?" Natalie asked. "Bill and Grace can't be put on calming droughts forever. Eventually, they are going to break out of Hogwarts and run out onto the warpath."
  2063. "If any students travel to Hogsmeade or Diagon Alley, they have to be watched so they are not left vulnerable to attack or abduction." Said Minerva.
  2065. Before anyone could say anything more, I then pulled up a file on a person that I had heard that poor bastard name yesterday. To say the least, it was disturbing. "We also need to be on the alert for a man named Victor Korbut. Former Durmstrang student, ex-Azkaban convict, multiple time offender, Minister of Malcontent, scum of the Earth. I looked over his criminal record and he is a nightmare on two feet. Do not underestimate him for any reason. It may be the last thing ye ever do."
  2067. We then looked to Minerva, who said, "If there is nothing else to discuss, this meeting is adjourned."
  2069. As we left the room, I pulled Natalie to the side. "Come by me office later tonight. If ye are going to be a defender of Hogwarts, ye will need to know some spells and curses that pack more of a punch than your standard dueling spells."
  2071. She nodded at that and I walked back to me office. Between Grindelwald, Korbut and every dark witch and wizard coming together to carry out his bidding, we all have to bring out everything we have. Chances are that the old Dark Lord will do anything and everything to take over the wizarding world by force. We have to be ready.
  2073. I wonder how Natalie will react when I start teaching her some curses that are Dark? I can only hope that she has the guts to use them when the time comes.
  2075. DADA Classroom, 11:30 P.M.
  2077. (Emily's POV)
  2079. "Alright. That is enough for now." I said as we stopped practicing on the multiple test dummies I had set up for the occasion. In just a few hours, she had mastered 'Tagliare Corpo Verso Un Mille Pezzo', The Bone Crusher Curse, The Hurricane Curse, The Tornado Hex and Sectumsempra.
  2081. At least now, if she ever came across Korbut in a dark alley, Natalie would have a true fighting chance. Then again, I imagine that if it came down to it, only the Killing Curse or me Banshee Scream could end the duel with him. Since technically I'm not permitted to teach the Killing Curse and no one can learn the Banshee Wail, I'm giving her the next best things.
  2083. As we sat down on a couch in the room, I summoned to us a bottle of Jameson Irish Whiskey and two shot glasses. "Drink up before ye leave. You've earned it."
  2085. Toasting to both our healths, we drank in contentment. While Natalie served herself a second shot, I decided to ask her something that has been on me mind for a while. "Aside from your current relationship with Hagrid, have ye ever been with anyone in the past? An attractive woman like you does not go unnoticed."
  2087. If she took me question by any surprise, it didn't show. She replied, "At first glance, yes. I was pursued more than once. When guys found out what I could do, they started backing away. Most of them started anyway. The few who stayed long enough found out the risks in bedding me."
  2089. Taking a breath, Natalie explained. "I can usually enjoy who I'm in bed with while being 5'11" tall but I really enjoy the experience the most when I'm either 10ft or 20ft tall. Being that big makes me stronger than who I'm with and very aroused. It also makes the experience dangerous for whoever I'm in bed with at the time."
  2091. 'That explains a lot.' me Mum said to me. I couldn't help but agree with her. It would be dangerous. I then asked, "Have ye ever bedded a Son?"
  2093. Natalie smiled. "I once had a one night stand with Tig. He doesn't remember it though."
  2095. 'She likes to live dangerously.' me Mum said to me. I then said, "Ye do realize that if Bellatrix ever finds out, she will be mad as 'ell, right?"
  2097. "Why do you think I wiped his memory of the incident afterwards?" Natalie replied. "Aside from that, his legs were nearly broken, his pelvis was almost crushed and he had lots of bruising in places you couldn't believe could be bruised. I healed him before I wiped his memory."
  2099. I replied, "Smart thinking. Well, it's getting late. See ye tomorrow night, same time?"
  2101. She replied, "Absolutely."
  2103. St. Mungo's Hospital, ICU Room, 10:00 P.M.
  2105. (Bellatrix's POV)
  2107. I held Andromeda as she slept, waiting for all three of them to come out of their comas. I know that it's still been very soon since they went into them, but I just want them to wake up so they could tell us they were alright. All 3 of them mean a lot to me and I don't know what I'd do if they didn't make it.
  2109. Tig ran his fingers through my hair as I lay next to him. A Healer came into the room. I looked up as Andromeda woke up at that moment. With the both of us alert to his presence, the Healer said, "You've been requested to be seen."
  2111. I asked, "By whom?"
  2113. He said, "In the Prison Ward. A patient by the name of Narcissa Black."
  2115. My heart sank as he spoke the name. Why in the world would my Sister wish to speak with me and Andromeda? To insult us or mock us because we weren't going to Azkaban?
  2117. I asked, "Why does she wish to see us?"
  2119. The Healer said, "She didn't say. All she requested was to see you, your sister, and your husband."
  2121. Why does she want to see Tig? To insult him? I replied, "We'll be over there in a few minutes."
  2123. After we had found the Prison Ward, leaving our wands and in Tig's case, gun, with the guard, we walked into my Sister's room, prepared for the worst.
  2125. There she was, my youngest sister, lying on her bed, restrained by shackles that allowed about a foot of movement, looking at some old photos. Though I'm still angry at her for being the psychopathic Dark Queen, I am still glad that she is alive. At least in Azkaban, she will stay alive. I thank God that she will not receive the Dementor's Kiss.
  2127. I cleared my throat and asked, "What did you want to see us for?"
  2129. She then said, "I wanted to see my sisters one last time before I was sent to Azkaban."
  2131. Andromeda said, "Sisters? Didn't you disown us for being Blood Traitors?"
  2133. I put my hand on Andy's shoulder. "Let her speak, Andy."
  2135. Narcissa then said, "I recently had a near death experience, as you two clearly know. When people experience them, they start thinking about their life and what they've done with it."
  2137. I said, "Why in the world would you wish the life of a Death Eater on your own Grandson?"
  2139. She replied, "The Pureblood ideology our parents instilled in us at such a young age was the only thing that has kept me going. To this day, I still dislike those who aren't, but I no longer feel the need to kill them."
  2141. Andromeda then said, "Why should we believe you? You tried to kill us both."
  2143. Cissy then handed us the pictures she was holding. I couldn't believe my eyes. They were photos of us during our younger years. Had she really kept them all these years?
  2145. "A part of me always held on to the hope that someday we could somehow be sisters again, without all of this violence. If it means anything to either of you, I do feel remorse for what I have done."
  2147. As we handed her the pictures back, she only took two of them. She said, "Keep the rest."
  2149. I then looked to Andromeda and nodded to her. We walked up to Cissy and headslapped her at the same time. After we had done so, we gave her a final hug before leaving her side. As we did, Narcissa said, "I want to say something to your husband, Bella."
  2151. Tig was surprised at her request and said, "What?"
  2153. "I do not like you at all. However, I can see that my sister is happy with you. So tell me this; do you truly love my sister?"
  2155. Tig stared directly into her eyes, before taking me by the waist and started to kiss me passionately. As my tongue wrestled with his for dominance, he broke away from it and asked, "Does that answer your question?"
  2157. Cissy then said, "Yes. In spite of everything that has happened to separate me from my sisters, if you break Bella's heart, I swear that I will break out of Azkaban, hunt you down and kill you."
  2159. "I'd rather die than break her heart." Tig said, wrapping his arm around me. "Wiley will meet ya in a few hours."
  2161. Without another word, we left the room. Andromeda and I now had mixed feelings about Cissy's apparent remorse. If there was any truth to what she just said, than good for her.
  2163. Chapter 31
  2165. Quidditch Field, February 10th, 2017, 3:00 P.M.
  2167. (Normal POV)
  2169. "Alright! You all can stop now. That's enough practice for the day!" said Harry as he and the students he was monitoring came down to the ground. They had been all been practicing a lot for their respective Quidditch matches, and they all did well.
  2171. "You all did great today, however, you lot need to get ready for your next class. See ya next Monday!" said Harry as they all dismounted their Brooms and started heading for the locker rooms to store them.
  2173. After many of the students had left, Harry took a seat on one of the benches. Ted, Bill and Tonks still hadn't woken up from their comas. Every Son in England and throughout the United Kingdom jumped onto the warpath as they all wanted a piece of the ones responsible. As he was contemplating this, Hermione came in and sat down by him.
  2175. "What is it, 'Mione?" asked Harry. Even though he and Hermione had shagged in many of the classrooms in Hogwarts when they were empty, as well as many of the other rooms, he wasn't really sure if they could shag in the middle of the Quidditch Field. Even if he wanted to, Harry was somewhat worn out from intense Quidditch training.
  2177. Hermione sat down by him. "Do you have enough spare time to talk with someone?"
  2179. Harry looked at his wife with an inquisitive expression. "Absolutely. Why?"
  2181. While he waited for the answer, Harry noticed an empty chair facing him. It was somewhat peculiar because he had not seen it there before.
  2183. Hermione answered his question. "Someone would like to speak with you."
  2185. "Who?"
  2187. "Me." said Emily as she became visible, sitting in the chair. She had been waiting there in her transparent form ever since Quidditch practice had begun. Emily and Hermione had discussed when would be a good time to speak with Harry and they had decided that now was the appropriate time to do so.
  2189. "How long have you been watching?" Harry asked, direct to the point and not bothering with small talk.
  2191. "Long enough to see you're still as good on the broom as you ever were." Emily responded before sitting down across from the SAMDON V.P. and his Ol' Lady.
  2193. "Where do you want me to start?" Emily asked.
  2195. "Usually, one starts at the beginning. In this case, why don't you start from the moment you met Missy to right now. Does that work, O'Neal?" Harry spoke, keeping his eyes fixed right on the Irish half-Banshee.
  2197. "Aye." she replied. Just as she was about to begin her tale, a voice Harry and Hermione had not heard since they last saw her said, "It is a very interesting tale, if I do say so my self."
  2199. They all turned to the direction of where the voice came from. Standing in the doorway of the locker room, dressed in white, sporting angel wings and a halo, was Christine 'Missy' Callahan.
  2201. "Missy." they all said at the same time.
  2203. (Emily's POV)
  2205. I was shocked beyond belief. I had no idea that Missy would be able to make herself visible to anyone aside from me self. Is she here to help me tell the story? Before I could even begin to say anything to her, she said, "Do not worry, Em. Yes. I am here to help tell the story. I am also here to help keep everyone's tempers in check. Now why don't you start?"
  2207. I composed me self as best as I could and began with, "I first met Missy when I was 8 years old. Me father was taking us on a trip to Dublin to visit Mum's grave. While we were in town and having some ice cream, I was sitting at the kids table with me siblings. Missy sat down next to me because there was no other seat."
  2209. As they absorbed me words, I took a breath and continued, "After she had done so, we began talking with each other. We connected, enjoyed each other's company and we became friends."
  2211. I took another breath to gain control of me self. Harry said, "Go on."
  2213. I then said, "The next time I saw her was when I was 12 and she was 11. We both were on the Hogwarts Express for our first year there. In a way, ye could I say I loved her from the time I first met her. She is probably the sole reason I was sorted into the House of Salazar Slytherin."
  2215. Taking a small break, I observed Harry's face as he took in the information I was giving him. Both of us knew that I would never be welcomed at SAMDON again. Harry and I would never be as friendly as we had grown to be, but I guess they have a right to know about my relationship with Missy.
  2217. "After getting sorted into Slytherin, we also became rivals in academics though we still found time to be good friends. I stood up for her when some of the other house members made fun of her for not being Pureblood. More than a few Slytherins found them selves on the receiving end of several nasty curses I had found in the Library for insulting her."
  2219. Before I continued to tell the tale, Missy said, "We were there for each other when we each received our first tattoos in our 3rd years. I got a portrait of her above me heart and she got the same of me."
  2221. They looked to me as I unbuttoned me shirt enough to show them the tattoo I had had since I was 14. It may have been slightly faded and old, but I never had it removed.
  2223. After I had buttoned me shirt up, I continued. "In our 5th years, we met you 2 and Ron. In our opinions, we had never seen a bunch of misfits like the three of you. In fact, when ye were being sorted, we made wagers on which houses ye would be placed in. I lost 8 Galleons because o' ye three."
  2225. Missy then said, "Then come 3rd year for you three, Emily saved Harry from dying on the Quidditch Field. She did it so she could be able to play against him in the final match. After Malfoy insulted me and her, we exacted our revenge on him the following Monday night. She shattered his eardrums and threatened to kill him if he ever told anyone."
  2227. I then said, "After we dropped him off at the Hospital wing, Missy and I shagged in the Prefects Bathroom and in her bed. At the time, we considered inviting you, Harry, to have a front row seat for that show. I actually considered letting you take part in it. However, we felt that we didn't wish to be responsible for corrupting ye. Besides, if anyone was going to take the virginity of Harry Potter, it might as well have been Hermione Granger."
  2229. They both were shocked at that revelation, which caused Hermione place an arm around Harry, who was blushing redder than the hair on any member of the Weasley family. I grinned at both of their reactions and gave a slight chuckle at it. I told them, "There's no need to worry, Hermione. I'm already taken and I know for a fact he won't cheat on ye. But still, aside from us not wishing to be the ones who corrupted him, we were both over 4 years older than him, and in different houses. Hogwarts tends to frown upon such relationships."
  2231. Missy said, "She has an excellent point, Harry. We didn't want to be thought of as cradle robbers. We would have certainly bragged about it if we had done it."
  2233. As the words left Missy's mouth, we all gave a hearty laugh. I guess that we all needed it, considering our current moods. After we had finished laughing, Harry said, "Continue."
  2235. "After we graduated, I started on the path to becoming a Death Eater. I committed murder and tortured my Best Friend at the world Cup for the simple purpose of sadism. That was the end of our friendship. When I turned 20 in 1995, I became an official Death Eater. When Bellatrix was broken out of prison, she tried to drive the love and affection I still had for her out of me. By the time I received my first mission, I was turned into a cold blooded, blood thirsty psychopath. To this day, I still am in some ways."
  2237. As they absorbed the information, Harry asked, "In 2001, when you killed Missy, did you know that she was pregnant? Did you know that Kozik was going to propose to her in that diner?"
  2239. The words pierced me heart while Missy's hands on my shoulders just made me feel worse. "I had no idea that she was pregnant or that Kozik would propose to her."
  2241. Harry then asked, "Have you ever gone to California to ask for forgiveness from Kozik? Do you really feel remorse for what you did?"
  2243. Controlling the tears in me eyes, I looked at him solemnly and said, "I have never gone to Kozik to do that, but I will one day. Not a day goes by that I don't regret what I did. If I had known what would happen, I would have never gone to that diner that day."
  2245. As the words left me mouth, Missy came over to Harry. "Let it go, Harry. I hold no anger towards her for what she did to me. She is suffering enough from her own guilt. Forgive her, Harry. Please?"
  2247. Missy and Hermione stood between me and Harry in case he decided to attack me. Harry took a deep breath before sighing. "Emily O'Neal, when I look at you standing before me now, I think of Missy and wish that she was still alive today. The order excommunicating you from SAMDON stands as true today as it did that day in Dublin. Apart from that, I forgive you. I do not hold any hatred or animosity towards you anymore. With the threat of Grindelwald looming from the horizon, we will need all the help we can get."
  2249. Harry stood up, approached me and extended his hand. "Truce?"
  2251. I took it gladly. "Truce."
  2253. As we shook hands, Hermione pulled Missy into a bear hug that I didn't think would be possible because of her spectral form.
  2255. "I'm glad you two are together, Hermione. You are the thing that keeps him from earning an 'Unholy Ones' patch." Missy said to Harry's wife. After hugging for what seemed forever, Hermione let go and took Harry away. I expect they are going to go shag somewhere.
  2257. Once the SAMDON Vice President and his Ol' Lady left the Locker room, Missy pulled me into a hug before giving me a kiss I hadn't had since we shagged in the Prefects Bathroom. As she broke the kiss, she said, "I will never be far away from you, Emily. I'll see you on the other side one day. Hopefully, it won't be for a very long time from now."
  2259. With that, Missy disappeared and me heart was somewhat relieved that I had confessed our friendship to Harry and that he held no more hatred towards me. I did not fool myself for one moment. It would take a long time before I could ask to be friends with him again, but at least it was a start.
  2261. Headmistresses Office, 5:00 P.M.
  2263. (Normal POV)
  2265. "You wished to see us, Minerva?" Harry asked as he, Hermione, Bill Jr. and Grace walked into the office.
  2267. Minerva looked at them and replied, "Yes. I recently received word from St. Mungo's that Ted, Tonks and Bill Sr. have woken up from their comas today and are doing well."
  2269. "Can we see our dad, Professor? Please?" asked Bill and Grace as they began smiling at the news.
  2271. Minerva smiled at the two Scots. She knew all to well what it was like to worry about a family member. "That's why I called you two up here. Mr. Lupin and Ms. Largen will be escorting you both to St. Mungo's."
  2273. As she spoke the words, Remus and Natalie came into the office. Once Minerva created several Portkeys, everyone grabbed a hold of one and were transported to St. Mungo's.
  2275. As they made their way down the halls, Remus turned to the young Marauders and spoke quietly, "I've heard from Natalie that you two are a part of the new Marauders, am I right?"
  2277. Bill and Grace looked frightened at Remus's question. Bill looked to Natalie and hissed silently, "Natalie, you rat."
  2279. Natalie replied, "You never said I couldn't tell someone who isn't a teacher."
  2281. Remus gave a hearty laugh at their bickering. He said, "Don't worry. Natalie is not a rat. Far from it, in fact. Anyway, I won't turn you in. If I did, I'd have to turn myself in as well for a lifetime of pranks."
  2283. Bill and Grace stopped in their tracks and stared at Remus. To them, standing in the presence of a fellow Marauder was an honor and a privilege.
  2285. "What was your nickname?" Bill asked.
  2287. "Moony."
  2289. His statement left the three of them speechless. "As in one of the original Marauders, Moony?"
  2291. Remus replied, "Aye, my young Scottish Marauder in training. I was one of the Original Marauders. And I'm the only one of the 3 alive today."
  2293. Grace asked, "I thought that there were 4?"
  2295. Remus said, "We excommunicated Wormtail for betraying us. Thus he is no longer considered as one of the Originals."
  2297. While keeping up with the others, Remus chose to give the inevitable 'talk' to the Wallace kids. "I don't have to know you personally to know that both of you have the itch to jump on the warpath that the Sons are riding on, but for your own sake, don't. I have seen firsthand what the Sons are up against at any given time as well as what the Order of the Phoenix deals with. Though you both have the drive, you don't have the requisite skills, training or the stomach. Leave this to the adults in regards of finding the ones responsible."
  2299. Natalie chimed in, "He's right. As much as you might hate to hear this, you are kids. You wouldn't stand a chance against this threat."
  2301. While Remus went in first, Natalie pulled Bill and Grace close to her so she could speak right to them. "I am not a rat. Not now, not then, nor will I ever be a rat. So don't ever call me that again. I'm bigger than that in more ways that one. Do you both understand?"
  2303. Their nods confirmed that they would never again call Natalie a rat.
  2305. Without another word spoken between the kids and the half-giant, they entered into the ICU room where Tonks, Ted and Bill were already being hugged by Bellatrix, Andromeda, Harry, Hermione, Ron, Daphne, Mary Johnson-Wallace, the Sons of SAMDON along with Quinn and his boys.
  2307. Remus rushed to his wife's side, crushing her between Andromeda and Bellatrix, while Grace and Bill rushed over to hug their dad. Tonks gasped for breath, causing them all to let go of her, not wishing to cause her more harm.
  2309. Bellatrix then said, "I am so glad that all of you are alright. It's a miracle."
  2311. Ted said, "That bastard Korbut is going to pay once I get my hands on him."
  2313. Tonks then said, "Aunt Bellatrix, Harry, is my bike alright?"
  2315. Harry and Jack looked at one another with looks of dismay on their faces. When they found the three of them, all three of their bikes were totaled and they still hadn't been able to repair them.
  2317. Bellatrix then said, "Tonks, I'm sorry to say that all three of your bikes were destroyed. I honestly don't think that we can repair them. You three are going to have to get new bikes."
  2319. Ted was the one who yelled, "I'm going to kill that Bastard!"
  2321. As Ted tried to get up, he demanded, "Where's my pants?"
  2323. As Quinn and Mike held Ted down, Tonks said, "Dad, get in line! I'm going to make him pay for destroying my first Harley!"
  2325. Bill sat up and said, "Absolutely! When we find that Bastard, we will rob his arse blind before killing 'im!"
  2327. Though they all discussed plans as to how they would get Korbut to pay for putting them in the hospital and for ruining their motorcycles, Tonks and the two SoA officers continued to be hugged by their friends and family members, who were all thankful that they were alive and well.
  2329. Ted then voiced a thought that had been on his mind as well as Bill's and Tonks' since they had woken up. "Please tell me that one of you brought food that is actually edible. We're starving and the food served here is probably only good for pest control."
  2331. Quinn turned to his fellow Nomad President and said, "I believe Mary here brought something."
  2333. Mary then waved her wand and a tray of food appeared before all of them. "Let's dig in!"
  2335. Before they could begin to dig into the delicious food she had brought, they all raised a glass of the beer she smuggled into the hospital. As they did, Bellatrix said, "Here's to life and may we all have a long one!"
  2337. Once the toast was done, everyone tucked in and ate their fill.
  2339. Natalie watched for a bit before Mary invited her to have her share of the meal. Taking a full plate of food and a cool drink in hand, Natalie joined in the festivities.
  2341. Emily's Office, 9:00 P.M.
  2343. (Emily's POV)
  2345. 'So, Mum, how do you think we can defeat this new threat of Grindelwald?' I asked as I sat down in me chair with Bones and Orion sitting on me lap.
  2347. 'I don't know, Em. Albus Dumbledore was the only one who defeated him in a duel and Voldemort was the one that killed 'im. Both are long dead.' she replied to me.
  2349. I then began thinking about how it would be possible to kill him. After all, he was the second most powerful dark wizard who ever lived. The only one who had killed him was Voldemort, and we sure as 'ell aren't bringing 'im back.
  2351. 'There is one person who could possibly do it.' said Missy as she made herself known in the room.
  2353. I asked, 'Who?'
  2355. She replied, "Morgan Le Fay. She currently resides in the Hills of Belfast. She is a powerful Dark Witch, Animagus, Healer, and Necromancer.'
  2357. I was shocked to hear Missy suggest Morgana. I did not have a problem with it. I was just shocked that she was still alive. 'How is Morgana Le Fay alive? If she is, that witch has to be thousands of years old!'
  2359. She replied, 'I'm not sure how she is still alive, but I do know that she is. The next time you see Harry, tell him about her. In these desperate times, desperate measures are called for.'
  2361. Without another word, I sat quietly in me chair, thinking about it. If Morgan Le Fay was still alive and as powerful as Missy says she is, then we might have a fighting chance. That is if we can convince her to be on our side.
  2363. Chapter 32
  2365. The Burrow, Backyard, February 17th, 2017, 1:00 P.M.
  2367. (Normal POV)
  2369. "You guys got the ammo?" asked Ron as he, his brothers and Dean made their way to the homemade firing range at the Burrow's Backyard. Aside from it being well hidden, they had also cast several privacy charms to make sure no unwanted visitors came upon them.
  2371. "Yeah, Ron, we got it." said Fred and George as they set the ammo cases down on one of the tables as Bill, Charlie, Dean and Ron set down several cases and boxes. Jack had told them that they needed to sight the new weapons they had received in and aside from it being a good excuse for shooting guns, it also gave them some time to discuss some strategies that they needed.
  2373. 6 days ago, Emily told Harry and Hermione about the information that Missy had given her. In turn, Harry brought it up to the Club. Since many of them knew that, before vanishing from public view, Morgana Le Fay had been the first student sorted into the house of Salazar Slytherin, along with being somewhat psychopathic and a certified Dark Witch, they needed to figure out a way to persuade her into becoming an ally to the Order and the Club.
  2375. Unlocking the rifle cases, Ron pulled from his an M4A1 Assault Rifle outfitted with a Red Dot Scope, a tactical Flashlight and a Foregrip. As Ron set the rifle in the mount, he asked, "Do any of you guys got any ideas?" before he fired off a single round at the target 20 yards away, hitting the upper corner of the bull's-eye on the target and then firing off a second round, hitting about an inch away.
  2377. As Fred held up his AK Styled Saiga 12 Gauge Shotgun with a Red Dot Sight to fire at his own target, he said, "Well, I'd imagine that money isn't going to work at all with her. Whatever else she may be, Morgana Le Fay has never been known as a mercenary."
  2379. Fred quickly fired off 3 rounds from his 12 Gauge before sitting it down on a second mount to work on the sighting. As he did, Dean looked through his binoculars at Ron's target and said, "Try 3 clicks to the left. That should do it."
  2381. While Ron took a screwdriver and rotated the top adjuster on the scope. Charlie said, "Yeah, I don't think she'd be up for it either. Do you think she'd join us to help humanity?"
  2383. As he spoke the words, Ron fired off 3 more rounds, each of them hitting within an inch of each other. George said, "I'd say that one's zeroed in."
  2385. Without another word spoken, George shouldered the stock of the AK-47 he had brought and let out a 3 round burst. Placing it on the 3rd table to sight it in, Ron said, "Are you out of your mind, Charlie? She's a freaking Psychopath! Plus, she was the first student Ol' Salazar ever taught! If anything, she'd probably side with Grindelwald."
  2387. While he said the words, he selected the 'Full Auto' option on his M4s selector switch and emptied the rest of his magazine. As Ron ejected it and loaded a fresh one, Bill said, "That M4's a damn good gun, Ron."
  2389. "You got that right, Bill. How about that beast you keep around?" asked Ron, referring to Bill's M134 Minigun. Bill said nothing as he held it up. Motioning for everyone to cover their ears, Bill let out a long, continuous burst of 7.62X39 mm rounds, not stopping until the belt was completely finished. His targets were completely devastated.
  2391. Dean then said, "I doubt that Morgana would side with Grindelwald."
  2393. "Why's that?" Charlie asked, checking the box feed for his M249 SAW assault rifle.
  2395. Taking his Saiga off of the mount, Fred proceeded to open fire upon his own target, not stopping until the 20 round drum was empty. Dean then said, "Well, I read up about her in a book recently and I found out more than a few things. She was known for hating Merlin because he rejected her advances of her wanting to date him in front of the entire school. Grindelwald, according to historical records and his own history, is a descendant of Merlin. If that grudge is still strong today, it could work to our favor and might help convince her to join us."
  2397. Charlie cocked his M249 and, after shouldering it, proceeded to repeat what Bill had done, decimating the targets until they were torn to shreds.
  2399. As Charlie set it down to make some adjustments, Dean raised the Fully Automatic AR-15 he brought and with in 4 seconds, had emptied the entire 100 round Beta Drum he had in it.
  2401. After he set the assault rifle down on the 5th table to sight it, Charlie then asked, "Why do you think Merlin rejected her? From the paintings I saw of her while in History of Magic, she was pretty hot for her time."
  2403. "You got that right." Bill said right before he felt the slender hand of his wife headslap him. Between the brother bantering and the rapid gunfire, no one heard Fleur approach at all.
  2405. "Fleur, I'm just making an observation on historical information being shared between myself and my brothers. Le Fay was alright for her time but she can not turn my heart away from you."
  2407. Those words seemed to keep Bill out of the doghouse and in Fleur's good graces as his quarter-Veela wife started snogging him.
  2409. "Maybe Merlin knew she was a psycho or maybe he was gay." Ron said, causing both Fred and George to burst out laughing.
  2411. "Not likely. I think the reason he rejected her was because she stole his underwear and pants during Quidditch practice." Fred said, knowing he and his twin brother had a detailed history of pranks and the results they could bring, both good and bad.
  2413. As they continued laughing, Dean finally zeroed in his AR, and opened fire on his targets. Ginny came onto the firing range in time to see her husband handle a Muggle firearm rather dexterously. "Are you boys having fun?"
  2415. "Hey, Sis!" Bill, Charlie, Fred, George and Ron chimed altogether as they cocked their weapons simultaneously.
  2417. "Ginny, there are only two things in this world right now that I love more than you. That's Harleys and Guns. Yeah, we're having fun."
  2419. Ginny then said, "You guys need to come up and help Mum make supper."
  2421. Ron said, "Alright, Gin. We'll be up in a sec. Just let us put these up for now."
  2423. As the Weasley brothers and Dean started putting their respective guns up, Ron said, "Now all we got to do is zero in about 30 more weapons. Then we have to clean them."
  2425. Fred and George said in Chorus, "I love these things."
  2427. As they finished putting them up, Dean asked, "Do you think Morgana Le Fay still has an axe to grind against Merlin?"
  2429. "More than likely. I don't like the idea that we need to get her on our side, but if she's going to be in this fight, I'd rather have her with us than against us."
  2431. As they walked up to the Burrow, Bill asked, "Why do you think she went into hiding?"
  2433. "It had a lot to do with the death of her half-brother, Arthur Pendragon." Dean explained with his arm around Ginny. "When it happened, she became disillusioned with humanity as a whole. Arthur he was the only person she ever really cared about. When he died, I guess a big part of her died with him."
  2435. "It doesn't change how hard it's going to be to get her on board with us." said Ron.
  2437. "Amen!" said the other Weasley Brothers.
  2439. SAMDON Clubhouse, The Lot, 4:00 P.M.
  2441. (Normal POV)
  2443. As the van pulled into the Lot, Bill Sr., Ted and Tonks emerged from it and stepped into the Old lot. Despite having finally woken up from their comas, St. Mungo's insisted that they stay another 6 days in the Hospital. Once getting out free and clear, Tonks contacted Gringotts. After explaining the situation to the Goblins in explicit detail, she extracted the exact amount of Muggle money, in addition to compounded interest, from Victor Korbut's account with barely any resistance from the Goblins. With those newly acquired financial means, they each bought a new Harley for themselves.
  2445. If they had ordered them correctly, the Harleys should have arrived at the Clubhouse by the time of their arrival.
  2447. "They 'ere yet?" asked Bill as they stretched their limbs and started walking towards the clubhouse, only to be greeted by every member of the Sons there, who all gave them a Bear hug.
  2449. "Great to have ya here Brothers!" said Quinn as he handed his fellow Nomad President his cut while Danny did the same with Bill Sr.
  2451. "Same here, Eskimo!" said Ted as he put on the familiar leather cut.
  2453. "Remus, are the new Bikes here yet?" Tonks asked, eager to ride again after being confined to a hospital bed longer than she would want to remember.
  2455. Before Remus could respond, a truck containing their new Bikes arrived. After unloading the cargo from the hull of the truck, everyone walked over to inspect their purchases and determine for themselves if they were suitable replacements.
  2457. Tonks was the first to reach her new Harley, whistling as she took in the sight of the Fire Engine Red 2015 Harley Davidson Dyna Wide Glide with Batwing fairing, Beach Bars and the rest of the others specs that her first Harley had.
  2459. "Wow. I am going to have fun riding this to work."
  2461. On the gas tank was a portrait of Andromeda, Ted, Bellatrix, Tig and Remus on both sides of it. Running her hand across the tank, Tonks was surprised to see the bike's features change akin to her metamorph abilities. Instantly, the motorcycle's handlebars turned from beach bars to drag bars and the color changed from Fire Engine Red to Emerald Forest Green over metallic green.
  2463. "We had yours specially modified it to run silently and change colors so you can travel with stealth. It's a bonus that it changes much like you, Tonks." The SAMDON President said as he explained her bike's abilities.
  2465. Ted was the next one to reach his bike. It was a Denim Black 2017 Harley Davidson Panhead Bobber with Beach Bars and Batwing Fairing. White, old English lettering that read 'SoA', was inscribed across the front of the fairing over the headlights. Across both sides of the gas tank was a portrait of Himself, Andromeda, Tonks, and the Reaper in the Background.
  2467. "Tap the gas cap twice, Ted."
  2469. Doing as instructed, Ted watched as the artwork was camouflaged underneath a Silver Pearl cover.
  2471. "I know you're sentimental about your family, Ted, but you are also England's Nomad President. You don't want the wrong people finding out who your loved ones are or what they look like." Ian said.
  2473. "Thanks, brothers."
  2475. Bill Sr. was the final one to reach his bike. When he did, the Scotsman stared in awe of the pitch black Harley Davidson Knucklehead Chopper with a fully restored classic Knucklehead Engine and Fishtail exhaust pipes. At the helm was a chrome skull with the headlights coming out of the eyes. There were skulls on the bars and the seats. Though he appreciated all of those details, the artwork across the duel gas tanks was the one he loved the most: a memorial to his first wife and kids, their portraits along side himself, and his current wife and kids.
  2477. "Wiley helped customize the artwork on your bike, Bill. When it came time to pay him, he said our money wasn't going to cut it. All he wanted in return was a bottle of Jameson Irish Whiskey and a corn beef Reuben-style sandwich from New York." Quinn said, embracing the Scot in a brotherly hug, knowing that Bill was choked with emotion. "Thank ye, Quinn."
  2479. "All right, ye buggers. I can't speak for the lot of ye, but I gotta see what my new Harley can do." Tonks said, grabbing her helmet and jumping on her motorcycle eagerly. Ted and Bill grabbed their gear as well.
  2481. Just as they were about to ride out the Lot, Quinn said, "Me, Mike and Danny are coming with ya. Jack, Remus, Harry, you guys come too."
  2483. They all hopped onto their Harleys and rode out of the Lot. Obviously they were only going for a short ride, but after what happened, they weren't taking any chances.
  2485. SAMDON Clubhouse, Rec Room, February 19th, 2017, 5:00 P.M.
  2487. (Tig's POV)
  2489. I held Bellatrix close to me as the sea of bodies that was the SAMDON Charter on party mode went on all around us. Yeah, I still enjoy parties, and yeah, I love being in them, but I guess now a days, I'm just enjoying being laid back.
  2491. "How the thing with Wiley and your sister go?"
  2493. It had been a question that had been on my mind ever since Bellatrix's sister had told me what she'd do to me if I broke Bellatrix's heart, and ever since I had heard that Wiley was going to be representing Narcissa. I guess he takes on all sorts of clients, even ones most PD's wouldn't go anywhere near, much less defend in court.
  2495. Bella said to me, "She's being held in Azkaban until a trial is convened. The way things are going, it's most likely going to be in July."
  2497. I simply nodded at that as I continued to listen to the music that was blasting out of the stereos in the Clubhouse. It was an old song by Johnny Cash called, 'God's going to cut you down.' To me, it's one of his best ever. It's hard to believe it's still being played after all these years.
  2499. Bellatrix then looked at me and asked, "Do you think Cissy really does feel remorse for what she did?"
  2501. "I don't have a clue what she feels. Even if she did have some moment of clarity during her near death experience, it's going to take either a lot of penance or one real selfless act to convince anyone, let alone me, that she changed. For a nutcase, Narcissa is really hot. I'll give her that much."
  2503. Bellatrix headslapped me, knocking my dirty mind out of the really hot fantasy I was having of a three-way between me, Bellatrix and Narcissa. Yeah, I know it's a bit disturbing, but if David wasn't my middle name, 'Disturbing' would be.
  2505. "What'd I do?" I asked innocently.
  2507. "A kinky threesome with my sister isn't going to happen. Aside from being beyond that stage, I don't want to ever go anywhere near Azkaban again, even as a visitor. The odds of her getting out of Azkaban alive are not slim and none. They are none and non existent."
  2509. I then asked, "You, Cissy and Andy had a thing going on?"
  2511. She replied, "It was back when we were turning into women. All of us are past that stage."
  2513. I smiled at that and said, "You can't deny that, from my point of view, it'd be really hot."
  2515. She then headslapped me again and said, "Drop it, Tig. Is there anything besides wild sex on your brain tonight?"
  2517. "Now that you mention it, yes, there is. Who the hell is Grindelwald, and Morgana Le Fay?"
  2519. "One is a cold-blooded, power-hungry Dark Wizard of such infamy that the only one other person who could match him in cruelty and malice was Thomas M. Riddle, more widely known as Lord Voldemort. The other is a disenchanted, diabolical, dangerous Dark Witch who was the first student taught by Salazar Slytherin himself and half-sister to the famed King Arthur. The only times you'll ever hear the word 'good' associated with either of them is how they were so good at being so bad or that they were no good at being good."
  2521. When Bellatrix finished explaining who they were, I realized how ugly this upcoming fight was going to get. I've personally heard of a lot of weird stuff ever since I met Bellatrix, but I can't believe that the Scaly Bastard wasn't the only 'Dark Lord' out there. Add to the fact my sister-in-law decided to bring him back, I didn't know whether I wanted to headslap her or shoot her.
  2523. "I'm assuming that the Scaly Bastard was the one who killed this guy?"
  2525. She nodded. "Voldemort was the one who killed Grindelwald. Because he's dead, Morgana is the only witch powerful enough today to stand a chance against him."
  2527. "Well, what exactly can she do that could give her a fighting chance against him?" I asked.
  2529. Bellatrix replied, "Well, let's just say that Bill Sr. and her would get along really well."
  2531. Instantly, the details clicked in my head. Morgana Le Fay is a Necromancer. So I'm guessing that she's sorta the female version of Bill. Awesome.
  2533. As I thought about this, Bellatrix moved over closer to me and straddled my lap before planting a long, slow kiss on my lips. After we had done this for a good 10 minutes, Bellatrix broke the kiss and said, "That was for forgiving Emily when we caught my sister."
  2535. I then said, "I couldn't hate her forever. It wasn't easy either."
  2537. As we continued to snog, as the Britain's say, I said, "If this is going where I think it is, we need to move to my Dorm."
  2539. She grinned that feral smile I had seen so many times on her and as she got off of me, we made our way through the ocean of bodies, and as she gave my ass a playful pinch, I did the same to her, which sparked a race to my dorm.
  2541. Despite me knowing we had a war on our hands soon, I guess you have to stop and enjoy the little things in life sometimes.
  2543. Emily's Office, 9:00 P.M.
  2545. (Emily's POV)
  2547. 'Missy, I know that I feel like shite for killing ye and that this might be your way of punishing me, but why are you still haunting me?' I asked as Missy made herself comfortable on the couch in me office. As she did, me Mum sat down next to her on the couch. It was enough to get me heart in a vice.
  2549. 'Well, Emily, we've talked it over with the Big Man and…' began Missy.
  2551. 'He assigned us to watch over ye.' finished me Mum. Well, I guess I should feel flattered that they would request that from God, but why?
  2553. Missy then said, "Em, I also came here tonight because you said you wanted redemption, right?"
  2555. I then replied, 'Absolutely. I'd love to have it. Why?'
  2557. Mum then said, 'If ye truly wish for redemption and forgiveness…'
  2559. Missy finished, 'Then ye need to speak with Sam come Easter Holidays.'
  2561. For whatever odd reason, me hand went instinctively to me robe's inner pocket. Sure enough, the piece of paper containing Sam's number was still there. To this day, I sometimes wonder why he gave me it.
  2563. I replied, 'Come Easter Holidays on April 16th, I will. I'll invite him over to the local Chapel in London. Did the two of you come here just to offer redemption to me?'
  2565. 'Emily, it's not only in your darkest hour that we come and we do not always bring tiding of ill news.' Me Mum said.
  2567. 'Friends are those that are with you through the good days and the not so good days.' Missy said, holding me Mum's hand as they both said in chorus, 'Don't forget that, no matter what you do in your life, there will always be 4 people who love you.'
  2569. I replied, 'Well, I know that Danny Boy and the two of you love me. Who's the fourth?'
  2571. Missy said, 'The Lord above and his son makes five.'
  2573. With that, they both disappeared for the night, leaving me to wonder how God could love an emotionless wretch like me. Could he really love me, despite all the terrible things I've done and all the stuff I'm probably going to do in the future?
  2575. Something in me black heart told me that yes, he could.
  2577. Chapter 33
  2579. Room of Requirement, Sunday, March 15th, 2017, 8:00 P.M.
  2581. (Normal POV)
  2583. "And that, my fellow Marauders, is how to successfully pull off a prank without getting caught." said Remus as the new generation of pranksters listened intensely to his words.
  2585. Ever since their prank on the entire school and after telling him about the new generation looking to carry on the tradition and legacy of the Marauders, Natalie invited him to help educate them on the finer points of pulling off a successful prank or adventure.
  2587. In the old room, the walls were lined with books, scrolls, pranking devices, and several diaries of the Pranksters who had found the Room over the years. Each of the 9 Marauders sat at a single person desk, copying down notes on parchment that no one else would be able to read due to an enchantment on it. Natalie leaned against the doorway, standing guard and observing at the same time.
  2589. "Now, are there any questions? Anything you didn't understand?" asked Remus as his aged eyes glanced at the young pranksters. Despite him being long retired as a Marauder himself, he still felt the calling to educate the new generation about the finer points of mischief making.
  2591. Scorpius raised his hand. "Can you tell us about the original Marauders? What was it like when you first got started on it?"
  2593. Remus smiled at the question and replied, "That's a very good question, Scorpius. When we first started out as Pranksters, we honestly didn't know what we were doing. James, Sirius, Peter and I were just a couple of kids looking for fun and adventure. We had to learn as we went along. No one was around to teach us how to execute a prank or how to explore the castle. Many of us spent many days in detention before we found a way to keep from getting caught."
  2595. "Is that why you created the Marauders Map?" asked Alex as he listened.
  2597. "You are indeed correct, Alex. That was the sole purpose of the map when we created it. It saved our hides more than once from being caught by the caretaker or by a teacher. It took half of a semester to finally get it working correctly, but we finally managed it." said Remus, obviously remembering the trouble it was to write the map in the first place.
  2599. As he spoke the words, Amos raised his hand and asked, "What exactly happened to the rest of the original Marauders, Mr. Lupin?"
  2601. Remus sighed Amos's question. It had been one he had hoped to avoid answering, but he knew he didn't want to be dishonest. He replied, "As all of you know, Wormtail betrayed us. From that moment on, we no longer considered him a Marauder. As to what happened to him, Wormtail was killed by Bill Wallace Sr. in 1998. Prongs and his wife were murdered by Voldemort the night he fell and, as all of you know, Sirius was killed last year by Alecto Carrow."
  2603. "Remus."
  2605. The elder Marauder looked over to the half-giant. "Yes, Natalie?"
  2607. "The hour is growing late. I think we have covered enough for today, don't you?"
  2609. While the 9 Marauders in training absorbed this information, Remus sighed, thankful for Natalie's support. "That's enough for tonight. We will continue this lesson next Sunday. I will see you then. Good night."
  2611. As they groaned in disappointment, Natalie said, "Come on, you lot. Too much of a good thing is bad for you just as too much of a bad thing can be worse. Off to bed."
  2613. Making sure that all of them got straight to their respective Common Rooms, Natalie walked down the hallway with Remus before pulling him towards the Hogwarts kitchen. She knew that those questions about James, Sirius and Peter was hard to think about since he did not have them around anymore.
  2615. Helping themselves to some T-Bone steaks and loaded baked potatoes, Natalie poured both of them shots of Jameson Irish Whiskey.
  2617. "A midnight feast helps to relieve a lot of stress. It also fills you something other than grief." Natalie said. "A few shots of Irish whiskey helps to lessen the pain or helps to not let you think too much about it."
  2619. "Thanks, Natalie." Remus said, looking at the young woman in front of him. "There are times that I look around for James and Sirius. I even fool myself to thinking that they are playing the most masterful game of 'hide and seek'."
  2621. "Don't make yourself sad over this. There have been many good times in your past with them. I'm sure that James and Sirius wouldn't want you living with your head in your hands." Natalie said, looking over at the older man.
  2623. Getting their bearings back and having left the kitchen as they found it, Natalie and Remus walked outside alongside each other. "It's a nice, quiet evening tonight."
  2625. "There's no full moon out. So yes, this is a rather nice evening." Remus replied. "How have you taken up with the nine aspiring pranksters in training?"
  2627. "I caught several of them with the Map in broad view where anyone could see it. When I got the jump on them while they were looking at the Map, that was when I was sure that they needed some guidance. That's where we come in. If left to their own devices without our guidance, those kids would have buried the legacy of the Marauders."
  2629. "You never thought about informing on them?" Remus asked, testing the young woman's resolve as well as her character.
  2631. "No, Remus. I never thought of ratting them out." Natalie said as she grew to 10ft tall.
  2633. "I'm bigger than that." Natalie said, looking down to Remus Lupin, who smiled up at the half-giant. "You certainly know how to make a pun work in your favor."
  2635. "I also know how to give strength to my words." Natalie said, feeling her body reveal her real strength, turning her into a 10ft bodybuilder. Picking Remus up, Natalie brought the werewolf wizard to her face level. "When you get home, hug your wife and shag her good, Remus. She's going with me and the guys to Ireland on Order business this Friday. See your son and know that Sirius and James are always at your sides, even if you can't see them."
  2637. Setting Remus back on his feet, Natalie walked over to Hagrid's Hut. "Good night, Remus."
  2639. "Good night, Natalie." Remus said as he watched Natalie disappear into the hut.
  2641. Monday, March 16th, 2017, DADA Classroom, 8:50 A.M.
  2643. (Emily's POV)
  2645. "Are ye ready for this, Luna? This class can sometimes be overwhelming." I said to me assistant as she stood against the right wall of the classroom and I sat at me desk, twirling me wand in my hands out of boredom. Today's class would have both Gryffindor and Slytherin and we would be discussing the creature whose tail hair produced the Elder Wand's core. Thestrals.
  2647. "I believe I am capable of handling them, Emily. In fact, I look forward to helping you." said Luna in that dreamy voice of hers. Don't get me wrong. She's a very kind and decent human being, but she is just weird. Don't ask me why, but for whatever reason, I'm freaked out by her. But I will never admit that to anyone and if I ever did, it would have to be under the influence of Veritaserum.
  2649. I wonder how the class will take to the lesson. Aside from learning about this magnificent beast, they would also continue learning how to duel.
  2651. Out of all of the students in this class, the 9 new Marauders are probably the most skilled. Out of them, I'd have to say that the Tragers, Alex and Isabelle, are probably the top two.
  2653. Then again, I guess it has a lot to do with their mother and the types of wands they use. Both of them inherited their Mum's talent for dueling, as well with wand cores to match.
  2655. Alex's wand is 11 Inches, Blackthorn, Dragon Heartstring. It was, in my humble opinion, the perfect 'normal' wand for dueling. I've read in some books about wand lore that out of the three cores that Olivander's sells, Dragon Heartstring produces the most flamboyant spells. Combined with the prodigious power of the Blackthorn wood, it is the wand of a warrior.
  2657. Isabelle's wand seemed to mimic her Mum's wand in all but wood. It was 12&¾ inches, Cherry and Dragon Heartstring. Personally, I believe it reflects upon her personality more than anything else. The Cherry wood is able to deliver truly lethal power. Combined with Dragon Heartstring, it shows she has true self-control and strength of mind.
  2659. Personally, though I know that Olivander's sells and creates truly beautiful and powerful wands, I'll stick with me own.
  2661. I was pulled out of me thoughts as Luna motioned that the students were arriving on time as usual. Another day in the trenches.
  2663. I stood up and said, "Good morning class."
  2665. Looking at their expressions, I noticed some of them starting to get nervous. I realized that I had just spoken in a very 'happy' voice. A voice I only used when I was about to perform the Torture curse. I have to keep that in check.
  2667. "As you all may have noticed, I have an assistant today. This is assistant Professor Luna Longbottom. She is here to help me teach ye lot about a beast that very few can see. It is the Thestral."
  2669. As I spoke the words, Luna then said, "There is a good chance that many of you may have heard about these creatures from some of the articles in the Daily Prophet that the Ministry authorized. Don't believe a word of them. Thestrals are extremely misunderstood creatures."
  2671. I looked at me fellow Professor and said, "While that may be true on many levels, Luna, we are here to teach the class about them, not debate on who is telling fact or fiction."
  2673. Without another word from her, I tapped the magically enchanted projector. As the lights went off in the room, it came on and displayed on the chalkboard several photos and pictures of the Thestral. Aside from it's bony features, pitch black skin, and bat like leather wings, it looked much like an oversized horse.
  2675. As they gazed at the photos of the beast, I said, "This is the Thestral. Many of the Ministry Officials and many people view them as evil or frightening. This is not the case. They are actually quite calm and tame unless ye provoke them."
  2677. As they listened to me words, Luna spoke, "But only few people can ever see them. The reason for this because only people who have seen and accepted the concept of death can view them."
  2679. I smiled at her pointing that out and replied, "That is very true. The only people who can see them are people who have seen Death. Because of what I used to do for a living, I can see them. Luna can see them because she has seen war and people killed before."
  2681. "Aside from their undeserved reputation, most of the time, they are ignored or overlooked because they're very peculiar." Luna said before she mentioned something as a side note, "However, their tail hairs make excellent wand cores when used correctly."
  2683. I replied, "You are indeed correct, Luna. Though they make extraordinary wand cores, Thestral Hairs are also the most volatile of all wand cores because they are usually matched incorrectly with the type of wood. However, when they are matched correctly with the right wood and length, they make for a perfect dueling wand. In fact, the Elder Wand's core is Thestral Hair."
  2685. As they listened in awe of the information that the most powerful wand in existence had a core of Thestral hair, I began thinking about how it came into existence. Quite frankly, I don't know if the Grim Reaper himself made it or not, but if he did, he was very smart about getting it exactly right.
  2687. "Now, are there any questions about this creature? Anything you didn't understand about them?"
  2689. Scorpius raised his hand and I said, "Yes, Mr. Malfoy?"
  2691. He asked, "If they are misunderstood creatures, why are people scared of them?"
  2693. I replied, "An excellent question, Mr. Malfoy. They are feared because, since they can only be seen by people who have seen death, they are often associated with Omens of Death, or thought to bring misfortune and bad luck to people who see them."
  2695. As the class went on for another 30 minutes, I then said, "If there are no more questions, I shall now give ye lot your assignment for the week. Ye are to write a page long essay on the Thestral. Now, on to our other lesson. Today we shall continue to practice dueling several new spells."
  2697. Potions Master's Office, 3:00 P.M.
  2699. (Normal POV)
  2701. As Natalie walked into Daphne's office to deliver some papers, she failed to hear the various sounds coming out of the room. Walking in and getting through the door, she said, "Professor Weasley, I have some papers I need you to fill out…"
  2703. She was about to continue the sentence when she realized she had accidentally walked in on Ron Weasley shagging his wife on her desk. As she realized her mistake, all three of their faces turned redder than the Weasley family hair.
  2705. "I'll come back later." She quickly said before running back out the door she just walked through.
  2707. Having left the room, Natalie proceeded to cast several privacy charms on the office to insure they wouldn't be interrupted again by anyone unlucky enough to have a need to speak with them.
  2709. Walking away, Natalie had three things go through her mind. The first was how Ron was lucky to have caught a woman like Daphne Greengrass. The second was clearly how Ron had 'grown' into a man. The third was the tempting idea of joining them. She quickly dismissed that idea. Daphne would be too possessive to share.
  2711. 'Then again, there's always Harry and Hermione.' Natalie thought playfully to herself, wondering if the two of them could handle her in bed.
  2713. DADA Classroom, Tuesday, March 17th, 2017, 9:00 P.M.
  2715. (Emily's POV)
  2717. "Great job ye two. Ye both are doing great." I said as Natalie and Luna finished practicing several curses and defensive spells. Ever since Minerva had assigned me to teach Natalie more offensive spells, she has been doing great. In fact, 2 weeks ago, Luna came and asked me if I could teach her as well.
  2719. As we sat down to drink some Irish Whiskey, we began talking about life in general and how it was treating us. I asked Luna, "How have ye taken to Neville trying to become a Son?"
  2721. "I support his decision to try to become one. I understand what that life entails and I have faith in him. It is interesting that Ginny's husband along with two of the elder Weasley brothers are Prospects along with him." Luna said as she nursed her shot of whiskey. "How you taken to dating Danny Giving's? I'd venture to say that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree."
  2723. I replied, "Danny and I have been getting along fine. I don't get to see him much, but I've always found time to write to him at night."
  2725. As we continued talking, I finally turned to Natalie. It was time to ask a question I had been dreading hearing the answer to. I know that Omens of Death are a fact as clear as life itself and certain as Death itself. In all recorded history, no one has ever survived after a Banshee predicted their death, but just this once, I prayed that I would be wrong. "How's Hagrid doing?"
  2727. Natalie replied, "He's not getting worse, but he's not getting better either. Apart from his cancer, Hagrid's doing great. He's just trying to enjoy life one day at a time."
  2729. As she spoke the words, she didn't know it, but me heart was in a vice. Not only was he going to have to go to St. Mungo's in May and never come out, but I haven't spoken to him or even visited him lately. Tomorrow, at break, I'm going to. I don't give a shite about anything else. I will make time for me best friend.
  2731. "Natalie, I have tried to be as positive as I can, but I can not ignore what's in front of me. Thus, I have to ask you a very serious question."
  2733. Natalie looked at me as did Luna. "What is it, Emily?"
  2735. "In the event that Hagrid..." I paused, trying to think up the right thing to say. "If he ends up having to leave Hogwarts, can you take up his mantle as Gameskeeper?"
  2737. "I have watched Hagrid and learned a lot from him. Though I'm sure that the knowledge of magical creatures is only half the battle. Am I right?"
  2739. Thankfully, Luna chose to voice this answer for me. "Many students like Harry, Hermione and Ron had confided in him when times were bad. Can you be as much a confidant for the students as he?"
  2741. I couldn't help but notice that Luna did not use any tenses at all. I'm glad for that.
  2743. "I hope that I can." Natalie said.
  2745. I cast a charm to find out what time it was and said, "It seems we talked well into tomorrow. The two of you ought to get to bed. It's 1 in the freakin' morning!"
  2747. They both agreed about that and as they left, I knew in me heart that I would visit Hagrid tomorrow.
  2749. (Normal POV)
  2751. "Natalie, I know that you have feelings for Hagrid." Luna's words instantly caught Natalie's attention. "Do not worry. I approve. He would need someone bigger than him to help him through these times. It also helps that you are strong. In fact, I know you are stronger than what you let on."
  2753. "Thank you, Luna." Natalie said as they walked outside to the courtyard.
  2755. "Oh, by the way, I have a surprise for you." Taking the half-giant's hand, Luna let Natalie towards a willow tree that was not there before. Natalie had passed the area many times before and had not seen the willow tree before now.
  2757. Waving her wand, Luna removed the glamour to reveal a customized Harley Davidson Bobber with blacked out 14" ape hangers on risers with easy grip handles, customized fuel tank, a tractor style seat and another behind it for a passenger, high shock absorbers, easy handling along with steering and road stability, an enhanced and customized V-Twin engine and enchanted saddlebags for anything and everything she would need to take with her. "Since you are going to be heading out with SAMDON and the others, I thought it would help you fit in with them."
  2759. Natalie hugged Luna in gratitude. "Thank you."
  2761. Wednesday, March 18th, 2018, Hagrid's Hut, 8:00 A.M.
  2763. (Emily's POV)
  2765. I walked up to the old hut with a vice holding me black heart in place. I hadn't gone to see him in a long time and I guess now I was feeling the guilt for doing something so foolish. Why had I neglected visiting me best friend for so long? Especially knowing that he was going to die soon! I will never let this folly happen again.
  2767. I knocked on the door and Natalie answered it. "Hey, Emily! How are ya?"
  2769. "I'm doing well, Natalie. I came by to visit Hagrid and chat it up with 'im."
  2771. As she motioned for me to come in, Hagrid was getting up. As Natalie helped him get up, Hagrid saw me and smiled. "Emily! Great to see ye. How 'ave ya been?"
  2773. I replied, "I've been well, Hagrid. I'm sorry for not visiting ye earlier. I really am."
  2775. Hagrid shrugged off me apology and said, "I don't hold it against ya. I know being the Defense Professor takes a lot of your time up and ya don't have a lot of free time, Em."
  2777. As Natalie made us some tea, I studied me old friend as we took out seats at his table. It was showing around his eyes that he was ill and he seemed to have not had a good night's sleep in days. Though I know he is bound for death, I still wish he didn't have to suffer like he was. It was enough to wretch me heart even more than it was already.
  2779. As all three of us sipped our morning tea, Hagrid said, "Let's take a walk. I need some fresh air."
  2781. I replied, "Wonderful idea, Hagrid."
  2783. As we started walking, I saw Hagrid and Natalie shiver a bit. Though I couldn't feel it, I knew that there was a slight chill in the air.
  2785. "Hagrid, we can go back inside if ye want." I spoke, hoping that I didn't sound too much like a mother hen.
  2787. "It's alright, Emily. I don't mind tha' chill." Hagrid said, enjoying our company. "The cool air is invigorating. It reminds me I'm still alive to feel it in my bones."
  2789. Walking along the shore of the Black Lake arm in arm for 30 more minutes, Natalie said, "Hagrid, I'm going to be away this weekend, starting on Friday. I am sorry about having to leave you here by yourself."
  2791. Patting Natalie's hand with his, Hagrid said, "Don't you worry about me, Natalie. I'll be alright. Luna and Andromeda offered to help me out while you're away with SAMDON and the Order. I'll be fine."
  2793. After he spoke the words, Hagrid asked, "By the way, what exactly are ye going to Belfast for anyway?"
  2795. That actually caught Natalie by surprise. Before she could say what they would be doing, I covered for her by saying, "They're off to find a notable witch who had gone into a self imposed exile long ago. A lead picked up by SAMBEL told them that she was spotted somewhere in Belfast. They're going to try and bring her back into society, Hagrid. That's all."
  2797. He seemed to accept that answer with ease. "Emily, it was nice of you to come visit us. It really was. I'll see ya later. I got to go show Natalie how to make Treacle Fudge for the students."
  2799. I looked to Natalie and said, "Good luck with 'hat. I'll see ye later, Hagrid."
  2801. As we bear hugged each other, I couldn't help but wonder how many bear hugs we would be able to have before he passes away? How am I going to cope with his passing?
  2803. March 20th, SAMDON Clubhouse, The Lot, 8:30 P.M.
  2805. (Bellatrix's POV)
  2807. "Are you guys sure you don't need me on this one?" asked Danny and Tig in chorus as we loaded up our bikes saddlebags with our bags. I really do love their loyalty, but we need to do this one alone.
  2809. Quinn said, "Danny, Tig, we'll be fine. Seamus says his Sgt. At Arms should cover for both of ya. Besides, if we need ya, Ron can get ya there just as quick as he can."
  2811. I'm glad that Quinn is able to calm those two down. Otherwise, I'm not sure what we'd do with him. Bill Sr., Quinn, Jack, Harry, Natalie, Tonks and I were going to Belfast today to meet up with the SAMBEL leader, Seamus Ryan and his S.A.A., Tim Finnegan and look for Morgana. I can only hope that we can convince her to join us and help us stop this threat.
  2813. I turned to Tig and gave him a big bear hug before we all mounted our bikes and, holding each other's hands, apparated to Belfast, Northern Ireland.
  2815. Emily's Office, 8:45 P.M.
  2817. (Emily's POV)
  2819. I was about to start drinking me first can o' Guinness of the day when I saw the two way notebook that I shared with Danny glowing. Whenever I had a message from Danny boy waiting for me, it always glowed. The brighter it was, the more urgent it was. Currently, it wasn't really bright, but I guess I could use some conversation.
  2821. I picked the pen and opened it up. It read, 'Em, are ya around?'
  2823. I wrote, 'I am Danny boy. What's on your mind beside wild sex?'
  2825. He wrote, 'I got something other than mounting you. I'd like to show ya in the English Country side. How'd ya like to learn how to shoot?'
  2827. I replied, 'Absolutely.'
  2829. He wrote, 'Meet me at the Burger King on the beginning of Fleet Street tomorrow at Noon.'
  2831. I wrote, 'Love ye, Danny boy.'
  2833. He wrote, 'Love ya too, Em.'
  2835. As I put down the pen, I began fantasizing about learning how to shoot a gun. I knew that Danny and the Sons love guns and I'd like to find out if I enjoyed them me self. I guess it couldn't 'urt to learn how.
  2837. As Bones and me other cats began to go to sleep in me lap and desk, I began wondering if Harry and the people going with 'im would be able to convince Morgana Le Fay, the very first student of Salazar Slytherin and psychopathic Dark Witch, to help defeat Grindelwald and defend Hogwarts?
  2839. I sure hope so.
  2841. Chapter 34
  2843. March 20th, Friday, The Road to Belfast, 8:45 P.M.
  2845. (Bellatrix's POV)
  2847. I must say that, aside from a good shag with Tig, there is nothing more in this world that I love to do more than ride my Harley Davidson with the wind blowing through my hair and in my face while I try to avoid getting bugs stuck in my teeth.
  2849. The whole time, I kept reminding myself that this was not a regular ride through the countryside. With Quinn and Jack leading the way, and Bill Sr. and Harry right behind him, that left me, Tonks and Natalie to take up the rear of this motorcade.
  2851. Currently, we were riding out to meet Seamus Ryan and his Sgt. At Arms, Tim Finnegan, to escort us to the SAMBEL Clubhouse. Tomorrow, we would head out to find one of the most feared Dark Witches in all of history other than myself. It was not going to be easy. If any of the historical facts about her hold any validity, she would be difficult, if not impossible, to recruit for either the Order or the Club. Like Harry and the others, I'm not sure if Morgana Le Fay, the only woman I can honestly say scares me, would agree to fight for our cause, let alone care for it.
  2853. As we came into a clearing, we saw 2 motorcycles parked, with 2 men mounted on them. As we all came to a stop and shut off our bikes, Quinn walked up to the oldest of the 2, a man in his late 50s with frizzy hair partly tied back in a ponytail, and gave him a bear hug. "Hey, Seamus!"
  2855. "Eskimo!" replied Seamus as he returned the hug from the taller man. "Welcome to Belfast, my own slice of guerilla warfare that I call home."
  2857. I watched as another man, Tim Finnegan walked up and greeted the rest of us. Between respectful handshakes to Bill Sr. and Harry along with several attempts at flirting with Tonks and Natalie, Finnegan seemed very approachable. Only when he got to me, he froze so quickly I almost saw icicles grow out of his nose. With a quick look to Harry, Finnegan asked, "Why is she 'ere?"
  2859. "Ease yourself, Finnegan. If she was here to cause torment and agony, she would have started belting out Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black songs on a Karaoke machine." Harry said, making all of us cringe.
  2861. "Harry, how could you say that?" I said in shock. "I know I had a very horrific past as a Death Eater but I was never that cruel, even to the people I hated."
  2863. "Ok, that moment of mental scarring not withstanding, let's get you guys home
  2865. to SAMBEL." Seamus said, motioning for us to saddle up on their Harleys.
  2867. Without another word on our parts, we rode off.
  2869. SAMBEL Clubhouse, 9:00 P.M.
  2871. (Quinn's POV)
  2873. I've always loved visiting another charter's clubhouse, no matter where they were located. Back in the day when I was a SEAL, I was mostly restricted to California, Oregon, Washington and Nevada. Only rarely was I allowed to venture out of those 4 states. Luckily, after I retired from them, I was allowed to go where I pleased.
  2875. One of the things I love about each clubhouse is that they are all different from one another and in various sizes as well. For example, the SAMBEL clubhouse we were entering was a one room flat with their table at the center of it with a bar to the right side of it.
  2877. As Bellatrix, Tonks and Natalie entered behind us, I pulled Bellatrix over and said to her, "Bella, I know that Harry doesn't want to cheat on his Ol Lady. Can you and Natalie possibly talk with the Sweetbutts and tell them he's off limits?"
  2879. She replied, "Absolutely."
  2881. As she, Tonks, and Natalie walked off, me, Harry, Jack and Bill Sr. walked up to a free table and plopped out butts down. As we did, Trinity Ashby walked up to us and asked, "What can I get you?"
  2883. "Hot cocoa with marshmallows if you have them." Harry said.
  2885. "A pint o' Guinness." Replied, Bill.
  2887. "Bushnell's, straight." Jack said.
  2889. She then turned to me and I said without hesitation, "Get me an Irish Car Bomb."
  2891. As I spoke the words, I knew I had caught the attention of my fellow officers. Very few ever drank that, but it was the anniversary of Tommy's death and I was going to make sure I honored him.
  2893. While Trinity walked up to the bar to get us our drinks, Jack looked at me and said, "I never pegged you to have that drink in an Irish Pub, Eskimo."
  2895. I looked at him and as I rolled up the left sleeve of my shirt, I said, "It's not my normal type of drink."
  2897. I have a lot of tattoos. Aside from the Reaper on my back, Right Bicep, and my outer left forearm, I also have traditional Eskimo wedding vows on my right inner forearm in black English Calligraphy, the Grim Reaper sitting on a throne of skulls, laughing, while holding an M-16 with a red dot sight and with the American and Navy SEAL team flags hanging from the back rests covering my outer right forearm, a Celtic cross on my left bicep, my wife and daughters name above my heart, and 'SEAL Team 6' as a necklace around my collarbone, along with baby footprints below my heart, representing my daughter.
  2899. But out of all of those, one tattoo means the most to me. It was an old tombstone covering my inner left forearm, with 'Tommy' written in it. That man saved my life and I will never forget him.
  2901. As I showed them the tombstone tattoo, Harry was the one who asked, "Who's the tattoo for?"
  2903. I replied solemnly, "It's for the first Sergeant At Arms for SAMCRO before Tig came on board in '85, and the first Sergeant At Arms for the Nomads before Danny reset the standards. Thomas Aleks Moran. His old man was Irish and his Ma was Russian. Made for an interesting blend. Used to tell me he was the by product of Irish Ire and Russian Rage. But I knew the truth."
  2905. "What's that?" asked Bill as Trinity and a sweet butt came up to us with our drinks.
  2907. I replied with a sense of nostalgia in my tone of voice, "It only meant he could drink a lot of whiskey and vodka and get away with it by saying he was honoring both sides of his family, followed by a 'Sláinte' and 'Budem zdorovy'. He drank this with chasers. One with a whiskey chaser, and another with a vodka chaser."
  2909. I paused a moment as it was set before me and I received a chaste kiss on my cheek by Trinity, who said, "Here you go, Eskimo."
  2911. I replied, "Thanks Trinity."
  2913. As she and the sweet butt walked away, Jack asked, "How did he find you or how did you find him?"
  2915. As I reminisced on his memory, I said, "Most of us can't control when we're born. Tommy was born in the final years of WW2. He grew up in America and had a strong sense of love for his country, much like I do. He loved it so much, he enlisted the day he was old enough to. Army took him, sent him to boot camp, and a few years later, he became a Ranger. Then Vietnam happened. Tommy was a POW for 3 years in the Hellhole that was the V.C. prison camp. Some things happened to him there that didn't go away. What those Communist Sons of Bitches did to him messed him up so much that the Army gave him a Section 8."
  2917. That disgusted each of them as it did me. Yeah, I know that Tommy was more than a little messed up in the head, but I think that would have made him a better soldier. Bill asked, "They thought he wasn't mentally fit to serve the country he fought so hard for?"
  2919. I replied, "That's politics for ya. When he got home, he was looking for something to take his mind off of the camp. Well, then he jumped on what he once called his saving grace. A Harley Chopper. He rode to his home town of Charming, where he met up with the First Nine of the Sons. A year of prospecting later, he got patched in, promoted to Sgt. At Arms for SAMCRO."
  2921. As they nursed their drinks, they saw I hadn't touched mine yet. I didn't feel it was time yet.
  2923. Harry asked, "How'd you meet him, Quinn?"
  2925. I replied, "Met 'im the day I went to JT with the request of forming the Nomad Charter. Even though he had regained some sense of mental control, I saw the look in his eyes. He felt confined and needed to break free. He was a lot like me in that sense. He loved SAMCRO, but he felt too confined in a small town. He had PTSD and often woke up screaming and sweating like he was back in 'Nam. I mentioned I needed a Sgt. At Arms for the Nomads. Not 12 hours later, he went to JT and Clay and transferred to the Nomads, serving as it's first ever Sgt. At Arms."
  2927. Bill said, "Sounds like he really got to ya."
  2929. I let out a rare laugh and said, "Yeah, he did. In many ways, I'm a dad to every Nomad in my Charter, including him. He had a way of charming his way up the skirt or down the pants of every sweet butt he set his eyes on. One time, he had 3 sweet butts hanging over his arms. As he was leading them off for a good time, he yells out, 'Ranger lead the way!". Even when he was going to tap 3 girls at one time, he still had a love for the Army and his country."
  2931. As we laughed at that funny moment, Harry asked, "Did he retire?"
  2933. That stopped my laughter instantly. I know that Harry didn't know, but it still hurt. "No. One day, in '95, I got a call to have a meeting with the leader of a really small MC called the Duffy Brogues. James 'Jig' Kenny, their leader, called me over to a bar in Lodi. Said that they had an offer we couldn't refuse."
  2935. I took a pause to drink from the Car Bomb and to take a deep breath before saying, "They needed the protection only the Sons could provide in order to help bring in deliveries from Canada into the States. They told us that just for watching the cargo, we'd each get half a million for the first job. I'm not a greedy man and I'm not blind or stupid either. Those bastards were in bed with the Galindo Cartel. Every Son worth his saltines swore that they would never get involved with drugs. We turned them down. The next day, we were attacked."
  2937. I paused to pulled out one of the two necklaces I wear. It was the well worn slug of an AK-47 that was meant for my liver. As I showed them it, I said, "This bullet would have killed me if Tommy hadn't taken it for me. It struck his heart and killed him instantly. Within a week, the Duffy Brogues MC and every member of it was wiped off of the face of this earth. Jig was the last to go. It wasn't until I had him strung up like a pig that he confessed to giving the order that killed Tommy. Then he made the mistake of threatening my daughter. After that, he screamed like a girl and bleed like a pig as I stabbed over and over so many times he almost bled out. I only stopped stabbing him to take a sawed off shotgun and turn his head into blood-splattered confetti. After that, we firebombed their clubhouse to ashes. To this day, no one has ever tried to resurrect that Bullshit MC."
  2939. They all stared at me as I chugged down the Car Bomb. Harry said, "Sorry to hear that, Quinn."
  2941. I replied, "In his Will, Tommy wanted ever Son that attended his funeral and Wake to have an Irish Car Bomb in their hand and to drink in his memory while he was buried. I drink this every anniversary of his death in his memory."
  2943. "To Tommy Aleks Moran. May he rest in peace." Harry spoke as the four of us toasted to Tommy Moran.
  2945. SAMBEL Clubhouse, Outside, 9:15 P.M.
  2947. (Bellatrix's POV)
  2949. I walked up to the woman I assumed to be the head of the sweet butts of SAMBEL, "You got a minute?"
  2951. "Sure. What's going on?" She asked.
  2953. Tonks and Natalie came up behind me as I spoke. "You know that Son with the glasses and black hair?"
  2955. The woman said, "Yeah. He's kinda cute for a little guy." Looking between my niece, the half-giant and myself, she said, "Don't tell me any of you have already taken him."
  2957. I gave a hearty laugh and replied, "Sorry. He's a bit young for my tastes. Besides, I'm already taken by someone taller, crazier and about my age."
  2959. Tonks held up her ring-clad hand. "I'm already taken as well but not by Harry."
  2961. As Tonks and I both held up our respective wedding rings, Natalie said, "I'm not married but I have met Harry's wife. So I know full well that the SAMDON VP is taken. We need you to spread the word to all your ladies and all the others that visit SAMBEL. Harry Potter is off limits."
  2963. The head sweet butt replied, "I have no problem with staying clear of the SAMDON VP. If he's in the mood and Lady Luck is not a gash, I'll take a chance with Seamus tonight."
  2965. As we took our seats, I asked, "You're Seamus' Ol' Lady?"
  2967. With a wistful smile, she replied, "I wish. He hasn't taken an Ol' Lady. Keith told him that he needs to before he gets to be his age, but Seamus hasn't. I can tell ye one thing for certain. There isn't any shortage of ladies here who'd love to be the lucky one."
  2969. We all laughed at that. As we did, Natalie looked to me and Tonks. "How'd you two like to go on a midnight ride with me?"
  2971. Tonks and I looked at each other and said in chorus, "Absolutely."
  2973. As we were about to walk to our bikes, I stopped by Tim Finnegan and said, "Tell Quinn and the others we're going out for a midnight run."
  2975. "I will. But I will say this straight to your face. I don't know what you're game is, Lestrange, but I don't trust ye. I read all about ye in the Prophet. Even though ye were cleared by 12 jurors and the Minister of Magic herself, I don't believe it or you for one minute."
  2977. "I hate to wound your ego, Timothy Finnegan, but you are not the first one to have doubted me and my reform. I'm actually surprised that SAMBEL reads anything printed out by The Prophet much less invests any credibility to that newspaper. So let's get a few things clear right here and now. I don't go by the name Lestrange anymore. In fact, it would serve you well to never refer to me or address me by that name again in the future. I am Bellatrix Trager now."
  2979. Though I had my eyes glued right at Finnegan, I could feel Tonks and Natalie watching us the whole time. "If I wasn't innocent, why would I marry a Muggle, the very type of people I would have cut down without a second thought."
  2981. "Either you're a more superb actress than any I have ever met in my life or it's the perfect 'get out of Azkaban free' card if there ever was one." Finnegan said, causing me to smile rather than growl.
  2983. "Looks like ye got yourself a hearty set of stones and a sturdy spine of steel in your time with SAMBEL, didn't ya? Good for you. Now if you can take the time to think with the head on your shoulders instead of the one in your trousers, you would have seen the ultimate proof that I have changed from what and who I was."
  2985. "What would that be?" Tim Finnegan asked before I pressed myself up against his ear and whispered, "You're still alive."
  2987. Pulling back, I saw his face go pale momentarily before regaining color and blood flow to his skin.
  2989. The stare down continued for a while before he looked to Tonks and Natalie and said, "Be careful out there. It's night out in Belfast and there are risks to riding out at night in the countryside."
  2991. Without another word spoken between either of us, I went back to Natalie and Tonks, who were already sitting on their respective Harleys. I hopped onto mine, placed on me helmet and said, "Let's ride."
  2993. With that, we fired them up, and rode out into the country side with me leading the pack.
  2995. 3 Hours Later, the Country side of Belfast
  2997. (Bellatrix's POV)
  2999. I love riding this bike. I love feeling the wind in my face and blowing through my hair. That was what I was thinking as we rode through the country side, managing 70 miles an hour down the country roads, with Tonks and Natalie right behind me. Fortunately, we hadn't came across any trouble. I guess that even the Loyalists, the police forces, the Real IRA and all the rift raft of the countryside need to sleep. Though we were all enjoying ourselves, we decided it was time to head back to SAMBEL and get some sleep.
  3001. As we continued riding down the winding road, an elderly woman came into our headlights. She was walking down the side of the road and was using a walking stick to help her move.
  3003. We stopped our Harleys and dismounted them. As she turned around, Natalie asked, "Do you need a ride, ma'am?"
  3005. She said in an old voice, "Yes, I do. Can you take me to Moira? I need to pick up something from the bakery there."
  3007. I looked to Tonks and Natalie and said, "That's not far from here. Hop on the back of my Harley,…uh?"
  3009. She gave a small smile, "I'm Iris Galway. Thank you, young lady."
  3011. It took all my self restraint not to burst out laughing at her statement. I guess she's a little bit out there and older than me. I'm by no means a young lady. I guess she might be going blind. But I guess she does need a ride, and we are more than happy to help her.
  3013. Natalie and Tonks helped get Iris get situated on the rear passenger seat of my Harley before mounting their own Harley Davidson motorcycles again.
  3015. As we rode off, it felt weird to me. I've never had someone ride bitch with me before. Aside from me having my own Harley, Tig has never let me ride his, thus the reason he bought me my first Harley. But I guess I shouldn't get used to it. None of the Sons would ever let me ride them anywhere.
  3017. A few minutes later, we had driven Iris to Moira and dropped her off at the bakery. As I helped her off of the Harley, she said, "Thank you all. Most people would not have noticed me or have bothered to help."
  3019. Natalie replied, "Think nothing of it, Ms. Galway. We're more than happy to do it."
  3021. "Do you have anyone in Moira that you'd like us to fetch for you? Loved ones? Family?" Tonks asked. Iris smiled at her concern.
  3023. "Don't fret yourself over an old lady. I'll be well on my own here and I have you to thank for bringing me here." She said as she looked to the three of us. "We will meet again soon. Thank you all."
  3025. (Normal POV)
  3027. As the three witches rode off, the short elderly lady took from her arm holster a 13" wand made of Ebony wood with Yew lining and Phoenix feather core and took off the Glamour Charm that had been concealing her true identity.
  3029. As the Glamour Charm dissipated, she transformed from being shorter than 5ft to becoming 5'7" with long dark hair, Irish Green eyes, a youthful face and equally youthful body. She was Morgana Le Fay.
  3031. "It would seem that humanity does have some good left in it after all." Morgana said to herself as she watched the three witches ride off. "We will meet again, Natalie Largen, Nymphadora Lupin and Bellatrix Trager. Oh, yes, we will."
  3033. Chapter 35
  3035. SAMBEL Clubhouse, The Lot, 8:50 A.M.
  3037. (Normal POV)
  3039. "Everyone gone to the loo? We ain't stopping once we get going." said Harry as he, Bellatrix, Tonks, and Natalie mounted their Harleys. The quartet had all gotten their breakfast 30 minutes ago and after discussing several locations, they finally decided which one they would take first.
  3041. "We're good, Harry. We went 8 minutes ago." replied Bellatrix. After exchanging goodbyes with everyone there, they fired their bikes up and rode out of the old lot and towards the rolling hills of Ireland to find the most feared Dark Witch in all of history.
  3043. When the quartet was well out of sight and hearing distance, Quinn turned to Tim Finnegan and asked, "Alright, douchebag. The coast is clear. Start talking. What the hell is your problem with Bellatrix? She hasn't done jack to ya."
  3045. Tim looked at the older man. "She hasn't done jack to me. I'll give her that. I just don't trust her. A psychopath like her never changes. She's got all of ye bewitched!"
  3047. Quinn looked down at the shorter man, before pulling his head up so he could look him in the eye. "Listen here, runt, if you don't quit bad mouthing Tig's Ol' Lady, you'll have to deal with him as well as her. In the time that I've known her, she hasn't done anything to make me distrust her. You got that?"
  3049. Tim stared in fear at the older man before nodding. Quinn let him go, satisfied that he struck the proper amount of fear into the younger man. "Good."
  3051. While Tim shook off Quinn's bear grip, Seamus came over to Quinn. "Ye need to stop harassing me Sgt. at Arms, Eskimo. I'm sure ye know better than I do that good ones are hard to come by."
  3053. "Amen to that." Quinn replied. "There's talk among the ranks that you still haven't found yourself an Ol' Lady. That right?"
  3055. Seamus looked at him and replied almost in a resigned manner. "I haven't found one yet. Doesn't stop me from enjoying the women around me. A part of me doesn't think I ever will. Ye know I'm more of a man 'hore than Tig or Dylan, the SAMYORK Sgt. at Arms up in New York."
  3057. Quinn replied, "It ain't impossible. Danny recently found himself a special lady friend and we both know how he is."
  3059. Seamus looked at him surprised. "Psycho found 'imself an Ol' Lady?"
  3061. Quinn replied, "He doesn't like using that term with her, but the same rules apply. Anyone who touches her besides him is going to either be castrated or have one a hand less than what he had before."
  3063. The Roads of Belfast, 11:30 A.M.
  3065. (Bellatrix's POV)
  3067. "Harry, we've been up and down these roads for hours now. It's obvious she isn't here." said my Niece through our headsets in our helmets. I couldn't help but agree with her.
  3069. We had been going down this same road since 9 this morning. In that time, we haven't found hide or hair of Morgana or her whereabouts and we all wanted to stop and have lunch before continuing the hunt.
  3071. Harry replied, "I guess we can stop for lunch now. Afterwards, we can try another road."
  3073. We all agreed with his statement and we pulled over to a nice spot and set up our picnic lunch, which consisted of Turkey Sandwiches, hand made yeast rolls, some Fried Chicken, and some soda pop.
  3075. As we sat down on the blanket underneath the shade of a willow tree and tucked in, Natalie asked me a question. "What's with Finnegan harassing you?"
  3077. "I assume that you know about my past." I said, looking at the half-giant witch. "Not everyone is ready to forgive me. A lot of people don't forget either. Some never will, nor will they ever fully trust me. Quite frankly, I'm used to it."
  3079. "Well, for what it's worth, Bellatrix, what I see in front of me is a devoted wife and a loving mother. That old you that Finnegan can't seem to forget is dead and buried. You have grown a lot since then, Bellatrix."
  3081. "Thanks, Natalie. I guess if anyone knows what it feels about growing as a person, it would be you." I said as we hugged each other.
  3083. As we continued talking and eating, I began thinking about Finnegan. He had started Hogwarts two years after I had graduated, and he had been through both wars. I guess it would make sense he wouldn't trust me. On the other hand, I really don't care if he does trust me or not. In fact, I'd be scared if some people didn't feel scared of me.
  3085. It wasn't long before we finished our lunch. As we were picking up our trash, Natalie said, "What's that over there?"
  3087. We all looked over and saw a house not 30 ft from us. It was an old cottage with a white fence, dozens of gardens and orchids, and appeared to be in good shape. Could this really be the home of Morgana Le Fay?
  3089. "It looks like a cottage. Why don't we go up and see who's there?" Tonks asked.
  3091. Burger King, Noon, Beginning of Fleet Street
  3093. (Emily's POV)
  3095. If it weren't for the fact that I was in a public restaurant, I would have most likely started to scratch the itch I was feeling right now as I waited for Danny to show up. The idea of learning to shoot guns with me Ol' Man has got me so excited that I was getting really wet.
  3097. I had been waiting for Danny to show up for a few minutes. Aside from it turning me on, you could say I was slightly nervous. I have never held a gun in me life, let alone fired one. What if I screwed up and made a fool out of me self in front of Danny?
  3099. As I started to move around in me seat, the door opened, and Danny walked over to me booth. I stood up immediately and gave him a firm handshake. He had been the one who said we shouldn't do public displays of affections because of what he does for a living. If the wrong person saw me, I'd be in danger. I know full well I could handle me self in that kind of situation, but I guess it's more for his own sake than mine that I go along with it. Come to think of it, aside from the comfort of the clubhouse, or in his own home, I don't think Tig has ever displayed affection for Bellatrix in public.
  3101. "'ey Danny Boy! How are ye?" I asked as he sat down with me so that we could discuss what we would be doing today.
  3103. "I'm well, Em. Today, you're going learn how to shoot a gun." said Danny, looking around, as if scanning the place for any threat.
  3105. I replied, "That's great, Danny boy. What kinds do ye have for me to try out?"
  3107. Danny then said, "Well, before I tell you what kind I picked out, I want you to know that it was not easy. Let's be honest. You're 5'1" and about 130 pounds. That instantly rules out some of the options I had picked out before I thought about it. In the side car of my Harley in a duffle bag, I've got some .410 sawed off shotguns, some .38 special revolvers and the gun that won the west, a Winchester M1894. Before the day is over, you will know how to shoot."
  3109. "Sounds great Danny. Can we go now? I'm getting excited." I replied.
  3111. "Don't worry. I got a spot picked out. I figure that you can do something to make sure no one comes across us, right?" I winked my eye in response.
  3113. "Let's go."
  3115. Having said that, we both stood up and exited the building. Getting in the sidecar of his Harley, we rode off. As we did, I knew that it was important that I place some silencing and privacy charms around us while we were doing this. Aside from not wanting to be disturbed, England had some of the nastier laws regarding guns, and if we were caught, we would face some jail time.
  3117. Then again, I have always been an adrenaline junkie and I've never really regarded most laws.
  3119. A few hours later, we arrived in a remote place out in the country side, far away from civilization. After casting several privacy and silencing charms on the area, Danny started laying out the firearms that he had brought. Several of them appeared to be the 38 revolvers he had mentioned while 3 others were rifles with a pumping device on the foregrip.
  3121. But the one that caught me eyes was the final one. It was a rifle that had a lever where you pulled the trigger at, encompassing the lower part of the grip.
  3123. "Why is this gun referred to as 'the gun that won the west'?" I asked, unfamiliar with why a gun would have such a moniker.
  3125. "The breach is not exposed, thus it does not jam. Unlike most other repeating rifles, there is little to no coarse action with the lever. You could even use your small finger to work the lever and you can without any physical strain. It's also light and maneuverable, which is why this would be the ideal weapon for you."
  3127. As I picked it up, Danny pulled out a box of ammo and started showing me how to load it. Soon, it had 7 rounds in it, along with a round in the chamber. Helping me get into the proper stance, he whispered into me ear, "Now squeeze the trigger. Don't jerk it. Take two steady breaths. Before you exhale on the second, fire."
  3129. As I did what he said, I squeezed the trigger and a huge explosion rang out in me ears. I hadn't realized that I had shut my eyes closed until I heard Danny saying, "You can open your eyes now."
  3131. I opened them, and saw that I hadn't came close to hitting the target and I was shaking slightly. I had no idea that shooting a gun would make me flinch like that.
  3133. Danny chuckled. "Not bad for your first time but you need some work. Now eject that empty shell and chamber another one."
  3135. I cocked the lever and was surprised to find it moved really easily at my command. I guess he was right. It was perfect for someone like me.
  3137. Having gone through 8 different tubes of ammo for the Winchester, I finally gotten the hang of firing it. As I ejected the final shell casing with graceful ease and with confidence in my shooting, Danny took it from me hands and set the Winchester aside. "Now that you've proven yourself effective with the Winchester, let's see how ya do with a scattergun."
  3139. He then picked up a shotgun and started explaining how it works. "This is a Mossberg M500 in .410 instead of the normal 12 Gauge, so it won't kick as much. Great thing about this gun is that you don't really need to aim it, especially when you're using Double Ought Buckshot. Since it's multiple pellets as opposed to a single bullet, the shot goes everywhere, not just at your desired target."
  3141. After he had showed me how to load it, I took it in me hands, eager to squeeze off a few rounds. Aiming it from me hip, I fired it. As it kicked back, it shot a hold right through the can of soup I was aiming at, spilling the insides out onto the ground.
  3143. "Great job!" Danny said, encouraging me as I watched the smoke coming out of the barrel.
  3145. After about 2 hours of shooting and Danny critiquing me where I needed it, I could now honestly say I know how to fire a shotgun, a Winchester Rifle and a .38 revolver. I was so excited that I began thinking this was Danny's idea of seducing me.
  3147. Before I could say this to him, his Prepaid rang. "Psycho. What is it?"
  3149. After a few more minutes, he replied, "Absolutely. I'd love to. By the way, it alright if I bring Em.?"
  3151. Without another word, he hung up and looked to me. "Can you possibly get me to Fred and George's house? They need me to help test fire some of their weapons."
  3153. As he spoke the words, I began feeling something that you could say would be giddy. Until today, I've never fired guns before. Having learned what I have, I know now that they could bring fun and excitement to ye just like the killing curse or me Banshee Scream brings pleasure to me.
  3155. I asked, "Can I come with ye and help?"
  3157. He said, "Some of those guns have a lot of recoil. You sure you could handle them?"
  3159. I nodded enthusiastically at his question before we went back to his Harley and apparated to the Burrow. I can't wait to shoot some shite. From what Danny told me, they had some major hardware and I wanted to check it out.
  3161. The Burrow, Backyard, 2:30 P.M.
  3163. (Emily's POV)
  3165. As we landed in the backyard of the Burrow, Fred and George greeted us with a big bear hug for each of us.
  3167. "Glad you made it, Psycho." said Fred as we dismounted Danny Boy's Harley.
  3169. "No problem, Fred. You know I'm always up for shootin' shit." replied Danny. As Psycho, Fred and I walked over to the makeshift firing range, George looked at me and asked, "So you really are Psycho's Ol' Lady?"
  3171. I smiled at his question and replied, "He doesn't like using that term with me, but in all honesty, aye. I am his, as he puts it, 'Special Lady Friend'."
  3173. George looked me up and down and said, "Emily, we've known each other since Hogwarts. Hell, you were the one who asked me out to your 7th year Christmas Dance. I wish you both the best but prepare for the worst, Emily, if anything happens to Danny because of you."
  3175. I replied, "I understand that the Sons look out for one another. Don't worry, George. I have no intentions of hurting him or allowing him to get hurt. All that aside, what kind of toys do you boys have for me to play with today?"
  3177. Leading me to the long arms table set up, George began walking me through each. "Here are several pieces of hardware that we got. Glock 40s and 9s, FN-57s, M1911s, some Saiga Shotguns, AK's, M4's and that beast of a gun that Bill keeps around. However, I'm not sure you'd be able to handle them."
  3179. As he spoke the words, he must of have noticed I was jumping up and down in excitement and giddiness. I knew it must look foolish, but I don't care. So many toys and so much fun to be had with all of them.
  3181. "Calm down, Em. If you get any more humid, we're going to need umbrellas, galoshes and raincoats."
  3183. I replied to him with a hint of insanity in me voice, "I just started to learn how to shoot today and Psycho got me hooked. Got to shoot. Got to shoot. Got to shoot."
  3185. George smiled amused at my enthusiasm. "Alright, alright. Calm down. You can shoot some shite. In fact, I think we have a few guns you can use."
  3187. As George attempted to calm me down, I kept on jumping up and down before he finally managed to do so. But that still wasn't enough to contain me excitement as he led me up to where Fred and Danny Boy were. They were standing behind a table full of toys that I needed to play with.
  3189. "Me and Fred picked out some guns that I think you would be able to handle. We got a Glock 23, a Glock 26, an M1911, a FN-57 and a .410 AK-styled Saiga Shotgun. If you are up for it, we might let ya shoot an AK or an M4."
  3191. While he told me what each gun was, I started jumping up and down again in excitement until Danny finally walked over and gave me arse a nice slap. "Knock it off, Em. You can't hold a gun properly if you're jumping up and down like that."
  3193. Even though my CIPA prevented me from feeling the pain, I still felt the pressure and it managed to calm me down enough to say, "What are we waiting for then? Let's get to it!"
  3195. Danny let out a smile as he picked up an FN-57. Walking around me, he placed it in me hands and positioned me correctly. After kissing me neck, he said, "This is an FN-57. Holds 20 in the mag, 1 in the chamber. Difference between this one and a .38 revolver is that this one doesn't need to be cocked back every time. Other than that, hold it and fire it like you did with the .38."
  3197. After that, he let go, and I fired it, the bullet going through the target like it was butter.
  3199. In a matter of minutes, we were all shooting guns at targets. Once he helped me get the feel for it, Danny let me shoot an M4. It was awesome! I love shooting guns! After I had finished with the M4, Danny presented me with an FN-57 as a gift. "You can keep this one."
  3201. Transfiguring a shoulder holster underneath my robes, I had just tucked it away as Ginny called out to me, Danny, Dean and her brothers. "Supper's ready, everyone! Time to clean up and make sure you all check your guns before coming to the table."
  3203. Belfast, Cottage, 11:35 A.M.
  3205. (Bellatrix's POV)
  3207. "Let's go take a look." said Harry as we started walking towards the cottage. With adrenaline racing through me, it was difficult to keep my composure. This could very well be the home of Morgana Le Fay, the most powerful Dark Witch in all of history. So to say that I was nervous would be an understatement.
  3209. As we got closer, we began to notice some of the orchids. They were obviously well used and appeared to be growing food. Whoever lives here obviously likes to grow his or her own food. As we came to the white picket fence, we noticed a young woman with long dark hair leaning over a garden patch with her back to us. Could this be Morgana?
  3211. Natalie was the one who spoke first. "Excuse me, Ma'am, may we speak with you for a moment?"
  3213. The woman slowly got up. Taking off her work gloves, she turned around with a wand in her hand aimed right at us as she stared at us through eyes greener than the hills of Ireland. "Who are you?"
  3215. While we held our hands up in surrender, Tonks said, "We mean you no harm. We just want to talk. I'm Tonks. The three persons with me are Natalie Largen, Bellatrix Trager and Harry Potter."
  3217. She lowered her wand but kept it in hand. "How did you find me?"
  3219. I explained, "We were told by a good friend that you lived in Belfast. We just wish to talk with you. Nothing else."
  3221. "Not many come by to speak with me. Fewer come without ulterior motives. How can I trust what you are telling me?"
  3223. Harry replied, "If it makes you feel more safe, we will leave our wands on your fence. I give you my word, as Vice President of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club's London Charter, that we mean you no harm."
  3225. "Leave your wands and weapons on the ground near my garden. Come join me on the porch. You have five minutes of my time. Do not waste them."
  3227. We looked at each other before stepping into the garden, leaving our weapons by the garden as she instructed. Walking upon the porch, we each took a seat, not once letting our eyes leave hers. I could help but stare at the witch. Could this woman really be Morgana Le Fay, a witch who had been around since the inception of Hogwarts?
  3229. "Yes, Bellatrix. I am indeed the witch you seek. I am Morgana Le Fay. Why have the four of you come to Belfast? Why have you sought me out?"
  3231. Harry then said, "Judging by the Prophet on your porch table, I would assume that you know that Grindelwald has been brought back from the dead. Am I right?"
  3233. "I began reading it when they talked about you leaving the Ministry of Magic for a motorcycle club, Vice President Potter. The story has been, at best, amusing. I have never heard of a motorcycle club before. In regards to Grindelwald, whether he has returned from beyond the grave or not, I do not care. Whoever foolishly resurrected that Dark Lord deserves whatever they get."
  3235. With a come hither motion of her hand, Morgana whisked Harry across the porch and onto her lap. As she traced the faint scar over his eye, I could that Morgana felt his body react to being so close to her.
  3237. "It seems that we both have been going without for a long time. I'm almost compelled to see if you can survive what I could do to you." Morgana whispered into his ear before she cast him back across the porch to us. "Go back to your motorcycle club. What you do with this Dark Lord matter is of no consequence to me."
  3239. In many ways, I shouldn't be surprised at her reply, but it would have been nice for her to have agreed. On the other hand, I understand why she would not have any concern for humanity. She lost the humanity in herself over the years, especially after her Half-Brother's death.
  3241. "Morgana, we need your help." Tonks pleaded. "You're the only one powerful enough to fight Grindelwald."
  3243. Morgana Le Fay walked to my Niece and traced the younger woman's jawline.
  3245. "The question ought to be whether or not I need yours. I don't. Do not deceive yourself into believing that your pleas can persuade me to help your cause, Nymphadora." Morgana said, knowing full well how much Tonks hated being referred to by her first name.
  3247. Natalie took her chances. "We all know about your less than amicable relationship with Merlin, how he turned down your proposal at your graduation. It humiliated you. Grindelwald is a descendant of Merlin. Wouldn't you still wish to exact revenge on him?"
  3249. "Natalie Largen, you're a badger from the House of Hufflepuff. You would not try to entice someone with malicious desires for revenge. The ones I knew are gone. The world I was born into has withered and vanished like the snows of yesteryear. Your five minutes are up. Take your weapons and get off my land."
  3251. Standing up to take our leave, and as she was heading inside, I then played the final card we had. If this didn't convince her, nothing will. "He's going to attack Hogwarts with the simple intent of corrupting the next generation of witches and wizards. If he succeeds, he will throw the world into an inescapable darkness. I would like to believe that the first student taught by Salazar Slytherin himself would stand up to defend her school's honor or her teacher's legacy."
  3253. Morgana kept walking away, turning a deaf ear to my words.
  3255. Nothing we could say seemed to persuade her. Tonks, Natalie and I had all but given up when Harry did something that brought out his Gryffindor courage.
  3257. "I know you loved Arthur."
  3259. His words stopped Morgana in her tracks. Could this possibly be what it takes?
  3261. "He was your half-brother. The one man you genuinely cared for and loved like no other. As children, you looked after him though no one told you to or expected it from you. When he died, a part of you died with him." Harry continued talking without hesitation. "King Arthur fought against oppression, injustice, barbarism and cruelty. We are fighting Grindelwald because he embodies all the things Arthur fought against in life. If you want to honor him, help us fight Grindelwald."
  3263. SAMBEL Clubhouse, 5:00 P.M.
  3265. (Normal POV)
  3267. As the four Harleys pulled into the lot of the clubhouse, the MC party of the day had already started. Sweetbutts were dancing to the music while others were entertaining the members, the barbeque grills were cranking out succulent steaks, hamburgers, baked potatoes, sausages and hot dogs. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. Having stayed out of the more rowdy action of the party, Quinn, Seamus and Bill Sr. spotted Potter, Bellatrix, Tonks and Largen returning. Walking up to the four riders. Quinn was the first to notice the woman riding bitch on his bike. "Welcome home, VP. Who's the lovely lady you brought back to SAMBEL?"
  3269. Morgana stepped off of the back of Harry's Harley and introduced herself.
  3271. "I am Morgana. Who might you be?" She asked, curious of the tall man's accent.
  3273. "Quinn Thomas." he replied, extending his hand. Shaking his hand, Morgana asked, "You accent sounds like none I have ever heard before. What part of Europe are you from, Quinn Thomas?"
  3275. "I'm not from any part of Europe. I am an American. Alaskan born and bred." Quinn answered her. "You don't have to call me by my entire name. You can call me Quinn or Eskimo."
  3277. Only after dismounting the motorcycle did the adrenaline of riding through the Irish countryside saddled on a motorcycle kick in. Compelled by that sensation and over a millennium without the warm touch of a lover, Morgana walked over to Harry, grabbed him by the front of his shirt and kissed him intensely. Pulling back, Morgana smiled at the flushed face on the SAMDON VP. "Thanks for the ride, Harry. It's been a long time since I felt something that powerful between me legs. No time like right now to start made up for lost time and many missed opportunities."
  3279. Leaning in, her lips pressed against his ear, Morgana whispered, "Is that a basilisk in your pants or are you just happy to see me?"
  3281. The combination of those words, her sultry voice and her body pressed against him made Harry almost loose all blood flow to his head. Thankfully, Seamus intervened on Harry's behalf.
  3283. "Morgana, I'm going to have to ask that you not try anything with Harry. He's already married and I'm not sure how 'is wife would take to it." Upon hearing that, Morgana set Harry down since she had to lift him up to her face level to kiss him.
  3285. "Now, aside from the SAMDON VP, there are plenty of men here. We have a BBQ set up, music playing and many people to meet and chat up. Enjoy ye self."
  3287. "What's a BBQ?" Morgana asked before she smelled the food being cooked from a thing with smoke billowing from it a few feet away.
  3289. Looking around, Morgana saw some of the outfits of the other ladies present. With a wave of her wand, Morgana's long dress transformed into a green low cut shirt that displayed plentiful cleavage, along with a pair of black leather pants and heels that accentuated her legs and ass. Her wardrobe transformation did not go unnoticed by Harry, who was now suffering a bad case of blue balls.
  3291. Watching Morgana wander off towards the party, Bellatrix turned to Seamus and Bill Wallace Sr. She almost laughed outright when the SAMBEL President and the SAMDON SAA were watching Morgana walk away like mindless zombies. "Do you know what you've just unleashed on your men, Seamus?"
  3293. "Huh?" was all he could say before bringing himself back down to Earth from cloud 9. "What did I unleash on my guys? She is a woman, right?"
  3295. Bellatrix then said, "Oh, yes. She is a woman. A woman who has not had sex in over a thousand plus years. If you think her pressing up on Harry was bad, you haven't seen anything yet."
  3297. Looking to Bill, Bellatrix said, "I suggest you keep clear of Morgana right now. She was commanding legions of the dead long before your great grandmother's childhood."
  3299. "Good lord." said Bill as he realized what she meant.
  3301. While all this was going on, Natalie walked up to Harry and led him away from the party. Tonks had told the half-giant that the SAMDON VP looked very 'wound up' after enduring Morgana's advances. Tonks knew that look and the risk that he would have taken if he joined the party with all the half-naked sweet butts who would have no problem pressing up on him.
  3303. Empty Dorm Room, 5:20 P.M.
  3305. (Normal POV)
  3307. After she had taken Harry into the empty dorm room in the Clubhouse, Natalie closed the door behind her and locked it. She then turned around to talk very directly to the SAMDON VP.
  3309. "Harry, I know that you love Hermione and you want to be faithful to her, but I can see you're going the longest without shagging her on a daily basis and it's distracting you from club business."
  3311. Harry blushed bashfully and said, "I don't know what you're talking about."
  3313. Natalie said, "I saw the way you were turned on by Morgana. It's clear as day that you have a lot of tension inside you right now."
  3315. Harry then asked meekly, "Is it that obvious?"
  3317. Pushing Harry backwards onto the bed, she smiled slyly. "Oh, it's obvious. Just sit back, relax and let me take care of you, Harry."
  3319. As she slowly stripped her clothing off, Natalie smiled at Harry's reaction to her well toned body. "Like what you see?" Natalie asked, running her hands over her body.
  3321. Harry stared at the beautiful woman in front of him, speechless, as he began to feel his pants tighten up. Natalie wasted no time in straddling his lap and rolling her hips against his hard on.
  3323. "Natalie, I can't try anything with you. We shouldn't. Hermione will.." Harry started before Natalie silenced him with a hand over his mouth.
  3325. "Harry, don't worry. I'm not going to sleep with you. I respect your marriage to Hermione and I don't want to lose her friendship. Trust me, you are going to enjoy this just as much as I will." Natalie reassured him with a kiss on his forehead as she continued pressing herself against his growing erection.
  3327. "If you're as big as I think you are, Hermione is a very lucky woman." Said Natalie, smiling as she felt him getting harder and longer underneath the fabric of his pants. Running her fingers through his unruly hair, Natalie pushed his face in between her large breasts. It wasn't long before he was fondling and kissing them, causing her to moan out in pleasure.
  3329. "Oh, Harry. Now you're really getting me hot." gasped Natalie. Harry was engrossed with the warmth of her on his lap until he felt and saw her grow until she was 2 feet shorter than the 9ft tall room.
  3331. "Before I go any further, do you have an extra pair of trousers?" the 7ft tall Natalie asked.
  3333. "No. This is the only pair I have." Harry said. Before he could do anything more, she had undone his belt and forced his pants off to see just how much Harry had 'grown up'.
  3335. "Oh my. You are big, Harry." said Natalie before effortlessly stripping Harry's cut and shirt off his chest, rendering him completely naked.
  3337. Without any strain, she picked up the young wizard in her hands, stuck his erection between her breasts and immediately started thrusting it in and out of her cleavage. Harry was getting so turned on at the feel of his erection between a pair of huge breasts that he joined in the thrusting.
  3339. "Let it out, Harry. I want you to let it all out into my breasts." ,gasped Natalie as her cleavage grew in order to contain what Harry was about to release. She also knew that the growth surge would arouse him ever further.
  3341. With a final thrust on his part, Harry shot his load in between Natalie's breasts, panting heavily as his sexual tension was finally released.
  3343. As she patted him gently on his tattooed back with a smile on her face, Natalie asked, "Feel better, V.P.?"
  3345. "Bloody Hell, that was amazing, Natalie!" he said as she set him down on the bed and tucked him in. "I don't know how I can repay you for this."
  3347. "A three way with you and Hermione would be a great way to do that." Natalie said before walking away to take a shower. Little did Natalie know that she just gave Harry a mental vision that left him with very pleasant dreams.
  3349. Outside, 6:00 P.M.
  3351. (Normal POV)
  3353. Walking through the masses of Sons and barely clothed women, Morgana had so many questions going through her head. Why did these men wear the image of Death on their backs? Why are all these women attracted to these 'bikers'? What is it that they are cooking on that thing with smoke coming from it? What is a motorcycle club?
  3355. "Can I interest you in a drink?" Morgana turned to a man she guessed was a member of the club. Taking a look and whiff of the draft beer in his hand, Morgana smiled.
  3357. "Thank you." She replied. "Are you a member of this 'club'?"
  3359. "I'm the Sergeant at Arms of the Belfast charter. I protect the President and maintain discipline. I'm Tim Finnegan. Is there anything I can do to insure that you have a good time."
  3361. "Fetch me some of the food they are cooking over there and whatever it is you're drinking. I'm famished."
  3363. As Tim went away to get her some food, Quinn, Tonks, and Seamus were watching Morgana quickly turn into the fiercest man-eater on two feet. Surprisingly enough, some of the sweet butts were checking her out too. Quinn turned to his fellow President. "Seamus, something's got to be done about her. She's getting out of hand."
  3365. Seamus looked up at Quinn and said, "I guess you're right. She's been pressing up on every member of my club since she got 'ere."
  3367. Tonks then said, "Well, Seamus, go do something about it."
  3369. Seamus braced himself with a shot of whiskey and then walked up to the witch. "Morgana, ye are extremely horny. I can't fault ye one bit. I imagine that it's not easy going without for so long but there are many here who would not think anything about taking advantage of you. If ye need help getting all that tension out of ye, I'm single and game."
  3371. As he spoke the words, Morgana began sizing him up in her eyes by looking him up from head to toe. Before Seamus could say anything more, he almost fell to his knees as Morgana reached out and placed his balls into a vice like grip before pulling him in and kissing him passionately. With one hand behind his neck, Morgana pulled Seamus away from the party and led him off into the clubhouse.
  3373. The Burrow, 7:00 P.M.
  3375. (Emily's POV)
  3377. "That was delicious, Molly. It really was." I said to the Weasley matriarch as we finished our supper. It was a meal that I don't think I will ever forget. Whoever taught Mrs. Weasley how to cook deserves a medal, a plague or something. Along with a day full of shooting guns, it's been one of the best days in me life.
  3379. "You are very welcome, Emily." she replied as we all sat up. From me peripheral vision, I saw how Danny noticed the two empty seats at the table. I knew that one of them belonged to Percy Weasley, a Ministry boy through and through.
  3381. As I thought about that, Danny asked, "Who's the extra seats for?"
  3383. Molly replied, "Well, one of them is for one of my sons, Percy. If he wasn't so involved with the Ministry and all of his ambitions there, he'd be here tonight."
  3385. Ron said, "He's always been the real rule follower of the family. Never saw what he did in the Ministry."
  3387. "At least in the Sons of Anarchy, from what I've heard, there are fewer politics in it than the Ministry while having more unity and truth." Fleur said. That is true, I thought to me self.
  3389. "Danny, since you are a patched member, how have my boys come along as Prospects?"
  3391. "Bill and Charlie have done tremendously in their work and surprisingly enough, they take most of their hazing better than most." Fred started. "Dean shows promise.
  3393. As we all continued discussing each of the Prospects progress, I asked, "Where's Neville?"
  3395. Bill replied, "He's at St. Mungo's with Luna, visiting her father, Xenophilius. He's making progress, but not much. The old man isn't out of the woods yet."
  3397. Listening to Bill, I almost felt concerned for Xeno, but I didn't. Just as we began to exit the room, Danny said to the Prospects, "Bill, Charlie, Dean, the three of you are going to give the girls a break from the kitchen tonight as you're going to clean all this mess up yourselves."
  3399. I smiled at his remark. Quinn taught his Sergeant at Arms well. Before I could anything, Molly asked, "How would you and Emily like to stay for the night?"
  3401. Danny replied, "If you're offering and it's not imposing, sure. I do have one question though, Mrs. Weasley."
  3403. "What is it, dear?"
  3405. Danny then pulled out Jack from his Cut's inner pocket and asked, "Would you happen to have some milk for my cat, Jack? It's been a long day for him and he's pretty hungry."
  3407. Jack let out a meow in a cute way that only kittens could and we all gave a laugh. While Molly took Jack to the kitchen to fetch some milk and tuna fish, Arthur asked, "Danny, Ron, Fred, George, could the four of you help me out with an Old Road King I'm working on? I've got most of the body built, but I'm stuck on some parts."
  3409. With a nod, Danny went along as Ron and the twins followed their farther to help him with his Harley. I guess Arthur wants to get into Motorcycles as well.
  3411. I was about to head over to help the other Prospects with cleaning up when Ginny and Fleur stood in me way. "What can I help ye ladies with?"
  3413. Ginny asked, "If Dean and Bill become members of the MC…"
  3415. "Are we going to have to get tattooed?" finished Fleur. I nearly laughed at their question. I guess they didn't have the wild, rebellious childhood I had when it came to getting tattooed. Whenever I got a new tattoo, me dad would always have a fit, but I guess in the end, he didn't really 'ave a problem with them.
  3417. "Getting tattooed is not a requirement for most MC wives. It's their choice. If either of ye want to get a tattoo, yes. Keep in mind though that not every Prospect becomes a member."
  3419. "Have you gotten a tattoo after taking up with Danny?" Ginny asked.
  3421. I replied, "Not yet. But I will this summer."
  3423. The Old Barn, 7:15 P.M.
  3425. (Danny's POV)
  3427. "That's a sweet ride, Arthur. I see a lot of potential with her." I said as we walked into the barn. On a ramp, Arthur had a Harley Davidson Road King, and from what I could see, he was trying to revamp it into a classic touring Harley bobber from way back in the day but with several modern modifications to provide for a smoother ride.
  3429. "You like it?" he asked as we came closer. As beautiful as it was, I began noticing some parts that needed fixing. For one, he was installing the engine all wrong.
  3431. "The body looks good. I'll give ya that, but you have the engine in there all wrong. It's supposed to go in the other side."
  3433. Soon after I had spoken the words, we had all taken off our cuts, put on work gloves and started getting to work on restoring it. As we did, it gave me some rare peace of mind. Working on a motorcycle was one of the few things I've ever done that brings me pleasure, didn't involve murder or mayhem and it didn't hurt that I was actually good at it. It was a bonus to be surrounded by friends while at work on a motorcycle.
  3435. About an hour or so later, we took a small break. Popping the tops off of some beers, I asked Arthur a question I had been thinking about for a while. "Arthur, how'd you become such a good dad to your sons?"
  3437. He replied, "Danny, my boy, it took a lot of hard work, persistence, will power, the support from my friends, and the love I got from my wife and kids. Why? Is Emily pregnant?"
  3439. I immediately replied, "No. She isn't. I'm just wondering how you got it right."
  3441. It wasn't a lie at all. To this day, I've never understood how a father could be a good parent to their sons or daughters. God knows I didn't have a good example of how one should act. But then that got me thinking about kids. What if Emily wants them? Lord knows my two daughters hate me. Hell, the only time I've ever gotten something resembling contact was when my oldest, Krista, sent me a postcard telling me about her marriage to some guy from Columbus, Ohio.
  3443. Sometimes, I wish I didn't have my 'No Women' rule. That way I could kill that gash for taking my two daughters from me and hurting them. God knows I'm not the perfect father, but at least I've never abused them like she did. Only reason the damn courts granted her custody was because of their feminist judge. Bitch.
  3445. I was pulled out of these thoughts as Arthur asked, "Did your Dad ever teach you how to work on a motorcycle?"
  3447. When he asked me that question, I began thinking of how Quinn, the one man I consider to be my Dad, taught me how to repair and build a motorcycle at the age of 23. It was one of those experiences that made me see him as my dad.
  3449. "Quinn was the one who taught me how. He put me to work when I needed it, showed me how to use my hands to build and create things rather than destroying anything they come in contact with. In a lot of ways, he's the father I wish I had growing up."
  3451. As the words sunk in, Ron asked, "Why'd you get into the Sons, Danny?"
  3453. "I was looking for a family I never had. A place to call home. Where I belonged. I found it with the Sons of Anarchy."
  3455. As we continued conversing about the topics about the club that Ron and I could, Fred asked, "What was it like during your Prospect years, Danny?"
  3457. I looked him right square in the eye with a serious expression. "Do you really want to know what my Prospect years were like?"
  3459. He nodded eagerly.
  3461. "Imagine being a 14 year old kid in a building full of men well beyond their 40s telling you what to do, barking orders at ya at all hours of the day and night. Imagine getting hazed for throwing the stink eye their way or for messing up a task. Then, after all that, at 15 years old, finally joining the club as a Son. It was scary as Hell. It changed me but it was worth it in the end."
  3463. George asked, "How'd you ever get your Mum and Dad to let you join?"
  3465. "By the time I was 12, I was an Orphan. I had no one but myself."
  3467. That brought the entire conversation to a close. We all finished our beers before calling it a night and heading inside. As I headed up to Emily's room, I couldn't help but thinking that there were too many damn stairs in this house.
  3469. Headmistresses Office, 9:00 P.M.
  3471. (Normal POV)
  3473. "Did you wish to see me, Minerva?" asked Hermione as she walked into the old office. As she did, she saw that Andromeda and Daphne were there as well.
  3475. Minerva then replied, "Yes, Hermione. We did. As you may know, I'm the Headmistress of Hogwarts. Having said that, I am not allowed to be biased to any specific house much less be the Head of a House. After due consideration…"
  3477. "We thought that you…" said Andromeda.
  3479. "Might be interested in becoming the Head of Gryffindor." finished Daphne.
  3481. Hermione was taken back by the offer. Regaining her composure, she replied, "I would honored, Minerva."
  3483. The Headmistress then said, "Then by the power vested in me as the Headmistress of Hogwarts, I name you, Hermione Potter, as the Head of the House of Godric Gryffindor. Congratulations."
  3485. As they all began clapping for her and celebrating her promotion, Hermione couldn't help but get the feeling that something wasn't right in Belfast and that treachery was about to unfold.
  3487. SAMBEL Clubhouse, Outside the Lot, 11:00 P.M.
  3489. (Normal POV)
  3491. "My God, that was intense." said Tonks to herself as she walked outside of the Lot. She finally had enough of the music, naked bodies and the general loudness of the party. It was not out of rudeness or want of manners, but she needed a break. Add to the fact everyone could hear the moans and screams coming out of Seamus and Morgana's room and it became too much.
  3493. Taking a walk across the old streets of the city, Tonks passed an Alley in time to hear voices. "Are you absolutely sure it was her?" coming from a voice she had only heard in the Ministry of Magic. It was Percy Weasley.
  3495. "Yes, Percy. I'm absolutely sure that I saw Morgana ride up to their clubhouse." replied an Irish voice.
  3497. The mention of Le Fay's name instantly got her attention. Tonks moved to the edge of the alley so she could overhear the rest of the conversation. Another voice asked, "Does this affect your plans, Percy?"
  3499. As Tonks listened in, Percy said, "Yes. It does. Once you deliver her onto me and I ascend the ranks within the Ministry to become the greatest Minister of Magic Britain has ever known, I will see to it that Le Fay eradicates your enemies and brings about a unified Ireland free from England's rule and dominion."
  3501. "What of Father Ashby?" asked a third Irish voice. "He will not be too eager to come on board with these actions."
  3503. "Father Ashby may be our adviser, but he's just that. Besides, the priest is getting old and his days are practically numbered. We need not worry about him. Tomorrow, Brogan, Dooley and I will go to SAMBEL and tell them to hand her over to us."
  3505. "What if they refuse?" asked Percy. "From what I gather, this Muggle outlaw motorcycle club is not known to give in to an outsider's demands."
  3507. "Mr. Weasley, we are very persuasive when we need to be." answered Dooley.
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