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Aug 13th, 2014
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  1. "Heh. Relax, I was just joking"
  2. >You expertly dodge her feeble flailing fists
  3. >"IT'S NOT FUNNY" she bellowed, keeping up her assault.
  4. "Ow, ow, ow! Look, stop! Can we talk about this? It was just a prank!"
  5. >The barrage of petty punches stop, and you get a glance at the tears in her eyes.
  6. >"A prank?! A fucking prank? You prick, who puts BLUE HAIR DYE in shampoo as a PRANK?"
  7. >You snigger internally, though don't dare change your expression.
  8. "Aww but it does suit you! Really! Loo-"
  9. >A tirade of angry tears cut across you.
  10. >"How the fuck am I supposed to show up to work like THIS?! I'll be rejected from every meeting! Laughed at! Fired!"
  11. >Okay, this over-reaction was a little too much.
  12. "H-hey, I'm sor-"
  13. >"Oh you're sorry?! Great! Too bad that doesn't solve this fucking crime against humanity on my scalp!"
  14. >She tugs a strand of her short hair.
  15. >"How'd you fucking like it if..."
  16. >She falters.
  17. >"Oh ho."
  18. >A sick smile slithers into existence on her sharp face.
  19. "What?"
  20. >"Let us see how you like pink hair, you prancing prick!"
  21. >At once, she twists the silver ring on her middle finger.
  22. >Bright light radiates fantastically from it, completely startling you.
  23. "What the hell is that?"
  24. >No answer as your girlfriend closes her eyes and starts waving her hand in midair
  25. >It was like she was finger-painting, using the glowing ring to draw shapes and symbols in the air.
  26. "Just what..." you begin, but the chanting starts.
  27. >The affect is immediate.
  28. >You start deflating, or at least the equivalent of.
  29. >Bones, skin all shifting to gain a better hold on your frame.
  30. >Pink hairs sprout up your arms, your hands balling into uncontrolled fists.
  31. "No stop, please!" you cry out.
  32. >The maniacal grin displaying under the blue hair was down-right frightening.
  33. >"Oh don't worry, I'm just 'pranking' you!" She sneers.
  35. >The chant continues: Dye my hair, make me swear, but at least I'm not a little mare!
  36. >What was in that blue dye? Did it compromise her brain?
  37. "Just what... the hell... kind of prankin' ish..."
  38. >Your speech slowly slurs as your tongue reduces in size.
  39. >"And I just asked you the same question. Time for a taste of your own medicine, I think."
  40. >Your brain couldn't decide on the more pressing issue: Your girlfriend's secret sorcery? Or the continual sprouting of thin candy-pink hairs on your flesh?
  41. "M-magic?" you manage to wheeze as the feeling of giant rubber bands compressing your lungs reaches critical.
  42. >"Oh please, if you ever actually LISTENED to me, you'd know all this stuff! I'm sure I told you what I did to my previous Ex. Oh, by the way, I'm breaking up with you."
  43. >Your immediate logical rebuttal about restoring her hair color with magic is swallowed when the world flips.
  44. >Gravity has finally pushed your balance to the limit, and you topple over to see tiny pink-coated legs kicking in the air.
  45. >Uh oh.
  46. >The area above your rear suddenly tickles.
  47. "S-stop..." comes your feeble whine.
  48. >This battle was long lost, though.
  49. >"Nope. I get blue hair, you get pink. It's only fair."
  50. >Silky strands of something snake out from above your rump
  51. >The growth of a tail was potentially the most disgusting sensation you've ever endured.
  52. >By now you were no more than 3ft tall, your bones and flesh sculpted as easily as wet clay.
  53. >Pink fills your peripheral vision.
  54. >"I think we're done here."
  57. >Stiff and sore, you open a bleary eye to see someone with blue hair examining closely.
  58. >"Now think about how much I've just unfairly compromised your life, Prancing Prick, and how your prank was equally as hurtful."
  59. >Prancing Prick? Somehow this phrase clicked with you instantly, almost as if...
  60. "What did you do to my name?!"
  61. >Blue bitch's shit-eating grin was enough of an answer.
  62. >"You're grounded - stay here while I pack up my things. Oh, and also..."
  63. >You look into her face trying hard not to break down into panicked tears.
  64. >"With a smaller frame comes a smaller brain. The longer you stay like that, the more your mind and memories will adapt. Transformation 101: Never change someone into a form that can't support a mind, less you wish them to lose it. Just be thankful you're not a hairbrush."
  65. >And with that, she whips around and storms out the room.
  66. >The slam of the door reverberates around the room as dramatically as her threat.
  67. >Cold sweat oozes from under your coat, your mouth instantly drying out.
  68. >Shit. We need an escape plan, and fast.
  69. >At that moment you spot a game disc lying label-down near the TV.
  70. >Okay: First you need to assess the damage.
  71. >Stumbling with every moment, your now-solid fists clatter against the wooden floor.
  72. >You successfully manage to examine your reflection on the disc's metal side.
  73. >Ho-leee shit. Well, you were certainly pink. And small. And a pony.
  74. >Fighting the urge to faint takes gusto. Ponies, man. Why a pony?
  75. >A sudden flashback engulfs your mind.
  77. >Laying in bed, post-sex.
  78. >Your girlfriend, buzzing with hormones, keeps rattling on about her childhood.
  79. >Your brain wanted sleep. She wanted a list of all your childhood heroes.
  80. >She definitely mentioned a love for My Little Pony then, but why...?
  81. >A foreign movement on your head jerks you back to life.
  82. >Instinctively you swat at it, only to clunk your head with a hoof.
  83. "Ouch!" you squeak out-loud.
  84. >That voice is... adorable.
  85. >The source of movement rings loudly in your ear. Because it WAS your ear.
  86. >No: it's the ponies ear. Not yours.
  87. >Armed with the knowledge that you were now a pink pony called Prancing Prick, your heart hammers fiercely.
  88. "Let me out! I can't reach the handle!" you yell at the foreboding, solid white door.
  89. >Only the sounds of scraping and mind thumbs diffuse under the door.
  90. >She really was packing up.
  91. >Mama was leaving. No, what? Your GF was leaving!
  92. >Determined not to give up, you relentlessly buck the closed door with your hind legs.
  93. >Despite your size, this approach makes an impressive banging noise.
  94. "Okay joke's over!" you call, voice reaching a new plateau of high.
  95. >The sounds of packing stop.
  96. >"Prancing Prick, stop. I forbid you to talk or move until you learn your lesson."
  97. >The sound of your name acts as a trigger, and immediately your mouth seals and your rump meets the floor.
  98. >Had you learned your lesson yet?
  99. >Well, if being absolutely terrified was something to go by, then yes.
  101. >Rooted to the spot, you debate with yourself.
  102. >Pranks are funny!
  103. >But... why?
  104. >Because it's enjoyable to tease others!
  105. >But... it's cruel to cause them distress.
  106. >It's only a harmless prank!
  107. >But... how long will it take to reverse?
  108. >Days? A month? Hmm...
  109. >Perhaps... did you over do it?
  110. >Was there certain pranking boundaries?
  111. >Your GF certainly wasn't happy. In fact, you made her cry.
  112. >Why would you do something to hurt her?
  113. >This was getting hard to process.
  114. >Okay: Altering someone's appearance = bad
  115. >Pranks = bad
  116. >So, if you like pranks... then do you = a bad person?
  117. >It all started making sense.
  118. >Silent tears leak over your sleek, bubblegum pink face.
  119. >What you'd done wasn't fair.
  120. >The last thing you remember was bitter self-resentment.
  121. >Where were you now? It takes a few seconds to collect your bearings.
  122. >So soft, and comfy...
  123. >You lift a lazy eyelid to look around.
  124. >Was this... someone's leg?
  125. >"Oh, you're awake."
  128. >That voice. Your muscles tense - you're so totally still in trouble.
  129. "Hey there, ma-" you begin, but catch yourself.
  130. >There's silence.
  131. "Where am I?" you ask in a sleepy voice.
  132. >"Still in the living room. I found you asleep behind the door."
  133. >Did you fall asleep? You can't remember...
  134. >"Listen. I'm sorry. I took this a bit too far. I may - potentially - have PMS."
  135. >The timeless excuse.
  136. >"I saw myself when packing in the mirror, got a laugh. I understand what you were trying to accomplish. I was still mad, but damn. You broke my resolve."
  137. >Your pink-coated ears twitch as you listen in.
  138. >"Annnyway, I came back to apologize, and you were sleeping. So, I picked you up, poured some wine, ate some chocolate and have been petting you. I have to say, it's very... therapeutic."
  139. >At least she's happy, you think bitterly.
  140. "Can I be me again then? I'm real sorry." you pipe up.
  141. >She stops sipping from her glass and gives you a furtive look.
  142. >"Maybe. Actually, no. I'm digging the pink. I've still not forgiven you."
  143. >Your heart sinks, but then instantly soars as warm hands caress your back.
  144. >"Let me pet you some more, then we'll see." she instructs.
  145. >Luxurious fingers scratch your spine, as if quelling an itch that wasn't there.
  146. >The ticklish sensation sends tingles to the roof of your mouth, and the bliss causes you to drool.
  147. "I... love you" you manage to breathe dreamily
  148. >She just giggles.
  149. >"I know you do, Prancing Prick."
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