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  1. these people are included (everybody who liked the tweet lol)
  3. @wooferzfg
  4. @AnimeFanFTW25
  5. @Igneety
  6. @flarebearSR
  7. @yoshipro101
  8. @tinystarProds
  9. @vysuals
  10. @Enhunano
  11. @TinyWetBlanket
  12. @Msushi_
  13. @starsmileyx
  14. @neptuneworks
  15. @BFrey9000
  17. 1. I'm glad we're friends because you're really funny and you're real as fuck which I don't think about a lot of people. I'm glad you stand up for your opinions for stuff like speedrun rules or stuff like that and I usually agree with you. S&Q gang S&Q gang
  19. 2. You really helped me out when I was feeling seriously down and I hope we both can hang out at next gdq a lot more. I was intending to hang with you a lot this gdq but it just didn't happen there was so much going on. You're really awesome and a truly nice guy and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
  21. 3. I don't think we hung out that much at all this past gdq other than a few times we were in the same room. You're a lord tho I love your humor and how you carry yourself and I hope we can hang out more at the next gdq. If you're there. If your mom lets you LO
  23. 4. We don't talk a whole lot but I love your twitter replies they are always funny. excited for october for more of best girl :)
  25. 5. I am so excited to meet you at gdq because we've been friends for so long! I wish we hung out more still but its hard because I don't like hat anymore really and we don't have many games we like in common. maybe we could play terraria or something sometime idk. you're an awesome guy and I am super stoked to meet and hang out with you man
  27. 6. I love hanging out with you and you're super chill! I'm glad we roomed together this last gdq because I feel like we share similar views in life and speedrunning, I hope you can make it to next gdq!
  29. 7. I still feel bad about what i've said about you before but I'm so happy you can brush it off as nothing. I didn't know you at all as a person and I easily get mad at people who aren't very humble, I'm glad we're friends and we've had some really great times together even though our friendship is still quite young. Can't wait for next gdq!
  31. 8. I didn't get to meet you until the later part of gdq but we had some really cool times together and I'm glad we can keep in touch because you're really cool.
  33. 9. I'm glad we could spend a lot of time together at gdq, I really hope all of your aspirations and plans you have come true and that you can be happy. I'm glad you felt comfortable enough to talk to me about a lot thats going on in your life so that you could get it off your chest. I'm really excited for next gdq.
  35. 10. I think we have really similar views and humor on things but we don't hang out a lot really because we only really have one game in common and that makes it hard to really hang out a lot.
  37. 11. You come off as someone who would turn everything into a joke but really you've shown me that you're actually a really down to earth guy and also have a funny sense of humor. never stop with your walking home from work snaps they are legendary
  39. 12. you're a fuckin lord we didn't hang out a lot at gdq but you're always a blast to be around also ur retweets are sick I love your humor
  41. 13. We didn't hang out nearly enough as I had hoped to at sgdq, I think we both just had so much going on and we were hanging with each of our friend groups more often than not. I hope you go to next gdq so we can hang more. maybe we can play some games together inbetween?????????
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