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  1. msg:
  2.   quest:
  3.     finished:
  4.       base: '§aCongratulations! You have finished the quest §e{0}§a!'
  5.       obtain: '§aYou obtain {0}!'
  6.     started: 'You have started the quest §r§e{0}§o§6!'
  7.     created: '§aCongratulations! You have created the quest §e{0}§a which includes {1} step/s!'
  8.     edited: '§aCongratulations! You have edited the quest §e{0}§a which includes now {1} step/s!'
  9.     createCancelled: '§cThe creation or edition has been cancelled by another plugin!'
  10.     cancelling: '§cProcess of quest creation cancelled.'
  11.     editCancelling: '§cProcess of quest edition cancelled.'
  12.     invalidID: '§cThe quest with the id {0} doesn''t exist.'
  13.     alreadyStarted: '§cYou have already started the quest!'
  14.   quests:
  15.     nopStep: '§cThis quest doesn''t have any step.'
  16.     updated: '§7Quest §e{0}§7 updated.'
  17.   stageMobs:
  18.     noMobs: '§cThis stage doesn''t need any mobs to kill.'
  19.     listMobs: '§aYou must kill {0}.'
  20.   writeNPCText: '§aWrite the dialog that will be said to the player by the NPC: (Write "help" to receive help.)'
  21.   writeRegionName: '§aWrite the name of the region required for the step:'
  22.   writeXPGain: '§aWrite the amount of experience points that the player will obtain: (Last value: {0})'
  23.   writeMobAmount: '§aWrite the amount of mobs to kill:'
  24.   writeChatMessage: '§aWrite required message: (Add "{SLASH}" to the beginning if you want a command.)'
  25.   writeEndMessage: '§aWrite the message that will be sent at the end of the quest or the stage:'
  26.   writeDescriptionText: '§aWrite the text which describes the goal of the stage:'
  27.   writeStageText: '§aWrite the text that will be sent to the player at the beginning of the step:'
  28.   moveToTeleportPoint: '§aGo to the wanted teleport location.'
  29.   writeNpcName: '§aWrite the name of the NPC:'
  30.   writeNpcSkinName: '§aWrite the name of the skin of the NPC:'
  31.   writeQuestName: '§aWrite the name of your quest:'
  32.   writeCommand: '§aWrite the wanted command: (The command is without the "/" and the placeholder "{PLAYER}" is supported. It will be replaced with the name of the executor.)'
  33.   writeHologramText: '§aWrite text of the hologram: (Write "none" if you don''t want a hologram and "null" if you want the default text.)'
  34.   writeQuestTimer: '§aWrite the required time (in minutes) before you can restart the quest: (Write "null" if you want the default timer.)'
  35.   requirements:
  36.     quest: '§cYou must have finished the quest §e{0}§c!'
  37.     level: '§cYou must be at least level {0}!'
  38.     job: '§cYou must be at least level {0} for the job §e{1}§c!'
  39.     skill: '§cYou must be at least level {0} for the skill §e{1}§c!'
  40.     combatLevel: '§cYou must be at least combat level {0}!'
  41.     wait: '§cYou must wait {0} minute/s before you can restart this quest!'
  42.   experience:
  43.     edited: '§aYou have changed the experience gain from {0} to {1} points.'
  44.   selectNPCToKill: '§aSelect the NPC to kill.'
  45.   npc:
  46.     remove: '§aNPC deleted.'
  47.     talk: '§aGo and talk to the NPC named §e{0}§a.'
  48.   regionDoesntExists: '§cThis region doesn''t exist. (You have to be in the same world.)'
  49.   factionDoesntExist: '§cThis faction doesn''t exist.'
  50.   npcDoesntExist: '§cThe NPC with the id {0} doesn''t exist.'
  51.   classDoesntExist: '§cThis class doesn''t exist.'
  52.   objectDoesntExist: '§cThe specified item with the id {0} doesn''t exist.'
  53.   number:
  54.     negative: '§cYou must enter a positive number!'
  55.     zero: '§cYou must enter a number other than 0!'
  56.     invalid: '§c{0} isn''t a valid number.'
  57.   errorOccurred: '§cAn error occurred, contact an adminstrator! §4§lError code: {0}'
  58.   commandsDisabled: '§cCurrently you aren''t allowed to execute commands!'
  59.   indexOutOfBounds: '§cThe number {0} is out of bounds! It has to be between {1} and {2}.'
  60.   bringBackObjects: 'Bring me back {0}.'
  61.   inventoryFull: '§cYour inventory is full, the item has been dropped on the floor.'
  62.   playerNeverConnected: '§cUnable to find informations about the player {0}.'
  63.   playerNotOnline: '§cThe player {0} is offline.'
  64.   command:
  65.     setStage:
  66.       doesntExist: '§cThe stage with the id {0} doesn''t exist.'
  67.       next: '§aThe stage has been skipped.'
  68.       set: '§aStage {0} launched.'
  69.     playerNeeded: '§cYou must be a player to execute this command!'
  70.     incorrectSyntax: '§cIncorrect syntax.'
  71.     noPermission: '§cYou haven''t enough permissions to execute this command! (Required: {0})'
  72.     invalidCommand:
  73.       quests: '§cThis command doesn''t exist, write §e/quests help§c.'
  74.       simple: '§cThis command doesn''t exist, write §ehelp§c.'
  75.     needItem: '§cYou must hold an item in your main hand!'
  76.     itemChanged: '§aThe item has been edited. The changes will affect after a restart.'
  77.     removed: '§aThe quest {0} has successfully been removed.'
  78.     leaveAll: '§aYou have forced the end of {0} quest/s. Errors: {1}'
  79.     resetPlayer:
  80.       player: '§6All informations of your {0} quest/s has/have been deleted by {1}.'
  81.       remover: '§6{0} quest information/s of {1} has/have been deleted.'
  82.     resetPlayerQuest:
  83.       player: '§6All informations about the quest {0} have been deleted by {1}.'
  84.       remover: '§6{0} quest information/s of {1} has/have been deleted.'
  85.     startQuest: '§6You have forced starting of quest {0} (Player UUID: {1}).'
  86.     cancelQuest: '§6You have cancelled the quest {0}.'
  87.     cancelQuestUnavailable: '§cThe quest {0} cannot be cancelled.'
  88.     backupCreated: '§6You have successfully created backups of all quests and player informations.'
  89.     backupPlayersFailed: '§cCreating a backup for all the player informations has failed.'
  90.     backupQuestsFailed: '§cCreating a backup for all the quests has failed.'
  91.     adminModeEntered: '§aYou have entered the Admin Mode.'
  92.     adminModeLeft: '§aYou have left the Admin Mode.'
  93.     scoreboard:
  94.       lineSet: '§6You have successfully edited the line {0}.'
  95.       lineReset: '§6You have successfully reset the line {0}.'
  96.       lineRemoved: '§6You have successfully removed the line {0}.'
  97.       lineInexistant: '§cThe line {0} doesn''t exist.'
  98.       resetAll: '§6You have successfully reset the scoreboard of the player {0}.'
  99.     help:
  100.       header: '§6§lBeautyQuests — Help'
  101.       create: '§6/{0} create: §eCreate a quest.'
  102.       edit: '§6/{0} edit: §eEdit a quest.'
  103.       remove: '§6/{0} remove [id]: §eDelete a quest with a specified id or click on the NPC when not defined.'
  104.       finishAll: '§6/{0} finishAll [player]: §eFinish all quests in progress.'
  105.       setStage: '§6/{0} setStage [player] [id] [newStage]: §eFinish a stage for a player.'
  106.       resetPlayer: '§6/{0} resetPlayer [player]: §eRemove all informations about a player.'
  107.       resetPlayerQuest: '§6/{0} resetPlayerQuest [player] [id]: §eDelete informations of a quest for a player.'
  108.       seePlayer: '§6/{0} seePlayer [player]: §eView informations about a player.'
  109.       reload: '§6/{0} reload: §eSave and reload all configurations and files. (§cdeprecated§e)'
  110.       start: '§6/{0} start [player] [id]: §eForce the starting of a quest.'
  111.       setItem: '§6/{0} setItem <talk|launch>: §eSave the hologram item.'
  112.       adminMode: '§6/{0} adminMode: §eToggle the Admin Mode. (Useful for displaying little log messages.)'
  113.       version: '§6/{0} version: §eSee the current plugin version.'
  114.       save: '§6/{0} save: §eMake a manual plugin save.'
  115.       list: '§6/{0} list: §eSee the quest list. (Only for supported versions.)'
  116.   typeCancel: '§aWrite "cancel" to come back to the last text.'
  117.   editor:
  118.     blocksToMineAmount: '§aWrite the amount of blocks to mine:'
  119.     blocksToMineName: '§aWrite the name of the block to mine:'
  120.     already: '§cYou are already in the editor.'
  121.     enter:
  122.       title: '§6~ Editor Mode ~'
  123.       subtitle: '§6Write "/quests editor" to force leaving.'
  124.     chat: '§6You are currently in the Editor Mode. Write "/quests editor" to force leaving the editor. (Highly not recommended, consider using commands such as "close" or "cancel" to come back to the previous inventory.)'
  125.     npc:
  126.       enter: '§aClick on a NPC, or write "cancel".'
  127.       choseStarter: '§aChoose the NPC which starts the quest.'
  128.       notStarter: '§cThis NPC isn''t a quest starter.'
  129.     text:
  130.       argNotSupported: '§cThe argument {0} not supported.'
  131.       chooseLvlRequired: '§aWrite the required amount of levels:'
  132.       chooseJobRequired: '§aWrite name of the wanted job:'
  133.       choosePermissionRequired: '§aWrite the required permission to start the quest:'
  134.       choosePermissionMessage: '§aYou can choose a rejection message if the player doesn''t have the required permission. (To skip this step, write "null".)'
  135.       chooseFactionRequired: '§aWrite the required faction name:'
  136.       chooseClassesRequired: '§aWrite the names for the required classes to start the quest:'
  137.       choosePlaceholderRequired:
  138.         identifier: '§aWrite the name of the required placeholder without the percent characters:'
  139.         value: '§aWrite the required value for the placeholder §6%{0}%§a:'
  140.       chooseSkillRequired: '§aWrite the name of the required skill:'
  141.       reward:
  142.         permission: '§aEdit which permissions should be kept and which removed with "add [permission] [remove: <true|false>]": (Write "help" for other commands.)'
  143.         money: '§aWrite the amount of the received money:'
  144.     selectWantedBlock: '§aClick with the stick on the wanted block for the stage.'
  145.     itemCreator:
  146.       itemType: '§aWrite the name of the wanted item type:'
  147.       itemName: '§aWrite the item name:'
  148.       itemLore: '§aModify the item lore: (Write "help" for help.)'
  149.       unknownItemType: '§cUnknown item type.'
  150.       invalidItemType: '§cInvalid item type. (The item can''t be a block.)'
  151.     dialog:
  152.       syntax: '§cCorrect syntax: {0}{1} [message]'
  153.       syntaxRemove: '§cCorrect sytax: remove [id]'
  154.       player: '§aMessage "{0}" added for the player.'
  155.       npc: '§aMessage "{0}" added for the NPC.'
  156.       noSender: '§aMessage "{0}" added without a sender.'
  157.       messageRemoved: '§aMessage "{0}" removed.'
  158.       soundAdded: '§aSound "{0}" added for the message "{1}".'
  159.       cleared: '§a{0} removed message/s.'
  160.       help:
  161.         header: '§6§lBeautyQuests — Dialog editor help'
  162.         npc: '§6npc [message]: §eAdd a message said by the NPC.'
  163.         player: '§6player [message]: §eAdd a message said by the player.'
  164.         nothing: '§6noSender [message]: §eAdd a message without a sender.'
  165.         remove: '§6remove [id]: §eRemove a message.'
  166.         list: '§6list: §eView all messages.'
  167.         npcInsert: '§6npcInsert [id] [message]: §eInsert a message said by the NPC.'
  168.         playerInsert: '§6playerInsert [id] [message]: §eInsert a message said by player.'
  169.         nothingInsert: '§6nothingInsert [id] [message]: §eInsert a message without any prefix.'
  170.         addSound: '§6addSound [id] [sound]: §eAdd a sound to a message.'
  171.         clear: '§6clear: §eRemove all messages.'
  172.         close: '§6close: §eValidate all messages.'
  173.     mythicmobs:
  174.       list: '§aA list of all Mythic Mobs:'
  175.       isntMythicMob: '§cThis Mythic Mob doesn''t exist.'
  176.       disabled: '§cMythicMob is disabled.'
  177.     epicBossDoesntExist: '§cThis Epic Boss doesn''t exist.'
  178.     textList:
  179.       syntax: '§cCorrect syntax: '
  180.       added: '§aText "{0}" added.'
  181.       removed: '§aText "{0}" removed.'
  182.       help:
  183.         header: '§6§lBeautyQuests — List editor help'
  184.         add: '§6add [message]: §eAdd a text.'
  185.         remove: '§6remove [id]: §eRemove a text.'
  186.         list: '§6list: §eView all added texts.'
  187.         close: '§6close: §eValidate the added texts.'
  188. advancement:
  189.   finished: 'Finished'
  190.   notStarted: 'Not started'
  191. inv:
  192.   validate: '§b§lValidate'
  193.   cancel: '§c§lCancel'
  194.   confirm:
  195.     name: '§8Are you sure?'
  196.     'yes': '§aConfirm'
  197.     'no': '§cCancel'
  198.   create:
  199.     stageCreate: '§aCreate new step'
  200.     stageRemove: '§cDelete this step'
  201.     findNPC: '§aFind NPC'
  202.     bringBack: '§aBring back items'
  203.     findRegion: '§aFind region'
  204.     killMobs: '§aKill mobs'
  205.     mineBlocks: '§aBreak blocks'
  206.     talkChat: '§aWrite in chat'
  207.     interact: '§aInteract with block'
  208.     fish: '§aCatch fishes'
  209.     NPCText: '§eEdit dialog'
  210.     hideClues: 'Hide particles and holograms'
  211.     editMobsKill: '§eEdit mobs to kill'
  212.     mobsKillFromAFar: 'Needs to be killed with projectile'
  213.     editBlocksMine: '§eEdit blocks to break'
  214.     preventBlockPlace: 'Prevent players to break their own blocks'
  215.     editMessageType: '§eEdit message to write'
  216.     cancelMessage: 'Cancel sending'
  217.     selectItems: '§eEdit required items'
  218.     selectRegion: '§7Choose region'
  219.     stageStartMsg: '§eEdit starting message'
  220.     selectBlockLocation: '§eSelect block location'
  221.     leftClick: 'Click must be left-click'
  222.     editFishes: '§eEdit fishes to catch'
  223.   stages:
  224.     name: 'Create stages'
  225.     nextPage: '§eNext page'
  226.     laterPage: '§ePrevious page'
  227.     endingItem: '§eEdit end rewards'
  228.     descriptionTextItem: '§eEdit description'
  229.   details:
  230.     name: '§8Last quest details'
  231.     multipleTime:
  232.       itemName: 'Toggle several-use'
  233.       itemLore: 'Can the quest be done\nseveral times?'
  234.     cancellable: 'Cancellable by player'
  235.     scoreboardItem: 'Enable scoreboard'
  236.     hideItem: 'Hide menu and dynmap'
  237.     bypassLimit: 'Don''t count quest limit'
  238.     questName: '§a§lEdit quest name'
  239.     setItemsRewards: '§eEdit reward items'
  240.     setXPRewards: '§eEdit reward experience'
  241.     setPermReward: '§eEdit permissions'
  242.     setMoneyReward: '§eEdit money reward'
  243.     createStarterNPC: '§e§lCreate NPC starter'
  244.     selectStarterNPC: '§e§lSelect NPC starter'
  245.     createQuest:
  246.       itemName: '§lCreate quest'
  247.       itemLore: 'One NPC must be selected and\na quest name needs to be defined.'
  248.     editQuest:
  249.       itemName: '§lEdit quest'
  250.     endMessage: '§eEdit end message'
  251.     startDialog: '§eEdit start dialog'
  252.     editRequirements: '§eEdit requirements'
  253.     startRewards: '§6Start rewards'
  254.     hologramText: '§eHologram text'
  255.     timer: '§bTime before you can restart the quest.'
  256.     requirements: '{0} requirement/s'
  257.     rewards: '{0} reward/s'
  258.   itemsSelect:
  259.     name: 'Edit items'
  260.     none: '§aMove an item to here or\nclick to open the item editor.'
  261.   npcCreate:
  262.     name: 'Create NPC'
  263.     setName: '§eEdit NPC name'
  264.     setSkin: '§eEdit NPC skin'
  265.     setType: '§eEdit NPC type'
  266.     move:
  267.       itemName: '§eMove'
  268.       itemLore: '§aChange the NPC location.'
  269.     moveItem: '§a§lValidate place'
  270.   npcSelect:
  271.     name: 'Select or create?'
  272.     selectStageNPC: '§eSelect existing NPC'
  273.     createStageNPC: '§eCreate NPC'
  274.   entityType:
  275.     name: 'Choose entity type'
  276.   chooseQuest:
  277.     name: 'Which quest?'
  278.   mobs:
  279.     name: 'Select mobs'
  280.     none: '§aClick to a add mob.'
  281.     click: '§7Left-click to edit.\nRight-click to delete.'
  282.   mobSelect:
  283.     name: 'Select mob'
  284.     bukkitEntityType: '§eSelect entity type'
  285.     mythicMob: '§6Select Mythic Mob'
  286.     epicBoss: '§6Select Epic Boss'
  287.   stageEnding:
  288.     locationTeleport: '§eEdit teleport location'
  289.     command: '§eEdit executed command'
  290.   requirements:
  291.     name: 'Requirements'
  292.   rewards:
  293.     name: 'Rewards'
  294.     commands: 'Commands: {0}'
  295.     teleportation: '§aSelected:\n X: {0}\n Y: {1}\n Z: {2}\n World: {3}'
  296.   listAllQuests:
  297.     name: '§8Quests'
  298.   listPlayerQuests:
  299.     name: '§8{0}''s quests'
  300.   listQuests:
  301.     notStarted: 'Not started quests'
  302.     finished: 'Finished quests'
  303.     inProgress: 'Quests in progress'
  304.     loreCancel: '§c§oClick to cancel the quest.'
  305.     timeToWait: '§3§o{0} minute/s before you can restart this quest.'
  306.     canRedo: '§3§oYou can restart this quest!'
  307.     format:
  308.       normal: '§6§l§o{0}'
  309.       withId: '§6§l§o{0}§r      §e#{1}'
  310.   itemCreator:
  311.     name: 'Item creator'
  312.     itemType: '§bItem type'
  313.     itemFlags: 'Toggle item flags'
  314.     itemName: '§bItem name'
  315.     itemLore: '§bItem lore'
  316.     isQuestItem: '§bQuest item:'
  317.   command:
  318.     name: 'Command'
  319.     value: '§eCommand'
  320.     console: 'Console'
  321.   chooseAccount:
  322.     name: '§5What account?'
  323.   listBook:
  324.     questName: 'Name'
  325.     questStarter: 'Starter'
  326.     questRewards: 'Rewards'
  327.     questMultiple: 'Several times'
  328.     requirements: 'Requirements'
  329.     questStages: 'Stages'
  330.     noQuests: 'No quests have previously been created.'
  331.   commandsList:
  332.     name: 'Command list'
  333.     value: '§eCommand: {0}'
  334.     console: '§eConsole: {0}'
  335.   block:
  336.     name: 'Choose block'
  337.     material: '§eMaterial: {0}'
  338.   blocksList:
  339.     name: 'Select blocks'
  340.     addBlock: '§aClick to add a block.'
  341. scoreboard:
  342.   name: '§6§lQuests'
  343.   noLaunched: '§cNo quests in progress.'
  344.   noLaunchedName: '§c§lLoading'
  345.   noLaunchedDescription: '§c§oLoading'
  346.   stage:
  347.     region: '§eFind region §6{0}'
  348.     npc: '§eTalk with NPC §6{0}'
  349.     items: '§eFind items for §6{0}§e:'
  350.     mobs: '§eKill §6{0}'
  351.     mine: '§eMine {0}'
  352.     chat: '§eWrite §6{0}'
  353.     interact: '§eClick on the block at §6{0}'
  354.     fish: '§eFish §6{0}'
  355. misc:
  356.   format:
  357.     prefix: '§6<§e§lQuests§r§6> §r'
  358.     npcText: '§6[{2}/{3}] §e§l{0}:§r§e {1}'
  359.     selfText: '§6[{2}/{3}] §e§l{0}:§r§e {1}'
  360.     offText: '§r§e {0}'
  361.   stageType:
  362.     region: 'Find region'
  363.     npc: 'Find NPC'
  364.     items: 'Bring back items'
  365.     mobs: 'Kill mobs'
  366.     mine: 'Break blocks'
  367.     chat: 'Write in chat'
  368.     interact: 'Interact with block'
  369.     Fish: 'Catch fishes'
  370.   requirement:
  371.     class: '§bClass/es required'
  372.     faction: '§bFaction/s required'
  373.     jobLevel: '§bJob level required'
  374.     combatLevel: '§bCombat level required'
  375.     experienceLevel: '§bExperience levels required'
  376.     permissions: '§3Permission/s required'
  377.     placeholder: '§bPlaceholder value required'
  378.     quest: '§aQuest required'
  379.     mcMMOSkillLevel: '§dSkill level required'
  380.   questItemLore: '§e§oQuest Item'
  381.   hologramText: '§8§lQuest NPC'
  382.   mobsProgression: '§6§l{0}: §r§e{1}/{2}'
  383.   entityType: '§eEntity type: {0}'
  384.   enabled: 'Enabled'
  385.   disabled: 'Disabled'
  386.   unknown: 'unknown'
  387.   unused: '§2§lUnused'
  388.   used: '§a§lUsed'
  389.   remove: '§7Middle-click to remove'
  390.   or: 'or'
  391.   amount: '§eAmount: {0}'
  392.   items: 'items'
  393.   expPoints: 'experience points'
  394.   'yes': 'Yes'
  395.   'no': 'No'
  396.   and: 'and'
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