Twilight of the Abyss, Session 11.1

Jun 21st, 2018
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  1. <WindStrike> *LAST TIME ON ZURPG!
  2. <WindStrike> *You got blackmailed by Zant and held half-hostage by some Twilightrobes to go yoink Midna's half of the Fused Shadow. Instead, you somehow convinced the Twilightrobes to avoid the elevator AT ALL COSTS, and instead went to library. There, you found a Corsava, a Medlora, and a backstabbing Zant! Also, Raine was there for some reason. Zant had Zuph's Golden Armor and was teleporting around like a zippy longstocking douchebag. He also suffered spontaneous Madness damage, though you didn't see Mask Man around. There was also some Interloper whispers, but you couldn't confirm the origin of that one either.
  3. <WindStrike> Via the power of darkness, you take down the Twilightrobes, and then after roughly 50 Zant teleports later, you find out a way to predict his location, stab him with Darte-sword, and then proceed to one-shot him via Darte-reverse transforming and appearing in an explosion of blood. Everyone is happy, Darte has a new armor, Zant is dead- oh wait, he Twilight Fairy'd his way out to a victory, that sinner. And somehow, amidst that chaos, Raine lost her dark powers entirely, and she is not well. You rushed over to Midna to get her aid, but thanks to Bethesda's bullcrap, you got stopped by a loading screen.
  4. <DM> say ready when ready
  5. * Kirran monologues to Midna
  6. <DM> ooooookay screw the ready when ready
  8. <DM> *Midna stands there before you, Kirran, a look of high ground and confusion.
  9. <Corsava> ready when ready
  10. <DM> (words are not at my best today, so I'm just using comparative shenanigans if I can't word something)
  11. <Darte> preppered
  12. <DM> *She looks down at you, Kirran.
  13. <DM> [Midna]: Yes? What is it?
  14. * Corsava looks Midna up and down, as though sizing her up, and then glances over at Kirran.
  15. * Kirran monologues at Midna
  16. <DM> (oh, does the monologue just straight up include everything from last session?)
  17. <Kirran> Exposition, exposition, exposition.
  18. <DM> (got it)
  19. <DM> *After several minutes of exposition dumping, Midna stands then, then is ataken back, a look of almost horror in her eyes.
  20. <DM> [Midna]: EXPOSITION?!
  21. <Kirran> Pretty much
  22. <DM> [Midna]: I.... never knew how much exposition-
  23. <DM> *Okay, back to real talk.
  24. <Kirran> That, and exposition.
  25. <DM> *She continues standing her high ground, despite being on the same ground level as you. I guess she's just that tall that she can look down on a Sheikah. Her eyes squint a bit in annoyance.
  26. <Corsava> Kirran, darling, remind me to show you the correct way to charm a lady.
  27. <DM> [Midna]: .... Zant... has Zuph?
  28. * Kirran polishes his butler monocle.
  29. <Kirran> Yeah.
  30. <DM> *The Sol light emanating from the walls seems to dampen as a subtle but deep drone envelops you all. Her half of the Fused Shadow seems to glow of darkness just slightly....
  31. <DM> [Midna]: And just how exactly did Zant get inside the palace?
  32. <Corsava> I like the shadowy hame you bear, or bare?
  33. <DM> *Midna dances a sharp glare in your direction, then back to Kirran.
  34. * Corsava sets down a stone. This.
  35. * Corsava He must've slipped it onto me, but when he chose to arrive, he nearly tore my arm off.
  36. <Kirran> I made a gambit. It...well, it paid off kind of.
  37. <DM> [Midna]: ... a small communication stone? That's not enough.
  38. <DM> [Midna]: There is barrier surrounding this palace. No one can teleport into the palace.
  39. <Kirran> That said, I don't know how he actually got in here.
  40. <Kirran> We didn't even know he was until we went to the library.
  41. <DM> *She picks up the stone, examining it.
  42. <DM> *She ends up pausing, as if suddenly stuck.
  43. * Darte blinks. "... maybe she shouldn't be touching that, given what it did to your hand."
  44. <Corsava> He was saying something about some light-monster in the fountain when he came to me. I think he was trying to convince me to join him in his delusion. I assume he tried the same with you all?
  45. <DM> [Midna]: *sighing* I see... it's the connection to my mask. He just needed an object he's attuned to within the palace. He used my own half of the Fused Shadow to slip through. Ugh, that darned...!
  46. <DM> *She turns to you Corsava, dropping her really annoyed look.
  47. <DM> [Midna]: He must've been referring to the Light Spirit we have at the Sol Fountain.
  48. <Corsava> Well, that seems foolish of him. I doubt he'd be able to convince it to ally itself with him. He lacks your personal magnetism.
  49. <Kirran> That and he's all darkness, which is kinda not their thing.
  50. <DM> [Midna]: I see. Uhh... Kirran, was it? What's this about your... fairy?
  51. * Kirran describes the problem with great concern.
  52. <Kirran> I can't think of what else to do, and it's not like I can go back home to seek help from my clan on this.
  53. <DM> *She seems to brush off your comment on personal magnetism, Corsava. YOUR CHARMS ARE NO MATCH FOR HER DOUCHERY!
  54. <Darte> "Is she even eating her cake?"
  55. <DM> *You look at Raine, and she is just stuck in light mode, half-unconscious...... not eating her cake.
  56. <DM> [Raine]: This cake is....... missssssssing somethiiiiiiing..... is it straaaawberry? I dunnoooooo.......
  57. <DM> *She sounds kind of stoned.
  58. <DM> [Midna]: May I see her?
  59. <DM> *She holds out a hand.
  60. * Kirran very reluctantly hands her over.
  61. <Kirran> If harm befalls her, I won't forgive you. Even if you are a queen.
  62. <DM> *Midna seems to react like she's stung, then crushes Raine in her- I'm kidding.
  63. <DM> *She winces in pain, but holds onto Raine, inspecting her closely. With her other hand, she reaches into her robe, then produces a pair of Twilight Fairies. They flutter around, inspecting Raine at close up from their fairy-view.
  64. <DM> [Midna]: I'm not quite as used to the light as the other Twili.
  65. <Kirran> I don't think she is either
  66. <DM> *The Twilight Fairies seem to be chattering something, but even though you all understand Twili, you can't tell what they're saying. They speak to Midna, then hop back into her cloak.
  67. <DM> *Midna's eyes widen just slightly, and she hands Raine back to you, Kirran.
  68. * Kirran puts her back in her bottle for now.
  69. <DM> [Midna]: I'm sorry, but I don't think I can help you. She may look like a fairy, but she is not a fairy.
  70. <Kirran> I don't understand.
  71. * Kirran is, needless to say, nonplussed as hell.
  72. <Corsava> Wait, you knew that, didn't you?
  73. <Kirran> No. All I have ever known is that she was a fairy unlike any fairy I've ever met in Hyrule.
  74. <Kirran> The great fairy didn't do much to clear that up, except to say pretty much exactly that.
  75. <Kirran> I thought, seeing the Twili fairies, that maybe she was one of them.
  76. <DM> *Her eyes perk up.
  77. <DM> [Midna]: The Great Fairy?
  78. <DM> [Midna]: Is..... the Great Fairy still alive?
  79. <Corsava> Why...uh, why would she not be?
  80. <DM> [Midna]: The Fairy Fountain of this realm was destroyed 20 years ago, during the Great Destruction. She should've died from that. Are you telling me she's been alive all this time?
  81. * Darte gives an uneasy grin. "Couldn't kill that old bat if you tried!"
  82. <DM> [Midna]: Old... bat?
  83. <Corsava> It's an expression.
  84. * DM removes a gray-bearded Batman from the fourth wall.
  85. <Corsava> He does not mean to say she has the form of a bat.
  86. <DM> [Midna]: Is it possible... I might be able to see her?
  87. <Corsava> I mean, you'd have to get to our realm, but probably. Do you have a way to get there?
  88. <DM> [Midna]: Only with the Twilight Mirror restored.
  89. <DM> *She realizes what she just said, then stares at you blankly for a bit.
  90. <DM> [Midna]: .....
  91. <DM> [Midna]: ....... we appear to be in mutual need of each other, it seems.
  92. <Corsava> " need the last piece, and we need...the last piece?"
  93. <Kirran> Indeed we do.
  94. <DM> [Midna]: Yes, it would seem that way.
  95. <Kirran> Quite.
  96. <DM> *Her teal-glowing Twilight Fairies hover on out from her cloak. She holds her hand out, the two fairies fluttering around her arm.
  97. <DM> [Midna]: These are among the last remaining Twilight Fairies. At least, I thought they were the last.... until you told me Zant used one to get away.
  98. <Corsava> I see,
  99. <DM> [Midna]: Tell me, is there somehow... anyone else with Twilight Fairies?
  100. <Kirran> Not that we've encountered.
  101. <Corsava> Yup. Zant gave some to that one guy, right?
  102. <Corsava> The annoying one?
  103. * Corsava pretends to struggle to remember his name
  104. <Corsava> Oh, right, Dex. The lizard.
  105. <Corsava> Yeah, there's also a lizard with a few. I don't know how many.
  106. <DM> *You recall Dex was given one, though you don't know how many more he may have acquired past that.
  107. <Kirran> well that doesn't surprise me at all. He's probably also got the eyes of every living and non-living entity from here to the horizon.
  108. <Kirran> If it's impossible, he's already done it. Probably twice.
  109. <DM> [Midna]: It's odd, about... a year ago, I think. I had four Twilight Fairies remaining, then... one of them just... vanished. And now that I know Zant has the ability to get into the Twilight Palace, through the barrier... it's him! It must've been him that stole one!
  110. <Kirran> If that's the case, how did he give one to Dex then?
  111. <Corsava> Did he not promise Dex several as a reward?
  112. <DM> [Midna]: ... I....
  113. <DM> *She stands there, perplexed.
  114. <Corsava> ...Kirran, she had four. Zant has one, and gave Dex one.
  115. <Corsava> It's math.
  116. <Kirran> Zant also used one, and she still has three.
  117. <Kirran> Unless they're quantum fairies, it's very bad math
  118. <Corsava> ...EWW!
  119. <Corsava> Did he-
  120. <Corsava> EWW!
  121. * DM swats Corsava instinctively.
  122. * DM also swats Kirran instinctively.
  123. * DM swats Darte for no good reason other than just because I can.
  124. <DM> pre-emptively
  125. <Corsava> Maybe that fountain isn't as destroyed as it's supposed to be.
  126. * Darte moves to the corner and sulks.
  127. <DM> [Midna]: It's... not?
  129. <Corsava> It would explain why the Great Fairy isn't in the dirt.
  130. <DM> [Midna]: The last palace is what's now the great ruins that envelop most of the Twilight Realm. But, despite all we did to comb the area, and despite all our battles with the Interlopers, we never found any ruins of the Great Fairy Fountain there. It... should just be obliterated.
  131. <DM> (Kirran, did your exposition also include what happened w/ your Zuph venture out in the dark lands of darkness?)
  132. <Corsava> I see...
  133. <Kirran> (Yeah. Don't see why it wouldn't.)
  134. <DM> (kay)
  135. <Kirran> (Besides, she needs to know about the gravity generator thing he's got)
  136. <DM> [Midna]: Then... under the sea-
  137. <DM> [Midna]: Then... under the great ruins.... those islands of darkness. The Interloper base is somewhere down there, according to Zant?
  138. <Corsava> Oh.
  139. <Corsava> Oh no.
  140. * Darte shrugs. "I mean, can you think of a more fitting place for them to put it?"
  141. <Corsava> We have to go back there, don't we?
  142. <Kirran> We are not even kind of prepared to take that on.
  143. <Orithan> Spectating fer now
  144. <DM> (Orithan, hit $recall, that should be enough to see what the secret boss is)
  145. <Orithan> $recall
  146. * Kirran disappears from view.
  147. <Corsava> So, then, princess. What's the plan?
  148. <DM> *You folks last recall, back at the Gerudo Fortress, when you freed the Great Fairy from Agahnim, she was then immediately sucked up by the Interlopers, converted to darkness once more.
  149. <DM> *So, yeah uhh..... HAVE FUN FIGURING THAT ONE OUT, FOLKS!
  150. <DM> ^_^
  151. <Corsava> we have a plan?
  152. <DM> *Darte spontaneously takes 1 neutral damage for every missing beat to the song he just linked in Discord. In other words, he dies. Again.
  153. <DM> *Corsava, right as you ask about a plan, Darte just falls over. Dead.
  154. * Darte raises his finger, then just freaking explodes
  155. * Corsava blink
  156. <DM> *Kirran has dissolved into the darkness, and Darte isn't quite auto-reviving. IT'S ALL YOU, CORSAVA. YOU AND MIDNA.
  157. <Corsava> We don't have a plan, do we Midna?
  158. <DM> [Midna]: ... I... don't know. If the Interlopers have the Great Fairy....
  159. <Corsava> We should probably get to crafting one hell of a plan, then.
  160. <Corsava> What our assets?
  161. <Corsava> We know we stand against the great fairy, and an army of shadow monsters
  162. <DM> *She stares at you, then at Darte's corpse, then back to you, then at Kirran's absence, then back to you.
  163. <DM> *She looks to the side, then mutters....
  164. * Kirran reappears as though he never left.
  165. <DM> [Midna]: ... a Spirit of Light.
  166. <DM> [Midna]: We have a Spirit of..... a Spirit of Light.
  167. <Corsava> That...sounds powerful.
  168. <Corsava> How would we utilize it, in your opinion?
  169. <DM> *At the mention of a Spirit of Light, Darte bounces back to life, at full health.
  170. <DM> [Midna]: Charge it up in the Sol Fountain, then have it...... destroy the...... destroy...............
  171. <DM> *She freezes completely.
  172. <Kirran> Midna, if you do that, you risk making your realm so many atomic particles.
  173. <DM> *The Twilight Fairies around her arm stop dancing, looking up at her worriedly.
  174. <Kirran> Which would mean you're no better than Zant, because that's his desire too.
  175. <DM> [Midna]: Yes.
  176. <Corsava> What's our alternative, Midna?
  177. <DM> *Her tone of voice changes to one of...... well..... you can imagine.
  178. <Corsava> There's some other way, I presume?
  179. <DM> [Midna]: ...... and it wouldn't be the first time.
  180. * Darte is very much ready to leave this place. The rate at which he spontaneously dies is getting very upsetting.
  181. * DM smiles at Darte from beyond the fourth wall.
  182. <DM> [Midna]: ....... no....... there isn't.
  183. <Corsava> I have a means of destroying it after.
  184. * Corsava produces the Bomb Mask
  185. <DM> [Midna]: ...... excuse me?
  186. <Corsava> It wouldn't be able to threaten your realm when the job is done.
  187. <Kirran> I think there is, and the answer lies with Zuph. But we're not going to figure out until we get him back.
  188. <DM> *Midna bounces between Corsava and Kirran.
  189. <Kirran> Also, Corsava, you already half killed my fairy. If you even try to put that mask on a light spirit, I'm turning you into a sea urchin.
  190. <Kirran> with arrows...
  191. <Corsava> It's not a fairy!
  192. <DM> *It's not a TUMAH!
  193. <Kirran> or better yet, I'll pay Dex enough money to take your eyes.
  194. <Kirran> And then use them to blow you up.
  195. <Corsava> Wait...
  196. <Corsava> Isn't Dex there?
  197. <DM> [Midna]: ... what?
  198. <Corsava> like...with the shadow things? And the fairy?
  199. <Corsava> Dex accepted a job for Zant
  200. <DM> *Yes folks. You recall Zant sent Dex to the Interloper Base. AND HE HAS NO IDEA THE GREAT FAIRY IS THERE. ^_^
  201. * Darte facepalms.
  202. <Kirran> Unfortunately, yes. And since we're all more or less in 3 dimensional space, I assume he hasn't broken reality seeking whatever it is
  203. <Corsava> He's in the interloper base...
  204. * Corsava suddenly stops
  205. <Corsava> Wait...
  206. <Corsava> What *did* he want Dex to do there?
  207. <DM> [Midna]: ..... you have someone...... at the Interloper base? But..... how.... what...... ........ your companion is retarded.
  208. <Kirran> No, just foolhardy well and past the point of rationality.
  209. <Kirran> He'll be fine.
  210. <Corsava> You don't think Zant sent him there intentionally because of the great fairy, do you?
  211. <Kirran> We might not be when he gets done though
  212. <Corsava> ...What if Zant's idea is that Dex will piss her off to the point of forcing Midna's hand?
  213. <DM> *That is a surprisingly good idea on Zant's part.
  214. <Kirran> Maybe, but if Zant thinks he's playing chess with a pro, he has no idea DEx is playing tic-tac-toe on the underside of the board instead.
  215. <Corsava> We already know he wants her to send in the Spirit of Light?
  216. <Corsava> That's the point.
  217. <DM> [Midna]: ..... I'll need to speak to Medlora on this. She knows more about-
  218. <DM> *Suddenly, the palace seems to shake. Just slightly.'
  219. <Corsava> Sending someone so monumentally insane that it could backlash on the twil-
  220. <DM> [Midna]: ..... what was that?
  221. <Kirran> I really, *really* hope that's just a coincedence.
  222. <DM> *The palace shakes again, this time enough to bump you folks off the ground just a hair.
  223. <DM> [Midna]: ... excuse me.
  224. <DM> *She quickly heads into the door behind her - you know, the one with the spirit Goron chained to it - and it closes.
  225. <DM> *From the entrance of the room, a Twili Guard shows up.
  226. * Darte looks to Kirran. "Take the monkey and run?"
  227. <DM> *He looks kinda panicked.
  228. <Corsava> "Shit."
  229. <DM> [Twili]: Where's Queen Midna?
  230. <Corsava> Through the door.
  231. <DM> [Twili]: She-
  232. * Corsava plants my shield in the ground and lays my trident on it, the proper way of fighting with spear and shield
  233. <DM> *He pauses, then turns to you folks.
  234. <DM> [Twili]: There's something..... big...... hitting the barrier.
  235. <Corsava> "What is it?"
  236. <DM> [Twili]: It's-
  237. <Corsava> "DON'T PLAY THE PRONOUN GAME!"
  238. <DM> *The palace shakes again.
  239. * Corsava rushes over to a window
  240. <Darte> "... A big black fairy?"
  241. <Corsava> "Oh fuck waiting around to die like some hapless maiden."
  242. <DM> *From the communication stone on the ground, Zant appears once more.... ooooor just an image of him. You're pretty sure Zant didn't actually just appear next to you, unless he's that stupid.
  243. <Corsava> "We need a plan. Yesterday."
  244. <DM> *Corsava, there are no windows in that room.
  245. <DM> *He addresses you all, arms wide open with creed- I'm sorry.
  246. * Kirran reaches over the fourth wall and bats the DM's nose with a newspaper.
  247. <Kirran> No.
  248. <DM> *He seems more crazed than even the last time you saw him.
  249. * Corsava grins "Zant, we can't come to the phone right now, please leave a message."
  251. <Corsava> I'm going to get Medlora. Midna says she needs her help, and we have to do *something* productive.
  252. <DM> [Zant]: Welcome, one and all! You appear to have all TICKED ME OFF, VERY MUCH!
  253. * Corsava rushes to the library
  254. <Kirran> Just wait until we kill you the second time.
  255. <Kirran> Be sure to bring a mop.
  256. <DM> [Zant]: Oh, it won't just be a second time, for you see....
  257. <Kirran> Wait, we get to kill you even more?
  258. <Kirran> Sweet.
  259. <DM> *You see, in his illusory image, four Twilight Fairies floating around him.
  260. <DM> [Zant]: 4 MORE TIMES! BUT NO, not a FIFTH time, mwahahahah!
  261. <Kirran> Guys, I think he's a masochist. That's creepy as hell.
  262. <DM> [Zant]: Well.... assuming you live to even face me!
  263. <DM> [Zant]: Have fun with my new.... pet, heheheheh!
  264. <DM> *Another Twili guard enters the room.
  265. <DM> [Twili]: It's a Shadow Kargarok! A huge one! It's slamming against the barrier repeated-
  266. <DM> *The whole palace shakes again. The door behind you all opens again, and Midna appears once more.
  267. * Corsava returns with Medlora "I got Medlora! You wanted to see her and I figure time is a factor!"
  268. <DM> *Medlora enters the room, floating on some messy books, and shielding her eyes.
  269. <DM> [Medlora]: Aaaaahhhhhhh the liiiiight, I like darkness more. Blargh. Anywho, I'm a librarian, what good am I against a giant..... what's hitting the barrier?
  270. <Kirran> Dragon
  271. <Kirran> one-eyed black dragon.
  272. <Kirran> And we're out of trap cards.
  273. <Corsava> Are...are we being paid at 'fight a dragon' level?
  274. <DM> [Medlora]: Yeah uhh...... I can't help you there. My books won't really help, annnnd I'm still trying to clean up the library.
  275. <Darte> "Getting to leave is good enough for me."
  276. <DM> *She gets a flash of inspiration.
  277. <Darte> "You've gotta have a book on... fairies, or eyes, or something."
  278. <DM> [Medlora]: Buuuuut...... those Light Spirits- I mean, that Light Spirit we have in the prison, why don't we use that fella?
  279. * Kirran slips away in the confusion, runs back to the library, and steals that book back.
  280. <DM> [Midna]: What?!
  281. <DM> (I thought you already had it)
  282. <Kirran> (Hey, you said it, not me)
  283. <DM> (ooooooh riiiiight)
  284. <DM> *Kirran, you find that book does not appear to be in that library.
  285. <Kirran> (sigh)
  286. <DM> [Medlora]: Hey, Zanty's attacking with a big guy, we got our own big guy, why not? Hey Midna, maybe they'll even take each other out!
  287. * Kirran returns reluctantly.
  288. <Corsava> Midna, we need a plan. Light Spirit or no, what is our plan?
  289. <Darte> "Are they gonna be a bit... atrophied from being locked up this long?"
  290. <DM> [Midna]: It does no good. The one in the prison has been drained of its power. We would need to get it to the Sol Fountain and back here.
  291. <Kirran> I can ask the light spirits to help us, and by extension you.
  292. <Kirran> They better understand now the situation than they did before.
  293. <DM> [Midna]: Fine. Go. Have Medlora accompany you.
  294. <DM> *Medlora seems to shy away a bit.
  295. <Corsava> Alright. We'll report back to you when there's no longer a dragon.
  296. <DM> [Medlora]: Wha? Me? Go down to see a Spirit of Light? Uhhh......
  297. <DM> [Medlora]: I don't know, I think I'd feel safer in the library-
  298. <DM> [Midna]: Medlora, this palace won't last long. Go.
  299. <Corsava> Wait, why *are* we bringing a librarian into a fight?
  300. <DM> [Medlora]: Yeah, what Corsy said, I'm useless!
  301. * Corsava gets moving
  302. <Corsava> Regardless, none of us will be here to complain if that shield goes down. Whoever's doing what, let's move it!
  303. <DM> *Corsava, are you heading outside or down to the Spirit of Light?
  304. <DM> *Down to the Spirit of Light!
  305. <DM> *You all head to- Darte, where are you going?
  306. * Darte moves to Medlora, looking closely at her. "C'mon. Time's critical. Read up on what you can about fairies for us, we'll probably need it if we're all gonna survive Zant going freakin' bonkers."
  307. * Darte follows Kirran.
  308. <DM> [Medlora]: What? Fairies? What the.... what's a fairy going to help us with against a dragon?!
  309. * Kirran begins breakdancing
  310. <DM> [Medlora]: GAH! Fine I'll go with you!
  311. * Corsava screams down the hallway towards them ZANT HAS FOUR OF THEM!!!
  312. <Kirran> That just means we get to kill him four more times.
  313. <DM> [Midna]: I'll get in contact with Xanas and hold off the dragon.
  315. <Kirran> I'm sure we can come up with some great ways to get that done.
  316. <DM> *Kirran, Darte, Corsava, and Medlora, you all head down to the prison, where you find Faron, the Spirit of Light, the monkey one. He's looking a little better, ever since he got partially re-energized by Zuph's Golden Armor. Which, Darte now has.
  317. * Darte preens.
  318. <DM> *Faron looks towards you, a tad worried. Also, I'm just assuming you all got past the elevator of doom.
  319. <Corsava> "Hey! So funny question, time-sensitive question, would you be able to fight a dragon?
  320. <DM> [Faron]: .... is that what's causing the shaking?
  321. <Corsava> "Let me answer your question with a question. There is a dragon attacking the city, can you help?"
  322. <Kirran> Also, would you be able to convince the light spirit they've got at the fountain to help as well?
  323. <Darte> "You help, we might die. You don't, we die but a lot faster."
  324. <DM> [Faron]: I am more than happy to assist.... as soon as I'm let out.
  325. <Corsava> Sweet. Let's get a move on then. Who has the key?
  326. <DM> *Faron looks towards Medlora.
  327. <Kirran> Faron, I cannot stress enough to you one thing. We've got help these guys for the good of everyone here and in Hyrule.
  328. <Kirran> Got to help*
  329. <DM> [Faron]: I recall you. You're... the librarian, yes? It's been a while since you've visited.
  330. <DM> [Medlora]: Uhh, ahahah, yeah, uhh... I guess it has! So uhh... how bout I free you from the prison?
  331. <DM> *The palace shakes once more, quite violently.
  332. <DM> [Faron]: That would be preferable.
  333. * Darte looks between the two. "There gonna be a problem?"
  334. <Corsava> Time. Is. A. Factor. People. We need to be moving!
  335. <DM> [Medlora]: Uhhhhhhh no, no problem!
  336. <DM> *Medlora cautiously floats on over, then seems to rummage through one of her books, pulling out random things. Kirran, you're 99% positive that's the book from before, and you're also certain she's using it as her inventory somehow.
  337. <Kirran> (wat)
  338. <DM> [Medlora]: I mean, well, it's like... it's not like you contributed to destroying the Twilight Realm awhile back, ahahahah!
  339. <DM> [Faron]: If I recall, last you saw me a year ago, you seemed to be over that. Not that anyone here should be over that...
  340. <DM> [Medlora]: Uhhh- FOUND THE KEY!
  341. <Corsava> Meddie, I swear, I will give you a long massage and some trauma therapy, but right now, we *need* to get moving.
  342. <DM> *She pulls out a...... cube.
  343. * Kirran checks his pockets for a hamburger.
  344. <DM> *She then presses it into the glass prison. A moment later, and the glass wall deconstructs itself, folding inwards on itself until it folds into the cube. She then pockets it back inside the book.
  345. <DM> *Kirran, you find a Darte eating a hamburger- wait what?
  346. <Kirran> o-O
  347. * Darte waves up at Kirran.
  348. <DM> *Medlora quickly floats away, pressing the elevator button repeatedly.
  349. <DM> [Medlora]: Welllll you're free, free, annnnd free!
  350. * Orithan eats a hamburger and replaces it with another hamburger from behind the fourth wall
  351. <DM> [Medlora]: Annnnd so am I... once this darned elevator door opens!
  352. <DM> *The great form of Faron unravels its tail, then moves in towards... Darte.
  353. * Darte backs up just a bit.
  354. <DM> [Faron]: Come give me a big Goron hug-
  355. <DM> *Kidding.
  356. <Corsava> "We need to get up to street-level. Let's move, people!"
  357. * Darte exhales. "Hugs later. Fighting now."
  358. <DM> [Faron]: As I am, I cannot fight a dragon. My power has mostly dissipated, locked in this prison. However.... I can inhabit your body, with that Golden Armor.
  359. <DM> *DM's note - you get DBZ powers. Kind of.
  360. <DM> *The elevator doors finally open, and Medlora immediately jumps in and takes the elevator up, closing the doors.
  361. <DM> [Medlora]: Seeeeee ya!
  362. * Corsava tries to get a good look at her rear as she leaves
  363. <DM> *Right as the doors close and the elevator starts rising, the palace shakes again, and the elevator gets stuck in place.
  364. <DM> *Your eyes were distracted by the shaking of the palace.
  365. <Corsava> "Meddie?"
  366. <DM> *You hear a muffled Medlora screaming through the walls of the elevator.
  367. <DM> [Medlora]: *muffled* ARE YOU ****ING SERIOUS?!
  368. * Corsava rushes to the elevator
  369. <Kirran> I told you guys! I told you about those elevators
  370. <DM> *The elevator door does not open.
  371. * Corsava slides a small metal rod into the elevator door key slot
  372. * Kirran looks very disapprovingly at the elevator.
  373. <DM> *It is about one foot raised from the ground, annnnnnnd as a result is malfunctioned.
  374. * Darte considers this. "Any... perks?"
  375. <DM> [Faron]: I will be able to protect you, to some degree, from attacks. And amplify the power of your armor's abilities.
  376. <DM> *In other words, you have a 50% likelihood you'll die less!
  377. <Darte> "50% times 200%... sounds fair to me!"
  378. <Kirran> Faron, have you checked his luck stat? You should know what you're sugning up for.
  379. * Corsava pops the lock on the hoistway door
  380. <DM> [Faron]: His what sta-
  381. <DM> *Faron's tail happens to hit Darte, thus sucking Faron's being into Darte's soul. Your blue-skinned buddy suddenly goes super saiyan and his skin turns a sparkling gold. Well, just for a bit. It turns back to his usual blue, but there's a noticeable glow on his armor.
  382. <DM> *To clarify, Darte is not growing hair spontaneously.
  383. <Corsava> Alright, I think I can wall-jump onto the elevator to activate the manual override.
  384. <DM> *Corsava, you pry open the door, annnnnnd suddenly the elevator fixes itself.
  385. * Darte was half-hoping the perk would include a luscious head of hair, but sparkles will do.
  386. * Corsava gets into Spirit power mode and then blinks
  387. <DM> *It closes, then rises to the top.
  388. <Corsava> "You're...welcome? I think?
  389. <Corsava> "Did I...Did I help?"
  390. <DM> *A bit of time passes, then it comes back down, dinging when it reaches you. The doors open, revealing no one inside.
  391. * Corsava climbs in and hits the up button
  392. <Corsava> "MOVE. YOUR. ASSES."
  393. <Kirran> Uh. You're not even going to question how the previous occupant vanished?
  394. <Corsava> "What? She got to the top floor!"
  395. <Darte> "She got off and booked it, 'cuz she's smart. Let's _move_."
  396. * Kirran gives the elevator a side-eye
  397. <Kirran> I'm on to you, elevator.
  398. <DM> *Kirran and Darte, do you enter the elevator?
  399. * Kirran reluctantly gets on.
  400. * Darte does. In fact, he almost feels like he could climb up it or something. And a craving for... cronchy bananas.
  402. <DM> *Darte miraculously survives.
  403. <DM> *The elevator rises to the top, then explodes- fine, it reaches the top, unaffected. The doors open, annnnd immediately following another palace shake, at the other end of the corridor you look down, you see a Twili running for his life, towards you. A moment later, a Shadow Beast slams into the wall behind it.
  404. <Kirran> Well, this went worse than I expected.
  405. <Darte> "Aaaaand it's time to get a move on."
  406. * Corsava draws my shield and a sword
  407. <DM> *The Twili switches to imp form and tries to float away, but just then, a Shadow Kargarok rounds the corner and catches the Twili in its long neck, the Twili's leg sucked into its weird mouth as the Twili tries to struggle away.
  408. <Corsava> Uh...
  409. <DM> *The Shadow Beast seems to look in your direction, in reaction to Kirran and Darte's words.
  410. <Corsava> Wow, that's super fucked up.
  411. * Kirran launches some deku nuts at them
  412. <Corsava> Kirran! Attack!
  413. <DM> *You notice neither of them have eyes.
  414. <Corsava> Use your Kirrandoken!
  415. <Kirran> (It was more for the light than the blinding effect)
  416. <DM> *The Shadow Beast has that invulnerable shield over its head, and the Shadow Kargarok just has a mouth at the end of its long neck.
  417. * Darte tosses a hunk o' bait into the haul. "C'mon, let 'im go!"
  418. <Darte> *hall
  419. <DM> *The light explodes, stunning them momentarily. Whelp, there goes the south exit, blocked by these two. To the West, you know it heads to the Armory. And to the East, you can immediately go to the Council Room or the- or..... apparently you might actually pick South.
  420. * Corsava rushes to the armory
  421. <DM> *Or north, to the library.
  422. <DM> *Outside, you can go south. But.....
  423. * Corsava suddenly turns on my heel and goes to the council room
  424. <DM> *You head to the Council Room, whiiiiiich is locked off.
  425. * Kirran slips past, grabs the Twili, and teleports to the elevator.
  426. <Kirran> Get out of here and to safety.
  427. <DM> *You safely retrieve the Twili.
  428. <DM> *The Twili nods, then heads down the elevator, TO BE EATEN BY IT- errr......
  429. <DM> *Well, I guess you guys are out of the elevator.... Twili just took it and booked it!
  430. <DM> [Faron]: Isn't there a courtyard in this palace?
  431. <DM> *In fact, you recall Zuph's shop is in an open area. Take the East Hall past the Council Room.
  432. * Kirran goes that way in a hurry
  433. <DM> *You head on over there, and upon entering, you see the last of the houses in the village area submerging into the ground. Nice defense mechanism!
  434. <DM> *There's a loud roar of a dragon, and up above, you see the massive beast crash into the barrier above. The palace shakes once more.
  435. <Darte> "I sure hope they're meant to do that. What d'ya think, should we take the fight to it?"
  436. <Corsava> "Doesn't seem like there's another way."
  437. <Kirran> I'm kind of wishing Dex was here to somehow wrangle the smaller flying beast into a mount, but yeah, I guess so.
  438. <DM> [Faron]: I believe, with my power and your armor, I can take all of you up there. But if you fall off, I'll have a limit to how many times I can save you.
  439. <Corsava> "Sounds good, Fargo. Let's go!"
  440. <DM> *Just to clarify, you can tell this is well over 200 feet above the palace. If you fall, expect to splatter.
  441. <Kirran> I've got a bad feeling about this.
  442. * Hal stands around, observing the dragon crashing into the Palace. Where did he end up?
  443. <Hal> Need a way up to the Dragon?
  444. * Darte gives a gunshow. "Faron here _is_ the way up, apparently."
  445. <DM> *Hal, you arrive at the scene, albeit a bit.... uhhh...... I'll cover what happened to you another time.
  446. <Corsava> "Kirran, Darling, do you mean to tell me you want us to ride you?"
  447. <DM> *You're slightly disturbed by what you witnessed buuuut for now GIANT DRAGON TAKES PRECEDENCE.
  448. <Kirran> Corsava, I can launch you up there via slingshot.
  449. * Corsava chuckles
  450. <DM> [Faron]: Those of you that wish to head up with Darte, grab ahold of him.
  451. * Corsava grabs Darte's shoulder
  452. <Hal> So looks like Zant has control over these Shadow Beasts
  453. <DM> [Faron]: Jumping in a few seconds...
  454. <Darte>
  455. <Kefka> YouTube: The Rocketeer's first appearance - Views: 80,516 - Length: 39 - Uploaded: 2007-04-03 - User: elkano788 - Likes: 113 - Dislikes: 5
  456. <DM> *Darte's eyes start to glow gold, and the sparkles start to rotate around him, clouding him anyone latched onto him.
  457. * Hal grabs ahold of Darte
  458. <DM> (so question - I think we can hit a decent stopping point in about an hour. Stop now or stop after an hour of action/shenanigans?
  459. <Corsava> in an hour
  460. <Corsava> you slut
  461. <Darte> (An hour's the latest I can go)
  462. <DM> *Kirran, you going with him, or nay?
  463. <Kirran> I've got a wild idea guys. Go on without me, I'm going to try and get us some more help.
  464. <DM> (just an fyi, this will party split you and I'll have to handle you solo, that fine?)
  465. <Corsava> Alright, sure. I've got your back.
  466. <DM> (well, nah, actually)
  467. <DM> (I can do this, go to #zurpg2 Kirran)
  468. <DM> *The sparkles consume and wrap Darte and Hal, disappearing in a flash. You feel yourselves removed from reality, then reappearing in what appears to be a dark field of clouds. Your feet struggle to touch ground, but the rush of wind overwhelms you as you two descent into a free fall.
  469. <DM> *A dragon's roar deafens you, growing louder and louder until you find yourselves landing on the dragon's back. Thanks to the glow from Faron, you're protected from fall damage.
  470. <Hal> Alright. Lets figure out how we deal with this dragon.
  471. <Darte> "Right, that's... exhilarating. Hold on tight, I get a feeling he's about to be extremely pissed."
  472. <DM> *The dragon does not appear to have noticed you, yet. However, it is rearing its head to try and crash into the barrier for another run.
  473. * Hal grips onto the dragon's back, slowly crawling about.
  474. <DM> [Faron]: It's about to dive, I'd rather not use a teleport to save you from falling off it this soon. You need to find a way to stay on.
  475. * Hal just goes one step further and plays the Song of Soaring.
  476. * Darte goes ahead and hookshots somewhere towards the head.
  477. <DM> *Your hookshot impales into the head a tad just as it takes a dive. Hal, you just float off it, though it's now going at a speed you're not sure you can keep up with....
  478. <DM> *The dragon zips down, headfirst towards the barrier. Darte, you're attached to its head. Are you sure you want to stay there?
  479. * Darte readies Brotherhood as he's dragged behind the beast, holding it downwards ahead of him.
  480. * Hal follows the dragon, scouting out for potential weak points along its body.
  481. <DM> *The dragon then proceeds to slam into the barrier!
  482. <DM> $100d10
  483. <Navi> DM: You rolled 100 Dice with 10 Sides. Total: 567. Successes: 71.
  484. <DM> *Darte, roughly 71 successes of a Power roll are about to slam you off the dragon's head. Do you stab into its head?
  485. <Darte> Heck yeah.
  486. <DM> *Hal, it seems to be a very sturdy, well-built dragon. Though, each time it flaps its wings, it seems right where it's connected, the wings are a tad thing.
  487. <DM> *Roll your attack! Courage roll.
  488. <DM> *Sword roll, whatever it is.
  489. <Darte> $36d10
  490. <Navi> Darte: You rolled 36 Dice with 10 Sides. Results: 3, 1, 8, 7, 5, 5, 10, 9, 4, 10, 5, 1, 3, 3, 5, 3, 8, 7, 1, 8, 3, 10, 3, 1, 7, 5, 2, 8, 3, 3, 10, 6, 3, 7, 2 and 8. Total: 187. Successes: 24.
  491. <Darte> Eesh
  492. <Darte> Damage: +10
  493. <Darte> EFFECT: If it hits, you identify the enemyโ€™s movements; causing you and your allies to gain 5 Dice when attacking and defending against that target.
  494. <Darte> IF FAIL: Target can Counterattack you, regardless of CONDITIONS.
  495. <DM> *You impale into the dragon, but not quite enough to keep you on. You end up losing grip, and the sword remains impaled into the dragon's head. It roars out in pain.
  496. * Hal looks closely for Darte and tries to save him by flying over to him to pick him up and plop him back onto the dragon.
  497. <DM> *Hal, roll Courage.
  498. <Hal> $22d10
  499. <Navi> Hal: You rolled 22 Dice with 10 Sides. Results: 2, 2, 6, 5, 2, 1, 6, 5, 3, 10, 7, 10, 7, 8, 8, 9, 8, 10, 10, 4, 5 and 1. Total: 129. Successes: 19.
  500. <DM> *It's enough! You catch the flying Darte, barreling back just a tad, but still remain soaring.
  501. <DM> *However, the dragon is no longer focused on the barrier. It's looking. Directly. At. You.
  502. <Darte> "Think you can get me back to that sword?"
  503. <DM> *It flaps its wings as it recovers from slamming into the barrier, preparing its claws.
  504. <Hal> Sure.
  505. <Darte> "Any ideas other than that?"
  506. * Hal flies around its head, casting Shadow Speed on himself to increase his Speed; trying to get around it to reach a safe point for Darte to Hookshot to
  507. <Hal> Hookshot the dragon and then you will have a chance to get to the sword.
  508. * Darte aims the hookshot at the thing's neck.
  509. * Hal holds onto Darte, hoping to be dragged along wth him.
  510. <DM> *The dragon proceeds to charge at you, full speed! Both of you, roll your courage! Darte, add attack dice; Hal, add defense dice.
  511. <DM> *Darte, you have a +15 bonus from Faron currently.
  512. <DM> $100d10
  513. <Navi> DM: You rolled 100 Dice with 10 Sides. Total: 565. Successes: 68.
  514. <Hal> $35d10
  515. <Navi> Hal: You rolled 35 Dice with 10 Sides. Results: 8, 3, 1, 7, 7, 6, 6, 6, 6, 9, 3, 8, 1, 9, 6, 9, 3, 3, 4, 5, 1, 3, 9, 3, 2, 5, 4, 1, 8, 9, 3, 6, 1, 4 and 2. Total: 171. Successes: 18.
  516. <Darte> $36d10
  517. <Navi> Darte: You rolled 36 Dice with 10 Sides. Results: 8, 9, 8, 4, 4, 6, 7, 1, 6, 5, 6, 4, 8, 9, 8, 3, 9, 10, 1, 1, 2, 6, 5, 2, 4, 3, 5, 10, 4, 8, 1, 2, 6, 8, 5 and 10. Total: 198. Successes: 25.
  518. <Darte> $15d10
  519. <Navi> Darte: You rolled 15 Dice with 10 Sides. Results: 4, 1, 10, 10, 6, 6, 3, 3, 4, 1, 6, 3, 10, 6 and 3. Total: 76. Successes: 10.
  520. <DM> $calc 18 + 25 + 10
  521. <Kefka> 18 + 25 + 10 = 53
  522. <Hal> (Does Darte still have the chance to hookshot to the dragon, carrying me with him)
  523. <DM> *You manage to dodge to the side partially, but in your hookshot attempt, while it does manage to reach the neck, its wing ends up slamming into you.
  524. <DM> *Both of you take 15 damage each. FYI Darte, that armor has 8 armor.
  525. <DM> *Hal, roll Power vs. 15 successes to remain latched onto Darte.
  526. <Hal> $23d10
  527. <Navi> Hal: You rolled 23 Dice with 10 Sides. Results: 1, 2, 8, 3, 6, 1, 7, 5, 4, 4, 6, 6, 10, 4, 10, 9, 7, 1, 9, 6, 7, 5 and 9. Total: 130. Successes: 17.
  528. <Darte> 12h12m
  529. * Hal takes... 4 damage, which doesn't get delayed.
  530. <Hal> *gets delayed
  531. <DM> *Hal, you barely manage to hold on, despite taking a wing to the face. The two of you reel around in the air for a bit before finally reaching its neck.
  532. <DM> *Darte, your sword isn't much further, and you can probably safely hookshot to it from here. Probably.
  533. <Hal> 18h 8m | +5 Courage | 4 Damage delayed till next turn
  534. * Hal had lost his wings from getting hit
  535. * Darte looks to Hal. "You got somewhere to get to? Otherwise I'm going to grab that sword."
  536. <DM> *You recall its potential weakpoint. You miiiiiight be able to climb your way there from here.
  537. <Hal> Nope. I found a potential weak spot - Its wings are weak at the base. A strong enough cut should injure it enough to send it crashing down
  538. * Hal climbs over to its midsection, near where its wings are.
  539. <Darte> "Gotcha. I'll take the right wing, you take the left?"
  540. <DM> [Faron]: I'm not sure if the barrier can take much more. Careful not to slam it into the barrier.
  541. * Darte hookshots to the sword.
  542. <DM> [Faron]: Darte, next time it aims for the barrier, try and redirect it another direction.
  543. <DM> *The dragon, unable to find you two, whirls around, then prepares to crash into the barrier again.
  544. <DM> *Looking at the barrier, it seems its light is nearly faded, barely able to maintain itself.
  545. * Hal casts an Illusion of Creation of himself with his Song of Soaring Rings, away from the barrier
  546. * Darte grips the sword, not pulling it out just yet, but rather torqueing it to one side.
  547. * Hal casts an illusion of Feeling on the Illusion, to enhance the jolt of pain the dragon would have recieved by Darte torqueing the sword; hopefully redirecting the dragon's charge away from the barrier
  548. <DM> oooooh shibby dat's gunna hurt
  549. <Hal> *on the sword
  550. <DM> *Darte, roll Power, w/ the +15 annnnd another +10 thanks to Hal
  551. <Darte> $39d10
  552. <Navi> Darte: You rolled 39 Dice with 10 Sides. Results: 6, 8, 7, 8, 1, 1, 9, 8, 10, 9, 8, 10, 7, 9, 3, 10, 7, 3, 2, 7, 10, 8, 10, 4, 2, 3, 6, 1, 7, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 10, 3, 1, 9 and 1. Total: 223. Successes: 29.
  553. <DM> *You pull into it, and thanks to Hal, the feeling is amplified, and it roars in pain.
  554. <DM> *It pulls up from the barrier, then moves towards the illusion of creation.
  555. <DM> [Faron]: Now's the chance. I'll move you to the wings.
  556. <DM> *Faron's power envelops you both as the dragon's neck reels around wildly. Before you're flung off, you're zipped out, then reappearing between the two wings.
  557. * Darte wonders just how stable this new perch is.
  558. <Hal> Ready. We should only need to focus on one of the wings.
  559. <DM> *Between its wings and its scales, pretty steady. Well, until you attack the wing.
  560. <Hal> It needs both wings to fly - Destroying one of them should stop it from flying.
  561. <Darte> "This is where it would be fun to have my old arm-- y. Yes. Old army.
  562. * Hal had recovered 2 magic from his Regen
  563. * Darte wants to use that new divebomb move on the wing.
  564. <Darte> (Kirran does not approve.)
  565. * Hal readies himself to fire a blast of Magic directly at the base of the wing.
  566. <DM> (new divebomb move? as in the armor's zora ability?)
  567. <Darte> (Ayup)
  568. <DM> (WHELP)
  570. <DM> okay, just a rough guess....
  571. <DM> since you're pointblank to the dragon's wing, and it's a large enough target.........
  572. <DM> Roll a cross-slash of two of your swords (so average their bonuses), then add attack dice + another 10 + another 15 from Faron
  573. <DM> ..... and roll that 4 times
  574. * Hal empowers that with a Ruby Inferno, for that sweet +12 Neutral Damage per hit.
  575. <Darte> $288d10
  576. <Navi> Darte: You rolled 288 Dice with 10 Sides. Total: 1,534. Successes: 197.
  577. <DM> 197 + 48 = ........ RIP
  578. * Hal consumes a Green Potion to recover 8 Magic
  579. <DM> *Oooooookay, this is gonna be...... sooooooo wrong.
  580. <DM> *Darte, you proceed to equip your two strongest blades (excluding yourself) as swathes of golden electric currents radiate around you.
  581. <DM> *The electric currents coat your very blades, and you feel a whirlwind of energy around you.
  582. <DM> *You aim yourself at the wing, and then..... launch!
  583. <DM> *You spin rapidly in a vortex of electrified cross-slashes, amplified by Hal's Ruby Inferno, incinerating and obliterating the dragon's wing as you bounce through it several times repeatedly, until you've torn through the wing itself and it explodes in a fountain of blood.
  584. <DM> *The great creature lets out a cacophony of screeching before proceeding to fall from the sky. Hal, you feel yourself getting pulled with it as its great body heads towards the front grounds just in front of the palace entrance.
  585. * Darte gives Hal a high-five, except he seems to be dropping out of the sky. ... this may not have been the best planned finale.
  586. * Hal plays the Song of Soaring to escape the dragon
  587. <DM> *Darte, you find yourself falling and falling....
  588. <DM> *You're in for a wild ride, might as well stab into it, eh?
  589. <Darte> "Uhhh. Monkey fellah. Little help?"
  590. * Hal goes to pick up Darte
  591. <DM> [Faron]: I can teleport you once, but it'll pull our velocity with you. You'll probably fly off into the distance.
  592. <DM> [Faron]: You're better off riding the dragon and staying on it.
  593. <DM> *Annnnnnd it proceeds to crash into the ground, crashing into it and bending its head in an unnatural manner. Darte, do you stab into it, or bounce out?
  594. * Darte shrugs and stabs onto it. "Sure wish it had more padding." He casts Sponge on himself and braces for impact.
  595. <DM> *Roll your sword attack, w/ the +15!
  596. <DM> *Thanks to being closer towards its back, the impact roll won't be as bad....
  597. <DM> $70d10
  598. <Navi> DM: You rolled 70 Dice with 10 Sides. Total: 392. Successes: 50.
  599. * DM prods Darte for a roll.
  600. <Darte> $63d10
  601. <Navi> Darte: You rolled 63 Dice with 10 Sides. Total: 323. Successes: 43.
  602. * Darte re-rolls that.
  603. <Darte> $63d10
  604. <Navi> Darte: You rolled 63 Dice with 10 Sides. Total: 365. Successes: 42.
  605. <Darte> :(
  606. <DM> *That, on top of sponge, you should be safe!
  607. <DM> *After crashlanding and dragging across the ground a bit, the dragon moans in pain, bleeding out horribly off one wing.
  608. <DM> *Darte, you suffer a little impact, but for the moment part, remain intact!
  609. <DM> *Hal, you land safely, unless you decide to hang in the air a bit.
  610. * Hal floats down to the dragon.
  611. <Darte> 9h7m
  612. <DM> *Looking back towards the Twilight Palace, there seems to be a group of Shadow Kargaroks assaulting the Gravity Bridge, and several Twili desperately trying to fend them off. Midna herself is there, aiding the Twili with what appears to be shadow magic.
  613. <DM> *Though, there's also one more thing between you and the Gravity Bridge....
  614. <Hal> (Loading screen)
  615. <DM> *The figure of Zant, carrying his Warlock Blade. He turns towards you, his face all crazed up, then turning the blade towards you.
  617. <DM> -=LOADING=-
  618. <DM> -=LOADING=-
  619. <DM> -=SESSION END=-
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