A Kisaeng Couple - 01

Apr 20th, 2020 (edited)
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~ A Kisaeng Couple / A Parasitic Couple ~

(T/N: "기생부부" => "Kisaeng Bubu" with "Kisaeng" meaning either Geisha or Parasitic and "Bubu" meaning "Married Couple")

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Notable Characters:

Name / Nickname Relationship Description
Hana / 하나 Married Ji-Ho's wife, a woman with a chilly personality
Jun Young / 준영 Iseul's BF An ordinary office worker who's been fired because of a failed trade.
Iseul / 이슬 Jun Young's GF A charming girlfriend who cares a lot about Jun Young.
Ji-Ho / 지호 Married Jun Young's high school best friend, a successful man. Husband of Hana.
Min Kyung / 민경 Single Ji-Ho's maid, has an amazing figure.

Synopsis: Jun-young, whose life has been ruined by the lost of his job due to a failed trade. He's now the driver of his best friend Ji-Ho.. One day he met Hana, his friend's wife. The first time he saw her he started to feel some strange desire...

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