The Eternal War, Session 05

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  1. 03[14:55] * Now talking in #eternalwar
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  6. 01[19:55] <@Staffen> The rest of the voyage is comparatively smooth, even with your vessel in its wrecked state. The transport manages to limp back into warp a few hours after the damage is assessed. The navigator seems to have suddenly become much more aware of the Astronomican after that last misadventure, and you arrive a full week before you were expected.
  7. 01[19:56] <@Staffen> However, the transport drops out of warp beyond Scintilla, and you spend four days slowly pushing on at half-impulse until you can enter the trade-lanes around the sector capital.
  8. 01[20:01] <@Staffen> As the vessel makes its way into orbit, you are all summoned by the Inquisitors to the transport's observatory lounge, situated at the prow. They likely wish to speak about your assignment.
  9. 06[20:02] * Brother_Ezekiah would be... the same the whole time. Praying, sacrification, mortification, flagellation. It's an... interesting thing to hear. And see. He's taken to doing his morning, at the crack of dawn, penance with the door open... leaving anyone else that's up to see the young man, naked from the waist up going about this sacred ritual.
  10. 06[20:04] * Petruswork spends his time mingling on the upper decks.
  11. 06[20:05] * Horace climbs out from his coffin quarters and stretches, then heads off to the observatory lounge
  12. 06[20:05] * Varian sits in his cabin, swilling the amasec in his glass around and enjoying the aroma before tipping his head back and downing the drink. Placing the glass on the side table and kicking the empty bottle under his rack Varian put on his shoulder rig and threw his suits jacket over his shoulders. With a swish he puts on his light flak cloak and closes the cabin door behind him, twisting the wheel...
  13. 06[20:05] * Varian seal it shut before heading to the observatory lounge.
  14. [20:07] <Brother_Ezekiah> When Ezekiah is done, he will join the others. Mask polished to a shine, robes freshly laundered. It's the cleanest anyone has ever seen him.
  15. 01[20:09] <@Staffen> You find the red-headed Inquisitor sitting by the door when you enter. She gives you a quick nod - and you can notice the red has started to fade from her head. Blonde hair shows through.
  16. 01[20:10] <@Staffen> Kith relaxes back and points you across the way to the Lady Inquisitor, who is standing, looking out the observation pane that half-circles the deck. The Chaplain stands beside her...
  17. 01[20:10] <@Staffen> As does a certain figure in red robes.
  18. 06[20:14] * Horace stands in the lounge, chewing lho leaves to feed his addiction and not burn up ship air
  19. 06[20:15] * Petruswork is sitting with Horace, drinking recaf
  20. 06[20:15] * Varian walks over to the Inquisitor, stopping next to her and crossing his arms as he looks through the observation pane. "Bonum die domina, machina sacerdos"
  21. 01[20:17] <@Staffen> The Lady looks over. "Varian," she curtsies slightly, lifting up one of her dozens of skirts. "Respice de fenestra."
  22. [20:17] <Brother_Ezekiah> "So the tech-heathen still lives? Sure the Emperor has an even more fitting end planned for him."
  23. 01[20:17] <@Staffen> The Lady Inquisitor points out a vessel docked with a space station. "There, that's the Valkyrie," she says. "That's my vessel."
  24. 01[20:18] <@Staffen> Sure enough, Magos Lamortes pulls back his hood. His legs are, interestingly, attached below his waist.
  25. 06[20:19] * Horace takes in the shown vessel with respect behind his glasses
  26. 06[20:20] * Varian leans forward to peer at the vessel before replying, "Magnifica"
  27. 01[20:20] <@Staffen> The Magos smiles at you all. "That was quite some interesting business last week. Now you all know my secret, it seems I have one less surprise. I'm a much more boring person now, aren't I?"
  28. 01[20:21] <@Staffen> The Lady Inquisitor nods. "Here on Scintilla, my old war monster isn't very suspicious looking. With the Tricorn here, most would think Scintilla safe from corruption."
  29. [20:21] <Brother_Ezekiah> "What is there to be surprised about? All your... ilk... are rather hardy."
  30. 01[20:22] <@Staffen> "All my 'ilk' tend to replace their faces, Brother Ezekiah, with a lump of metal. I still am able to smile and have my features burned off with acid." Lamortes nods. "But Scintilla... make no mistake, it's one of the filthiest worlds in this sector."
  31. 06[20:23] * Horace nods slowly and emphatically
  32. 01[20:24] <@Staffen> "Indeed," the Lady says, "Your job will likely be easier to do here than it would be on, say, Merov or Landunder. Corporate executives mysteriously die all the time here."
  33. 01[20:24] <@Staffen> "That's how this entire mess started, in fact," Moerchen growls.
  34. [20:24] <Brother_Ezekiah> "All worlds are filthy. Filthy with SIN!" someone stop him before he gets into a recursive loop!
  35. 02[20:25] * Petruswork (androirc@B68E3640.8DDD4FE1.CBD17FFA.IP) Quit (Quit: AndroIRC - Android IRC Client ( ))
  36. 01[20:26] <@Staffen> "So. Business." The Lady wanders over to a high-table and seats herself. "I think I told you. "
  37. 01[20:27] <@Staffen> * "I think I told you that you'll be doing a bit of kidnapping, didn't I?"
  38. 06[20:27] * Horace grunts in affirmative
  39. 06[20:28] * Varian gives the warship one last look before turning around, his cloak billowing out for a moment. He heads to the table and takes a seat.
  40. 06[20:29] * Horace pounds a fist into the palm of the other
  41. [20:30] <Horace> "Will we be doing so straight off, or will we have to infiltrate for several days first?"
  42. 01[20:31] <@Staffen> "Well, here's the run-down. Three months ago, Turas-Hie Industrial brokered a deal with the Mandus-Kormon Incorporation for shipping and production. Turas-Hie is a confirmed heretical front, and I'm convinced Mandus-Kormon is as well. But we have no evidence about it quite yet. I've been unable to investigate them these last few weeks."
  43. [20:31] <Brother_Ezekiah> "Why can't we just kill him? Blow up his auto, burn the body, and bring you the head." He points to Lamortes. "I'm sure the techno-sorcery of our good metallic pagan could divine some information from it."
  44. 01[20:32] <@Staffen> "Patience, Brother Ezekiah," the Lady Inquisitor says, scathingly. "Funs van Schoorl, who you'll be paying a visit to, is the current executive chairman of Mandus-Kormon."
  45. 01[20:33] <@Staffen> "He's a big man. That is to say, he's morbidly obese. His predecessor recently had an unfortunate brain tumor and died about a year ago." The Lady Inquisitor shifts her posture and crosses her legs beneath her skirts. "He'll be easy to catch, I think. But not so much to get out."
  46. 01[20:34] <@Staffen> "It's been a year, coincidentally," Moerchen says, "since Turas-Hie's Niels Ludorf had his head smashed in by an assassin while we were wiretapping his residence here."
  47. [20:34] <Horace> "...If he is so corpulent, he'll be harder to move."
  48. 06[20:36] * Varian pulls a cognomen from a pocket and places it on the table, "Would an altered Parrek's identity marker help us at all? Does he have contacts on Scintilla that know his name but not his face?"
  49. 01[20:36] <@Staffen> "Parrek?" the Lady Inquisitor cocks her head. Lamortes steps forward.
  50. 01[20:37] <@Staffen> "Ah, the cultist that lead them to the mines on Guytoga."
  51. 01[20:37] <@Staffen> The Lady Inquisitor nods in recollection. "Ah. As I recall, he was just some local lordling's thirdborn or somesuch. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? But we'll have to see if his family had any connections. That can be done before you leave."
  52. 06[20:38] * Varian waves a had absentmindedly at the cognomen, "The pudgy, shaven man from Guytoga running the human trafficking ring."
  53. [20:39] <Varian> "At the very least dropping his name may give us an in with the local cultists or let us test suspects for their recognition of the heretic's name."
  54. [20:40] <Varian> *waves a hand*
  55. 01[20:40] <@Staffen> "Indeed, Varian. But anyway, I'm sorry to say we have next to no information that could assist you about van Schoorl. You'll have to gather that on your own. Should be an interesting demonstration of your abilities," the Lady Inquisitor says. "Actually, I want you to resolve this as quickly as possible. It's possible there's an intelligence leak."
  56. 01[20:40] <@Staffen> Lamortes coughs. "You may have, ah, noticed the circumstances surrounding last week's Gellar field failure were... suspicious."
  57. 06[20:44] * Varian shrugs, almost as if he is a little uncomfortable with the memory, "I am not a priest of Mars so I will have to take your word for it."
  58. [20:45] <Brother_Ezekiah> "It was nothing more then Him-On-Terra's way of testing His loyal servants and the mettle they bear. We came out of that fiery baptism without too much damage! And Varian!" He would clap a hand on Varian's shoulder. "Cowed an unnatural predator with just his pistol! Such a deed is worth celebrating! Thumbscrews for everyone!"
  59. 01[20:46] <@Staffen> "I checked the enginarium's activity logs. Roughly two hours before the failure that resulted in the warp-intrusion, a lower-level tech-adept tasked with keeping track of power-diversion to the portside apparently used his access to set the batteries into a loop. With so much power just running along the wires, it overheated and caused the explosion. But there's no trace of tampering with the warp engines..."
  60. 01[20:47] <@Staffen> "One of the Apothecaries reported a disturbance, a 'pestilence' in the holds precisely as the failure hit," the Lady explains. "We investigated the cargo bays and found traces of open flame and blood-stains on the decking. Horace, I'm sure you can imagine what that means."
  61. 01[20:48] <@Staffen> *Astropaths
  62. 06[20:49] * Horace 's gaze darkens, and he turns to leave
  63. [20:49] <Horace> "I'll handle this."
  64. 01[20:51] <@Staffen> "It's possible that as soon as we start taking on supplies, someone will go snitch to van Schoorl... or his master." The Lady leans forward. "This is a civilian ship. If I try to quarantine it things will look suspicious, and the Captain is already stressed with the warp-intrusion. He'll react poorly to me asking to keep his trade goods locked down while you do this. So, I need you to complete this assignment in no less than three days."
  65. [20:53] <Brother_Ezekiah> "If we are to bring the fat man in, then I need a heatgun. We shall melt away his sinful fat, in preparating of his shriving!"
  66. 01[20:55] <@Staffen> Moerchen quietly stares at the Redemptionist.
  67. 06[20:56] * Varian raises an eyebrow at the redemptionist, not too far though as the fanatic does little to surprise him these days.
  68. [20:56] <Brother_Ezekiah> "Does anyone else know a better way to heave such a corpulent monstrosity? He shows signs of the sin of Gluttony! This is but the start of many hours of punishment!"
  69. 01[20:59] <@Staffen> The Lady Inquisitor continues after quietly listening to the Redemptionist. "You'll be dropped down in Hive Sibellus. Try to keep your heads out of trouble. Ah, and consider visiting House Krin's Sibellus-branch bank. I've added two hundred thrones to each of your accounts to help you out for this assignment. I'll be talking to your individual employers -- your father in your case, Varian -- about raises based on your current hard work."
  70. [21:01] <Brother_Ezekiah> "... am I the only one that believes in mercy and redemption!?"
  71. 01[21:02] <@Staffen> "No," the Lady says. "But this is a matter of expedience and information gathering. There's a big guy behind Turas-Hie and Mandus-Kormon, and this will enable us to get at him. You'll probably have a fun time killing him."
  72. 01[21:03] <@Staffen> "You're all dismissed. Be ready to leave in an hour."
  73. [21:03] <Varian> "I'm surprised he hasn't declare me deceased and ceased all payments to my account. I suppose that is also your doing my lady. Very well, Lamortes can you alter this cognomen to Hive Scintilla's specifications and replace the physical description specifications to match my own? Just in case."
  74. 01[21:04] <@Staffen> Lamortes nods. "Give it here, I'll have it to you when you leave."
  75. 06[21:05] * Varian picks up device and leans over to hand it to the red-robed machine priest.
  76. [21:08] <Brother_Ezekiah> "Well... I will be more then happy to go about and... resist bringing out this... man's punishment. But I will need something in return." He looks at the Inquisitor and thinks for a moment.
  77. 06[21:18] * Horace reappears in the lounge sometime later
  78. 06[21:19] * Brother_Ezekiah is still... well, he's not upset. "So... what have you discovered? Which of the sinful techno-heathens disrupted this vessel's sacred mission?"
  79. [21:20] <Horace> "...Some sort of sabotage. I think we may be discovered."
  80. 06[21:20] * Horace closes in around the Inquisitor, ushering the team to huddle together
  81. 06[21:21] * Varian moves in as encouraged.
  82. [21:21] <Horace> "There was a message in a missing crewman's coffer. Some notice about alerting "Master" once we made port."
  83. 06[21:21] * Brother_Ezekiah will join the group. Begrudgedly.
  84. 01[21:22] <@Staffen> Moerchen grumbles disapprovingly. "So he managed to get someone aboard," the Lady grimly says.
  85. 06[21:22] * Horace stays silent, awaiting any changes to his orders
  86. 01[21:23] <@Staffen> "This confirms my fears. You all must hurry and do this job as quickly as possible. I'll add another hundred thrones to each of your accounts, so make good use of it."
  87. 06[21:23] * Horace gives an earnest nod and another grunt, and pulls away from the huddle
  88. 01[21:25] <@Staffen> An hour later you are gathered in the hangar bay with the same shuttle crew that took you off on Guytoga. Lamortes enters soon after you.
  89. 06[21:29] * Brother_Ezekiah sits acorss from the tech-priest. He thinks on what he says... and then just says it. "Why do you hate the Emperor?"
  90. 06[21:30] * Varian looks to the priest, ignoring the comment as waits for the altered cognomen.
  91. [21:30] <Horace> ಠ益ಠ
  92. 01[21:30] <@Staffen> The Tech-priest rolls his eyes. "I fear I do not hate the Emperor at all. Nor do my fellow priests. You simply misunderstand the Machine-Cult's teachings." Lamortes approaches Varian, taking out the cognomen. The image on it is now notably changed to that of your noble-scum companion. "Here is this. You may be interested to know the Lady has your father -- shall we say, 'by the balls.'"
  93. 06[21:30] * Horace sidles away quickly from the two men of cloth
  94. 06[21:31] * Varian smiles as he takes the identity chip, "A pleasure as always Lamortes."
  95. [21:31] <Brother_Ezekiah> "Ah ha! You admit that it is a cult! The only cult we do not abhor, is that of the Emperor!" He leans in. "I have my eye on you, tech-heathen."
  96. 06[21:32] * Horace gently elbows Ezekiah
  97. [21:32] <Horace> "...We're of the Imperial Cult."
  98. 06[21:32] * Horace goes back to sidling away slowly and continuously
  99. 03[21:32] * Petrus ( has joined #eternalwar
  100. [21:33] <Brother_Ezekiah> "That is what I just said!" He'd elbow Horace right back.
  101. 01[21:35] <@Staffen> "Anyway, do be careful. There's no chance of van Schoorl being aware of you, but his... his 'Master' will be alerted very soon. You must be quick about this, else you can expect van Schoorl to be dead before you get to him." The Tech-priest steps back. "Most importantly, beware this Master's agents. Their danger cannot be described in words. If this is successful, the Lady may explain more to you, including the identity of our opponent. For now -- best of luck to you."
  102. 06[21:43] * Horace nods, and prepares to enter the planetfall shuttle, packing his sparse things into his backpack
  103. 01[21:44] <@Staffen> You take to the shuttle and are away. After half an hour of weaving through orbital traffic and reentry you dock at a port in Sibellus. After landing you make your way to House Krin's establishment in the city - it's difficult to miss, given that on every hive sub-level there is a large golden hand identifying the building.
  104. 01[21:44] <@Staffen> You now stand in the sprawl of Hive Sibellus, loaded with coin and purpose.
  105. 06[21:45] * Petrus keeps an eye out for street urchin trying to steal his money
  106. 06[21:45] * Horace puts up his toughest, most staid posture to ward off Scintilla's famed criminals, petty or otherwise
  107. 06[21:47] * Brother_Ezekiah thinks about a moment. "I..." He thinks again. "Would one of you be kind enough to help me find something of particular interest to me?"
  108. [21:48] <Petrus> "What is it that you need?"
  109. [21:48] <Brother_Ezekiah> "Are you familiar with an eviscerator?"
  110. [21:49] <Petrus> "Not particularly."
  111. 06[21:50] * Horace looks back on the team
  112. [21:50] <Brother_Ezekiah> "It's a two-handed chainsword, about 6 feet long. It's particularily favored by my sect."
  113. [21:50] <Horace> "If we can find the local Arbiter Precinct Fortress, we may be able to find one in their holds."
  114. [21:51] <Petrus> "Possibly"
  115. 06[21:52] * Varian makes a mocking smile at Horace, "I can usually haggle a decent bargain from shop owners... or corrupt arbites"
  116. 06[21:52] * Horace gives a nod to Varian
  117. [21:52] <Horace> "Can't argue with a cheap price.  The evidence lockers rarely need them. Court cases are settled outside of what's presented in them anyways."
  118. 06[21:53] * Horace grabs a young man with an oversized lolipop
  119. [21:53] <Brother_Ezekiah> "Well then! We're bound to find something useable!"
  120. [21:53] <Horace> "Which way to the Scintillan Precinct Fortress."
  121. 01[21:53] <@Staffen> The man points in a direction, apparently knowing it.
  122. 06[21:53] * Horace leads the way to the famous Scintillan Arbite Fortress
  123. 06[21:54] * Varian follows in his wake
  124. 06[21:54] * Petrus follows along
  125. 01[21:58] <@Staffen> The Adeptus Arbites' Precinct-Fortress in Sibellus looms large, a tall, hexagonal spire of turrets and chokepoints that juts out from amidst more aesthetically-pleasing noble spires around it.
  126. 06[21:59] * Horace leads up the football-field-length stairs
  127. [22:00] <Brother_Ezekiah> "This place is a filthy den of SIN! Look at the decadent towers of the nobles, absorbed in the Sin of GREED! We should burn them all down! Show them that none is more noble then the Emperor!"
  128. [22:01] <Horace> "Let's walk on in."
  129. 01[22:01] <@Staffen> A patrolling arbitrator stops by you, shotgun shouldered. "You there, preacher. This is a no-preaching zone. Commit a second offense and I will be forced to arrest you."
  130. [22:01] <Petrus> "This is a place of Imperial law so shut up or they'll throw us behind bars for being idiots:
  131. 06[22:02] * Horace goes in, and shoves his way to the front desk mightily, and places his Diviso card in front of the processing/reception desk
  132. 06[22:02] * Brother_Ezekiah looks around. To his left, to his right. "What preacher?"
  133. [22:03] <Horace> "E'Rassi. Warden of the Diviso.  You know I'm good. Let my friends and I back for 'evidence examination.'"
  134. 06[22:03] * Varian gives the man behind the desk a warm smile, trying to stay as congenial and inconspicuous as possible.
  135. 01[22:05] <@Staffen> The guard at the desk looks up at you. He is an older man and he does not look particularly pleased with your entry. "Divisio Immoralis. I'm terribly sorry, but we don't have you cleared for entry at this time. I'll need to speak to a superior about this."
  136. 06[22:06] * Horace goes over to the man and whispers something against the stub-proof glass vox box
  137. 01[22:09] <@Staffen> The man at the desk grumbles. "Your Divisio will be informed of this, Warden E'Rassi. I hope there's a point to your visit."
  138. 06[22:10] * Horace pats the man on the shoulder as he opens the side-door next to the desk for the team to enter
  139. [22:10] <Horace> "We'll leave your planet...richer for the experience and visit, have no worry."
  140. 06[22:11] * Petrus walks into the room
  141. 06[22:11] * Varian heads in after the Warden
  142. 06[22:12] * Brother_Ezekiah as well.
  143. 06[22:13] * Horace goes gives a man a secret Arbite handshake and asks if they can go "examine evidence" with the locker manager on duty
  144. 01[22:15] <@Staffen> "You a Warden?" the man asks, then he reluctantly steps away from the door behind him. "You're free to enter, I guess..."
  145. 06[22:19] * Horace walks in and looks for any choke bombs
  146. [22:20] <Horace> "Don't take anything...that they'd miss.  Find some smoke grenades or bombs.  We can ask again for where we can buy equipment."
  147. 06[22:20] * Petrus strolls down and looks at the different weapons in the racks
  148. 01[22:21] <@Staffen> The room beyond is a vast hall. Both walls on each side of you are lined with large pull-out vaults. A servitor wheels about in the middle of the hall on a track. "Greetings, Warden," the machine says. "Would you like to make a query?"
  149. 06[22:21] * Horace walks to the entrance and calls back
  150. [22:21] <Horace> "Find what we're looking for.  I'm going to ask where we can find weapons."
  151. 01[22:24] <@Staffen> The man at the door points you to the munitorium on the floor above, and informs you it is run by a former Warden. He is unlikely to try to overcharge your requisitions.
  152. 06[22:25] * Horace points to one of the noblemen and hands him a slip with his signature and Divisio number and points upwards
  153. [22:25] <Horace> "Go up there to try to find what you want. I've got business with whoever runs this place.  Let's meet up in the courtyard when you're done."
  154. 06[22:39] * Petrus walks up to the servitor
  155. 06[22:46] * Varian collects a medkit, multikey, some reprogrammable holowafers and some stun grenades, giving one grenade to each of the group before heading out to the courtyard.
  156. 06[22:48] * Brother_Ezekiah can't find anything that he wants. "This is the worst shopping trip ever!"
  157. [22:49] <Horace> ++We have permission for lent supplies. Don't break any of it.++
  158. 06[23:04] * Horace waits on the steps of the fortress, smoking and having a philosophic mental conversation with a white lho stick
  159. 06[23:09] * Varian passes his hand under his flak cloak to check on his new concealed holster, happy that it is well positioned he takes he hand away and yawns, the smell of amasec escaping his mouth as he stretches his neck left and right while waiting for the others.
  160. [23:09] <Varian> his hand*
  161. 06[23:18] * Petrus comes out wearing a new set of clothes
  162. 06[23:20] * Brother_Ezekiah looks the same as always... just that he know has TWO flamers.
  163. [23:21] <Horace> "Been waiting.  You all ready to start looking for the man's business spire?"
  164. [23:22] <Petrus> "Yes"
  165. [23:22] <Brother_Ezekiah> "As I'll ever be...
  166. 06[23:23] * Horace looks to Varian
  167. [23:23] <Horace> "We're all ready.  You good, grox-tamer?"
  168. 06[23:24] * Varian shrugs, "3 days and time is wasting. Let us find our quarry."
  169. [23:24] <Petrus> "Indeed, though this won't be like any quarry I've tracked before."
  170. 06[23:25] * Horace falls in line behind the noblemen, who's own professions seem more suited to this mission
  171. [23:26] <Petrus> "Shall we go introduce ourselves?"
  172. [23:28] <Petrus> "Should we use cover names?"
  173. [23:28] <Varian> "Do we wish to organize transport, do some reconnaissance first? I can lead as Parrek, even if he does not know me it is better to give that name than my own."
  174. 06[23:29] * Horace looks with a disappointed frown
  175. [23:29] <Brother_Ezekiah> "You all know my plan..."
  176. [23:29] <Horace> "I'll go with what seems best. I'm not used to not bashing in skulls in with my hammer and taking my quarry."
  177. [23:29] <Petrus> "Kill every sinner you meet?"
  178. [23:29] <Horace> "Yell, scream, burn?
  179. [23:30] <Varian> "I would rather like to survive our encounter and not be completely obvious if that is at all possible. I can pose as the mine chief looking for industrial products of some kind perhaps?"
  180. [23:31] <Petrus> "That could work."
  181. [23:31] <Petrus> "Horace is a body guard of some sort."
  182. 06[23:31] * Horace nods, and pulls forth his Armageddon from his back and steps in front of the party
  183. [23:31] <Varian> "With some fake transaction work prepared earlier we can pose as large buyers, worthy of an audience with such a high placed man."
  184. [23:32] <Petrus> "And my part?"
  185. [23:32] <Brother_Ezekiah> "Yes, and yes." He shrugs. "Though, a certain part of me is quite interested in how you plan to add me in this little ruse."
  186. [23:34] <Varian> "A day of preparation would not be wasted I think. Ezekiah will be my 'example worker' who the manufacturers must teach to use the product. A test of sorts to make sure someone as... genuine.. as yourself could be taught such skills then any of the other miners could."
  187. [23:35] <Varian> "Pertus can act as my brother, the fun loving hunter that I have dragged along for the business trip to try to help introduce him to the family business."
  188. [23:35] <Brother_Ezekiah> "Example worker?"
  189. 06[23:36] * Horace looks to Ezekiah and shrugs
  190. [23:36] <Horace> "Pretend that you're a migrant worker."
  191. 06[23:36] * Varian mockingly smiles at Ezekiah, "Yes"
  192. [23:36] <Brother_Ezekiah> "How are they going to buy that?"
  193. [23:38] <Varian> "Easily, we just need to hide your weapons under your robes. They will not likely even deign to speak to you."
  194. [23:38] <Petrus> "By you shutting up."
  195. [23:38] <Horace> "...Do we have many other options?  We pretend, we do our duty to the Emperor, we leave for another."
  196. [23:48] <Petrus> "So what's our back up plan?"
  197. [23:49] <Horace> "...Kill everyone and run?"
  198. [23:49] <Varian> "If we can't get in we set up an assassination attempt to funnel him into our hands or if we are found out while we are inside, yeah kill everyone and run with the package."
  199. [23:50] <Petrus> "Find me a good vantage point and I'll be able to feed you information
  200. [23:50] <Petrus> "But we might have to worry about any jamming equipment he might have"
  201. [23:50] <Brother_Ezekiah> "I can get behind the kill everyone plan."
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