Jul 29th, 2017
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  1. Kamen Rider NeoHeisei Part 4:ExAid Power Pak Edition
  2. I’m A Legend Rider!+0 I always take these
  3. ding! +100, so no change since my companions are ready plenty like this
  4. no easy mode +200 this one I regret. But I honestly can't figure out how this plan is working anyway in the first place, and I have watched every episode.
  5. time for the final battle +300 this is legitimately annoying, oh well. More opponents means more grinding.
  6. visions of drowning. +400 , the people here seem to legitimately respect , letting their opponents transform so if I pull the shoot them before they henshin trick , they might shoot me before I can start transforming or something
  7. Bugster-200 while he was helping research. The potential applications of the Bugster virus. Dr. beetle became the first person to upload his mind onto Gashat, more specifically beetle's battles a action/wargame where players must lead random squads of three Kamen Riders in a deadly game of capture the flag while setting up a defensive area of traps and terrain, to prevent that her opponent from doing the same think, 40 K miniatures meets Kamen Rider: Battride War Genesis
  8. Blessing of the Gods-600 I always take these
  9. Bugster Physiology free . The fun part
  10. New Game Free for Bugster useful
  11. Jumper JiJaJiJao Free for Bugster very useful
  12. See You Next Game-100 discount for Bugster yep this is damn handy
  13. our lives matter -300 discount for Bugster oh so very useful
  14. game start!: Bugvisor free for Bugster
  15. voiding the warranty fuse battler G with Bugvisor -100 , so that's three slots for Gashats total
  16. Knick-Knacks Free for Bugster
  17. A Game Of My Own-200 discount for Bugster
  18. Doctor Jumpers:Monique,mother box, Pam, Tyrion,Leonardo da Vinci,Saitama
  19. ,RJ, painwheel-300
  20. Host [Free and Restricted/Optional for Bugster +0 Dr. beetle is dead, and from his cocoon has emerged Dr. beetle's battles!
  21. Convert 100 CP into 100 GP-100
  22. one of my own:grind house gorefest: free,I was really happy with the way this game I made turned out . I'm definitely importing it
  23. Level 100:grindhouse gorefest: a dynasty warriors style brawler where knockoffs of the famous slashers of filmland battle endless waves of zombies:gives the power of Western slasher film mimicry only with large area attacks.-600 GP
  24. Level 99/MAX: beetle's battles: terrain manipulation:I just explained this one -500GP
  26. Monique
  27. Bugster-200 discount for import
  28. Bugster Physiology free
  29. New Game Free for Bugster
  30. Jumper JiJaJiJao Free for Bugster
  31. game start!: Bugvisor free for Bugster
  32. a game of my own -200 discount for Bugster
  33. Level 3-5 Gashats: Derby demolition: fairly realistic sports simulator/fighting game where you play as a roller derby queen: increases speed with rollerskates -200 GP
  34. Level30-50Gashat: Super Force Evolution: think Darkspore without the ridiculous DRM and more arcade elements: giving or taking damage gives her "adaptation" tokens that can be spent for random physical upgrades such as increased durability, new kinds of attacks etc.-400 GP
  36. mother box
  37. doctor
  38. don't show weakness free for doctor.
  39. nothing I cannot cut -100 discount for doctor
  40. genius doctor -300 discount for doctor
  41. game start:Gamer Driver free
  42. one of my own: injustice: gods among us: fighting game combos -100
  43. Level 99/MAX : Mystic Crafter:Avalon Code meets magicka: assembling elements, archetypical items,nouns and verbs into "spells"= 500
  46. Pam
  47. doctor
  48. don't show weakness free for doctor.
  49. nothing I cannot cut -100 discount for doctor
  50. game start:Gamer Driver free
  51. yes I am a doctor free for doctor
  52. Ready To Brave! -200 discount for doctor
  53. convert 100 CP to GP
  54. Level 10-20 Gashats : dangerous zombie: as cannon -300
  55. Level30-50Gashat:Mighty brothers XX: as cannon -400
  59. Tyrion
  60. doctor
  61. don't show weakness free for doctor.
  62. nothing I cannot cut -100 discount for doctor
  63. genius doctor -300 discount for doctor
  64. game start:Gamer Driver free
  65. Level 100: world of warlords: a medieval themed RTS: fly for a birds eye view, summon and control lots and lots of pikemen and/or archers.-600
  68. Leonardo da Vinci
  69. Executive
  70. the man free for executive
  71. Shin Jumper Neo free for executive
  72. Blessing of the Gods, -300 discount for executive
  73. game start:Gamer Driver free
  74. ego enhancers: copies of her works, focusing on sculptures free for executive
  75. cordless computer -100 discount for executive
  76. Level 3-5 Gashats: Tiger of Jungle: a stealth action game not unlike Tokyo jungle where you play as a tiger fighting to survive and prosper: grants increased jumping and a set of claw attacks-200 GP
  77. Proto Gashat : dev kit: physics tester:a debug kit/physics test that can alter properties such as momentum, density, rigidity,weight-400 GP
  80. Saitama
  81. gamer free
  82. Know Your Game Free for Gamer
  83. Beta Brat Free for Gamer
  84. game start:Gamer Driver free
  85. Jumper Rider General Free for Gamer
  86. Game Library -100 Discount for Gamer
  87. Proto Chronicle Gashat -300 Discount for Gamer
  88. Level 3-5 Gashats: Wizards Towers: think magika without the spell crafting : a staff with a ranged lightning bolt attack-200 GP
  89. Proto Gashat : Proto-Mighty Action X:as cannon-400 GP
  91. RJ
  92. goodbye me. +0
  93. intern
  94. For My Patients Free for Intern
  95. Genius Gamer ‘J’Free for Intern
  96. A Crystal’s Light-100 discount for intern
  97. EXCITE free with goodbye me
  98. game start:Gamer Driver free
  99. Casual Friday Free For Intern
  100. voiding the warranty upgrade connect shooter to implant Gashat slots -100
  101. convert 200 CP into 200 GP -200
  102. Proto Gashat : Dev Kit:Combat Balance: a continuous sticky beam à la the Photon Projector from overwatch only with a longer range that drains “levels” from enemies can store them but cannot bestow them onto itself, only other Gashats -400 G and P
  103. Proto Gashat : Proto-Doctor Danger: a field medic training simulation: short range direct manipulation of health points for both enemies and allies-400 GP
  105. painwheel
  106. doctor
  107. don't show weakness free for doctor.
  108. nothing I cannot cut -100 discount for doctor
  109. convert 300 CP into 300 GP, -300
  110. game start:Gamer Driver free
  111. Level30-50Gashat: Camilla's Rose: Castlevania clone with a female protagonist: close range health drain attack and medium-range hypnosis, fireball shooting whip weapon -400 GP
  112. Proto Gashat :admin mode:Become un-targetable-400 GP
  114. Plans include: resurrection of Saki Momose via a , pair of wish and resurrection spell at the start to remove , Masamune Dan's leverage over Hiiro Kagami so that mess doesn't happen, sending out hundreds of beltroid soldiers during the Kamen Sentai Gorider incident to help protect the populace and defend the hospital, helping out with the escalation we caused, upgrading the Canon doctors driver belts with cars
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